Tuesday, January 15, 2019

TV Tuesday - Six Series

It's been a while since I've done a TV Tuesday post. While my move to movies has cut back on the series I've seen, I still got through a few. Most of these were last summer/fall. I enjoyed them all.  The first three all had a paranormal theme, while the other three were all legal/detective type dramas. All on Netflix, except for The Good Fight, which I watched on a trial of CBS's streaming service (I canceled before I had to pay, as this was really the only series I had been interested in).

  • The Innocents: I really hadn't heard any buzz about this one, but decided to give it a try and it hooked me. It was odd ... I have the captions on all the time anyway, but here there were subtitles for spoken Scandinavian, which happened more than you would have thought going into it. Other than Guy Pierce, I really hadn't seen the other actors in anything else. I often enjoy having fresh faces, no preconceived parts to compare against. The supernatural storyline has to do with a few people who can "shift" ... not into werewolves or other animals, but into the person they have touched. Unique and interesting. I liked it a lot and would watch a sequel, although I'm not sure if one is in the works. There was a cliffhanger ending.
  • Sense8: I'd watched the first season and really liked it. When the second season first came out, and everyone else discovered the series, there was the huge controversy over its cancellation. Again, a cliffhanger ending leaving frustrated fans. I had just not gotten back into it, knowing I wouldn't get a resolution. When Netflix finally came out with an additional "ending" finale, I finally got around to watching it. Very explicit sexually, but I loved the idea of the connection between the characters.
  • The Haunting Of Hill House: I'm not a "horror" fan, but this wasn't horror. It was a supernatural suspense series, and I was hooked. The constant jumping between timelines was a little confusing, and then there were the different perspectives. At times you'd see the same scene from different sets of eyes. I don't think I'd seen Henry Thomas in anything since ET when he was a child, and I laughed out loud when in one of the "past" scenes, the children (Thomas's character's kids) had an ET lunchbox with Elliot on it.  I must admit, I watched several episodes upstairs during a week when I wasn't feeling well and not up to exercising. 
  • The Sinner: Hmmm, I wasn't sure what to think here. It sure started off suddenly, absolutely unexpected. It was a little frustrating trying to piece together the past when she would change her story over and over. With flashbacks, we'd see pieces of the past coming together to explain the actions that seemed unexplainable. Still some odd and explicit stuff. 
  • Seven Seconds: Another dark drama centered around a death, with detectives attempting to uncover what happened. This time, we watching know right off who is to blame and basically what happened and get a peek as other try to cover it up. Not a lot of likeable characters, everyone is flawed, but that's reality. It really kept my interest and was hard hitting emotionally.
  • The Good Fight: I'd loved "The Good Wife" over the years and had been interested in this spin-off, just not interested enough to pay extra for CBS All Access. When a free trial was offered, I decided to give it a try. Diane and Luca from the original series will still the power players, with the gal from "Game of Thrones" stepping in as well. I enjoyed the storylines ... there was even one where Fitbit feedback was evidence in a case (but I'm not sure how true to fact that was, from personal experience only the individual has access to heart rate data. Here they were pointing out that there likely would have been increased HR during a sexual interaction, so since the HR stayed low, nothing happened).  Some reviewers were unhappy with the political leanings. I just watched the first season so far ... maybe I'll try a trial again to watch more.
I like shows that catch my interest, and make me WANT to get back to the gym, just to see what happens next. Storylines that involve me, to much that I forget I'm working out. Ones that get the adrenaline pumped, making exercise easier. All of these fit the bill for me.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Weekly Weigh-In 284 (178.4)

This past week should have been a good week. Everything on schedule (unlike the holiday weeks, and upcoming weeks). But alas. Eating has been out of control. I don't feel like it is during the day, it's just when I look at the numbers that it's obvious I'm uber over. Activity was down ... dragging some. Sleep has been a struggle. Just makes the motivation shrink and the mind muddled.  Missed some medication, not sure if that contributed too.

 ... still broke 100k for weekly steps.
NUMBERS: Weight is up. 2.2 pounds to 178.4. Average up as well, (2.44 to 177.44).  Average intake was 2857, average burn 2381, adding up to an overage (6805) for the week. Step average 14650 with 35.61 logged miles. Cardio minutes 525/523/593/547.  Replaced my Zip "HipClip" with my old Charge2 in a clip, experimenting a bit with it. One steps 102548. Versa 100038, Hip 104165 and Garmin 98218 for total weekly step add ups.

#2 beat me in steps this week though... 
my brother was quick to point that out as it's unusual!

EXERCISE: I only got my hour of elliptical in two days this week. I got a half hour elliptical in two additional days.  Still, three days with NO elliptical at all is unusual for me. Treadmill time three days, two miles each time. Four Zumba classes. There was an instructor meeting after class on Thursday, which added to my hour in the graph, even though we were sitting, not dancing.  OTHER ACTIVITIES: Driving duty was about the same as usual. I didn't get out for groceries as much as I usually do (Hubs and #1 both hit the store as they were prepping and I had them pick up a few things). Three basketball games, one mid-week and two on Saturday, all for #5.

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (0107) Back to the routine. Up early, but only two elliptical sessions in early. After getting the boys to school, I was off to Zumba w/Kirsten. Car wash on the way home. Distracted morning waiting for an email regarding school permits ... #4 got in! Yea! Back to some Zumba practice, one treadmill time, and my final elliptical session. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. Uber over on eating ... too many treats. Hubs was home lateD. 27963 steps. 2986 burn. 3100 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0108) Off a little today. Not a motivated morning, reset the alarm for later. Just one 10min elliptical session in early. Zumba over at the church. Double duty school pickups. #5 had practice again. Hubs had a derby, he went straight from work. I finally went back down to the gym for 20min elliptical to end the day. 15877 steps. 2547 burn. 2700 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0109) I was able to get in my hour of elliptical early, before Zumba. Back at home after class, I got in two miles on the treadmill. Also got in a needed nap, as #5 had a 9:00 game in the evening I was attempting staying awake for. They got the win. 23266 steps. 2848 burn. 2700 intake. 
  • Thursday (0110) Between some snoring, and just being awake after the game last night, I didn't fall asleep until after midnight. That is LATE for me. Needed the alarm to wake up. Beat Hubs out of bed. My morning was off, only 10min elliptical early. Boys to school, house prep, then off to Zumba w/MZL. Instructor meeting after class, then a shopping stop for groceries. Double pickup after school, then #5 went for more basketball at the rec center. I got in two more 10min elliptical sessions, just a half hour total for the day though. Uber over on intake. 16343 steps. 2492 burn. 3500 intake.  
  • Friday (0111) Feeling a bit off, bad sleep night. No exercise early... or at all. Late start at the middle school, and I stopped to get gas, but didn't even attempt partial Zumba.  I eventually did some laundry, dishes, made chicken noodle soup and got a basketball video done. #5 had practice in the evening. 5119 steps. 1937 burn. 2600 intake. 
  • Saturday (0112) Another bad night for sleep, but got to sleep in anyway. #5 had two basketball games, 3:00 and 9:00. I got in a treadmill walk. 10071 steps. 2102 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Sunday (0113) Slept in again, trying to catch up. Family breakfast, and family dinner. #1 made cheesecake in mini mason jars Sous Vide style. 3909 steps. 1905 burn. 3200 intake. 
 *** Five Featured Photos ***  

 I've been awaiting this email forever ... whew!

Fat finger ... #5 jammed it at Monday practice. Still managed to practice and play this week, although he wore a finger splint most of the time. Didn't seem to impact his game negatively.

 #3 cheering on the team in triple overtime for the win.
I always ask for pictures w/friends, but very seldom get them.

Someone (that would be #2) has a pants problem. 
Lots of squatting at work.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Movies ~ Watched While Working Out

Movies ... my two older boys jumped on the "MoviePass" deals, going to the theaters to watch several shows a month. I remember many years ago, Hubs and I were going almost weekly. But then, I moved out of the movie routine. I'm a homebody, I admit it. Even with the reserved seating and nice recliners, it just wasn't worth it to face the crowds and the rising costs. Hubs makes the best popcorn here at home, my bed is so much more comfortable, and I can pause if a potty break is needed. It only requires patience, and I was more than willing to wait until movies hit DVD or streaming services. 

I saw "Star War: The Force Awakens" in theaters Dec2015 when it first came out. I'm not really a big Star Wars fan, but it was a family night out. I didn't see a movie in theaters in 2016 or 2017. I saw two this last year in 2018... "The Greatest Showman" and "Incredibles2"

Other than some shows watched with Hubby before bed, I really only watch TV/Movies while I'm working out. I don't know I use it as an incentive for me to be able to watch what I want, or if I'm just filling the workout time attempting to keep myself entertained while exercising.  I've stuck to series for the most part. I like the continuing storylines, hopefully catching my attention and encouraging me to exercise again, to find out what happens next. In the Fall of 2017, I decided to make the move to movies. I had a HUGE backlog to choose from!

One of the first movies I watched was "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" which I really enjoyed. I am a P&P fan. I watched a few more of the "girly" shows (Beauty and Cinderalla remakes, Disney's Moana) caught the next Star Wars, watched big screen versions of several books I've read. Some good. Some NOT. Then I scanned the streaming services we had (with a switch to DirectTV, we had a three month trial of Showtime, Starz and Cinimax. We also had HBO, AmazonPrime and Netflix) to see what movies were there. Sometimes I'd let the "expiration" dates inspire me what to watch, or recommendations from friends family, or just what peaked my interest at the moment.

