Monday, June 17, 2019

Weekly Weigh-In #306 ~ Father's Day. Food, Fitness and Fasting Fails

Well, not a great week for food, fitness and fasting. It started off fine, but Sat/Sun weren't great. Father's Day activities threw the routine off somewhat, but ... that's just an excuse, I know. Also struggled with some tooth pain. Need to get into the dentist, but I keep putting that off.

Steps and Stats ...
NUMBERS: Official weight up four pounds on Monday morning. Yikes! I'm sure some of it is temporary with bad eating and no exercise Sunday. The average was only up .28. I was sad to slip up into the 170s again though, and not dropping to even 165 during the week. Intake was up, with the average at 2200. Only one day under goal. Burn wasn't as high as usual, average at 2780. Two days with 3000+ burn, no 30k days, although I got really close once. Still, crunching the numbers, I did have a small deficit for the week (-510). Step average was 21447 with 46.85 logged miles. Cardio minutes 724/946/846/1230. Spent 45 minutes on strength training.

Stacked Steps ...
It's always a little ironic that my Charge2/TorsoTracker (3JenB) gets the least amount of steps, but counts the highest active minutes. The One, worn on the pocket, counted the most steps, per usual. #1 was again 120k, nice to see #3 over 100k as well. The two littles ... #4 is both not stepping, and not wearing. #5 got over 20k Monday and Tuesday, then didn't sync, and wasn't wearing it Thurs-Sunday. He had basketball games Thurs, Fri and Saturday. He isn't allowed to wear anything on his wrist while playing. Too bad, I'd like to see his steps in games (#2 straps his to his ankle, but #5 doesn't care to do that).  My dad showed up in the step count ... appropriate for Father's Day weekend.

EXERCISE: Sleeping in has been an issue this summer. Instead of getting in three 20min sessions on the elliptical early, before heading to Zumba, I'm only getting in one or two ... or none. Only achieved my hour of elliptical three days this week, two other days equaled another hour when added together. Four days with treadmill time, two miles each. Five Zumba classes. One weight workout. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Driving was way down this week (3hours), grocery shopping was up at bit (also at 3 hours).  Quite a bit of family time, with get-togethers Saturday and Sunday for Father's Day.  One basketball game. Lots of yard work, gardening and mowing the lawn. A couple fast food runs, to Popeyes and Little Caesars. Some driving practice with #4. 

Here's the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0610) Just shy of 30k today. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba and two miles treadmill. Not a good day with #4, very withdrawn. Thought I'd be running #5 to basketball camp this week, but he elected not to do it. Some gardening and baking today. The boys were watching the NBA game in the evening. 29262 steps. 3096 burn. 1400 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0611) The usual exercise ... hour of elliptical, treadmill and Zumba. There was a funeral, so I'd canceled my class, and I hit the one with HeatherB, which was fun. I did weights today too. Better day for #4. Computer work, gardening, made chicken and rice for dinner. Dropped #5 off at a sleepover and hit Smiths for prescription pickup and some groceries. Hubs was asleep when I got back. 26640 steps. 3007 burn. 2400 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0612) Only my hour of elliptical and Zumba for exercise today, but still felt productive. Picked up #5 after Zumba, he was right there on the way home. Did some driving practice with #4 then picked up Little Caesars. #3 had friends over in the morning for breakfast, then ... he went sky diving! Yikes! #1 came over and took #4 to a movie. As I was falling asleep, heard the beep from a fire alarm and had to get up and change the battery. 23559 steps. 2859 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Thursday (0613) Cleaning day, with prepping the house I didn't get in any elliptical before heading to Zumba. Didn't get any elliptical all day! Did two miles on the treadmill, and then stayed very active with some shopping (Lowes, Sams, Walmart) then work in the yard, gardening, mowing and duck duty. Some thunderstorms hit in the evening. #5 had a late game, I just dropped him off to catch a ride with teammates. Final NBA game, as the Raptors won the championship. Hubs was home UBER late.  26792 steps. 2982 burn. 1900 intake. 
  • Friday (0614) Went to Zumba with MZL, and got two elliptical sessions in. Also two miles treadmill. A quick store stop. #5 had three games, I went to the first one. 25320 steps. 2905 burn. 2000 intake. 
  • Saturday (0615) Prepping for a family party today, Hubs ran some errands and I was busy in the kitchen (jello cubes and Swig cookies). Got in one elliptical session. #5 had two games, caught a ride with teammates. They dropped him off at the family party, as it was on the way home. #3 had to work, but it was his last day at KFC. 9357 steps. 2249 burn. 2600 intake. 
  • Sunday (0616) Father's Day. Had a big family breakfast. Hubs got a nap, while I did some prep, more jello cubes, Swig cookies and Chex mix. Rounded up the game bag, and we packed up the segway. Got the annual family picture. Eating window was open all day today. 9200 steps. 2361 burn. 2900 intake. 
*** What I'm Watching ... still watching "The Good Fight" ... finished up Season 2 and moving onto Season 3. Just have a month "free" ... I'm not willing to pay for CBS All Access. Hubs and I watched the first episode of Chernobyl, and an episode of Mad Men (ironically, both shows have the same actor in them).  No movies this week. Sticking with series for the summer, when I'm in the gym a little less.

*** Five Featured Photos ***

So I ordered this black, racerback, pullover compression workout tank (pictured on the left). What I received is on the right ... um, not even close! Come on Groupon Goods, you can do better than that! At least they offer free returns, and you can bet it's going back. Just not sure if it was a mistake in what was sent, or if I attempted to order again if the same thing would happen?

#3 went sky diving!

 Hubs and a big ol- piece of meat at Saturday's family BBQ

 ... and a Sunday nap on Father's Day. Zzzzzz... 

 Funny Father's Day games on Sunday ...

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

TV Tuesday - Keeping Current w/a Couple

Time for another TV Tuesday.

Normally, I like to watch a series quickly. Watching while working out, so not really a binge per se ... but sometimes, only a week or so to get through a short season. It's made me spoiled. I don't like waiting between weeks. I want to watch when I want. But, there are two shows that I stayed current with, still generally not catching them as they aired, but ones I'd wait anxiously for and get to as soon as possible. Both because I wanted to see what happened ... and to avoid spoilers.

One of the two was GOT. This one was one Hubs and I were watching together, so I was NOT working out (although there were times in the past when we would watch an episode together in the gym, but it's been a while). Lounging in bed while viewing. Only six episodes in this final season ... and now it's done. In addition to enjoying the episodes, I'd love to check out the memes made after each episode aired. Some funny stuff there!

I didn't watch Grey's "live" from the start. I came into it when there were four or five seasons finished. But from then on, this was one I'd wait for and watch week to week. 

Grey's Anatomy would air on Thursday nights. Friday I'd record the episode using my PlayOn service. Then I can cast the recording to any of the roku devices ... including the one in the gym. I could also skip the commercials. Big plus!

While I had a really good routine Monday - Thursday when the kids were in school, my motivation would slip up over the weekend. Knowing I had an episode of Grey's waiting for me would make a Friday or Saturday session in the gym much more appealing. I was sad when the season wrapped up. 

I've been meaning to make some posts featuring the movies I've watched, but other than including a quick "What I've Been Watching" on my weekly reports, I haven't gotten around to that. As summer is now in swing though, I think I will be sticking to series. Just featuring one series at a time, watching a season from start to finish before moving on to something else. I won't even have my two week-to-week episodes from  GOT and Grey's to break things up.

What are YOU watching lately?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Weekly Weigh-In #305 ... First Week of Summer

First official week of summer ... unlike on the school schedule, I wasn't quite motivated to get up early and get my full hour of elliptical in early. I still got in some before heading out to my Zumba classes. Without "latestart" Fridays, I can now hit a Friday Zumba class. So now, the kids are around all the time. Hubs however, was gone. Left Tuesday and was back Friday. Work trip. I faltered a bit on the food ... had a couple high intake days, a couple days where I didn't quite get in my full 16 hour fast. Exercise was okay.

Here's my steps and stats ...
NUMBERS: Official weekly weigh-in was down a little (-.7) putting me back to where I was a couple weeks ago. Never got down as low as the previous weeks, so average was up (1.49). Three days with intake at/under goal. Did have a deficit for the week (-1380) with intake average 2186 and burn average 2886. Three 3000+ days, two 30k days. Steps average 23455 w/54.93 logged miles.  Cardio minutes 805/1103/1000/1362. 40 min w/Weights.

Stacked steps from my three devices ... #2 had 126718. The younger three ... some didn't have many steps, didn't wear theirs or just didn't sync. Fitbit fails.  My SIL got knockoff Fitbits for her two young boys, and they've been motivated, here for the first few days at least.

EXERCISE: While I didn't get my full hour in early, I did achieve my full hour by end of day four of the seven days. Also elliptical-ed two other days (30min each). Five days with treadmill time, but didn't get in any double duty. Five Zumba classes. One workout with weights.  

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving and grocery shopping. Non-grocery shopping this week, was at IFA picking up plants. Thus gardening was there for a big chunk this week. Probably more than that what got recorded, especially if I actually included all my duck duties too. Lawn mowing. #5 had several basketball games for a clinic he was in, but they were up at the university, and I just sent him with teammates. I went to watch his Saturday game when they won the lower division championship. Ignore the eating out ... that was last Sunday that I forgot to edit out (LifeCycle runs Sunday-Saturday, but I personally calculate my week Monday- Sunday. I wish the app would let me edit that!) I did grab pizza/Popeyes and donuts and took the boys bowling.   Here's the day by day ...

