Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Family 5k (2018)

We've done two FAMILY 5k runs (jog/walks) ... a number of us participated this year, but it wasn't the full family. Missing Hubs, who said he didn't want to have a heart attack, and #3, who wouldn't get out of bed. I wasn't going to make #5 participate, as he had a basketball game a little later in the day and I didn't want to impact his play negatively, but he thought he'd be okay (and he was). Last year we had #2's girlfriend, this year it was #1's gal who joined us.

The race we did last year and this year, is the Linda Butters Memorial Fun Run. While the purpose of many 5k races is to raise funds, this race is only about giving back to the community. Honoring this individual who gave so much. $10 registered the entire Blackham Bunch. Official clip timing for accurate results, nice swag bags and matching t-shirts.  

This event kicks off the 4th of July activities at our local park. The area was already cordoned off for the carnival set-up, so no worry about cars driving around the loop. Unfortunately, I hadn't fully prepped my music. I thought I had. I'd put my old ipod shuffle on the charger, but went I tried it out, it wasn't working. Neither were my wireless headphones (linked to my phone, as while my new Versa has the ability to hold music and stream it, I hadn't set that up  yet either). I tried plugging in some regular earbuds, but those just do not stay in my ears. So ... no music this go round. 

Last year, they had us run up the center, and then around the loop three times. As I mentioned in the blog post last year (Family 5k 2017) the fast finishing times made me suspect that it hadn't been measured correctly. This year, we were directed to the center, then the side, then FOUR times around the loop.  As I generally figure my average is 40min for the 3.1 miles, this seemed closer to correct (my time last year had been under 30 minutes).  Versa stats; 5648 steps. AvHR139. High 165.  In zone 36 of the 37 minutes. Estimated calorie burn 386.
Last year, #3 had been the first one to finish in our family. This year ... he was still in bed. #2 took the honors of the first Blackham to cross the finish line. Last year, with his girlfriend beside him, he had held back a bit. That may have been the case for #1 this year. #5 gleefully lapped me (#2 had as well) calling out "hi Mom" on his way to the finish line, while I still had another loop to go. #4 admitted that this run had been more challenging for him. He's a little out of practice.

Cute navy shirts made from nice performance fabric. I missed having the whole family in the race and the picture. Hopefully next year we'll get everyone! I'd love for this 5k to become an annual tradition. In the few days following, my calves were killing me. I was a little surprised, as I'd done some "5k" jogs on the treadmill in the previous weeks without much impact afterward. I wasn't the only one moaning though ... #2 also commented on his calves, while the two littles said it was their quads that were tight.  Looking forward to 2019!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Week #258 (175.8)

 Wasn't able to hang onto that loss from last week. Staying stuck in the mid-seventies. Started off good, my Monday was motivated, exercise and eating where I like. But then ... eating was a little out of control this week. I'll admit I wasn't even really tracking on by Sunday.

NUMBERS: Official weight 175.8 (+1.9) with the average staying about the same. 174.79 (+.02). Average intake was 2571. Average burn 2978. Pretty much broke even for the week (-5 deficit). Only one day with intake under 2000 goal. Three days with 3000+ burn, those were also 30k days.  Step average was 25173 with 66.79 logged miles. Cardio minutes 900/920/948/1083/1254/628/673. I did get in 45 minutes w/weights.

 Quite the spread across the devices this week ...

EXERCISE: I got in my hour of elliptical six days this week. Treadmill time five days, one day with double duty. Six hours of Zumba ... four official classes, and two hours of practice on my own. Although I was the sub instructor for three of the official classes! Didn't hit the bike this week, although I should have. I have several books that have caught my interest. Weights once.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: No more nails ... got them off this week. I love the look, hate the upkeep. Some family time with Grandparents over to play games. Hubs and the boys left for camping at the lake Thursday - Sunday. I stayed home with the cats and ducks, and #2. It was a quiet weekend.

Heres the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0709) Good day. Hit my 30k and kept calories in check. Got three 20min sessions on the elliptical in. Taught a Zumba class (subbing for Debbie) and then practiced an hour also while the boys played basketball. Two miles on the treadmill too. 33101 steps. 3325 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Tuesday (0710) Activity today was about the same as yesterday ... hour of elliptical, teaching Zumba, practicing Zumba, and treadmill time. But calories were uber over. Some snacking, pizza (had my parents over for "Grandparents and Games" day) and then Hubs made popcorn in the evening. 30758 steps. 3265 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Wednesday (0711) Got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba w/MZL ... that was it for exercise. Got some shopping steps though. I'm taking a break from the acrylic nails now though, I've been too hard on them this summer. Some sitting time getting them off. 23642 steps. 2950 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Thursday (0712) The boys headed out to Bear Lake for the weekend this morning. I'd planned on hitting a backup Zumba (as my usual MZL had building conflicts) but then stuck around to help with the packing ... and the guys were packing up and taking my car. #2 didn't go on the trip either, staying home with me and the cats and the ducks (and to see his girlfriend, only home on the weekends). I got in an hour of elliptical and a treadmill time though. Also mowed the front lawn and cleaned the house ... and without everyone home, it should actually stay clean, right? 25591 steps. 2961 burn. 2700 intake.
  • Friday (0713) 30k day ... not bad for Friday the 13th. Intake was okay. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba (Debbie's class, Carma and I subbed), two treadmill times and some shopping steps. Pretty low key day with Hubs and four of the boys gone. 30683 steps. 3297 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Saturday (0714) Okay for activity. Got in my hour of elliptical and two miles on the treadmill. Big new though, I did a workout w/WEIGHTS. It's been a while. Eating though ... not good. Dang PB M&Ms. I actually had a nightmare that I ate the entire bag (and it was the BIG party bag, 38 servings!) Ran a few errands. Got some reading and video work in. 22233 steps. 2890 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Sunday (0715) No exercise. Planned rest day ... although I should have hit the bike. I have a couple books that I'm really enjoying and would like more reading time, also one audiobook that is never ending! I did listen to it while I mowed the lawn and did some house cleanup and more video work. Hubs and the boys got home today. Another bad eating day. National Ice Cream Day ... but that was the least of the eating issues. 10200 steps. 2158 burn. 3000 intake.
 *** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Five movies this week. Most were really recent, but one was older. The Mountain Between Us (2017) arrived on HBO. It was decent. The Boy (2016) ... it was as I expected for the most part, although the ending caught me off guard. Nothing great, but it kept my interest. Unthinkable (2010) ... lots of familiar faces here. The guy from Ally McBeal, Superman, the Matrix chick, and of course Mr. Jackson. It was a little hard to watch ... torture. It really did make you think though, what things are unthinkable/unacceptable under extreme circumstances. I'd heard a bit about Tau (2018/Netflix original). It was decent. I wasn't sold on the main gal. Then something  a little lighter, The Kissing Booth (2018/Netflix Original). It was cute, although the high school parties always make me wonder ... are they really like that? I was uber innocent through my high school years. the main gal was so short! I've heard several people comment on how young she looked, and because of that it seemed a little creepy, but that wasn't something that affected me at all.  So nothing horrible, nothing outstanding ... I'm always glad I'm exercising and didn't just waste hours watching each week.  They weren't worth that.
Five Featured Photos ...
 Grandparents and Games was brought to you by the letter "R" ...

 I didn't get the best picture of the pretty pink sky - 
but so many people took photos and posted them all over social media.

 First hibiscus blossom ...

  No more nails. A pain to remove (literally).
I've just been too hard on them this summer, not worth the upkeep cost.

