Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #156

Ouch! Up this week. Bordering on the 170s, and I SO don't want to go there! It wasn't a great week, but it wasn't bad either ... in fact crunching the numbers, I actually had a (small) deficit for the week! So WHY the gain of almost two pounds? Well, I realize that my numbers are only estimates. Even with calories listed on containers, it's still easy to be off ... especially if you aren't good about measuring portions, which admittedly, I'm not.  Then calories burned ... another crapshoot on estimates. While I've got my gadgets, it's still a bit of a guessing game, isn't it? 

But still ... I collect and compare my NUMBERS: Up 1.8 pounds this week. Average was up too, (.85 to 169.34). Average intake was 2443. Average daily burn was 2890. Ended up with a deficit for the week (-815). Average steps - 23579. 30minWeights, 1022 cardio minutes, 79.68 exercise miles. FOOD: Mint brownies have been a cause of calories this week, in addition to my regular indulgences. Managed to stay under 2000 two days this week. FITNESS: Hit my hour of elliptical all seven days this week. Zumba ... I went to five classes, but didn't do any on my own. Two sessions on the bike, and I squeezed in a weights workout. Numerous walks to the canal! FAMILY: Gathering with extended family for a cousin's birthday, a couple visits to the dentist, a minor Meniere's moment.  Here's a quick look at the day to day ...
  • Friday (0715): Didn't have a Zumba class on deck, so a neighbor and I just did it ourselves at the church (let #4 play basketball). Got in my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike, and a couple walks to the canal to see my duckies. Food fairly high, but still under burn.
  • Saturday (0716): Up early for #5's 8:00 basketball game. Got in my hour of elliptical, walk to the canal, and mowed the lawn. Calories in were high, about the same as yesterday, but lower burn today, so I was over.
  • Sunday (0717): I often have a rest day on Sunday, but I got in an hour of elliptical today, and a walk to the canal. HIGH calories in, although I didn't feel overly full or anything.
  • Monday (0718): Zumba, hour of elliptical and a long canal walk (the duckies were down further). Family birthday party in the evening. Food was high, but under burn.
  • Tuesday (0719): Hour of elliptical, Zumba and walk to the canal. Took the two littles to the dentist, but it was a quick trip (no cavities!). Hubs feeling a bit off in the evening.
  • Wednesday (0720): Hour of elliptical, Zumba, walk to the canal and mowed the front lawn. #3 to the dentist today, for a NOT short visit (2 hours!) and he needs a root canal :(  Did keep calories in check ... I think. Wondering if I forgot something as I wasn't feeling deprived.
  • Thursday (0721): Hour of elliptical, Zumba, a session on the bike, 30min of WEIGHTS and three walks to the canal to see the duckies (they were close, thus the multiple trips). Kept calories in check today, but very aware of the fact!
*** Five Featured Fotos ***

 All my ducks abandoned our backyard. Four of the six have found each other at the canal and I walked to see them every day! (Duck Daze and Walking the Canal). I miss seeing them out my window, but I'm glad I can still visit and check in on them (for now). 

#2 making waffles ... or Sunday Circles as we call then (Belgian waffles, round waffle iron). It's hard to keep calories in check with such a big breakfast, but it sure is yummy!

 At the family party on Monday night, a couple cousins had Fitbits ... so I made them be my Fitbit friend. The picture is actually Bonnie and Candi, it would work for both (Bonnie needs to update her profile picture!) 

Zumba - I could walk on Tuesdays, but I like there to be a car, so people coming can see that someone IS there. Also been reverting to a brain, as my pony hair has been sticking to the sweat on my face!

Caught a Pokemon AND a good workout at Zumba on Thursday ... the stuffed critter is part of a church activity one of the girls is doing (like Flat Stanely the kids to in elementary, see where he ends up, He ended up at Zumba today!).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TV Tuesday - Is It The End of the World?

I'm not sure WHY I like post-apocalyptic stuff ... I'm drawn to it in books, movies and television series. Honestly, I don't think I'm much of a fighter and I'd probably go down in the first wave of a disaster. But the action and adventure make for good adrenaline pumping distractions while I work out!

I just finished up seasons 1 and 2 of The Last Ship. This came out a couple years ago, airing on TNT. It looked like something I'd be interested in, but I generally wait until a series has a season or two under it's belt, and I can stream it continuously (no waiting week to week). This never hit Amazon or Netflix, but it was on Hulu. I went ahead and did a trial, and used my PlayOn service to record all the episodes (as it did take me longer than two weeks to watch). 

In this, a virus has spread across the earth wiping out the population. One navy ship had a scientist out in the Arctic looking for a cure, and this series showcases their struggles in the post-apocolyptic world. There was a lot of action and excitement, and it really kept my interest. I generally get in an hour on my elliptical each day, and I was always anxious to hit the gym so I could watch the next episode. 

As I finished season one (10 episodes), I went right on to season two (13 episodes). Season three has some episodes out, but I think I'll wait until the season is complete (I'm currently recording them all from TNT) and then watch them all back to back. I'll miss my "Last Ship" fix now though!

The show I watched right before The Last Ship was Survivors. In this series, a virus has spread across the earth wiping out the population. Hmmmm, sounds familiar (exactly the same as the premise above, but to be fair, this came out years before The Last Ship).  I really should NOT watch such similar series back to back ... although, really this COULD have been happening at the same time/different country. This is a BBC series, set in England, and the majority of survivors here are naturally immune to the virus ( The Last Ship also has "immunes" who are not characters we care about!)  Each "season" was only six episodes long (there were two) ... it really just felt like one "season" as the next episode picked up right where the last had left off. I quite enjoyed this series! It did have enough of a conclusion that I was satisfied (although I don't think when it ended that was meant to be the end, it was cancelled). This was available on Netflix.

Colony was a post-apocalyptic show set in Los Angeles ... airing on USA. I recorded these with PlayOn as they aired (earlier this year) and then watched all the episodes together. Now I do have to wait for season two ... no virus here. It was aliens! It was interesting and exciting. I wonder if it will hit Netflix or Amazon before the second season starts up again? I don't always catch and record new programs as they air, and then you often can't access them (well, you can usually buy them, but I'm cheap). 

I watched the first season of Arrow quite a while ago. While I had liked it ... I grew a bit tired of it during the second season. I didn't give up on it completely, but only watched it during my weight workouts.  When I'm on my elliptical or treadmill, I'm looking right at the TV, I'm watching the show ... during weights? It's just in the background. It can't be something I really need to "watch" as I'm often in positions (laying on my back or stomach) where I can't really see. I only get in weight workouts once, maybe twice a week ... so it was pretty slow going for this series, but I finally finished up season two.

I've generally liked AMC productions (The Walking Dead, Humans, The Killing, Breaking Bad) so when I saw this miniseries with some big names (recognized quite a few of the actors from other shows/movies), I figured I'd give it a try. It was quite "James Bond" ish, especially the intro song while the credits roll. A little cheesy. Honestly, I wasn't overly impressed with this one.  I had a hard enough time following it watching the episodes back to back ... if I'd had to wait a week in-between, watching other programs while waiting, I think I would have lost interest completely. But it was short, so I finished it up, but I was rather glad when it was over.