  • Monday (0603) First official "summer" day ... not that different for me. Still up early and hit the elliptical. Didn't get my full hour in early, but did by end of day. Zumba w/Kirsten. No drop-off for school ... but I still dropped off/picked up #5 from the high school for basketball practice. Treadmill time and some shopping/errands. Steps 27695. Burn 3006. Intake 1950. 
  • Tuesday (0604) Fun Zumba class at the church today with a few extra people. Added energy for me. I got good numbers anyway. Also my hour of elliptical, treadmill time and a weight workout. Ran to Smiths to pick up a prescription and gift card, had to go back with some issues with it.  Picked up pizza. Mowed the front lawn. Hubs left for his business trip. Will be home on Friday. Steps 30580. Burn 3218. Intake 1200. 
  • Wednesday (0605) Awake uber early today ... and that was without Hubs here leaving for work. Got two elliptical sessions and a treadmill time before heading to Zumba. A little later today, as I was hitting Southziders (MZL had a funeral at the building and had to cancel). After Zumba I went to IFA and got some plants and a bale of straw. Picked up some donuts from Dunford. Dropped #5 and teammates off at basketball practice, then hit Sams/Walmart and picked up Popeyes. Got the boys from practice then went out back to get my plants in the ground and transplant some seedlings and work in the duck area. Finally got my final elliptical session in before a late bedtime. Steps 33174. Burn 3492. Intake 2200. 
  • Thursday (0606) Thunderstorm in the a.m... woke my up, and apparently was quite the visual show. Lots of pictures posted on social media. I got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba with MZL. Took the boys bowling ... I hadn't been able to find my shoes (yes, I have bowling shoes) before, so I sat this trip out. My right shoulder has been hurting too ... maybe the weight workout from Tuesday, or the mega-arm song at Southziders yesterday.  Not sure bowling would have been feasible for me anyway. Made some Swig cookies. #5 had a game up at the U ... I don't drive there, or even go there, so I sent him with teammates. They lost both their games. #1 came over with Popeyes (again) in the evening. No late tonight, I was ready for bed early! Steps 22191. Burn 2759. Intake 2800 (oops ... also outside my eating window).
  • Friday (0607) Scale showed my splurges! Just 30min of elliptical today, but glad I was able to hit Zumba w/MZL.  Also got in a treadmill time. Dropped #5 off to get to his games again. #3 took #4 out and ran some errands. More work in the garden and duck area. Hubs got home in the evening ... and was craving Popeyes. So fried chicken for the third day in a row. I didn't have any tonight. Steps 21550. Burn 2799. Intake 1950. 
  • Saturday (0608) Got 30min elliptical in today. Hubs went into work to try and catch up after his trip. #1 came over and made waffles, then made brownies, then made tinga. I dropped #5 off early to get to his Jags basketball game, then met up with him in the afternoon for his Wolves basketball game. They'd lost all the games with the Jags, but won with the Wolves, got a t-shirt for taking the championship. #5 wanted to go hang out with friends after, and #2 dropped him off. #2 also dropped off his girlfriend at the airport, she's gone to Kenya for two weeks for a humanitarian trip. Mowed the front and back lawn and tried to patch some holes in the lawn. Got distracted by a fledgling Robin looking for his mommy. Steps 17569. Burn 2724. Intake 2300. 
  • Sunday (0609) French toast breakfast today. Hubs prepped some ribs and put them on the smoker. I got in a walk on the treadmill. NBA basketball on in the evening. Steps 11423. Burn 2207. Intake 2900. 

*** What I'm Watching *** I didn't turn on any movies this week, but stuck with series. Watched What/If on Netflix. Ehhh. Pretty over the top eye-rolling. I finished it, but had to push to do so and was relieved when it was done. Now starting the second season of "The Good Fight" taking CBS All Access up on a "free month" offer ...

*** Five Featured Photos ***

 Love having a nice edge to the lawn ... love our edger and that I know how to use it. I always think "Oh I don't need to edge today, it hasn't been that long" but then I still do it, because I love the look.

 Home from Zumba, changed, hair done ... face still red!

Oops ... the pin came off with the tab. 
Got the giftcard fixed finally.

A couple boys bowling.

T-shirts for the champs!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Robots - Recent Reads and TV Too

This is a TV Tuesday post, mixed with a Recent Reads. Topic? Robots. I ended up reading LifeL1K3 around the same time I was watching Season 3 of Humans. I really TRY not to read such similar books back to back, or watch something with the same theme ... just so I don't confuse things in my brain. But it does make for a good themed blog post *Ü*

I first discovered the BBC Series HUMANS in Summer of 2015. It was showing on AMC, and I recorded the episodes using my PlayOn service so I could stream them to my gym TV. I ended up rewatching the first season w/Hubs upstairs when it hit Amazon Prime.

When the second season started to air on AMC in the Spring of 2017, I was anxious to watch again ... again recording and streaming to the gym. I'd heard the third season was coming out, but this time I just waited and watched for it to appear on Amazon Prime. When it finally did, it was next up on my "to watch" list.   Just eight episodes each season ... two years is TOO long in-between. Sometimes I just wish I'd been more patient, and watched all three seasons back to back. I just watched a preview from season 1 ... I didn't remember a lot of it! It's been too long. It is an intriguing series. Robots, made to help with labor, replacing much of the human workforce, and gaining consciousness.

The movie I-Robot. 
The television series Battlestar Galactica. 
The  "Partials" book trilogy.

All robot related stories I've enjoyed in the past.

For more recent reads ...

I borrowed Lock In from my local library. It was a random pick for me. I loved it. Rather than featuring complete robots with an AI consciousness, the machines here are actually connected to a human body/brain. One affected by a futuristic disease called Hayden's Syndrome, which leaves the victim unable to move or communicate, even though they are fully conscious within their body. They are "locked in" per se. While there is no cure, scientific discovery leads to robot bodies that can connect and house the consciousness for those with this disease.  It's such a unique idea. Where do authors get such imagination?  The machine bodies are called "threeps" by many, as one of the first users looked in the mirror and stated "I look like C3PO" (from Star Wars). 

Lock In is technically the first book ... and Head On is a sort of sequel. Lock In can be a stand-alone, but as I loved the characters and the world created here, I was happy to read another installment. What I didn't know going in, was that there was a short story, called Unlocked that really introduces everything. I would absolutely recommend reading it to start (you can find it here on Tor for free. I prefer a Kindle copy, but it was worth reading this web-based presentation.)

This was one of those books that I could "see" ... my imagination made it into a movie. Loved the idea of the consciousness being able to hop from one mechanical body to another. No need to physically travel, just rent a new body at your desired destination. Just know it will cost you if you don't return it in good shape. That's something our protagonist struggles with ...

Even with the horrid disease, and people/robots walking around, the Lock In world was still very familiar. Not post-apocalyptic, not super-futuristic. Recognizable and relatable.

Not so for the LifeL1K3 world. As the story starts, it totally reminded me of the movie "Real Steel".   A big arena, with robots fighting, programmed by their human counterparts. But that not what the book is really about. At the very beginning, we are given definitions of the different types of robots (Automata, Machina and Logika), the three rules (and some thoughts on those) ... and a memory. We aren't sure whose memory or what it is all about. Those memories continue to surface throughout the book. They are written in italics, so they are easily identified. I was listening to audio, and still the different distinctions were quite clear. Also (I was glad I was able to download the Kindle copy in addition to the audio, as I like to have a visual of some of the story) Cricket's robotic "voice" was in a different typeface, which I liked, it added a distinctive note to the Kindle copy, the narrator did a good job with the different voices on audio.

Speaking of voices ... the book/characters had a distinctive tone. In their slang ... such as "no way a bot this beautiful is getting bricked by some fritzer" ... fizzy, smoked, true cert, and ALL the nick names and ways characters were referred to... LemonFresh (that's not even a nickname really), bestest, Riotgrrl, Freckles, Dimples, BrainTrauma, "the lifelife", almost-boy, dead girl, the Preacher. I liked it, although sometimes it got a little overdone (the "her bestest" and "the lifelike" ... a LOT of that).  Everything came together in the end. Even the title, with the numbers in there. The author did a good job and making the characters (and us) care about some of these machines (like Cricket and the little robot dog.)  There is a sequel coming out this year. Like the series Humans ... I'm wondering if it would have been better to wait and read the books back to back.

Any other robot/android TV, Movies or Books I should check out?
(I have seen WestWorld ... HBO Shows)

Monday, June 3, 2019

Weekly Weigh-In #304 (168.4) Memorial Day, Graduation, Wedding Weekend

Up just a titch this week, but that is with a three pound gain from Sunday morning to the official Monday morning (after a Tepanyaki dinner). Managed to keep the average about the same, and almost hit the "low" from last week. My Monday was off, as it was Memorial Day. Off schedule without school in session. Then Thursday was Graduation - much sitting still. Then a family wedding reception on Saturday. It was the final week on the school schedule ... we'll see how I do shifting to the summer schedule. Sleeping in? 

Steps and Stats
NUMBERS: Official weight up.5, average weight stayed about the same (-.14). I did have a deficit for the week (-3418) ... where's my one pound loss? Average intake 1971 and average burn 2688. Kept a deficit five days. Just one day with 3000+ burn. Two 30k days.  Step average 22706 with 60.23 logged miles. Cardio minutes 835/1071/995/1378 with 40min w/Weights.

 Here's how my steps stacked up ... and how the boys came in on their Fitbits.

EXERCISE: Achieved my hour of elliptical five days this week. Got in some elliptical one other day. Just three days with treadmill time. Two of those had double duty. FIVE Zumba classes ... I was able to hit a class on Friday too, which should be the case all summer long, and even when school starts, as #5 will be attending a different school with a starting time that works with class.  No bike. One weight workout.  OTHER ACTIVITIES: Driving and grocery shopping were down just a bit this week. FOUR hours registered for school graduation. That was getting there a little early to find a seat, the program was just over 2 hours, some mingling/photos afterward, then over an hour to exit the parking lot. Uggg!  One basketball game. Mowing. Family time ... and the walk was to/from the reception, as we had to park a little ways away. 

Here's the Day to Day ...

