Monday, September 29, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down ... are you familiar with that song by The Carpenters? Now personally, I LOVE Mondays. I'm always ready to get back to the routine, back to better eating and exercise after the weekend. But my #4 son, he really struggles. He is a homebody (like his mommy) and after a couple days in the comfort of home, it's really hard for him to go back to school. Once we get past Monday, he's usually ok again ... until next Monday.

In addition to his generalized anxiety, he has a weather phobia. We're not sure where it came from, but we've been struggling with it for a few years now. Wind, rain, thunder and lightening ... he has a hard time handling it. This past weekend was a challenge!

He'd been invited to a birthday party on Saturday ... storms were forecast. He really wanted to go, but I wasn't sure if he'd be able to overcome his anxieties to do so. The party got changed to Friday evening, which I originally thought was a good thing (weather wise) but Friday night turned out to be crazy with rain, thunder and lightening. 

The hubs and I were actually going out to a movie. I didn't want to discuss the possible incoming storm with #4 (as the anticipatory anxiety is often even worse than the actual event, he hadn't checked the weather report to notice the possibility) but I did bring it up with his brothers, who I was leaving in charge. I told them not to force him to go if he was anxious, but try to encourage him. I told them to be prepared to go get him if it got bad (the party was just a couple of houses away) and refreshed where what to do (he has a couple "safe spots" in the house, rooms away from windows, with tv/video game distractions). My older boys rolled their eyes ... but I like to cover things just in case.

As we exited the movie ... what a storm! I was anxious to get home and check on #4. He had gone to the party. He had needed to come home from the party. The storm passed pretty quick, and he actually went back to the party (thank heavens for accommodating hosts aware of his issues!) That night, the storm returned with a fury! For over an hour around 4:00 in the morning it was constant flashes and thunder that rocked the house. #4 managed to sleep through it amazingly enough!

Saturday was rainy too ... #5's soccer game was cancelled (although there were still some teams playing on the soggy fields). More rain Sunday ... no thunder and lightening until the evening. Poor #4 had to retreat to his bedroom because there are just too many windows out in the family room and kitchen. 

He was actually ok this morning. Last week was a miserable Monday morning, and there were no weather worries that day. He doesn't check the forecast as much as he used to, so I don't know if he is aware that thunderstorms are forecast for later in the day. Fingers crossed they don't hit while he's at school.

The cooler, rainy weather did impact me over the weekend. In addition to feeling anxiety over my son's anxiety, it just made me want to jump back in bed and snuggle under the covers.  There was a neighborhood 5k race Saturday morning, but I just couldn't pull myself out of bed. I did take a nap Saturday afternoon ... unheard of for me! It was a soup and warm breadsticks kind of day. We even pulled out the hot chocolate maker! Sometimes the cooler weather can motivate me to move ... just to warm up. But not this weekend! Linking up with MIMM.

Very happy to have a Monday Morning where #4 didn't have a melt down. It's hard not to let those emotions affect me. It can be hard to get into my Zumba class when I'm feeling emotionally off. Sometimes Zumba is enough to snap me out of it too, though. I still go!

...and it's time for me to head out! Zumba, here I come!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Stats

Since I've started going to five different Zumba classes on the weekdays, I really look forward to each one. They all have something to offer in songs, style and steps. It's amazing how many different numbers there are ... I don't know how the instructors remember all the choreography. I'm a follower, that's for sure!

  • Monday: It was a rough morning at home with my #4, who didn't want to go to school. Apparently I wasn't the only one, as Nina came in late with similar stories of her children. Luckily I'm not super pressed for time in the morning, so it was all good.Great class as always ... highest for the HRM burn and average heart rate.
  •  Tuesday: Even coming straight from dropping off the elementary kids, I was a little late. This class can look deceptively simple at times, but I often get great numbers here, perhaps because I am more familiar with most of the songs. Got my high for the Fitbit burn in this class this week.
  • Wednesday: I always come to this class late, because it always starts late. Well today ... it had already begun as I walked in. I think I only missed one song, and I still got my full hour in. I do think it threw me off just a bit to start, had a little trouble getting my heart rate up today.
  • Thursday: Didn't quite get my heart rate up as much today. Class also ran a little short (I was actually there early). But did have a couple of my favorite Claudia numbers.
  • Friday: Late start here today, with schedules, the class was cut a little short today.  There were some balloons floating in the gym and a couple of the ladies helped grab them down to the delight of some of the little girls who were there. Couldn't help but smile as they ran around with them. Quite a few numbers I wasn't as familiar with today, but I'm not going to get familiar unless we do them!
Another week of Zumba down ... honestly looking forward to hitting all my classes again next week!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #62

