Monday, July 28, 2014

Sleep Stuff

Sleep. I love it! I feel pretty lucky that I have very few issues with sleeping. Yes, I have the occasional night when I have trouble getting to sleep, or wake up in the night, but those times are pretty few and far between.

There are a lot of articles out there telling us all the importance of sleep. We need our "beauty" sleep, we need to be well rested to function. I remember reading one not long ago saying that inconsistent bedtimes can lead to weight gain.

For the most part, the hubs and I are a pretty "early to bed early to rise" couple. It's not uncommon for us to start shutting things down around 9:00 or 10:00, much to the chagrin of our teenage children (#2, Mr. Social who wants to stay out late with friends but then also needs a ride home). I remember pushing the curfew myself when I was that age, but I was never really a night owl. My friends knew that after 10:00, Jen got a little loopy!

My wear my Fitbit One to bed, clipped onto my nightshirt (not in the little wristband as it is actually supposed to be worn). It tracks my sleep. I don't know how accurate it really is, but as of this year, I have been recording my "to bed" "awakened" and "hours asleep" with the rest of my numbers. It has been interesting to watch the trends. To compare how I felt my night was, with what the Fitbit feedback reflected.

I mentioned we did get #3 set up with a Fitbit (Tracking the Family. He was the last one to get one). He has the One, and I did want him to have that model because I was interested in having him use the sleep tracker. He complains constantly that it took him hours to get to sleep, that he didn't sleep at all. I thought it would be interesting to see what the Fitbit said about that. It's still very new, so we don't have a lot of data yet.  He's actually on a little vacation right now. I received a text from him this morning with a picture of his Fitbit, with 45 steps on it. He said he woke up with that. Now if you read the Fitbit forums, you'll probably come across tales of "phantom" steps ... sometimes that happens. But for my son, apparently there WAS a little sleepwalking going on (he does do that) as both a cousin and Aunt verified that he had walked around a little bit in the night.

Wearing the Fitbit to bed can track simple things like how often/when you got up during the night, as well as your restlessness while you lay in bed. I have posted about the Fitbit sleep tracking before. There are several other devices that track sleep too ... apps for your phone, or beddit (that one looks interesting).

I'm a very light sleeper ... maybe it's the "mommy" in me, always keeping an ear out for the kids. We're at a great stage right now though, where all my kids are really good about going to bed and staying asleep. I don't miss the baby days of night-time feedings and kids in the bed with us!

While many things affecting our sleep are out of our control, our actions can contribute to bad sleeping habits.  Caffeine or over eating too close to bedtime ... the late exercise, watching tv or electronics really doesn't seem to impact ME negatively (generally I'm falling asleep with my iphone kindle app in hand). I DO keep our bedroom cool, as I have trouble sleeping if it's hot. We keep the room pretty dark, although I do wish our window blinds were a bit better at blocking out any outdoor light. I thought this article (Can't Sleep? Your Guide To A Better Night's Rest) had some good ideas. 

I know I'm much more motivated and ready for the day after a good night's sleep!
Shall I admit I stayed up a little late prepping this post? Oops!
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five Look Back and WWI#53

Yesterday I talked about the number 22 ... today it's five, Friday Five. The DC Bloggers are looking back at their goals. I didn't set any "New Years Resolutions" and my goals have stayed pretty much the same ... but I thought I'd look back on five things I'd mentioned a while back and let you know where things are standing now.

