Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Week #267 (174.8)

Well, up a little this week. A two pound uptick from Sunday to Monday morning for weigh-in. But the week stayed quite consistent before that, so the average is down. Bad fires in the state have caused smokey skies by us ... evacuations for those nearer the flames. Some extended family affected. Hurricane hitting the Carolinas and a typhoon hitting Hong Kong. Scary stuff going on out there. It's been a bit of a stressful week with #4 stressing about school and tests too.

Here at home, it was a pretty good week for my Fitbit stats ...
NUMBERS: Official weigh-in up (2.6 to 174.8) but the average was down (-1.4 to 172.21). Of course the higher weigh-in this week pretty much assures that the average will go up next week. I only kept calories under goal one day. Average in was 2400. Average burn was 2887. I had four days with 3000+ burn. Deficit for the week (-1003). Four 30k days, 24662 was the step average with 66.06 logged miles. Cardio minutes 893/929/1042/1199.

Triple Trackers ... Wearing and Comparing
While the trackers vary quite a bit from each other, they do seem to stay somewhat consistent from week to week (about the same discrepancy between them. Hip always high, wrist the low.)

EXERCISE: I was on the elliptical every day this week. I achieved my hour five of the seven days. Treadmill time four days, with two days of double duty. Five Zumba classes - Me teaching one of them. I even hit the bike once this week, but I neglected weights.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving and grocery shopping. Two basketball games with #5, some family time (visiting #1's place and Maga's house). Lawn mowing time was up a bit. #4 and I did a little shopping for new clothes, and I took the two littles in for much needed haircuts.

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (0910) Started the day with my hour of elliptical, three 20min sessions. Zumba with K&C then a stop to grab groceries and a car wash. Two treadmill times, two miles walk, one jog. Also a session on the bike. Chicken pillows for dinner with brownies for dessert. I licked the spoon, but didn't have one. 30820 steps. 3219 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Tuesday (0911) Another 30k day. I've been good at getting my hour of elliptical in early, on regular school days anyway. Got the boys off to school and then Zumba over at the church. Fun class as we had a couple new(old) people come. Not as productive as I should have been back at home. Should have done weights today, but didn't. Two treadmill times. Mowed the front lawn. Struggled more with the eating today. 30565 steps. 3133 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Wednesday (0912) A little less official exercise than yesterday, but higher step/burn. More non-exercise activity I guess, although I wouldn't have thought it. That's one reason why I like trackers! Stayed busy. Hour of elliptical early, then Zumba w/MZL. Grabbed some groceries. Two miles treadmill. Took a little walk hand delivering some wedding invitations to neighbors. Some prep for cleaners and garbage day tomorrow. #1 and his wife had come over making some Tinga, we provided the ingredients, they the labor, they took half and left half. Hubs and #4 like it a lot. #5 went to a friend's house after school. I grabbed some pizza after picking him up. Homework help for #4, and Hubs helped #2 with a resume. Felt like a full day! 31924 steps. 3234 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Thursday (0913) Between dealing with #4 (stressed over a math test ... which he got 98% on) and prepping for cleaners, I didn't quite get my hour of elliptical in early. Had to finish the final 10min later in the day. Zumba w/MZL. Stopped at Walmart after, more for house things than groceries today. Two miles on the treadmill. Hubs and #2 picked up an older Nautilus elliptical that Hubs is going to try and take a part from to repair mine (not completely broken yet, but clanking, and they don't make the part anymore). So fingers crossed on that! #5 had basketball practice. 30296 steps. 3159 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Friday (0914) Slept in an extra hour today. Dreams left me unsettled today. One elliptical session in early, two more later in the day. Zumba w/MZL. Double pickup after school as #4 stayed to retake a test. #5 had basketball practice. 21594 steps. 2762 burn. 2700 intake.
  • Saturday (0915) Hubs spent the morning working on my elliptical.He proceeded to take the one he picked up Thurday apart, using the parts to fix my Nautilus. It's so much better now! Two elliptical sessions today. #5 had two games (both losses). Ran the two littles in for haircuts and we went to see #1's apartment in the evening. 12704 steps. 2331 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Sunday (0916) Just two sessions on the elliptical again, but I also mowed the lawn. #1 and wife came over for Sunday Circles. We went to visit Maga. Hubs smoked pulled pork and I made a cheesecake pie (belated "b-day cake" for #1). 14733 steps. 2401 burn. 3000 intake.
What I'm Watching While Working Out... I didn't watch any movies this week. I've gotten a bit burned out. Nothing really calling my name. I returned to some series. I had started "The Good Fight" and I finished season 1 this week. I also watched the Netflix Original "The Innocents" which I quite liked. 

Five Featured Photos ...

Caprese ... Hub's go-to dinner this week. 
The tomatoes are fresh from my garden.

Celebration ala Mexico at Zumba ...olé

Hubs attempting to improve my elliptical.

#2 and his girlfriend did the Dirty Dash (5k)

Belated birthday cake ... cheesecake.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

TV Tuesday - HBO Shows

Welcome to another edition of TV Tuesday ...
What We've Been Watching.

I'll admit upfront ... the TV shows featured this blog post were NOT watched while working out. These ones were were watched while snuggled in bed with the Hubs before going to sleep, with an occasional Sunday binge. And, these were all HBO series.
When I'm working out, I really like action/drama, things that get the adreniline pumping. I also enjoy a storyline that continues from episode to episode, keeping me coming back. So, I rarely (if ever) watch comedic sitcoms. I don't know if I would have watched VEEP or Silicon Valley on my own. But watching with Hubs, I enjoyed them both (I like watching HIM laugh as much as the comedy presented in the program). 

  • VEEP: Hubs and I were fans of Seinfield, so it was fun to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus in an "other than Elaine" role. There was also "Buster" from "Arrested Development" (although he was still very Buster-like). I'm personally not very into politics ... and while I know this is fictional and not to be taken seriously, one has to wonder how much of the craziness behind the scenes actually goes on. It doesn't inspire much faith in the political process ... but it was entertaining. Currently we are caught up on the six seasons available.
  • SILICON VALLEY:  I needed to watch this show with Hubs and see him laughing to appreciate much of it. It was pretty silly, and I certainly don't understand all the technology discussed or the start-up situations, but there were some memorable moments. It also currently has six seasons, and we've watched them all.
Now onto the longer dramas ...
Hubs and I have watched and enjoyed the HBO classics (Sopranos, The Wire, GOT, etc.) and finally got around to watching some of the more recent programming. Hubs originally watched season 1 of WestWorld on his own. He asked if I'd be interested, as he wouldn't mind re-watching it before the second season came out. We ended up watching both seasons together. Now, we are on The Newsroom, just finished the first season and are moving onto season 2. While WestWorld definitely earns it's TV-MA rating (with sex, language and violence) The NewsRoom is practically PG ... is this really HBO?
  • WESTWORLD: I had only caught a preview here and there, and while it looked like something that would interest me, I wasn't upset when Hubs went in on his own. I never quite got around to starting it myself in the gym.  I ended up liking the first season. Quite crazy, but I'm into abnormal :)  The second season was a little too confusing ...
  • THE NEWSROOM: I'd seen the clip with Jeff Daniel's answering a question in a political debate and hadn't realized it came from a show. I like Jeff Daniels (which is why it was hard to see him as a bad guy in Godless). I really found this fascinating as it features events that have happened in the recent past. Just like the newsroom it portrays, the show moves at break-neck speed. It reminded me a little of Veep in the way the characters interacted and worked together. Personal storylines are interwoven with the news stories and it kept me very interested all the time. 
So no ... chronologically, these aren't the last four shows we've watched upstairs, but as I let time lapse between blog posts, I'll often combine similar shows to feature here. We don't pay extra for HBO, it's a perk of our phone plan ... but I'm glad we have it. I've enjoyed what they offer.  

Monday, September 10, 2018

Week #266 (172.2)

I didn't feel this was a super effective week ... but the scale shifted. Off-schedule Monday, with the Labor Day holiday. No Zumba. Then the return to the routine, but anxiety issues eclipsed Wednesday. A visit to both the school counselor and the doctor. Not much going on over the weekend. Here are the stats ...

NUMBERS: Weight down (-3.1 to 172.2) and average down as well (-1.11 to 173.6) so I was pleased with that. I managed to keep calories in check (-2000) four days this week, and had a deficit (-3252) at week's end. Average intake was 1986. Average daily burn 2903. Three days with 3000+ burn. Two 30k days. Step average was 23609 with 62.18 logged miles. Cardio minutes 785/799, 841/1016/1141 with 40min w/Weights.

Wearing and comparing this week ...

EXERCISE: I hit the elliptical every day this week, achieving my hour five of the seven days. Treadmill time five days, with one day of double duty. Four Zumba classes. One time on the bike, and one time w/Weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving and getting groceries. Only mowed the lawn once this week. As mentioned at the intro, we needed to make a trip into the school to talk to the counselor, and to the doctor's office. Anxiety sucks! It's something I really struggle with myself.