Well, I was really hoping to stay an entire week under 150. It didn't happen this week. I actually made it through the weekend, which is usually the hardest part for me. I had a 30K Saturday. Sunday wasn't wonderful, but it wasn't bad either. I had the usual up Monday morning (still under 150 though) and thought this would be the week! But then Tuesday morning ... a little bump up over 150. Not sure why. I had a really good day Monday. TOM did come visit on Tuesday, but honestly I can't say that I've really seen a correlation with weight gain during that time of the month for me. Perhaps some cravings kicked in some ... I was having a harder time controlling calories this week. I was also really dragging during the day. I had to lay down for a quick nap here and there, something I rarely do.I got in my Zumba Mon-Fri, and my hour of elliptical every day. I had some treadmill time most days (at an incline), and even hit the bike a couple times. I got in weights once.

NUMBERS: Well, my last week's 2.6 loss is cancelled out by the 2.8 shift back this week. But, my average for the week is actually down a bit! Despite the up for my official weigh-in this morning, I like seeing that it has been down overall, that it didn't bump as high as it had in the past. I had a weekly deficit of -4503, which I consider good. Daily intake was up, averaging at 2200. I upped my average burn a bit, to 3016.

That was my week ... gotta keep plugging away!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lost and Found

I've been a Fitbit Fan(atic) for over four years now. I'll admit, I have been rather proud of myself that during that time I've never worn it in the water, accidentally washed it, or lost it. My streak came to an end this past week.

I was at my son's soccer game, when I felt for my Fitbit. It wasn't there. I had changed from my workout wear into actual clothes, so I assumed I had simply forgotten to transfer the device ... I'm pretty good at remembering, but that does happen from time to time. Do steps really count if you're not wearing your Fitbit? *Ü*

We went home, and I looked around. No little Fitbit One to be found. I could then distinctly remember I HAD reattached it after I had changed earlier ... which meant one thing. It was LOST! It had fallen off somewhere. Oh no!

Some time ago, I had heard of a helpful app called BTL Explorer. It SHOULD be called the "Find My Fitbit" app! It can detect the Blue Tooth signal coming from a Fitbit. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but if you are close enough (you need to be within about 20feet or so) it will pick up the signal. It will show you if it is a One, Zip or Flex. There is a number displayed next to the device name, and the lower the number, the closer you are to the device. 

I opened up the app ... my husband's Flex appeared, three of the boys were home, and their three Zips showed up. No One. I knew it was a long shot, but I decided to go back to the soccer field and walk around. 

I parked in the same spot and retraced my steps. It had been a bit of a walk in. I went to the spot where I had sat down watching the warmup. I walked around the entire field ... as I had walked around the field during the game. I was about to give up when... "One" appeared on the app! My Fitbit was out there. It was close by! Unfortunately, by this time it was completely dark! I hadn't thought to bring a flashlight, so I was on my hands and knees, running my fingers through the grass, trying to use the light from my phone, while watching the app, playing hot/cold with the changing numbers.

I found it!

I was SO happy to be reunited with my Fitbit! I am addicted to the feedback. I just thought I'd share my little story, and give a shout out to the BTL Explorer app (it's free!). I mentioned it to my boys, so they would know there is an option if the Fitbit falls off. You DO need to know the general area for this to work ... but it worked for me. I then used the app to narrow down WHERE exactly Hub's Flex was (he hadn't been able to locate it in a couple days) ... the numbers grew smaller as I approached the closet, then one side of the closet. I found it in the pocket of a pair of shorts.

It's a handy little app to have!

And speaking of soccer ... it's been a tough season for my munchkin. He's coming off an undefeated season last Spring.  He scored a goal (usually more than one) in every game. This year? They hadn't been able to score yet. But Thursday night ... the first (and still only) goal for the team!
My little guy had HIS Fitbit on ... he gets quite a few steps during these soccer games. I haven't made it back to MY soccer in a while. I need to. It is such a workout, I really need to get my motivation up attempt it. It's at the same time as my Zumba, and it's hard to have to choose between the two. But seeing my munchkin out there running and kicking does put in my a soccer mood.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Movie Motivation

I haven't been into movies much lately. Going to them on the big screen ... it's so expensive. I have a hard time sitting for two hours, and I always over-indulge. I just can't seem to say no to the popcorn and treats. I'm a little more comfortable at home, snuggling with the hubs ... popcorn is still a probable part of a DVD experience.