  • Revising My Records: Back in January I posted how I was switching from my small recording notebook to a bigger one. It didn't QUITE work out that way. I did revert back to the small one for downstairs. I do still write my stats on it each day and tear off the sheet and bring it upstairs. I so still have the bigger notebook, which I keep upstairs by the computer. I'm pretty good about transferring the stats from my single sheet to the notebook and then tossing the small sheet so they don't pile up (like in the picture). I do like having the bigger notebook with everything in it, nice and organized for me to keep (although I do still transfer the info to the computer as well). 
  • A Farewell To French Tips: Back in March I said goodbye to my pretty, acrylic nails. I loved the look. I didn't love the upkeep or the cost (in time and money). It took a good two months to finally grow out the damage. I really don't know that I'll ever be able to grow them to anything I'll be happy with. I did just invest in some Pink Armor Nail Gel that had some good reviews ... but as far as I can tell it's no different than any other nail strengthener I've tried. I was doing ok ... until yesterday! One of my nails got a snag and I couldn't leave it alone. I'd nibble at it and soon it was gone. Once I've attacked one, I often attack the others. Not down to the quick, but I lost the tiny progress I had. Starting over ...
  • My Treadmill 5K: In April, I was excited to finally "jog" a 5k (no walking!). In that post I pondered "will I do this once a month" .... ummm, no, I haven't even attempted it again.
  • Check Engine: Also in April, I posted about our car troubles. The dang "check engine" light on in my son's truck and in my suburban. Happily, the light magically went off in my car Someone had commented that once it was just their gas cap not on tight enough ... I HAD had that warning, and I guess it just took a little time for things to regulate after I had fixed that tiny issue.  My son's car did not have such a happy ending ... we couldn't pass emmissions inspection, thus couldn't register the car and be legal. No easy fix either ... a "cylinder misfire" which can't really even be repaired. You have to replace the engine! We did manage to get a waiver to just buy us some time (got registered for this year) while we figure out what to do. I'm actually driving the truck this coming week. Hope it holds up for me!
  • Committing to Fruits/Veggies: I've posted about Pact a few times, and every time I wonder aloud if in addition to the "gym" and "food logging" pacts I've committed to, if I should try the "veggie" pact. I really considered it ... but have decided NOT to do it. Having to take a picture, post it and wait for people to vote and approve it just seemed more stress than it would be worth (especially as I'm on a Facebook group where people post some of their vote downs and showcase people cheating). I just decided to stick with my food and fitness pacts, which are easy peasy for me. I will TRY to eat more fruits and veggies still ... just not commit to them on Pact.
I just KNOW you've been wondering about these topics with baited breath, so there you go. The updates! I also know you are anxiously awaiting my weigh-in results, so without any further adieu ...

I'm the S.A.M.E. Again! Down to the ounce. I'm consistent at least, right? That's three weeks in a row at 152.6. I did finally go in and update my WEEKLY WEIGH-IN page... easier to see the week to week trend. I haven't yet crunched my weekly numbers, I will. I'm happy I'm not gaining ... I AM still trying to lose, not maintain. Just taunting me with these few pounds, that elusive 150. Gotta get below and THEN stay steady. I know it's just a few pounds, and I know it's just a number ... but it's the number I have in my head! 

So, linking up with the Friday Five blog hops ... the DC Bloggers ((Courtney, Mar and Cynthia) Friday Five.  Other Friday linkups ... Friday Favorites at Running4Cupcakes, Friday Favorites at Housewife Glamour, High Five Friday at LaurenElizabeth and Five Things Friday at Fitting It All In and with my weekly check-in link-ups: Fitness Friday with Jill and Aubrey  and a late Weigh-In Wednesday.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Number 22

Twenty-Two. What do you think of when you hear that number? 22,000 just happens to be my daily step goal, but this past Tuesday (the 22nd!) it had a different meaning. My 22nd anniversary. I went through some old photos and posted a bunch to a Facebook album (J&G). 

We've had our ups and downs these past 22 years. Life ups and downs, weight ups and downs. Life has been good and I consider myself very lucky!  We had a pretty basic day ... the hubs worked, I hit Zumba, did laundry, kept the kidlets entertained. In the evening we went out to Texas Roadhouse, it's one of our favorite places. I'm a simple steak and potatoes kind of gal. I ate a couple too many rolls but they are so good. We did skip dessert.

I hadn't been sure I'd get to my daily goal of 22,000 steps here on the 22nd of July, my 22nd wedding anniversary. But there at the end of the day I could see I was close, and I did walk around until I had passed that magic number *Ü*  Twenty Two.

As I prepped the photo collage and anniversary album was just interesting to note the prevalence of pictures (and the lack thereof) . There were quite a few photos from the dating years and our early married life. Then they slowed. At least the pictures of ME. For years, I was pretty successful at avoiding the camera. Then came 2006 when I lost the weight. Suddenly, I was in quite a few photos again (hubs and I were also actively "dating" again and taking more pictures, in fact we did a little "photo a day challenge" of us together one month *Ü*) I do still struggle with pictures though! Having lost some of the weight, the chances of looking good in a picture have increased, but I still don't think I'm very photogenic. And if you say "but you look good" ... it's because I only post the decent ones (do you do that?) I have posted about this before (Picture Imperfect). I do try not to hide from the camera so much. 

