Sunday, November 10, 2019

October 2019

October 2019 ... no intake again. I didn't even bother to grab the graph. The month started off with some anticipated travel and fun, and ended unimaginably. Maga (Hub's mom) passed away. Completely unexpected, in her sleep. She laid down for an afternoon nap and didn't wake up. She and the cousins, and our #3 had done Disneyland at the start of the month. Hubs and #4 took a trip to Seattle to visit family there. We brought dinner in to my folks, as my mom had fallen and broken her wrist. Then #2 broke his foot and sprained his ankle badly during basketball. I got #4 in for some psychological testing ... and then Maga. Hub's and his siblings have a lot to deal with dealing with the estate (Hub's father passed away years ago) and it's been a rough time for everyone emotionally.  

I was already off schedule, with the sickness and such in September. #2 is now home all day (can't work or drive with his foot) and #1 stops by in the morning and for lunch. #3 has been working but will be changing jobs and shifting schedules to where he will be around in the day. It's very different from the past few years when all the kids were in school and I had a strict schedule and some hours alone to accomplish whatever I wanted. One day I looked around  (NOT during Fall Break, but that happened this month too) and had three of the five boys home in the middle of the day. Just an excuse ... I could still fit in the exercise if I tried and made it a priority. I am still getting some, just not my usual "back to school"  shift into gear. It's literally been back to school, as I've been helping a lot with #4's online schooling. Often doing the reading and watching the lectures, taking notes, so I can tutor him and nudge him step-by-step along the way. 

It's the eating anyway ... but that's gone completely downhill. There has definitely been some emotional eating. I tend to snack as I sit at the computer, which I've been doing a lot more of late. Add in Halloween and tons of little snack size candies (calories don't count in those small sizes, right), candy corn and some seasonal baking.   I gave up counting calories and tracking. I never got to updating the blog on my weekly reports. I've given up on lots of things.

NUMBERS: Weight started at 173.2. Ended at 179.8. Those with the high and low too. Average was 176.62.  Average burn 2487. Step average 15228, total steps 472,071 with 117.94 logged miles. Cardio minutes 2136/2569 with 15min weights. 

EXERCISE: Only three days with a full hour of elliptical. Five days had partial elliptical workouts. Better with treadmill time, 14 days this month. Still got my Zumba in, even with skipping a couple classes. 19 total. #4 and I have been playing tennis (pickleball one week), had four sessions there. One weight workout.

OTHER ACTIVITY: Tons of family time, obviously. Still have to grab groceries to keep everyone fed. Basketball, finishing up the Fall season (a few playoff games next month). Doctor and dentist, more than the usual. No lawn mowing ... the weather has definitely turned.

Here's the Day by Day ...

1001 (Tuesday) Weight 173.2. Total Burn 2534. Exercise Burn 600/.759 (Zumba, Tennis). Calories in 2900. I definitely needed the alarm this morning, even at my later (a little after 6:00) setting. Didn't try for any exercise, wanted to save energy for class. But #4 asked if I wanted to play ping pong, to I did end up doing that with him. At the church, the volleyball net was up. Not a huge deal, as we are a small class and could squish to one side, but still, I thought the people using it were good at taking it down. I know there is Thursday volleyball, did they leave it up since then? Even for church on Sunday? When I got home, #4 asked if we could play tennis. I would have liked a little break, but oh well ... my legs were a little angry with me though. I could feel them protesting. We played for 30min. Then stopped at Big5 to grab some more Stiga ping pong balls, then grabbed some Wendys for lunch. Then we did the English assignment, which pretty much finishes up stuff for #4 in that class too (still supposed to comment on two other submissions, but no one else has put any up yet). He did math, and then Graphic Design. Still has some math left, but has been pretty productive. I felt very tired and laid down for a little nap, but didn't fall asleep. Wasn't sure if we'd missed #1 stopping by, but then he did, having a later lunch today. Picked up #5 after Intramurals. Hubs and #1 did a derby in the evening. I got approved for a new book, but it wasn't through Audible, which was a pain! Couldn't figure out how to add it to my iphone, but finally added to itunes, and then to the ipad, and listened that way. Got a blog post up and some book reviews done. Need to do my end of month stuff (blog, 1sec, pull photos from my phone).