 Bear Lake is known for their raspberry shakes ... the gang tried them out.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Week #257 (173.9)

Huh ... what do you know. That's quite the drop. A bit of fluctuation throughout the week as well. It wasn't like this was a great week either. I mean it was decent. But there was the 4th of July holiday, with very little exercise and uber overeating. No exercise over the weekend ... but calories kept in check there. 
NUMBERS: Official weight 173.9, that's down quite a bit (-3.6). I'd say last week was just a little high, but that's why I do averages as well. Average was 174.77, also down (-1.82). But really, with my average intake at 2171 and average burn at 2763, I only had a small deficit for the week (-138.57).  But overall, eating had been better, with four days under my 2000 calorie goal. I had three days with 3000+ burn. Those three were 30k days as well.  Step average was 20,678 with 49.2 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 750/694 for my calculations, 739 for the One, 823 for the Versa, 1009 for the Zip at the Hip, Garmin just 458 and Motiv 535. Didn't get any time strength training.

 All three of ME came in over the kids this week. 
The Zip at the Hip is overcounting!

EXERCISE: It was an interesting week for exercise. I got in my hour of elliptical four days, with one additional partial day. Only two treadmill days, although one of those was double duty. Although the graph shows eight hours of Zumba, really just five hours were spent dancing. All that other before/after class time adds up though! I did hit the bike once this week, although no workout w/weights.   

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: There was a beach day, and family time on the Fourth, a trip to the dentist (for the littles), dinner out and a couple pizza runs and slurpee stops.

Here's a look at the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0702) Good day for eating and exercise. 30k ... although just barely, I was stepping before bed to make sure I hit my mark. VERY SORE from the 5k, hobbling after sitting still, but muscles warm up with movement. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba (as instructor, subbing for Debbie), and two treadmill walks. #5 went with teammates downtown to play in an all day 3x3 tournament.  30004 steps. 3161 burn. 1500 intake.
  • Tuesday (0703) Busy day. Over 30k, but intake was higher than I wanted. Still sore from the race on Saturday. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba (teaching again), and another hour - Zumba practice for me, basketball practice for the boys. One time on the treadmill, and then some reading/riding (bike). 31715 steps. 3246 burn. 2400 intake.
  • Wednesday (0704) Fourth of July. My usual Zumba class was having class in a different location. I could have gone, but figured I'd take the holiday. I did do an hour of elliptical, so the day was not without exercise. Eating though ... uber over! Family celebration in the evening at the inlaws. We also added three duckies to our flock today. All girls. So far they are shy with us and our current ducks. 16087 steps. 2602 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Thursday (0705) Yea, a 30k day. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MZL, then an hour on my own(practice, boys playing basketball). Stayed busy during the day with some shopping steps, ducky duty and mowing the front lawn. Unlike yesterday, I kept calories in check. 31559 steps. 3271 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Friday (0706) Just 1/2 hour of elliptical today. I was instructing today for Zumba in Daybreak. Some shopping steps as I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Then sitting and waiting at the dentist. Appointment for the two littles. I got #5 to practice then Hubs and I headed out to my folks for some Papa Murphy pizza, garage consultation and progressive rummy. I totally won. 18531 steps. 2707 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Saturday (0707) General cleanup around the house and yard, mowed the lawn. A bit of a down day. 12258 steps. 2358 burn. 1400 intake.
  • Sunday (0708) Lake day for the whole family, even me (I generally sit these out). I tried out the paddle board. Could feel that in my calves. Need more practice to stay standing. Tepanyaki for dinner after. Low steps ... but a good day. 4593 steps. 1994 burn. 2200 intake. 
*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Three movies this week. HBO just added the 2017 releases (the first two) and the last one we had on DVD, but I had never seen it. My boys had seen IT and loved it. In addition to being scary, it was hilarious at times.  According to them. I didn't like it at all. I'm not big on the "horror" scene, and I just thought the whole thing didn't make much sense. Was any of it actually explained. I didn't find the foul mouthed kids funny, nor the excessive bullying, or the murder of children. I guess I'm just left puzzles as to why people (including MY people) liked this so much. American Made was decent ... I think I was interested all the way up to the end. I know it's based on a true story, so they couldn't really alter the ending, but ... ehhh. Didn't like it. Now ... Ant Man. My boys had also loved this, thus our owned DVD copy. I'm not all that into the superhero shows, but this was pretty great. Just the right amount of humor, not over the top silly like the second Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor Ragnarock. This one rates right up there with Iron Man, which is probably my favorite.  I figured with the sequel to Ant Man hitting the theaters, I should probably see the first one, and I'm glad I did. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 My #5 downtown playing in a 3x3 tournament and meeting NBA players.

 WHO opened the box of cereal from the BOTTOM?

 ... our new girls ...

#1 son ... whitening for the wedding

 Family Lake Day

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Week #256

Not a good week. One little dip right at the start of the week, then up, up, up. Activity was down. Eating was up (up, up). Sometimes I wonder if there is any correlation there ;)  Hmmm... I started off good. It was a motivated Monday, but then ... not so much the rest of the week.

NUMBERS: Weight was up (1.8) to 177.5, average up also (also 1.8) to 176.59.  There was a big overage at the end of the week (4371) after the average intake (2900) battling the average burn (2776). Just one day with calories under 2000 (that would be Monday), just two days with burn over 3000 (but four days with intake over it, ouch!) and just one 30k day.  Step average was 19108 with 43.57 logged miles. Cardio minutes 657/677 (my count), One 683, Versa 677, Zip 831, Garmin 424, Motiv 509. No weights this week. 

In addition to having the highest active minute count ... the Zip had the highest step count this week too. That's quite a difference! The Versa came in quite low (as I'm wearing all three, torso, wrist and waist). My son beat me (well, not the Zip numbers).

EXERCISE: My workouts were down quite a bit this week. Hit the elliptical four days, but only got a full hour on two of those days. Four days with a treadmill walk. Ran a 5k on Saturday with the family. Five official Zumba classes (I was the instructor for three of them) with an extra hour on my own.  No bike. No weights.  

OTHER ACTIVITIES:  More family time this week. A visit with my folks, Grandparents and Games for the kids. The Family Fun Run and then we all (sans #2 who had seen it already) went to a movie. Only my second movie at the theater in years. 

Here's the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0625) Good day for eating and activity. 30k day. Got in my hour of elliptical, taught a Zumba class (subbing for Debbie) and then did an hour practice (while supervising the boys playing basketball) and a treadmill walk. 31208 steps. 3267 burn. 1850 intake.
  • Tuesday (0626) Not a great day for exercise and activity. While I got my Zumba in (teaching again, with C&S to help out Marian's class), just 30min elliptical for additional exercise. Had the grandparents out, to show them Hub's garage and my garden and to play games with the littles. The older boys both had friends over in the gym in the evening. General overeating in the day topped off with Hub's yummy popcorn. 17600 steps. 2655 burn. 3200 intake.
  • Wednesday (0627) Got in my hour of elliptical, and Zumba with MZL. Mowed the lawn, got some grocery shopping steps, and made banana bread. Ate banana bread ... and lots of other things. Hubs was late at the lake with a work buddy. 24654 steps. 3095 burn. 3200 intake.
  • Thursday (0628) Started the day running #5 to his ride, he's playing in a basketball tournament today,tomorrow & Saturday. With the crowds/chaos and cost (charging $16 a day to watch!) and prior commitments, I'm not going myself. Zumba w/MZL, some shopping steps, one time on the treadmill, some work in the garden. 17681 steps. 2520 burn. 2900 intake.
  • Friday (0629) Didn't get a workout in before Zumba. Carma and I were subbing Debbie's class today. Quick store stop on the way home after. Just one treadmill time for additional exercise. Just lacking in motivation this week. Exercise down. Eating up. Intake was bad, and that was before Hubs made popcorn in the evening. 17843 steps. 2571 burn. 3350 intake.
  • Saturday (0630) Got up and ran (wogged) a 5k with the family. All my boys beat me, and two lapped me (as it was a circular course). Time was 37 minutes. No additional exercise for the day, but I mowed the lawn and worked in the garden. 16816 steps. 2546 burn. 3100 intake.
  • Sunday (0701) My legs are SORE, mostly my calves. Did 20min on the elliptical, but that was it for exercise. Went to a movie with the family. Incredibles 2. Very cute. Overate ... movie treats and popcorn. Brisket dinner. 7953 steps. 2077 burn. 2700 intake.
*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
 A couple of Netflix original movies ... as I watched Cargo, it was SO reminiscent of a short I'd seen on YouTube years ago (link here). Sure enough, this movie was based on this short clip. While I enjoyed the movie, I have to agree with many commentators, that the short story telling was more powerful. Brain on Fire, based on actual events, was interesting. I liked it. 