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (0903) Labor day. Hubs was off work, the kids out of school, but #2 and #3 had to work. #1 off on his honeymoon. Hubs had cleaned out his closet, so I went through all the clothes, and pulled more out of storage. Huge load to go to goodwill. Hubs switched out some broken blinds and went over to my folks to add more labels to the crates. I got a couple blog posts done, cleaned out straggly stuff from the garden and got in a little exercise. 30min elliptical and two miles treadmill. . 20145 steps. 2746 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Tuesday (0904) Stayed active today! Up early, got in my hour of elliptical in while getting the boys off to school. Did another 10min later in the day. Zumba over at the church and two treadmill times ... plus a workout with weights. Whew! 33433 steps. 3476 burn. 1800 intake.
  • Wednesday (0905) Anxiety issues overtook the day. I'd hit the elliptical once in the morning, and was about to go down for my second session when I saw #4 struggling emotionally. He's been having a tough time with school, feeling overwhelmed with classes. After talking with him, I called the school to see if we could meet with a counselor to discuss options. The school was so understanding and we moved him out of one class (his AP one, still keeping his advanced math and honors English and honors biology for now) and hope that will help. He stayed home, emotionally exhausted. I still hit Zumba (that's MY medication!). But, medication ... #4 had been on some years ago, and I thought it might be time to revisit that. Made an appointment and was able to get him there today too. So hard to see your kids struggling and sad :( I fit in two more elliptical sessions during the day. 26529 steps. 3031 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Thursday (0906) Hour of elliptical in the morning. Zumba w/MZL and treadmill time. I had several other "sport" activities register on my Fitbit (mowing the lawn, weeding, etc) as I stayed active in the afternoon. Some shopping steps earlier as well. #4 made it through school today. #5 had basketball practice. 33044 steps. 3374 burn. 1800 intake.
  • Friday (0907) Awake in the night, but finally got back to sleep and slept in a little (can do on late-start school days). One elliptical session in early, then Zumba w/MZL. Two more ellipticals during the day to equal my hour. Grabbed some groceries, drove carpool and got #5 to/from basketball practice. 22070 steps. 2862 burn. 2400 intake.
 *** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Three movies this week ... started with HBO, and Good Will Hunting (1997). An old one, I've heard a lot about but had never watched. It was good. Then, The Signal (2017) on Netflix. I wasn't sure what this was going to be like. At one point, I wondered if it was going to be a bit like "Cloverfield" (kids filming, us seeing from the film POV) but that was short lived (and I'm glad). The story itself had promise but then ... the end. Not good. Just shake my head bad. Would not recommend at all. Finally, I decided on a light romance, An Hour Behind (2017) on Amazon Prime. This was very much a Hallmark-ish/Lifetime-ish movie. Not great. Utterly predictable. Okay I guess if that is up your alley.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Recent Reads - Me Before You & Sequels

Books made into movies ... I TRY to read the book first. I'd seen the movie "Me Before You" advertised as available on Amazon Prime and it interested me. But ... I wanted to read the book first. The library had it available for Kindle, and in audiobook format. At this point, I generally gravitate toward audio if it is available.

As it started up, it listed several narrators (playing several parts?) and I wondered if this was going to come across more like a play. It wasn't. It was mainly "Clark" (our female protagonist) with just a chapter here and there from another perspective and voice. I struggled a bit with the main narrator at the start, she sounded older to me, not 26 like the character, and my mind imagined a younger sounding voice. But I got used to it, and enjoyed her voice, and I loved the English accent. 

So if you are not familiar with the book ... it features a young man in a wheelchair. Will had been successful in life and love, very active, until the accident. Now a quadriplegic, Louisa is brought in as a caretaker. After a rocky start, there is some romance between the two, although this really can't be called a "romance" per se. 

This really brings up some heavy issues. At what point is life no longer worth living? Should an individual have a choice in deciding to end their existence? Suicide is a very tender topic for many, but is it the same if it is planned, discussed and known before hand. If there are logical and understandable reasons behind the decision?

One thing the book didn't discuss, but I couldn't help but consider was the cost. The financial cost. Here, it is a very wealthy family dealing with this issue. They have the means to hire personal nurses, to pay for expensive equipment and care, and extravagant experiences.  And still ... the will to endure through it isn't there. How much harder is it for those who don't have the monetary means to deal with it all. Attitude is everything, and some will hang onto life through anything, but is it wrong or giving up if you'd rather not endure an existence?

After I read the book, I watched the movie, and I thought they did a really good job with the adaptation. I really wasn't sure going in how I'd feel about "Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons" (Game of Thrones) in a contemporary role. And Louisa certainly had her own personality! But she did a good job, as did the other actors.

I didn't know the story continued on ... but it does. Two additional books continue to cover Louisa and her life after Will. At first, the second book seemed to have some incidents that were just a little too much for belief. Too coincidental. But I kept reading (or listening, audiobook again). 

I absolutely enjoyed this story. Enjoyed may be the wrong word, because while it wasn't the same heart-wrenching tragedy of the first book, there were three big blows that Lousia had to deal with, beyond still coming to terms with losing Will. The first one absolutely caught me off guard, I guess the second one did too. I was almost expecting the third at that point.

But I have to say, there were so many laugh out loud moments. I don't laugh easily. I smile. But I was laughing. I'm a little embarrassed to say that many of them were potty humor (about farts, or intestinal worms) or "I'm a good catholic woman, we don't divorce. We just make our men suffer for all eternity." There were so many more moments, but as I was listening to audio, I couldn't stop and highlight them all like I would with Kindle. But ... a lot of humor to balance out the serious stuff.

It was really interesting to see the story continue. To see how Lou was dealing (or not), how it impacted Will's parents, if Lou's mother stayed true to her threat at the end of book 1, or if it had just been said in the moment. To see how often Will's memory continued to impact events afterward ...

So while this book didn't NEED to be written, I was glad it was, and I enjoyed the third book as well. The majority of my reads are apocalyptic, paranormal or otherwise sensational. While Lousia lived anything but a "normal" life, it was still tame and "real" compared to my usual fare. But I absolutely enjoyed this series and will look back on it fondly.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Week #265 (175.3)

Last week of August, first full week of the school schedule. But not quite a return to routine because there was a lot going on! More construction in the neighborhood, one more visit to the dentist, two birthdays and one wedding. Whew!

NUMBERS: Weight was down one pound, with average just under (-.87). Just one day under 2000/goal, but had a decent deficit for the week (-1702). Average intake was 2364. Average daily burn was 2925. Five days with 3000+ burn. Three 30k days. Cardio minutes 770/776,  816/955/1148 with 40 minutes w/weights.

Comparing the three Fitbit stats ... yesterday (Sunday) with no exercise, my wrist Versa (ScrapJen) was higher than my torso tracker One (JenB). I've been looking at individual exercises, and the Versa doesn't seem to pick up my running/walking as well. It's always quite a bit lower on the steps, while still being about the same on calorie count estimate. #4 had 52,879 steps and #2 had 127,287 steps.
EXERCISE: I got my hour of elliptical in all five weekdays. No elliptical over the weekend. Treadmill five days, with one day of double duty. Five Zumba classes, which won't always be the case when school is in session, but Friday worked out this week.  One weights session.  Some forced walking with neighborhood roads under construction.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: My driving time in inching up with school carpools and such. There is the usual grocery shopping. Birthday and wedding shopping this week too. Family time at the wedding, and up at Park City. The eating out was the wedding luncheon. Done with the dentist for a few months anyway. 

Here's the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0827) Just two elliptical sessions in early, the third had to wait until later in the day, but I got my hour. Paving the road out of the neighborhood today. They start around 7:00, I figured I'd be safe to drive the kids to their carpool and then park at the church. Walked back home, then back to the car a bit later to get to Zumba with Kirsten&Carma. A little shopping ... bday for #4 tomorrow. Had to park and walk again. Two mile walk on the treadmill, then walk out of the neighborhood to the car for middle school pickup. At that point, I could drive back to the house. 29102 steps. 3128 burn. 2700 intake.
  • Tuesday (0828) They were paving the main neighborhood road today. I could still get out today with detours. Told my Zumba people to access the church from the road to the South, as the main one was closed. Small class. Tuesday is usually my homebody day, but I hit a few stores, looking for some wedding stuff and picking up a birthday cake. Happy bday to #4. 15 years old. I got in my hour of elliptical and a two mile treadmill walk. Hubs and #4 did a derby in the evening. Then it was candles and cake time. Maga and Cousin Sam came over too. 29750 steps. 3186 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Wednesday (0829) Busy day! Got my hour of elliptical in early, then Zumba w/MZL. Straight home to change, then off to the middle school to grab #5 and take him to the dentist. Still had middle school pickup for #4. Two miles treadmill, lawn mow and some cleaning, prep for tomorrow's cleaners. 30870 steps. 3326 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Thursday (0830) Hubs was up and off early (around 4:00) and I was awake too, so I got up and got going. Fit in my hour of elliptical and did some last minute prep for cleaners (unclogging a drain, dishes, garbages, cleaning off counters).  Zumba w/MZL, then a DI donation drop off and some shopping. The cleaners hadn't been able to get to much beyond the bathrooms today, so I did some additional (kitchen, vacuuming). Two miles on the treadmill. Hubs installed a new fan/light in #3's room, and a curtain rod in #4's room. 31585 steps. 3343 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Friday (0831) With late start at the schools, I COULD sleep in ... if I could sleep in. I've been awake early every day this week I think. I got up, first elliptical finished by 6:00. One more and a walk, made sure the boys were ready for their carpool, and then I headed out to Zumba w/MZL. B-day for #3 today (18years old) so I did a little shopping, grabbing some socks he wanted, groceries and an ice cream cake. I got in a mile jog and then WEIGHTS. My final elliptical to equal my hour also. #3 only stopped by for a bit, after school before heading back for a football game, then a party with all his friends. Strog for dinner. No practice for #5 today, just a quiet evening at home. 32083 steps. 3382 burn. 1950 intake.
  • Saturday (0901) was #1's wedding. Ceremony and luncheon. Everything went well. Reception will be at a later date. Home afterward for a nap! 6346 steps. 1998 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Sunday (0902) Some family fun in Park City. Way too crowded to really do anything. The kids did the Alpine slide once, but didn't want to wait over two hours (not exaggerating) for the Alpine Coaster. We did do a couple scenic lift rides. Mowed the lawn. My wrist Versa hit 10k, but not my One. 9079 steps. 2109 burn. 2300 intake.
*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Three movies this week, all on HBO. She's Out of my League (2010) was cute, but earned its R rating with the language and sex. While it had a "happy ending" one has to wonder if they would actually stay together in the long run. Kingsman and the Golden Circle (2017) kept my interest and I really enjoyed it. I hadn't cared much for "Thor" or and second "Guardians of the Galaxy" as I thought they were just too over the top silly. This was too, more James Bond than superheros, but for some reason this one didn't affect me negatively as the aforementioned ones did. Perhaps one reason was I watched this while working out, and the other two upstairs with Hubs. I do think I'm a little more lenient when working out. This had a lot of action and humor and it kept the adrenaline and entertainment up. Murder on the Orient Express (2017) sure had an all-star cast. Many recognizable names/faces. I thought it was fine, but I didn't love it.  For my series, I finished up Sense8 this week.