1002 (Wednesday) Weight 174.7. Steps 17168. Total Burn 2550. Exercise Burn 485/775 (30min/2milesTreadmill, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I probably feel well enough to resume early elliptical, especially on days I'm not teaching, but ... sleeping in that little extra feels so good. Needed the alarm again. Hubs had been up and off early. I'm afraid I might have awakened him. I heard something around 2:00 and opened the door to check (#4 had fallen asleep on the couch and was moving downstairs to his room). Hubs got up and went into work a little after. Just a morning for him, as he and #4 were off for Washington mid-morning. I went to Zumba, they did some of my higher songs, so it was a bit of a push. Straight home after, to double check with #4 and Hubs before they took off. Left around 11:30 for their flight leaving 1:30. I got in a walk on the treadmill and finished up my most recent book and did a review. #5 stayed for Intramurals, and didn't have clinic tonight (the gym was booked with a volleyball game). As I had the night off, I decided to go watch #2 play in the men's league. Game was at Dimple Dell at 7:00. I knew most of the team, all except two players. Our boys were behind to start, but pulled ahead and got the win. I stopped at Krispie Creme on the way home ... because it was on the way home ...

1003 (Thursday) Weight 175.0. Steps 14659. Total Burn 2517. Exercise Burn 350/713 (Zumba). Calories in 2500. Slept fine. Still was lazy and left the alarm for after 6:00. Didn't do any morning exercise. I did have cleaning prep, garbage day prep to do. A little alarmed when I saw #3's truck was gone. #1 had come by and borrowed it. Dropped #5 off then hit Zumba w/MZL. Really dragging today. Not feeling sick per se, but no energy. Stats: 5549/5213 steps. 399/277 burn. AvHR109. High128. In Zone 20 of the 60 minutes. Stopped at Walmart on the way home. Returned the joggers for #5 that were too small, did a little grocery shopping. Didn't have much on the list. Cleaners had come. #1 had stopped by and come in for a nap in #2's room. Then I was alone ... which hasn't happened lately. Did grab a little nap. Picked up #5 from school. Made lasagna, but it wasn't done quite in time for #2 before he had to head to school at 5:00. #1 and wife grabbed some on the way to a movie.  I then made some chicken noodle soup for me and #5 (as we don't like lasagna and I needed to use up some chicken I'd cooked yesterday). So lots of time in the kitchen. Lots of dishes!

1004 (Friday) Weight 175.9. Steps 16143. Total Burn 2497. Exercise Burn 465/697 (35min/2milesTreadmill, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Slept in some, with late start for Mr. Middle School. Dropped him off and headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 4107/4649 steps. 283/262 burn. AvHR101. High142. In Zone 2 of the 60 minutes.  Did a quick stop at Maceys on the way home. They had Coke on for a really good deal ... not that we need soda, but, yes, I got some. Cheese was a good price as well. #1 was at the house when I got home. Had some lasagna and a nap then headed back out. Had borrowed the truck again today. I went down to the treadmill to get in a walk while watching Grey's Anatomy ... but I'd recorded in PlayOn via Xfinity, and the captions didn't come up. Can't watch without subtitles, the treadmill is too noisy. So, I set it to re-record and then went down and watched Dark while I walked (need subtitles there too, as it's in German!) Then I turned it to Reign while I did a weight workout, 40min. Set the sprinkler to get a dry patch (even though many are turning off water completely this late in the season) and picked up #5 from school. Did my duck duty, changing their water. #1 came over after work, and his wife picked him up, but not before he'd made brownies. I dropped #5 off to catch a ride to practice. Their location at SLCC is saying they will no longer rent to outside groups for practice, so now Wolves will meet at Westminster, which is even further and more downtown! Definitely need rides! Finally got a shower in and did some computer work. Finally did the 1secEveryday Video and backed up my phone's pictures. Touched base with Hubs and #4, haven't heard much from the Disney crew. 