  Just sharing my thoughts on the number 22 and on appearing in pictures. 
Thinking out Loud this Thursday. 
Shouting out "I Love You" to my man!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Heart Rate Monitors

I've been a pedometer person for over eight years. I discovered Fitbit four years ago. It wasn't until last year (Spring 2013) that I first invested in a heart rate monitor. I wasn't that impressed at the beginning, and I'm always anxious to take it off asap (unlike my Fitbit which I wear 24/7) ... but my HRM has become an integral part of my fitness feedback and tracking.

I had been perfectly pleased with my Fitbit, and wasn't really looking for anything new. As I joined MFP and started reading the forums there, it seemed heart rate monitors were highly recommended for calorie estimates during your workouts. I looked into some, was impressed with the reviews and price of the PolarFT4 and purchased it. 

Originally ... I didn't like it much at all and I very close to giving it away to someone who would appreciate it. Having to wear the strap (and moisten the strap, yuck!) was uncomfortable. I'd have to put the pieces together and put it on before every workout (as I would take it off immediately after).  I had to remember to actually start it (oh the frustration on finishing a workout only to determine I had not done that), and sometimes it had trouble finding my heart beat. Then of course, there were the actual estimates. They were LOW. Lower than the machine readouts, lower than the Fitbit. It seems like everyone else would say their HRM readings came in higher than their other estimates. If they were accurate, I guess that was good for me to know though.

As I'm on and off my elliptical multiple times a day ... I don't put on my HRM for it anymore (after a few times to see that I am pretty consistent, and consistently lower than the machine and Fitbit estimates). Same goes for the stationary bike. I would wear it if I walked or jogged, for my 30DS workouts, and most recently for Zumba. I'd still wear my Fitbit and then compare the estimates.

Beyond the calorie estimate itself ... a HRM can provide you with very interesting data DURING your workout. You can watch you heart rate go up and down, see what it takes to maintain it "in the zone", see how high it gets, see how quickly it can drop if you stop moving. I really use the feedback when jogging or during Zumba, and I purposely try to keep it "in the zone" (between 115-150 beats), increasing my intensity if I see it dropping down. Many will also dial it back if they get it up too high ... THAT just doesn't really seem to be a problem for me (I guess maybe I'm a bit wimpy). 

I am a numbers gal. I would LOVE to know for sure what my calorie burn (and intake) is, but I know it's all estimates (Exercise Estimates). Just to make the matter even more confusing, I keep reading that HRMs, while probably the best estimator for steady-state cardio, are NOT good for tracking other exercises (weight training for example).   Heart Rate Monitors and Strength Training & Heart Rate Monitors and Calorie Estimation. I don't know how "expert" the authors are, but as I try to look into it, it does seem to be supported. I'm always interested in learning more and trying to get my numbers as accurate as possible.

So while I'll never look at my HRM and say "I just burned xx of calories" and take it as fact, I will appreciate any and all feedback. I'll take the calorie estimate with a grain of salt, but if it's higher than yesterday's calorie estimate for the same type of workout, I consider that a thumbs up. I'll watch my max, and my average ... at how fast my heart rate drops back down (that's a good thing, right? Your heart recovering quickly?)  I'm still learning myself!  Here's another article spotlighting the PolarFT4 and another good article about HRMs in general (The Real Facts about HRMs). So much information!  

Do you own a heart rate monitor?
What's your experience?
Thoughts on their calorie estimates?

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Just for fun, going along with my topic today ... I thought I'd share a couple "heart beat" songs that I've been enjoying lately. Both have a great jogging beat (around 160BPM) and both are available for FREE download from Freegal (libraries all over the US participate in this, sign in with your library card and download the MP3s for free!) Linking up with The Thrifty Home.
Heart Skips a Beat by Lenka on Grooveshark

 Song #1 is "My Heart Skips a Beat" by Lenka
Song #2 is "Pulses" by Karmin (which I couldn't find on Grooveshark to include here).


Monday, July 21, 2014

Motivated Monday!