*** Watched NOT Working Out *Ü* ***
Hubs brought home The Equalizer DVD, as a co-worker told him he needed to see it. I'm a Denzel fan. It was good. Ironically, the gal with the leading role in "Brain on Fire" had a small but pivital role in this film. Then ... Incredibles 2. I've heard such good things about this from everyone, and it lived up to the hype. A solid second in the series. 

Five Featured Photos ...

All the guys got a little too much sun last Sunday ... weird spots on #2!

 The IceMan cometh ... Hubs taking bags of pebbled ice to work.

 My Garden(s) ...
#5 played in a tournament Thurs/Fri/Sat

Family 5k... Hubs and #3 stayed in bed.

Monday, July 2, 2018

June 2018

I'll admit it, I struggle some with summer. I do better on the school schedule, getting the kids up and off and my exercise in. My workouts have slipped some. I'm not the only one. There has been a lot of summer sleeping going on. Sleeping in and taking naps. Both the kids and the cats ;) The munchkin finished up basketball games with his Grizzlies (taking the tournament), an out of town trip with his Wolves, and a summer camp/clinic at the local high school. #2 is wearing a Fitbit now, and with his new job at UPS and playing basketball (class and with friends) he's taken the top spot for a few weeks. He was also first from our family when we ran a 5k. Hubs was going to ride the new Segway along side those of us running (or wogging, that's what I do) but he ended up sleeping in. That's the June recap ... here are the stats:

NUMBERS: Weight started at 176.3 and ended up at 177.8. That was also the high. The low beat last month at 172.5. Average weight was 175.56. Average intake was 2305. Average burn 2768. Crunching the numbers, a tiny deficit for the month (-734). Kept intake at goal (under 2000) 10 days. Burn over 3000 also 10 days. Just seven 30k days. Cardio minutes 3022/3288 with 85min of weights.

EXERCISE: I hit the elliptical 22 days this month, achieving my hour 13 of those days. Treadmill time 17 days during the month, five days with double duty. I did a few treadmill 5ks, and one official one. Walked to/from Zumba a couple times. 17 official Zumba classes, and three more practice hours on my own ... I've been teaching quite a bit, subbing for Debbie and Marian. Just one time on the bike, two workouts w/weights.   OTHER ACTIVITIES: More family time ... Father's Day gatherings with both sides of the family. A trip out to Grandma's to see cousins in town for a family wedding. Grandparents over to play games. Some eating out. While #5 played a lot of basketball, I was only around for seven games. Lawn mowing, gardening, nail appointments (gardening is hard on my nails!)  Here's the Day by Day ...

0601 (Friday) Weight 176.3. Steps 22284. Total Burn 2920. Exercise Burn 1052/1106 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Slept in a little. Last day of elementary school for #5 ... and for ME. After 18+ years, we'll wrap up that chapter. #4 technically had school, but it was just a few hours and they weren't really doing anything, so he skipped (as did the other two kids in the carpool and I'm sure 90% of the school). After dropping off #5, I changed and headed to Zumba w/MZL. When I first arrived, I wasn't sure if there were any instructors! Kathy, one of our older ladies who does a few numbers (even on oxygen) had started things. Missy was there too, but it was really just her and me, until about halfway through when a couple other gals showed up. Stats: 6020 steps. 2.6 miles. 476/398 burn. AvHR124. High150. In zone 40 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Mimi Nails after, hoping they could take me as a walk-in. My thumbnail was almost completely off, and the two pinky nails weren't in great shape either. At first, I thought I saw people waiting and thought I was out of luck, but then I realized it was the two owners sitting waiting ... so I got right in. We did a new set. Afterward, I hit Maceys for a few groceries, and then stopped at Dunford on the way home. it was National Donut Day, and I felt obligated to participate. So did everyone else I guess. Uber crowded. #3 had wanted to go on a Krispie Kreme run UNTIL he found out it was National Donut Day, and then he decided against it, fearing the crowds, likely rightly so. Got everything put away, kitchen cleaned up ... an elliptical session, and it was time to pick up #5 (early out at 1:00).  He had a game with his Wolves up in NSL. Past my ability to drive, I don't even like to go as a passenger ... so I just sent him with a teammate. They won. Played an 8th grade girls team. The Wolves have games tomorrow at 10, 12 and 1:00, but #5's Grizzlies have their game at 11:00 for the championship, so #5 will have to miss the other games. Hubs was home from work pretty early, spending the evening in the garage putting up paneling. I was super tired and went to bed early (9:30).

0602 (Saturday) Weight 176.7. Steps 16308. Total Burn 2433. Exercise Burn 350/613 (40min/3.1milesTreadmill). Calories in 3100. Didn't get out of bed until after 8:00 today. #5's game wasn't until 11:00. I went ahead and did my "5k" as I have the last couple Saturdays, although I really had to push myself to do it today. The championship game went well, our boys got the win, and the t-shirts! We had a few hours before the Wolves game (the local ones), so I got the lawn mowed. Then off to Midvale, where the boys won the first, which put them playing again at 7:00. So, waiting an hour. I ran and grabbed a little dinner, just some tots and chicken tenders from a nearby Arctic Circle. The next game was against the #1 seed (we were #8) and they beat us pretty easy. #5 still got some good shots in. He came home and went through the clips ... now my turn to make them into muvees.

0603 (Sunday) Weight 177.3. Steps 13768. Total Burn 2440. Exercise Burn 506/621 (30minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500.  Slept until a little after 7:00 ... Hubs headed into work, trying to catch up on some stuff. #5 had been invited to a sleepover late last night, and #3 had taken him ... and then proceeded to head to a sleepover himself. So, there weren't many people home and #2 usually sleeps in and #1 was off to church. #3 grabbed #5 on his way home a little later in the morning. He'd had a misunderstanding with me, thinking we were having a family get-together. He's managed to get work off ... but the party is next week. He ended up going into work to cover for someone. I did a walk on the treadmill, then got a couple elliptical sessions in later in the day. Finished up the monthly review blog post, and got a couple muvees made. Hubs ran to the store, as he wanted to make a meatloaf to smoke. I added some scalloped potatoes to the dinner. 

0604 (Monday) Weight 177.2. Steps 30249. Total Burn 3237. Exercise Burn 1319/1427 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5mileTreadmill). Calories in 1700. First day of the summer schedule. Hubs was still up and off early, around 4:30. I think I fell back asleep a bit, but I was still restless and awake around my usual time. Of course I didn't get up and be productive. Got up around 6:30 and then hit the treadmill. On for an hour, but just walking. Zumba w/Debbie. I was even on time, but then there was the dreaded "Closed for Cleaning" sign up. Seriously! Can this not be communicated before hand. Debbie talked to them and they let us use the relief society room, but there were way too many people (several had kids with them) and it's so hard to dance on carpet. At least one lady gave up and left. The rest stuck it out, but stats weren't great. 5424 steps 2.36 miles. 408/326 burn. AvHR118. High143. In zone 27 of the 60 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. I'd refilled my prescriptions online, and called Hub's ones in. Mine were ready, but they had to quickly finish up his. I grabbed a few groceries. #2's "fake chicken" was on sale, and I got some Gatorade too. Home to unload, then clean up the kitchen, which was still a mess from last night. Put in some laundry, did a couple loads. Hit the elliptical, getting my hour in with three sessions during the day. I've gotten after #4 a bit to increase his step count and challenged him to do one session on the treadmill most days during the summer. Even ordered him some new running shoes as an incentive (I paid $75 of the $150 price tag). He did a run today. Super sweaty! He also played basketball outside and he and #5 jumped on the tramp a bit, but the tramp (and bb hoop there) are in pretty bad shape. I watered the lawn ... broken egg again yesterday and today. Pulled up a watermelon we had forgotten a bit about. While the ducks seemed to really like watermelon originally, now they are just so-so for it. Still adore tomatoes. #3 went shopping, trying to find a red shirt to wear under his work shirt. No luck there, but he still came home with quite a bit of stuff. He's had bad luck with things shrinking on him ... which has been a boon to #4, who gets his hand-me-downs.  #5 had a 7:00 basketball game with his Wolves. The gym was SO hot. Had to be 80° at least. The game was quite tight, with the score staying close and the lead going back and forth. In the end, our boys pulled ahead to win by 10+. I guess one of the teams after us didn't show, and we were asked if we wanted to stay and play another game, but the boys all seemed super tired, and with the hot gym, #5 wasn't interested. I would have been willing if he was, but we headed home. It had  been a super warm day, and when I checked the app, it said it was 95° outside, and it felt cooler (in the shade) than in the gym! Hubs was doing a bit of work on his computer until late. I got caught up on some journal entries. Not too shabby for the first day of summer. Didn't get to bed until after 11:00. That's late for us!