So ... now what to watch while working out?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Duck Daze and Walking the Canal

If you've been following my blog, you are probably aware that we've been dealing with duckies for the past few months. Back in April I posted (Distracted by Duckies) about the wild pair that had been visiting. We were also incubating eggs ... only one hatched, but we adopted five more from a breeder for our own little brood.  Although we never saw momma nest, one morning she had 13 little fluffballs by her side! For a while there, we had 20 ducks in the backyard!

Our six

It was quite an adventure! Momma and her babies stuck around for a couple of weeks, then they made their way to the nearby canal. The boys and I went for a few walks, and were happy to see that they had made it there safely. I thought I'd walk the canal more, watching for them ... but as I still had six ducks right in my own backyard, I didn't make the trek much.

Our duckies got big so fast! It wasn't long before they were testing out their flight feathers. A couple of times, they accidentally flew over the fence into the neighbor's yard. We were hosting a family party last Sunday, and the little cousins loved seeing the ducks. It was good we didn't put that party off because one week later ... all six ducks have flown the coop.

Monday morning, I went out to give them their breakfast and ... there were only four. I took a walk to the canal that morning and the next, but no black duckies in sight. Wednesday, on the way home from Zumba, as I was driving across the canal, I caught a glimpse of a black head. I parked, and checked it out and sure enough ... Antonia had made it to the canal! 

Thursday morning ... two more duckies were gone. Our Uno (egg hatched) being one of them. I took a walk to the canal and found Antonia again, but no sign of the others. I did another walk later in the day and found Uno and Antonia together! By the next day, our remaining two were also at the canal, happily with Uno and Antonia. Four together at least. 

 Ally, Jorge, Antonia and Uno ... in the wild

While walking with #4, we came across a big group of ducks ... a momma and 12 or so. Could they be the little family that stayed with us? Had they all survived? They were the right size, just a couple weeks younger than ours.  They took off as we approached, but they looked happy and healthy!

I've taken a LOT of walks on the canal these past few days. Sometimes with a kid or hubby, often just alone. Gotta check on my duckies ... as they adjust to life in the wild, I'm still bringing them some breakfast and treats to help with hunger as they forage. Other than the first few weeks at our home, they weren't penned up, but just free-ranged in the backyard, slept outside ... so it's probably not that different for them. The canal is a pretty duck-friendly place, and there are quite a few wild ones there every year too.

Mmmmm ... watermelon! Just a little "did you know" fact here ... did you know that bread is bad for ducks? It fills up their tummies but doesn't really give them any nutrition. We had a special waterfowl feed (most places just sell chick feed for ducks, but it doesn't have enough Niacin, which did affect our Ally, we almost lost her!) and you can supplement with other things. Our duckies loved lettuce, watermelon, bananas, grapes, tomatoes ... and of course meal worms!

The worst thing about walking the canal? Goatheads! Those sticker thorns are awful! I generally wear my little crock-type sandals when I go out and about, but they are old and worn thin ... and attempting to walk the canal once in those? I might as well have been barefoot! I have sandals with a thicker sole, and I did wear them a couple times. Then I tried some slip ons ... thin soled, and I think one walk killed them! I finally switched to sneakers (just in case you're wondering what's wrong with me ... I HATE shoes/sneakers and only wear them when necessary. Here, it is necessary). I've even pulled out my hiking boots and used those the last couple of times. They still get the thorns stuck in them, but I think they protect my feet, and survive, the best.

Each walk takes at least 30 minutes, and is about a mile. From our house to the mouth of the canal is about a quarter mile. Then our birds have settled about a quarter mile down the canal road. Certainly not as easy as just stepping out into the backyard to see our birds, but if they want to be wild, I guess we need to set them free. I wonder if they'll come back "home" again? We've always wondered if Momma duck was our female who flew away last year. We've lived here 20 years and never had a duck nest in our yard before, then the year after a couple fly away ... we do.  I'll always wonder. I wish we could tag and track them with GPS or something, it sure would be interesting to see where they go, and if they come back ... as our black ones are distinctive from the normal mallard coloring (they are a black mutation), we can tell them apart. 

I'm really sad when I look at our empty backyard now ... I miss seeing my duckies out my window every hour of the day. If I want to catch a glimpse of my duckies now, I have to take a walk and hope that they will be there.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #155

Stayed pretty steady this week ... a little bump up with the weekend, which had increased food and decreased fitness. Sat/Sun anyway, I actually was very active Friday, but ate a lot too. NUMBERS: Weight only changed .1 for the official weigh-in, but the average was up .78 (168.49).  Intake average for the week was 2514, burn average was 2991. Did have a deficit, though small (-728). Step average was 25498. 80min weights, 1069 cardio minutes, 80.65 exercise miles.  FOOD: Swig cookies! Can't stop eating them! Only one day where I was able to keep calories at goal (2000 or under).  FITNESS: Only hit my hour of elliptical four days this week. Eight hours of Zumba. Two sessions on the bike and quite a few extra walks this week! Hit weights twice. FAMILY: Had a party with my side on Sunday. Two trips to the lake with the waverunners.  Here's a quick daily recap ...

  • Friday (0708): Pretty fab fitness for a Friday! Got in my hour of elliptical, bike, WEIGHTS, and in addition to a Zumba class in the morning, I hit a Zumbathon in the evening for an hour. Unfortunately eating was also uber high.
  • Saturday (0709): Started the day with a Zumba class. Hubs and the boys took the waverunners to the beach ... I'm just not a beach gal. I'll try to hit it once his summer, but wasn't feeling it today. Only 30min of elliptical. Feeling yesterday's weight workout today. Did mow the lawn. Too much snacking though, high calories.
  • Sunday (0710): No official exercise, but kept busy prepping the house for family coming over in the early evening. Little nieces enjoyed the duckies, but were more enamored of the kitties!
  • Monday (0711): Good fitness day ... okay for food. Got in Zumba with Southziders, and another hour on my own (with the boys and friends enjoying the gym too). Hour of elliptical, plus a session on the bike. A walk to the canal too, as two duckies flew the coop ...
  • Tuesday (0712):  Hour of elliptical, Zumba class, then an hour on my own. Also did a wimpy weights session (just 20min). Dominos dinner. Hubs and the older boys hit the lake (as #2 hadn't been able to on Saturday).
  • Wednesday (0713): Full house at MZL Zumba today! Some shopping steps after, then a quick walk at the canal, as I saw a black duckie there. It was Antonia! Only 40min elliptical today, I was just dragging, especially into the evening. Made chicken pillows for dinner.
  • Thursday (0714): Two more duckies down ... funny how they leave in pairs. Three long walks to the canal today (but happy to find Antonia and Uno together). I was in charge at Mountain View Zumba today, so I got good stats. Hour of elliptical as well. 
*** Five Photos From the Week ***

 Swig Cookies ... they call my name (and I answer!)

Lake time ... Saturday AND Tuesday!

Introducing the ducks to the little cousins on Sunday. 
Glad they stuck around for the party ... four flew off this week!

My daily thoughts calendar.
Just WHAT are you insinuating about my kitties Mr Keillor??

 #3 had checked out prices and talked his brothers (and mom) into contributing to the purchase of a Wii U (which we had been discussing for a while). We found a used one on Ebay and pulled the trigger. It was delivered in error to someone to the South of us ... happily they were honest individuals, and even took the time to bring it to the correct addresses (what up USPS??) There has been much laughter and screaming from the basement this week. Quite the week for video games (as I posted about Pokemon Go a bit earlier).