  • Monday (0527) Memorial Day. Hubs off work ... well, he went into work still. Kids off school. I still went to Zumba w/Kirsten. Still got my hour of elliptical in, but no treadmill time. #5 had a couple basketball games, but I just sent him with teammates (crowds and cost intimidates me for that tournament). Mowed the front lawn.  Late night to bed, for me anyway. 21484 steps. 2661 burn. 1800 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0528) Hour of elliptical early, Zumba at the church, two treadmill times and weights. Good day for fitness. Also kept food in check. Rain. 32667 steps. 3147 burn. 1700 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0529) Started the day with my hour of elliptical. Zumba w/MZL and two treadmill times. More rain, but a little sun earlier in the day. 30488 steps. 2986 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Thursday (0530) #4 didn't go to school today. It was Lagoon Day anyway, but he didn't want to go. #5 went, but he and friends ducked out early. He stayed with friends as Hubs and I and Maga went to #3's graduation. Looooong. Hubs was stressed, as he needed to get to a derby after. He had #1 pick up the trailer and head out to set up, then picked up #5 on the way and had the munchkin help. 29685 steps. Did get my hour of elliptical in early, Zumba w/MZL and a treadmill time today. 2931 burn. 1800 intake. 
  • Friday (0531) Not a great night for sleep. Technically #4 had school today, but I didn't make him go. So I could go to Zumba, and I did. Also 30min Elliptical in. Supposed to go to my niece's wedding dinner, but Hubs wasn't making it home on time. I was checking to see if #1 was available to be my date, and ended up sending him and his wife to represent our family. 15714 steps. 2375 burn. 1950 intake. 
  • Saturday (0601) Tried some elliptical but it felt HARD, quit after 10 min. Tried to mow the lawn, twice, but it started raining both times! #5 had a basketball game. They got the win. Sun came out, so I mowed the lawn. Went to the wedding reception in the evening. #1 and #4 went to a movie, then made cookies. 13673 steps. 2284 burn. 1850 intake. 
  • Sunday (0602) Got three 20min sessions on the elliptical in. One early, one mid-day, one at the end of the day. Took the whole family to Tepanyaki for dinner to celebrate #3's graduation (as we hadn't been able to go out on Thursday). 15228 steps. 2430 burn. 2500 intake. 
 *** What I Watched While Working Out ***
As school wraps up this week ... my morning elliptical may be impacted. Not having to get up early and get the boys off to school, I'm not sure if I'll keep it up. Sleeping in is temping! So I'm not positive I'll be spending enough time in the gym to watch a full movie in a day. We'll see.   I got in a final three.  1 Mile to You (2017. IMDB 6.3) was good. I even ran during it, instead of my usual walking. Hard not to be inspired by it ;)  The First Grader (2010. IMDB 7.5) was also good and inspiring (although it didn't make me want to run). 23Blast (2014. IMBD 6.5) felt a little low-budget. Recognized the mother from old soap operas my mom used to watch. It was fine though. I don't think I'm as picky when I'm multi-tasking.  When I wasn't motivated by movies, I was watching "What If" and it's kept my interest.

Five Featured Photos ...

 #5 wrapped up his Memorial Day tournament on Monday.

So much rain ... so many mushrooms. All over!
There is fungus among us!

#3 ... The Graduate. Class of 2019.

Wedding Weekend. My brother's kids.

A car full of trouble ... off to Tepanyaki.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

May 2018

May ... there was Mother's Day, friends from out of town, basketball, some sunshine/LOTS of rain, the end of the school schedule, including graduation for #3.   As for as the scale goes, another nice loss this month. At the end of April I incorporated Intermittent Fasting into my daily routine. Going the 16:8 route, eating between the house of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm was the plan. I found myself starting early (well, 7:00 would roll around and I'd realize I hadn't eaten since 5:30 or so), and often extending longer than the 16 hours. Staying flexible. Some days when I didn't meet the 16 hours (a couple weekends) but overall, it's been pretty easy. Keeps me from mindlessly eating in the evening or morning. Still counting calories and tracking during my eating window, but it helps with calorie control too. For the first time in I don't know how long, my intake average was actually under my 2000 goal. 

NUMBERS: Weight started at 170.70. Ended at 164.90. High was 171.9. Low 164.20.  Average 168.53. With intake average at 1997 and burn at 2825, I had a nice deficit for the month (-13219).  Kept calories under goal 18 days. Had a 3000+ burn/30k day 14 times. Step average 24,111. Total steps 747,451 with 255 logged miles. 

EXERCISE: I achieved my hour of elliptical twenty-two days this month. Got in a little extra two other days. Twenty-two days with treadmill time too. 10 days with double duty. Nineteen Zumba classes, with some extra on my own. Just one time on the bike. Four weight workouts. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving around and hitting the store for groceries ... shopping steps, except the wrist trackers don't do well when you hold onto something like a shopping cart or stroller. There's enough vibration that my lawn mowing gets picked up. I love mowing the lawn. Quite a bit of yard work too, as well as duck duty. Quite a bit of basketball, watching #2 as well as #5 this month. Friend time. Family time (bridal shower). School stuff ... graduation. Yes, four hours, that was including attempting to get out of the parking lot! A couple of times eating out. A walk. Other shopping. A visit to the doctor with #4.

*** JenB's Journal ***

0501 (Wednesday) Weight 172.1. Steps 25744. Total Burn 2914. Exercise Burn 1250/1149 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2miles). Calories in 2700. Got my hour of elliptical in early, then Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6611 steps. 2.85 miles. 489/419 burn. AvHR121. High149. In Zone 38 of the 68 minutes. Didn't do my usual shopping stop, as I didn't really need anything and the sales weren't anything spectacular. Got in two miles treadmill during the day.  Made some homemade bread.  A little homework help with #4 after school (Romeo&Juliet). #1 texted asking if we had any dinner going on. We didn't, but I told him we'd pay for Popeyes if he would pick it up. He agreed. He and Sol came over, and brought Toby and their new kitten ... yes, they got a new pet. The kitten was SO tiny! They played Sorry with the littles ... I was glad to have them come with food, kitten and games to pull #4 out of bed, where he's been retreating each day after school.

0502 (Thursday) Weight 172.9. Steps 35998. Total Burn 3471. Exercise Burn 1500/1686 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill, 45minTrack, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1200.  Beat Hubs out of bed. Wasn't sure if I'd get through an entire movie today, so watched "Humans" while I worked out. 20min to start, then just 10 before getting the boys to school. Another 20 then off to Zumba. Had to make sure the house was prepped for cleaning. #2 was still home, his GF's brother's wedding today. Did new numbers in class today. The gal doing the cool down did all floor work. I'm not interested in getting down on those church floors. Stats: 5990 steps. 2.33 miles. 448/348 burn. AvHR123. High156. In Zone 43 of the 58 minutes. Afterward a couple ladies brought in a bunch of food stuffs to share. A few full basil plants (but ours is still going good). Big bags of blueberries (wasn't sure how we'd use them, but very popular with others). Mushrooms (I had just picked up some) ... I did grab a small rosemary plant. Stopped at Sam'sClub, got the big hoagie rolls we like. Milk, bread, salad, potatoes ... tootsie rolls. Grabbed a big, pretty hydrangea plant for $20 for the side garden. Cleaners were gone when I got back, and #2 was up eating breakfast. He helped bring in the groceries, although I didn't have much. I hit the treadmill for two miles, then broke my own fast. Did a little better at keeping calories in check, although quality is still an issue. Sunshine and blue skies today. I did a little work in the front yard. Pulled a couple of the bags of mulch for the front window bed. I'd gathered two eggs this morning, but had forgotten to bring them in. One had been broken. Had to have been a magpie, because I'd left the eggs where the ducks couldn't reach them. Picked up the littles from school. I'd planned on hitting the gym for a weight workout when I got back, but #3 was in there. I baked up some cookies and made cheesy bread for the boys. Hubs had a derby and we'd planned on #4 going along to help as all the other boys were busy, but he'd gone down for his daily nap and refused to get up when I tried to wake him. Hubs headed out without any help, but #1 changed his plans and showed up. #tendermercies as Hubs said  ;)  I did get my weight workout in, although it was a little shorter than usual as #5 and I had to head out to his practice. Picked up Collin and I stayed and walked while I waited. Walk cut a bit short as I chatted with Coach's wife for a bit, but I was already at 30k before even heading to the track. Finished up my audiobook, and I finished my Kindle book earlier today. Need to get on GR to review and rate. Hubs had stopped at Costco and picked up a new cut of meat he liked. He'd just had time to seal it and stick it in the sous vide before heading out. He finished it up in the broiler when he got back. He and the two littles enjoyed it ... I'd started my fast early (around 5:30 or 6:00 with the workout and practice) and didn't want to disrupt it, so I skipped it today, even though it smelled really good.

0503 (Friday) Weight 170.3. Stpes 23178. Total Burn 2820. Exercise Burn 800/1059 (60minElliptical, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1600.  I hadn't reset my alarm for late start Friday. It went off at 5:45 per usual. I didn't need to get up yet! Hubs was still asleep too. I reset it for later. Usually I'm needing to pull #3 out of bed, but he was already up and in the gym (in MY gym) ... so I had to put off my morning workout for a bit. Still got in two 20min sessions before dropping the littles off to school. I stopped at DT then Smiths on the way home. #2 and K8 were at home, with #2 making pancakes. I had some. He helped bring in a few groceries, as did #3 and friends, as they stopped home too. They headed down to play some Beat Saber. I got in two miles on the treadmill. Picked up the littles. Mowed the front lawn. Barely made it on the battery and stuck it on the charger to hit the backyard tomorrow. Grilled some chicken. Dropped off #5 to catch a ride to practice. Elliptical for 20 to finish up my hour. Some laundry, kitchen cleanup, etc. Hubs was home fairly late, around 7:30. #4 did some Beat Saber and watched NBA games. I'd quit my eating around 5:00 and was hungry and dragging before bed. 