Five Featured Photos ...

 #4's birthday was Tuesday - 15 years old

#3 is now 18! "Adult"

His friends threw him a party - here is he surrounded by all the girls ;)

 #1 got married on Saturday!

♥ My men :) ♥

Monday, September 3, 2018

August 2018

Arrivederci, adiós, adieu, au revoir, auf Wiedersehen August. No, August wasn't bad and I'm not delighted it's done, I just like alliteration ;) The end of summer ... sleeping in, more trips to the lake, harvesting the garden, quite a bit of construction on the neighborhood roads and squeezing in doctor and dentist appointments. Then, the start of school, return to the routine. Homework and carpools and a couple birthdays. We stayed busy. 

NUMBERS:  Weight started at 178.4. Ended at 173.5, which was also the low for the month. High was 180.10. Average was 177.09. Average intake was 2418. Average daily burn was 2919. Ended with a deficit for the month (-2717). Seven days with intake under 2000/goal. 15 days with 3000+ burn. six 30k days. 727,022 total steps. 23452 average steps, and 263 logged miles. Cardio minutes 3536/3755 with 80 minutes w/weights.

WORKOUTS: 21 was the magic number this month. Got my hour of elliptical in 21 days. Seven other days I still ellipticalled, but was under an hour. 21 days with treadmill time, four days with double duty. 21 Zumba classes. I've been subbing for summer, teaching three classes per week. Debbie is still not able to come back (back injury) so that class will be on hold for now. I have a couple Monday options, and we'll have to see what Fridays I can hit (late start middle school complicates things).  I had two sessions w/weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Driving around, grocery shopping and mowing the lawn are regular activities. There was some basketball as #5 finished up the summer league. Some time at the beach and visits with family.  Immunizations and getting the kids to the dentist ... unfortunately they needed a little work done, so there were a few trips.  Touring the school before classes started and some shopping (birthdays, wedding prep) filled out the month.

*** JenB's Journal ***
 0801 (Wednesday) Weight 178.4. Steps 27182. Total Burn 3074. Exercise Burn 1270/1254 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Just one elliptical in early, then off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6808 steps. 3.04 miles. 491/459 burn. AvHR116. High142. In zone 32 of the 67 minutes. Still struggling with size in this class. Road construction still has the North end of the street completely closed off. I'd mentioned the class to Kate, and she made it today, but had parked out on 7000th and walked the rest of the way, unable to drive through. I gave her a ride back to her car afterward, figuring the back way through the neighborhoods. I'd know it was possible after talking to Coach, and I'd have to drive it tomorrow night too, dropping #5 off at that church on the corner. Straight home afterward. I've been offering to go to the church with #4, but he's seemed content playing at home. He hit 30k just playing basketball in the front room and out front. He did a little bit of "exercise" on the treadmill too. Glad to have him moving more. I mowed the front lawn and got the garbages set out out. We got notices that the neighborhood will be repaved, and that cars can't be parked on the street and such coming up. They were out reworking around the storm drains and filling pot-holes. It was a bit of a challenge driving the neighborhood streets with all the holes and cones. 

0802 (Thursday) Weight 178.4. Steps 24688. Total Burn 3020. Exercise Burn 1095/1194 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I'd picked a bunch of my produce from the garden yesterday, and figured I'd take it to Zumba today to see if anyone wanted it. Thursday is the big class. I had lots of zucchini, several cucumbers, a couple of squash and an eggplant. It was all gone when I came out of class. They had also cleaned out the kitchen, streamlining supplies and were giving away a bunch of plates and glasses. I grabbed a few plates, always nice to have something to give treats away on. The cart was cleaned out quick too. Stats: 6898 steps. 3.07 miles. 506/441 burn. AvHR121. High147. In zone 37 of the 67 minutes. I stopped at Sam'sClub afterward to grab a few things. They were refinishing the parking lot though, so I couldn't drive straight through to Walmart after, had to go out on the road and around. Did my Walmart shopping too. Home to unload and get groceries put away. I'd picked up some tater tot and cheese sticks to try out in the fryer. I'm happy with that! I got in some additional elliptical, but that was it for exercise. #5 had his practice in the evening. I played around with some artificial nails put on myself. Like the look, we'll see if they stay ... 

0803 (Friday) Weight 178.4. Steps 22352. Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1080/1155 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Hubs left around 6:00 ... then was back a bit later as he'd forgotten his computer. My Oreo kitty wasn't waiting at my door when I got out of bed. I saw him out when I was feeding the ducks and getting the eggs (three today), I think he got locked outside last night. Zumba in Daybreak, subbing for Debbie. She called the other day and is still awaiting some test results. Carma and I subbed, small class today. Stats: 6295 steps. 2.75 miles. 478/434 burn. AvHR122. High141. In Zone 47 of the 64 minutes. I stopped at a DollarTree on the way home, grabbed some nail glue for the nails, and then Smiths for a few groceries. Got everything away, cleaned up the kitchen, did the dishes and some laundry. #3 had slept over at a friend's last night, and picked up Krispie Creme donuts. He brought home three-dozen for our family. #5 had practice and I helped #4 with some summer homework. Hubs came home early and napped a bit then put the turkey breasts on the smoker. #3 ended up taking a big nap too ... there isn't much sleep at these "sleep overs" ... Hubs and I watched an episode of WestWorld, while indulging in popcorn, and I got a foot rub.  

0804 (Saturday) Weight 179.1. Steps 14118. Total Burn 2446. Exercise Burn 350/616 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2700. It's nice when I don't even have to set an alarm. Still awake fairly early. Hubs headed into work, trying to get some stuff done. Sometimes he can do better after hours when everyone else isn't there to interrupt and ask questions. I went down to hit the gym, and #2 was in there. This happened yesterday with #1. Both today and yesterday, I said I needed to hit the elliptical, but that they could still work out (doing weights or treadmill or what not). I do turn on MY show. Both boys ended up jogging some. Interesting how it just doesn't look as fast when they are doing it, but it impossible to keep up when I'm on the treadmill myself. I only did a little 10min session at the end of the day for additional exercise, although I did mow the lawn. The front anyway, I didn't get around to the back. #5 had a game at 5:00 at DimpleDell. We took 104th down as we always do, but the road was completely closed at the freeway. We were forced onto the freeway, to 114th, then had to come back around. We barely made it there for tip-off. I'd had #5 put his shoes on in the car and I dropped him at the door and then parked. He made it onto the court, but I missed the first minute. The other team came out hard, and #5 had a couple turnovers and a missed shot to start and I could see he was struggling, but he shook it off and while we were behind at half, the Wolves won it in the end. Took an alternate route home. More homework help with #4. More frying food. I noticed one of my birds, Blackfoot, was limping. Really limping bad. Painful to watch. She'd been fine this morning, and Hubs, sitting at his desk at the window throughout the day hadn't noticed anything until now. Not sure what she could have done to hurt her foot so. It's miserable to watch. Because the ducks like to stay together, it's hard on one who is struggling (as we experienced with Ally, and then Gabby) as they try to keep up with the movement of the others. To minimize movement, I penned all of them into the unfinished area, also close to the food and water. I hope this resolves itself quickly :( 

0805 (Sunday) Weight 179.1. Steps 13398. Total Burn 2421. Exercise Burn 350/595 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Hubs decided to take the boys up to the lake today. He prepped yesterday so they were able to get up and off early. With me and #1 staying home, they were able to all fit into one car. #2 was very happy he didn't have to drive (he just paid his $120 ticket for going five over from last trip). I did my duck duty (two eggs) and got in an elliptical session. The kids checked in from the beach saying they had found a kitten, and what to do (asking for permission to bring it home, our two cats here would NOT like that). I noticed it's ear was clipped, which is a tag of a feral cat who has been trapped, sterilized, and released ... and they are generally wild, not dealing well with domestication. The boys unhappy left the kitty there. I told them it was probably older than they thought it was (as you're not supposed to operate until they are older anyway). Hubs wanted to get to work on labels ... my mom had written asking what the best way to label the crates would be, and really, it would be with vinyl, and Hubs had purchased a Cricut Silhouette a couple years ago. It was still in its box though. But after going through everything cleaning and updating the garage, we don't paper printed labels attached with tape. This has been a good push to get out the machine and figure it out though. But, we need "transfer paper" and he didn't find any when he picked up the vinyl from Michaels. I found some online at Amazon, but that will be a wait while it's delivered and Hubs is impatient. Hobby Lobby is closed Sunday, I mentioned Joanns, and he looked online and saw they had some in stock and asked if I'd go grab some. While it's technically a place I COULD drive to, it's further north than I like. Even though it said it was in stock, sometimes it's still hard to find. I mean, I checked on the Michaels website and it said THEY had it in stock (and Hubs hadn't found it yesterday). I decided to try Michaels. I found where it SHOULD have been (it was even on sale). I found someone to help me, and they had some that just hadn't been restocked to the shelves, so, yea, close store success. My mom wanted more crates and I figured it would be good to have some on hand as we prepped the labels (to make sure they would fit) so I stopped and grabbed 25 more. I did a quick stop at DT (didn't get anything) and then CalRanch, as we needed more feed for the birds. I've never seen a huge line at CalRanch before, but it was so long, winding way back into the aisles. They were pretty quick getting through everyone though. Back at home I started prepping lasagna. #1 son had said he was free for dinner so I had to prep something. Made a vegetarian one for #2, cheese bread and salad to finish out the meal. Blackfoot is still limping badly, so I still have the ducks contained to the smaller area by the food and water. Yesterday I found a couple eggs early ... and then I found one later in the doghouse, but it had been pecked. So frustrating to have this start up again. Today, one was pecked, but I got another okay. Later in the day I saw an egg in the main backyard, it was broken and empty. Must have been a magpie getting a hold of it. The magpies have been SO bad today. I had to go shoo them off a time or two when they were bugging my birds. There must have been a nest nearby. Several looked like juveniles. Our area is a big draw for all the wild birds too, as we have food and water so easily accessible. I mowed the back yard and got it watered. It felt like a productive day.  