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recent Reads - Firelight Trilogy

Trilogies are nothing new, but this last decade or so, it seems it's harder to find a stand-alone book than one with sequels. I've been reading a lot lately ... a lot of "first" books in a series, and I'm finding I'm just not that compelled to continue with many of them. You can see all my recent reads here (or on my GoodReads page). Just a quick spotlight on some ...
  • Whispers in Autumn - It was interesting, and if the sequels were available for free (as this first book was) I would probably go on, but if I have to PAY for them ...
  • Nightsky - I could pick up the sequel "Wild Sky" from the library, but it's not at the top of my list, and I believe there may be more coming (not completed yet).
  • Living Violet - There are three in the series, but my library only has book 2.
  • Inception and Abandon ... I JUST read these books a couple weeks ago and already I can't remember what happened in either. That doesn't bode well for me attempting a sequel!
  • Mindspeak - This had great reviews, but I had to push myself to finish book 1, with no desire to continue.
  • Dark Eden - This was interesting, and it has a second book, although I can't quite imagine it picking up after this first installment. It would be a very different story!
  • Saven Deception - Again, high reviews, but just blah for me. Had to force myself to finish (because I like closure for a book, but I'm okay with not finishing a series). 
Solace doesn't have a sequel per say ... there is a second, related book, and I would be interested in it, but it's not at my library, dang it.  

Then there was the Firelight series ...

Now to be honest, this wasn't a "I loved this series" trilogy ... in fact, as I finished the first book, I didn't immediately go on to book two (even though it was a cliffhanger ending).  After reading a few so-so books, I decided to go back to this one. I had liked it, and  books 2 and 3 were at my library, and available for immediate download. These aren't that long (around 300 pages each) and unlike some of the other recent reads which dragged ... I'd start this and then wham, I was done! Some books are just quick and easy to read, but it's also indicative of my enjoyment.

Dragons have been personified in many a story, but this was the first I've read in which they actually ARE also existing in human-like form, able to manifest between the two types of bodies. These draki live in prides, up in the mountains in their own little community, each individual having a special ability. Jacinda, our protagonist, is a fire-breather. 

There are issues within the clan, and attacks by hunters from outside ... plenty of conflict. There is some romance. Throughout the three books, there were some twists I didn't see coming, while in other areas it did feel formulaic ... but overall, enjoyable. 

Looking at a trilogy (or series) in it's completion ... I really like the covers to be consistent. No real complaint here, except that book #2 ... well, that's NOT the same girl (it's her twin) and while Tamara is also integral to the story, I think having Jacinda, (the red-head) front and center would have been more representative of the series. Just my opinion. :)

What have YOU been reading recently? 
Do you feel compelled to finish a book you aren't enjoying? 
Do you like reading books in a series?

Monday, July 11, 2016

On the (Pokemon) Go

Several years ago, Pokemon came out with a little pedometer that went with one of it's games ... but that didn't get people moving that way the newly released Pokemon Go app has! This game is the latest craze and it's taking the world by storm!

With five boys, we've been a Pokemon family for years. I've watched the cartoons, I know the songs, we have a gazillion cards, action figures and stuffed critters. We have all the gameboy games, and their guidebooks. As the boys got older and their interest faded, most of the Pokemon got packed away in a rubbermaid tote. I've pulled it out a few times when family has visited, as my young nephews have just discovered the critters.

But a few days ago ... Pokemon Go was released in the U.S. My 17-year (and all his friends) set up trainer accounts and started catching Pokemon. He's gone a bit Pokemon crazy! Of course, my younger son (#4) was interested, so I set up an account on the family phone (as he only has an ipod, and you need cell service for the GPS to work on the go) for him to use. He's a bit of a homebody like me, so often when Dad would head out here or there, he wouldn't want to go ... I'm thinking that may change now!  Not that this particular child needs any exercise incentive (his Fitbit does that, he gets in plenty of steps!) this might help get him out of the house.

On a completely irrelevant side note, we've been raising ducks this year. Our mallard (hatched from an egg) and then an adopted brood of black-mallard mutations, to keep him company. This past week, the ducks have been testing out their flight feathers. Flying across the yard ... a couple of times into the neighbors (but then back into our backyard). This morning, two of them were gone, gone. We have a canal fairly close by, so I asked #4 if he wanted to take a walk (just to see if that's where they ended up ... they should be capable of surviving in the wild, I'd just love to still keep an eye on them). 

While I was looking for actual creatures (our duckies) on our walk ... my son had the phone, looking for imaginary ones. It is interesting to see how they have re-created the actual environment. You can see the sidewalks, cartoon style there on the phone. In the bottom corner, it will show if there are any wild Pokemon around. One footprint means they are quite close, two ... a little further, three footprints, further still. It's a little like the hot/cold game. You're getting closer ... or not. Then, if there is one right in front of you, throw a pokeball and attempt to catch it and add it to your collection!

I guess various public places (parks, stores, churches) are "Poke-Stops" or "Gyms" and by visiting these locations you can get goodies, battle your Pokemon, and more. My 17-year old said the nearby shopping center is filled with fun places (and that is where he and his friends have been hanging out after work). I'm sure some stores love the app, as it brings people in. Others ... not so crazy about it. I read about a police station, listed as a poke-stop now has a sign up saying "you do NOT have to come inside to earn Poke-Go points, please check in from outside" or something like that!

There have been negative situations hit the news ... a child tracking a Pokemon, stumbling upon a dead body. Kids paying too much attention to their phone, so they stumble and are injured in the real world. Thieves waiting for unsuspecting Pokemon fans in secluded spots. People who think kids are already paying too much attention to their phones instead of the world around them.

On the other hand, it's receiving praise for getting gamers off the couch and moving. In addition to going around to different spots, players have to walk to get their eggs to hatch (this is tracked via GPS, not a pedometer, so a treadmill won't work). The GPS can tell when people are in the car (moving at a faster speed) so that doesn't count toward egg activity, and hopefully the game doesn't work while driving (a car accident caused by the game has already made the news though). 

Today, as I left Zumba class (held at a local church building), there was a teen-aged boy on a hoverboard, phone in hand ... I didn't ask, but I'm sure he was checking in with his Pokemon Go. As I backed out and went to leave the lot, another car full of teens ... on phones, pulled up to the church. Pokemon Go!  

Who knows ... maybe my 12-year old will want to come to Zumba with me, just to check in at the church. We'll see. While my kids haven't expressed an interest in their old cards and figures, they HAVE pulled out the old gameboy games and guidebooks. It's a complete Poke-comback!

 I even earned 25 points for answering this survey from Achievemint ... and I actually earned enough points to hit my reward again! Redeemed, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card for me!
( see my Achievemint Update ... Update for details on this program).

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #154

Well, the week started off awful, with uber-eating Fri/Sat/Sun ... it was the July 4th holiday weekend. Monday was the actual holiday, but I did okay that day and had a decent drop in weight ... I was pretty good for the rest of the week and hoped to hold that little little loss (not to where I had been on Friday, but enough to give me hope I could get there againe), but there wereslight scale shifts UPwards, even with oodles of activity ...