Generally action/adventure movies were better suited to watching while working out. Ones that could get the adrenaline pumping, make me feel like MY jog or elliptical wasn't nearly as hard as whoever was on screen running or fighting. I did watch some comedy and slower dramas too though. I really enjoyed some shows, and was rolling my eyes at others, just pushing to finish.

2017 films featured above ... 2018 films featured below.

I only made my move to movies in the final third of the year in 2017. I stuck with movies for most of 2018. I wasn't sure if I'd switch back to series for the summer. My gym time tends to decrease during the summer months, off the school schedule. I prefer to start/finish a movie in a single day, and some summer days didn't include 90-120+ minutes in the gym. Looking back, May was with high with 20 movies that month. September slipped to just six, the low for one month during the year.

Some of the movies I watched were quite current, hitting HBO or one of the other streaming services fairly quickly after leaving theaters. Other movies were old ... ones I'd just never gotten around to seeing. Some I'd heard of, seen previews and reviews ... others were ones I wondered if they had even been in theaters. I'd never heard of them. Most were mainstream studio shows, but the last couple years have seen an increase in "originals" from Netflix and Amazon.  Some weeks I'd stick with a theme, watching similar shows, or movies with the same actor in them ... other weeks I'd purposely pick movies across a wide variety of topics and genres.

I'd really meant to do monthly movie blog posts ... spotlighting several shows that had a similar theme or something else tying them together (books to movies, addressing aging, sports shows, superhero shows, based on true stories) but I only got a couple of posts completed. Who knows, maybe I'll still get around to such spotlights. And of course during this time, I have still been watching some TV series (as my movies wouldn't wrap up perfectly with my workouts, so sometimes I'd still need some extra TV time to finish up, or on days I knew I didn't have a full "movie" workout in me, like on weekends). But that too is another post.

Which of these movies did you watch and enjoy?

Monday, January 7, 2019

Weekly Weigh-In #283 (176.2)

High weight week ... just a couple weeks ago I dropped (just barely, but still) out of the 170s. Now, solidly back in them again. Definitely off schedule. Some super stressors going on. Sleep has not been good. I excused the eating on New Year's day, with the annual pastry wreath tradition starting off the year, but then had no excuses for the overeating the next day. I just eat. A lot. Quantity and quality (lack thereof). It's the eating, although exercise wasn't much most days either.

NUMBERS: Weight up .9 for the official weigh-in, average was up more (2.7 to 175). Not undeserved or unexplained. Overage for the week (3945) with average intake 2657, average burn 2506. Step average 17553 with 43.59 logged miles. Steps across the devices were quite a bit closer this week. One 122870. Versa 118016. HipClip 122370. LifeCycle 11870. Cardio minutes came in at 610/633/710/728  (my calculations and the three Fitbits). 

EXERCISE was down this week. With New Years Eve and New Years Day on Monday and Tuesday, the schedule was off. Then the return to the routine. I got my hour of elliptical in three days this week, with a half workout a fourth day. Five days with treadmill time, three days with double duty. Three Zumba classes. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Some driving around, grocery shopping, for usual weekly sections. Two basketball games. Family time for the holiday gathering. A couple pizza stops (often more just to have leftovers on hand than anything else) and starting the year with a visit to the doctor. Not for me (although that needs to happen) but for #4. Likely not his last, as we are still really struggling with anxiety and depression with him :(

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (1231) New Year's Eve. Not a good night last night. I didn't have the energy for Zumba, but Kirsten texted she was sick and it was canceled anyway. I did finally go do a treadmill walk, just 3miles instead of the usual 3.5 for the hour. No New Year's celebration this year. Just to bed ... 11560 steps. 2075 burn. 2100 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0101) New year ... 2019. Headed over to Uncle Clay's for the traditional Pastry Wreath. He's taken over making it from Maga (she was off to see the Seattle Blackhams). Lots of other food too. We had the whole family, #1 and wife, #2 and GF, #3 didn't have work until later.  Back at home, I got in a couple 15min sessions on the elliptical. Then ... geography assignment work with #4. Arrrrggghhh! 8836 steps. 2095 burn. 2700 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0102) And the holiday break is over. Back to the schedule. I was afraid it would be hard to wake, myself and the boys, but the morning went fine. I got my hour of elliptical early, Zumba w/MZL. A store stop, groceries at Walmart, then an hour treadmill time. Double pickup, as #5 stayed after for intramurals. #4 took a nap, and finally finished his geography assignment, pushing it until the very last minute. Haystacks for dinner. 31903 steps. 3251 burn. 3200 intake... so much for better eating this new year! 
  • Thursday (0103) Didn't quite get my full hour of elliptical in early, had to finish the final 10min at the end of the day. Zumba w/MZL. I'd been thinking we might get more people out with New Year's resolutions and all that, but classes have stayed small. No store stop today, straight home. Got an hour treadmill time. Grabbed #4 after school and went for a follow-up with the pediatrician, but I think we'll need to try a new doctor, more focused on just the mental. I'd arranged for #3 to pick up #5 after intramurals. Made macaroni rosa for dinner. #1 and wife stopped by for some. Bad news about his job supposed to start Monday, it fell through. 27505 steps. 3064 burn. 3100 intake. 
  • Friday (0104) I often sleep in on "late start" Fridays, but not this morning. Awake at 2:00, went ahead and got up at 4:00. Stressing about stuff. I did get in my elliptical early anyway. I went straight to Zumba w/MZL after dropping the boys off, and got half of the class. Didn't wear my cap today ... who dat? Stopped at Maceys and DT on the way home. Cleaners came, and yea, the garbage trucks (a day behind because of the holiday). Back to basketball  practices in the evening for #5. 21134 steps. 2767 burn. 2400 intake. 
  • Weekend Walking ... Saturday (0105) We did a family breakfast with smoked bacon, hashbrowns and french toast. Hubs ran some errands and had #2 install some lights. I hit Smiths for some groceries. Had to cut my treadmill time a bit short (1.5miles) as it was time for the first of #5's two basketball games. His Jags team lost, but his Wolves got the win against a team they'd lost to a few times before. Unfortunately it was a 9:00 game, I was SO tired. 12170 steps. 2228 burn. 2400 intake. 
  • Sunday (0106) Didn't get to sleep until after midnight (SO late for me) and woke around 6:00 ... but then fell back to sleep, until 9:00. Felt good. Hubs made breakfast sandwiches for the boys, I made hashbrowns, and french toast for #2 and I. Hubs had some Sous Vide stuff for supper. He disappeared ... asleep at 7:00. I wasn't quite ready for bed. I hadn't planned on exercising, but, I went ahead and did  a little treadmill time. Back to the routine tomorrow. 9762 steps. 2065 burn. 2700 intake. 
***What I'm Watching ... no movies this week. I've stuck with a series, "Power" on Starz. Wrapped up season one this week and I think I'll continue on.

*** Five Featured Photos ...

 Christmas is over, but I felt a little like Rudolph with a red zit on my nose.

See the layers, the butter ...

 ... the finished pastry wreath. Yum!

Jackbox games with the cousins

 Daddy's homemade mcMuffins ...

2018 ... the Year in Review

 A collage caught on camera of all the events of 2018 ... I still Zumba-ed throughout the year. Hubs had his derby daze. There were the ducks, and the kitties. Basketball was mainly #5, two teams and a couple of championships. Lots of trips to the lake. A family 5k. A wedding. Family games. A new Fitbit. A garden, lots of baking, and Gray goes gourmet.

My second year with LifeCycle ... GPS tracking my little life. Interesting to compare it with last year. Much the same. Driving, Zumba and elliptical top my activities. A little more treadmill this year, a little less basketball.  I'm sure there was a ton more time devoted to duckies and gardening, but I was logging that manually and only did so on days where I went above and beyond my normal daily duties. Some sunshine at the beach ... haircuts, dentists, school stuff. I liked last year's chart more ... without the "more" section, for those activities that just didn't have a lot of time to them (it's so small ... four hours with doctors, three hours grabbing food, generally pizza or donuts. A couple hours of walking and the 5k shows there as my only non-treadmill run of the year. I'd meant to break up my weight workouts into  a regular sessions, and smaller Abs ... but then there was only an hour w/abs. Some automotive ... getting a tire patched, gas runs, car washes. An hour at the bank, loan stuff. 

Here's a look at the month to month stats ...

 ... and scale stuff ...
I think it looks a little more extreme than it is.
Low 167.3, High 180.4 ... so it stuck within 13 pounds.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

December 2018

Oy, I succumbed to the Holiday hooplah. Eating up, exercise down. Lots of baking and Christmas treats. Lots of family get-togethers. Off schedule, sleeping in. The scale shows it all.  What a way to wrap up the year. 

NUMBERS: Starting weight 169.9. Ending weight 175.3. High 176.9. Low 169.6. Average 172.48. Average intake was 2613. Average burn 2535. Equaled an overage of 14828 for the month.  Ouch. Step average was 17747 with 183.45 logged miles. Cardio minutes 2599/2674.

EXERCISE: Fourteen was the magic number this month. I achieved my hour of elliptical 14 of the 31 days. Six other days had elliptical under the hour. 14 days with treadmill time. Seven days with double duty. 14 Zumba classes.  OTHER ACTIVITIES:  Driving and grocery shopping as usual. Other shopping stepped up a bit, even though almost all my Christmas shopping (what little there was) was online. There was even more family time than what is featured on the graph, this only shows the time away from home, at my folks and the in-laws. There was a bit of basketball. #5 also had a tournament over Christmas break, but as it was further away, I just sent him with teammates. A little time spent at the school (#4's anxiety issues) and some auto stuff (car wash, getting gas ...)