1005 (Saturday) Weight 176.2. Steps 18291. Total Burn 2519. Exercise Burn 350/712 (45min/2.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. I was rudely awakened early in the morning by a crash in the other room. I knew what it was immediately. Oreo.  I'd moved the kitty treats from the kitchen cupboard to one of the decorative boxes on the shelves in the den. Yesterday, Sol had given Oreo a treat and he saw where she got it from ... and then he wouldn't leave that area alone. He had knocked things over a couple of times yesterday. This morning, he caught a shelving unit (plastic, with three drawers, full of pencils, pens and markers) and it crashed to the ground, scattering everything everywhere. Needless to say, I moved the kitty treats. They are even lower now, but it a plastic drawer that kitty can't get into no matter how hard he tries (unless someone leaves it open).  I made cocoa and toast for for #5 and me. Then I hit the treadmill, getting in two and a half miles while I watched Grey's Anatomy. A bit after, I mowed the front then the back lawn, trimming and edging. Then I attacked the beds, pulling up a bunch of pumpkins and plants that had got pummeled by the hail. They hadn't recovered and looked awful. The sunflowers are all done too. I scattered the heads to see if I get volunteers next year. Watered and fed the ducks, and ran the sprinkler on a couple dry spots on the lawn. #5 had basketball ... both games were at 6:00, so he had to choose, and both teams were missing players and just had five. I thought #5 would choose Wolves this time, but again he felt like he needed to help out Showtime. Maybe he just felt like the five Wolves could still pull off the win without him ... and they did. Unfortunately, even with #5, Showtime couldn't quite get the win. It wasn't a mis-match at all, on another day, especially with Ace and Kaden, I bet they could switch things up. The game was at Bonneville Junior High ... where I went (and Hubs). I even drove I-215 there. I'll need to drive that freeway next week to Churchill. At least next week, he actually has an hour between games! Hubs and #4 headed to the airport for their trip home, and #3 is on the road as well. Soon we'll all be together again. #3 beat. They drove all day. Maga and Aunt Olivia stayed and chatted for a bit (as #3 didn't have his car at their house and needed to be dropped home). Then #4 and Hubs arrived. So it was a late night, but everyone (sans #1 ... silly boy is with his wife) is home.

1006 (Sunday) Weight 175.9. Steps 4066. Total Burn 1957. Exercise Burn 0/160 (no exercise). Calories in 2700.  Woke a little off and on early, but totally slept in. Like 9:00 sleep in! Had some weird dreams ... a raptor type dinosaur bird out with the ducks, and a huge kitty (like a lion) that was lost. Got up and made a little breakfast. Bacon and hashbrowns. Hubs wanted to go drive the canyon and see the leaves, and I went too (I haven't in previous years). Got some pictures of the colors. Got a nap back at home. Worked a little on the blog post for last month. Did a book review. Wish #4 would work on some school, before a new weeks starts, but I didn't push. Had the munchies today. Need to get back on track with both food and fitness!

1007 (Monday) Weight 176.8. Steps 21818. Total Burn 2886. Exercise Burn 889/1094 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Hubs was up and off early, around 4:00. I was still tired and so glad I didn't have to get up yet. I did set my alarm for earlier, 5:45, and I did make it out of bed and on the elliptical first thing. Still time to make a sandwich for #3 before he left for work. #1 had stopped by early, taking the truck. I was glad he had asked #3 if that was okay. Dropped #5 off to school and got a little more elliptical in. #4 wasn't awake, and I let him sleep, and headed to Zumba w/ Kirsten. Carma was there too. Stats: 4282/4273 steps. 312/262 burn. AvHR110. High133. In Zone 5 of the 55 minutes.  After class I went to Smiths to grab some groceries, then to Little Caesars to pick up pizza and cheesy bread. #1 had stopped by for his lunch, but he'd had the last of the lasagna and taken a nap. I almost missed him. He was leaving just as I pulled up. I checked in with #4 about school, and he'd done Chemistry and Fitness ... and wanted to call it good for the day (because he went a little ahead in those classes). Ummmm... no. He's still four assignments behind in Math, needs to do a couple little comments to finish up his English assignment. I still wish he'd done some work on vacation. Hubs said there was times when they weren't doing anything. He could have gotten it done. #4 had a complete melt-down, wanting me to leave him alone, saying I was stressing him out. Sigh. His swings in emotion can be a little crazy. He is often just not rational (in my opinion). No way was he calling it quits for the day after spending just two hours working, with still a ton of stuff left undone (late and today's assignments). He got two of the four math assignments done, and I think he felt a bit better. I wanted him to do more, but it was about 2:30, when school would have ended. He just can't seem to work outside normal school hours. His mind won't let him. He took a little nap, and then #1 took him to a movie (Joker). I know I should be harder on him, restrict fun and such if he hasn't got his work done, but then he just shuts done and does NOTHING. I do want him to get out and do other things. It's a balancing act. I told him the two late math assignments are the top priority (he only has until tomorrow) and I did some reading in English and World Civ to help him when he gets to that point. I probably spent as much time (or more) on his school today then he did. I was fairly busy in the kitchen today too. Made "Crack Chicken" in the crock pot, and prepped the remaining chicken (plain) for a meal later in the week. Got the leftover pizza put away, and made vegetarian stroganoff. Also, at #4's request (when he was talking to me again) made some "cookie/brownies" and ate some too, although I was trying to be better today.  Cleaned out the fridge, did dishes. Never made it back down to the gym ... until almost before bed, and then just for 10min to finish up my elliptical hour. #5 had a basketball game at 6:00 at Eastmont. Hit a little traffic on the way there. We just had six players. Started off badly, just no shots going in, but then the boys started rolling and it was an easy win. Touched base with the pediatrician about trying the new medication for another month (this last month was too off ... with sickness, school stress, vacation, to really judge if it helped at all).