The majority of my TV/Movie watching is done while I workout. I'm on the elliptical or treadmill, or I even have something on in the background while I work with weights. I tend to favor television series over movies for my workouts, although I have watched many a movie while exercising through the years.

I am a "Pride and Prejudice" fan. I'd read the book "Austenland" and was looking forward to the movie. Not enough to go see it in the theaters ... and hubs wasn't particularly keen to see it either. I was more than happy to wait until it hit DVD. I still wasn't in a rush, I so put it on hold at the local library, even though I had to wait several weeks for a copy to come in. 

My hold was available last Monday. I picked it up and wondered when to watch it. While I don't mind the start/stop as I watch shows (as I'm usually doing 10-20 minute exercise spurts throughout the day) I do like to finish a movie in a day. Last Tuesday was too busy, with double doctor appointments (a check-up for me, and wisdom teeth out for #1 son). I just didn't get around to it Wed or Thurs, and Friday is always a bit crazy. I ended up getting in plenty of exercise on Saturday, so Sunday was my day left to watch it (as it is due back at the library today). 

It was only 90 minutes, and although I have been taking Sunday's as a rest day, I figured I could get that much in. Easy elliptical ... a simple walk on the treadmill. I got in a couple 15min sessions early in the day and then ... I was dragging. I felt like I wanted my rest day.  I listened to my body and decided to take it easy. I took a nice nap. I made dinner for the kids. Chicken soup and breadsticks. I had decided I was fine with just the 30 minutes, but my tummy felt full and I actually wanted/needed to move again. So I went down and did another 30 minutes. 

Not quite enough to finish my show. I didn't quite have the energy to add ANOTHER 30 minutes, so I saved that and finished it up this morning. It was a cute story (as mentioned, I had read the book so I knew how it ended). Just in time to get it back to the library today. I was determined not to return it unwatched! Movie motivation :)

As I was having my Sunday, 
the hubs was in Seattle, at the SeaHawks game ...
I have anxiety issues just looking at the photograph!

I know I've been late with my Motivation Monday posts for the past several weeks. I was really trying to prep the posts the day before, so they were ready to go first thing in the morning... but then I've started focusing so much on my weekend, that often I needed it to be officially "over" before I did my recap. I also felt I needed to see my Monday morning weigh-in to see what the scale shift reflected. Monday mornings are a bit crazy with kids, Zumba and my weekly stop to shop. Then I take a breath and get my post done :)

Happy to say ... this morning, I was still under 150! Just barely ... 149.8.  That's my goal though, to stay under that number. It is a "magic" number for me, mentally, but also physically. For some reason that is the tipping point for my body.

It was a pretty good weekend. Yesterday, my hour of exercise didn't quite combat my calories. My intake was slightly higher than my burn. Saturday turned out to be a 30K day! It was a sports Saturday. #5 had a soccer game ... parking is such a nightmare that we ended up walking quite a ways before/after the game. Then #2 had a couple basketball games ... at the high school with a track above the court. I walked while I watched the games, and jogged the track while we waited the hour between games. Friday, I got in my Zumba and elliptical and banked my calories, as the hubs and I went out to dinner. I managed to keep my intake 500+ below my burn for the day. I call the whole weekend a success.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Stats

I've been enjoying my Zumba classes. Every weekday. Monday through Friday. It's how I start my mornings. I go to five different locations. Five different classes. Different songs, instructors and styles. I keep track of my numbers with a Heart Rate Monitor  (PolarFT4) and my Fitbit. It's fun for me to stack my stats side by side too see how they compare.

I never got around to posting the stats last Saturday, 
so it's a double dose this week.