NUMBERS: Official weight up 1.5 pounds. Average weight up just a bit, .27, to 167.71. Average intake was 2557, average daily burn 3024 ... I did have a deficit  (-1156). Average step count was 25087. 80minWeights, 1067 cardio minutes, 86.47 exercise miles. FOOD: Over 3000 calorie days over the weekend, ouch! Only one day keeping calories under 2000. FITNESS: Four days with a 3000+ burn, all four days also over 30k in steps. I got in my hour of elliptical five days. 10 hours of Zumba, two sessions on the bike, one on the treadmill, and two sessions with weights.  FAMILY: 

  • Friday (0701): Hour of elliptical and Zumba with MZL. Some eating out in addition to the usual empty calories pushed intake way over.
  • Saturday (0702): Got up early to hit HeatherH's 8:00 Zumba class and was feeling energy after, so I did the weight workout I didn't do Friday.  Only 20min on the elliptical. Craving and caving to sugary sweets, and Hubs made ribs in the evening for dinner.
  • Sunday (0703): Had our usual Sunday Circles breakfast, and a trip to Rodizio for dinner ... plus I made homemade oreos for dessert. Uber over on calories. 40min on the elliptical the only exercise.
  • Monday (0704): Holiday! I hit an 8:00 Zumba class with HeatherB. #4 surprised me by saying he wanted to hit the church gym, so we did that.  I still got my hour of elliptical, and a session on the bike as well. Family party in the early evening.
  • Tuesday (0705): Zumba at the church (parking lot under construction today), and then I stayed after with a friend and did an extra hour practice. At home, got in my hour of elliptical, bike and weights. Computer troubles, and Hubs had a Menerie's attack :(
  • Wednesday (0706): Slightly slower day today ... went out to Draper for Zumba, as I didn't get my fix on Monday. Stopped at Walmart on the way home. Got in my extra hour of Zumba and hour of elliptical.
  • Thursday (0707): Early (8:00) Zumba class, trying a new one as my usual was taking the week off. Also got in my hour of elliptical, extra hour of Zumba, and did some treadmill time! In the evening, Hubs took the two littles to a summer NBA game, and I did some serious housecleaning.

*** Five Photos From the Week***

 Family Dinner at Rodizio

Aunt Ana with an armful of kittens at the family party.

Two hour Tuesday ... (the second hour was low-key practice/review).

 Me and T

On the elliptical ... in my pink fuzzy slippers!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - MCR

Do you participate in the My Coke Rewards program? I know ... Coke (soda) isn't nutritious so all you healthy people out there don't have any in your homes, right? To tell the truth... I have NEVER had a Coke (or Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew) myself. No, it's not any anti-caffeine thing or  anti-soda thing (I have had rootbeer, Sprite and Fresca).  I'm just really picky and I don't think I'd like the taste, and I don't want to drink my calories (Liquid Calories). 

Hubs and the boys though ... between their likes (Coke, Dasani, Powerade, etc) we do have quite a few Coke products purchased. On the packages, there are numbers/letters that can be input for points. These points can then compile and and be redeemed for rewards. My Coke Rewards

Now admittedly ... it's pretty slow going. A Powerade cap gets you a whopping 3 points. Same for a 2-liter bottle of soda. A 12-pack of soda cans will earn 10 points. You can get a little more for a 24-pack of water. 

Honestly, at first, I didn't think it would be worth it. Reading and inputting those numbers can be a pain. Recently, Coke made it so you can link your phone, and then text in the numbers. Now that is NOT easier for me and my fingers ... but it's a snap for the kids. I linked the family cell phone to our account and told the kids if they finish off a Powerade, they need to text in the number from the cap. If I have additional numbers from other packages, I'll toss them (and the phone) to the kids and they'll get it done. They think it's rather fun.

You can just keep piling up your points until you have enough to actually DO something with them. A word of warning, if you just let the account sit with no activity (no new codes entered) it will zero out after a time (Coke will send you a reminder email to take action so you don't lose your points). I always seemed to have some caps/cardboard stashed (awaiting redemption but hadn't gotten around to it. Just enter one and you're reset for quite a while). 

Right now, I've told the kids we're working toward a Nike giftcard. It takes 710 points to get it (and it's just $10), but I remember once when there were some sales/specials on rewards and I got a $25 Nike giftcard with my points on hand. 

So just throwing it out there ... if you are consuming coke products, you may want to go ahead and enter those little numbers and pile up some points and see what you can get ... eventually! Or, you can be a good Samaritan and use your points for donations (also available there on MCR). 

Hubs was pretty diet coke crazy for a long time there. Unfortunately, with his Meniere's attacks coming on so strong, one recommendation is to give up/cut back on caffeine. He's also seemed to notice a correlation between diet drinks and his well-being. So ... I won't be buying any more  Diet Coke in the near future.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #153

Well, a bit of a drop this week, but I've just been sticking here in the 160s with my ups and downs. NUMBERS: Down (-2.1 pounds), average down (-.89 to 167.44). Average intake was 2300. Average daily burn 2873 ... there was a weekly deficit of -2124.   Step average for the week was 23099. 70min of weights, 966 cardio minutes, 80.59 exercise miles.  FOOD: Only one day under 2000, and that day I just didn't seem very hungry. Other days, homemade fried chicken tenders, and dominos pizza were higher calorie dinners, and as always, the "empty calorie" category overflowed. FITNESS: Hit my hour of elliptical six days. Eight hours of Zumba (4 classes, 4 on my own), two sessions on the bike, and I was able to hit the weights twice this past week. Three days with 3000+ burn, two days over 30k. 

Here's a quick weekly recap ...
  • Friday (0624): Hit a Zumba class with Nicole, and got in my hour of elliptical. Also did weights! I was on basketball practice dropoff duty, and the teens got home from their basketball camp. 
  • Saturday (0625): Hour of elliptical and lawn mow ... also desk duty paying bills, blog updates.
  • Sunday (0626): Rest day, although I did still do one 20min session on the elliptical.
  • Monday (0627): Zumba with Southziders, and an hour on my own. Hour of elliptical as well. Had #5's friend over for a playdate, and Hubs and #2 bought a new car.
  • Tuesday (0628): Zumba, me leading Marian's class. We had to do it in the parking lot as they were cleaning the church. With the church closed, I didn't get in my extra hour, but did do weights and my hour of elliptical at home. 
  • Wednesday (0629): Huge step day! Hit Zumba with MZL, then did grocery shopping. Got in my extra hour of Zumba and my hour of elliptical. Still had energy at the end of the day, so I did a session on the bike as well. This was my low calorie intake day too!
  • Thursday (0630): Zumba with MountainView, then an hour on my own, and my hour of elliptical. Also hit the bike again.

*** Five Photos From the Week *** 

While #2 was gone last week, I went ahead and cleaned up his room, as it's one I'm constantly walking past. It was nice while it lasted ...  he's back! 

#2 and his "new" (to him) car ... too nice for a 17-year old, right?

 Watching my resting heart rate drop recently ...

 Our outdoor Zumba on Tuesday (church closed for cleaning).

 #3 ... with an East window in his room, it gets H.O.T. in the morning as the sun streams in! We had a portable A/C not currently in use, so we pulled it up. He had to re-arrange the room completely, but now it's nice and cool and he's jumping for joy! Silly boy!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

June 2016

Our first month of "summer" is in the books ... despite the schedule changes, there's not a lot of shift in the stats. WEIGHT:  Started at 167.1 and ended at 165.3. High was 170.8, low was 164.8. Average 167.19.  STATS: Deficit for the month of -12057. Average intake was 2152, average daily burn was 2882. Average steps came in at 23133.  150minWeights, 4042 cardio minutes, 316.3 exercise miles for the month. FITNESS: Hit my hour of elliptical twenty-two days this month. Zumba hours were high at 35 (21 classes, 14 hours on my own). Six sessions on the bike, and four weight sessions. FAMILY: June was the scheduled month for the family vacation that Hubs decided to pull the plug on, good thing, as he did have two Meniere's attacks during that week. Pinched nerve pain still a problem (was doing better then bad again at the end of the month). There was a bit of basketball (final spring championships for #5, and then a week long camp at Dixie, and a week long clinic at the high school for the teen boys) and we added a new car ... Father's Day happened as well!