1008 (Tuesday) Weight 174.9. Steps 22737. Total Burn 2917. Exercise Burn 971/1149 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100.  Got in 50min on the elliptical early, can't quite fit in my full hour like last year. Got #5 off to school and #4 started (math being the priority!) and headed to the church for Zumba. Glad the volleyball net was down this week. Still not up to full energy. Had Carma there to do a few numbers too. Stats: 5633/5726 steps. 413/327 burn. AvHR117. High144. In Zone 23 of the 64 minutes.  Back at home, checking in with #4 on school stuff.  I feel like I'm in school, I spend as much time on it as he does. Got through some World Civ and I tried to prep some English for while he did Graphic Design. Made some ziti ... a couple gluten-free batches to take over to my folks, a vegetarian one, and then regular. Didn't end up baking it today, as then ... made tinga. Well, supervised #4 as he made tinga, as "sharing a spanish meal" was an assignment for the week. I picked up #5 after Intramurals, and a little later we headed out to my folks with the tinga, ziti and a couple other little meals to stock them for the week. Haven't seen then since the surgery (for the broken wrist). My brother and his family was there too (we'd doubled up on dinner) so we all visited for a bit. My boys are always anxious to get back home though, and I hoped #4 would do one more math assignment (didn't happen). Even though it was almost 8:00, we beat Hubs home.

1009 (Wednesday) Weight 174.8. Steps 18377. Total Burn 2615. Total Burn 643/841 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Just got 30min of elliptical in early this morning. Got #5 to school and #4 up and started, then off to Zumba w/MZL. Small turn out today! Not sure where everyone was. Almost had an accident, one of the moms tripping over her little one who came up unexpectedly behind her. Stats: 5443/5395 steps. 378/299 burn. AvHR117. High136. In Zone 23 of the 63 minutes.  After class I stopped at Sam's to grab groceries. A little frustrated, as the app signed me out when I went to use the Scan and Go (we get an extra kick back in October too). I couldn't remember the pw, so I reset it ... and then it still said I was wrong! Had to use the self-checkout. I think I got the pw situation worked out when I got back home. Hard freeze warning for tonight, so I went out and picked all the tomatoes I could. Not sure if the tomatillos will ripen after being picked, but I figured I should grab them too, as I'll lose them on the vine anyway. I didn't see the ducks immediately ... they'd gotten over the little green mesh fence and were under the trailer. I actually wrote up a little note to a small farm off 40th that had duck and dropped it off at their house ... just to see if they might be willing to take on our six. I think we are done with ducks. I'm not up for another winter. Who knows if I'll hear anything back, Hubs is looking into a pouldtry sanctuary too. #5 stayed after for Intramurals, then had clinic from 6-8. We picked up G&C. When I went to pick up at the end, #5 came out limping. Rolled his ankle :(  Had ice on it, and we did the whole RICE thing. Sometimes when Hubs is ready for bed at 9:00, I'm not ... but today I was!