0806 (Monday) Weight 178.1. Steps 26438. Total Burn 3095. Exercise Burn 1300/1275 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. I was awake at 6:00, and even got up. Still just got two elliptical sessions in early, not quite in my school routine, when I can get the full hour in. Three eggs, one pecked :( Blackfoot is doing a little better, the limp isn't as noticeable. Still keeping the ducks contained to the smaller area. Zumba in Daybreak. I usually instruct this one solo, but Carma was able to come today. We had a lady (and her daughter) that used to come to the Thursday class. Stats: 6328 steps. 2.7 miles. 504/448 burn. AvHR126. High150. In Zone 47 of the 63 minutes. After class I stopped at Smiths to restock some produce and soda. I forgot I still had the crates in the car when I was unloading the cart. I made it fit, and the two littles were around to help bring things in and get them put away. I got an additional elliptical in, and a treadmill jog/walk. Hubs had a work dinner and wasn't home until later. 

0807 (Tuesday) Weight 178.4. Steps 20614. Total Burn 2713. Exercise Burn 965/896 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. I woke up a bit peeved with #1 son because of a prank he played ... in my dream. I told #1 son this. He thinks I'm weird. Hubs was up and off his usual time (around 5:30) and I felt pretty awake then. On the school schedule, I would have gotten up then. Still summer though, so I fell back asleep and didn't get up until 7:00. I still should have been able to fit in one elliptical session, but ended up discussing insurance and wedding stuff with #1. Off to Zumba. I knew Carma, Suzanne and Cathyleen weren't going to be there, so I honestly wondered if it would be just Barbara and I. Carma texted she would be able to come after all (although arriving late and leaving early) and then Mindy and her daughter. Mother daughter duo for a second day. One of the other gals from MZL also showed, so it was a good class after all. Stats: 6416 steps. 2.78 miles. 472/417 burn. AvHR120. High144. In Zone 28 of the 64 minutes. Not a productive day after though, not sure why, but I just wasn't feeling motivated. Worked with #4 on some summer homework a bit (getting a pedigree chart, to track the trait of tongue rolling) and finished up the blog post I should have finished up yesterday. I let the ducks out into the whole yard today. Three eggs this morning, but two were pecked, the third was still intact, in a separate spot (and still warm). I'd purchased some ceramic eggs, which can be used to help prevent pecking and encourage laying in certain spots, so I went ahead and put those out. When I checked later in the day, one had been rolled out of the nest and hidden under some straw nearby. Not sure what was up with that. I did finally make myself move, getting in a walk on the treadmill, and then some elliptical later in the day.  

0808 (Wednesday) 177.9. Steps 25801. Total Burn 3102. Exercise Burn 1260/1282 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3200. Hubs was up and off early, around 3:30. I slept in until 7:00, when the doorbell rang. I knew what it was immediately. There had been a notice last week saying the street was going to be stripped and paved and to not park on the street Mon-Thursday this week. #2 had parked on the street. I went out and fit his car behind the waverunners. Sticking out over the sidewalk (which you can get in trouble for too, but hopefully the city will not be coming out to enforce that during this construction). #1 had to pull his car up so his fiance could park behind him when she came over in the morning - as I needed the spot behind my car left open because I was leaving. Of course right when I went to leave, the slow truck was stripping the street in front of our house, so I was a little late. Better today, when I'm just helping, than Mon/Tues/Fri when I have the key/music and am the teacher. Very small class today. Stats: 6746 steps. 2.91 miles. 454/426 burn. AvHR115. High133. In Zone 18 of the 64 miles. I did a quick DT stop, grabbed a few more nail packages. I tried some when I got home, and wish I had tried them before the stop today, as this other brand is NOT the same, and not good. They don't work! The white tip is too small, leaving a visible section between it and where the nail attaches underneath, and there was some bad splatter I hadn't noticed. Disappointed. I was ready for some pretty looking nails, and my short, ragged ones have been catching on things. Not terribly motivated today, again. It's got one elliptical session in early, then one once I was back home. Finally went down again and did a treadmill time, but then wasn't sure I was going to get my final elliptical in. #5 had been picked up to go play with a friend, who has moved and lives past Maga's house. I had to pick him up at the end of the playdate, and it was an hour round trip (in traffic). Dropped of some zucchini to a neighbor on the way out (I'd meant to in the morning on the way to Zumba but being late and stressed, it slipped my mind then). Back at home, I prepped some homemade chicken tenders to try out in the fryer, and those two things took up a lot of the evening. I went out and did my duck duty. This morning, there were four eggs, but two were pecked and broken. I couldn't find one of the ceramic eggs anywhere, and I looked! Here in the evening, I had peeked out the window and saw it over by the garden, a good 15 feet away from where it had been originally. Had one of the ducks rolled it that far? Crazy!I really should have mowed the front lawn, but I'd run out of time. I watered and did some weeding and put out the garbage cans. My dad came out and grabbed the crates I'd purchased for them. He was picking up my nephew from the community college where he was attending EFY, so he was already close. But it was after 9:00 when they came over, and Hubs hadn't been able to stay awake. As Hubs was asleep already, and we wouldn't be watching our episode, I went down and did my final elliptical session, finishing up my movie. #2 and his girlfriend were over, and #3 showed up with two girls to hit the hot tub. 

0809 (Thursday) Weight 179.9. Steps 30464. Total Burn 3199. Exercise Burn 1250/1368 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Up and out to check on eggs first thing ... wondering if I can get out there quickly enough, I can gather them before any breakage. I did get two intact eggs, but then I also wonder if I interrupt the girls. I checked again just a bit later and found one more (that hadn't been there before). I got two elliptical sessions in early, then off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6330 steps. 2.77 miles. 446/368 burn. AvHR113. High138. In Zone 22 of the 65 miles. Stopped at Sams and Walmart on the way home. Didn't need much, but got some cod filets to try in the fryer, and some artificial nails, not $1 but not expensive either. Tried them at home and like them. More "Princess Bride" discussion with #4. He was supposed to do his write up, but he didn't ... I'll have to push. #3 was in the gym when I got home (I'd been gone hours, why hadn't he done his workout while I was gone? I know why, because he probably slept in until 11:00. He does work super hard/late). As I couldn't hit the gym, I mowed the front lawn, as I hadn't yesterday. I like the look of it short, so I do the front twice during the week. I did get into the gym later for a treadmill jog/walk and then my final elliptical at the end of the day. #5 had practice. Hubs had gone up to the lake with work friends and wasn't home until 10:00.  

0810 (Friday) Weight 179.3. Steps 24394. Total Burn 2999. Exercise Burn 1270/1168 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2mileTreadmill). Calories in 2300. I was able to get in one elliptical session before heading out to Zumba. Carma and I taught today, although she had to sneak out a bit early. Stats: 6177 steps. 2.72 miles. 470/422 burn. AvHR121. High141. In Zone 34 of the 60 minutes. Since I'd just been shopping yesterday, I didn't do a store stop, but went straight home. Got in some additional elliptical and treadmill time. Instead of practice today, #5's team was playing in a couple games at Sport City. They won the first game, lost the second. It's not my favorite location. Four connected courts, temp set up (floor and standards), mesh "walls" to keep the ball in (spectators outside the mesh). They charged for admittance too. There was a pickup soccer game going on the side too. That was fun to watch. I played there, some years (and quite a few pounds) ago. 

0811 (Saturday) Weight 178.0. Steps 18333. Total Burn 2631. Exercise Burn 830/807 (60minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. Hubs and the boys (the littles stayed home this time, #5 had a game and #4 was just a little laked out) left pretty early to hit the lake. This was #1's "bachelor party" and he had some friends coming, and one of Hub's work friends (who #1 had worked for) there with a boat too. Here at home, I got in some exercise, helped #4 with homework and took #5 to his game, an easy win for them. It was at a recreation center in Midvale, I'd never heard of it before. It looked like it had been an elementary school before, with the gym redone. #5's friend Austin had come over to hang out, and came to watch. He ended up sleeping over. I made the rest of the chicken tenders, frying them, and they were great. Have I mentioned I love this new fryer? Not great for health or calories though. Hubs made popcorn too. Just one episode of West World left to watch.  

0812 (Sunday) Weight 178.1. Steps 13032. Total Burn 2374. Exercise Burn 400/549 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Hubs started the brisket smoking first thing in the morning, so it would be done for dinner. His car needed service, so he dropped it off at Jiffy Lube and had me pick him up. Austin got picked up. One of the boys requested French Toast, so I made that, with some bacon and hashbrowns. Hubs took the Durango to Costco for some shopping, and got gas too (I was almost empty). He also brought home a new Roku TV for the gym. I haven't liked the one he put in there a few months ago. Very slow, and disconnecting much too often ... so, new TV for me. Hopefully the one will work better upstairs? Closer to the router. #3 or #5 will likely get it in their room. We'll be switching things up shortly as #1 moves out starting next week. #3 dropped Hubs off to pick up his car. I got in some elliptical, and then mowed the lawn, front and back. Very hot out! I did some work on the computer, got a couple medical bills paid (one from last December, it sure takes a while for some to come through!), school registration finalized, and my car registered (no testing required this year, yea!) #3 hadn't been scheduled for work, but then some people didn't show, so he ended up going in. #1 was eating with his (soon to be) inlaws. I made Cool Whip dessert, a favorite of #1 and #3, and then neither of them were even here to enjoy it. I had some, and I know they will both get to it later. Hubs made popcorn later in the evening, and we finished up West World. I didn't quite understand this second season. 

