Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weekly Report #224

Because I had a not so nice scale slide last week (up two pounds), I did technically register a loss this week ... but in weeks past I'd hit the163s. That didn't show up on the scale this week. With Hub's birthday on Sunday, and there was double dinners out over the weekend, and cake of course.

I've been (im)patiently waiting for my weekly Fitbit stat email ... it never came. Once in a blue moon this happens. I know it's silly, but last time it was missing, I actually contacted customer service and they were able to resend it.  I've asked again, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I'll update if they do.

NUMBERS: Official weight down 1.33, but average was up (.91 to 165.07). Average intake 2250 with burn average at 2954. One day with intake exceeding burn, and I did manage a deficit (-1831). Step average 26506 with 73.41 logged miles. Cardio minutes 970/1043/1090/939 and just 15min abs/core.  Four days with 30k steps, 3000+ burn.

EXERCISE: Only got my hour of elliptical in five of the seven days this week. None on Saturday, and just a quick 10min session on Sunday. I had treadmill time six out of the seven days. Five Zumba classes ... although the fifth on Friday was just me, home alone. I did a little additional Zumba practice earlier in the week too. One time on the bike, and while I didn't get in weights, I did do a small abs/core session.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: A little more time in the car this week. In addition to the usual mommy chauffeur duties, one of #5's two basketball  was further away than usual, and one of our two dinners out also had quite the commute. And while the grass hasn't grown much, I did one last mow (picking up more leaves than grass). 

Here's a look at the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (1113) Fit in a session on the stationary bike, in addition to the usual hour of elliptical, Zumba and two treadmill times. Also a run to Costco and the usual laundry, dishes, ducks and kid carpools. #5 had a friend over after school. 33246 steps. 3217 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Tuesday (1114) Lots of activity today ... but also lots of eating. Got in the usual hour of elliptical, Zumba+ and two treadmill times (even jogging one of them). 1/2 a session of bike, before I got called to mommy chauffeur duty. There were the turkey cookies from the other day, plus I'd used the leftover frosting to make "frosted graham crackers" (a favorite treat growing up) and #2 brought home donuts! 33371 steps. 3395 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Wednesday (1115) Beat last Wednesday's 35k today. Got in the usual (hour of elliptical, Zumba, two treadmill times) ... also some Zumba practice , shopping steps, mowed the lawn and other yard stuff. Cleaned out the bottom of the fridge ... did you know it IS "Clean out your fridge day"? That's not why I did, it was pretty much required when the drawers were too sticky to pull out! 37207 steps. 3448 burn. 1950 intake.
  • Thursday (1116) Another 30+K day. The usual ... hour of elliptical, Zumba and two treadmill times. Running kids around in the evening. Hubs and #3 did a derby. 33628 steps. 3348 burn. 1800 intake.
  • Friday (1117) Not bad for a Friday ... got in my hour of elliptical and one treadmill time. Did get in an hour of Zumba, although not an official class, just on my own. #5 had a couple basketball games in the evening, but they were far and late ... and I just sent him with a teammate. 25945 steps. 2858 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Saturday (1118) No exercise at all today. Two basketball games for #5. One was further away, in NSL, and Hubs drove us (as it was beyond my comfort zone). The second game was a championship game, and our boys won it! It was a room rearrange day (moving my desk). Dinner out at Market Street in the evening. 10280 steps. 2170 burn. 2900 intake.
  • Sunday (1119) Happy Birthday Hubs. No big breakfast, but we did do dinner at Windy Ridge in Park City. Got in one time on the treadmill and a small elliptical session to finish up my "Grey's Anatomy" episode. 11862 steps. 2239 burn. 2200 intake.
What I Watched While Working Out 
Quite the varied collection of movies to entertain me while I ellipticalled and walked away this week. Some older movies. Equilibrium (2002) starring Christian Bale definitely seemed dated (with the futuristic view from 15 years ago). Over the top silly in some spots. A little almost "Matrix" like in some fight scenes. Similar theme and name to the movie "Equals" from a few weeks ago (#221) where emotions have been suppressed and outlawed. Primal Fear is even older (1996) but held up  better, didn't seem as dated. The multiple personality twist here didn't pack as much punch after watching "Split" recently. Bravetown (2015) was more recent, although I'd never heard of it ... was it in theaters or straight to streaming? The story was a bit mixed ... while the DJ seemed to be the story at the start, his music "saving" the struggling dance team turned it more into a "Pitch Perfect/Bring it On" with dance club instead of showchoir/cheerleading. Then there was the whole army town theme. Overall I guess I liked it fine. Fair Game (2010) was okay ... apparently based on a true story. I often get a little discouraged with politics/government with movies like this. Reasonable Doubt (2014) ... pretty action packed. Far fetched ... but with the whole "suspension of disbelief" it kept my interest. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 I had leftover frosting after I made my annual "turkey cookies" ... so I used it up on "frosted graham crackers".  This was something I grew up with and I posted this picture on social media asking others if it was something they did. Many responses to the positive, and many memory posts!

We had our first dusting of snow ... we've never had ducks over the winter before. Hatching in the spring, they have always flown off come fall. These guys look about full grown. They are now two months old. They seem to be faring fine, but I do stress about them. 

 Double dinners out. Market Street Grill and Windy River Cafe. 

6th grade champs!

... and birthday for Hubs!

Next week is Thanksgiving ... while there IS zumba that day, I'm not sure I've committed to going. We are hosting, and while Hubs is doing almost all the work, I am making homemade rolls. I think I'll need the morning. The kids will be out of school Wed-Thurs, so it will be a shift from the usual schedule. I was asked to sub for Friday's Zumba, so I will be going to that ... no Black Friday shopping for me!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekly Report #223

Stayed very steady again this week ... unexpectedly, because while I kept up my activity, eating was out of control. Yikes! I could blame it on my birthday, but that was only one day this week, and I was over 3000 calories three times. Bad! So I'm not sure if it all caught up with me finally for the official weigh-in this morning (two pounds up from the day before) or if it was the big breakfast and dinner Hubs prepared on Sunday ... and my turkey cookies. I don't really think I gained two pounds in one day, so I'm hoping that it will quickly correct and I can continue to work my way down.

NUMBERS: Official weight was up 2.1 pounds ... negating last week's two pound loss. But overall the weight was down. Average down (-1.07 to 164.16). With average intake up at 2657, and burn average at 2988 ... I still managed a minute deficit (-215). But intake was over burn four days, when the goal is to not have that happen. Step average was 26,974 with 89.42 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 1090/1110/1047/1104 with 45minutes w/Weights. 3000+ burn four days, three 30k days.

Life ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: Got in my hour of elliptical every day except Sunday ... and I still did 40min that day. Had some treadmill time six of the seven days (again, skipping Sunday). Five Zumba classes and one time on the bike. One weights session.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving around and grocery shopping (lots of good sales this past week. Stocked up on stuff). #5 had three basketball games on Saturday, but I only made it to one. Friday night, we had a birthday dinner out with the whole family. Red Robin ... Yum!

A look at the day by day ...