I'm not normal. It seems like whenever people talk about something "the average person" likes, dislikes, needs, etc ... it just doesn't seem to apply to me. Take Mondays. I LOVE Mondays. I dread the weekends! While I know many fitness fanatics don't care for rest days ... they often seem to say they come back refreshed anyway. Not me. I took a rest day last Sunday and proceeded to have a pretty crappy week. Admittedly, there was some other stuff going on too (see last Thurs and/or Friday's posts) but I feel like the rest day just stopped my momentum. I did NOT rest this Sunday and I'm feeling totally ready to attack the week!

Looking back on the weekend ... on Friday, at Zumba, I FINALLY felt like I was "back". I felt the Zumba joy, finally! The hubs and I hit a movie in the evening (The Edge of Tomorrow) and I really enjoyed it. Ate too much popcorn and treats though, not sure if it was that, or if I just picked up the germs for the kidlets (who had been sick Monday and Thursday last week) ... in the wee hours of Saturday morning ... I was sick. Luckily I was a "one and done" but my Saturday was pretty much shot.

I've mentioned my various reward programs (Reaping the Rewards, Reward Updates) before and said that I wasn't sure if they motivate me, as I'm generally working out regardless ... but this weekend was an exception. I am signed up with PACT, where I have committed to "workout"  six out of seven days in the week (10,000 Fitbit steps count as a workout).  I like that little bit of leeway, but I like to have my Pact completed by Saturday, so I can take it easy on Sunday if I want.  I did try some elliptical on Saturday, but I was feeling pretty wiped out. I only got in 15 minutes, and a couple little five minute sessions. Near the end of the day I was at 8,500 steps, so I decided to just go ahead and hit the elliptical again to get to 10k for the day.
Often I try to get 10,000 steps by 10 a.m. 
... on Saturday, it was all I could do to get them by 10 p.m.
But I got them!

 Unfortunately my sickness didn't affect my appetite.
#1 picked up donuts on Saturday ... and they tasted good.
I still had plenty to add to my food log.

I spent a little time Saturday playing around on the Fitstudio site too ... generally I've just been pretty happy to check in once or twice during the week to check on my points. I mainly just want to get the 14 miles to earn my 5,000 points ($5 store credit). I'll usually take a minute to sign up for a goal or a challenge while I'm there, approve any friend requests. These little things get you a few extra points. I was proactively going after some additional points though ... linking up my Facebook, posting a status, sharing my status on Facebook. I think I might try to do that more often to get a few more points ...  and of course exercising too! 

I spent a little time on the Fitbit site over the weekend as well! I'd been talking to Fitbit customer service about my little device. For the past several weeks, my "floors" counter has gone a bit crazy (I mentioned it mid-June, Stacked Stats). I just wasn't sure if the Fitbit crediting me with 200+ flights of stairs was perhaps inflating my calorie count. Even though my Fitbit was over a year old, and otherwise working properly, Fitbit customer service said they would send me out a new one. I received it on Saturday and got myself set up. As my old one did count steps and active minutes properly, I went ahead and assigned it to kid #3 (the only one in the family without a Fitbit). We'll just disregard the floors and the calorie burn, but he can compete with us all on steps.

 As I was on the Fitbit site, I rearranged my tiles, and discovered one (This Week's Activity ... see it in the middle there) which hadn't been there last time I checked. Admittedly ... I don't remember when I had actually looked last. I can switch that tab to to calories too (in and out!)

I think I'll keep it there on my chart.  Fitbit is always changing and evolving. I still remember the old dashboard ... and I still really miss the pie chart (Fitbit Fluctuations). There are some additional changes I'd REALLY LIKE (future blog post rant?)

So ... back to the weekend! Sunday, I woke up feeling completely better and ready to get at it again. NOT taking a rest day, not taking it easy as I sometimes do on "Slow Sundays". The hubs went off for a bike ride, and I hit the elliptical and then did some YouTube Zumba. It was raining off and on ... it would stop and start so suddenly. I've been walking to and from church every week, but I just wasn't sure if I should risk it. I did. And I got rained on! I was completely speckled walking into church even with my mad dash there at the end! Pretty funny! The little boys had been shooting some bb guns over the weekend, and after church they were out shooting cans when the rain came again. It didn't stop them either (which is actually kind of a big deal, if you know my #4 who has a weather phobia! Anxiety Issues).