1010 (Thursday) Weight 175.3. Steps 17972. Total Burn 2581. Exercise Burn 615/783 (35min/2milesTreadmill, Zumba, Tennis). Calories in 2500.  I was awake ... when the bedroom door opened and the kitty came in. Oreo didn't open the door (although he sure has tried), it was #1 son, over before work, seeing kitty waiting at my door. I was getting up anyway. Didn't get to the elliptical though. I hadn't made #3 his sandwich last night, so I had to do that. I also needed to do cleaning prep and put the garbage bins out. Got #5 to school and #4 up and started, then I headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 3649/3959 steps. 257/247 burn. AvHR104. High118. In Zone 0 of the 65 minutes.  Got a text about halfway though from #3, saying "Mom, I'm not okay" ... which is NOT what a mom wants to hear, especially with no clarification! He did finally get back to me, stressing about life; work, relationships, etc. Cold snap this morning was getting to him with work, and I guess he and his GF are calling it quits (hard, as she's still in high school). Hopefully I was able to talk him (text him) down a bit. Came straight home. #1 was over for lunch. He and #4 had worked on his project for Spanish and #4 got it submitted. The cleaning ladies came, so #4 and I headed out to play some tennis. It was chilly, but okay. We hit Wendy's afterward. Not sure why I've been so hungry lately. I'd even eaten some breakfast (whereas when I was IMFing, I'd go till noon easily). Both #4 and I grabbed a little nap. I didn't actually fall asleep though. Then it was time to pick up #5. Then I spent some time on "school" taking chemistry notes for #4 to prep for a test tomorrow. Learned all about the periodic table. Sometimes I'd LIKE to take the test myself, to see how I'd do! ;) Stuck the two Ziti pans in to bake for dinner for the boys. #1 was back after his work, as he was going to help Dad with a derby today (trying to earn any extra $$ he can before they buy their house). #5's ankle was still very tender. He can walk, but tried running and didn't feel like he could, so we are sitting out his game tonight. It wasn't far (Union) but it was at 9:00. Hubs had an exhausting day, as his company had been sued by a former client (client broke the contract and Symphony didn't return his deposit - client wanted his deposit back).  Wasn't sure he'd make it home in time for the derby, but he did. #3 seemed okay when he got home. Took #5 out for a burger in the evening. #4 was watching football. #2 had class ... but for a small time there, EVERYONE was home!

1011 (Friday) Weight 175.0. Steps 12603. Total Burn 395/651. Exercise Burn 395/651 (Zumba). Calories in 2400. Supposed to be a sleep in day, but I woke as Hubs got up at 4:00, and didn't get back to sleep. Up around 6:00, but didn't get in any early exercise. #2 was off for a weekend in St. George with his fiance and family. Dropped #5 off for late start school, then went to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6019/5815 steps. 438/351 burn. AvHR120. High162. In Zone 30 of the 60 minutes. I'd planned on stopping at Smiths on the way home, but #1 wanted to come over for lunch but didn't have a car (too bad he didn't know #2 wouldn't be using his today). So I stopped there instead. He did drive #2's car back after, then came over after work, which saved me a couple trips. #4 had taken his math test and felt pretty good about it. Also took his test for Graphic Design. I'd gone through the stuff for Chemistry and taken notes and wanted him to study before that test, so he'd waited on it until I got home and we went over some things. He said he didn't want to take the test right then (he still had several hours) ... and then he went down and took the test immediately. I think he was afraid I'd keep asking him questions and quizzing him, and he's probably right. So he was then done for the day, other than updating and submitting his weekly activity log for Fitness (we did play a little ping pong to get in more minutes). Two weeks left in the quarter.  I got a call from Primary Childrens about the phyciatric testing, with an opening for Monday. I'm a little (ok, a LOT) nervous about how he'll respond, as our last appointment (with the pediatrician) went so badly. I don't think I'll even tell him until Monday morning, as otherwise his anticipation anxiety kicks in and he stresses and shuts down.  I'm stressing now though ... Picked up #5 after school and asked him how his ankle was doing. He felt like he'd probably be okay for practice, just might need to take some things easy. It was going to be he and C catching a ride with coach ... but then practice was cancelled anyway. It's been hard getting the boys out. So I had the evening off. I haven't been very productive lately. I really should have hit the treadmill ... I only have 35 minutes left in my current show, and I SHOULD have done weights today. But I didn't.  I did make sugar cookies ... decorated them with candy corn to look like jack-o-lanturns. Hubs and #1 left for a weekend getaway in the afternoon to Mesquite with the Razor. #3 had friends over, hit the hot tub until late.

1012 (Saturday) Weight 176.3. Steps 11991. Total Burn 2256. Exercise Burn 220/478 (40min/2.35milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. It was #1's wife first night without him (married just over a year) but as they've moved in with her mom temporarily, that probably eased the way there. Made cocoa and toast for breakfast. Then I hit the treadmill, got in my Grey'sAnatomy while walking. I should have gone outside and started clearing all the frost-nipped plants, but I didn't make it out. Had to leave a little after 2:00 for #5's games. The first one was up at Churchill. It almost requires freeway driving and I'd prepped myself for it, but #3 was around and available, so he drove. As we watched the other team come in and start to warm up, #3 looked at me and asked "no way those are 8th graders?" but they must have been. They were huge (although they did have a couple smaller players, one smaller than #5, come in). Our boys got beat easily. No big surprise as the other team was the top in the league. We headed to the second game, and made it there by 4:00 ... but our game wasn't until 5:00. Rather than just waiting at the school, we were so close to my folks, that we decided to pay them a visit. Chatted for a while before we headed out, and took Grandpa with us to watch. The Wolves only had five players, as did the other team. But very early in the game, one of our boys got hit in the nose, much blood and it looked like it was broken. Our boys played the rest of the game with four, and still managed to get the win. We dropped Grandpa back at his house and headed home. Checked in with Hubs and #1 ... they are staying another night and will be home tomorrow.  I went to Smiths to grab a few groceries and a prescription, but I was too late, the pharmacy was closed. Got my few groceries, but they were out of some of the sale stuff. I should have gone yesterday. It was sure hard getting out of the Smiths parking lot. So much traffice there on the corner with the Crazy Corn Maze going on. #5 got invited to a sleep over and #3 ran him over there, which was so nice of his brother. I appreciate it too.