  • Monday (1106) Got in my hour of elliptical early, the Zumba w/Debbie. Two treadmill times. Stayed busy during the day with the usual "mom" stuff (grocery shopping and putting everything away, dishes, laundry, dinner prep). Also duckies. Cleaned out the pen and refilled the waters. Dinner was spinach&black bean enchiladas ... I don't eat them. I don't like many of the dinners I make which isn't always a bad thing. 30863 steps. 3247 burn. 1500 intake.
  • Tuesday (1107) Didn't quite make my 30k today, even though I got in the same workouts as yesterday (hour of elliptical, Zumba and two treadmill times). It felt much harder today, I was dragging and ready for bed around 7:00. Chicken pillows for dinner. #1 went to the Jazz game. Hubs worked late. I overate. Moose tracks ice cream straight from the carton. 28021 steps. 2985 burn. 3100 intake.
  • Wednesday (1108) Non-stop day as reflected by the 35k step count. For exercise I got in the usual; hour of elliptical, Zumba, two treadmill times ... also a session on the bike. Got shopping steps (as well as putting everything away). Made Macaroni Rosa for dinner. Hubs went straight from work to his derby and wasn't home until late. #1 was home with flu-like symptoms. Overate ... 35040 steps. 3521 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Thursday (1109) 30k day, but felt more like Tuesday than yesterday. Dragging. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MZL and two treadmill times. Early out at the elementary, then back for PT conference. Raving reviews as always. Stopped at the store for more groceries. Pot roast for dinner. Hubs had a derby. Calories out of control today. Again. Donuts/icecream/cookies, oy my! 31071 steps. 3099 burn. 3500 intake.
  • Friday (1110) Not bad for a Friday. Especially as in addition to late start, elementary was out today... and it's my birthday. I didn't get in my elliptical hour early, but I did get it in. Also Zumba w/MZL and two treadmill times. Out to dinner with the family. Power out on the way home had traffic backed up. 28308 steps. 3011 burn. 3200 intake.
  • Saturday (1111) Good day, stayed busy. #5 had three games, but I only made it to one (they won them all). Got in my hour of elliptical, two treadmill times and weights. Also some work in the yard. Steps 24420. Burn 2828. Intake 2000.
  • Sunday (1112) Over on calories with a big breakfast, big dinner (hubs smoked bacon wrapped turkey tenders) and sugar cookies. Two 20min sessions on the elliptical as I caught the recent "Grey's Anatomy". 11097 steps. 2228 burn. 2700 intake.
What I Watched While Working Out
Four movies this week ... I remember hearing about Julie&Julia when it was out in theaters. I wasn't sure if it was something that would appeal to me, but I'm much more open to investigating while working out. I liked it, although I didn't love the ending. Saw Southpaw available on one of our cable channels. I am NOT a fan of boxing, or watching men pummel each other, but again, figured I'd give it a try. Really wasn't sure at first, with the music and the accents/attitudes ... but there was redemption and enough action to keep my adrenaline up. The Bronze was touted as a "hidden gem" on the Starz channel. Boy was it crude though! Think "Bridesmaids" x2 ... wasn't really one I enjoyed. Finally, Passengers ... this was the 2008 movie with Anne Hathaway, not the recent one with Chris Pine and Jennifer Lawrence (which was one of my movies a few weeks ago ... I liked it much better). This was just okay. Didn't really connect with the characters or find it believable, and I figured out the twist long before the reveal. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 My birthday started with breakfast ... #3 made me waffles. No mix. From scratch, separating the eggs and folding in the whipped whites. Complete with a candle ...

 #1 brought home flowers from all five boys ...

Birthday dinner out at Red Robin.

Another funny Fight List game with #1

Hubs made bacon wrapped turkey tenders ... yummy!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekly Report #222

October ended and November is here. A slight shift from the schedule with Halloween, and the elementary early out on Thursday, and no school Friday. Hubs went on a getaway (Vancouver/Seattle), leaving Thursday and coming back Sunday. Weight didn't fluctuate much this week ... but the official weigh-in is down from last Monday. Happy about that.

NUMBERS: Official weight down two pounds, with the average a smidgen down (.06 to 165.23). Average intake was 2243 with average daily burn 2968. Deficit for the week (-2975) keeping intake under burn every day except one. Step average was 26,579 with 92.91 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 1050/1080/1101/1067 with just 45 minutes spent w/weights. 

Life ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: Got in my hour of elliptical six of the seven days. Same for treadmill time. Five Zumba classes, with a little extra on my own. Two times on the bike. Just one weight workout. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Three basketball games, one for #2 and two for #5. The two middles signed up for Junior Jazz, so they will be playing starting next month too. The usual driving around and grocery shopping. I had an appointment for a fill at the nail salon and then there was a family party at my folks house. 

Here's a quick look at the day by day ...
  • Monday (1030) Started the day with my hour of elliptical. Zumba w/Debbie ... costumes encouraged. I was a Whoopie Cushion. Two times on the treadmill to finish up my movie ("Life" ... eh). In the evening I went to watch #2 play basketball in his men's league. 29048 steps. 3114 burn. 1500 intake.
  • Tuesday (1031) Halloween! Tried to out cardio my candy calories... an hour of elliptical early, followed by Zumba w/Marian. Just wore a simple "Happy Halloween" t-shirt today. I knew #3 would be in the gym after school, so I made sure to get in my two treadmill times during the day. I even hit the bike in the early evening (put the boys on candy distribution duty). Alas ... over on calories. But I mean, it IS Halloween! Steps 33688. Burn 3191. Intake 2900.
  • Wednesday (11/1) 30k day, with my hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MZL, two treadmill times and bike. Calories, while under burn, were over goal. Leftover Halloween candy temptations. Some sit down computer time as I got my end of the month activities in (blog post, 1SED video, phone photo backup). Steps 32581. Burn 3290. Intake 2400.
  • Thursday (1102) A little less activity than yesterday, but still a 30k day. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MZL and two treadmill times. I went down for a session on the bike, but tummy was feeling off and I bagged it. Hubs left this morning for a long weekend away. Early out at the elementary, they are off tomorrow. #5 had practice in the evening. 31212 steps. 3211 burn. 2400 intake (I made ... and ate Snickerdoodles).
  • Friday (1103) A little longer sleep in than usual for a Friday with the elementary school out. Still managed 30min on the elliptical before heading to Zumba. 30min more on the elliptical, and some treadmill time later in the day. Steps 26372. Burn 2961. Intake 2500.
  • Saturday (1104) Only 30min elliptical for exercise, although I did some digging out with the ducks. #5 had two games (won both). 13746 steps. 2385 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Sunday (1105) Got in my hour of elliptical and one time on the treadmill. Finished up "Stranger Things" season 2. Family gathering at my folks for November birthdays ... there was cake, and I had some, but I'd kept calories low, so still under goal. Hubs got home from his getaway. 19408 steps. 2623 burn. 1900 intake. 
 What I Watched While Working Out 
Five movies this week ... one each week day. Watched a few "horror/thriller" types as it was Halloween week. Started with "Life" (Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal) and outerspace/alien one. It wasn't great, but had me gagging at one point! Movie #2 was "Split" ... a new addition to the HBO lineup and one my son had liked. Next up was "Cell" a Stephen King adaptation, with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. Just out in 2016, I hadn't heard anything about this. Started off interestingly enough, a "zombie" twist ... but just seemed a little silly as it went on. At the end I had a "what" moment ... which apparently was intentional. Ahhh, that made more sense. Switched genres to a police mystery ... another one I hadn't heard of, but had a couple big names (Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman) ... "Secret In Their Eyes" from 2015. Presented in split time (present and past), a bit of a twist at the end which didn't surprise me. It was decent for a workout movie... I'm easier to please on the elliptical than I would be paying big bucks to see something at the theater. Finally on Friday I chose a shorter show "The Shallows" (2016 w/Blake Lively) which only ran 86 minutes, thus only one treadmill time that day. A little silly with the "killer shark" who seems to really hold a grudge and apparently likes eating humans (even when there's a big ol' whale right there). Several scenes had me rolling my eyes, but I also went over my 30minutes as I got a little distracted during an exciting scene. Again ... an acceptable show for the gym, but glad I didn't pay to see it in the theaters. Over the weekend, I did NOT get to my "Grey's Anatomy" or other current shows (The Good Doctor and This is Us) but finished up the second season of "Stranger Things" ... successfully finishing it before accidentally seeing spoilers as they boys watched (they finished up this weekend as well).

Five Featured Photos ...
 Fun to see my #2 play again!

I posted MY crazy costume in a previous post ...
Here's a look at a couple of the kids.
 #1 and his girlfriend were a double stuffed Oreo!

#5 adapted his Gordon Hayward jersey ... since he left the Jazz.

 We debated the dinosaur for a costume, but it was a little too hot and hard. 
But check out the bonus video below!

 The boys and I have been enjoying the game app "Fight List" ...
Sometimes it's unintentionally funny!

Bonus Video ...

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 2017

October is over and in the books. It was a pretty good month, even with Halloween and all the treats and temptations that brings (serveral batches of cookies, candy corn, and all the candy of course). The kids were out of school a few days with Fall Break and PT Conferences. Hubs has an obsession with ice,  I became blond up top (rid of the re-growth) and got to see my big boy play basketball again. The ducks didn't make the picture collage, but they are still a big part of life. Our four babies are getting SO big, and Mr. Mallard and Golden Girl found a new home.