*** JenB's Journal ***

0601 (Wednesday) 167.1. Steps 23764. Total Burn 2928. Exercise Burn 881/1153 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 500. Down day, depression due to duckies :( First, some internet stuff (I ended up deleting my "Distracted by Duckies" page) and then our Ally has been limping and not looking good at all. I got the boys off to school (no elliptical during the morning hours), hit Zumba, and then came home and took Ally to the vet. The foot is not broken or dislocated, probably a diet deficiency or birth defect manifesting late. I've ordered some better food, and got some supplements, but we fear we're going to lose her. Hubs had an appointment today for his pinched nerve, but just another round of steroids. Got in some elliptical, but not my hour. Didn't feel like eating at all though ...

0602 (Thursday) 164.8.  Steps 27157. Total Burn 3165. Exercise Burn 1023/1403 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1300.  Up early again ... slept fine until the morning then couldn't get back. Hubs was off to work, and will be gone overnight for a quick company trip. I got in some early elliptical, but forgot to make lunch for #4 (we were early enough that I could have done it quick, but he said he'd just do hot lunch). It was "Lagoon Day" for #3, and so he didn't have school ... that throws me off schedule! I hit Zumba, then ran #3 to the gym (he'd decided on doing that rather than the amusement park). Later he HAD to have Arby's (I obliged) and then in the evening he wanted to go watch the NBA finals with his friends. Thus the summer "running kids around" begins.

0603 (Friday) 164.7. Steps 24005. Total Burn 3069. Exercise Burn 1085/1310 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1600. Last day of school for the munchkins. The middle school had a regular start time, so I was able to hit a Zumba class after dropped the kids to school (I hit Debbie in Daybreak). Came home and cleaned up then headed to the elementary for the award program there. Early out at both schools (high school graduation was yesterday so they were done), but #3 went home with friends, so I didn't have to pick him up until later in the day ... and then he really just wanted me to shuttle him from one set of friend's to the next. #5 had basketball practice, which he's been struggling with ... (it's so far away, and long, and hard ... and I'm only 10). We did have a big long talk about what he wants to do. Continue playing competitively, knowing that practices and expectations will only get harder, or move to rec if he just wants to play for fun, or take the summer off for a break ... he says he does want to play competitively still, and wants to play with this team (he is playing up a grade, but we just hadn't been able to find a team his age). He is the youngest and smallest. I really hesitate to talk to a coach (on the high school level anyway, don't want to be that "problem parent") but did feel like I could mention it to this coach, that maybe if there could be a "fun" item thrown into the harder drills and such, it would make a huge difference for us. Coach was very receptive and #5 did say "this practice was actually fun" when he got home. Hubs flew back from his overnight company trip, but went straight to work, then to a wedding reception and was out late. On the ducky front, Ally is not doing well at all, can't walk, her "wing walk" is just pitiful to see. I've had to move her around, and make sure she can reach food and water, and have her swim (she's a little tilted in the water too) a few times a day. On the wild ones ... Momma and babies left in the morning and wandered a bit ... then came back. Wandered in the evening again, then came back. I did see another momma and six babies (about the same age) at the canal as I drove past. Haven't seen as many there this year.

0604 (Saturday) 165.1. Steps 18565. Total Burn 2672. Exercise Burn 550/909 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1400. Woke up early to let our big babies out of the pen. Mamma and her babies took a walk. After I looked out the window and couldn't see them at the neighbors, I was going to take a walk to the canal to see if they made it there ... but looked in the back quick, and there they were. They'd snuck back in when I wasn't watching. Mixed feelings about it at this point. It would be a bit easier if they were gone, but I'd miss seeing them. Anyway, as I was up, I hit a Zumba class, but wasn't able to get my HR up at all. Hubs went into work for a bit. In the night, #2's car was pranked. Peanut butter all over the handles, coconut oil too. And inside ... pounds of shredded paper confetti. In attempting to clean it up a bit, #2 simply unloaded it all into the street. I ended up out there for over an hour attempting to sweep it up, but it's all over. Our driveway looks horrible with the mess the peanut butter a other oils left, in addition to shreds of paper everywhere. Very frustrating! In the evening, #5 had a couple basketball games. They easily won the first. The second was the championship game against Mayhem. They'd won us once, we'd won them once, so we knew it would be tough and could go either way. It started off rough for us ... we couldn't make a shot and they couldn't miss. Finally some started falling, but it was hard battling a 10point deficit the entire game. Brought it to within three there in the final minutes for an exciting finish, but the other team got the win. I'd hoped #5 would handle it a bit better than he did (there were tears).  

0605 (Sunday) 165.9. Steps 16184. Total Burn 2695. Exercise Burn 650/920 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Can't help but wake up early. We actually left our big babies out last night, as although there are still occasional altercations, the two sets of ducks have basically been staying out of each other's way. It's hard to keep ours penned up when we (and they) see Mamma and babies with free reign to run.  Everyone was still good in the morning ... Momma took a walk again, came back again. We had our big Sunday breakfast. Hubs did some yardwork, putting the boys to work as well. He made a trip to the Apple store yesterday and switched to the new SE phone, and let #3 taking over his old one  (but newer than #3's). I made ziti for dinner, with homemade breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls for dessert.  On the ducky front, we did get a visit from the Department of Wildlife Services based on the complaint from the online lady taking umbrage with our having ducks in our backyard. At this point I actually welcomed the visit (please, tell me what to do at this point and take it out of my hands). He reviewed the situation and seemed perfectly content that the ducks were not being mistreated or held captive and closed the case. He said if we were okay with them staying and they wanted to stay, that was fine with DWS too. He had seen the video (Hubs catching one of the ducklings much to Momma's chagrin,  I'd pulled it from online but the lady made a copy) and said honestly she'd face much worse out in the wild everyday. Still a concern for me that the online lady might post it to an animal loving website with our address/info and encourage others to harass us more as punishment. We had lot's of ducky time in the evening. They LOVE the running water and digging around in the muddy dirt. Our ducks came to investigate Daddy digging up the garden area and were rewarded with worms as he turned the dirt over. Ally does seem to be doing a bit better, dare we hope? She even stood and walked a bit. I can see she is moving her right leg more when she swims.Hubs and I are a few weeks behind on GOT, but got in one episode tonight.  