0813 (Monday) Weight 180.1. Steps 24562. Total Burn 2987. Exercise Burn 1225/1166 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Got in one and a half sessions on the elliptical and then headed out to Zumba. Carma was able to come again to help today. Stats: 6003 steps. 2.59miles. 429/368 burn. AvHR114. High139. In zone 11 of the 60 minutes. I didn't stop at a store, as Hubs had just been. I'm struggling a little staying motivated during the day. Feeling so tired and draggy. I did finish up my hour (although the last 10min wasn't until the end of the day) and did a two-mile walk on the treadmill. Got a couple new watch bands, and some nails I'd ordered. More homework help with #4. Just leftovers for dinner. Fried up some stuff, then finally emptied out the oil and cleaned the fryer. Hubs installed the new TV down in the gym and three of the boys are asking "so what happens to the old TV? Hmmm?"

0814 (Tuesday) Weight 178.3. Steps 27763. Total Burn 3073. Exercise Burn 1242/1249 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30mi4min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Got in two elliptical sessions before heading over to the church for Zumba. Just Suzanne and Barbara today, then one other lady from MZL. I guess it was good that we were small, as the Bishop of one of the wards stopped by with his son to play basketball in the gym. Didn't ask if we were okay with them using it, just lowered the basket to play (generally, as we have it reserved, people usually ask permission before kicking us off). So we moved to the front and closed the partition so the bouncing ball would be less distracting. Stats: 6065 steps. 2.65 miles. 443/370 burn. AvHR118. High141. In zone 23 of the 60 minutes. Back at home, #3 was in the gym with a couple of friends. I uploaded some photos for an assignment for #4 to Walgreens photo, and when they were ready (just a few minutes later) the two littles and I headed over there. We got the 7th grade immunizations for #5, picked up the pictures, and headed over to the middle school. We got the immunizations on record and picked up a map of the school to see where classes were, then we walked them all, plus locker and lunchroom. We walked it three times to help #5 get it. #4 checked out his too, but he said he already knew where all his were. We stopped and picked up pizza on the way home. I'd grabbed two pepperoni, a cheese, two crazy bread and an Italian cheese bread. #3's friends were still there, done with the gym, in the kitchen, so I was glad I'd grabbed extra. Still have some for leftovers, which I boxed and put away. I finally made it down to my gym again, for some treadmill, and then additional elliptical. Hubs went out to my brothers to borrow his cotton candy machine and popcorn machine for his work party tomorrow. He's been stressing a bit about this being dropped in his lap. #4 had plans to go see a movie with friends ... starting at 10:30! That's past my bedtime! Then pickup wouldn't be until after midnight? #3 stepped up and said he'd take care of it. One of the other moms ended up doing the drop off, and #3 brought all the boys home. I had fallen asleep, but woke a few times checking on things. Even when both boys were home, all boys were home, I wasn't able to get to sleep. Some wedding stress and just brain overdrive.  

0815 (Wednesday) Weight 178.1. Steps 25087. Total Burn 3004. Exercise Burn 1248/1185 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2.0milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900...did I forget to log some? Likely! So not a good night. I was awake from midnight until around 3:00 or so. One elliptical session in before heading to Zumba w/MZL. I had thought I might have to skip, as we have dental appointments for the boys today and tomorrow. Originally I had #3 scheduled for this morning, but I called and switched him to tomorrow and took #5 in today. The early appointment tomorrow would be better for #4, who is normally up early (just not this morning, after his late night) and I asked #3 to again help me out and drop #5 off, and I'd come straight after Zumba. I wasn't sure if #4 would be able to deal with just being dropped off. Class was still small. I was hoping that it might pickup now that the road is no longer closed at the nearby intersection. I left just a little early, as #5's appointment was at 10:00. Class had started late, about 9:20. Stats: 5917steps. 2.57 miles. 428/374 burn. AvHR119. High152. In Zone 27 of the 58 minute. I didn't need to rush though. #5 was already back, and I just waited and waited and waited. Well over an hour. And not good news for the tooth. The dentist had warned me on the exam that it looked like it was close to the nerve, and it was too close, #5 will need a root canal. So instead of getting this one wrapped up, now there are two more appointments, one with an endodontist. I called when I got home and got an appointment for a week from Friday, but I'll have to pull him from school on his third day in, and then again the week after. This kid stressed even about missing elementary school, even when he was way ahead of everyone else. If I'd stayed on top of their exams and cleaning, it would have been caught sooner :( One of the ladies in the office was Hollie, a Zumba instructor I'd gone to a few times. I did a quick store stop (#5 is a trooper) and then we went home. I eventually got down to the gym again. Hubs has been stressed about the company party that was dropped in his lap. He left work a little early to get things set up. #2 was free, so he drove the two littles down. Hubs got soaked in the dunk tank. My MIL stopped by in the evening, in the neighborhood, seeing Cousin Will play in a soccer tournament (makes traffic insane around our neighborhood). We chatted for a while, then the boys made it back, and even Hubs made it home before she left. She I did some talk about a cleaning lady (she has one coming to talk tomorrow, my mom has a cleaning service and has recommended it to us girls for years). Hubs brought home some dry ice and the boys enjoyed playing with that. I hadn't finished my final elliptical session (I'd been about to go down when MIL came over). I figured I wouldn't get it in, but then Hubs said he still had some clean up to do, so I did go down ... but then he was asleep when I got back up. 

0816 (Thursday) Weight 177.7. Steps 23707. Total Burn 2927. Exercise Burn 650/1103 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Another not great night ... early morning awakening anyway. I woke up shortly before 4:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. They were paving our circle in the morning, and we had to have cars moved out of the circle, as we wouldn't be able to leave out drive way. I was worried I might sleep in too long, or there wouldn't be anywhere to park (garbage day, so that complicates things, taking up spaces). Around 5:00, I just got up and went out and moved #1's car and mine. I figured Hubs would be off anytime, before the work started (although he was still sleeping at this point), #2 was carpooling and wouldn't be driving (so his car could stay) and #3 had just decided not to mess with it and slept over at a friend's house, taking his work clothes as he had an early morning shift. Hubs was still sleeping, so I ended up moving his car too. Luckily I was able to find spots not too far off. The construction crew got started right on time (7:00) after the garbage truck came just for our circle to start. #4 and I were off to the dentist. #4 was NOT happy about it. They'd hoped the cavity was small enough that they could just do a quick filling without deadening him, but they ended up numbing him (he was NOT happy about that). Done in about an hour ... I could still make it to Zumba, just a little late. I ended up getting there around 9:30 (stuck behind a s....l...o...w car much of the way) but still got 45min in. Stopped at Walmart on the way home. I didn't want to get a lot, as I couldn't even get into the garage until later, but I made sure the bag with fridge/freezer stuff was handy, and took it in at least. Harder to find a spot at this point, as the workers machinery and trucks were taking up all the nearby spots. #1 had the day off, and it was the Discover Discount at Lagoon. He was taking his fiance, her mom, and planning on taking the two littles ... but #4 was still in a bad mood from the dentist, and tired of being forced to go places he didn't want to go. He doesn't like roller-coasters and he's still numb and he had to go to the stupid party last night and the dentist this morning. What kid turns down an amusement park? He didn't go. He stayed home and we worked on summer homework instead. This wasn't a punishment on my part, HE wanted to work on it because getting this stuff finished has been stressing him out. We got most of his "tongue tracking tree" done, just the title left. We will wait for Daddy to work his magic on the Crikut... and he did. Nice vinyl title. Just one more assignment left now. Hubs was home a little early today. I had touched base with the housekeeping service and she'll come out tomorrow to talk and look at the house and give us a price. Of course I had to clean up some before the housekeeper comes, right? That, and while looking for a circle punch to assist #4 with his summer homework board, I dropped the lip from a glass pumpkin in the food storage room, and yes, it shattered. So I had to pull the vacuum out for that, and while it was out I just hit the rest of the house. Until it caught enough of my hair and stopped working. Sometimes it's amazing there is any hair left on my head with as much as I shed. Hubs fixed it. #5's team had practice in the evening, but he didn't get home from Lagoon until late. #1 had texted Hubs that he'd be home to make him a mexican soup dinner. That dinner didn't happen until around 9:00. 

0817 (Friday) Weight 176.7. Steps 25087. Total Burn 3004. Exercise Burn 800/1039 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. I got one elliptical session in before heading out to Zumba. Class was good. Stats: 6276 steps. 2.72 burn. 510/430 burn. AvHR125. High149. In zone 47 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home. I didn't really think we needed that much, and hadn't remembered any great sales on the ad ... but I ended up grabbing quite a bit. The kids will love the Welches Fruit Snacks (it's their favorite brand). At least I was able to get in and out of the driveway and neighborhood streets, although at the end of the street it's crazy, as there is a huge soccer tournament going on that has insane traffic and people parking all over. As I'd contacted the cleaning lady yesterday, she said she'd stop by today to look things over and give a quote and set things up. She came in the early afternoon, and I'm excited for it, even while feeling a bit guilty. I really SHOULD be able to do it, but certain things (mopping, bathrooms) don't happen regularly enough, and things like baseboards and walls are pretty bad after all these years. The mopping/bathrooms would be the main thing, and then other items as time allows. A couple of weeks before she can fit me in and get started, but just looking around and prepping has already improved some things as I straighten. I also checked another item off the list, calling Olive Garden and setting up a reservation for the Wedding Luncheon. Glad they had the opening, as it's only two weeks away. I was sure they either didn't accept reservations (they always seem so busy regardless) or that they were already booked. I'd had Johnny Carinos over in Jordan Landing on my mind as a backup. They usually aren't that busy ... and apparently not being busy, they just shut down recently! So I'm really glad the OG reservation worked out. Now just to decide on which menu and how many people exactly. When Hubs got home, he asked if I wanted to head out to my folks. He had a bunch of labels cut on the Cricut to apply to the crates. I called quick to see if they were around. My brother and his youngest were there (they'd gone hiking) and Mom was making a trout dinner for them. She ended up feeding us too, even though I said it wasn't necessary. Hubs then got to work on the crates, and I mowed some of the lawn ... it got dark before I could finish. They'd purchased an electric mower almost identical to ours. It was nice to visit. I'd dropped off #5 for practice as I usually do. Generally he gets a ride home, which I appreciate SO much, as I'm often in jammies by that time. Today the ride was with Coach. I offered to grab #5 from his house after, so he wouldn't have to do the 15minute detour on top of everything else he does for the team (and with the soccer traffic, it could be even longer). So I was watching time so we could get back, but happened to check Find my Friends and #5 was home. One of the other families (our usual ride) had been there at the end and brought them home as they usually do. I had been going to make them the offer to pick him up too, but didn't think they would be there. So I hope traffic wasn't too bad for them. It was nice not to have to rush back for pickup, although we still headed home shortly after. Hubs was tired and OUT almost immediately.  