NUMBERS: Weight started at 168.6 and ended at 164.8. High was 170.9 and the low was 163.4. That's a difference of 7.5 pounds. Average came in at 165.77, down from last month (-2.36). Step average 25,322, total steps 784,971 with 363.81 logged miles. 4260/4311 cardio minutes, with 130/60 w/weights and abs/core. Intake average 2094. Average burn 2885 ... deficit for the month -14,637.

Life ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: I got in an hour of elliptical 26 days in October. Treadmill time 22 days. 20 Zumba classes with a little extra on my own. 8 times on the bike. Weights/Abs were 3/3.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving kids around, grocery shopping and lawn mowing, although the latter is wrapping up with the cooler weather. Still hitting multiple basketball games, although it's not up to what it was last year at this time. Between hair and nails ... salon sitting. A little family time and activities at the school.

So ... Halloween is now behind us, but with November comes not only Thanksgiving, but birthdays for Hubs and Me. That often ends up with some eating and and birthday cake. We'll see if we can keep up the going down!

JenB's Journal

1001 (Sunday) 168.6. Steps 17164. Total Burn 2492. Exercise Burn 740/757 (60minElliptical. 30min/1.8mileTreadmill). Calories in 2900. Slept in a little ... then Hubs turned on the TV and we watched the rest of the movie he was too tired to finish last night. Big breakfast ... Hubs smoked bacon and made waffles and eggs. I did the clean up the hit the elliptical again. Hubs was busy in the garage updating some derby stuff (he bought a new set of drawers). He also started dinner smoking. Tri-tip and some steak, with his mashed taters and buttered corn. Not great for the calorie counting! I did my final elliptical and some treadmill time. When I came back up, Hubs as asleep, even though it was only 8:00. I debated hitting the bike, but ended up going to bed myself around 9:00. Missed the late night news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas at a concert, but woke up to it in the morning. 

 1002 (Monday) 170.9. Steps 30276. Total Burn 3172. Exercise Burn 1400/1392 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.25mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1550. Weight jumped up after the weekend, so official weigh-in was high, but I figure it will correct quickly ... if I'm good. I was good today. Started the day with my hour of elliptical early. The house is cold in the morning. 66° today, but haven't turned on the heat yet ... my workouts warm me up.  After getting the boys off, I went to Zumba w/Debbie. Class was a little laid back and short today. Stats: 4540 steps. 2.03 miles. 270/285 burn. AvHR103. High144. In zone 3 of the 51 minutes. As class started up, I had a pinching pain on my ring finger, under my ring. I took off my ring and there's a cut or something. I'll have to keep my ring off until it heals ... I feel a bit naked without it. Not sure what happened! Didn't hit a store on the way home, but maybe should have. We are low on a couple things. I need to check and plan ahead. Got in my two treadmill sessions, finishing up my movie. "Beauty and the Beast" the recent live action one. I thought it was fine. Not terribly exciting for working out (except right at the end).  Did some abs too. Apparently #1 son was introduced to "Glee" and has started watching ... that was my "weights" show, and having someone else on the same series on Netflix screws up the order of where I'm watching. Afternoon pickups. Didn't prep dinner as we have lots of leftovers, and the three older boys were out all evening anyway (the older two with girls, #3 at work). Took the babies out for some sun, even though it's quite chilly. Had #4 watch them while I changed out the brooder box. A little bathtime in the evening. I hit the bike, and did a little extra Zumba ... was just shy of 30k and wanted to hit that, and my LifeCycle and counted just over an hour of Zumba when class was really just 50 minutes, so I've been trying to make up the difference so it's correct in it's counting. Whatever motivates, right? Kept calories in check, although it was a very conscious struggle ... and it was only quantity. Quality was still quite questionable. 

1003 (Tuesday) 167.9. Steps 32971. Total Burn 3378. Exercise Burn 1450/1642 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.12mileTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1800. Slept quite well but had a hard time pulling out of bed ... but did manage my three 20min elliptical sessions while getting the boys off to school. #1 had parked behind me though, I had to move his car before being able to drive #5 to elementary (#1 usually leaves very early but it was his day off). Zumba w/Marian. Stats: 6300 steps. 2.75 miles. 410/418 burn. AvHR118. High134. In zone 20 of the 62 minutes. Marian had to leave to work so I finished up the last 20 or so minutes. Talking with a gal in the ward, I hadn't realized the recent split HAD affected our area greatly. While we aren't active anymore, it's still sad to think of so many friends and neighbors not in "our ward" anymore. Stayed busy all day today. Got my two treadmill times in while watching my movie ... a Netflix original "What Happened To Monday" which was pretty good. Got in a weight workout too. After school pickups, then I mowed the lawn and prepped dinner (chicken pillows). Some ducky time after dinner. Brownies for dessert. I thought about hitting the bike, but I was already over 30k, and then #2 and a friend went down to the gym ... so I just went to bed.  

1004 (Wednesday) 166.9. Steps 31854. Total Burn 3167. Exercise Burn 1430/1400 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.47mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1700. I've been consistent getting my three elliptical sessions in each morning. Good way to start the day.  Put on "Hawksaw Ridge" for the movie today. Zumba w/MZL ... I brought some candy for the upcoming Halloween party, although I'm not one to go to anything other than the actual Zumba classes. Stats: 6536 steps. 2.89 miles. 393/407 burn. AvHR114. High153. In zone 15 of the 62 minutes. After class I went to the salon to get my nails done. Just had them put on a new set ... I'd lost the two pinky nails and several others were in bad shape. She got the side of my finger a bit ... ouch. Stopped at Macey's afterward to grab some groceries. Got everything put away. Finished up my movie with two times on the treadmill ... it was a little long, so I actually finished on the bike (movie wrapped up in about 10min, then I turned to my book). Hubs went straight from work to a derby, didn't see him until late. Took the babies out for some sun time, and then bath time later in the evening. Controlled calories today, but it was a constant battle. Not starving, but I just wanted to eat all the things.

1005 (Thursday) 166.2. Steps 34172. Total Burn 3300. Exercise Burn 1500/1697 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.47Treadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1650. Early elliptical as always ... movie for the day was an older one, "Body of Lies" which was okay. Finished it up with two times on the treadmill later in the day. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7525 steps. 475/494 burn. AvHR121. High149. In zone 36 of the 65 minutes.  Stopped at Walmart instead of Sam'sClub today. I don't hit it much anymore. I tried to get my exercise in during the day, as #3 didn't have work after school, and I wondered if he'd hit the gym ... he didn't. Poor kid is exhausted, ended up taking a nap all afternoon.  #1 had the girl he's seeing over ... with her doggy. They sat in the backyard for a while, and took the ducklings out for their afternoon outing. #1 attempted to introduce the dog to our kitten ... yikes! I've never seen her quite like that. She flipped out, hissing, claws out, fur all puffed up. #4 said "Well we can never get a dog!" I made it back down for some abs and then bike before bed. #5 had practice, that I dropped him off and picked him up from. Kept calories in check, even with picking up pizza ... Dominos for dinner, with a quick stop at the library to pick up some DVDs I had on hold. Hubs had written from work that a "lunch" idea had come up, and he was going to smoke a brisket for it ... which would require smoking much of the night. I mentioned he couldn't create that lovely smell and then take it away ... that he would need to make one for US as well. While it is more work on the prep and such, it doesn't impact the smoke itself much. He agreed, and bought two. Prepped them and then set his alarm for midnight to put them on, and had to check on them a couple of times during the night.