  • Monday: I usually hit SouthZiders in Draper, but my son (#4) wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school. Later in the afternoon after his brothers were home, I did sneak down to my home gym and did a Zumba workout to my YouTube playlist.  At home, I am in control of the music, and I try to keep them all very bouncy songs to get a higher burn and more steps. I wish the transition between songs was a little faster. It was a good workout, but not as fun as being in the group atmosphere. 
  • Tuesday: #4 wasn't sick, but he did have a panic attack before school. He has a weather phobia and it was a stormy morning. There were many tears (his, and mine as I went into the school to explain the situation to the office and the school counselor). Tuesday, Zumba starts early, and I barely make it with a normal drop-off. I was 30 minutes late. I did a little YouTube at home after to get to my full hour.
  • Wednesday: As my first two Zumba attempts this week were not normal, I was ready for the class experience. The class is supposed to start at 9:00 ... I show up at 9:10 and still usually end up standing around for another 10 minutes. But it's always good once it gets going.
  • Thursday: Really good class today. I could tell my heart rate was up, and I was super sweaty! Although the calories aren't the highest for the week, my "in zone" time and average heart rate were the highest in this class. An extra few minutes can make a difference in the total calories, and this class did stop at exactly one hour.
  • Friday: I always really enjoy this class. It almost ended shy of an hour, but then there was one more upbeat song for those who wanted to (after the cool down!).

  • Monday: Yea ... back to Southziders! I'd only missed one week, but it felt like forever since I'd been there! Good numbers, it's pretty much always that way in this class. 
  • Tuesday: Nice to get a full class, after only getting half last week. I didn't get in my usual walk to/from, as I came directly from dropping off kidlets, and had to leave for an appointment immediately afterward. The walk was always a nice addition to this Zumba class.
  • Wednesday: It was a themed day ... "Get Nerdy". I had forgotten, but I don't know that I would have (I have tried to for some of the themes in the past). There was some great get-ups though. I was personally having an off morning after not getting much (if any) sleep. While I have friends in the other classes, I don't really know anyone here. Today ... I wanted that anonymity. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to overcome my exhaustion and emotional state, but I did get good numbers.
  • Thursday: Missing Claudia today ... it's nice to have multiple instructors so that when one is gone, the class goes on. It was really high energy today. Lower numbers on the calorie burn/step count because the class was cut a little short (as I think the instructors were heading to another class themselves), but again this class was the high for the average heart rate.
  • Friday: The school schedule shifts on Fridays, with late start at the high school and middle school. I was so happy to find this class, with a 10:00 starting time. We had to change churches again. Very nice to have a backup.  A couple numbers I wasn't as familiar with today, but I'm getting better and picking up new choreography. We did Baliando two different ways :)
So, there are my numbers and recap/reviews of my classes for the past couple weeks. This last week, it seemed almost effortless to get my heart rate up. Some weeks, it just doesn't seem to want to, even when I feel like I'm putting the same amount of effort into it!

I've really enjoyed all my classes. I look forward to them, and I leave feeling like I got a good workout, and instead of being tired, I'm energized for the day! Thanks to all my instructors!

Friday, September 19, 2014

WWI#61 and Friday Five

Hey, hey, hey weekly weigh-in (as well as several during the week) is UNDER 150! Yea! I feel like I've been stuck just a few pounds up for months. I have actually hit this milestone before, in January and in March, but couldn't quite keep it up ... or down in this case (you can see all my weekly weigh-ins here).

I had a good week. Controlling caloric intake, getting in the exercise.  I actually had a good weekend too though. By that, I mean I had a rather blah/boring weekend. For food and fitness, boring and blah is better than birthday cake, eating out, family get-togethers, even though those types of weekends are more fun!

EXERCISE: This past week, I got in my hour of elliptical every day, including Saturday and Sunday. Good Zumba workouts Mon-Fri (I'll post my Zumba numbers and reviews tomorrow). I have not been good at getting in my mile jog, but I have had quite a bit of treadmill time this past week. Instead of going for speed, I've upped the incline. 10 is far as my machine goes. It's a little hike while I watch a show. I got in a bike ride last Friday night, but haven't been back on the bike since. I've meant to, I've wanted to, but I generally leave it until the end of the day, and I've been occupied helping with homework most evenings.

EATING: My intake was high last Friday, but I was able to stay in control Sat/Sun. All my weekdays I was able to easily stay under 2000. Still need to work on quality, instead of just quantity control. This past week, I actually took a bit of scrambled egg! I haven't had that in ...30 years? If you don't know about my Eating Issues, that is a HUGE deal for me. I've been doing a little better getting in some fruits too.