I also finished up my latest TV series over the weekend (Big Love ... all five seasons). I was ready for it to be done. Ready to move onto something else. I guess I'll try Warehouse 13. I've heard good things about it and was a fan of The X-Files back in the day (also watched season 1 of Fringe, which seems similar). You know TV is a big motivator for me (Me and the TV). I finished up my book too. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to commit to next in both TV and books. I do want something I'm excited about, that urges me to hit the elliptical or stationary bike to get in a show or some reading.

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How was YOUR weekend?
What have you found has been motivating you lately?

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Funnies - Colbert Clip

I have always loved grabbing the comics section from the Sunday paper ... I just used a Zits comic strip in my Friday post! I don't always blog on Sundays, buthere and there I try to spotlight some Sunday Fitness Funnies. This week, I thought I'd share a clip from the Colbert Report which touched on the Fitbit (you know I'm a fan!) and a new way to track your liquid calories ...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Zumba Favorites and WWI#52

Ah Zumba ...I've had a bit of an off week, and today for the first time, I felt BACK. At Zumba, feeling the energy and the joy. There were a few of my favorite numbers today, I'm sure that helped knock me back into the mood. I think everyone has some favorites when it comes to Zumba. Whether it's the music or the moves, the instructor's smile and energy ... or just the simple fact of it being a number you KNOW. That you are familiar enough with the steps that you can easily dance along. For the Friday Five today, I thought I'd feature five of my favorite routines I've learned in the various classes I've attended.

I think I loved this one from the first time it was introduced. I went home and purchased the song, and was happy when I found the video on YouTube. A few weeks went by without it coming up in the rotation, I mentioned that we should do it to the instructor and the very next song she did! We did this one today in class (after a small suggestion from me).  

This was another "love" at first dance. I'd actually seen the song come across the official Zumba Facebook page, but hadn't checked out the moves. But I recognized it when it came on in class that same day. Very catchy and easy to follow.

I remember the first time I saw this number, my eyes were glued to the instructor's feet, just trying to follow along. Once I got the steps, this has been a favorite! I COULD actually do this one without looking at the instructor now!

This one has been popular in many classes .... and each instructor does seem to do parts of it differently. The main part, the kick and side hop is the same (although several instructors only do it twice and then move into different steps).

This one was not originally a favorite, but it has really grown on me! It's pretty funny to even imagine a bunch of older ladies getting down to this ... I know MY kids are shocked that I know this song (much less dance to it and like it!) I thought this was a good one to include, in light of the comic strip I started with.

It was hard to choose just five. I'll have to share some other favorites in the future! I do have a pretty good YouTube playlist going ...

This does go along with the theme of the DC Bloggers ((Courtney, Mar and Cynthia) Friday Five.  Other Friday linkups ... Friday Favorites at Running4Cupcakes, Friday Favorites at Housewife Glamour, High Five Friday at LaurenElizabeth and Five Things Friday at Fitting It All In.

And now it's time for my week recap and weigh-in ...

... and, the exact same weight I was last week. I did fluctuate a bit more during the week, hitting a high of 155.3. Low was 151.8. The average was up slightly. 2379 was the average calories in. 2767 was the average burn, which is lower than usual.

It's been an off week. A little over a week ago, I tried soccer for the first time in years and by Saturday morning, my legs were SO stiff and sore. I didn't get much in on Saturday, and took Sunday as a rest day. I was not feeling super motivated Monday morning ... and then had a barfing boy, which pulled me away from my Zumba class. I still ended up getting good numbers Monday, but just felt like I was dragging Tuesday/Wednesday... instead of reinvigorating and motivating me, my rest day seemed to have done just the opposite. Made me lazy.  Thursday I had another child down with the stomach flu, I didn't get much done that day. Scout camps and some other stuff added to some emotional turmoil so ... not a great week. I guess I'm glad I simply stayed steady!

I didn't get weights in this week. 
It's the first week I've missed in quite a while!

This next week will have some stuff going on (my anniversary, state holiday, vacation prep) so we'll have to see how it goes! There's always something, isn't there?

How was your week?