1013 (Sunday) Weight 177.9. Steps 13471. Total Burn 2485. Exercise Burn 200/692 (35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500.  Up fairly early for a Sunday. #4 was up too. I started on breakfast around 8:00, but #1 texted saying they were on their way home, and breakfast around 10:00 would be appreciated. So, I pushed it a bit later. Got the text to pickup #5 around 9:30, so I went to pick him up, and Hubs and #1 had pulled in before we got back. Made breakfast. Hubs was tired and crashed for a nap. I ran to Smiths and picked up the prescription, then got the kitchen cleaned up and headed outside to work on the garden. Pulled up almost all of the plants, all frost-bitten and wilted. Filled up the green waste. The weather felt good for working in the yard, mid-50s. I hooked the hose back up and gave the duckies some water to swim in. Hubs woke and headed into work, but said it was a mistake - he wasn't in the mode, still really tired. So he headed back home, and back to bed for just a bit. Then he took the Razor in to get it washed before putting it and the trailers away and back in position. I had got some crack chicken going in the crock pot. Ran to Sams to get more sub rolls (#4 and #3 have them as primary meal parts). Made Macaroni Rosa for dinner, #3's request. #1 and wife stopped by on the way to grab a haircut with Aunt Olivia. Tried to get #4 to go along (he's super shaggy and his disinterest in personal grooming is very obvious looking at his hair) but #4 refused to go. Picking my battles with him, didn't force the issue. Hubs and I watched part of a movie (El Camino) but didn't make it through the whole thing before getting sleepy.

1014 (Monday) Weight 177.2. Steps 13935. Total Burn 2381. Exercise Burn 300/568 10minElliptical, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Slept okay, even though I was worried about this morning. Taking #4 in for psychiatric testing. I'm not sure what to expect or how he'll handle it. Just figured it would be good to get a definite diagnosis of the depression/anxiety. Check to see if he's on the spectrum, Aspergers, ADHD, OCD anything else that might help us better attack the issues. I woke early, so got up and hit the treadmill. Got #4 up and off to school, then woke #4 and told him about going in to Primarys. He wasn't happy, but didn't fight me too much. Even sat in the front seat of the car on the way there (he'll sit in the back when he's really mad at me). To start they had us both go in, and the tester took a complete history. That took about an hour. Some tears from us both. Then she said she had paperwork for me (more parental assessments) and that she'd continue to work with #4 ... that it would be about two hours. I could see the despair on his face when she said that. It took me about an hour for the paperwork. I think I needed more choices ... the Never, Sometimes, Often, Almost Almost ... I just needed something inbetween Never/Sometimes, like "rarely" or just less definite than "Never" as while there are a lot that are that clear cut "does your child use drugs, is he sexually active" ... things like "does he lie" ... he really doesn't, that's not something we have a problem with, but every once in a while maybe he says he did an assignment he hasn't finished, or eats something, sneaking chips in his room ... anyway. I went for a 15-minute walk while I waited. I wanted to be sure I was there in the waiting room when he was done and I made it back fine. He was okay. I'd planned on rewarding him, stopping for something to eat, and they'd given him a Chick-fil-a card, which probably would have been his choice even without that. I hadn't eaten that morning, although I'd made sure he had something for breakfast. I'd told him this would count for "school" today, which means he'll have to do more Tues/Wed to make up for missing, or even work Thurs/Fri (technically his Spring Break, but work isn't due until Friday so it does give us extra time ... I'd originally mentioned to him he could try to get all of NEXT week done, and then have the entire week off when his brother is off for Spring Break. #4 doesn't really process things that way though, doesn't "plan ahead" but only wants to do what is required that day). So, I did stick with my promise and didn't make him do any school, and he didn't do any on his own. Took a little nap, played video games, #1 came and took him to a movie ... actually two movies, a second one in the evening. I laid down for a little bit too, but didn't fall asleep. No excuses for not getting any more exercise in. I should have. I made taco chicken for dinner, and had it ready for #3 as he came home (he was filthy from work! It was a little funny) then was off to play basketball with buddies. #1 had #2's car ... #2 came home from his St. George trip and would have used his car had it been here (phone stuff at the mall) but as he didn't have a vehicle, he took a nap and did some school stuff. He went and played basketball in the evening. Got a text from my mom, asking me to pass on info to the siblings. One brother was in the ER, sick and dehydrated, but they didn't find anything other than a probably virus. Mom had been in to the doctor to get a cast on her wrist - one up over the elbow, for three weeks, then they should be able to drop down to a smaller one. My boys bad broken arms were like that. I grabbed #5 after Intramurals. I took him and C&G to clinic, then Collin's mom picked them up there after 30min and took them to their game. I met them there, dropping books off at the library on the way. I was a little late, missed tip-off and the first five points. We actually had a team today! Kioney has had conflicts with another team (like #5), then we'd had a few out with injuries who were back (Kian in a facemask to protect his broken nose, Sia was there with his leg brace, just to cheer the team on, not to play). Gordon was back after missing several games. It was an easy win for our boys.  Hubs and I finished our movie. He had it one when I got home and I thought he was going on watching without me, but then realized he was just rewatching some ...  been too tired and falling asleep last night and needed the recap.