0504 (Saturday) Weight 169.5. Steps 17983. Total Burn 2585. Exercise Burn 0/823 (43min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Weird dreams. Unsettling. Hubs was up fairly early, as he had a double derby. I was checking my email. The kids school stats come in on Saturdays, and I noticed #3 had an NG (no grade) in his English class. Worrisome this close to graduation! He said he'll get it fixed in time. I just ordered his cap and gown yesterday. Happy that the scale moved from the 170s today. Now, just to keep it up ... or down, rather. I was hungry this morning and broke my fast at 9:00. Dang frosted graham crackers calling to me. Saw #4 up playing Beat Saber, but then he disappeared again, in his room for much of the day. I got in two and a half miles on the treadmill while I caught the most recent Grey's Anatomy. Then, I headed out for errands. I'd put a bunch of boxes in the car. Dropped off a couple at the West Jordan City Hall shred event. Old paperwork to be shredded. I always forget when they have these events! Glad to get a couple boxes taken care of. Then I stopped at Kitchen Kneads to pick up some tapioca flour, as we were almost out. $48 for a 25 pound bag. Should last us a while. Then I dropped off a few boxes at DI (mostly Hub's closet cleanout). On the way back home, I stopped at Cal Ranch and got more feed for the ducks. Then a quick stop at Sams to get some potting soil and another hydrangea plant (to give to Maga for her birthday yesterday). With the trailer gone to the derby, I was able to take a feed back the short way. I pulled the old brooder box (just a huge Rubbermaid) to store the food in, as mice in the shed have been a big problem! In fact this morning, when I went to get food for the ducks, there were three little mice in the bucket. I've caught a few in traps, but there are more. So, gotta keep the food closed up and locked. #2 came out and carried two more of the bags, and then a little neighbor girl attempted to help too. With a 50 pound bag! Got everything put away, then mowed the back lawn. Love the blue skies and sunshine. Hubs and #3 got back from the derby, and Hubs took off again, running some errands and stopping by his mom's. He forgot the hydrangea. 

0505 (Sunday) Weight 169.9. Steps 5877. Total Burn 5877. Exercise Burn 0/265 (no exercise). Calories in 2700.  It gets light so early ... Hubs and I were both awake around 6:30. Sunday is supposed to be a sleep in day! I always feel like I have kitchen cleanup duty first thing Sunday mornings. I guess I just don't get around to it Saturday night ... or the kids make a mess after I head to bed. I like it to be clean before our big family breakfast. So, up to unload and load the dishwasher, get the counter cleaned off, feed the kitties and the ducks. Hubs started smoking some bacon and I got peeling potatoes for hash browns. I made french toast too. Hubs and I both got a nap today. Nice, sunny day, until evening, when it turned a bit stormy. #1 and Sol came over, with the kitten again, so #2 and #3 got to see him. Hubs bbqed some marinated turkey and chicken. We had leftover mashed potatoes, and I made cheesy biscuits. Hubs and I retired early and caught GOT almost as it aired (streaming at 7:00) and then watched a MadMen too. My body isn't used to laying in bed that long, except for sleep.

0506 (Monday) Weight 172.0. Steps 30110. Total Burn 3095. Exercise Burn 1250/1343 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 38min/2.2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800.  Awake around 5:00. Hubs was up and off shortly after. He said he'd been awake since about 3:00. I got my full hour of elliptical in early. Got the boys off to school. Off to Zumba with Kirsten. Stats: 5899 steps. 2.42 miles. 442/338 burn. AvHR115. High140. In Zone 30 of the 60 minutes.  Chatted with Carma for a bit afterward. Stopped at Maceys to grabbed a few groceries. Home to eat. Went 18 hours. Didn't make the best food choices for the day, but kept calories in check. Got a little sunshine. Treadmill time to finish up my movie (Jane Austin Book Club).  Picked up the boys. Mowed the front lawn ... doesn't really need it, but rain is forecast for the next couple days, and I like the look when it's freshly cut. Added some soil to the low spots. I ordered some grass seeds from Amazon. Got my shower in and my blog post up. Hubs was home late, having gone to dinner with a work buddy. He said he ate too much and was feeling stuffed and a little miserable. We got an episode of "Mad Men" in. It was only 9:30 but felt later, I was sleepy!

0507 (Tuesday) Weight 171.1. Steps 31909. Total Burn 3078. Exercise Burn 1500/1320 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/2.5milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS, Bike). Calories in 2200.  I was awake in the night a bit. Hubs said his night wasn't good. I was still sleeping when the alarm went off though. As I grabbed my phone for my morning reads (email/FB) I noticed I hadn't received a Ring alert when Hubs left. Then I realized Hubs hadn't left, but that he was still sleeping. He beat me up and into the bathroom though, so I was behind a bit on my day. Didn't get my first elliptical session in. Still got two while I got the kids off, the animals fed, and adjusted my playlist, as Carma said she was coming to Zumba. Headed to the church. Stats: 6527 steps. 2.8 miles. 499/428 burn. AvHR121. High139. In zone41 of the 65 minutes.  #3 was home. He is a teacher aid during 2nd, and the teacher didn't need him. And third is Seminary, which he's given up on as he'd have to make up more work than he'd interested in doing. He headed back for his final class of the day. It had  been sprinkling earlier. Downpour later in the day. I got in two treadmill times today, Weights, and then even had time to hit the bike. Full day! Hubs and #3 did a derby.

0508 (Wednesday) Weight 170.7. Steps 33708. Total Burn 3442. Exercise Burn 1300/1669 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  Got my hour of elliptical in early. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6628 steps. 2.78 miles. 489/430 burn. AvHR119. High142. In Zone 36 of the 65 minutes. Mama duck was gone today (as I knew she would be if the ducklings hatched last Wednesday) but I examined the nest, and could see at least five eggs, which was about right, from when I saw her with no eggs, and then sitting. Hope they are okay! I stopped at Walmart and Sam's Club on the way home from class.  Got in one treadmill time and some extra Zumba. Also some sunshine. In the evening, a neighbor came over with a "duck question". She'd been over at the church to a meeting, and noticed a mama duck and one baby around. When she came out, over an hour later, they were still there. Mama seeming upset and quacking. There was a grate covering a water retention hole, and she could hear peeping coming from inside. I told Hubs, and he and I went to check it out. We found mama and baby there (dad too!) and at first we couldn't hear the babies, but then I thought I did. Hubs removed the grate, and the hole was about nine feet deep! We could barely see some fluff there at the bottom. Hubs went home to get a ladder and flashlight (it was almost dark) and I stuck around to make sure no one fell into the open hole, and to make sure mama duck didn't wander too far (she was getting rather far, I walked her and baby back). Hubs went down the ladder with a bucket and collected the ducklings. There were 10 of them! They didn't resist at all. Mama was a little stressed and flew at Hubs, which was actually good. He just grabbed her, and I picked up the last duckling, and we walked them to the canal (which was right there close, where she had been heading with the one remaining duckling before I encouraged her to stick around) and we reunited mama and babies. All the babies seemed to be okay. Able to walk and follow her into the water, able to swim after her. As a successful rescue, we were in high spirits. If any of the babies had been hurt or dead, it would have made it harder. It was an eventful evening!

0509 (Thursday) Weight 170.7. Steps 3276. Total Burn 3276. Exercise Burn 1400/1512 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/2.5milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200.  Another morning with my hour of elliptical in early. Got the kids to school, the house prepped for cleaning, and headed to Zumba. It was the Cinco De Mayo celebration, so I was wearing a green shirt instead of my usual black. When I pulled up to the church though ... just one car. I guess there was no power (why they canceled a little over a week ago when I got some of the people to come to my Tuesday class) but they had a backup church close by. It didn't have as big a gym, and it was carpeted. I was glad I had my shoes with less traction. Stats: 5697 steps. 2.35 miles. 429/356 burn. AvHR115. High145. In Zone 17 of the 61 minutes. I didn't stay for the tacos and such. Straight home to change and eat before the cleaning ladies came. I expected them around 11 or 11:30. I went ahead and hit the treadmill ... and then they didn't come until after 12:00. I stayed and did weights too. When I picked up the littles, I told #4 he had an appointment with the doctor. I'd only made it a day or so ago, but I hadn't told him about it, because he stresses so much, it's better to give as little time as possible. He was NOT happy! "Do I have to talk? I don't want to talk!" It was pretty short, and I like this guy. We'll try adding a medication, as the current situation doesn't seem to be doing anything. #4 had refused to sit in the front seat with me on the way there (another "don't talk to me" move) and still sat in back as we left. I asked if he wanted to stop for some food, and we went to Wendys. We went in as the drive-through was backed up. He sat in front for the rest of the ride home. Disappeared into his room per usual once we got home. Hubs and #3 left for a derby. He ended up texting me saying it was terrible! Their gym was double booked, so they had to have the derby in the primary room. Had to remove one of the track sections to make it fit. The parents and kids were not well behaved and it was just a bad night. One group he will put on his "don't do again" list. I took #5 and Collin to practice. I went and walked the track for a bit, and then practiced some Zumba in one corner. Home and to bed. 

0510 (Friday) Weight 170.3. Steps 15576. Total Burn 2482. Exercise Burn 450/728 (20minElliptical, Walk). Calorie in 2100.  Weird dreams last night and the night before last. Leaves me unsettled to start the day. Hubs was off around the usual time. With school's late start, I stayed in bed longer. #4 was up when I got up, and was a little stressed with some homework/test study he had "forgotten" about. LanguageArts, Romeo and Juliet ... one of the subjects I've been helping with. I quickly read Act 4 and then we discussed the questions and got the sheet done and turned in. I kept using the vocabulary works; wayward, loathsome, dismal ... all morning, working them into the conversation several times. Also talked about the musical West Side Story on the way to school (based on R&J) ... #4 seems SO annoyed with me all the time. :(  I stopped at Smiths on the way home, picking up prescriptions and some groceries. Home to unload and get things put away. Caught a little sunshine again. I'd only got one elliptical session in, and planned to do more after picking the kids up from school, but #3 and friends were in the gym. So I made cookies instead. Just baking up the leftover Swig cookie dough. They didn't turn out great though. Not sure if the dough had dried out, or if it was still too cold, straight from the fridge. They just didn't push down the way they normally do, were bigger and thicker. I still frosted them, and ate one. Hubs was home early, so the kitchen was still in chaos. I was also making #2 some chicken alfredo (with fake chicken). #3 said it was wrong to make cookies and dinner at the same time, that it mixed up smells. He was making fruit smoothies for himself and friends. Hubs started some steaks in the Sous Vide and I baked some potatoes. I took a walk to the canal, to see if I could catch a glimpse of momma and babies, but no luck. I did come across two Canadian geese.  Dinner was outside of my eating window, although I had started late, after 12:00, so eating just before 8:00 was still an 8-hour window, but I don't think I'll go a full 16 before breakfast tomorrow.