0606 (Monday) 165.9. Steps 26922. Total Burn 3129. Exercise Burn 1150/1361 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. First official "summer" day. There was a bit of a sleep in. I checked on the duckies, and momma and babies were gone. I did a walk around the circle and down the street a bit but couldn't see them, or hear any sound of momma/babies in distress (caught at a window well somewhere). I even did walk up to the canal, but no sign of them there either. I hit my Zumba class and did a quick grocery store stop on the way home. #3 wanted to go to the rec center for basketball, so I dropped him here. When I picked him up a couple hours later we stopped at the church parking lot and had some driving practice (he got his learner's permit a while ago and we've been slooow). Still no Momma and babies, so I think they are gone. While we'll miss them, it's a bit of a relief too (after the online ducky disaster, and it did conflict with raising our own six ducks). I emptied the pools ... we'll see if they stay a little cleaner with fewer ducks to muck them up. Ally was walking again (just a bit and she'd have to stop and rest, but walking!) I prepped the leftover dough into more breadsticks and cinnamon rolls, and made chicken soup for dinner. I'd mentioned to the boys about seeing a mamma Killdeer on the corner (she was there last year, raising her little family). It's a crazy, busy, populated corner, lots of traffic (both cars and walking), but that's her spot! When I'd walked to the canal in the morning, she'd run to the other side of the street, pretending to have a broken wing (pretty convincing too!). On the way back, she didn't notice me coming (there is a fence) and so I happened to notice where she had hopped up from, and there mixed with the rocks, were four eggs, camouflaged perfectly. If I hadn't been looking for them I wouldn't have seen them. I'd mentioned it to the boys, and #3 and #4 took a walk up to the corner to take a look. #5 wanted to see too, so I said I'd walk up with him. We saw her and her eggs, then continued on to the canal to look around there. Guess who we found? Momma and all twelve babies! They made it! While there are still plenty of dangers around in the wild, what I was really worried about was the trek from our yard to the canal. I'm not sure which route they took, but they got there. We'll probably be taking more walks on the canal now! 
0607 (Tuesday) 166.3. Steps 27373. Total Burn 3226. Exercise Burn 1350/1456 (60minElliptical Zumba+, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1600. I'm thinking we might need to make a schedule for our home gym. I knew #3 was having a friend come over to workout, so I figured I'd better hit the elliptical before that happened. I got mine in, but then #4 took his turn and it did overlap a bit (#3 and friend had to wait). I hit Zumba, the Scosche didn't want to work today. When I got back home I played around with things, restarted my phone and got it connecting again. Dropped #3 off at the rec center to play basketball, then took the two littles to the church gym, letting them play basketball while I practiced some Zumba. Planned on an hour, but #3 called for a pickup after 30minutes, done at the rec center.  I did a stop at Arby's for lunch with him, then we did some more driving practice around the neighborhood. I got in some more elliptical, and did weights. I hadn't really planned dinner, thinking we'd just do leftovers, but Daddy came home hungry. He took the boys to Chick-Fil-A ... I'd been doing good on eating, so I didn't go. Did keep calories in check, even though I made homemade oreos for a family dessert.

0608 (Wednesday) 165.1. 31443 steps. Total Burn 3135. Exercise Burn 1370/1398 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2850. Well, I'm NOT getting up as early in the summer. Still got in an elliptical session before Zumba. I was feeling so tired in class, heart (nor heart rate) in it, but still went through the motions and got a good step count. Stopped at Sam's and Walmart on the way home, but my feet were hurting. Put the groceries away and got caught up on some computer stuff. Drove #3 out to play basketball with his buddies, then took the littles to the gym so they could play basketball. I did an hour of Zumba practice while I waited and supervised (my ipod died though, dang it! It was just a backup, but I preferred it to my phone for some things.) Had to push to get my additional elliptical in to hit my hour. Watching "DowntonAbby" season 6 now.  Daddy and #3 hit El Pollo Loco for dinner. Their churros were good! I really overate today. Just feeling hungry and having cravings (peanut butter ... Nutragous, Nutty Bar, PB cookies) and was feeling so stuffed at the end of the day!

0609 (Thursday) 166.9. 30199 steps. Total Burn 3251. Exercise Burn 1434/1478 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2300. #3 was playing basketball in a tournament up at the university today. I don't drive there, so I'd had to find him a ride. I dropped him off at a basketball buddy's house at 7:50 and he was off. I hit a little elliptical, then Zumba with MountainView. Marian was there, although she won't be around much more of the summer. I brought her a couple of my hanging towels as a thank you. The littles wanted to play basketball, so we did that, and I got in another hour of Zumba, just practicing (but getting better stats than the morning class). #3 checked in, giving me updates on his and #2's games (four games, four wins). I made "savory crust chicken bake" for dinner. A family recipe for hubs growing up. Just mixed results. Spent a little time out with the duckies in the evening. The big pool is NOT staying any cleaner with fewer ducks. I went downstairs to hit my final elliptical session, as I stepped on and started to push the pedal, there was a resistance and a bang and then a pitiful, frantic "meow" ... Oreo was IN the back of the elliptical! He does that, very often he'll run in with me and go right for it, and I make him get out. Today, I had NO idea he was already in there. I don't know how he was hit or squished, he had trouble getting out but seemed to be moving okay. He ran up the stairs and I ran up too to check on him. His fur was very dirty (the gears are greasy) but other than that no obvious signs of injury. I continued to watch him all night. He can be a very calm kitty, so it's hard to tell if he's acting unusually. I'm so sad about this! My poor kitty!

0610 (Friday) 166.1. 20976 steps. Total Burn 2779. Exercise Burn 1000/1043 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Hubs was up early at 5:00, and I was awake too ... but that's too early to get up, especially in summer, right? I ended up going back to bed and then sleeping in. I didn't quite have the motivation to get to Zumba class, but we did take the boys to play basketball, and got in an hour of practice on my own. Dropped #3 off at a basketball buddy's house to catch a ride to his games today. Also dropped #5 off to catch a ride to his basketball practice. Made some gingersnaps to send as a thank  you. Also ate many gingersnaps. I was dragging so much today, legs and feet just feeling so tired. I went to bed early.
0611 (Saturday) 167.2. 17853 steps. Total Burn 2534. Exercise Burn 750/759 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up early (around 5:00) to start the pork on the smoker. He came back to bed and we both ended up sleeping in after that. I missed my Saturday Zumba class, but with my legs so tired I wasn't really planning on it anyway. I still did get in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, and I did a session on the bike. #2 and #3 were off to basketball games up at the University in the morning. Unfortunately #2's team got eliminated in the first round, and #3's team lost in the second. They'd hoped to do better, but oh well. That happens. We had some rain, sprinkling in the morning, and quite a downpour later in the day. I managed to mow the front lawn during a quick break in the weather. Hubs took the kids to Panda Express for lunch, then #5 was invited to a friend's house to play. We had Hub's pulled pork for dinner, and I made coconut goodies, which #2 ate a ton of, although I still got my share. Overate today, over burn too.

0612 (Sunday) 168.7. 7959 Steps. Total Burn 2068. Exercise Burn 210/284 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Hubs was up rather early and off to work. Does he not realize it's a weekend, and he's on salary? He was helping prep the model home. Without him here, we skipped the big breakfast, and I made scones instead.  I got in a little nap, then ran out to my mom's, taking some of the pulled pork. She's been suffering from a pinched nerve for a bit now too (Hub is improving). I did get in a session on the elliptical, but was feeling so tired. I took a shower and got in jammies early. Hubs and #3 went over to the church for an Eagle Court. When they got back, Hubs took the kids to Maga's to see the kittens. I would have gone (I love kittens) but ... was already in jammies! 