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scouts, Sickness, Soccer, Sunburn & Steals

It's Thursday. Time for "Thinking Out Loud" ... I have had a lot on my mind of late. I often join this linkup and expound on one particular topic, but today I'll be a little more random (which is more what blog host Amanda at Running With Spoons does each week).  As I like alliteration, this week's Thinking Out Loud is brought to you by the letter "S" ...
  • SCOUTS: The picture is old (2011) ... but that's ok, as it's Throwback Thursday! I have a love/hate relationship with scouts. Ok, I must admit, there is no love. I'm just NOT a scouting mama, which is a shame as I have five boys (Blackham Boy Scouts). The hubs is quite involved though, and perhaps that plays into some of my dislike. He spends so much time and money, I guess I do resent it sometimes. And my boys don't particularly like it. I have a hard time being the "mean mom" and making them go when I have negative feelings toward it myself. This week has been an ordeal! #3 had his week long scout camp, which he did NOT want to go on. The two little ones had their day camp, which they did not want to go on. There have been tears and tantrums and misery. Instead of getting a "mommy break" having my boys gone, I'm super stressed the entire time :(
  • SICKNESS:  Monday morning, #4 was complaining of a tummy ache. He then threw up. He had a couple more violent sessions then made it through most of the day, only to have another attack in the evening. We've had some bad bugs go through the entire family, I had a bad case last December (after a week of the seasonal flu ... Flu x2). I was really hoping that no one else would get it, and thought we were ok after a couple days passed. But last night, #5 barged into the bedroom "I'm going to throw up"  and he did. I had managed to get him out into the hallway, so at least it was hardwood floors, not carpet or bedding (I'd spent much of Monday/Tuesday washing as #4 hadn't had such luck). 
  • SOCCER: So ... no soccer for me today (because of the sick kid). I was SO sore for days after playing last week, but had finally recovered. Just in time to hit the field again. But alas ... and they won't have it next week (July24 is a state holiday here in Utah) and then the week after that Zumba starts up again. Should I stick with soccer (a different workout, a killer workout)? I'd have a hard time missing out on my Zumba class, but they are only offered at the same time! What to do ...
  • SUNBURNED SKIN: Hubs and the kids hit the lake on Saturday. Even with application of sunscreen, most of them got toasted. They are all now peeling and flaking. I feel bad every time I look at them! I need to restock on the sunscreen, and hope they apply better/more often on the upcoming Seattle trip. I snuck in a little sun myself, but I have managed not to get burned in years!
  • STEALS: I know I've mentioned FitStudio several times, but I just keep being amazed at this programs and the deals and steals I get! I went ahead and set up an account for my oldest, now that he is up and running with his Fitbit again (Tracking the Family). He had earned enough points that I picked him up a pair of basketball shorts free and clear. The points paid for it all ($10). With my account, I picked up a couple hula hoops and some summer toys for the boys and paid under $2. I got a 12-pack of paper towels completely free last week!
... although honestly, sometimes trying to save a little here, a little there is a bit pointless, as the hubs isn't on the super saver side *Ü*. He took the scouts scuba diving last night. Went out and bought a brand new waterproof camera to document it (pictures below and you can see a VIDEO too) ... at least #2 said it was really fun.

I must admit, I was thinking about this blog post in the wee hours of the morning. I got back to bed after tending to the little one ... I didn't get back to sleep. I'm dragging today. I hope to get in a few elliptical sessions, maybe a nap. What are you thinking about this Thursday?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tracking the Family

OK everyone, give me  your Fitbits! Time for a Fitbit Family Photoshoot! There are seven people in my immediate family (mom, dad, five boys) ... at present, we have SIX Fitbits. #3 has said he doesn't really want one, but I don't want him to feel left out. *Ü*

I didn't really plan on purchasing this gadget for the little boys (ages 8 and 10). I was attempting to get my 18-year old back up and running. After losing a Jawbone Up, deciding he didn't like the Flex, and then losing a Zip ... I wasn't sure how much to invest. I looked to ebay and watched the Zip sales, and then snagged one for $25 (+$3 shipping). 

Silly me ... I bought a blue one. The 18-year old said blue was unacceptable. So I went on ebay again and got a black one this time. My son then expressed his distaste at it being used (he's a germ-a-phobe). 