0818 (Saturday) Weight 175.7. Steps 17428. Total Burn 2621. Exercise Burn 350/819 (30minElliptical). Calories in 1900. I could have slept in, but I was awake early. I ended up getting up and cleaning up the kitchen. I'd had if fairly clean most of the day, but then #1 stopped by Popeyes on his way home, and #2 made cookies and ... everything was still out. So, clean up. Check for eggs (three today). Water ... as I hadn't really gotten to it yesterday, as it's generally one of my evening activities and I hadn't hit it before we headed out. Hit the elliptical for a session. Mowed the lawn. Did some more cleaning ... still two weeks before the service starts up, so main bath, kitchen sink, still didn't mop. I don't actually own a mop anymore. Hubs tossed it ... I guess he felt it wasn't getting used enough to take up space. Cleaned off my nightstand and organized some other areas. #5 had a game at 3:00. They got the win. I saw one of the ref's wives come to watch ... oh, mothers and wives should NOT watch their loved ones reffing. The chances of it not going well are always great. There was yelling today. 10 more min elliptical. Hubs was prepping some dinner, as he'd purchased some steaks and we needed to use them up. I did a quick store run to grab some potatoes (hadn't been on my list yesterday) and a few other items. Smokey steak set off the fire alarms. Oy, my ears. Twas a bad Dday though :(  

0819 (Sunday) Weight 174.7. Steps 7231. Total Burn 2116. Exercise Burn 0/311 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Not a good night for sleep. We had plans to hit the lake tonight. As Hubs wasn't up to prepping last night, #2 packed the car up and I helped him get some food ready. We were able to get off pretty early. Unfortunately #1 and #3 had work ... although I guess #3 had arranged for someone to cover the first part of his shift and was planning on coming, but as we didn't know that no one woke him and we left without him :( #2 had his girlfriend, and Hubs had one of his work friends bring his boys by. I stood up on the paddle board again, and even went behind Hubs on a waverunner. Home in the late afternoon. Hubs made some guacamole and then I made french dip (Hubs had shaved the brisket he smoked last Saturday). #1 and Sol came by and played some games, but Hubs and I were in bed early. So tired!  

0820 (Monday) Weight 174.8. Steps 23855. Total Burn 2910. Exercise Burn 1230 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 34min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Woke around 4:00 am. Again. I sent a quick text to Barbara about Zumba being canceled. I think she is on Debbie's email list, and Debbie sent out an email last night, but ... just in case. I let her know about Carma's class. I fell back to sleep for a bit. Slept in as I wasn't planning on going anywhere ... the paving people were doing the side streets, which land-lock our circle in. #2 had parked his car at the church, and #3 had just slept over at a friend's house, so he wouldn't have to deal with it. Of course, NOTHING. No workers, no trucks. Not today. One of the neighbors called and they pushed it to tomorrow, because, why not inconvenience everyone again? So as I could get out of the neighborhood, I decided to try Kirsten and Carma's class. Close by, just over by Joel P. Barbara did come. Unfortunately my text woke her at 4:00 in the morning. I just figure everyone puts their phone on silent. Oops! Stats: 5223 steps. 2.27 miles. 378/334 burn. AvHR118. High131. In Zone 19 of the 53 miles. I still managed my three 20min sessions on the elliptical, and did a 2 mile walk with the incline up some. I'd thought maybe of getting in a run, and/or some abs, but that didn't happen. #2 and buddies were in the gym in the evening. When I went to gather eggs in the morning, on of the girls was still in the spot ...and stayed there all day. Um, NO. Were are not hatching ducklings this year! I have six ducks, that is more than enough. I'd found one other egg elsewhere, and when Handiquack finally left the nest for a bet, I went and grabbed the eggs. Three of them (I'd just gathered yesterday, so two were from the other girls). Helped #4 finish up some homework, although he still has a bit of writing to do on a story for biology. I'd taken more "tongue" pictures, enough that it warranted another trip in to have them printed. He got them attached to his poster. Hubs was home late, had a work dinner. School tomorrow for #3 and #5 ...
0821 (Tuesday) Weight 174.8. Steps 34210. Total Burn 3544. Exercise Burn 1600 (70minElliptical, Zumba, 45min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Had the alarm set for 6:00 but was awake before then. Hubs had left a little after 5:00 and I hadn't gone back to sleep. #3 was up early, as there was a "Senior Sunrise" activity starting at 6:15. I did get a "first day of school" photo for him. I hit the elliptical, then made sure #5 was up. The construction crew was out early, so #1 moved his car to the church. I just decided I wouldn't drive anywhere today. I'd made arrangements for #5 to get a ride to/from school with a neighbor (outside the neighborhood, unaffected, yet, by the paving) and I'd just walk to Zumba. The church is where people were parking their cars anyway. I made #5 some scrambled eggs and made sure he had a folder with his school stuff in, took a picture, then walked him to the neighbors to see him off. Back home, and another session on the elliptical, then a 10min one before it was time to head out to Zumba. I got a text from Suzanne saying she wasn't going to make it today after all. Dang it, it was her last day. I had her songs on the playlist :( I didn't bother to make a new playlist though, just figured I'd use the one Carma and I had done on Friday in Debbie's class. Small class. Barbara, one of the regulars, was gone, so just two others besides Carma and I. Still got a good workout. Stats: 6657 steps. 2.94 miles. 506/450 burn. AvHR125. High150. In zone 42 of the 64 minutes. Walked home. It really was a lovely day for it. The weather is nice. Handiquack was sitting on eggs again today. She finally hopped off in the afternoon to get some food and water and I grabbed the eggs. Two today, although I'd found one earlier elsewhere. Did the usual watering, garden work and duck duty. As far as exercise, I did two treadmill miles with some incline, then a one mile jog. Then I did weights! I finished up with more elliptical. Made meatball subs for dinner. Hubs was home pretty late though. Always working so hard.  

0822 (Wednesday) Weight 174.7. Steps 32803. Total Burn 3297. Exercise Burn 1355/1250 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 45min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Had a little trouble falling asleep ... then awake at 4:00. Finally got up around 6:00. First day for #4, and #2 is back to college classes. I got in my full hour of elliptical early, as I got the boys off to school. We'll be carpooling a bit here until these neighbor's move, so right now I don't need to make the morning commute. I was off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6341 steps. 2.77 miles. 457/406 burn. AvHR118. High155. In Zone 27 of the 61 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home. They had snacks on sale (restocked granola bars for #2, Hostess and Little Debbie). #1 was still home to help unload groceries, but then he was off and ... alone... I got in a couple treadmill times, one walk, one jog. I meant to mow the lawn, but didn't get to it before pickup time rolled around. I am taking Bangerter now ... it's a little faster and easier now with the third lane on 7800 and no stop at 9000. But coming from that direction, I can't easily get in the lane to the West, which is where I picked up the kids last year. I called #4 had had them meet me in the middle, but #4 didn't care for that pickup location. I guess if I just come a few minutes later it should clear out enough for me to get where I need to go. I could tell that #4 was upset though. When we got home, he said he's completely overwhelmed with his classes. He chose honors Language Arts and Biology, advanced math and AP Geography. It basically said they would have an hour of homework every night. He was also concerned about his business class. My poor boy, he stresses out so easily. We talked about some of his options (meeting with a counselor and trying to transfer classes) but he didn't want to commit to that either. I remember him in tears his first day of 5th grade completely overwhelmed by a project ... that he then completed by Christmas (when they had all year to do it). I reminded him of all the other times he worried himself sick, and then the test or the project wasn't nearly as bad as anticipated. He said he'd sleep on it ... but I don't think he got much sleep. #3 is in a similar boat, although some of his is his own making. There was summer homework, and he just didn't do it. Facing those consequences now. Also second guessing AP Stats which is a really hard class, and Woodworking, which turns out is very expensive ($300+) and he doesn't care for the teacher or the other kids. He has put his name on the list to talk with his counsellor. It had rained a bit as I was picking up the kids, and started coming down harder ... but then it cleared up, so I went ahead and mowed the front lawn. I finished it up, and then the rain came again, really hard. There was a flash flood watch that came across the phones. The ducks were enjoying it I think. There was hail other places. Hubs was working late with a client meeting that didn't even start until 5:00 ...  