*** JenB's Journal ***

 1201 (Saturday) Weight 169.9. Steps 15044. Total Burn 2425. Exercise Burn 627/653 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. And it's December, almost the end of the year. Slept until a little after 7:00. Was getting some things done when I heard a horrid yowl and #4 called saying Oreo Kitty was stuck in the Christmas tree. Sure enough, not sure if his claw, or leg was caught (he was in a downward position, leg keeping him from moving). Not sure if he was hurting, or just frightened, but he was freaked out and yowled more if we tried to touch him. Joy Kitten was totally freaked out too. Not sure if she thought the tree was attacking Oreo, so she was attacking it, or if something about Oreo's reaction was causing her to attack him. I was just about to tell #4 to get her away (although that would have been tricky with her on edge the way she was) when she jumped up and hit Oreo and that, or him wiggling in response, finally got him free. They were both still "fuzzy" but I watched to make sure Oreo was walking okay, no limp or damage and gave him some love. Exciting start to the morning! I got in an elliptical session to start the day. I worked on some basketball videos, trying to get through the clips I have before the new season starts ... later today! I did it though, I made four highlight reels. I got in two more elliptical sessions as well. Hubs was running errands much of the day. He is in charge of the company Christmas party and that has kept him quite occupied. #3 took the two littles into Aunt Olivia at Supercuts for haircuts. He then texted, mentioning Best Buy was RIGHT THERE and he could also pick up a Nintendo Switch ... it is something all the boys are interested in. He'd almost grabbed one on Black Friday (he'd texted to ask permission for us to pay, but I was sleeping). I had noticed the price got up at Amazon, so I gave the okay. Of course turns out the price had gone up at Best Buy too (the MarioKart game was no longer included, but $60 extra).  I told the boys THAT was lots of Christmas and I was going to wrap the box and put it under the tree, because they couldn't wait ... and Hubs might use it for the upcoming company party. #3 got it set up at home and the boys spent much of the day playing. Hubs was smoking a roast and some broiling some steaks (a resturant broiler has been one of his latest additions). #5 and I got a little steak before we had to head out to his basketball game, 7:00 at Dimple Dell.  I cringed a little when I saw one of the refs. It's one our coach dislikes greatly ... Coach has been tossed from a game by that ref. It was the other team though, that got the short end of the stick this game though. Some picky calls, and while it's good for a ref to be loud and confident when calling out, this guy almost always sounded uber angry about it. I was pretty impressed that the other team's parents and coach kept it together, there was some complaining, but I know it would have been worse if our team had been getting those calls. We got the win. On the way home, we stopped at KrispieKreme. Hubs had seen it a couple weeks ago, there in Sandy. Right on the way home from Dimple Dell. It was a little crowded (although the guy helping me said this was nothing!). It's only been open three weeks. I think we may make stopping a somewhat regular activity if it's open on our way home on future trips.

1202 (Sunday) Weight 170.5. Steps 4084. Total Burn 1826. Exercise Burn 0/53 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. Hubs and I both slept in, until almost 8:00, that's quite unusual! He went into work ... sometimes he likes to work weekends when no one is in the office to talk to him, so he can get things done without interruptions. Without him home, and with leftover KrispieKreme ... I didn't make our big breakfast. But when #1 and wife came over later, they were in the mood, so #1 made waffles and I fried up some bacon. No hashbrowns today, as I had forgotten to bake potatoes. After eating, we all sat down and played some Jackbox games. We pulled the Switch from the basement to the upstairs TV, as the family room is more comfortable ... it has couches. The games were fun. Much laughter. We missed Hubs and #3, who was also gone to work. As the month ended, I did my monthly blog post. I still have three "book reviews" I need to do ...

1203 (Monday) Weight 170.1. Steps 27919. Total Burn 2967. Exercise Burn 1139/1207 (60minElliptical, 40minZumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. I was awake early. Like 3:00am early :(  Couldn't get back to sleep. I went ahead and got up a little after 5:00. Easily got my hour of elliptical in early. Dropped the boys off to school and ... Zumba? I wasn't quite feeling it today after my early morning. Lots of snow last night. The roads were pretty clear although traffic had been a little slow in spots. I didn't think I wanted to try heading all the way to Draper, and then I got distracted at home and it was too late to head out to Kirsten's close class. I figured I'd just get some Zumba in on my own. I haven't practiced the last several days and am teaching tomorrow. The school permit process opened up this morning. It's no longer "first come first served" so there was really no rush, but I was anxious. I looked it over and got it submitted for #4. Now we wait. I could have tried to re-permit #5 into his current school, but I'm okay with the switch, and he seemed to be too. This puts him with kids he'll be going to high school with, where his current school goes to Bingham (which is where I'm hoping #4 gets accepted into). It will mean I have two kids in two different high schools at the same time ... and four different high schools for the five boys. I did end up doing some Zumba, although not quite an hour. I walked on the treadmill for an hour. I lay down for a little, not sure if I actually fell asleep, although  my Motiv recorded I did. Picked up the boys after school. #5 had practice in the evening. I dropped him off, then went to Smiths to pick up prescriptions and a few groceries. Got home in time to unload and do a few things around the house, then I headed back to pick up #5. The WJ league needed payment today. We could have paid by credit card at the school, but that would have required a trip in during the day. So ... cash. I sure hoped nothing happened to it and we got full credit. Wish they did Venmo. The boys got their uniforms, #5 got #5 ... Yea! I know there was another kid that also wanted that number so I hadn't been sure my #5 would get it. First game is Saturday.

1204 (Tuesday) Weight 169.9. Steps 34073. Total Burn 3303. Exercise Burn 1430/1527 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300.  Slept better tonight (Hubs said he didn't though). I woke when he left (around 4:30) but fell back to sleep and needed my alarm to wake me. #3 has been SO hard to get up in the mornings. #2 used to be like that, but he's been doing awesome getting himself up and off in the mornings. He's all grown up. Didn't quite get my entire hour of elliptical in early, had to finish 10min later in the day. Headed to the church for my Zumba class. Sometimes I not really in the mood, but since I'm teaching ... well, I go. I always feel better afterward. In addition to my two regulars, Carma came (she helps teach, which I enjoy) and Mindy and Mirabelle ... and two new people! I'd planned on canceling next week, as my two regulars (the only two I had last week) will be gone, but as a couple people today said they'd make it, I guess I'll do it. Stats: 6882 steps. 3.06 miles. 495/439 burn. AvHR124. High152. In Zone 54 of the 67 minutes. It had been SO cold last night, and wasn't expected to be above freezing all day today. I felt bad for my duckies. I'd gone out first thing to bring them new water (those out at night had frozen solid), then I gave them their food a bit later in the morning. I found an egg. Still warm, freshly laid. I went out again during the day to make sure the water hadn't frozen again and I laid out some straw for them and gave them more feed. I hit the treadmill for an hour ... had to switch shows because I couldn't get the subtitles to show up on my movie. I'm okay on the elliptical (although I still prefer to have captions) but on the treadmill ... it's just too noisy, I can't hear it and require captions. #1 stopped by for a bit, needing to print out a form. He headed to the college to meet with an academic advisor and work some things out, and happily it turned out good. He's still deciding what to do with work (Discover, UPS or moving on to a plumbing apprenticeship). I picked up #4 from school at the usual time, then went back an hour later to pickup #5 who had stayed for intramurals. He wasn't feeling great, had a headache and just wanted to lay down after taking some ibuprofen. I felt bad 40min later when I had to wake him to head out to his basketball party (one of his teammates) and I hope he was able to snap out of his grogginess.  I noted it was National Cookie Day (hadn't it been that in the Spring sometime?) so as #1 had come over and made more cookie dough, leaving us a little, I baked them up. I overcooked the first batch though.

1205 (Wednesday) Weight 170.6. Steps 27003. Total Burn 2972. Exercise Burn. Exercise Burn 1218/1219 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. I wasn't able to get to sleep last night until my munchkin was home. That was just about 10:30. He wasn't feeling great but had still had fun at his basketball birthday party. The Jazz won. I gave him some ibuprofen and we both went to bed. Hubs was off around 4:30 this morning. I fell back asleep and woke to my alarm at 5:45. Got my first full elliptical session in (finishing up yesterday's movie), but my second one was cut short. I got distracted changing out the shower curtain (Hubs had taken it down and requested it be washed ... and I'd meant to switch out upstairs shower rod for the one in the basement. I'd bought a new one for there, as the old one broke. I bought white, and wished I'd picked a silver one for that bathroom. Then I noticed the master bath had a silver one, when I wished it was white ... so). I also saw a  notification that the garage door had opened. #3 doesn't need to open the garage door, unless he's having a problem with his truck. We have a handy dandy portable battery charger for jumping, except that #1 had borrowed it and hadn't brought it back. We couldn't see where to attach the jumper cables to the Durango, and I had to leave to get the littles to school anyway. While on the road, I called (speakerphone) Sol to see if she knew where the charger was, and said I'd stop by after dropping off the munchkins. I called #3 and told him I'd be back with the charger shortly and that he should finish up his book report with this extra time. He however, had called a friend and got a ride to school, so ... I could have had waited and had #1 run the charger over after he got back from his UPS shift. Oh well. I did my third/full session on the elliptical then headed to Zumba w.MZL. Stats: 6673 steps. 2.91 miles. 440/372 burn. AvHR118. High141. In Zone 28 of the 65 minutes. Class was a little larger than usual as the Kearns location didn't have a building, so we had those folks at West Jordan too. Fun to have some additional instructors. Lots of Christmas songs. It's SO cold out. I'd gone out first thing in the morning to make sure the ducks had water that wasn't frozen ... but as the temp wasn't getting over freezing at all during the day, I kept watching. I noticed an egg out there, so went out to grab it. I think it's Blackfoot, although I also caught her sitting in the doghouse (but no eggs there). This egg, and all the recent ones, have been right under the trampoline in the center. I have to use a lawn rake to gently roll it to the side where I can reach it. I laid some additional clippings down for the ducks. Hope their down coat keeps them warm enough. A new book I'd bee waiting for came out (last book in the Gateway Trilogy) and it was on Kindle Unlimited, so I downloaded it as my Prime pick for December and got to reading. Did one treadmill time. Should have done weights yesterday or today. Didn't. Barely remembered to do my last 10min on the elliptical to finish up my hour. Picked up the kids. #5 had originally planned to stay for intramurals, but wasn't feeling well. He came home and took a nap after school. He can't be sick again already! Some laundry, dishes, made spaghetti for dinner. Did some laundry, dishes, cleaning prep, put the garbage cans out for pickup tomorrow.