#1 now has a brand new black Zip ... and I had two extra Zips just sitting around.  I set up accounts with my alternate emails and then figured I'd strap them on the two little boys. Originally, I was just curious as to how much they moved during the day. I didn't really know if it would motivate them to move more ... but it did! On the first day, my youngest got 7,000 steps. He upped it to 10K the next day, then 16,5000 the day after. On Friday, it was 9:30 at night. It was dark and he was still outside kicking the ball. I told him to come in and get ready for bed to which he replied "but I'm at 28,000 steps, I only need 2,000 more to get to 30!"  Crazy kid. I sent one of the older boys out to keep and eye on him and sure enough, he earned his 30K badge.

The 10-year old has also been moving more. He can be one of my more stationary kids, but with the Fitbit on, he was outside inventing new games (frisbee goal), jumping rope, and was more willing to go to Jump N Bounce (sometimes he'd rather just stay home) and walk to/from church with me. All for more steps on the pedometer :)

I've even got the hubs on board a bit! He's adopted #1's old Flex. He doesn't wear the wristband, but just slips the small device itself into his pocket. He's not the best at remembering ... I have rescued it once already from his sweaty shorts in the "to wash" pile. He still forgets it about as much as he remembers ... even with "FITBIT?" written on the bathroom mirror with a dryerase marker. His work has a Friday volleyball event, and I was curious how many steps that earned him ... now we know. He got 20K from a few hours of volleyball. He can see getting a run in the morning is essential to getting steps ... he gets as much in then, as he does the entire rest of the day (dang desk jobs and commute).

So, I don't know how long the interest in the Fitbits will last with the little ones (or the hubs ... or how long #1 can keep track of his!). It's been fun to see the boys tapping their Zips and comparing their steps. They also like checking out the graph to see if they earned a "green spike" (very active minutes ... a certain amount of steps in a set time).

I've posted about our Fitbit Family before. The kids have "friended" Grandma and Grandpa, so now they can compete against them as well.

I read an article a while back, about personal trainers keeping tabs on clients via Fitbits ... peeking in at their daily activity to get an idea of their lifestyle when they aren't right in front of them at the gym. I am a bit of a Mommy Stalker that way too. I like being able to peek at #1's day, and "see" his activity while he's at work framing homes (gets in the steps, but no "green spike" activity, all yellow), or what #2 has been up to all day after I drop him off at the gym.  When he was gone for a week to basketball camp, I could peek at his profile and tell exactly when he'd had games (green spike!) and when he finally went to bed. Sometimes the kids forget to check-in and update their account, I'm often telling the kidlets "Sync Yourself!"

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I don't know about you, but I do like to save money when I can. In addition to fitness and food, I've talked about frugality here and there on my blog (Fit&Frugal). You know I've hooked up my Fitbit to many of the reward sites (Reaping the Rewards), I love my local library and all it offers (Library Love) and I take advantage of the Free Zumba here locally! But sometimes ... the word "FREE" totally scares me away! If it's something that brings crowds and chaos, it is SO not worth it to me.

I'm sure many of  you are aware of the annual 7-11 promotion on July 11 (7-11) ... otherwise known as "Free Slurpee Day".  I know many families have hit their local 7-11 and happily walked away with free frozen delight. I tried it a couple years ago. Had loaded up the kids and made a trip in only to see the sign "sorry, out of free cups".  Of course I couldn't disappoint the kidlets, so my "free" slurpees cost me about $8 (they were only out of the small "free" cups, they still had plenty of the cups you pay for).

This past Thursday ... we didn't make a special trip out. We were out and about anyway, and I decided we'd risk stopping. I pulled up and took one glance at the crowd inside. Seriously, 50+ people, probably a 15 minute or so wait. I took the kids across the street to Chevron and let them each get a small Frazil, which they actually prefer ...

They really were happy with the Frazils ...
 They just give me that face for photos almost all the time!

So once again ... "Free Slurpees" were a fail for me.

IF you were interested, 7-11 is offering a week of free goodies. 
Whereas the free slurpee on 7-11 was available to anyone walking through the door, these other freebies do require you to download the 7-11 app and access the offers, and show that to the cashier. I've heard demand has caused the app to crash, and I'm not sure if it's been resolved. Again ... I've considered trying it. I do pass a 7-11 everyday after picking up #2 from the rec center. But I'm not sure if I want another app on my phone, sending me push notifications. I'm not sure if I want to struggle with it if there are difficulties. None of the free items are healthy in any way ... so I'm thinking I'll probably pass. Even if they are free. Are any of you going to try for it? Let me know how it goes!

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What "free" promotions draw you in?

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