1006 (Friday) 165.5. Steps 32802. Total Burn 3300. Exercise Burn 1350/1565 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.72milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1000. Hubs was still around in the morning finishing up the brisket before heading out to work. #3 had asked me if I work out Friday mornings... I don't start as early as I do Mon-Thurs, but still try to get in a couple sessions on the elliptical. He and a friend had an early morning session. I WAS actually awake early and MIGHT have hit the gym and fit my entire hour in had it not been occupied. As it was, I got in a 20min and 10 min session before taking #5 to school. Debbie had asked me to sub her Friday class ... with #4 getting picked up carpool, it is a possibility, I just have to leave him alone for longer before, but I felt like he could get himself off. He was up and ready. Originally Carma and I were just going to finish the class, as Debbie thought she could be there until around 9:30, but then last night she texted saying she'd be gone the entire time. I had to rework the playlist just a bit to expand to the entire hour. It went well I thought. Stats: 6871 steps. 3.03 miles. 481/449 burn. AvHR123. High 144. In zone 43 of the 64 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, picking up my prescription and several good sales. Was also able to grab some trim for the duckies. I was taking the ducklings to #5's class today for a bit of a show and tell. Someone had brought in a hedgehog last year, and ever since then #5 really wanted to show his ducks. We never got around to it in the spring ... but worked it out with the teacher for today. It went well, I just brought them in a big, clear, rubbermaid container and the kids gathered around while we told about them. About 20 minutes or so. I ran the babies home, then went back to pick up #5, then middle school carpool. #3 had been scheduled to work tonight, and there was a big football game at the high school that he really wanted to attend. He was able to work out a trade, if he worked during the day on Friday ... missing school. I let him, just this once! I really don't like him working SO much during the school year. He does need some time for homework and social stuff. It was a "Pink Out" and he had a pink shirt. I pulled out a pink hat I had ... it looked so cute on him. I happened to find some pink novelty glasses I had in the gift box too. I think he had a fun night with friends. #1 was planning a triple date in the evening too, hanging at our house part of the time. So ... we needed some clean up. He cleaned the bathroom while I straightened the kitchen. I needed to let the babies have their outside time, so I told him (and Sol, his girl) if they'd watch the ducklings, I'd clean the basement (they had started some half-hearted cleaning up down there. They took me up on my offer. I was able to pick everything up and get it vacuumed. They'd planned on some ping pong, but I don't know if they ever made it down. The three couples played with the ducks in the evening a little, bath and towel time, had some skookie and went to the corn maze. They were pretty quiet, which was good, as Hubs was tired after last night and went to bed early. I'd hit the treadmill earlier in the day ... watching "Passengers," on of the DVDs I'd picked up yesterday. I finished it up while on the bike, then turned to reading for the rest of the ride.  Good day for a Friday ... too busy to eat much or even feel hungry. 

Saturday (1007) 164.9. Steps 14815. Total Burn 2435. Exercise Burn 700/699 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1600.  On the days I can sleep in ... I'm still waking up early. Oreo was meowing noisily outside the bedroom door, enough that I felt I needed to check on him. Nothing was amiss, but I fed him and he seemed content after that. That was around 5:00 in the morning. I went back to bed, but not sure I really fell asleep again. Got a couple sessions on the elliptical in once I was actually up. Caught Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Busy basketball day. #5 had four games. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and 7:00.  The first two were with his Wolves team, both teams beat the team that beat us badly last week ... so we weren't expecting to win either of those. This league didn't have enough teams for an upper division, so those teams are in with us "middle division" teams ... demolishing us. I'd mentioned to the coach that we'd probably pull out early to make it on time to the 3:00 game, as having #5 stay wouldn't be a game changer or anything. We did that, with #5 changing in the car. The game with his Grizzlies was tough but even ... we lost, but it was so close, just by two. #5 was a little emotional about it. #2 had come to watch. We stopped at grabbed a Little Caeser's pizza and some crazy bread. Not hot and "ready" ... we had a bit of a wait.  Home to rest a bit before the next game... the pizza and bread was devoured! Hubs had taken the babies out for a bit earlier, but as I was planning on working outside, pulling up the plants, I brought them out again. It was a nice day. #3 was out hanging with friends, #2 and his girlfriend went to a John Belion concert and #1 was off to a wedding reception. #5 and I headed out, the game was at Indian Hills. We've played there several times before. We arrived ... and the school was closed, under construction, "moved" to a new location, which ended up being where we'd played in the spring when it was "Midvale Middle School" ... ironically in Sandy. I was surprised we made it there in time, but we did. Another player also at the old school must have gotten lost on the way as they didn't make it until halftime! This was another close game, we were ahead, just barely, at the end. The other team was fouling to get the ball back. With not much time left, #5 was the one fouled and at the line. He made both, bringing us four points ahead, which pretty much sealed the game. Nice to get ONE win today.  

Sunday (1008) 164.1. Steps 18749. Total Burn 2659. Exercise Burn 800/881 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I was awake early again (noisy little bird babies chirping at 5am) I stayed in bed until later. Hubs decided to go into work to get some things done. Without him around, we didn't do our big breakfast. #1 requested french toast, so I made that. Got in a couple elliptical sessions early, some treadmill time in the afternoon and two 10min ellipticals to finish up my hour. Mid-day, the button on my ChargeHR disappeared. It was still working, but without that button I can't scroll through the different options, or start the timer. I guess it's time to switch to the backup, and think about ordering a new Charge2. I put the backup HR on the charger and made the switch before bed. No big dinner.  I prepped lasagna, making a double batch so I could freeze some. Hubs mentioned turkey loaf, saying he wanted to try smoking it ... so I quickly made up that, and that was dinner, with the lasagna put off until tomorrow (none of the big boys were home tonight anyway, and surprisingly, both littles liked the turkey loaf. I also made a small batch of sugar cookies, pumpkin shaped. Some of the kids prefer them plain, others with just frosting ... I love them with candy corn decorations, but I like them most the day after, as the cookie and corn softens. I hoped there would still be some in the morning! ♥

Monday (1009) 165.2. Steps 32238. Total Burn 3247. Exercise Burn 1390/1489 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.45milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Babies chirping at 5:00 again. Noisy little babies! Poop machines too! It was a very ducky day. Beyond the normal feeding, watering, changing and washing(towels) I spent about an hour outside with them in the afternoon, plus swimming and towel time in the evening. Hubs had been up in the night, and wasn't ready to get out of bed. I did my dressing in the dark then hit the elliptical. Woke up #3 and #4, made their lunches and made sure they were ready. Elliptical again, wake #5, breakfast ... elliptical again and then drive him to school. then Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak.  Stats: 6370 steps. 2.87 miles. 417/404 burn. AvHR116. High151. In zone 20 of the 61 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. Even though I'd just been grocery shopping on Friday, it seems like we're always out of something. I'd hoped they'd restocked the butter (on sale for $2.50 a pound) but it was still out. Was able to get more trim for the ducks. Feeling a bit lethargic today. Got in one time on the treadmill ... but I usually get in two during the day while the kids are gone. I didn't get back down until much later, and other than a bit of Zumba on my own, no additional exercise (I'd hoped to do abs and bike). 30k day though. I really wasn't feeling well at the end of the day. Thought I might throw up even, tummy off, but nothing really happened. Ended up putting off the lasagna again. Hubs ended up staying late for a work dinner, #1 was gone to a movie and #3 was working. I'll bake it tomorrow. A bit of a harder time controlling calories today. Did have a couple of the cookies, and candy corn and hot tamales are candies I piece on during the day. Resisted some ice cream, even though it was calling my name. 

Tuesday (1010) 165.1. Steps 28210. Total Burn 2968. Exercise Burn 1250/1209 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Feeling okay today, but still tired and dragging. Got in my hour of elliptical, but legs felt so heavy during Zumba. Just couldn't get the energy up at all. Stats: 5852 steps. 2.56 miles. 352/305 burn. AvHR105. High132. In zone just 2 of the 60 minutes. Christa was there for the first time in a while. Brought a couple new people too.  Didn't have a very productive day. Did the few things that needed doing then ... a nap. I haven't had a nap in a couple months (my ChargeHR records if I have a sleepy time during the day). Finally got in some treadmill time before afternoon pickups. #3 was around after school, and I wondered if he'd be in my gym, but he napped after school instead. Derby with Dad in the evening. The day was nice enough that I pulled the pen out onto the grass and put the babies outside. Still a little cool for them (about 65°) at just over two weeks old, but I would watch them to see if they were huddling, indicating they were cold, and they seemed fine. A couple even got into the small pool of water I had in there. Supposed to warm up slightly tomorrow, then drop again. I so wish we had more temperate weather for the babies ... our bad for bringing them into the world this late in the season. Hubs just wanted to see what they would look like (buff/mallard mix). Didn't get an egg from Golden Girl today. I baked up the lasagna for an early dinner, Hubs and the older two boys partaking. I also made chocolate chip cookies, using some "halloween" chips (some orange chips) but it was a bad batch, just didn't look good, which is okay for ME I guess, I wasn't really tempted to eat any (tried one and had a little dough). Swimming and towel time with the babies before bed. I did make it down to the gym to finish my movie (X-Men: Wolverine) with another time on the treadmill. Really should have done weights today. 