0823 (Thursday) Weight 175.9. Steps 28524. Total Burn 3062. Exercise Burn 1350/1250 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. #4 was still super stressed when he woke up in the morning, but he was a lot better after school. I don't think anything big happened, maybe he just adjusted a bit. Got the kids off, and got my hour of elliptical in early. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6687 steps. 3.03 miles. 509/456 Burn. AvHR118/ High138. In zone 24 of the 65 minutes. I had gone through the garden yesterday and gathered a bunch of zucchini, some eggplant, squash and cucumbers. I brought two big boxes to Zumba ... they were gone as class ended :) I grated one zucchini and the ducks were somewhat interested in it. I stopped off at Sam's and Walmart on the way home. Home alone for just a bit. Got in a treadmill walk. No jog today though. School pickup, I waited a couple minutes before leaving and then grabbed the kids where I had last year. Works for me. Still stuck waiting to exit the parking lot. Hubs had a derby, #4 went alone to help. #5 had a game in the evening at Eastmont at 8:00. We were the #1 seed, playing the #8 seed (out of 15 or so teams ... so standings weren't 100% as it really depended on who you had played). Our boys ended up getting beat, just by three. #5 was super sad and in tears blaming himself as he did attempt the last shot (a half court under pressure with just a couple seconds left). Even if he'd made it, that would have just tied it and put it into overtime. The other team was good, really working well together and making it hard for our boys to get good shots off.
0824 (Friday) Weight 176.7. Steps 20604. Total Burn 2816. Exercise Burn 945/999 (60minElliptical, 45min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. With late start, I COULD sleep in on Fridays ... but it would also be good to still keep the same routine and use the time to fit in a weight workout. I was awake early again, around 5:00. Hubs had to be up and off around 5:15, meeting work buddies to head to Moab for a one day river run trip. I hit the treadmill first, doing a two mile walk. #4 was up and in the hot tub. #3 also has late(r) start, but it's not as late as the middle school. I'd much prefer keeping the same schedule before school and having them out early. I peeked out back and the duckies seemed quite agitated ... and I couldn't see one of the boys. Sure enough, he was down the window well. #3 hopped in and helped him out. I grabbed three eggs, they switched spots though. Now they are behind a different zucchini plant. I found a fourth egg later in the day, randomly on the grass, but it had been broken. I actually could have made it to Zumba, with the new carpool, but I wanted to make sure it went okay and #4 got off. #5 stayed home, because he had an appointment at the endodontist at 11:00, and with school just starting at 9:50, he'd only get 40min, and that wouldn't be worth the hassle of me having to go in and check him out. I got in a couple ellipticals during the morning, and then headed out with #5. He was having a bit of a hard time dealing with the dental work. A root canal is scary, and he hates the numbing (although of course it would be worse without it). There were some tears. Our out of pocket was $266, with insurance picking up $1000. Ouch in the pocketbook as well. I told him he could still hit several of his afternoon classes (he had stressed about missing) but at this point he wasn't feeling up to it. In fact even several hours later when it was time for basketball practice, he still was still numb, and unhappy, and he hadn't been able to eat, so lacking in energy too. So he sat it out.  

0825 (Saturday) Weight 176.3. Steps 12610. Total Burn 2351. Exercise Burn 0/537 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Up just before 7:00. Moving day! #1 was getting ready early, pulling the waverunners out to get to the trailer. Unload the derby stuff from it to get his bed, tv, etc in. I went over with them to check out the apartment for the first time. Then the guys dropped me off home and headed out to Herriman to grab some of Sol's stuff. With #1's room pretty much emptied out here, #3 cleared out the rest of the stuff and started moving his stuff in. We'd discussed changing out the curtains to match his comforter, but then he said he'd rather keep the red curtains and get a new bed set. Okay. He ran to Walmart at my request, as I wanted a small desk for #4's room. He got it and found a cute comforter there too. #4 impressed me by putting the desk together all by himself. #4 and I started breaking down the bunk bed and all the storage under it. I had Hubs grab the two twin beds we had put in storage and bring them back to the house. Set one up for #5's new upstairs room, and #4 to replace the bunk bed. No official workouts today, but felt like I didn't stop moving. Up and down the stairs so many times! If the Wolves had won the basketball game on Thursday night, we would have had a game today at 4:00 ... I'm a little relieved we didn't. #5 was off hanging with a friend for most of the day (so NOT here to help with the move) but of course needed a pick-up right when I needed to stop my moving and get ready for the bridal shower. #1 was home (he needed to get ready for the shower too) so I asked if he could go grab him. I headed out. The shower was just at my Daybreak Zumba church ... in fact I still had the keys to the building, so I brought them along and sent Debbie a quick text that if she happened to be around, I was just over at the church if she was able to stop by quick (rather than having to make a special trip out to my house or my Zumba sometime in the future). She did stop by and it was good to see her and have a quick chat. The shower was fun, with several games, but I'm not used to sitting for so long. My back was hurting afterward. With all the room move stuff, the house is pretty messy (boxes all over) and the kitchen was bad, dishes in the sink. I hadn't unloaded and the sink was full. I didn't mow the lawn. Being near the end of the month, I got the bills paid. Hubs had misplaced his BoA credit card, so it was a lot lower than usual (still some monthly bills on it). Of course all his spending usually on that card was just on the Costco card. Sams was higher than usual too, as I'd picked up crates for my mom. I was pooped. Time for bed.  

0826 (Sunday) Weight 176.3. Steps 12997. Total Burn 2455. Exercise Burn 0/638 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. I knew I had a kitchen full of dishes and such ... I'd been to tired to get to them last night. So up and at them. Hubs hit Walmart to grab some bacon and started it smoking, then made waffles and eggs. The ants had got to the butter left out on the counter ... #4 didn't notice and ended up eating some, but one waffle got tossed. I made sure our vegetarian got one (as he doesn't eat the bacon, he will still eat eggs). I didn't get one, but I'm sure I'll get enough carbs throughout the day anyway. Then more room move work. Still going through clothes and closets and such. Attempting to empty out some of the plastic drawers in #5's new room (socks/old uniforms, ties, pjs). Took a break from that at one point to go mow the front and back, another thing I had not done yesterday. Pulled out some sunflowers and picked some tomatoes too. Watered the lawn, which is a job as it's manually moving the sprinkler every 30 minutes front and back. Hubs took the cotton candy machine back to my brother and then took three of the boys out to visit Maga (I was in the middle of mowing myself). #3 headed off to work, and #1 and Sol stopped by for some lunch. They don't really have any food in the new apartment yet ;) Pretty pooped again by evening.
0827 (Monday) Weight 176.7. Steps 29102. Total Burn 3128. Exercise Burn 1160/1311 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Return to the routine. Hubs was off around 5:00. I was pretty groggy, but awake. Just two 20min sessions in during the morning though. I had to drive the kids up out of the neighborhood (to their ride) then park the car in the church parking lot, as the paving of the road out of our neighborhood was happening today. We hadn't received any notification of it, but we neighbors had talked and we knew it was coming up. Walked back up and went to Zumba with Kirsten and Carma. Stats: 4904 steps. 2.15 miles. 357/286 burn. AvHR108. High139. In zone 8 of the 56 minutes. After class, I went to Big5. I had located a $10 off $30 coupon, and I grabbed some Nike socks for #4, as that's something he wanted for his birthday. I stopped at Smiths Marketplace, just glancing if there might be something for me for wedding wear. I did pick up a sweater, and then a few groceries, but nothing that I couldn't leave in the car ... as I still had to park a quarter mile away. I placed an order for a black nightstand for #4, as well as a curtain rod (Walmart was less expensive than Amazon). A couple of things on my wish list (curtains, bed risers) had dropped in price, but then jumped back up again before I ordered. I'll watch another day or so, as the curtain rod isn't coming as quick. Those will be for #4's room too. I had been going to order the desk in navy for #5's room, but it was now out of stock too. I confirmed the wedding lunch details and went ahead and pulled #1 and his car from our auto insurance. I hit the treadmill for a walk, then walked back to the car for middle school pickup. After dropping off Tori, I drove back to the house. The construction crews were still working, but they had one side of the road driveable. It would be an issue if two cars were coming from opposite directions, but I didn't have a problem. #3 hadn't realized he could get home, and had parked at the church and walked, and so had to walk back when it was time for him to go to work. Hubs was home a little late, I think he made a D stop. At home too. I was going to prep my playlist but saw #4 having a melt down and ended up talking with him a while. School stuff again. Hates school. Classes are too hard. I asked if anything social/friends was an issue and he said not really there, but I'm not sure. He's been having some allergies, so I gave him a couple Benedryl and told him to try to sleep. Hubs and I started watching our show (currently "Newsroom") but didn't make it far. I could tell Hubs was drifting off by his breathing. I wasn't too far off, didn't get any reading in. 

0828 (Tuesday) Weight 175.6. Steps 29750. Total Burn 3186. Exercise Burn 1075/1376 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 33min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. I think today was the first time my alarm woke me. I let Hubs beat to the bathroom and got up after he left. #4 was up, said he'd slept okay, and seemed a bit better from his panic attack last night. Because I hadn't prepped my playlist, I needed to do that ... I didn't get my full hour of elliptical in, 10min shy, which I finished at the end of the day. Zumba over at the church. Only Mindy and Barbara today. The rest of Mapleleaf was under construction, so the main road to the church, and out of the neighborhood, was blocked, but you could detour to the street just South. Stats: 5990 steps. 2.66 miles. 468/403 burn. AvHR121. High141. In Zone 33 of the 58 minutes. I'd planned on hitting some stores afterward, but I'd forgotten shoes to switch into. I can't wear my Zumba ones for that long, especially the ones I wore today. So I stopped back at home, changed out of my sweaty shirt and fixed my hair too. Then off, looking for something to wear for the wedding. Went to The Dress Barn first, then a stop at Sears (which is closing, not a surprise), then Kohls. I found a couple things that could possibly work for me. Saw some ties in the men's department and I called #1 to ask his opinion. We've been talking about matching ties for the guys. The men's ties are a little big for #5, and there were only seven of the ties (we'd need eight including him) so in the boy's department I found a shirt that matched. #5 had said he didn't want to wear a white shirt, so that would work. I grabbed a bigger one for #4 too, and we could go either way with him. As I was checking out with a lot, I went ahead and got a charge card, and 30% off ... I will be returning some stuff though. Also a quick stop at Walmart to grab a cake and a few other things. They've been rearranging everything and I don't know my way around the store at all any more! I was pretty pooped after all my shopping. Brought in the groceries. #1 was there, stopping by to pack a lunch, and I guess he went "shopping" in our food storage. I got in a treadmill walk, then it was time to pick up middle school carpool. Hubs had a derby, and originally #4 had said he didn't want to do it (between his birthday and homework) so I'd arranged for #5 to do it ... but then #4 changed his mind and said he'd go. I made an early dinner of spaghetti, although I didn't get it done quite early enough for Hubs to have some. #4 really just wanted the hamburger. I'm almost out! I bought a ton a while back, but I only have a couple pounds left. It was tryouts at the high school for the Bantam league, which #5 has done in the past, but it can get so complicated with two teams, and he had his overuse injury in the Spring. #5 had said he was okay just sticking with his Wolves. Who knows if they will even have a 7th grade team, there just hasn't been a lot of interest. I emailed the coach in charge to let him know the situation ... and then there's the fact that we probably won't be allowed to go to Copper Hills anyway. I'm just sick about it, because #4 really needs it, to stay with his few good friends. When he and Hubs got home, we had the birthday cake. Maga and little cousin Sam showed up with an ice cream cake too. Ate a little ... then to bed. I was so tired!