0605 (Tuesday) Weight 175.5. Steps 34832. Total Burn 3482. Exercise Burn 1650/1675 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Hubs had taken half an Ambien a bit into the night, and was out cold, sleeping in a little later then his usual. He was off around 6:00. I got up shortly after. Did an hour walk on the treadmill. When I first fed the ducks, Blackfoot was still in the house, I don't think she'd laid her egg yet. As soon as I saw her out I went to grab it, and was able to get it before it was broken. It was still warm. #3 was parked behind me (as Hubs had parked in his usual spot so I could get out and back in with last night's game) and so I moved it ... then figured I should walk to Zumba, as it's nice and close and a nice morning. So I did. Marian was there today, as was Suzanne, who we hadn't seen all during the school year with the school schedule. Stats: 6318 steps. 2.7miles. 450/388 burn. AvHR117. High132. In zone 33 of the 64 minutes. #3 and a friend were in the gym when I got back home, which was fine. I'd told #3 to TRY and do his workouts somewhere in the 8:30-11:30 range, as that's when I'm gone to Zumba and then errands or house stuff. They finished up, and I got my first elliptical in. Then I asked #4 if he wanted to practice basketball at the church gym and he said yes. #5 came too, and we stayed for just over an hour. I practiced some Zumba while I waited and supervised. Back home, and out to water plants and refresh ducky waters. #3 had put his bed frame together and he and I tried to put the mattress back on without messing up the mattress pad, but #3 is fastidious, and not happy with it and wants to try again with a brother ... someone stronger and more agile than ME to help. He had to leave for work before either brother got home though. I had Hubs and #2 get it done when they were both home. Another two elliptical sessions in, another load of dishes and some laundry.

0606 (Wednesday) Weight 175.3. Steps 27729. Total Burn 3566. Exercise Burn 1597/1757 (40minElliptical, Zumbax2, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Hubs was off a little before 5:00. I don't know that I really fell back asleep, so I went ahead and got up at my usual "school" time. I noticed on my phone that #1 had called me, twice, at 12:45. My phone ringer is off at night, and I was too asleep to notice any vibration. I peeked in at him and he woke up enough to tell me what had happened. He had met his fiance at the movies and on the way home, she was in a car accident (hit a parked car). Car needed to be towed, and the tow guy was insisting on $150 cash deposit. Is that common practice? I mean how many people have that kind of cash on them? Isn't the CAR collateral enough? Most people will want their car back. Even if it was completely totaled and a loss, wouldn't the metal scrap be about that much? As he couldn't get a hold of us (I told him to try #3, who is usually up late, and he could come and physically wake me) the guy took credit card info. Didn't hit the gym immediately, as I did with the school schedule ... although I should. While I have been getting in an hour walk on the treadmill, I think it was better to get the elliptical hour in. Then if I only get one treadmill time in, I've still had my elliptical hour. Also I do NOT feel like jogging first thing, but usually did later in the day. So I'm going to try and switch back to elliptical if I'm up early enough.  I did do treadmill walk today. No egg from duckie today. I peeked out back and saw her coming back from behind the pen. There is really nothing back there, not even a small spot to nest. I did check it out though. No egg to be found. Off to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6900 steps. 3.08miles. 518/465burn. AvHR125. High149. In zone 49 of the 65 minutes. After class I stopped by Maceys to grab some groceries. Back at home, it's unloading time and mommy duties around the house (and backyard, watering and 2nd breakfast for the ducks). Then off to the church again for basketball for the two boys. I did Zumba. My stats don't stand up to a class, but still not bad for practice. 6112 steps. 2.64 miles. 426/305burn. AvHR114. High134. In zone 16 of the 65 minutes. I only got two elliptical sessions in during the rest of the day. I'd mowed the lawn earlier in the day, and then spent some time in the evening watering and transplanting a few things. Hubs made popcorn and we watched an episode of "The Handmaid's Tale" ...

0607 (Thursday) Weight 177.0. Steps 30080. Total Burn 3311. Exercise Burn 1173/1496 (50minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2.25milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Hubs was sleeping in a bit, I got up at 6:20, and beat him up. I'd been awake earlier. Instead of treadmill, I went with elliptical. Didn't get my entire hour in, just 10min short. I thought for sure I'd fit it in later in the day ... but then #3 was in the gym with a friend for a couple hours at the end of day. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6602 steps. 2.98 miles. 435/386 burn. AvHR118. High139. In zone 30 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sams and Walmart afterward. Actually remembered to bring the rewards check and have it applied to the credit card account. That's been around for months, but I never remembered to bring it with me. Why can't they just apply it to the account? No Cetaphil cream at Sams or Walmart. No one was home when I got back. #3 had taken the two littles to Aunt Olivia at Supercuts, then they went to Arbys. I got everything put away and got caught up on some computer stuff. #4 didn't push for church basketball today. I got a jog in on the treadmill. I made some jello cubes (they are gone already) and a "Cool Whip Dessert" or which I had to test. The leftover brisket has been popular for french dip these last few days. Some work out in the garden, more transplanting. Garbage day today, and a neighbor's can was blowing school papers all over. #5 had practice in the evening.  

0608 (Friday) Weight 176.5. Steps 20416. Total Burn 2821. Exercise Burn 907/1000 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900.  Sometimes silly little things can super stress me out. That happened. I couldn't get to sleep last night, tossing and turning until well after mid-night. Not very motivated when I got up in the morning. Scale was still high. I had hoped it was just water retention after the popcorn a couple nights ago and that it would correct quickly. That wasn't super motivating either. I'd originally planned on MZL Zumba, but got a text from Debbie asking if Carma and I could sub for today and Monday as she's hurt her back. Carma was available today, but won't be Monday ... which is fine, I can do it myself. So I'd prepped a playlist yesterday. Class was good. Stats: 6626 steps. 2.93 miles. 534/440 burn. AvHR129. High154. In zone 57 of the 63 minutes. Thought about making a quick stop at Smiths, but the road is so torn up I wasn't even sure I could get in or out. I didn't bother. I got a couple elliptical sessions in at home, but not my full hour. No treadmill today. #5 had practice so we had the usual drop off at 5:30. Pokemon has made a comback at our house. Big time!
0609 (Saturday) Weight 177.4. Steps  13917. Total Burn 2388. Exercise Burn 500/576 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2200.  No basketball games today. Spring season has wrapped up (well, one more Monday game) and summer hasn't started yet. I didn't get my 5k in though, just didn't feel up to the jog. I got in a couple elliptical sessions. My Cutco presentation didn't end up happening, for which I was relieved. Sol has decided not to sell for them, which is probably good happening sooner than later. I got the lawn mowed. It was a warm one today. Hubs got all the kids doing some chores, and he cleaned the main tub ... actually got it completely clean. #3 wasn't around to pitch in (well, he showed up with a friend to workout in the gym) but he had cleaned the bathroom yesterday, without me even asking him. Then Hubs worked in the garage, hanging more paneling. #5 went to hang with a buddy all day. #1 was off with Sol, #2 had Kate over, #3 was working ... #4 was just hanging at home. Ended as a Black Saturday. One of the worst :(