0511 (Saturday) Weight 170.3. Steps 14357. Total Burn 2282. Exercise Burn 250/508 (40min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000.  Awake early (just after 5:00) ... out of bed around 7:00. I guess I hoped I'd fall back asleep, but didn't. Hubs headed into work. They are moving offices and doing much of the move today. I did my usual morning routine (feeding ducks, cats, kids) and then walked on the treadmill while I watched this week's Grey's Anatomy. #1 came by and grabbed the littles and took them to Aunt Olivia over at Supercuts for haircuts (apparently they aren't honoring the friends and family pricing anymore, so it was a lot more $$$ than we'd anticipated) and then they went to a movie. Detective Pikacu. #4 said it was a lot better than he'd anticipated. I appreciate #1 getting #4 out of the house and doing something. Then I worked outside for a while. Getting the front and back mowed and edged. Did a little weeding as well. #1 came back over with an Xbox1. He had one when he lived with us, and there was a bit of a loss when he moved out and took it with him. I guess he'd talked with the littles and found one on Facebook Marketplace for a decent price. So, he bought it, they reimbursed him, and he set it up. I happened to have a giftcard for a year membership too. In the early evening, we met my folks and Hub's mom at Market Street for a Mother's Day dinner. Over calories and out of my eating window (as I had started breakfast early) but oh well. Had a nice visit. Then home to let the digestion go. I was really tired and ready for bed early, crashing around 9:30. Hubs apparently was NOT tired and stayed up watching the Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix. I woke around 11:30 and came out to see where he was. #2 wasn't home yet ... well, I'd been notified he'd left work a while ago, but hadn't come in the house. I peeked outside and there was his truck, and he was in it. I went out to see if everything was okay, and he said it was (although he said work had been crazy busy) and he was just talking on the phone. So ... back to bed.

0512 (Sunday) Weight 170.8. Steps 5503. Total Burn 1960. Exercise Burn 0/190 (no exercise). Calories in 2500.  With my early to bed, and a bit of a sleep in (after 7:00 anyway) I got a full eight hours. I peeked out the window as I first got up, and one of the ducks, Quinny, was on the other side of the fence. I really don't think she can fly over, but didn't see a hole or anything either. I went out and guided her back in, and gave the ducks their breakfast. Gathered one egg ... another was broken. That's been the usual of late. Not sure who or why they are breaking eggs! Hubs suggested going out for a Mother's Day breakfast, so we did. Hit Virg's, and #1 and wife joined us. Opening the eating window early again. Hubs asked if I was okay if he ran into work again, and I said that was fine. #3 had to work as well. #1 came over with a cute shadowbox scrabble-type gift. I went out back and stuck my legs in the sun while I did some reading. Hubs came home and took a nap. We'd talked about the possibility of going out to Clay's for a m-day dinner, but decided to just rest at home. I was craving popcorn. It's been so long, and since it's been one of those weekends anyway ... so Hubs made some and we watched a "Mad Men" episode. Then the latest GOT.

0513(Monday) Weight 171.9. Steps 31032. Total Burn 3130. Exercise Burn 1235/1347 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 25min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1700.  Bad night. I woke around 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Hubs was not sleeping either. He got up and headed into work around 4:00. I think I finally fell asleep around 5:00, woke just before the alarm went off at 5:45. Really dragging getting up, but hit the elliptical and felt a little better, ready to face the day. Went to wake #4 ... he was not ready to face the day. Said he was feeling sick, stomach ache. I encouraged him to at least try to get up, go to the bathroom, eat something, but he ended up not going to school today. #5 was ready and wanted to go early, as he likes to play basketball in the gym before school. Unfortunately they were using the gym for "gym makeup" so that was a waste for him. Did my ducky duty, fed the kitties, checked on #4 a few times, got another elliptical session in, then headed out to Zumba. I was sure to be on time today, as Kirsten had texted last night asking if Carma and I could sub. I'd prepped a playlist and used her key to open the building, turn on the lights, etc. Class went well. Stats: 6611 steps. 2.71 miles. 509/397 burn. AvHR121. High156. In Zone 39 of the 65 minutes.  Straight home after. Checked on #4, who hadn't left bed as far as I could tell. #2 and a couple buddies showed up to play some video games during lunch. I got the kitchen cleaned up, threw some laundry in, did my third elliptical and ate a little (after 17 hours). Got a little sunshine. A little Zumba practice. Laundry folded and away. Blog post done. Picked up #5. I was on the treadmill when #3 needed some help with his KFC scholarship application. First a picture, which I took and was able to return to the treadmill before the workout reset (5min leeway). But then he was having trouble getting the picture and video uploaded, so I came up to help. I think it was that he needed to open the link on the "terms and conditions" before it would accept the application. Got it done and submitted, but I lost my workout. Not sure how far I'd been, I forgot to look. I walked some more, enough to finish my movie anyway. I did some more Zumba practice a little later, enough that I hit my 30k. Hubs and #3 had a derby ... unusual for a Monday, as the church generally doesn't allow the church buildings to be used, as it encourages "Family Night" ... but this was young single adults, their FHE. Hubs said it went so easy with older people! He hopes maybe these Lego derby ideas catch on for this crowd.

0514 (Tuesday) Weight 169.8. Steps 32455. Total Burn 3176. Exercise Burn 1350/1423 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1600.  Slept fine I think, but still a little groggy. Always gets better as I get up and active first thing. Got my first elliptical in and woke up the boys. #4 didn't fight going to school today. #3 was hard to pull out of bed though. Got my second elliptical in before dropping the boys off, and my third session in before heading to the church for Zumba. Just Bonnie and Barbara today, but I felt on my game. My stats don't seem to quite measure up, not sure why. Stats: 6024 steps. 2.47 miles. 472/325 burn. AvHR122. High149. In zone 41 of the 61 minutes. When I got home, I mowed the front lawn. I like mowing, and love the look of it freshly shorn.  Ate some breakfast after that, about an hour extra on my fast (17 hours). A little laundry, cleaning, dishes, restocking the little fridge, picking up #4's room. Made some bread. Tried stretching the dough to make a couple additional tiny loaves, but then some of the loaves ended up squatty and small, looks unleavened. I'll stick with the regular six small loaves from my double batch. Ate a few slices, and #5 really liked it when he got home. A knock on the door revealed a couple delivery men asking if we'd ordered a safe. Ummm ... not to my knowledge, but it was in Hubs name, which isn't really a surprise (as he does what he wants without filling me in). I did have a thought that it was for the new office, and was supposed to be delivered there, but then clarified that it was a gun safe, which wouldn't be for the office. Just a $2000 purchase. But, I guess it's better to have any guns (we have guns?) locked than not, especially with a semi-suicidal son around. Got a treadmill time in early, but my movie went out (Interwebs went down) so I cut it a little short. Did a second treadmill time later to equal a full hour. Did some work out with the ducks, refilling water and such. Got two eggs this morning, one more was there but broken. Need to be thinking about the garden ... Started my fast a little early, not necessarily on purpose, but when 7:00 rolled around I hadn't eaten since 5:00. Hubs was home a little late. Stopped by the store to grab some supplies for his salad and guacamole. Shower and to bed ...

0515 (Wednesday) Weight 168.7. Steps 32035. Total Burn 3192. Exercise Burn 1371/1422 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300.  Hubs was off around 5:00. I was up my usual time, 5:50. Got my first elliptical session in, got the kids up and ready for school, then got my second session in. Dropped the littles off. Got in my third session and headed to Zumba. Small class today, not sure where everyone was! Stats: 6537 steps. 2.68 miles. 484/396 burn. AvHR120. High144. In Zone 40 of the 65 minutes. I'd brought some of the bread I'd baked yesterday for whoever wanted it. Six eggs to share as well. I stopped at Maceys after class. They had the Sunbelt granola bars that #2 loves on sale, so I stocked up. I even remembered to bring my reusable bags, and was able to pack them in. Grabbed a few other things. #3 was home when I got back, came to help bring in groceries but I really didn't have many. He headed back to school for his last class. I got a text from #4 asking me to come check him out. No real info, but I headed in. He'd felt overwhelmed in math, perhaps in part from missing Monday. Had a bit of a panic attack. Sweating and feeling emotional. I wish he'd stick it out, but don't dare push him. Let him rest for a while when we got home. Hit the treadmill for two miles. Picked up #5. Woke #4 and told him it was time to tackle math, and reviewed what other homework was still undone. A couple things late. I worked with him on an essay for biology, then some language arts homework. I can't help with math, but he seemed able to figure it out after all. I made chocolate chip cookies ... national chocolate chip day today. Did some laundry and kitchen cleanup. Cleaning day and garbage day tomorrow. #1 texted asking if there was any dinner plans. I said we'd spring for Popeyes if he was willing to pick up. A win/win for both of us. They don't have to pay, and I don't have to make a trip out. They didn't make it over until late, until almost 8:00. I hadn't eaten until 11:40, so an 8-hour eating window would have taken me to 7:40, so I was a little past, and who knows if I can go until noon tomorrow. We'll see. I'm not super strict with it. Today's weigh-in was lower and motivating though. Hubs worked late, trying to get things done before taking off to Moab with a couple work buddies tomorrow. They'll be gone for a couple days. 