NUMBERS: Today's weight of 147.6 is -2.6 pounds down from last week. Three weeks in a row with a loss, although this is the biggest one! Average weight was also down, -2.37. I was able to keep my average intake under 2000. That is huge for me. That hasn't happened for a while. 1921 was the actual number. Average daily burn was 2951. This gave me a total deficit for the week of -5715.

No big plans for this weekend either ... so maybe I can get an entire week under 150, no bump up. Check back next Friday!

Onto the Friday Five ...

I've enjoyed the return to routine that the school schedules bring. It seems synonymous with success for me. Fridays for me, still have some of the same stuff, but the schedules are skewed. The high school and middle school has late start. The elementary has early out. I tend to sleep in a bit. I have an extra drop-off (normally I can drop off high school and middle school together, but I have to make separate trips on Fridays). After I drop off the elementary boys, I have about one hour before I need to get #3 to middle school. I've been making a quick run to the store during this hour. This morning, there were FIVE items we were almost out of. Here's a peek at today's shopping list and a little about our family food ...

  • Grandma Sycamore White Bread: Yes ... I know I should be getting the whole wheat stuff. #1 (and sometimes the hubs) are the only ones who will eat it though. The rest of the family will only eat the fluffy white stuff. And it can't be a generic brand, it has to be Grandma Sycamore.
  • Apple Slices: During the summer, we went back to regular ol' apples, but school back in session, these pre-sliced, non-browning apples are a lifesaver in lunches.
  • Sliced Turkey: I make a turkey sandwich for three of the kidlets each school day (the other does peanut butter and honey). I'll grab a slice of turkey here and there too, for a quick snack and a punch of protein. 
  • Eggs: The kids have been enjoying scrambled eggs in the morning. As mentioned above, I actually ate a few bites myself. We've been going through a LOT of eggs. I need to keep them on hand for baking too. I did grab some of the Egg Beaters today too.
  • Bacon: Every Sunday we have a big family breakfast. Every Sunday ... there is bacon. It has been so expensive lately! I'd been hoping for a sale or something, but with Sunday almost here, I went ahead and picked some up. My boys love bacon ... who doesn't?
I'll usually end up making a couple trips to the grocery store throughout the week. I do try to shop sales and get the best prices. Today's trip was to Sam'sClub. I usually get milk there too, but it is on sale at Smiths for a slightly better price, and I do like to get the fuel rewards they offer. I'll hit Walmart every once in a while (a lot less, since I've been going to Kmart with my FitStudio points each week).  It's always a challenge trying to keep things on hand, without overbuying, and having them go bad. I quickly packed up #3's lunch after shopping, before dropping him at school ... I hadn't been able to make it earlier, as we were out of bread and apples! I bought four loaves today.I hope that gets us through to next Friday!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Good Weekend, Bad Weekend, Boring Weekend, Better?

It's Monday. Last week, I had child home from school sick. The week before it was the Labor Day holiday. The week before, school had started at the high school, but the middle/elementary didn't start until Tuesday. So I feel like today is my first real "Monday" on the back-to-school schedule.

When I write up my "Day to Day Doings" (daily stats and journal entry) I note the type of day it was: Good, Ok, Bad ... this is in reference to my eating/exercise, not if I personally had a good day emotionally (although they are often related). My weekends are almost always "BAD" as far as food and fitness, although often filled with family fun. 

This past weekend was pretty blah ... nothing much going on at all. Ironically, that made it a "good" (or at least better) weekend on the eating/exercise scale. I ate a little too much on Friday, but also got in a lot of activity, so I still had a deficit (and dropped just a bit for Saturday weigh-in). On Saturday, I didn't get in as much exercise as I do during the week (no Zumba) but I did get in an hour of elliptical and a 40minute walk. Good for a Saturday. I also totally kept calories in check! Sunday, I got in an hour on the elliptical. Calories were ok ... and an "ok" day in my rating book (but better than "bad").

My lower weigh-in on Friday ... I think that motivated me to be extra good, to see if I could get it to drop just a bit more. I was there on the 150 threshold, and I DID drop into the 149s Sat/Sun. It's been a while since I've seen those numbers. I was a bit disappointed this morning when weight was back up to 153.3 ... but I am always higher Monday mornings. I was just hoping it wouldn't have that big a jump (I'd been 149.6 Sunday morning) as I really wasn't bad on Sunday. But it's better than the last several weeks, which were always even higher (155/156).