0610 (Sunday) Weight 175.9. Steps 4955. Total Burn 1926. Exercise Burn 0/114 (no exercise). Calories in 1600. Bad night, not unexpected. Hubs was off on an errand (picked up a Segway). We didn't do breakfast. I got started on rolls, as I'd been asked to bring them to the family gathering later in the day. Made some scones for the kids with some of the dough. The rest was shaped into orange rolls and dinner rolls. I also ran to the store to grab a cake, got the chocolate one. We headed out to get to Maga's at 5:00. Uncle Clay was walking over with the ribs. Much cooler day than yesterday, or the several days before. Nice enough to eat outside, even with the beehive above (Maga's called someone to take care of that, they are coming on Tuesday). Got a big family photo. A bit of wedding talk (for #1's upcoming marriage). They brought Toby, Sol's dog, and it was funny watching him and Maga's dog chase each other around. After several days of bad sleep and absolutely exhausted eyeballs, I took an Ambien at 9:00 and was out shortly after. I'm glad it worked, as it hasn't been that effective the few times I've tried it in the past. I considered taking two ... or three, or 10.

0611 (Monday) Weight 176.9. Steps 15085. Total Burn 2539. Exercise Burn 450/721 (Zumba). Calories in 700. I did sleep last night, with the medication. I might have passed on Zumba, just not really in the mood, but I was subbing for Debbie. So I was committed. Class was small, but went well. Stats: 6022 steps. 2.67 miles. 489/395 burn. AvHR128. High 154. In Zone 43 of the 58 minutes.  I stopped at Smiths on the way home, mostly to restock on fruits and veggies, but grabbed some clearance deals too. Had a bit to unload and get put away. Dishes. Laundry ... they are always there for me. #5 had basketball camp over at the high school. 1:00-4:00 Mon-Thurs this week. #3 dropped him off, and I did the pickup. I made spaghetti for and early dinner, to feed #3 before he headed to work at 5:00, but then he was running late and left without eating any. It's good for leftovers though. #5 and I headed out to his final game with the Murray league. The gym was super hot, as usual. The shots were just not falling for our boys, and so the season ended in a loss. I was prepping my playlist for tomorrow (subbing for Marian) and had posted to the neighborhood FB page when a neighbor commented that she thought they were refinishing the floors. I drove over to the church quick to check it out and sure enough, out of commission for over a week. This week and next, which also means no basketball with the boys. I texted my regulars and we debated a bit (to do it outside) but ultimately decided just to cancel it. There is Heather's class as a backup ... but I was already thinking I was going to take a break tomorrow and just not dance for a day. Took a couple Benedryl before bed, but still had trouble falling asleep ...

0612 (Tuesday) 173.9. Steps 18434. Total Burn 2564. Exercise Burn 762/766 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. All the ducky eggs have been broken of late. I'm not sure when I got one last. I didn't make it to Zumba (Heather's class). Pretty much premeditated. Just didn't feel up to it, but I'll try to next week.  #4 has seemed off these last few days too. He slept for several hours mid-day today. I grabbed a little nap too. In the morning, #1's fiance came over and they waffled cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then Aunt Olivia came over to cut #1's hair and redo #3's. #5 had his basketball camp at the high school again. Finished up my blog post I didn't get to yesterday. Laundry, dishes, watering. Hubs came home and took the Segway for a long drive, then he disappeared and I found him in bed asleep. I made some homemade oreos ... didn't officially eat one, but still added one to MFP as I know I got a few bits and pieces as I cleaned out the dough from under my nails and licked the frosting off my fingers.

0613 (Wednesday) 173.3. Steps 30003. Total Burn 3249. Exercise Burn 1263/1462 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900.  Hubs had to take an Ambien to get to sleep after taking his late nap. I was still awake when he fell asleep for the night. I finished my book. I haven't been getting up early. I wondered if I'd be able to keep it up. I was up early enough to get in one and a half elliptical sessions in before heading out to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6404 steps. 2.78 miles. 502/410 burn. AvHR122. High150. In zone 39 of the 63 minutes. It was a larger class than usual, I think the other Wednesday class had to cancel, so we had some of those people here. I know that will be the case next week too. I stopped at Maceys to grab some groceries, and a quick stop at Dollar Tree too. Home to unload and get things put away. I didn't get a workout in before heading out to drop #5 at basketball camp. When I got back, #3 and a friend were in the gym. If I'd have know, I would have tried harder to get a session in earlier. There was still plenty to keep me busy. I cleaned up the kitchen, did the dishes, a couple loads of laundry, changed the sheets. Also prepped meatball subs to feed #3 (and friend) before #3 headed to work. #4 was around to have one too. I had just enough left to make three more in the evening for #1, #5 ... and #4 again. Hubs had gone to a movie w/Adrian. Deadpool 2. He was pretty full of popcorn. I'd grabbed Dominos on the way home from picking up #5, so there was that for dinner too. I was able to indulge (a slice of my white sauce cheese pizza) and keep calories in check. Hubs had received some wall panels today, and did a little work in the garage, but it was SO hot. I watered and changed the ducks water and got them their evening meal. Transplanted some tomatoes. Debated making some cookie/brownies, but didn't get around to it. Yesterday's Oreos were gone by late morning. Yes ... the boys ate some for breakfast!

0614 (Thursday) 172.8. Steps 26790. Total Burn 3011. Exercise Burn 1210/1229 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 1750.  During the school year, as Hubs would get up and off, I'd often have trouble falling back asleep ... not really an issue most of the time, as I was getting up shortly after he left (unless he had an early morning). Now, even when he doesn't leave that early, I fall asleep. Deep. I haven't needed my alarm yet, but still. A bit surprising, as it is light so early. I got one elliptical session in, then headed out to Zumba w/ MZL. Stats: 6442 steps. 2.79 miles. 465/393 burn. AvHR120. High140. In zone 32 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Sam'sClub after, mainly for milk, but as always, grabbed some other things too. Home to unload and put things away. Got in another elliptical session before taking #5 to basketball camp at the high school. #3 and friend were then in the gym for a couple hours. I got a treadmill walk in when they finished, before I went to pick up #5. Last day, I think he enjoyed it. Broke the last elliptical session into two and got them in later in the evening. #5 had his practice in the evening. The road in front of that church is all torn up (again) and they are completely demolishing the park across the way. I did my ducky duty and watering in between dropping off and picking up. #1 stopped for some Popeyes on the way home from his work.

0615 (Friday) Weight 172.5. Steps 22454. Total Burn 2883. Exercise Burn 1000/1090 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Awake and up before 6:00 today, but wasn't planning on Zumba, as both MZL and Debbie's class had building conflicts and had to cancel. I started with elliptical, and got a treadmill walk in early. I even did weights! Then did some work around the house. Some watering and weeding out back.  More treadmill and elliptical. Felt really tired by evening. I'd put out some cinnamon pull-aparts (really just Rhoads cinnamon rolls cut up) and #1, his finance and I ate it all. Food was a bit more of a challenge today, and I went over, and had a couple small "completely empty calorie" entries. Made a muvee. Hubs was home a little late. Had stopped by Costco grabbing some meat. He prepped some to smoke jerky tomorrow. Practice had been scheduled for #5, but then I guess a couple kids couldn't make it, so Coach ended up canceling. #5 and I were okay having the evening off.