1206 (Thursday) Weight 171.1. Steps 29412.Total Burn 3016. Exercise Burn 1232/1242 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3200. Awake before the alarm. Got in my three elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. I'd lugged water out to the ducks, no egg today. The two males were fighting again! This was even more aggressive than what I'd witnessed before (which was basically Abbott chasing Costello around and pulling at his tail feathers). Now they were both attacking each other, grabbing each other's breast feathers and really wrestling.  I grabbed Costello and put him in the pen to separate them for a bit. Not sure if it's just male dominance display and natural in nature, like bucks fighting, or if something is up. Stresses me out. I don't want to come out and find one of them dead or injured. By the time I left, they weren't attacking each other ... or at least Costello was staying out of Abbott's way. But I misplaced my phone sometime this morning and was searching all around (including outside, in case I'd dropped it during my duck dashing). I'm usually gone by the time the cleaning lady shows up, but hadn't left yet this morning. She called my phone and luckily I had the ringer on. I'd left it in #3's room. That's what I get for making his bed! Hadn't thought to go back and look in his room. So, I was a little late to Zumba (about 10min). Stats: 5119 steps. 2.28 miles. 332/273 burn. AvHR116. High135. In zone 22 of the 55 min. After class I stopped by Sams and Walmart to grab some groceries. #3 was home early, and off to work. I'd ordered some new black jeans for work (as he only had the one pair and I always had to wash his work stuff every day!) and they fit good. Grabbed a couple joggers for #5 too, and they worked well for him. The little hoodie for me was just so-so. Christmas sales are good, even if I don't wait until Christmas. Picked up #4 after school. #5 was staying after for Intramurals. I was glad he felt well enough to. If he had still been feeling sick I was going to run him over to Maceys where they have a rapid stress test. I tried to stop in the church parking lot with #4 to have him practice driving ... he was NOT having it. I never know how hard to push with this one. Not sure if he was already down, or if that did it, or if he was just tired, but he disappeared into his room to sleep for a while. I picked up #5 a little later.  Made some cheesy bread and fried up some chicken nuggets and tots later.  Hubs had been busy planning this Christmas party and was still working pretty late. I crawled into bed and went to sleep.

1207 (Friday) Weight 171.5. Steps 15755. Total Burn 2463. Exercise Burn 515/682 (30minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3200. I was awake in the night around 4:00, but fell back asleep, and being a Friday, was able to sleep in. #3 got up early and ordered the digital download of SmashBrothers for the Switch. I told him he was NOT allowed to stay home from school just to play. Got him and the littles off. Just one elliptical in "earlyish" ... no Zumba today, as MZL didn't have a building. I stopped at Smiths on the way home anyway. They had a few 3-day deals I wanted to grab, and I ended up with a shopping cart full of stuff. Got everything put away and hit the treadmill for a walk. #1 came over and we chatted. He played some Switch (and asked if we wanted to buy his Xbox1, as he wants to buy a Switch too) and made cookies (he made the dough and the first couple pans, then I took over). #3 showed after school with his workout buddy to use our weightroom. I always have to leave the door open and air it out after they sweat it up. When #2 got home, I had all five of my boys in the family room. #5 had practice, a different location tonight, so drop-off was a little later than usual. Then #4 wanted to go to the rec center to play basketball with friends, but then that fell through. Saved me two trips, but I was excited for him to hang with friends, it's so rare :(  I told him to invite any of the kids that could over to our house for games, hot tub etc ... but he's just not proactive that way.  Hubs was working late on the computer again and I was SO tired again that I just fell asleep while waiting for him. Not sure why I'm so tired, he works 10x harder than I do! Over again on eating ... I've had some issues of late.

1208 (Saturday) Weight 171.9. Steps 12020. Total Burn 2278. Exercise Burn 300/498 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Awake early, but fell back asleep and then slept in. Hubs was off running errands all morning. Final party prep. I got in a session on the elliptical, then went to Smiths for more sales. #5 had his first game at 2:00 over at the high school. First time in his jaguar jersey. It was the first time these boys played together as a team, and I think there is promise with more practice. We got pretty trounced by a good Bingham team. Checked out the 9th graders playing after, saw #5's 6th grade friends playing before, and saw a couple of his 7th grade buddies on the CHHS B team, so we will be playing them. Got a little good natured flack for switching teams (not really our decision, based on boundaries). Back at home, Hubs actually got a nap in. He's been too busy lately to take advantage of weekend naps. I got some stuff around the house done, and 10 more minutes on the elliptical. #3 had a game at 7:00. He'd been scheduled to work, so he just took off the hour to go play. I met him there with my video camera in hand. Very fun to see him playing again. I like this little league, it's pretty laid back. No one taking it too seriously, yelling at refs, just having fun. Our boys trounced, and #3 did quite well with 15 points. I got home just in time to turn around and take #5 to his 9:00 game. SO late, but at least then it doesn't conflict with other games. IF #4 had played, he would have had a 7:00 game as well, same time as #3. #5's game was at Mount Jordan. They always seem to have something else going on at that school. NO parking. A little frustrating. Good game for our boys though. Sia was on, hitting 3-pointers like crazy. We got the win. Home, and Hubs was still up (after his nap) and we didn't get to sleep until almost midnight. Unusual for us!

1209 (Sunday) Weight 169.6. Steps 5979. Total Burn 1906. Exercise Burn 0/136 (no exercise). Calories in 3200.  Hubs got up and set a brisket smoking, and then still had a few more errands to run. #1 and wife came over for family breakfast and then games. They bought a Switch, and had a different set of JackBox games. #3 had work, but at least got breakfast first. #5 got invited to a friend's house and spent the day hanging with him.  I got hit with super sleepies in the afternoon and laid down to close my eyes. Didn't actually fall asleep, but it was enough. #1 made some tacos with last week's roast beef, then they were off to the inlaws.

1210 (Monday)Weight 171.8. Steps 24884. Total Burn 2937. Exercise Burn 1148/1159 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3250. Hubs was awake and off around 4:00. I couldn't get back to sleep. I got up at 5:00 and did a treadmill walk, then got my usual three elliptical sessions in while getting the boys off to school. Well ... not #4. When it was time to leave, he had disappeared and was on his bed saying he didn't feel well. He has an essay due today (by tonight, online) that we fought a bit about over the weekend. I wanted him to work on it Sat/Sun, not leave it to the last minute. I personally think that was what was weighing on him. His anxiety makes him feel sick. I'm not sure if he can tell the difference. He said he thought he was going to throw up, but it never happened. I left him sleeping and hit Zumba, going close to Kirsten's class. Stats: 4653 steps. 2.01 miles. 392/291 burn. AvHR124. High142. In Zone 34 of the 53 minutes. I went straight home after to check on the sicky, who was playing video games. I got after him a bit, saying if he felt good enough for that, we could work on his Fahrenheit 451 essay. That was an ordeal. We discussed some stuff, then brainstormed an outline, then I told him to start writing. I would have gone down to the gym, but wanted to be around if he wanted me to proof-read or bounce more ideas off of ... and to make sure he was staying on task. It took hours and he didn't finish it until after I went to bed. I took off to pick up #5 from school, then to drop him off at practice at 7:00. I ran to the store then, as we were almost out of milk. Silly cashier was misinterpreting the coupon limitations. She said she could only take one coupon, because the coupon said "Do Not Double" on it. Um ... double coupons is a whole different thing, one that I've never understood why manufacturers even care, and the double portion is a store promotion and doesn't affect them. When I explained that, she then read the fine print and curse this coupon, as it had more things that could be misunderstood. "One coupon per purchase of specified products" and I was attempting to buy two cookie packs, with two coupons. I explained that that, and the next "No other coupon may be used with this coupon" meant that I couldn't use two coupons on ONE package. Unless I've been couponing incorrectly for decades, and every single other cashier in existence is doing it wrong. This gal was set on only letting me use one coupon, and I just gave up on my $1 savings. Home to unload my few groceries, and then back to pick up #5 from practice. They are supposed to be getting out at 8:30, but it's been a little later. I just listened to my audiobook while I waited. I'd not got in any additional exercise after the morning :(  Still managed to eat a lot ... some stress eating I think.