0613 (Monday) 168.5. 31562 Steps. Total Burn 3353. Exercise Burn 1660/1570 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2150. With summer, I've still been waking fairly early. Between Hubs getting up and off to work, it being so light outside, and kitty wanting his breakfast ... I am awake and do usually feed Oreo and Joy .... but then I often get back in bed, because 5:00ish is just too early especially for summer! I hit Southziders for Zumba. It was quite late to start, but luckily I'm not in a particular rush. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. It's nice having the kids home to help bring them in and get them put away. The little boys and I did our hour at the church, them playing basketball and me practicing Zumba. It's SO much easier to practice there where I have some space, and it's helpful being the location I'll be leading (for visualization) and I'm really gaining some confidence. Still not planning on becoming an instructor, but I think I'll really enjoy subbing this summer. Got in my hour of elliptical and even a session on the bike. A little over calorie goal. Still way under burn, but it seems like unless I stay under 2000, I don't lose (even if I burn a ton).  

0614 (Tuesday) 167.2. 27815 Steps. Total Burn 3185. Exercise Burn 1564, 1410 (60ninElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2250. #2 and #3 are at a basketball clinic Mon-Thurs this week at 9:00. Happily #2 can drive them, as I'm trying to keep Marian's "start on time" policy while subbing the Tuesday class. My practice has paid off and it's easy to do an hour now! The little boys still wanted to hit the church for basketball (#5 had a couple of friends over) so we did, and I practiced for another hour, all different songs than this morning. Still got in elliptical - should have done weights, but I remember how drained I felt after last week. Maybe I'll just save them for Fridays, when any stiffness or soreness won't affect me as much (as I usually don't have the same workouts on weekends). I tried another Pinterest chocolate chip recipe ... just okay. Taste is fine but they don't look particularly pretty. Turned some leftover pulled pork into tacos for dinner.  

0615 (Wednesday) 167.7. 35238 Steps. Total Burn 3536. Exercise Burn 1557, 1752 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2800. I went to Zumba with MZL as usual for Wednesdays. It had started when I got there, but I still got in my hour. I requested a couple songs. Afterward I stopped at Walmart and Sams for some shopping. We were out of a lot of stuff, so both checkouts were bigger than usual, as well as more shopping steps. It's nice to have the boys home to help bring in groceries and put them away. I got some chicken marinating for dinner, and got my elliptical in, and #4 and did our hour at the church (basketball and Zumba practice). Changed the water for the ducks and got some laundry done.#3 ended up inviting friends over, which is fine, as we're so seldom "the house" for the older boys. We had enough dinner to feed them (four extra). Hubs barbecued the chicken on the smoker and made his mashed taters. I made Brazillian cheese rolls and they were a hit (as they usually are). My legs were feeling very tired today! I did get in a lot of steps!
 0616 (Thursday) 168.01. Steps 27337. Total Burn 3023. Exercise Burn 1355/1240 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2).  Calories in 2500. Last day of the basketball clinic for the boys. #2 had slept over at a friend's house, but came home and grabbed #3 so I wouldn't have to make the trip. I was still a little late to Zumba regardless. They had started, but I think it was the first song. Couldn't get the heart rate going today though. The little boys and I did our hour at the church later, me practicing Zumba while they play some basketball. Fit in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day too. Dropped #3 off at a friend's house to watch the playoff games - the series is now 3-3, forcing a game seven. Maga came over to borrow some camping stuff (we'd be packing up camping stuff, as this was the weekend Hubs and the boys were planning on leaving for the Seattle/Canada family vacation ... but with Hubs Meniere's attacks and pinched nerve, he figured he'd better not risk it). I baked up some of the leftover cookie dough - gingersnaps and chocolate chip.

0617 (Friday) 168.4. Steps 14494. Total Burn 2308. Exercise Burn 590/526  (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. I woke up not feeling very well, I even grabbed a bucket to put by the bed just in case. I didn't even attempt a Zumba class, but did try a session on the elliptical, and a little later in the day when the kids wanted to play basketball, we did go to the church and I did a low-key Zumba practice. I was supposed to get in a weight workout today .... but it didn't happen. I didn't make it back down for more elliptical either. Dropped #5 off for his basketball practice, then took #3 to a friend's house to hang out for the evening. Hubs brought home donuts, but he was having one of his attacks, so he was straight to bed. I guess it IS good he pulled the plug on the family vacation, because otherwise he would have been on the road with the boys at that time. He felt a little better by bedtime, so we caught up on GOT and ate some popcorn.   

0618 (Saturday) 168.4. Steps 8635. Total Burn 2045. Exercise Burn 100/263 (LawnMow). Calories in 2800. Still not feeling great. Decided to take it easy today too. I did get the lawn mowed, but that was it for any activity. Hubs went and got donuts again. I can't resist donuts. My family was in town, to I invited them to bring their kids to see our ducks. The kids really enjoyed feeding them mealworms and grapes and bananas. Our backyard isn't really built for entertaining, so we adults were squished up into the small shade area by the house. They all left to go hiking, but I wasn't feeling up to that. Father's Day family party tomorrow. 

0619 (Sunday) 168.4. Steps 5862. Total Burn 2072. Exercise Burn 0/288 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Father's Day! We should have done the whole breakfast in bed, but as the smoker is technically a father's day gift, we had to have it put to use, smoking up bacon for breakfast. #3 made the waffles, giving Daddy a break from that. Hubs ran some errands, and I got in a little nap. In the late afternoon we headed to my brother's house for our annual Father's Day gathering on my side of the family. Hubs brought a slackline kit he'd purchased a while back, and there were two trees that worked perfectly. It was a hit. It was also game seven of the NBA championships. #4 started watching at the house, and then we headed home during the 3rd quarter. Made it home in time to see the exciting end.Cleveland won. 

0620 (Monday) 170.8. Steps 31052. Total Burn 3318. Exercise Burn 1600/1543 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 1800. The two teens were off to the high school at 6:15, heading to a basketball camp in St. George for the week. I went to Zumba with Southziders, and grabbed a few groceries on the way home. Got in elliptical, bike and our trip to the church for basketball and Zumba practice. I cleaned up the house some too, Hubs was quite amazed when he got home (a little sad that it is such an amazing thing *Ü*) We watched Sunday's GOT ... wow, that was bloody and violent! I did work hard to keep calories in check today. 
0621 (Tuesday) 167.2. Steps 25760. Total Burn 2900. Exercise Burn 1420/1149 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2000. Got one session on the elliptical in before I hit Zumba class. It was very small today, just five people (besides me). The little boys and I went back to the church a bit later for their basketball hour, and my practice. My second round stats were pretty low-key, but that's okay. Finished up my hour of elliptical, but really should have done weights or bike. Took a little nap instead. Changed out the duckie's big pool and spent some time out with the ducks both yesterday evening and tonight. Ducky time.
0622 (Wednesday) 167.4. Steps 24740. Total Burn 2891. Exercise Burn 1150/1147 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1800. It's been harder getting an elliptical session in early when I'm not getting up as early. Still managed one before heading out to MZL's Zumba class. The parking lot was newly refinished ... they moved class on Friday, I'm guessing that was why. Good class today. I stopped at the dollar store on the way home instead of my usual Walmart/Sam's run. With the teens gone, I don't need to restock on as much quite yet. Prepped a package for my missionary, and got a letter from him today. I'll need to update the blog. He is still sending steps, but when I'm getting them with a few day's lag time, it throws off the step comparisons. The little boys said they didn't feel like going to the church for basketball, so we skipped it today. I got in a session on the bike instead of my second Zumba. I picked up Dominos for dinner. Hubs had another attack at work today :(  and was still recovering when he had to head out to do a derby. The two little boys went to help. Kept calories in check today ... although I sure wanted to eat more!