0616 (Saturday) Weight 172.8. Steps 17461. Total Burn 2639. Exercise Burn 350/832 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2100.  Didn't really have much on deck today. No basketball games. Hubs had a big bag of soil delivered, and enlisted the two older boys into wheeling it into the backyard to fill a depression there. I hurried and mowed the back lawn first, and then rearranged some fencing to attempt to keep the ducks contained to the garden/unfinished area. #3 and a friend were in the gym all morning, but I got an elliptical session in when they were done. Another half at the end of the day, but that was all for official exercise. I did some work out in the garden; weeding, turning over soil and laying down some mulch. I'd pulled a roast out to defrost a couple days ago. I cut it up and put it in the crock pot, and made stroganoff for dinner. I also shredded some chicken I baked. I'd planned on turning it into a chicken pasta salad or something, but I ended up turning it over to #1 who made "tinga" with it. Hubs had a DVD from a friend, "The Equalizer" ... and we watched that while indulging in popcorn. ♥

0617 (Sunday) Weight 174.5. Steps 9584. Total Burn 2174. Exercise Burn 100/367 (30minBike). Calories in 3000. Father's Day. I got up and cleaned up the kitchen, made sure it was ready to make breakfast. Hubs (instead of staying in bed) was smoking some bacon, but I had #1 make the waffles.  Pretty laid back breakfast. #2 and #3 didn't even make it out of bed while the rest of us were eating. We had a few gifts. Some more steel tumblers and extra handles, a pepper grinder, a sink rack thing Hubs had tagged me about on Facebook. #1 had bought a "Ring" doorbell security system. That was something I would have liked for Mother's Day ;) Hubs had also said his Father's Day gift was the new edger he ordered a week or so ago. #5 was packed, and got picked up for his travel tournament in Cedar City. #3 was off to work. I needed to grab some produce, and Hubs said he'd come (to pick avocados for guacamole). The road in front of Smiths was completely under construction - I mean we could have gone around and entered from the other side, but we headed to Reams instead. Except Hubs doesn't like Reams, and today didn't help. He's just not impressed with their selection. The car wash place was right there too, so we ran the Durango through. We'd planned on hitting Tepanyaki for an early dinner, but Hubs got super tired around 4:00, which is probably when we should have headed out to avoid crowds. There were crowds. Would have been 45+ wait. We decided to hit Johnny Carinos instead. Got seated pretty quick. The table was a bit crowded with the five of us (sans #3 and #5). Then #3 surprised us, slipping out of work early to join us. It was even more squished. #2 and I split a dish, and we did a double order of the fried mozzarella. I made some "nests" as #1 had goofed with the waffles this morning, and we ended up with extra egg whites. I put them in the oven and forgot about them, but luckily #2 was around to take them out when the timer rang. I'd done good on the "no sugar" for the first part of the week, slipping up some on the weekend. Over on calories today (although it wasn't all because of sugar like it often is). When I woke first thing, my eye was bugging me. I think it's a stye in my eye. It was a pain all day (literally) and made my eye red, puffy and weepy. It's happened a couple times before. Hope it clears up soon!

0618 (Monday) Weight 175. Steps 27825. Total Burn 3168. Exercise Burn 1300/1356 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I was up around 6:30. Got in one and a half elliptical sessions in. Got a text from Debbie last night asking if I could sub Zumba tomorrow, so I prepped a playlist. Class went well. Just a couple people there at the start, but eight or so by the end. Stats: 6299 steps. 2.75miles. 542/425 burn. AvHR127. High145. In Zone 52 of the 61 minutes. My eye is still definitely a problem, I hoped it wasn't too noticeable.  When we'd gone shopping yesterday, Reams had been out of cilantro, so I made a quick stop at Walmart (the one on 104th, just down from Zumba), as I also wanted to see if they had any of the brown mulch left. I'd grabbed some at the start of the season, then had to grab a different brand (a big more $$), but here, they were out of brown completely. Still had black and red ... I don't like black and red, and obviously everyone in the world likes the brown best too, as it's all gone. It was starting to rain as I went into the store to grab the cilantro, and the sound of the rain was absolutely pounding on the roof. I dashed to the car just as it turned to hail. I hoped it wouldn't dent the car! I made a quick stop at Dollar Tree, hoping to find a couple things for the garden, but no luck. I didn't buy anything. Home again, and I made jello and got it setting up in the fridge. Then chex mix. I was also planning on bringing Brazilian Cheese Rolls, but I waited to prep them until closer to time to leave. I got in some more gym time, another elliptical session and a treadmill walk. Hubs came home a bit early to make the guacamole, and I made the BCR, baking up one batch to take, then bringing the batter (and pans and such) to finish there, as they are better right out of the oven. I'd doubled a triple batch, so there was plenty. I was stuck manning the stove for a bit of the party though. We'd brought the Segway, which meant #2 had to drive separately. #3 went with him. #1 and fiance met us there. We missed #5 off at basketball camp (he'd checked in, they won one, lost one, both by big margins). Everyone at the party enjoyed the Segway. Only two near accidents, one my little nephew (with a broken hand) almost had it get away from him, and my oldest brother tipped it a little causing it to spin out, almost taking out my youngest niece. Hubs had brought the slack line too, as my brother's house has perfect trees for it. I'd brought some other toys and games, but other than a football being thrown around, the other stuff didn't make it out of the bag. We headed home. I did my final 10min on the elliptical. Hubs and I watched an episode of "The Handmaid's Tale" and then off to sleep.

0619 (Tuesday) Weight 175.9. Steps 21297. Total Burn 2790. Exercise Burn1000/975 (60minElliptical, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  Hubs slept in a little, leaving around 6:00. Kitty snuck in as he opened the bedroom door ... that ended any possibility of me sleeping in. Not sure how #4 sleeps with kitten every night and enjoys it. up that early I should have gotten in a workout before heading off to my backup Zumba, but the morning didn't go as planned. The kitchen was still a big mess, but #3 had helpfully unloaded the dishwasher last night, so I started loading it up. #1 then started talking to me about possibly "almost eloping" instead of doing a big, planned wedding three months from now. I ended up not going to Zumba. I could have, but just was dragging some (this eye issue is draining!) and hadn't gotten in any exercise. While I love Zumba, I usually get better steps/burn on the elliptical/treadmill, and figured I could save 30 minutes drive time if I stayed home. I got in my elliptical and treadmill during the day, but still a little low on the activity. I did try jogging some. I hadn't found an egg in the morning as I brought the birds their breakfast, but in the afternoon as I was changing their water I stumbled upon it in a new location. Unbroken too! The fence has kept them contained. #3 hadn't been scheduled to work, but got called to fill in for someone who was sick. Good thing I had done his laundry earlier in the day. #2 went to a viewing. A friend's mom passed away unexpectedly. Hubs stopped at Costco to grab ribs for a work activity tomorrow. Spent most of the evening prepping them, and he's going to smoke them at work, so he had to unload the derby stuff and pack up the smoking stuff.  

0620 (Wednesday) Weight 176.4. Steps 21046. Total Burn 2734. Exercise Burn 775/924 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  Up at 6:30. Did one elliptical workout, then made some muffins. MZL was having a birthday celebration for Shelly, one of the main ladies, and we'd been asked to bring something for a potluck brunch. One more elliptical session and breakfast for the birds. Then I got a text that there was a building conflict. Some talk of moving buildings, then of staying but trying to move to the primary room. Um, what? That works if there are eight or less people. Regular Wednesday has 10-20, and today was combined with the other Wednesday class (as their building was out of commission for the week). I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the crowd and chaos, so I didn't even go. I sent a quick text to Carma to let her know, but she still went ... and turned around a left. I saw on FB that they moved outside, which would have been better. 73° which isn't terrible, but no shade for dancing. So another non-Zumba day for me. I'd planned on heading out to my mom's with the boys, to visit with cousins, swim, and go out to a ladies lunch. #3 even came. My mom, sister and I went out to eat, while the kids and grandpa hit the pool. Then we got Grandma's wii working (it was plugged into an outlet on a switch that had been flipped) and showed her how to get to AmazonPrime. Had to head home as #3 had to work at 3:00 and needed a shower first. I'd gotten a treadmill walk in earlier, did a half elliptical when we got back, and one more before bed. Mowed the lawn. Went out to water, sans boots, staying on the other side of the fence ... but Mr. Mallard wanted to get my toes so badly he went through/over the fence twice! Both times I quickly grabbed him and tossed him back over before he could eat my ankles. I then donned my boots to do my work inside with the ducks, putting out their food and refreshing their water. Made tacos for dinner, just for Hubs and #5, as #4 had fallen asleep (he's been napping a lot this summer).