1211 (Tuesday) Weight 171.2. Steps 28621. Total Burn 1365/1136 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Hubs slept in until around 5:30, and I did too. Better than that early rising yesterday. I got my three elliptical sessions in, pulling boys out of bed in-between. #4 didn't fight going to school today. I dropped the littles off and came back to do my duck duty and prepped for Zumba. If I'd had Mirabelle's phone number I would have given her a buzz telling her she was the only one I was expecting today ... but I didn't have her number and didn't want her to come to a closed church. I just figured I'd practice on my own until/if she showed (she's generally a little late). Stats: 6044 steps. 2.4miles. 472/292 burn. AvHR118. High136. In Zone 34 of the 62 minutes. I went and filled up the car with gas after class, then back home. Two treadmill times during the day. Double pickups after school, as #5 stayed for Intramurals. I brought up driving practice again with #4, stopping by the church parking lot on the way home when it's just him and I would be perfect timing. Again, he freaked out about it. I was a little worried that our altercation would affect him the entire evening ... he was fine. He seemed up in fact. I wasn't. #5 had practice, and we picked up Collin on the way again. Back at home, #1 and wife came over. I'd mentioned there was leftover brisket to share with them, and he had made a few salsas for a taste test, and he made tacos. Using potatoes in some for vegetarian #2. I left to pick up #5, but all the tacos were gone by the time we got back. Hubs was on the computer finishing up a game for his work party until late. I asked if he needed to load up all the games in the garage (ping pong balls, horse shoes, glasses, brooms ... a ton of stuff for "minute to win it" type games) and he confessed that he'd decided to go in a different direction, and wouldn't be using all the things he'd bought and planned for. That was a lot of time and $$ ... I went to bed and fell asleep and I'm not sure what time he joined me.

1212 (Wednesday) Weight 171.2. Steps 26125. Total Burn 1225/1115 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Hubs slept in a little. I beat him out of bed. I hit the gym for my first elliptical session and then woke the boys. #4 was in the chair in the front room and I could tell he was off. I asked if he was okay, and he said no. Had a math test today, which is always an issue for him, but after missing Monday, the practice test yesterday had overwhelmed him and he was in full fledged panic attack mode. There were tears, him and me. I told him I'd go with him early, and we could talk to his teacher and see what our options were. #5 had been slow to get out of bed, so leaving early was pushing it for him, but as always, he was wonderfully cooperative. #3 had to leave a little early too, as he was parked behind us, but he too had figured out what was happening and what was needed. So all the other boys actions (#2 had been so sweet giving #4 a big hug and telling him things would be okay before he headed out to work) made a difficult morning less so. #5 doesn't mind being early, as he goes and plays basketball in the gym. #4 and I went to his math class and his teacher was there, and she was very understanding and willing to work with us. She said he could postpone the test, and come in after school for some extra help. So we planned on him doing that today and tomorrow, and then hopefully taking the test Friday after school. I'd really rather him not put it off any longer as they continue to learn new things in math. The last time he missed a test and put off the retake, he didn't do well. So, he managed to make it through school today. I know at some point, we will likely face teachers who aren't as willing to work with him, give him special treatment ... that happened in 5th grade with an SRI test. But that's life too. So I made it home, got in another elliptical session (just my second instead of third with the shift in schedule this morning). I went out to feed and water the ducks before heading to Zumba. I'd just come back in, taken my coat and boots off, and the peeked out the window at the birds ... and there was an egg, that hadn't been there a couple minutes ago. So boots back on as I ran out to grab it. Then off to Zumba. A storm had been in the forecast, but the roads had been fine for the school commute. Not so for the Zumba drive. Yikes, complete blizzard! Luckily, class isn't very far. I think the weather impacted attendance though, class was a little small. Stats: 6060 Steps. 2.61 miles. 430/357 burn. AvHR120. High139. In Zone 34 of the 61 minutes. I went straight home after class. Got some laundry and dishes done. #3 showed up with some friends (prior to school being out, tsk tsk! A substitute and seminary was the excuse) and played Smash on the Switch. I hit the gym for a walk on the treadmill. With #4 staying after for math help, I just did the one, later pickup, grabbing him and #5 after his basketball. #4 seemed okay after the day, and even in good spirits for the evening. #3 had work ... third night in a row this week. #2 and a couple friends came over to use the gym, then went out for sushi. Hubs had his work party, mostly during the day, then hit a movie with a work buddy afterward. I made some chocolate crinkle cookies.

1213 (Thursday) Weight 172.3. Steps 27937. Total Burn 3014. Exercise Burn 1236/1229 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Got off to school without issue this morning. #4 planned to stay for tutoring, #5 for intramurals, so I was set for just one pickup after school. I had got my three elliptical sessions in early, then headed out to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6291 steps. 2.76 miles. 485/359 burn. AvHR114. High150. In Zone 23 of the 70 minutes. After class I stopped at Kohls, as I had a $5 off coupon to use. Grabbed some Nike sweats for #5's upcoming birthday. Then Walmart for a few groceries. Home to unload. Got a treadmill time in. #1 and wife stopped by to use the printer and chat. I got a text from #4 saying he wasn't going to stay after, that he just wanted to be home. That didn't sound great :(  So double trips after school after all. #4 came home and went straight to his room for a bit. I asked if something was up with school or friends, but he said it was just that he really wanted to be home.

1214 (Friday) Weight 171.2. Steps 13816. Total Burn 2356. Exercise Burn 630/577 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2850. Slept in some with late start. Got two elliptical sessions in. I debated hitting half of Zumba, but ultimately just came home after dropping the boys off. I did do some Zumba practice on my own, and my third elliptical session. I really could have, should have, done weights. I really thought about it ... but struggling with motivation today. #4 had debated taking his test today, but opted for some tutoring after school. I wish I'd known how short his tutoring was (just 15min) and I would have had #5 hang out that long rather than making two trips. Oh well. With just #4, he said we could stop and try driving in the church parking lot on the way home. We did that, and he was rough. having no experience other than video games. We drove around the parking lot several times, getting the feel of the gas and brake and turning. He wasn't solid enough to drive streets the little way home though. Back out around 5:30 to drop #5 off to catch a ride to his Wolves practice. Then home for the night. Took a shower and to bed.

1215 (Saturday) Weight 173.4. Steps 13496. Total Burn 2345. Exercise Burn 335/563 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2400.  Hubs had some things to do at work, so he headed into the office. I was surprised to find the kitchen quite clean. It hadn't been when I'd gone to bed last night. I texted #1 to ask if he (or his wife, or his wife's brother would have been more likely) had done it, but he admitted it hadn't been him. I asked #2 who said no, then #3 who also said no ... then #2 looked at me sheepishly, as it HAD been him! My little Christmas elf I. Those questions actually came up later in the day though. In the morning, I figured I'd make the boys french toast ... and I waited, and waited, but they weren't waking up! #3 finally woke, and when I asked if he wanted french toast he said "Yes! That's why I'm leaving to go get some" and he was off for breakfast with friends. It was 10:30 or so when the others finally got out of bed, and I made them french toast. I went back to nails today, it's been a while. Hubs and #2 headed out to my folks to attempt to install a Ring doorbell/alarm, but alas, need some different tools. I sent out a dozen eggs for my mom to take up to my brother, as they were visiting them today, and my brother had mentioned to me how much he missed fresh eggs. Before Hubs headed out, he got the hot tub draining, and then #3 scrubbed it up, and put new water in. Weather was above freezing, so it worked. Basketball today. The first game was #5 with his Jaguars against Copper Hills B team, Tannic and Tayden and a couple others he knows are on that team. We got the win, but CHHS kept it close. After the game, we did a quick stop at the library to return "Sent" and pick up the "Utah Driver's Handbook" for #4 to study for his learners.  #3 had to work, but hoped to get off for an hour to attend his game at 6:00. I needed to know what was happening, as I wanted to watch if he was playing, and #5 had a 7:00 game across town, so if I watched #3's game, I needed to arrange a ride for #5. That's what we did. I brought #5 with me to #3's game, he watched a bit and then got picked up by a teammate. It was another blowout win for our boys. Unlike last week, they didn't know these boys on the other team, and there was some trash talking, not as much just "fun" ... I headed out as soon as the game was over and got to #5's game shortly after it started. Score was 5-7 (for us) when I arrived. This was against a good Sonics team, and our boys kept it close, but ultimately the other team got a run and got the win. Hubs was home experimenting with steaks in the sous vie, but it was all gone by the time we got home. I got in a little elliptical and some Zumba practice for exercise today.

1216 (Sunday) Weight 172.7. Steps 13470. Total Burn 2398. Exercise Burn 320/620 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3300. Sunday sleep-in. Got up and saw to the ducks, giving them food and water. There was an egg waiting for me. Fed the kitties ... then fed the kiddos. I got bacon frying, and baked potatoes peeled and cubed for hashbrowns, got a batch of buttermilk syrup going (I'd planned ahead and pulled the frozen buttermilk out yesterday). #2 helped whip up some pancake batter. That was breakfast. I was teasing #3 about sportsmanship and his game yesterday, and he took it the wrong way and stomped off :( If he wanted to punish me and make me feel horrible he succeeded. Did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, several loads of laundry going. Changing the sheets on a few of the beds. Hubs ran to Costco. They have a small, white, frozen corn that has been a family favorite. This is the second store he's looked for it in without success. I needed to run some errands, so I thought I'd grab some from Reams, not the same brand, but we'll give it try. I stopped at DollarTree first, wanting to get some nail stuff (glue, a storage container), then CalRanch for feed corn and bedding straw for the birds. Then Reams, dropping off plastic bags for recycling, then the carwash. We are debating dropping our carwash subscriptions, as they are pricey and we haven't been getting them used enough to make it worth it (although this was my second in a week). At home, #3 helped unload without me asking, so maybe he felt bad and/or forgave me. The weather was pretty nice (45°) so I filled up a small tub for the ducks to splash around in, as well as a little digging in the garden. Turned up a few worms. Hubs prepped dinner, steak in the sous vies, mashed taters, corn, beans. I had rolls rising. After dinner #1 made homemade oreos, and we played some Jackbox games. I did do a half hour of elliptical.