0623 (Thursday) 167.3. Steps 27141. Total Burn 3072. Exercise Burn 1434/1306 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2300. Went to MountainView Zumba with Melanie, she had me do a couple of numbers, which does help get my heart rate up I think. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries. The littles did want to play basketball today, so we went to the church and I got in another hour of Zumba (low-key) while keeping an eye on them. Also got in my hour of elliptical ... and a nap. Made the little boy's favorite dinner, fried chicken and yellow rice. Eating some myself pushed calories over (although under burn). Hubs was home and to bed early, and even with my nap, I was ready for bed too. The teens return home tomorrow, which may be the end of early bedtimes. It was a nice week while it lasted. 

0624 (Friday) 167.8. Steps 18231. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 1000/902 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2800. Nicole was having a Zumba class with SuperMom's group, so I hit it. I haven't driven up 7800 recently, since school has been out, and construction made things difficult to get to the church, but I managed. I got in my hour of elliptical (three20min sessions) and also did weights. I was on drop-off duty for the little boy's basketball practice at SLCC. I was still out and about when the bigger boys returned home from their week-long basketball camp. They called Daddy and had him pick them up. Then #2 took #3 to a friend's birthday party, and picked him up again at midnight. Hubs and I relaxed with the ducks in the early evening, then with a show and popcorn a bit later. The popcorn definitely pushed calories over, but it was yummy.

0625 (Saturday) 167.7. Steps 17294. Total Burn 2446. Exercise Burn 700/680 (60minElliptical, Lawn Mow). Calories in 2200. I really should have hit a Zumba class, Zumba Underground was having one at a church at 8:30 ... should have, but it was a lazy morning. I did get in a few sessions on the elliptical (two 20, two 10) to hit my hour, and I mowed the lawn. Lots of laundry, finished up the monthly bills, and got a couple blog updates done.  Hubs was smoking a brisket all day and it smelled to good, but just wasn't finishing up. He and the boys snacked on some when it was finally done after 11:00, but I was asleep ...

0626 (Sunday) 167.2. Steps 7434. Total Burn 2011. Exercise Burn 200/210 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2600. I have been feeling my weight workout from Friday, but it's okay, as Sat/Sun are generally pretty un-exercising anyway. I did get one session on the elliptical, but it's amazing how hard it feels on a Sunday/restday. We had Sunday Circles for breakfast, and the brisket (and bacon) for dinner. I also made Swig cookies again, we were out ...
0627 (Monday) 169.5. Steps 29304. Total Burn 3152. Exercise Burn 1452/1364 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2500. Didn't start out the day with good eating. There were some chocolate donuts, that I don't even like that much, but that didn't stop me from eating one. Swig cookies were a temptation today too. Started the day with a session on the elliptical, then hit Southziders for Zumba. Maria was there, I haven't seen her IRL for a while. Good sized class, and we went over by 10min! I stopped at Reams on the way home, they had bacon on sale, and grabbed a few other things. #5 had a little friend over for a playdate. They didn't want to hit the church gym, but #4 still wanted to go. Once Daddy was home to supervise (he had come home from work early to go with #2 to buy a car, a Charger!) #4 and I headed to the church for his basketball and my low-key Zumba practice (very low-key today, barely hit 300 calories for the hour). Made some chicken and yellow rice for dinner again. Finished up my hour of elliptical, and to bed.

0628 (Tuesday) 167.5. Steps 20903. Total Burn 2836. Exercise Burn 1100/1058 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2200. Frustrating morning as I went over to the church for Zumba and there is a sign up saying "Church closed for cleaning" Grrrrrr! I just wish they would let people who have the building scheduled know! We could make other arrangements, but we can't five minutes before, when people (like Christa) are coming from 20min away to hit it. We ended up dancing in a shady spot in the parking lot, playing the music from Tirsa's truck. My Ipad overheated at one point (we were careful to shade it after that). It was still fun, but with that underlying frustration! Of course, that meant the munchkins and I couldn't hit the church for our practice later in the day, which they were actually fine with. I should have taken them bowling, I really need to do some other fun stuff with them this summer. I'm such a homebody (and so are they, they haven't been complaining). I did run #3 to the gym ... well, I had #2 run him, even though he was napping after his sleep over (with lack of sleep). He'd parked so I wasn't sure I could get my car out, so I needed him to move it anyway. We do not have enough room for all the vehicles! I picked #3 up when he was done (and let #2 continue to nap, as he'd gone back to sleep). The littles and I did make "flubber" and they seemed to enjoy that. I got in a weight workout today too, as well as additional elliptical to hit my hour. We had the windshield in the charger replaced, by a company that comes out to the house. It started to rain and hail right after the guy got the windshield back in ... a few minutes sooner and the car would have been completely open! Hubs came home from work a little early and took the charger to get it inspected. He would have done the registration too, but didn't have time before the DMV closed for the day. #3 was craving TacoBell, and #5 wanted Subway ... hubs ended up taking them to TB and I promised #5 I'd make meatball subs tomorrow (that's what he had wanted). Spent a little time out with the ducks. They are getting ready to fly, little lifts off the ground. Hubs and I watched a couple episodes of Mr Robot in the evening ... it's one that has great reviews but isn't really grabbing me. Hubs ALMOST made popcorn, but resisted the urge. His pinched nerve HAD been doing better, but he aggravated it again somehow and it's hurting him again :( 

0629 (Wednesday) 167.1. Steps 37352. Total Burn 3629. Exercise Burn 1700/1866 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 1200. Productive day today ... and kept calories in check! Started off with a session on the elliptical, then hit Zumba with MZL.  They had me help with "It's Raining Men" and then when "In the Summertime" came on I started doing the steps so they had me come up and lead it.  On the way home, I stopped at Walmart at Sams, so steps there, and putting stuff away. I spent some time in the food storage room rearranging and getting things on shelves. #3 wanted to hit Gene Fullmer, so I dropped him off (well, he drove, getting his practicing in) and then the little boys and I hit the church gym. It was a good practice for me, the hour was over before I knew it (and before I even did some of the songs I had planned on practicing). Got in my additional elliptical and mowed the front lawn. Meatball subs for dinner, although hubs ended up hitting a movie with a work buddy, so he was home late. I still had energy at the end of the day, so I went and did some reading while riding the stationary bike.  

0630 (Thursday) 165.3. Steps 31176. Total Burn 3354. Exercise Burn 1572/1591 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2600. A little "gym" drama in the morning. I got my first elliptical session in no problem, but then #4 and #3 and friend wanted the gym at the same time (the older one prevailed, as he had a friend over and was in first). There are SO many other things #4 can do while he waits (jumprope, basketball, etc.) but back to wondering if we need a schedule! Zumba with MountainView. It was so hot in the gym today. I couldn't feel any air moving. Pretty small group too. I debated stopping at Smiths after ... the kids are out of ice cream ... but I guess they can wait a little longer. #2 was playing in a game today, I thought about going to watch, but it was at the SouthTowne Expo center, so a BUNCH of temp courts set up. Worse than SoccerCity! He can drive himself so ... I didn't go (they lost by a lot, although #2 said HE had 20 points). Hubs was home a little early, needing a nap before doing a derby. #3 went along to help. Dominos for dinner. Calories were a little high today. I was craving sugar and opened a big box of Junior Mints ... and ate the whole thing!
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