0516 (Thursday) Weight 169.2. Steps31581. Total Burn 3494. Exercise Burn 1050/1748 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Gardening). Calories in 1300.  Not a great night. Not horrid either. I don't remember being awake for a lot, but did have some unsettling dreams come morning. I beat Hubs out of bed. Got my first elliptical session in then got the kids up. Cleaning day today, early day too, so that occupies some of my morning. Had to unload the dishwasher and then reload to leave an empty sink. Everything off the floors and counters. Beds made, blankets folded. I took a big bag and emptied all the smaller garbage cans. Sprinkled deodorizer on the carpets.  Just a half session before taking the boys to school, then another full one before heading out to Zumba. Oreo had been out when I went out to feed the ducks and gather eggs (I'd been thinking I'd been getting fewer lately, but then found four together, that I'd missed the last couple days, five total today). I had forgotten the kitty was still out, but as I was about to back out, he came around the house and looked at me like "um, are you going to let me in?" so I got out and let him in. When I turned up at the church, I could tell it was "off" again. Something wrong with the building again. Luckily they did have access to the same church from last week, and it's close by. It doesn't have a stage, is smaller, and is carpeted, but is works okay. Stats: 5853 steps. 2.5 miles. 464/385 burn. AvHR120. High163. In zone 27 of the 62 miles. After class I stopped by Lowes. I wanted to get more potting soil and check out their plants. I picked up some tomato plants and an eggplant (not that we ate any last year, but they are fun to grow). They had some six-pack flowers on sale, and I grabbed several. Home, I unloaded everything and started planting some of the flowers. Most in some planters, on the porch and hanging. A few directly into the soil. My hands were filthy and I was exhausted. I'd wondered if I'd be able to go until noon, as I'd started my fast later last night, but I was so busy, I went to 1:00. 17 hours. Hubs was home early, as he was taking off to Moab. #3 was home too, so he ran Hubs to meet his carpool, saving me the trip. I was filling in the low spots in the lawn, with soil and seed. Had to stop to pick up the munchkins. #4 has three tests tomorrow. Spanish, Math and Language Arts. I was going to help him with some LA (Romeo and Juliet) stuff, but wanted to work outside while it was still light. I planted a few pots with seeds, and got the tomatoes in the ground. Did some work in the main garden and planted peas by the front fence. I didn't get any extra exercise in (other than my final 10min to equal my hour of elliptical) but still hit my 30k. My Fitbit picked up my gardening as activity. The clouds rolled in and we got some rain. The entire visible forecast, several days, is all rain, rain, rain. I'm okay with the cooler temps for a bit again. Went ahead and prepped a study sheet for #4 and discussed some questions I thought would be on the test. Got a shower. Had to clean off all the dirt from gardening. My hands are SO dry. Working outside just seemed to leech all the moisture from them.

0517 (Friday) Weight 167.7. Steps 22044. Total Burn 2692. Exercise Burn 835/943 (60minElliptical, 40min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1600.  Sometimes when Hubs is gone, I end up staying up late. That was NOT the case last night. I was exhausted. Turned in a little after 9:00. Slept pretty good. Awake around 6:00, when I could have slept longer, with late start school. Hubs checked in, and he did not sleep good. Not sure if he took his Ambien or not. I started the day with treadmill time, a little over two miles as I tried out "Killing Eve" ... I'll likely continue, but I have to record it from Hulu via PlayOn. Also got in Grey's Anatomy while on the elliptical (one session early, another mid-day, and a third before bed, watching "Colony"). It was the season finale of Greys and I will miss it until it returns. It was always a good motivator to get me to workout on Fridays and Saturdays, when I'm my motivation wanes and my schedule shifts. I got the boys off to school. #4 actually talked to me on the drive to school. I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Got my prescription refilled. I used GoodRX and switched to a 90 day (my insurance doesn't allow 90 day, and counts down the days until I can refill the 30-day, a pain). It was less expensive too. Didn't need many groceries. Grabbed a few things. Cool and rainy. Hit my 16 hour fast goal at 10:00, but I was still at the store then. Managed to wait until 11:00 to eat, but was hungry by then. #3 was home, and I reminded him about an assignment due today, so he got that done and returned to school to turn it in. #2 was home early, as he'd hit his 40 hours. Off to spend the evening with his girl. #3 was off to the senior dance. I dropped #5 off for his basketball practice, and stopped by DT on the way home. Hoped to grab some more seeds, but they were out. I'll have to pay more elsewhere. I did a little planting. Got cilantro, basil, parsley, and thyme in, and did some digging/leveling out of the garden areas. Put a tall shelving unit in the pen, forcing the roof up a little. Trying to keep the rain for pooling. Had to work here and there, as it was sprinkling on and off most of the day. The sun peeked out for a minute here and there, but it was pretty gray and gloomy most of the day.

0518 (Saturday) Weight 168.4. Steps 10991. Total Burn 415/400 (40minElliptical). Calories in 1700. Awake fairly early, 6:30ish. The fan on Hubs side of the bed has been "pulsing" in the mornings. Not a loud sound, but something we've both been aware of. It had NOT pulsed these last couple mornings, which made me wonder if perhaps it was caused by his phone being plugged in too, or some combo? I got up, fed the cats and the ducks, then the kids. Although, I didn't have many around. #2 hadn't come home last night (forgot to tell me he was pet-sitting), and #3 had let me know he was sleeping over at a friend's house. So it was just the two littles. I made french toast and hashbrowns. I was a little hungry this morning, waiting for my window to open up. Too moist outside to hit the lawn, but I did get a little bit of gardening in between sprinkles. Planted some herbs. Hubs and his buddies were heading home. He got home just as #5 and I were leaving for his basketball games. The Wolves won the first, but lost the second by seven. #5 took it really hard. Blamed the loss on himself because of a late turnover ... but it was hardly a game changer. Sad because this was the tournament, win or go home. He was sobbing much of the ride home. We stopped quick and grabbed an icee. Hubs had run out for some errands, but otherwise, there was a full house at home. Not only all the kids, but extra animals too (the dog #2 is pet-sitting for, and #1 brought his dog and kitten over).  I was off again, to a bridal shower for my niece at my mom's house. Not a huge crowd. I know my mom and intended it to be for ALL family, not just our side, but I guess the other sides had thrown their own showers. Chatted a bit with my SIL (mother of the bride) as she's had a child go through all the depression/anxiety/eating disorder stuff too. #5 had gone off for another sleep over ... can't the kid spend a Saturday night at home? Home alone every night is what #4 does :(  Hubs had had a nap while I was gone, but still beat me to sleep. Happy to be in his own bed again.

0519 (Sunday) Weight 1677. Steps 16373. Total Burn 2411. Exercise Burn 210/652 (40min/2.35milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100.  No pulsing of the fan again this morning ... but Hubs also hadn't plugged his phone in overnight, so hmmm. Got up and got dishes washed and some laundry in. Hubs went off to work, trying to catch-up after taking off early Thursday and missing Friday. #2 was gone again (pet-sitting still) and #5 gone. So, no big breakfast. I did make some sausage and hashbrowns for #4 when he got up. #3 had already made himself a PB sandwich.  Rain in the forecast, all week too. But had a little open stretch in the morning, enough to get the lawn mowed. I ended up going down on the treadmill and getting a walk in while I watched an episode of "Killing Eve".  I series finale of GOT started, but Hubs wasn't home, and it got later and later. I had high hopes of watching it as it aired, because spoilers as so bad on social media, but I guess it was not to be tonight.

0520 (Monday) Weight 168.1. Steps 31246. Total Burn 3035. Exercise Burn 1350/1279 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800.  Not a great night. Stressing about a lot of different things. #4 as usual, and his bus situation for next year particularly. #1 looking at homes, thinking we will co-sign on a home loan for him, an aunt posting things on social media that just make you go hmmmm. Hubs was awake early too. He was up and off around 4:00 ... back at 5:00 as he'd left the key to the office at home. He was frustrated with the wasted morning. I went ahead and got up, actually got my three 20 min sessions in before taking the boys to school. Did one treadmill time after getting back before heading to Zumba. Kirsten was still feeling a bit off, so Carma and I did a little extra. Stats: 5076 steps. 2.16 miles. 418/298 burn. AvHR121. High 142. In Zone 35 of the 58 minutes.  After class I did a quick stop at Maceys as we were almost out of bananas and milk. Got things unloaded and put away. Some sun was peeking out here and there. Didn't get any rain today, but it's in the forecast for the rest of the week. Ate some breakfast. Rested my eyes for a bit but didn't fall asleep. Got in a second treadmill time. Vacuumed the house, including the downstairs rooms and stairs. Put #5's clothes away and did the dishes. #3 and a friend stopped home and #3 made waffles and buttermilk syrup. I picked up the littles. #4 was in fairly high spirits. He'd taken and passed another Office test, Power Point this time. He'd also received an award in his art class, a certificate and a nice sketch set. He still disappeared for his daily nap. Got my weekly blog post up. Happy to post the loss this week. #5 had a basketball camp/clinic over at the high school. $50 for four two-hour sessions. A little pricey. Hope #5 enjoys it. I dropped him off, then picked him back up later. 

0521 (Tuesday) Weight 166.6. Steps 30459. Total Burn 3130. Exercise Burn 1470/1384 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 70min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900.  Better night. Got my hour of elliptical in early. Zumba over at the church. In addition to Bonnie and Barb we had two more, moms with kids. Stats: 6547 steps. 2.79 miles. 524/411 burn. AvHR128. High151. In Zone 58 of the 65 minutes. A little down time at home, then I hit the treadmill for two miles. Did another two miles later in the day too. It was pouring when it was pickup time, so I texted the boys and told them I'd let them know when I arrived, to wait inside and stay dry. #5 had his basketball camp in the evening. I thought we were giving Collin a ride but his dad was taking him. Hubs and #3 were off to a derby. Fasting was just over 18 hours. Kept calories in check, and started the fast early again. I'd made brownies earlier, after my fast started, and I didn't have any. Didn't even lick the spoon. #1 texted asking if we had the makings for Ziti, and when I said yes, they came over for Ziti. So I actually spent the evening making a very late dinner. Sent a couple home with the newlyweds, baked one up (#3 had some, but Hubs won't be eating any while he's doing Keto), made one vegetarian for #2 and one Gluten-Free for Grandpa.  Hubs had fallen asleep before I made it to bed.