1217 (Monday) Weight 174. Steps 27417. Total Burn 2947. Exercise Burn 1250/1155 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Hubs and I were both up in the night for a bit. He had trouble pulling out of bed, I beat him up. I had to wake #4 ... he's one who is usually up on his own. I'd changed his sheets yesterday, pulling out a set that he really likes the feel of. Not sure if that made a difference. He didn't fight going to school, no issues this morning. I got my three elliptical sessions in early, then headed to Zumba with Kirsten. Stats: 4225 steps. 2.02 miles. 318/272 burn. AvHR119. High141. In Zone 22 of the 50 minutes. As I'd run my errands yesterday, I really didn't have to make any stops today. Straight home. Put away some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. Got in a double treadmill time and a little extra Zumba practice. I decided to cancel my class tomorrow though (with the low attendance of late) and the next two weeks are holidays, so MY next class will be Jan8, and we'll see if there's any interest with New Year's resolutions and such. That's when I started several years ago. Normal pickup time for the kids after school today. A little stress over a possible change in the family party this weekend. #3 got Saturday off just for it, and now there's talk of moving to Sunday. He doesn't have Sunday off. He has NOT dealt well recently with plan changes, especially when it leaves him with nothing on a night he expected something. Hubs took his team out to dinner and wasn't home until late. #5 had basketball practice.

1218 (Tuesday) Weight 172.9. Steps 24729. Total Burn 1255/1121 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  EARLY awakening. Hubs woke and couldn't get back to sleep, so he decided to be productive and go into work. I unfortunately was not able to get back to sleep either. I didn't do anything productive however, I stressed and stewed over lots of things for a couple of hours before I finally got up and out of bed. Not a good start to the day. Not a good day. And then it got worse, as #4 had another panic attack, as he was supposed to retake the test today. Not as bad as last week, and really not unexpected, but still discouraging. I did get him to school and hoped he'd take it ... he didn't, put it off until tomorrow and I hope we don't just have a repeat tomorrow. I had canceled my Zumba, as I wasn't sure that anyone would be there, and that was good, as I wasn't up to it today. I did still go to Zumba. I could have hit Heather's class with Carma, but went with MZL, as it's a little more familiar. Stats: 6552 steps. 2.84 miles. 468/427 burn. AvHR121. High147. In Zone 40 of the 61 minutes. Straight home after. I did lay down for a little, but didn't fall asleep at all. Still stressing and down. #1 and wife came over and #1 said he wanted to take #4 driving ... and they did. Just in the church parking lot, but another session is good (I'd offered after school, but he hadn't wanted to then). Chatting with Sol though ... she's quit her job, so now neither of them are working. More stress! Not sure how they will make bills. Still worried about #1 starting his job in January, really hoping he can see it through. And it's hard for Sol to just find another job, as (not being a citizen) her work permit hasn't come through and few employers are willing to hire. #2 came home from work not feeling well, and he was HOT. I took his temperature and it was 102° ... his girlfriend had been sick last weekend. He took some ibuprofen and went to bed. Hubs came home and went to bed pretty quick, not feeling very well himself (chest pains). What a day ...

1219 (Wednesday) Weight 171.8. Steps 253274. Total Burn 2877. Exercise Burn 1210/1094 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  Awake early as Hubs left (around 4:30). #2 was feeling okay, no fever in the morning, so he went to work. Today was test day for #4. Not a repeat of yesterday, he got up and didn't complain. I really should have been able to get my complete hour in with my early up, but I didn't start the second session early enough with the moved up departure time. I'd made sure Hubs had parked behind me, not #3, as I figured we would be leaving before him, but he was up and out the door early too. I got another elliptical session in, then headed out to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6423 steps. 2.78 miles. 466/375 burn. AvHR115. High147. In Zone 17 of the 70 minutes. Straight home after. Little nap. One treadmill time. Checked in with #4, who said he felt the test went okay, but he did run out of time. The teacher graded it pretty quick, and he got a C+, which #4 did NOT consider okay, but as I'd told him, I didn't really care. The teacher has said he could attempt a retake if he wants, but I'll leave that up to him. I picked up #4 at 3:00, and went back for #5 at 4:00. With his birthday tomorrow, I  had mentioned a cake from Baskin Robbins, as he'd really like the one Maga brought over for #4 a few months ago. I asked him if he wanted to go pick one out and he said yes, so we took a detour on the way home and grabbed one. Pricey! $47! But now we are set for tomorrow. #1 and wife were at the house when we got home, eating the pizza we'd picked up yesterday. I wonder if they don't have food at home. They stayed, and we played some JackBox games.
1220 (Thursday) Weight 172.7. Steps 22764. Total Burn 2763. Exercise Burn 938/975 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Happy birthday to my baby! Thirteen years old. I got up at the normal time (5:45) but was a little slow to get down to the gym, so I only got in half a session for my first elliptical. I woke the boys, gave #5 his gifts, and hit the gym for my second session. Dropped the boys off to school, then home for duck duty and another 20min elliptical. Then I headed out to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 5173 steps. 2.23 miles. 364/270 burn. AvHR113. High134. In Zone 13 of the 56 minutes. Lots of people had dressed up. I wore red and an elf hat on over my cap. One lady had on a full snowman suit, and it was so cute, but must have been SO hot. The instructors were going out to lunch after, and I was invited, but I'm not so good at the social stuff out of class, and I needed to hit the store. I went to Sams and then Walmart. Home to unload, and my cleaning ladies had left ME a gift! I did give a Christmas tip, but had thought about leaving something for them, but just hadn't gotten around to it. I only had a little time before needing to pick up the boys from school.  Had to rest my eyes some, and never made it down to the gym for treadmill time, and barely remembered to get in my 10min elliptical from my shorted first session to equal my hour. Didn't finish my movie though. #5 stayed after for Intramurals, so I just grabbed #4 after school, then back for #5.  I'd emailed the school counselor yesterday, just giving her a little background on #4 and some of the stuff he's been going through. Just in case he "breaks" at school and needs to retreat to the counseling center, that they'd have a better idea of what has been going on. I'd given her his history, and the events of last week. She had got back to me today, and had met with him ... and then today a couple of his friends also approached her with concerns, about his sadness, his withdrawal, and had noticed the blood on his wrist. That was something I, and others, have noticed. I first noticed it last week, and he said it was a floor burn from diving for the ball in gym during volleyball. Which it could be. We just haven't ruled out self-harm, Hubs and I had wondered about some marks on his legs a bit ago. "Cutting" is a little more common in girls, but that doesn't mean it can't happen with boys. It was comforting to know that his friends care about him enough to come to the counselor. I've worried that his moods might have driven away the few friends that he has. #4 did seem down after school. Not sure if being called in to talk to the counselor had anything to do with it, or if he was just tired. He took a little nap and came up in a decent mood. After I'd picked up #5, I had gone over the book Fahrenheit 451 to find symbols, alliteration, similes, metaphors, irony, foreshadowing ... things for an assignment #4 had for his language arts class. When he came up, I mentioned we should work on the paper and he said "I really don't want to read the whole book again! I mean it's not like I can just flip to a page that has examples ..." and his words died off as I showed him the book with my sticky notes, marking pages that had examples. So, he was able to finish up the work. I didn't love the book on my reading of it, but helping #4 with these assignments and looking at it more deeply, I've come to appreciate it more. I watched the recent movie on HBO ... um, really nothing like the book! Back to the birthday boy. We'd talked about going out to a birthday dinner, but this time of year is crazy and Hubs wasn't able to get home at a decent time to try to beat crowds. All #5 really wanted was his ice cream cake anyway. Maga and cousin Sam came over to celebrate. #1 and wife were here too. Hubs ended up making some steak and pork chops, but they were done late, long after the cake. #3 headed out to hand with friends, and ended up coming back and hanging in the hot tub. He begged off going to school tomorrow ... grrrrr.

1221 (Friday) Weight 171.9. Steps 17175. Total Burn 2652. Exercise Burn 425/869 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. I'd planned on sleeping in more than I did. Awake at 6:00, up at 6:30. Still just two elliptical sessions in before dropping the boys off to school. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries. When I got home, I realized I'd forgotten to grab the pasta for the chicken noodle soup I'm making tomorrow. Grrrrr, I've been to two stores and now I'll have to go again. #2's girlfriend had bought a queen size bed to replace the twin in his room and was having it put in today. As #3 had stayed home from school, so I had him and his truck, I asked #1 to come over and they took the twin bed out and took it to the storage unit. I moved the desk to the other side of the room, and we barely (and I mean barely) had enough room for the bed to fit next to it. With the new comforter set and the room all cleaned up, it looks nice. #1 also hung up the basketball frame #2 had received at graduation. Kate came back when #2 came home for the surprise. Between the cleanup (vacuuming, rearranging) and some moving things around upstairs (making room for Hub's new Sous Vide container in the closet) I never made it back down for any additional exercise. Picked up the boys after school, and now they are off for a little over a week. We had talked about b-day dinner, but #4 had been invited to friends for the evening, and I wasn't wanting to hit the crowds, and Hubs didn't get home until almost 7:00 ... so we'll push the dinner until after Christmas, trying to get a night when #3 can come too (he was working tonight). I baked chicken, and will turn it into soup tomorrow. I made brownies too. I thought about making the roll dough, but figured I'd just do it all tomorrow.  #1 and wife came over in the evening and made tacos. I dropped #4 off for his evening with friends, and stopped at Smiths. Again. Got the noodles. #1 made his cookie dough, although I had him substitute margarine for butter and they turned out totally different.  Then there was watching a little Mike Birbigla and a Monopoly game. #2 did the late pickup of #4 for me, so I could go to bed.