0829 (Wednesday) Weight 176.3. Steps 30870. Total Burn 3326. Exercise Burn 1350/1521 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2250. I was able to get in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical. Finished up my movie from yesterday, and just watching my series (Sense8) today. Headed out to Zumba w/MZL. Still really small to start, but we had more people trickle in. Stats: 7027 steps. 3.08 miles. 534/432 burn. AvHR122. High143. In Zone 44 of the 65 minutes. No stopping after class, home just in time to change out of my sweaty stuff and redo my hair, then it was off to the middle school to grab #5 for his dental appointment. The appointment was at 11:30, and his lunch started at 11:00, so I just told him to go straight to the office after 3rd period instead of going to the cafeteria. It worked out well, he was ready and waiting as I got there so it was quick. We had enough time that we stopped at Little Caesars to grab a pizza (the kids really like it on hand for leftovers) and let him eat, then brush his teeth, and we went to the dentist's office. It's just around the corner. Walking distance really. They got him back immediately, but the appointment lasted over an hour. I'm SO uncomfortable waiting. I just don't do "sitting" well, and I can't really read, because they have music going. It's utterly exhausting! I'd planned on possibly taking #5 back to school after, but he didn't feel up to it (missing gym and reading). #1 had called while I was waiting wanting to borrow the car to bring a big board home from Lowes. As I was occupied, with the car, and I noticed on Find My Friends that #3 was closeby on his lunch - I had #1 contact him and he was happy to help, and skip his last class (I hadn't intended for THAT, but it was seminary, so not as essential). Back at home I managed to get in my treadmill walk before heading to the middle school to grab #4 and our carpool kid. There was still construction on the road, as they were putting the speed bumps back in. The cleaning service confirmed they were coming tomorrow, early, around 9:00, which is when I'm gone ... probably more comfortable for them and me if they can work when I'm not there. #2 doesn't go in until later though. But with the cleaners coming, I had to clean up of course ;) I did the dishes and got the kitchen straight, did a little wipe down of the bathroom. The other day I had cleaned out the drawers and put all the toothbrushes/toothpaste and combs/gel so they weren't cluttering up the countertop (it' still cluttered with my decor though). I did a quick vacuum of the hardwood. Then time to tackle the downstairs. I still had a bunch of bins full of clothes that had been stored under the bunk bed. I did have the closet that #5 had vacated (although he left half the clothes in there, he only wears his favorites) so I could store some of the stuff there, but I still had to go through everything to organize it. Had #4 try on some things and take what he wanted. Packed a few things for #5 to grow into in bags up in his closet. Fit a few of the bins with folded clothes in the closet. Put a bunch in boxes for DI, and loaded the boxes into my car to drop off tomorrow after class. Some more reorganizing in the little's rooms, and I think we're pretty set now. Some vacuuming downstairs, now that the hallway was cleared and #4's room was picked up. Then outside to water and feed the ducks, then a quick mow of the front lawn. Whew! Hit my 30k today! Hubs had gotten home early, had to hit a store that closed at 5:00. He did some computer work, then went to Lowes and grabbed a new ceiling fan/light for #3's room. #1 had some "smart" bulbs but he took them with him, and it's just a pain as the fan and light are on the same switch, but sometimes I want JUST the fan (or more rarely just the light) and the pull chains weren't working. So ... something like what was in his old room, now #5's room. One with a remote control that does everything. He worked for a while putting it together in the garage, but didn't get it up yet. I jumped in the shower and he was asleep when I came out. I wasn't quite ready for bed, so I came back out of the bedroom and did some computer work. #4 was totally stressing about school again. Math. I can't help with math. I did accomplish a couple other items earlier though; getting Hubs prescriptions online so I can request refills with a click, and then finding a setting on the TV that turns off the glowing light ... we'd been propping up pillows and my teddy bear to block it out at night. I finally found the "squeak" on the elliptical too, hitting it with WD40. So much better, although it is still clunking. Something needs tightening somewhere, but at least the noise is now done. I just hadn't been able to enjoy my elliptical at all recently. Productive day. Also picked off my nails. I'll take a little break then start a new set for the wedding on Saturday.

0830 (Thursday) Weight 174.6. Steps 31585. Total Burn 3343. Exercise Burn 1320/1538 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Hubs up around 4:00 and off to work. Usually I can get back to sleep, but I could tell it wasn't happening this morning. Stressing about school for #4 ... but my brain had continued to work on his math situation, and I thought of another place to look on Skyward. I found the assignment and answers. Not sure how much it helped. He was awake early too, so I gave him the info. I got my full hour of elliptical in. I also did a little more housecleaning prep. Unloaded the dishwasher then loaded what was in the sink, so that the sink was empty. Filled up a garbage bag with the little cans around the house. Made sure everything was ready, rags out, vacuum, broom, etc. Unclogged the sink in the basement bathroom. Got the boys off to school. #4 has been taking hot lunch now too. I'm not sure #3 is eating ... :( Zumba w/MZL in Kearns. Stats: 6831 steps. 3 miles. 504/430 burn. AvHR124. High 152. In Zone 44 of the 63 minutes. After class I drove down to Redwood and dropped off the DI donations. Took a look around too. Stopped at DT. The housecleaners had come around 9:30 and left around 11:00. I got home shortly afterward. Being the first time, things need a heavier cleaning. They got the two upstairs bathrooms done, and started on the kitchen floor before running out of time. I got them paid via Venmo and set up weekly cleanings for now to get us past the "initial" cleaning ... then I think we could move to every other week after that. But it's good. The prep for them coming gets me to make sure things are straight, and inspires me to do some cleaning too. They hadn't gotten to the kitchen sink, so I did that, as well as some vacuuming. I'm not sure Hubs noticed the cleaner house ... distracted by the fact that I'd cleaned off his desk and nightstand. He finished putting the fan/light in #3's room, so now we can easily turn on/off both the fan and the light. I had a couple things I'd ordered delivered. Some of those cubes to put under the bed to raise it up for more storage. I wanted to put the little pool table under #4's bed. Now it fits, as well as some blankets I bagged up and organized. The curtains should be coming tomorrow, but the rod came today and Hubs put it up. #5 had practice, so I dropped him off, did my watering and duck duty, then went back to pick him up. I hadn't really prepped dinner. Make some chicken nuggets for the littles (and I had some) and Hubs had a fresh tomato with mozzarella cheese and basil. With the early morning, Hubs was super tired and fell asleep a little after 9:00. I should have been tired too, as I'd been awake just as early, but I had a little trouble getting to sleep. 

0831 (Friday) Weight 173.5. Steps 32083. Total Burn 3382. Exercise Burn 1350/1588 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 45min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 1950. I was awake at 4:00 again. Hubs got up and off not too long after that. I got up at 5:00. Got my first elliptical done by 6:00, got a second one in and my two mile walk. Made sure the boys were ready for their ride, then I hit Zumba with MZL. Class was cut a bit short as Shelly had an appointment. After class I went to Big5 and grabbed some socks for the birthday boys. Then I stopped at Smiths, mainly to get Amazon giftcards, but ended up with a cart full. They had 12-packs of tissue for #5 ... usually I figure $1 a box is a good deal. Coke and other soda was on 5/$10. I can't remember the last time I saw it that price. Capri Sun was $.69 and a few other things too, if purchased in groups of five. Always a bit of an issue as I hope I don't loose track and miscount. Then I stopped at Reams, hoping for a cookies and cream icecream cake, and they had them. I grabbed it and a few other things. Then home to unload. Several trips up and down the stairs and then getting everything put away. #1 showed up and helped a bit. I jogged a mile, then did a weights workout. Time for middle school pickup. I'd put a roast in the crockpot, cut up in pieces ... #4 likes to snack on them, then I turned the rest into stroganoff, making some with fake beef strips for vegetarian #2. It's always a bit funny when one of the other family members eats his stuff by mistake. Hubs had some for his dinner, then #1 stopped by after work to grab a package that was delivered for them, and took the rest home for him and Sol. Happy Birthday to #3 today! 18 years old. I really didn't have much for him, and told him he gets a future gift when he needs/wants something. Didn't see him for most of the day. He stopped by with a couple of friends, dressing black and white for the school football game. The cake I bought him matches ... but I guess maybe we'll get to it tomorrow? The chocolate cake I bought #4 got finished up today, there's still a bit of the ice cream cake Maga brought, but it's been getting eaten too.

 August Movies - All Watched While Working Out
Sense8 was my series ... I finished it up this month 
Watched "Newsroom" (season1) with Hubs upstairs
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