0621 (Thursday) Weight 175.0. Steps 30171. Total Burn 3275. Exercise Burn 1250/1465 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. No egg this morning. Not broken ... couldn't find one at all. Only got one elliptical session in before Zumba this morning. Stats from class: 6622 steps. 2.93 miles. 487/413 burn. AvHR117. High145. In Zone 31 of the 65 minutes. Stopped for some shopping on the way home. First to Lowes, to see if they had brown mulch. They did. More money than Walmart, but oh well, I want brown. Bought five bags. Then Sam'sClub for milk, chips, cheese, frozen fruit, and the protein drinks were on sale. The boys like them. Quick stop at Walmart after to grab some bananas and a couple other things. Home to unload. The two little boys helped. I had to rearrange the freezer somewhat to fit everything in. Repackaged the cheese into smaller bags. Put everything away in the food storage room. Did dishes. Did laundry.  Got in another elliptical session, then a treadmill walk a little later on. Mac and cheese for #5 for lunch, made some chicken, which I turned into haystacks a bit later for dinner. It was the wedding dinner for my niece, and we'd been invited, but it was in Bountiful, and tough to get to (I don't drive there, Hubs works there, but would have to come all the home for me and then back) and I'm so picky I wouldn't like anything anyway, and #5 had practice and ... excuses. I'm never sure if family really cares about things like this, noting our absence (I don't if they don't make it to something of ours). Hubs emptied the hot-tub and cleaned it, but that took my hose from the back. I hand watered a few of the smaller pots, and the rest should be okay to last until tomorrow without a daily water. I'm sure the ducks would have preferred fresh water, but they too can wait until tomorrow. It is amazing how dirty their water gets so quickly! #5 had practice. I ran him there, did my final elliptical session and took a shower ... then back to pick him up. Watered the front yard ... and to bed.

0622 (Friday) Weight 173.1. Steps 165.09. Total Burn 2691. Exercise Burn 765/897 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400.  Happy to see my good day yesterday reflected on the scale. I was up at 6:30, and got one and a half elliptical sessions in early, and that ended up being all in my gym for the day.  Subbing Zumba for Debbie again. Had Carma there to help. Stats: 6502 steps. 2.88 Miles. 506/413 burn. AvHR123. High145. In Zone 41 of the 64 minutes. Straight home after ... and on to snickerdoodle duty. My niece's reception tonight, serving cookies, and we aunts and uncles and pitching in to help. Baking always takes longer than I think. Set some aside for the wedding reception, packed some up for #4 to take to a friend's house as I dropped him off to hang out for a bit. Some for #5's ride to practice, and still some for us. It was a triple batch. I didn't make it back down to the gym. Headed out to the reception around 6:00, to be there (have the cookies there) when it started at 6:30. It was in Bountiful, and I felt bad making Hubs drive all the way home from work (up there) to get me, just to head back. Oh well. Saw my folks and my Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Merrill. Watched episode 10 of "The Handmaid's Tale" and now we are currently caught up and have to wait a week (and then another) for the final two in the season.

0623 (Saturday) Weight 173.1. Total Burn 2594. Exercise Burn 500/798 (30minElliptical. WEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. Slept in a bit, after 7:00 anyway. After weighing in (same as yesterday, I was a little surprised, I would have thought it would slide back up after less exercise and only okay eating) I went out back and was happy to find an egg. Blackfoot hadn't laid the last couple days. I'd thought maybe she was hiding them, but I really looked, and today it was in one of her usual "nest" spots. I stuck it in my pocket and then did some digging in the pen, finding some worms. I always have to find one and throw it to BF specifically, as her eyesight keeps her from beating the boys to them most of the time. Unfortunately, I bumped the shovel against my leg ... against the egg in my pocket. Broke the egg. In my pocket. At 9:00 I called the nail salon and they said to come right in, so I did. I was overdue for a fill. I love the look ... I dislike the upkeep! Back at home I did some dishes, laundry, mowed the lawn, laid some mulch. I really should have done the latter BEFORE the nail appointment, as my hands and nails were filthy. I should wear gloves. I let the ducks wander the full backyard while I mowed and worked and watered. Got more sun on my shoulders. Hubs picked up the waverunners and ran some other errands. #5 went to hang with a friend. A little Popeyes for a late, casual dinner.
0624 (Sunday) Weight 174.2. Total Burn 2059. Exercise Burn 0/270 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. I'd put out some Rhoads cinnamon rolls to rise overnight. Cut up into pull-aparts. Baked that up for breakfast. Hubs was up and off early grabbing things from the storage shed that they needed to take up to the lake. Then packing up stuff ... and the boys were off. #1 drove separately, taking his finance and #5, as Hubs had filled up the Sequoya with stuff (and #2, #3 and #4). I generally only make one trip up to the lake each summer, and figured I'd let them go themselves this time and work out any kinks. But Hubs said it would have been a good one for me to go on, not very crowded at the beach, not too hot. In fact, it was a little cool in the shade, so everyone stayed in the sun almost all day, and everyone got a little sunburned. I caught a little sun here at home, then cleaned up the house, grabbed some Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner. We had Sol's family over in the evening to discuss upcoming wedding stuff.

0625 (Monday)Weight 175.7. Steps 31208. Total Burn 3267. Exercise Burn 1645/1465 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1850. Out of bed just after 6:00. Successful egg gathering. One elliptical session. I was thinking Debbie was going to be back to teaching, but she texted late (well, 9:30, late for me *Ü*) last night asking if I could sub again. So I prepped a playlist and headed out. Class went well. Stats: 5926 steps. 2.55 miles. 524/408 burn. AvHR128. High154. In Zone 48 of the 60 minutes.  Straight home afterward. Got in another elliptical session, then the two littles and I went to the church. They played basketball and I did some Zumba practice. Another hour. Less intensive though. Stats: 5444 steps. 2.35 miles. 405/285 burn. AvHR111. High139. In Zone 5 of the 62 minutes. Back at home, got in a final elliptical session, and one time on the treadmill. 

0626 (Tuesday) Weight 174.4. Steps 17600. Total Burn 2655. Exercise Burn 759/853 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3200.  Hubs slept in a bit, I beat him out of bed. He was feeling a little off, but said he was okay for the day. I got one elliptical session in and then headed out to Zumba. Back in our building. I hadn't thought the smell was bad yesterday, but it seemed a little worse this morning. I'd meant to prop the doors open to allow it to air out but had forgotten. Suzanne and I opened all the doors as we waited for the others to come. S&C were there to help, so I only lead a third of the time. Fun to have Suzanne back after she was working during the school year. Stats: 6688 steps. 3miles. 476/442 burn. AvHR113. High144. In zone 20 of the 64 miles. I'd invited the folks over, as it's been a little bit. I thought they could play games with the littles, and see all the changes Hubs has made to the garage and peek at my garden. I ran and picked up some Papa Murphy's pizza. The other day when I did the online order for MY thin crust, white sauce, cheese only, it was $8. Today, they run the $10 Tuesday special, so it's MORE expensive on Tuesdays! The store couldn't really work it out either, as I'd used an online only coupon. We played some Rat-a-Tat cat and Scattergories. I could have got a quick workout in before they arrived, or after ... but my motivation was lacking. I did 10min on the elliptical at least, to get 30min total. Both #3 and #2 had friends over in the gym later in the evening. I stuck some lasagna in the oven, dinner for Hubs. We headed to bed early, getting in a couple episodes of "Altered Carbon" ... whilst eating popcorn.