1222 (Saturday) Weight 170.8. Steps 8113. Total Burn 2142. Exercise Burn 105/366 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2400.  Out of bed a little after 7:00. Had to make sure #3 was up and off to work at 8:00. Hubs was off running some errands.  I got started on food prep, although I didn't want some stuff done too early (roll dough rising too much, and then falling) so I was attempting to time it all. I got the roll dough going, then got started on the soup. I also finished up the brownies and got them prepped on the trays to take to the party. I baked some cookies and got them packaged up, and I pulled out some of the frozen swig cookies and frosted them and got them ready to go. Got the roll dough rising, breadsticks. During this time I also took #5 to a Christmas basketball party. Was 10:00-12:00 but I didn't want to be waiting, so I told him rather than coming at noon, I'd wait for him to text me, as I was only five minutes away. Good thing too, as it was 1:00 before it actually ended. I baked up some of the breadsticks and then we took a couple of pans to bake fresh there. Loaded everything up and we were off. There were a few different soups and some little smokies. Something wasn't working for my boys though. #3 felt off as soon as he walked in, and #4 was complaining of a stomach ache and didn't eat and didn't really participate in anything. #1 and wife had their allergies act up as soon as they walked in too. Not sure what was up. We played the "candy bar game" and Ana won the $50. #5 won $10 and I won $5.  #1 and wife left early, as they had purchased tickets to a movie, I think going with her family. I'd hoped to get a family picture before they left, but it didn't happen. I don't hink people were in the mood. The grandkids decorated gingerbread houses. I had a couple light-up footballs for the nephews and some donut stuff for Uncle Clay (and also for Uncle Derek tomorrow). We headed home and headed to bed ... at least Hubs and I did. #3 took off to hang with friends and #2's girlfriend came over here.

1223 (Sunday) Weight 172.0. Steps 3489. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 1800.  No big sleep in ... just tend to awaken around the same time even on weekends. Hubs hit the hot tub first thing. I got the duckies fed and watered ... found an egg. I figured we wouldn't do a big breakfast as I'd made some cinnamon rolls from the dough yesterday, and saved some dough for scones - so we did those. #1 and wife came over and made some breakfast burritos too. Then the kids played Sharp Shooters. #3 had work and #2 went off to his girlfriend's house. Being close to the end of the month, I got the bills paid. Nice to have some left over this month, with Hub's Christmas bonus. I'd started on the slideshow yesterday and was working on it today when Uncle Derek contacted me with some video questions. He was trying to make a little "music video" ... he'd made up and recorded a song "Stairway to Nowhere" based on our dad's rock stairs and cave. He'd taken some video of the stairs/cave, and of Grandma and some of the nieces singing backup, but he didn't know how to combine them all together. I wasn't sure if I did either, but I said I'd have a look. He put the files in Dropbox, and my Muvee program didn't want to work with a couple of the files (in M4v format) but I pulled up my backup program Filmora, and it recognized them. I'm just not as familar with that program, even though it can do additional things Muvee can't. I ended up using it, and I think it worked out. Derek seemed pleased. Then it was back to the slideshow. I'd just finished it up when Aunt Alicia sent over more photos. I have left it to Christmas Eve morning before, but I just never know how long it's going to take. It took a lot longer than I thought it would today. I was glad to be done.  Way too much time sitting at the desk today. Hubs did some Sous Vide steak for an early dinner, then made it into steak nachos (I just had some of the steak).
 1224 (Monday) Weight 171.6. Steps 6375. Total Burn 2107. Exercise Burn 0/326 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. Christmas Eve. Kirsten's Zumba class was canceled, although MZL and Southziders were still going. I figured I'd be pretty busy though, and I was right. I got up and after feeding the ducks and cats, I got going in the kitchen. Got the dough going. Made a batch of brownies (I wanted to make a marshmallow set, and more mint, as #2 had been eating the pan I had in the fridge), baked up the rest of the chocolate chip cookies, frosted the sugar Swig cookies. Got those all packaged in kitchen rubbermaid containers (four full, big ones). Got the soup going. I just grabbed some chicken I'd prepped earlier and it worked well. It was done pretty early on. I had #2 make his potato chowder. Pam had returned the nativity (she'd grabbed it from my folks, as we don't want to store it any more, but we didn't get around to it on Saturday) so we had that, the breadsticks, some baked and some ready to bake, all the treats, the soup ... I suggested we bring our water dispenser and some ice. And the USB with the videos on. We even made it out pretty much on time. #2 drove separately, as he was leaving earlier, but that was good as we needed both cars for space. We'd worried it was going to be crazy crowded, but everyone was a bit staggered, so it worked out. After dinner, we watched the videos, played the candy bar game, then exchanged gifts.

1225 (Tuesday) Weight 173.1. Steps 3777. Total Burn 1847. Exercise Burn 0/63 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Hubs and I had gone to bed early last night ... I was SO tired. But I woke around midnight, and while I wasn't stressed about being Santa before the kids woke up, as I WAS awake, I decided I might as well get up and get it done. Very small Christmas this year anyway. Seriously, I only wrapped TWO presents, and neither were for our family. No gifts under the tree, we never even got the tree decorated. Only half its lights work. I had some candy for the stockings. A t-shirt for #4. A couple yo-yos, really just stocking stuffers. For Hubs, I put in some salt/pepper and olive oil he had picked up. Hubs was awake too, so he got up and filled my stocking, and had bought Nike gift cards for the boys. Back to bed and back to sleep. #4 was first awake, the others seemed in no hurry to wake up at all. Hubs even got a soak in the hot tub in before they were up. I hope the kids weren't too disappointed, they seemed fine. But if we'd waited and they were just getting the Switch and the games, that would have been a pretty big Christmas. And then ... the cruise. Hubs went ahead and purchased the tickets last night. I'd really debated going but ... not going. So technically, THAT is Christmas. Hubs smoked some bacon, a 2-pound package he'd picked up at the specialty meats store, and it was 10 slices! But yummy! I had some baked potatoes that I turned into hashbrowns, and #3 made waffles. #1 and wife called to see what the plan for the day was, if we were going to Maga's. I wasn't sure, so they came over ... and then Hubs said we were heading to Maga's. Of course we wanted #1 and wife to come too, but they detoured to her family for a while. We tried to wait on the opening of presents until they got there, but they were taking so long we gave up on that. They did finally show, and we played some Jackbox games. We don't really have Christmas evening plans, it was just resting and relaxing.

1226 (Wednesday) Weight 174.9. Steps 15790. Total Burn 24550. Exercise Burn 340/655 (Zumba). Calories in 3000. Hubs went into work today, although it was a wasted morning for him, as the power was out. He ended up going to breakfast with a few coworkers, then home early, off to help #1's MIL move. #2 had the day off, but also helped with the move. #3 was in the gym working out when I got home. I haven't been in my gym since last Saturday. I was up around 6:30 and hit Zumba w/MZL. They asked us (vis FB) to be early/on time as the gym was wanted for basketball at 10:00. Stats: 5927 steps. 2.54 miles. 400/339 burn. AvHR114. High132. In Zone 14 of the 63 minutes. There had been snow as I headed in (a little later for the White Christmas). On the way home, I stopped at Walmart. Grabbed some of the Christmas candy on clearance. They had a good stock. Reeses trees, M&Ms in all the varieties, mini-snickers ... even my Lindor truffle balls. Yummy! Got some Lofthouse cookies too. A few regular groceries. After getting everything put away, it was time to take down Christmas. I hadn't put out a lot of decor, but there were the stockings, a few Santa decorations, the elves/hill, etc. I got all that back in the shed. I took down the tree ... not sure if it's worth saving. I guess we could just string new lights. Anyway, it's down. The front room vacuumed and the furniture back in position. Basic house cleanup, although the cleaners are not coming tomorrow, and garbage day is pushed a day. #1 and wife stopped by for a bit, borrowed the Durango as they needed its space to move a few more things. Hubs decided he wanted to try making pretzel bites ... and he did. They were good. Hubs and I watched an episode of Mad Men and then to sleep.

1227 (Thursday) Weight 176.7. Steps 13756. Total Burn 2306. Exercise Burn 390/506 (Zumba). Calories in 3200. Ooof, that scale is sliding. Not surprising, nor undeserved, but ... ooof! I slept in some this morning, then headed out to Zumba with MZL. Only one other car when I arrived! The weather was iffy, snowing some. It was a pretty sparse turnout although more trickled in. Stats: 5678 steps. 2.27 miles. 437/345 burn. AvHR120. High138. In Zone 35 of the 60 minutes. After class I stopped at Sam'sClub, and then hit Walmart again, as I'd forgotten to grab a few things (yogurt, eggs, noodles). I was glad I'd gone yesterday, as they'd cleared out of a LOT of the Christmas clearance. My mom had written, suggesting we come out for some cousin time before the California and St. George cousins headed out. So, we did. The two littles and I anyway. #2 was back to work, and #3 had to be in at 2:00, and was actually going in early to help with a large catering order. The littles didn't fight me on the outing, I half expected them to. Knowing we were going to head out, I'd grabbed a cake from Sam's. Any excuse for the white cake, a belated b-day celebration with cousins. My mom loves the cake as much as we do. There were a bunch of snow tubes and snow clothes all over, as these kids don't generally get to play in snow, living in their warmer climates. When we got there, we were introduced to the game Left/Right/Center, which #4 won (it's just luck though), then we showed the cousins how to play Pirate. Then we did a game of Quiplash, then had cake, then the boys and I headed home. #5 had a basketball game and I needed to get him to his ride by 5:00 ... I ended up taking him early, as soon as we got home and he changed, as a few of the boys were hanging out beforehand. That was okay with me anyway. Back at home, I was in for the night, so I showered and got jammied up. Then, I worked with #4 on a geography assignment that is due when school starts back up again. He got stressed out about it, but I think we made some good progress. Hubs tried pretzel bites again, hoping to improve on his first attempt. They were even better, but he still feels the need to perfect them. That's okay, we're all willing to eat his attempts. He also Sous Vide some steak, and set of the fire alarm a couple times while browning the outside.