Wednesday (1011) 167.2. Steps 30216. Total Burn 3097. Exercise Burn 1050/1327 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65mileTreadmill). Calories in 2250. What's up with that weight jump? Two pounds up? And it's not like yesterday was a totally bad day! Grrrrr. Didn't quite get my hour of elliptical this morning ... two 20s and a 10, when I started a little late before elementary drop-off. Between helping #5 with his Fitbit (had to change the battery on the Zip) and trying to find my phone (#5 Facetimed it so we could follow the sound where I'd left it in #3's room as I grabbed his laundry) ... I got the final 10min in later in the day. Headed to Zumba w/MZL and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I knew it was a problem. It was full! And then ... there was a hearse. Funeral.  MZL simply moves the WJ class to the West Valley location ... that's a little too far West for me to be comfortable with. Last time this happened, I regretted not heading out to Southziders immediately ... so that's what I did today. Off to Draper. I almost gave up on it when I hit really bad construction traffic, but I pushed through and made it there before it started (later, 9:30 start, then they are usually later than that too). It was fun to see Debbie, Cassie and Nina again. Christa too, although I'd just seen her yesterday. Haven't seen her for months, then twice in a week ... and she said she might come Friday as Carma and I sub for Debbie. I was feeling better than yesterday, really enjoyed class. Stats: 6388 steps. 2.82 miles. 395/402 burn. AvHR108. High133. In Zone 5 of the 62 minutes. Took a different route home and missed most of the construction. Still only got in one treadmill time during the day. Not sure what I do with the time sometimes. Got a blog post up, laundry ... afternoon pickups. Do I dare say something to the boy in the carpool who is constantly humming and harmonizing with every song? It drives me insane. The afternoon was nice enough that I put the babies out again. Temps drop tomorrow and I'm not sure it will warm up anytime soon ... not sure when they get fully feathered to be able to deal with colder temps.  Finished up my movie (last of the X-men movies from the library ... I hadn't remembered seeing them, but they came back to me as I watched. I had seen them) with second treadmill time.  Leftovers for dinner. #2 finished up the lasagna, #4 had the turkeyloaf, #5 the pizza and Hubs and #1 brisket. #3 was working.  Swimming and towel time for the babies. #1 had his girlfriend (yes, it is now official) over. They played games with the littles, then watched a movie. 

Thursday (1012) 166.2. Steps 32558. Total Burn 3318. Exercise Burn 1400/1564 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.81milesTreadmill, Abs). Calories in 2400. Got my hour of elliptical in early. Back to streaming movies, watched "Creed" today. Finished it up later with two times on the treadmill. Jogged the first one, second one was just walking, and not until early evening. Zumba w/MZL. Kava Talks was there today (support and awareness for domestic violence) and we had been asked to wear purple if possible. I wasn't sure I had anything, but I was able to find a purple shirt (I think I had picked it up a previous year for this same type of thing). Class was good, I snuck out as it ended rather than staying for the food and presentation. Stopped at Sears, picking up an order (a couple joggers for #5 that I'd had been almost free with some Kmart points) and then Sam'sClub. I spent some time outside with the babies again, and did some cleanup. I'd just been waiting for garbage day (today) to empty the green waste ... so I could fill it up again. I pulled up the cherry tomato plant, trying to pick all the little tomatoes at their various stages. They are still supposed to ripen off the vine. We'll see. During carpool today I did ask the kid not to hum/harmonize. I hope he'll cooperate in the future so I don't have to bring it up again, unfortunately I'm not sure he even realizes he's doing it most of the time. Picked up #5 ... and no practice tonight, so we had the evening off. Hubs and #3 did a derby.  I tried sloppy joes again. I'd done it once in the past, and it went over just okay, so I was trying a different brand (Manwich this time) but this went over even worse. Only #4 had one. I hated to waste it all, so I posted on the neighborhood FB page to see if anyone wanted it, and a family did stop by for it. I also made homemade oreos ... and ate a few.

Friday (1013) 165.1. Steps 31255. Total Burn 3193. Exercise Burn 1300/1436 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Glad the scale has shifted back down, but oops on the eating today. Started first thing, with a couple of the oreo cookies for breakfast. Slow start too, I only got in one 20min session on the elliptical early. #4 was out of school today (PT conferences), and will be the next two Fridays too.  I was on deck to lead Debbie's Daybreak class today. Christa made it out, so I had some of her songs, and Carma's too. I thought class went well. Had enough people that I moved up to the stage so the people in the back could see better. Stats: 6629 steps. 2.93 miles. 469/435 burn. AvHR119. HIgh138. In zone 33 of the 63 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. Grabbed some ground beef and cheese that was on sale. Hurried home, as #4 wanted to meet friends for some football at a local park. As soon as I got home, we took off for that drop-off then I returned home to unload the groceries and repackage the beef and cheese into smaller bags for freezing. That takes a while. While still chilly, the sun was out, and that makes a huge difference. I felt it was warm enough in the sun, that I brought the babies out front while I unloaded, and then decided to leave them out (in the back in the pen) for a while. They seemed fine, so they stayed out all afternoon. I felt like I never stopped moving today. I went out again and pulled up more of the plants. A pumpkin plant had extended all the way from the edge of the garden across the patio and behind the hot tub. We only got one pumpkin though. Got in one treadmill time, which is really all I'd planned for today. I'd picked a shorter movie "Sully" for the day. I'd started it a while back, but the captions didn't line up with the speaking at all. I contacted Amazon about it, and checked back a time or two but they were still off. Finally though, it looked like they'd been corrected. I enjoyed the movie much more than I thought I would. A tiny bit similar to another pilot/crash/investigation one starring Denzel Washington (Flight) which had been horribly dark and depressing. This one was good. I'd hoped to fit a weight workout in ... but it didn't happen. Picked up #4 around 1:00, then early out at the elementary. Hubs came home a bit early to close his eyes for a bit before heading out to a derby in Stansbury, which was further than he likes. He wasn't sure why he'd agreed to it. Took #4 with him as #3 was heading out to a football game with friends. Costumes encouraged, so we pulled the costume boxes out. He ended up just wearing his brother's Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt. #2 and his girlfriend came over and baked some peanut butter kiss cookies. They'd also picked up some pumpkins and more friends came over to carve them. This did cause some cleanup in preparation, and I also got the lawn mowed. I'd thought it would be a good night, with Hubs gone, but then they started so late, he was home by then ... and they stayed so late (after midnight) and weren't exactly quiet. I think Hubs was still able to fall asleep, putting his good ear down, but me? I was pretty miserable. SO tired, but I'd start to fall and then the noise would startle me awake again. Then I feel guilty too, because it's really not asking that much for the kids to have friends over. We're not good "teen" parents ... we're too tired!

Saturday (1014) 163.8. Steps 16642. Total Burn 2517. Exercise Burn 652/782 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2700. ♥ I thought for sure the scale would slide up ... but it didn't. I did manage to fit in my hour of elliptical. Caught up on Grey's in the morning, then got two 10min sessions later, afternoon and evening.   The weather had had snow in the forecast, but that didn't materialize. In fact, in the sun it still seemed warm enough to put the babies out, although I kept an eye on them to make sure they didn't seem to be too cold. #5 had three games today, but all later, 4:00, 6:00 and 7:00. The first was with his Wolves, facing the Copper Hills team. We'd played the "B" team a few times over the years, but this was the "A" team and I thought it should be a pretty solid match-up. Our boys got the win. Home for just enough time to change uniforms and take some cough medicine, then we were off to the next game with the Grizzlies. Another fairly even match-up ... although it had a bit of a scrimmage feel, because one of the kids on the opposing team was wearing an orange tank top. I understand sometimes new kids join and don't have a matching uniform, we have two like that ... but the other team's uniforms were black and white, how hard is it to find a generic jersey that has one white side? It really made me wonder if he was a ringer brought in, not really on the team. He was uber annoying too, got a tech for mouthing off to the refs (#5 made both shots). Tight right until the final seconds. One of the other kids on our team took the final shot (we'd need a 3 to win, 2 to tie) and missed, and the other team managed to make another basket in the 1.2 seconds left. So, loss by four. #5 and I rushed off to the next game, which had already started, as things were a bit behind at this location. I'd been to Midvale Middle School before, but it had been torn down and rebuilt. HUGE new building, we had a little trouble locating the gym. Got in with a few minutes left in the first half, and #5 made a three point buzzer beater as it ended (we could have used that last game!) This was another close game, but the Wolves pulled out the win. Some sad news after, as we are losing a couple players (good ones) so I wonder how that will impact things going forward. Home again ... Hubs was asleep, even thought it was just a little after 8:00. Tonight it was #1 and friends carving pumpkins. I still bathed the babies and had towel time. I'd prepped a Ziti earlier in the day and forgot to tell Hubs to bake it for dinner while I was gone to basketball. #1 was still in the mood for it, even though it was so late. Gave a little to friends too, then packaged up the remainder for leftovers and finally headed to bed. It was after 10:00, past my bedtime!