0627 (Wednesday) Weight 176.8. Steps 24654. Total Burn 3095. Exercise Burn 1100/1293 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3200.  While I absolutely enjoy leading Zumba classes, I also like just going and being part of the class. Not having to prepare or always be "on" ... it's all good. Today I was just part of the class with MZL (I did do one song). Stats: 7004. 3.2 miles. 496/466 burn. AvHR118. High142. In zone 25 of the 65 minutes. After class I did a grocery store stop at Maceys to restock some produce. Grabbed some soda, blue Powerade and Oreos were on sale (got the family size for $2.38 each). During this time I was texting with #5 and #5's friend, planning a playdate, when #5 got invited to go hang with some other friends. We debated hitting our church (which had been the play with the two littles) but #5 took the Segway to check out the church and there were cars in the lot. So, back to the Gene Fullmer plan. As soon as I was done shopping, I drove him over to the gym. The other boys were already there. I'd thought #4 would like to go play too, but he wasn't interested. #5 and his buddies played for quite a while, then one of the moms came and picked them all up and took them for pizza then back to the house to play for a while longer. I didn't pick him up until after 5:00. To get #4 out of the house, he and I made a run to Little Ceasars to get some ICB, and a pizza. I worry about #4 sometimes. So much like me, just a homebody (although he likes vacations). I keep trying to encourage him to initiate with friends, inviting them over but ... he did seem happy and talkative as we drove though. I did manage to get in a couple more elliptical sessions to finish up my hour (and my movie from yesterday). I also mowed the front lawn, did the dishes, watered, got all the groceries away and made banana bread. Eating was a little out of control. I just kept snacking. Not quite as bad as yesterday. Hubs had taken the waverunners to work, and left there to go up to the lake with a work buddy. Not home until late.

0628 (Thursday) Weight 177.0. Steps 17681. Total Burn 2520. Exercise Burn 580/726 (Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2900. I haven't been sleeping in until my alarm (set for 7:30 for summer) but I moved it up to 7:00 this morning, as I needed to get #5 up and off to his ride by 8:00 am. His Wolves team is doing a three-day tournament. It is close enough that I would dare drive there (Sandy Expo Center) but the crowds and chaos intimidate me (over 40 courts ... so much yelling and whistles and parking problems) and spectator cost is really high ($31 for the three day pass, or $16 for one day). So, just sending him with a teammate. I'm not caught up on the game footage I already have anyway. After I got him off, I hit Zumba w/MZL.  Stats: 5678 steps. 2.48 miles. 451/310 burn. AvHR115. High159. In zone 24 of the 62 minutes. When I'm on the front row, or on stage, I think I "give" more, as it's just required, when you know everyone is watching you. Often with MZL, they will move to the floor, with the instructor in the center. This Thursday class, that moves me from the front row, to the back row. I don't mind the back row at all, there's often a bit more room ... but I think it allows me to take it easy a bit more. I felt that today. After class I stopped at Lowes and grabbed 10 bags of brown mulch. It was on sale (5 for $10) and as it's been out at Walmart for a while, I figured this might be Lowes attempt to get rid of product too. Now or never. It sure creates an overpowering earthy fragrance in the car. I also stopped at Sams for a few things. The boys were around (sans #2 and #5) when I got home, so it was nice to have their help unloading. The big boys carted the bags of mulch to the backyard while #4 brought in the groceries. I was feeling quite lethargic today, just not very motivated. I guess #1 wasn't either, as he'd got the opportunity to skip work (unpaid) and took it. I finally hit the treadmill for a walk at least. Got my watering in later in the evening. Spread some gravel I'd picked up around the flagstones - my attempt to keep the weeds and dirt down. Hubs was home around 7:00 ... and asleep by 8:00. Poor guy works so hard. I got the bills paid, journal entry in, playlist prepped (as Debbie did ask me to sub again tomorrow/Monday).

0629 (Friday) Weight 176.7. Steps 17843. Total Burn 2571. Exercise Burn 675/756 (Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3350. I tried to get up early enough to get in an elliptical session before leaving for Zumba, but ended up chatting with my future DIL most of the morning. Off to class. Carma was there to help out today. Stats: 6603 steps. 2.89miles. 515/437 burn. AvHR121. High145. In zone 40 of the 65 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, picked up prescriptions and some groceries. #5 was off playing basketball again. He'd needed to leave while I was teaching, so I was happy his ride was willing to pick him up at home (usually I try to drop him off). They lost their game though. Yesterday they won the first, and lost the second in a close and contested game. The final moments were very contentious apparently (ref #1 calls a foul, giving our team, down two, a chance to tie the game. The other ref turns the call over and says it was out of bounds on our boys, thus ending the game). I guess several of the dads got suspended from attending the game today. Zero tolerance policy for arguing with refs. I got in a treadmill time, only additional exercise for the day. Eating was already over, even before late Popeyes, and then Hubs made popcorn too. 

0630 (Saturday) Weight 177.8. Steps 16816. Total Burn 2546. Exercise Burn 450/720 (5k) Calories in 3100. Up early to hit the 5k race which started at 8:00. Had to wake #2, and was unable to wake #3. Hubs had said he wasn't up to running, not interested in walking, but that he would ride the Segway around with us. But he also didn't get out of bed. So we headed out, sans Hubs and #3, with #1's fiance with us. #2's GF ran it with us last year and was signed up this year too, but she's at camp all week and needs every moment of her weekends ... but then #2 who stuck with his girl last year ran at his own pace and was first in our family, with #5 close behind. They both lapped me. I think one of the first finishers lapped me twice! #1 stuck with his girl this year, and came in behind #4. This was harder for #4 than past races. He hasn't been very active lately. I was a bit frustrated, as I couldn't get my music to work. I'd charged my old MP3 player, but it wasn't going, nor were my wireless headphones. I tried using some wired ones, but they wouldn't stay in my ears. So no music for me. It was okay, but I really don't like hearing my own breathing (or gasping). I only slowed to walk a couple times (once to chat quick with a lady who used to be in the Thursday Zumba class). This time it was FOUR times around the park. Last year it was three ... and I knew last year's was too short. I'd told the boys NOT to count their times as a personal record. I got 28 minutes last year I think. This year it was 37, which is pretty much on par with my usual.  #2 had driven separately and was going to drop his car off to get it looked at. He went to get it registered yesterday and as he was going over, the "Check Engine" light came on. Aaaarg! That plagued us with the old truck, and as he told me, I seemed to recall this happening last year too. It only comes on very sporadically ... what were the chances! When he went to leave the race, the light was NOT on, so he hurried over and it passed the inspection. Yea! Last day of the month! Just so glad to have it done and not have another thing to worry about with cars. The rest of us stopped at Dunford on the way home, and grabbed some donuts ... negating our run burn immediately! I didn't get any additional exercise in, but I did mow the lawn. #5 had a final game at 11:40. I'd given him the option not to run if he thought it would impact his play. He said he was feeling just fine though. They won this one and took some team pictures after.  For dinner, Hubs had smoked ribs, and I made some cheddar bay biscuits. It was a quiet evening at home. Hubs almost fell asleep outside ...
*** What I Watched/June Movies ***
 I wasn't sure if I'd be in the gym enough to get through a movie in a day ... but I think I only had a time or two where I had to finish a show the next day. On days I knew I wouldn't get enough gym time (or when the movie ended before my workout did) I would keep up on some series. Currently trying out "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix and "Orphan Black" (season 5) on Amazon. Upstairs with Hubs, we are watching "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Altered Carbon" ... the final two movies above were non-workout as well. The Equalizer was on DVD, and I actually entered a movie theater with the rest of the family to see Incredibles 2. Very cute!

On to July ...m
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