1228 (Friday) Weight 176.5. Steps 13674. Total Burn 2369. Exercise Burn 380/562 (Zumba). Calories in 3000.  Hubs slept in a little, 6:30 .... which is sleeping in on a "work" day for him. It was early for me for a Friday, as I got up shortly after. Did the usual morning feeding of the animals. Cold weather out there for my duckies. I gave them some new straw and had to go out again in the afternoon with more water as it had frozen over. There was a little more new snow, not much. I scraped the sidewalk, knowing the sun would then clear it the rest of the way. I put the garbage cans out, then headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 5871 steps. 2.44 miles. 420/340 burn. AvHR118. High155. In Zone 29 of the 60 minutes. After class I stopped by Maceys. Restocked Hub's Fresca, got some chips, bacon. Then I did a little detour and hit the car wash, as the car was filthy. I'm sure it will get that way again pretty quick in this weather. #4 helped unload when I got home. #3 and his friend were in the gym again. Nice someone is using it over the holidays, I'm not! My brain had worked a little on #4's geography assignment. He's supposed to present an oral report in a creative way, and as he's a sports fan, I thought he could do it as a sport reporter. I wrote up a little ditty and then showed it to him to see if that appealed at all. Better than just a boring power point, right? We'll see. He still needs to do the written report (but at least we have all the info for it from yesterday) and then create the power point (whether he uses my creative approach or just does it plain). I tried to push, but he didn't get to either of those today. Sigh. Did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen, doing the dishes. Put the garbage bins back ... the trash didn't empty all the way, as something lodged in it, keeping the bottom half from falling out. Dang it! #5 had two games tonight. Again, I just dropped him off to catch a ride. These games are in Lehi, and while I've caught a ride before too (as I don't dare drive it myself), I'm not a fan of the venue. No real spectator space. And they are now charging for spectators, which rubs me the wrong way. We're already paying quite a bit for the games. Breaking down the cost, it's $80 per team per game ... and they have three games going on per hour. I don't think they need to charge for parents to watch their kids play too. But, excuses, I just wasn't in a basketball mood this weekend. Hubs and I watched a couple episodes of Mad Men while eating his yummy popcorn. 

1229 (Saturday)  Weight 176.9. Steps 6159. Total Burn 2030. Exercise Burn 0/219 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Started the day getting the kitchen cleaned up, did some vacuuming and basic cleaning, as we didn't have our usual weekly cleaning. Restocked the bathrooms with toilet paper, tissue and wipes. Got some laundry done and put away. Hubs tried to get the oil changed in his car, but Jiffy Lube wasn't going to be a jiffy, they were very busy. Then, the BIG job for me today, was to get #4 to work on his project. It was my goal for him to finish the written report today. Oye, what an ordeal. He was physically running away from me, locking himself in the bathroom, then getting in bed and pulling the covers over his head. I didn't let up though, I kept tickling him and spanking (just to be annoying) and pulling him out of bed. He finally went to the computer, but he was mad at me. I then cleaned his room up, as it was a mess! Clothes and shoes everywhere, I cleaned the kitty litter and refilled the food, I vacuumed. Then I checked on him upstairs ... he'd written ONE line. I sat with him, and we struggled for the next hour and got one paragraph. Then I gave up for a bit and he disappeared to his room to sleep off the emotion (and I'd given him a Valium which does make him tired). Frustrated, I told Hubs it really should just take an hour or so to hammer out the essay. It's just informative, gathering, organizing and regurgitating facts (on two countries, Bolivia and New Zealand). Not to do the work for him, but to show him how it could be done, I sat down at the computer and started looking up stuff. It did take me a lot longer than I had thought it would ... just another push for NOT waiting until the deadline (this is due January 3). I did one page on Bolivia, actually writing up three paragraphs. For the New Zealand stuff, I just gathered the info but didn't organize and work it up. I wanted to show him the different steps and have him work through it. The third page would be comparing, and that should be doable with the info we have. I dropped #5 off to catch a ride to his final tournament game. Hubs was running some errands, and I suggested he grab Popeyes, something I could coax #4 from his room with (with the homework still hanging over our heads). That worked, and #4 seemed a bit more reasonable and read over the stuff I'd prepped ... but still didn't DO anything. Grrrrrrr. I know, I'm the parent, I can try to force him, but he just freaks out about this, and I don't want to make things worse. I wish he could understand reason and just get it done and then not worry about it. I thought about grounding him from watching football, it was the college playoffs, and he'd even turned down good Jazz tickets (Hubs had some from work, but gave them away when no one here seemed interested), but I knew he would just go be depressed in his room, and we still have a few days. I let him, but grrrrrr! Reliving the whole "math test" and the English essay before that. #5 checked in, saying they had won their game easily, and a few of the boys were having a sleep over and could he go to. So, okay. His ride was willing to stop by and let him change before dropping them off (I was already showered and in pjs ... yes, it was only 7:00, but it had been a long and emotionally trying day). Hubs and I watched a Mad Men. Hubs hadn't slept well last night, so took an Ambien tonight, and he was OUT. And snoring. Very loudly. I tried shifting him but finally gave up and figured I'd go sleep in #5's empty bed. It certainly isn't very comfortable. #4 was going out to the hot tub (instead of working on his assignment) and kitten was desperate for company while he was gone, clawing at the closed door. I was relieved when he came back in so she could cuddle with him. The ducks were pretty noisy too, as they are right outside of #5's window. So, not a good night for sleep for me.  

1230 (Sunday) Weight 176.9. Steps 18844. Total Burn 2484. Exercise Burn 405/673 (95min/5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600.  Hubs was up and hit the hot tub. Said sorry for the snoring. #4 was up earlier (I'd seen him around 5:00) but was back to bed and didn't get up for a long while. We really should have gone to my nephew's homecoming, but ... anxiety issues for me (and the family) there. Not being active anymore, the talks just sound very different (those poor bad people who aren't coming to church), plus we all hate getting dressed up, and then traveling (about 30min away), and the crowd at the house after with extended family and friends. I suggested to #1 and wife that they could go represent, but they were speaking in their ward (they hadn't mentioned it to us, I guess figuring the same issues would apply, although they are a lot closer). I made breakfast. Hashbrowns, bacon and french toast. Hubs did get his car serviced, although they were still busy and it took longer than he would have liked. I ran to grab #5, I'd missed his original text and kept him waiting for a bit. As #3 was actually around (working later) I suggested Hubs make his pretzels early, so #3 could experience them. So Hubs did, and they were a hit with the whole family. #1 and wife had stopped by too. Jackbox games came after eating.  I'd bought a heated bowl for the ducks, as the weather is turning super cold, and I've been worried about them being without water (even if I take it out in the morning and top it off in the early evening, it freezes quickly at low temps). Hubs came out to help position it, and with #2 helping, we got the doghouse out of the pen. I wanted to have more open space in the pen, and the house where I could see/get into it easier if needed (if eggs were laid in it). I ended up staying out for a bit, in the cold and snow, repositioning things. I have a number of boxes and bags and boards around the tramp, attempting to keep a dry space for the ducks to gather. I pinned a small tarp to the side of the pen, to try and keep some of the snow out there (that's where we ended up putting the heated water bowl, closest to the extension cord). Brrrrrr! Hubs made some steak in the evening, and I also stuck a siti I'd pulled out of the freezer in the oven. Sometimes it's just good to have leftovers. I also baked some potatoes, but they were small and starting to sprout. Black Sunday. #2 had gone to see a friend home from the military for a couple of days, and didn't get home until 3:00. Had to be up at 6:30 for work ...  

1231 (Monday) Weight 175.3. Steps 11560. Total Burn 2075. Exercise Burn 230/273 (60min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Bad night. Neither of us slept in the bed. I was awake until 2:00. Bad day too. Zumba w/Kirsten canceled as she was sick ... I wouldn't have made it there anyway. Didn't get much done during the day. Laid down for a little but didn't actually fall asleep at all. Gave up on attempting to get #4 to do his report. We were supposed to host New Year's Eve with my parents, a tradition for several years now, but I wasn't feeling up to it. They had backup plans and went for dinner and games with my aunt. I think #1 had still planned on dinner and games with the grandparents, I hadn't though to tell them it was off. They still came over and Hubs did steak Sous Vide, baby potatoes, corn and beans. Some games. I played a couple Jackbox sets, but us old folks didn't make it until midnight, especially after bad/no sleep last night.

*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Not a lot of movies this month, as I didn't even spend time in my gym over the Christmas break at all! So these are all from the first part of the month. Still all Starz movies. Nothing outstanding, no terrible ones either (The Good Guy was probably the bottom of the list ... I think I probably liked Hurricane Season the most. I guess I'm a sucker for basketball shows).  I finished up watching the series "Boss" when not watching movies. Hubs and I watched season 1 of "Mad Men" upstairs. 
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