0522 (Wednesday) Weight 165.8. Steps 32064. Total Burn 3182. Exercise Burn 1400/1433 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 70min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800.  Hubs was off around 5:00. I got up with my alarm about 5:40. Got two 20min sessions in before taking the boys to school. As we pulled up, #5 realized frantically that he'd grabbed his basketball backpack instead of his school backpack. I had #4 head in, and figured it would be easier just to take #5 back home for him to grab his backpack, rather than me having to go into the school and having him called down to the office to get it. Got him back quickly, he was tardy, but barely. We'd received notification that there wouldn't be MZL Zumba in West Jordan. I've been waiting for Mon/Wed to not have class so I could hit Southziders in their new building. Carma and Bonnie came too. When we got there, they were outside waiting. This new building has the person opening it up someone other than a Zumba gal. Got in. It was a smaller building, like the backup church for Heather J. Carpeted stage. I really liked all the numbers Cassie started out with. Fun stuff. Nina showed, she's 24 months pregnant but still going strong. Literally STRONG. I'm not fond of Zumba Strong. I like the dancing. The salsa, chacha, etc. I'm fine with some stuff like jumping jacks and kicks, in moderation. I do not care for floor work. I don't care for Strong music either ... it's not so much a song, as a beat. So I didn't care for the last half as much, with the strong and floor work. Stats: 5890 steps. 2.47 miles. 460/391 burn. AvHR123. High154. In Zone 39 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Costco on the way home. I'd planned on hitting Sam's when it was MZL, as it's on the way home. But here, it was Costco on the way home. I'd picked up gorgeous hanging flowers last year, and a friend posted on FB that they were in at her Costco. They had some, but nothing that called to me. The did have nice big tomato plants though, three for $7. Got a Roma and an Early Girl, and another Beefsteak, as the ducks destroyed the ones I had bought from Lowes. Got a couple other things too. Headed home. Had gone just under 19 hours for my fast. Got things put away. #2 was home today, as his work has an evening shift (working a commercial job, business still open during the day, having the electricians coming in after close at 5:00). More rain. Picked up the boys, and #4 had McKay come home to hang out some. I'd already planned on getting Dominos, and placed an order when we got home. #3 ended up going to get it, as I was working on graduation announcements for him. Got them finished up and ordered. Hubs and #3 headed off to a derby. I took #5 to his basketball camp. Then I stopped by Reams to grab some tomatoes, and then Walgreens to get the printed announcements. Just did them like photos. They were a little blurry, but #3 said they'd be okay. He got them in envelopes ready to pass out tomorrow. I picked up #5, #4's friend got picked up (and he headed to bed early as he'd missed his regular after school nap), and Hubs and #3 made it home. Boom.

0523 (Thursday) Weight 165.3. Steps 29261. Total Burn 3282. Exercise Burn 1085/1533 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1400.  I got a little off schedule this morning, so didn't quite complete my hour of elliptical early. Sans 10 minutes which I didn't get in until the end of the day. Thursday mornings can be off, as I have to prep for cleaners. Unload the dishwasher, empty the sink, clear off countertops. I had planned on today being a later visit (11:30) so had figured I could hit some stuff when I got back from Zumba, but got a text they were coming early, so I needed to have things done before I left. #3 had worked late ... thought it was a 5:00-10:00 shift (working after hours at a commercial space) but then ended up staying until 3:00 in the morning. So he was still sleeping. I left a note to not worry about vacuuming, as it can be noisy and I didn't want to wake up the poor boy. No problems with the building today (we'd had to move the last two Thursdays). Stats: 7033 steps. 2.79 miles. 496/417 burn. AvHR120. High148. In Zone 38 of the 70 minutes. I stopped at Lowes to see if they had tomatillo plants, but they didn't. I'll have to check back. So I didn't check out there. A quick stop at Sams, then Walmart for some seeds (I want some pumpkins). Rain was in the forecast, but it was still clear when I got home. I figured I'd do a little work out back before the weather turned again (and turn it did!). I dug up the two tomato plants the ducks had pecked at. I moved them to another spot, I'll give them a chance to recover although I'm not sure they will. I planted the new tomato plants I picked up yesterday ... then I fenced off the garden for now. I'll let the ducks back in when the plants are bigger and not so easily destroyed. I put the rest of the potting soil in various pots and my big m-day planter from last year. Got some pumpkin seeds in. I was working on the planter, putting in carrots, beets and radishes when hail hit. I called for kitty (Oreo was out with me) and we headed in the house to safety. I hoped the ducks would take cover somewhere. The hail wasn't quit big enough that I feared it could kill them with a direct hit, but still, ouch! They like it when the raingutters let out all the water to create mini ponds in the duck area.There was so much hail, it gathered on the ground and looked like it had snowed. It melted fast though. Hubs had a derby in the evening and needed a helper. #5 had his last day of basketball camp. He'd probably be okay missing a practice here and there, but not this camp. #4 had texted from school he did NOT feel up to it, that his math test had stressed and exhausted him (he did come home and go straight to bed). #3, Hubs usual helper was going to the high school state soccer championship at Rio Tinto ... yes, even in this weather (CHHS ended up losing, 0-1). #2 had the alumni tournament at the high school, so Hubs enlisted #1. I dropped #5 off at his camp (WJHS) then headed to CHHS to watch #2 play. There weren't enough kids around from 2017, just him and Stockton, who was playing on the 2016 team. So #2 joined that team too (even though he hadn't played with them like Stock had). They played the 2018 team for semi-finals at 7:00 and won, although it was close. Championship game was at 9:00. I'd made arrangements for #5 to catch a ride home, but I ended up having the time to go get him. Camp went over, being the last day, with awards and such. #5 got two t-shirts, one camp shirt, one champ shirt (for a little mini-team tournament)  and the "Camper of the Week" which was only given to ONE kid in the whole group, 7th-12th grades. As I went to chat with the other moms, there was a young gal who looked familiar and recognized me. She was the sister of one of the boys #2 had played with for many years. Her husband was the coach at WJHS, the one running the camp. He talked to me afterward about some possible summer training with #5 if we were interested, and I think we'll do it. #5 came with me to watch #2 in the championship game at 9:00. They were playing the 2003 team, one that had come many times over the years. Our boys won! Not that there were any real awards other than bragging rights. It did get a little heated, all from the "old" guys though. A couple technicals for swearing and yelling at the refs. I got video, now to see if I get around to making a highlight reel.

0524 (Friday) Weight 164.7. Steps 17320. Total Burn 2447. Exercise Burn 620/705 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1850.  So last night it was the "senior prank" night and #3 was attending. I told him to be careful and not do anything stupid. They were out all night. ALL night. He got home around 7:00 and went to bed, missing his first couple classes. Got a text from our good family friends, the DiFrans, that they were in town and wondered if we could get together tomorrow. We made plans to have them over for breakfast. I got the littles to school, then stopped at DT. Hoping to get more trellis racks for the garden, but they were gone. Ran into Suzanne, a lady who has Zumba-ed with us during the summers. Chatted a bit about our boys, she has one who struggles too. Like yesterday, the weather was okay in the morning. I quickly gave the front lawn a mow, and planted some of the flowers I hadn't gotten in the ground yet (got them in planters). Feeling very drowsy today, laid down and did fall asleep for a bit. The weather hit again. Rain and hail pouring down again. The grass likes all this water. It cleared up by pickup time, which was nice, although there was an accident or something on Bangerter, which had traffic backed up and made me a little late getting to the school. We did cheesy bread when we got home, then I stuck the Costco mac&cheese in the oven for dinner. #5 had a game, Memorial Day tournament Fri/Sat/Mon ... but these ones are crazy crowded and cost quite a bit just to watch ($31 for the three days). I decided to just send #5 with teammates to this one. I dropped him off, then stopped at Walmart to grab a new net for the basketball hoop out front, and some french bread for breakfast tomorrow (even though we'll likely do waffles, just in case we want french toast). Hubs got home a little late and cooked himself up a steak ... it was past my eating window, so I didn't have any, even though it smelled really good.

0525 (Saturday) Weight 164.2. Steps 14418. Total Burn 2455. Exercise Burn 200/716 (35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  Slept in! My sleeping trackers were all approving of my 8+ hours of sleep. I got up and prepped the kitchen. Was dismayed to find I hadn't started the dishwasher last night :(  It had been all loaded and ready. Got it going while I did some hand washing ... while Hubs was in the shower, which didn't work out that well for him. Oops. I pulled some bacon up to defrost, and got the potatoes for hashbrowns. Pulled the watermelon up from the downstairs fridge. There is always that stressful moment before you cut it open, hoping it's a good one. It was a great one! It was completely gone by the end of the day. Gave the rinds, still with fruit on, to the ducks ... but they just don't seem that interested (which I remember from last summer, nothing like how they clamor for peas and tomatoes).  Got two eggs, one freshly laid. Still warm. Hubs headed in to work. The kids were up, and #3 started prepping waffles. The DiFran family came and it was so good to see them again. The kids are now SO tall! Lots of chatting, eating, and playing Super Smash Brothers. Then they moved outside to play some Spikeball and show the kids the Segway. I had to run #5 to catch his ride to his game, and then the DiFrans were off again. I got the kitchen cleaned up, then mowed the back lawn (the weather was really nice in the morning, sunny and warm, it was turning cloudy and I got sprinkled on a bit). I did some work along the back edge, cutting the grass away to form a straight line, and weeded the back flowerbeds. It looks pretty good. Replaced the net on the hoop outside. #5 and team won both their games today. #1 and his wife came over and made tinga. #4 was around to partake of their dinner. Then #1 made gourmet brownies from scratch. They smelled good, but my eating window was closed. Hubs had come home, and he had some, even though it was late, and definitely not Keto ;)  #1 took the two littles to a movie. #3 was at work this evening.