Sunday (1015) 164.9. Steps 16156. Total Burn 2518. Exercise Burn 665/760 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400.  Woke up to the tingle of a cold sore on my lip. I HATE them! Hubs smoked bacon, and I made pancakes for our Sunday breakfast. Eggs and sausage too. There was some cleanup from last night (although #1 had cleaned up the pumpkin stuff) and then dishes after breakfast, then I finally made it down to the elliptical for a couple sessions. Hubs had invited his family over for dinner. His brother was bringing brisket, so Hubs wasn't smoking all day, but he made his mashed taters. I put out Rhodes rolls to rise ... and they didn't turn out. Seriously? How do I mess up frozen rolls. I should have made them from scratch, because those ones always turn out! Put the babies out back, as it was pretty nice in the sunshine. Even let them wander much of the afternoon. Hubs made his guacamole too, and it was a hit as always. Maga brought steamed artichokes, which were a favorite for Hubs and family growing up, but they haven't made much of an appearance in recent years (and even not recent .... long time). The littles didn't like it though. #2 and #3 had to work and were missed. The little cousins got in the hot tub. #4 put on the dinosaur costume (and a couple of the cousins did after that too).  I finished up my hour of elliptical with 10 min before the party, and 10 min after.  

Monday (1016) Weight 165.1. Steps 32453. Total Burn 3257. Exercise Burn 1400/1504 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.71milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2650. Back to the routine ... for a short week anyway. Fall break Thurs/Fri. Hubs was up and off, and I was up and ellipticalling. Got in my hour as I got the boys off to school. Then Zumba w/Debbie. Started just a bit late and then ran short as she didn't have her key in her bag. Stats: 5422 steps. 2.37 miles. 328/340 burn. AvHR106. High129. In zone 6 of the 55 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home for some deli turkey and more lettuce for the ducks. Put the babies out when I got home. It was sunny and about 50°. It got warmer and was a nice day. I came up from my first treadmill time and peeked out and the babies had gotten out of the pen. They were fine, in fact Hubs had let them roam much of the afternoon yesterday. I left them out for a bit, but then put them back in. They enjoyed the fresh water, splashing around. Got in a second treadmill time, finishing up today's movie "Hidden Figures" which was good, although not super adrenaline pumping for my workouts. Afternoon pickups, kitchen clean-up, then I went down for some reading/riding.The older boys were out with girlfriends, #3 had work. Quick dinner of fish sticks and chicken nuggets for the little boys. Hubs was home late, stopping at the AT&T store, upgrading his phone to the new iphone8. Then of course the rest of the evening is spent setting it up. Swimming time for the babies followed by towel time. They are getting so big so fast!

Tuesday (1017) Weight 165.4. Steps 26067. Total Burn 2928. Exercise Burn 1100/1189 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2.11milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. Got my hour of elliptical in early ... good thing, but the rest of the day was off schedule! Olivia had texted last night saying she was going to come to Zumba, and then to the house after to do my hair. It could use it. But she wasn't at Zumba. Not many were, just four of us, and a bit of a late start, so not the full hour. Stats: 5162 steps. 2.26 miles. 323/302 burn. AvHR114. High136. In zone 9 of the 50 minutes. Olivia texted again that she was sorry she'd missed class, but she was still coming out for hair. Back at home I put the babies out, trying to keep an ear out for Liv. I didn't dare go down on the treadmill, not knowing when she'd show. It wasn't until after 11:00. Some chatting and finally got started around 11:30 ... didn't finish until 2:30. But I do like it. She said she'd come back later in the evening to give the boys haircuts. I did my after school pickups. #5 hadn't been feeling well this morning, but Ibuprofen and a decongestant helped a lot. Unfortunately both would run out mid-school day. I called the school to double check the "drug" policy. I thought kids could bring one dose ... but I guess not in elementary school. If he needed another, I'd have to make a trip in to give it to him. I told him to give me a call if needed ... but then with the hair stuff later than I thought, I hoped he wouldn't need to. He didn't. I tried to hold off a little at home too, giving the next dose so it would be in full effect for his basketball game at 8:00. It was an easy win for our boys. Liv did come back, haircuts for all five! ♥

Wednesday (1018) Weight 165.2. Steps 33979. Total Burn 3422. Exercise Burn 1525/1676 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1800. Good day, up until the very end when the stomach flu hit! Oy!  Started strong with my three 20min sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6959 steps. 3.14 miles. 427/436 burn. AvHR115. High141. In zone 12 of the 64 minutes. Didn't do a store stop on the way home today. Early out at the elementary. I have to set an alarm on these irregular-early days so I am sure to remember. I was able to get in two treadmill times and do weights. Bike before bed. Good exercise day! Movie of the day was "The Happening" which wasn't very good. Made lemon jello cake, ate some too. Right as we were turning out the lights (10:00) I started to feel quite queezy ... 30min later I got up and grabbed a bucket ... and threw up. #2 and his girlfriend where there in the kitchen as I came out of the bathroom. I felt better, as you often do directly after. I hoped it was a "one and done" but it was not to be. Up again at 12:30, then 2:30. I stayed in #3's room (he was at a sleepover) so I wouldn't bug Hubs with my ups and downs and restlessness.

Thursday (1019) Weight 163.4. Steps 11293. Total Burn 2150. Exercise Burn 100/408 (10minElliptical). Calories in 1800. Stopped throwing up and finally got a little sleep. Still feeling shaky and off. Fall break, so the kids were out of school, so I didn't have to get up and drive or anything. I didn't attempt Zumba, but did do a little elliptical, just 10 minutes. As I wasn't up for much else, I went in for a nail appointment. Appetite was back (never really left as the flu hit during the night). Took it easy most of the day. Did a little digging out back with the ducklings. 

Friday (1020) Weight 165.4. Steps 23270. Total Burn 2786. Exercise Burn 885/1027 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.72mileTreadmill). Calories in 2100. I need to be a better mom and plan something fun for the kidlets while they don't have school ... that or get in the dentist appointments or something.  Hopefully have shaken the sickness. Without school, I didn't get up early or get any elliptical in before hitting Zumba w/MZL. I felt fine there though. Stats: 6442 steps. 2.81 miles. 413/394 burn. AvHR 415. High 145. In zone 11 of the 62 minutes. The weather turns colder tomorrow, but it was still nice enough to let the babies out to play most of the day. I've been trying to see how warm the light in the pen keeps the air, if the babies could stay out all night. Did some digging and such. Made some pumpkin sugar cookies. #1 brought home Popeye's for lunch. I got in one time on the treadmill, and did a 30min session on the elliptical (I almost always stay with 20 or under). Knew I wasn't going to workout enough for a full movie, so just finished up season one of Blue Bloods. No Grey's Anatomy last night ;(  Hubs and I started watching "Fortitude" and he made popcorn. 

Saturday (1021) Weight 166.8. Steps 12208. Total Burn 2323. Exercise Burn 460/569 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2100. I made french toast for breakfast. Hubs had a bit of a dizzy spell (Menieres) and had to lay down for a while. We took the big ducks out to my mom's house, where we were meeting my brother. He has chickens and wondered about adding ducks. They are interested in the eggs. Hope it works out and hope the poor ducks were too traumatized by the transfer. My mom has been into investing and sharing their knowledge and money with the grand kids. She recently set up a Fidelity investment account for our oldest and some of the other oldest grand kids but then decided to do it for all of them. She and Hubs set up accounts for our other four while we were there. Then Hubs and I hit Red Robin on the way home for a lunch date. I'm glad they allow me to get the "kids" size fish and chips. Half the calories, half the cost ... and still enough to fill me up. Wish they would allow a half order of cheese sticks, as a full order is too much for just the two of us (although easily consumed when we have the kids). The day was nicer than expected, so the babies were out on the backyard most of the day, and they spent the night there too with the heat lamp on and me checking on them several times. 