1015 (Tuesday) Weight 177.2. Steps 20777. Total Burn 2819. Exercise Burn 975/1028 (30minElliptical, Zumba, Tennis). Calories in 2200. I hadn't reset my alarm for earlier, and was still asleep at 6:00 ... but did wake before the alarm. Didn't get in early exercise before getting #5 up and off to school. I keep forgetting to make #3's sandwich for him the night before, so I'm doing that in the morning and it takes that little time I have. I did get 10min in before heading to Zumba. Wasn't sure we were going to have anyone, then my three Bs trickled in. I actually got the best numbers in a while. Got the heart rate up. Stats: 6819/6115 steps. 542/367 burn. AvHR125. High153. In Zone 53 of the 65 minutes. #4 was working well on school, getting through math and the other subjects. He wanted to go play tennis, so we did that. Got in 30 minutes. I placed an app order for pizza to pickup on the way home ... I didn't realize the app pinged our location and brought up a different location. It was perhaps slightly closer to where we were playing tennis, but it was totally out of the way for going home. Oh well. Italian cheese bread ... yum. I went through the Chemistry assignment. #4 had already, and we discussed some of the stuff, then he did the assignment. I think I actually understand electron configurations! I'm sure I'll never use them, but I get it now. Did some laundry and dishes, fed the ducks, etc. Should have made dinner today, as it's my "home day" ... I'd meant to put meatballs in for meatball subs, but then it was too late. We have oodles of leftovers right now anyway. #1 went to help Hubs with a derby, this one was up North, so Hubs had taken the trailer this morning. He'd taken the Razor yesterday to drop off to be looked at. I guess it got rolled over the weekend and might need repairs if it's beyond just cosmetic. I have to say, I was okay having an empty driveway. It's been a while. We have so many vehicles and toys, it's always so jammed up. Went down for a little more elliptical. Finished up "Dark" and am starting the third season of "Glitch" ... well, I'm rewatching the final episode of season 2 to remind me what was going on. 