Funny how both a low weigh-in, and a high weigh-in can be motivating. I saw the lows, and felt encouraged and excited to keep up the good work. When I see the bump up, I'm motivated to get it back down.  It can be the reverse though ... you see a low number and feel like you can let up some. You see a high number and just give up, because it's not working. A lot of it just depends on your perspective.

I'm feeling pretty positive right now ... hoping to have my usual loss as I get back into the Mon-Thurs routine. Hoping that my high, being lower than in past week, will result in a low at the end of the week. Hoping to drop under 150 and stay there! I was great to get a peek at the scale shift, now just to make it permanent! 

How was your weekend?
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Friday, September 12, 2014

WWI#60 and Five Favorite Songs

Is it the start of school, the return to routine? Is the new medication helping with nervous eating? I've been able to better control my calories during the week (keeping them under 2000) ...weekends are still bad though. I wasn't at all surprised by the up Monday morning. I was happy it wasn't quite as up as it had been the last couple week. Even with some kinks (a sick kid on Monday, same child having a panic attack Tuesday morning ... Zumba was affected both days) I had a good week.

Despite the difficulties, I did get in my Zumba Mon-Fri. I got in an hour of elliptical every day. I got in some treadmill time ... mostly walking, but upping the incline for quite a bit of it. I even jogged a whole mile! It has been a while. I got in several riding/reading sessions on the stationary bike, and did do weights on Wednesday. Not sure if it was the weights or the jog, but my legs were sore Thurs/Fri in my calves and quads. 

Fri/Sat/Sun were horrible as far as food. Friday just added up. Saturday there were donuts in the morning and "The Cheesecake Factory" in the evening. Sunday was spent at the beach, so quite a bit of sitting and snacking. But Mon-Thurs, I was able to keep calories in check every day. Still not the best quality of calories, but at least controlling quantity.

NUMBERS: Even with a low last week, I was down .8 this week *Ü*  My average dropped 1.18. I actually only had a -475 deficit for the week (hard to overcome the bad weekend eats). Average in 2343, Average out 2883. 

Onto the FRIDAY FIVE ...

I'm normally an ipod gal. I have one set up in my car, so I don't have to listen to all the commercials and radio hosts jabbering. I like having control of my song selection too ... but with the ipod, I don't hear the NEW stuff much, to know what I like enough to buy and add to said ipod. So I do go through phases where I'll turn back to the radio. Today I thought I'd feature five songs that I've been happy to hear, and I'm sure I'll be adding to my collection.

  • Shake it Off: Has anyone NOT heard this song? It is just bouncy and fun.
  • All About That Bass: Another new one making a splash. Can't help but dance a little.
  • Love Runs Out: The hubs really likes this one. It has been introduced in one of my Zumba classes. I liked the song, but didn't love the routine ... but it's been growing on me more and more.
  • Bailando: This one I heard first in Zumba, in Spanish. When I heard it one the radio it really surprised me. I do like a little bit of English, like knowing what they are singing about. Three different Zumba classes do this song quite often ... two are completely different routines.
  • Maps: This song has become a bit of a running joke in the family. Every single time I have the radio on in the car, this song comes on. Every. Single. Time. Originally, I liked the song. Then I got sick of it. But now, it causes such a reaction ("It's YOUR song Mom!") that I am happy to hear it. Following, following, following ...
As all of these songs are quite popular, I'm sure you've heard most (if not all) already. But I did gather them into a Groovershark playlist. I think I'll appreciate checking back and having the songs of Fall 2014 at my fingertips :)

Isn't it great when a favorite song comes on the radio? This viral video is making the rounds too, but if you haven't seen it, take a minute to check it out. It's sure to bring a smile to your day!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hat Hair!

I while back, I posted about attempting to wear at hat for some of my workouts (Hats and Hair). Since then, my little black cap has become a pretty regular feature at Zumba. I just never knew what to do with my bangs, they'd get all sweaty and lose whatever curl they had when I first arrived. The hat hides the hair, and also helps to catch a bit of the sweat, so it's not dripping down my face. On the occasional day we've Zumba-ed outside, I was grateful to have the hat to shade my eyes from the sun.

The problem with the hat, is what happens when I take it off. My poor bangs are completely crazy! So the hat can NOT come off, until I'm home and can do something about my hat hair! 
Do YOU get hat hair?

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