Sunday (1022) Weight 166.9. Steps 7586. Total Burn 2058. Exercise Burn 0/295 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. I decided to take a rest day. This whole week as been off anyway. We did our big breakfast, and Hubs was smoking pork for dinner (pulled pork sandwiches and tacos). We invited my folks out for dinner, and played Progressive Rummy afterward. Also discovered a couple app games, Stop ... like Scattergories, where you have many topics and have to come up with an answer using an assigned letter of the alphabet, and the Fight List, where you are given one topic, and you come up with as many answers as you can (animals starting with the letter M, things in a bathroom, etc). Playing against the boys or random people.

Monday (1023) Weight 166.5. Steps 31771. Total Burn3315. Exercise Burn 1300/1550 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.76milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Return to the routine. Unfortunately, I was awakened at 2:00 am to the chirping of the fire alarm. Not going off, just the little battery warning. I got up and investigated which one, and it was the one in the main family room, with the high vaulted ceilings. I knew Hubs had a ladder in the garage, but I wasn't sure if even it was tall enough. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't sleep through it. About an hour later it woke up Hubs and he pulled the ladder from the garage and was able to change it. #5 has been sleeping on the couch in the family room ... he slept through it all! Back to sleep for a bit. I got up before Hubs and hit the elliptical, getting my hour in early while getting the boys off. I'd planned on leaving the babies in the pen until I returned from Zumba. The sun wasn't really out yet and it was still quite cool. I figured they'd still need the heat lamp. I gave them their breakfast. Salad, kibble and grain and they attack it. Starving critters! I peeked out again before taking #5 to school ... and the heat lamp had exploded. Luckily, the babies were ok. The pieces weren't that small (for babies to eat) and no one had been impaled or anything. I raised the pen, letting them out and cleaning up. I put a regular bulb in a lamp under the back porch hoping that would be enough to keep them warm if they needed it. The sun was starting to peek through. Off to Zumba after dropping #5 off. I was feeling a tad off. Just lacking the usual energy. Feeling a bit lightheaded and sweaty, although I didn't feel like I was working hard enough to be as sweaty as I was. Made it through although I didn't get great stats. Stats: 5387 steps. 2.38 miles. 319/309 burn. AvHR104. High 127. In zone 1 of the 56 minutes. As I'd just been to Smiths over the weekend, I didn't do a store stop ... and I wanted to check on the babies. They were fine. I got started making dough, turning it into breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. Also made chicken soup. It's not that cold, but I'd been craving it. My neighbor posted on FB that she'd been under the weather, and I took some soup to her. I did get in two treadmill times, once while the kids were in school and one later in the day. #3 was in the gym after school before he headed to work. I ran to CalRanch to grab a new heat lamp bulb for the babies and got them situated for the night. They are so funny, they stick to the side of the pen closest to the house. I don't think I've seen them on the other half. I love looking out at them at night. I don't wake up TO check on them, but if I'm up anyway I always peek out. #2 headed out to a basketball game, playing in a men's league. I'd go watch, but it didn't start until 9:20! That's past my bedtime. I was so sleepy as Hubs was watching our latest show (Fortitude) and I couldn't keep my eyes open. But then ... headache, itchy body and nausea hit hard. Again? I felt awful and I think my restlessness woke Hubs up shortly after he'd drifted off. I got up and took some ibuprofen, allergy medication and pepto bismo. I finally felt a little better ... around 1:00. #2 had started playing me in Fight Club, and that kept my mind off things for a bit. Oy ...

Tuesday (1024) Weight 167.5. Steps 26765. Total Burn 2907. Exercise Burn 1225/1143 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.44milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. I think I slept okay once I finally fell asleep. Still, morning came too quickly. I got in my hour of elliptical. There was no Zumba over at my church because of a funeral, so I headed out to Prairie Stake, Heather B's class. I've only been able to hit hers a few times. She's cute with a lot of energy. Really good a cueing and keeping things fairly simple.  I still wasn't feeling 100% though, so again, not great stats: 5159 steps. 2.26 miles. 281/288 burn. AvHR104. High 128. In zone 5 of the 55 minutes. Home after. #1 had the day off. I let the babies out and cleaned up the kitchen and put some laundry in. Dragging ... so I lay down for a bit. Got in one treadmill time before after school pickups. Got in another afterward. #3 was around, but he was dragging too and didn't hit the gym. Got my weekly blog post up (should have done that yesterday). Hubs had a derby that he went to straight after work. Just leftovers for dinner, although I did make some chocolate chip muffins as an after school snack. My tummy troubles continued to plague me. Not as bad as last night, but feeling off and not up to doing much. #1 was having trouble too, skipping his night class. 

Wednesday (1025) Weight 166.2. Steps 30861. Total Burn 3255. Exercise Burn 1270/1512 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 1000. Schedule was a bit off this morning as #4 needed to go to school early to retake a test. So instead of my middle elliptical session, I was driving him to school. I only got two 20min sessions in ... and then he texted that the teacher hadn't been ready so he'd need to stay after school to take it. Dang it. Zumba w/MZL. Carma came! Her usual Wednesday got switched up (permanently) so I'd been bugging her to come try out my class. Stats: 6845 steps. 3.01 miles. 438/448 burn. AvHR119. High147. In zone 28 of the 64 minutes. Did a stop at the Dollar Tree afterward for lasagna noodles and of course ended up with a bunch of other stuff as well. Back at home I let the babies out. It was a nice day, in the 60s. Made some bread dough ... and the center shaft broke on my mixer. Again! The Kitchenetics IS 25 years old, got it when we got married, but I'd had to replace that part a few years ago. Looking into a new machine, but might just go with the replacement part again. Did a 10min session while I did some blog updates and other stuff. One treadmill time (today's movie was "Equals" which I'd never heard of, not sure it was in theaters or straight to streaming). #4 was ready for pickup about 3:20, which actually worked out well for #5's pickup, we went straight to get him. The grass hadn't grown much, but I mowed the front just to even it out and pick up some of the leaves. Filled up the rest of the can with leaves from the backyard, but there are still plenty there. Had the ducklings out front with me as I mowed. Changed their water and did a little digging. Baked up the bread. #1 and his girlfriend were working on their Halloween costume ... double stuffed oreo.  Then ... and I knew this was coming, #4 freaked out because he couldn't watch his NBA games. There had been a free trial of League Pass, but it was up yesterday. Normally I'd just purchase the pass through Comcast, but Hubs got talked into switching to DirectTV when he made his most recent phone upgrade, but nothing has happened there yet. I don't want to pay the $200 to Comcast if we are leaving, but can't purchase it through DirectTV as we don't have the equipment yet. NBA just offered a month pass, so I decided to go with that, but had a hard time getting it purchased and going (we were checking out the options to access the app on different devices, the Roku, Playstation, Xbox, Tablets). It was frustrating, buffering, not as easy to switch between games, which is why we've gone through our cable provider before. With all this going on, I hadn't gotten around to cleaning up the kitchen, and it was a mess. Hubs made a comment about it and crash. Sometimes it's something small and simple and it just starts the ball of depression rolling. Got the kitchen cleaned up. Went to Smiths to refill prescriptions. Cried. Finished up my workout for the day.  Hubs had watched an episode of Fortitude w/o me last night (as I was so tired I was OUT) and I'd fallen asleep in the one previous. I should have caught up on it during workouts today instead of a movie but it had slipped my mind in the morning when I turned on the tv in the gym. I tried to read ... I should have just gone down to the gym and read on the bike (as Hubs was watching the next episode and I had no idea what was going on). A rather miserable evening.