0526 (Sunday) Weight 166.0. Steps 12938. Total Burn 2297. Exercise Burn 250/547 (40min/2.42milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800.  Hubs couldn't sleep in the am, so he went into work. Then he ended up making a trip up to Pineview to check out the reservoir. It's his happy place.  Lots of water, no beach. Here at home, I got the kitchen cleaned up, the animals fed, then made breakfast for the kids. I broke my fast early. The brownies #1 made last night, and the fudge Hubs had brought home were just too tempting. I'd resisted them last night. Still ate a little actual breakfast too. Walked on the treadmill as I watched an episode of "Killing Eve". The Wolves had planned a movie day, and I was on my phone/computer for a while attempting to figure it all out, as Coach had already bought his tickets. #5 was catching a ride with Collin, and we wanted the boys to get close to friends. Another teammate was going to ... but ended up not being able to after having already purchased two tickets. So our boys were able to use those, as we found our right before making our own purchase. #1 and Sol were over most of the afternoon. Made more brownies and some cookies. #3 had a couple of girls over and they made cookies too.  Hubs stuck some steak in the Sous Vide. After I dropped #5 off, I stopped at the store to grab potatoes for dinner, and added Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Eating was uber over today, in calories and intake window. This next week will be an off week (with Memorial Day, Graduation, a wedding) then we shift to the summer schedule. I took a shower and was fighting sleep. Hubs was out on the family computer and fell asleep in the chair out there. I did some end of the month bills, got a little caught up in a mystery billing ... I hadn't read the fine print on an order of headphones, I thought it was $6.95. Turns out that was just shipping, and if you didn't love them and return them, you were then billed $49.95. No way I meant to pay that much! So that got me frustrated, and woken up before bedtime.

0527 (Monday) Weight 167.9. Steps 21184. Total Burn 2661. Exercise Burn 1050/901 (60minElliptical, Zumba, ). Calories in 1800.  Memorial Day. Slept in. The was a nice mess in the kitchen waiting for me, after all the boy's baking yesterday. I did unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and did some hand washing. Fed the cats and ducks. Got two eggs. Kirsten was having her class, so I headed out. Too many cars in the parking lot, not a good sign. There were boys in the gym playing basketball. That happens so often on "days off" ... we told them we had it reserved every Monday morning, so they headed out and we had class. Stats: 5612 steps. 2.47 miles. 421/364 burn. AvHR121. High151. In Zone 41 of the 61 minutes.  I headed straight home after. Hubs had gone into work though. Not much of a restful weekend for him, he's worked every day. It's stress of NOT getting things done versus not taking a break. He says he gets more done on the weekends when no one is there to talk to him and such. Got the billing issue with the headphones resolved enough ... they refunded me half the cost + shipping and we'll keep them. I could have returned them for a full refund, but then with the shipping I'd already paid, and the return shipping, plus the hassle, and then the fear they would come up with some other reason to deny it (I did not have the original packaging, why keep it, I knew I was keeping $7 headphones regardless). #5 had his final tournament games today, I dropped him off a little after 2:00. Did a stop at DT but didn't check out.  No rain, so I mowed the front lawn, even though it didn't really need it. Got an hour of elliptical in throughout the day ... start, middle and end. Hubs fell asleep as I did my last elliptical session. I wasn't quite ready for bed, and since I wasn't going to get snuggles anyway, I went to the computer and did some work there. End of month bills, finished up my weekly blog post and journal entries. Still took a while to wind down once I went to bed, did some reading but didn't fall asleep until 11:30, very late for me!

0528 (Tuesday) Weight 166.4. Steps 32667. Total Burn 3147. Exercise Burn 1575/1395 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 75min/5milesTreadmill. WEIGHTS). Calories in 1700.  A little groggy getting up this morning. Got my three 20min sessions on the elliptical in early. Only a few more days driving to Elkridge, as both boys are going to different schools next year. Off to Zumba at the church. Had a new lady. Hope we didn't scare her away. I actually adjusted my playlist to try and have some of the more basic songs for a beginner.  Stats: 6282 Steps. 2.7 miles. 492/383 burn. AvHR127. High153. In Zone 52 of the 64 minutes. The rain hit during the day again, although there was some sunshine peeking through later. I went down for some treadmill time, then did weights. All before I finally ate something. Went 20 hours today. Picked the kids up ... no rain during that time. Both boys ended up taking a nap after school. #3 was at school late, yearbook day, then off to a party in the evening. #2 had school, and Hubs worked late ... after working all weekend. I got another treadmill time in then took a shower. Did some work on the computer. Went through some basketball clips and did a book review.

0529 (Wednesday) Weight 165.6. Steps 30488. Total Burn 2986. Exercise Burn 1389/1250 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 70min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  Hubs was up and off around 5:00. I was up my normal time (5:50 ... but with school getting out, we'll see what happens on a summer schedule). Got my first elliptical session in. Had a hard time getting #4 out of bed. It's the LAST DAY (well, tomorrow is Lagoon Day, which I don't think he's going to, and they are supposed to go a couple hours on Friday, but ... today is the last day). Get yearbooks, sign them, say goodbye. It was just frustrating for me to have him fighting it. I only got 10min in, as I was having to check on him, bug him to get up. Made him toast which he refused to eat. He also wouldn't take the markers I'd set aside for signing. Sigh. His depression gets me down too. Managed another 20min elliptical session, then headed out to Zumba with MZL. Class size has been rather small lately. Larger than my Tuesday class, but small for MZL. Steps 5959. Miles 2.64. 450/377 burn. AvHR121. High151. In Zone 40 of the 63 miles.  I'd peeked at the ads (had to do it online as they didn't come in the mail yesterday, par for the course after a holiday), and nothing enough to tempt me to stop at a store. I plan on hitting one tomorrow. Some sun was shining. I figured I'd catch some rays, my last chance before the boys are around. Except that the neighbor is putting in a deck extension, and workmen were high on the roof. Didn't want to give them a show (scary! for them!) but had a tiny spot I could lay in by our fence where I wouldn't be visible. When the clouds rolled in, I came back inside and then did two miles on the treadmill. Feeling sore after my run and weights yesterday. Picked up the boys. Maybe my last pickup, as I am not sure what we are doing with #5 tomorrow (he is going, but maybe going to a friend's house after school as Hubs and I will be at #3's graduation at regular pickup time. Still figuring out what to do ...) Did some laundry, some kitchen cleanup, dishes ... spent some time out with the ducks refreshing their water and doing some digging for worms. I'd got one egg this morning, and should have made an earlier trip out, as there were two more, both broken. Hubs wasn't home quite as late today (around 7:00). He made himself some caprese salad. Poor guy is so stressed with work.

0530 (Thursday) Weight 164.9. Steps 29685. Total Burn 2931. Exercise Burn 1200/1188 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800.  Last school day ... really only #5 going today. I would have let him stay home, but he wanted to go. Not that he was planning on staying, he and some friends were sneaking out early. I double checked with #4 that he didn't want to do the Lagoon Day with his friends. He didn't. I got in my hour of elliptical early ... I don't know if that will continue once I don't have to be up early getting kids to school during the summer. Went to Zumba with MZL. 6365 Steps. 2.83 miles. 431/389 burn. AvHR121. High145. In Zone 42 of the 65 minutes. Cleaners were at the house (a little harder with kids home, #3 and #4 were still sleeping) so I did some shopping. Stopped by Lowes, still no tomatilla plants. I picked up some more potting soil. Stopped at Walmart for a few things. Cleaning lady was leaving just as I got home, just one, not two, so it had taken two hours, not one. K8 was over. It's her birthday. Grabbed some pictures with #3 in his graduation get-up.  Then he was off. Hubs made it home, and Maga came over, and we headed out. #2 and K8 were there, as her brother was graduating too. They got there earlier and were able to save us good seats. Traffic was terrible! Very stressful for this homebody. We pretty much walked around the entire place until we hooked up with #2 and got seated. Two hours later, they were graduated. Took some pictures then went to head home, but ended up sitting in the parking lot for an hour attempting to get out. Then 30 min drive home. Hubs was stressed, as he had a derby to get to. I was stressed as I'd left #5 at a friends since before school got out (I had texted the mom to make sure the extended stay would be okay). Hubs ended up having #1 come over and grab the derby trailer using the Durango and head out to the spot and start setting up. Hubs then left, grabbing #5 on the way to help with the derby. #1 brought the Sequoia home, so I had to drive it to drop off #4 at his friend's end of school party, then I dropped #3 off at the high school to get his truck (he'd carpooled to graduation). #3 then took #1 home (as his wife had just dropped him off, they only have one car). A little over on calories today ... there were Krispy Kreme donuts around (#2 bought some for his girlfriend and got some for us too). I did get in a treadmill time before bed. Hubs was giving in to sleep, but I had to stay up to pick up #4 from his friend's house. He didn't stay too late. Around 10:00. I think he was the first to leave, both for me, and there was a wild storm, with thunder and lightening. While he's a ton better than when he was younger, it can still get to him and make him uncomfortable. Always safer at home in his vault of a bedroom.

0531 (Friday) Weight 164.5. Steps 15714. Total Burn 2375. Exercise Burn 645/634 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1950.  A little off. Had a hard time getting to sleep and woke in the night for a while too. Hubs left his usual time, and I did fall back to sleep. No need for an alarm, other than to make sure I was up in time for Zumba. I can go now that I don't have to drop kids off for late start school. Stats: 5076 steps. 2.19 miles. 339/317 burn. AvHR117. High139. In Zone 25 of the 58 minutes. One of the ladies who comes had gone in after Zumba last Wednesday for a long-awaited lung transplant. I came straight home after class ... no kids up yet. Still sleeping in. When #5 woke up I started making some breakfast, french toast and hashbrowns. #3 was up not too long after. They'd had a big graduation gathering as is the usual for the schools. From 11:00-4:00 at a local rec center. Sounded like more fun than some of the other schools (Herriman was at a bowling alley, Bingham at Noah's which is really just a building for receptions and such, no pool, climbing wall, ice skating, basketball, etc like Copper Hills had). #4 finally peeked out too. I grabbed a little nap. Got some elliptical in. Dropped #5 off to get to basketball practice. Supposed to go to my niece's wedding dinner, but ... Hubs had expressed how much he didn't want to do it or the reception tomorrow. It was doable for me to drive alone, so I was planning on that. I'd also thought of seeing if #1 was free to be my date. His wife works nights, but as she was still free until later, I just had the two of them go to represent our family (as the dinners had already been purchased). I'd figured I'd go over calories and eating window, but, was able to keep on both after that. Hubs didn't make it home in time anyway, and was feeling yucky, having come down with something. 

*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
I got involved in some series, so I didn't get in a ton of movies.  12 ... three over last month.

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