Thursday (1026) Weight 163.6. Steps 35670. Total Burn 3349. Exercise Burn 1400/1627 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Happy to see the scale slide a bit. I really didn't end up eating anything last evening, so was under calories for the day. Got in early elliptical but missed my hour by 10 minutes, which I worked in later in the day. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7064 steps. 3.08 miles. 446/432 burn. AvHR114. High 145. In zone 17 of the 70 minutes. A little over time ;) I actually wasn't feeling great at the start. A little light headed and off. I thought about saying I wasn't really up to my "UP" songs, and the first one they put on was Boogie Boogie which isn't too intense. I did Three Little Birds too, and that one is just mid-level. But then ... Terrible. But I felt fine. Then they put on Shout and Atrevete. I think that's the most I've ever done in one MZL class. Funny how I ended up feeling so much better after the workout. Less tired! More energy. That's Zumba. Stopped at Sam's Club and Walmart on the way home. Let the babies out then unloaded all the groceries and got them put away. Got the kitchen cleaned up. Got the bills paid. One time on the treadmill before afternoon pickups. I'd asked the boy in carpool not to hum/harmonize a week ago. I guess he thought that request was only for that day. I mentioned it again today and he stopped for that one song, then was back at it. Arrggg! It shouldn't bug me as much as it does, but it does. It drives me crazy. I guess I'll try something speaking. I did it for a couple rides, podcasts. It did help. I made a list of comedian bits. I guess I'll try that next week, as the middle/high school kids are out tomorrow for end of quarter. #3 was in the gym after school, but he and Hubs had a derby. Hubs came home from work a little early to rest his eyes for a bit first. I made scones with the leftover roll dough. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. I got in one more treadmill time before taking him, and did a little Zumba practice ... I've slacked on that lately.

Friday (1027)  Weight 163.8. Steps 24506. Total Burn 2915. Exercise Burn 1100/1164 (60minElliptical, 60min/4.22milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. Slept in a little, got in one session on the elliptical before dropping #5 off at elementary ... then one before heading back to the school for an awards program and Halloween production. No Zumba today. #5 received a "student of the month" award, and the 6th grade performed their annual "Thriller" dance. Two years ago, with #4, it was after the costume parade on Halloween. Without that, I may skip the parade on Tuesday. After about an hour at the elementary I headed home and hit the elliptical again for my last session to equal an hour. The high school and middle schools were out, so #3 and #4 were home. #4 asked me to drop him at a friend's house, and then I picked them up a little later out by The District. Early out at the elementary. I did a little Zumba practice, weights and two times on the treadmill. Hubs went straight from work to a "PALoween" party for work and wasn't home until late. It was Aunt Olivia's birthday, and I was going to try and hit it with the boys, but they decided on a Mexican restaurant, and there just isn't anything for me to eat there so I sat it out, but four of the boys went. #5 was at basketball practice. 

Saturday (1028) Weight 164.9. Steps 16620. Total Burn 2528. Exercise Burn 650/745 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1500. The munchkin had three basketball games today, but they were all in the evening. Started the day with a session on the elliptical, and got a second one in a bit later ... caught the latest "Grey's Anatomy" while working out. Feeling the weight workout from yesterday some. We had Direct TV installed. It has some nice features ... although I'm not sure it's anything we really need. Of course what Hubs was told in store isn't what the actually billing will be, we'll see. Without internet for a bit while things were being moved. I made a Muvee of one of #5's games (they'll be facing the same team today) and made chicken pillows. Ony #2 was around when they were done, but I was making "leftovers" really anyway. Poor #1 had been out with his girlfriend when he started not feeling well. He's been off for over a week now with tummy trouble, but this was full blown throwing up. Poor kid sweats up a storm. He felt better after emptying his stomach and ended up going back out for the evening. I headed out to games at Elkridge, 5:00 with the Grizzlies.We are really lucky we lost a couple weeks ago, as otherwise #5's two teams would have played at the same time. Here, they played back to back at the same location, which was convenient at least. Grizzlies got the win and will move on in the playoffs. Then #5 changed jerseys and his Wolves played the Grizzlies (7th grade). #2 came to watch, as his buddy had a brother on the other team. This was a decent match-up, unfortunately ... altercation, and the Grizzlies coach decided to just call the game (forfeiting for his team, Wolves were up but it wasn't a sure win). It doesn't really matter as the NEXT game is against a team neither team would have had a chance against ... so we get to play. It does always leave things a bit unsettled when stuff like that happens. We had just enough time to run home, grab some food, change from white to black and off to the 8:00 game. Another close one, but Wolves got the win. Hubs was asleep when we got home. I wasn't quite ready for bed, so I went down and did a final 20min on the elliptical to finish up my hour for the day. Once #3 got home from work and #2 from the Jazz game (he'd gone with friends) the boys started their "Stranger Things 2" brother binge ... until 12:45 when the power went out. I was still awake, but probably would have awakened with the fans turning off. I need my breeze and white noise! I hadn't been able to get to sleep before, and now ... Hubs ended up waking up too, and I asked him about a portable fan he'd picked up for camping trips. He found that and turned it on and that did help. I finally fell asleep, waking up again a 2:30 when the power came back on. I was a little worried about my duckies, as their heat lamp would be off with the power out, but it was one of the milder nights. They were fine. 

Sunday (1029) Weight 164.5. Steps 9108. Total Burn 2202. Exercise Burn 225/452 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2500. Still awaken early, even after the not so great night. Hubs headed into work to get a few things done, so without him, we did a simpler family breakfast. I fried up bacon and sausage and made pancakes. Got one session in on the elliptical. Hubs was home pretty early and took the littles out to Maga's house for some cookie making and decorating. The older boys had work in the evening, so we were doing dinner early, around 4:00. Bacon-wrapped filet mignon, marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, brazillian cheese rolls. It was yummy. ♥

Monday (1030) Weight 166.3. Steps 29048. Total Burn 3114. Exercise Burn 1300/1363 (60minElliptial, Zumba, 60min/3.85milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. With the new DirectTV service, we have three months free of Starz/Showtime and CiniMax. Yesterday I tried to look through what movies might interest me that I could catch before we cancel these. In the morning though, the Showtime app wouldn't connect, so I went to Starz and put on "Life" for my movie. Got in my hour of elliptical while getting the boys off to school. It was Halloween Zumba at Debbie's today and costumes were encouaged. I tried on the dinosaur, but the zipper was sticking and just that attempt had me a sweaty mess. I ended up in the whoopie cushion costume. I was the most dressed up there. I stopped to video a few of the Halloween numbers, between that and the costume, stats were understandably a bit low. Stats: 5076 steps. 2.19 miles. 290/305 burn. AvHR 102. High 127. In zone 1 of the 60 minutes. Back at home I got changed and let the duckies out. Dragging a bit, didn't get a tone accomplished. A couple loads of laundry and some kitchen clean-up, some blog prep (but didn't finish the weekly review post). Two times on the treadmill, finished up the movie, which wasn't great. Really got my gag reflex at one part. Afterschool pickups. Leftovers for dinner. #2 had a game with his Men's league out at Herriman's rec center. It was at 6:50, and Ben was playing today too as they were missing some people. I went to watch and video. It's a different dynamic. #2 gets a little cocky and confident and said this would be an easy win, but they were behind at the half. They did come back and win it in the end though. Hubs and I finished up season 1 of Fortitude, and now we'll try one of the series on our temporary channels. 

Tuesday (1031) Weight 164.8. Steps 33688. Total Burb 3191. Exercise Burn 1475/1587 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.03milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2900. Happy Halloween. I was able to shift the scale from the jump yesterday ... but it being candy day ... Started off with my hour of elliptical. Watching "Split" for a scary Halloween show. Zumba w/Marian. Just five of us today. No costume, but I wore a "Happy Halloween" t-shirt. Marian had to sneak out early so I finished up class. Stats: 6300 steps. 2.79 miles. 409/351 burn. AvHr 111. High 140. In zone 40 of the 64 minutes. #1 came home from work and went straight to bed, skipping his chemistry class. He has been having tummy troubles for well over a week. I had mentioned Celiac's to him, as it does run in the family. He's tried to avoid gluten to test out that theory but has still had issues after eating anything.  With our backyard birds and home eggs, I also thought Salmonella could be a possibility. Or who knows what else ... he called and made an appointment for next Monday. I got in two treadmill times, did several loads of laundry, dishes. The ducks always take up an hour or more every day. #3 and friends were in the gym after school, so I was glad I'd gotten my workouts in earlier. He hit parties with friends in the evening, so I hit the gym again for some reading/riding. It's been a while since I've done the bike. #1 and his girlfriend were out at a party, but stopped by so I could take pictures of their costume. The littles didn't go trick-or-treating, but I had some treats for them, and they manned the door, although we didn't get much action. Hubs and I started the Starz series "Outlander" ... I'd watched the first few episodes back when they originally aired. I've read the books too, but not having the Starz channel, I hadn't kept up with it. 
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