1016 (Wednesday) Weight 176.7. Steps 28145. Total Burn 3083. Exercise Burn 1197/1273 (60minElliptical, 35min/2milesTreadmill, Zumba).  I was awake early ... even before Hubs was up. I was even going to shift my alarm until later, as it's so unusual for him to sleep in at all. But, then his alarm went off at 5:00 and he was up and off. I got up fairly early too, and went ahead and hit the treadmill for two miles. Got #5 up and off to school, and got in 30min elliptical. Got #4 started on school, and he requested cheesy bread for breakfast. I got it going and went to check on something for one minute ... and forgot about it. The fire alarm works well, but it was nice, being the new Nest one, that I could turn it off. "There is smoke in the family room". I was a little late to class. Stats: 5541/5564 steps. 404/346 burn. AvHR119. High150. In Zone 28 of the58 minutes. Went to Maceys afterward. They had the granola bars the boys love on sale, for $1.25, that's the best price I think I've ever seen them. I bought 35 boxes, and we could probably use more, but it's a little embarrassing to buy so many. A quick stop at DT too. Home to unload. #4 helped, but said he wasn't feeling very well. He'd done some school, finished up Math and Spanish anyway. He did seem a little off, and he fell asleep and I let him nap. I reviewed some of the school stuff myself, so I can better prod him along. #5 stayed after for Intramurals, but basketball clinic is over ... Unless Coach puts together some more practices for the Showtime team at least. #2 was going to go over the Clay's house today, to finish up a little job there. I figured this was the perfect opportunity for #4 to go and do the English assignment of reading to a child. I texted to make sure Sammy would be around ... originally he was going to be gone but they changed plans. Then #4 refused. Sometimes I expect something to throw him, and it doesn't, then when I'm not expecting it, he shuts down. He shut down. I mentioned to #2 that he might was well stop on the way home (rather than coming home and then going back), and he had #3 with him, who is Sammy's favorite. So we'll still need to work out the English assignment ...#2 had then gone to his basketball game, and came home with what we think is a broken ankle. It looks pretty bad, and is hurting him, and he's got a high pain tolerance, doesn't complain about something unless it is bad. He'd called K8 to come and get him. We did the whole RICE thing. Debated going to the instacare, but figured we'd just wait until tomorrow morning and call the orthopedic specialist, as you pretty much just get referred there anyway. Got him settled for the night. Hubs had come home, and had fallen asleep. I was having trouble getting to sleep after everything. Hubs phone rang, but I couldn't see who it was, who was calling at 11:00. Then it rang again. On silent, but as I was awake, I could hear the vibration. I got up to see if I could see who was calling, fearing what it might be, but I didn't make it to the phone in time, and I couldn't remember Hub's code to open up the phone to check. He was out cold. Then, #4 came knocking on the door with his phone in hand, saying it was Uncle Kolby and he needed to talk to Hubs, needed to wake him up. Pammy, their mom, died. Just laid down for a nap and didn't wake up. We got dressed and rushed over. I drove, as he wasn't in a good state. There were fire engines and police vehicles at both Clay's house and Pammy's (they live just down the street from each other). We went to Pammy's, and she was there, on the couch. Because this was an "unattended death" there had to be an investigation, so we weren't allowed to touch anything, or touch her. So many tears, as Ana's family showed up. Olivia had found her after her work, around 10:30, and gone screaming down to Clay's house, and she was alternating between hysterical, somewhat rational, and catatonic. After a few hours, with a few of the family needing to fill out witness statements, a detective coming, then the Medical Examiner, we were allowed to come back to say goodbye. Olivia had a breakdown, and there was some talk of hospitalization for her. Adrian had taken the kids home, so we drove Ana home. Olivia was staying with C&C. Our boys don't even know yet. It was about 4:00 in the morning. A couple of hours of sleep before we wake our kids and tell them the news. 

1017 (Thursday) Weight 176.7. Steps 8159. Total Burn 2308. Exercise Burn 0/541 (no exercise). Yesterday I'd texted the cleaners saying we needed to take the day off, as I wasn't sure what would be happening here at home. We still had to tell the kids. I wasn't sure what #3 and #5 would decide to do for work and school. Hubs would be home for a time. #2 was home with his broken ankle. I think I'd only got in an hour of sleep. Around 6:00, I heard someone awake in the kitchen. It was #1. He had seen the text in the night from Hubs (not saying what had happened, but just saying to contact him) and then Olivia, then Hubs, had posted to FB, and #1 does check that, so he knew. We shared some tears, #3 was up, and I woke up #5, and we told those two together. While all the boys are really close to Maga, I think #3 had more of a bond with the recent california trip. Both boys were pretty emotional, but both decided to go on with their day (work and school) and #1 headed into his job too. Hubs went over to be with family. Aunt Olivia was breaking down again, and there was a lot to go over. I had to wait until 8:00 to start making calls to see if I could get #2 into the doctor. I wanted to go straight to an ortho guy. Doing a search with our insurance, I only came up with one office. It had multiple doctors, but it still seemed odd to be that limited. I called, but they couldn't get him in today, or even in a timely fashion. I called the insurance to check on other doctors, and was told NOT to put the our city in, just the zip code, and that helped, brought up more choices. So, calling again. After trying several, I finally got in with a Sports Med doctor that could see him at 11:30.  I'd let #2 and #4 sleep in until 10:00. #4 had got up and hit the shower. When he was out, I broke the news to both boys. #4 had to have suspected something, being part of the phone call last night and seeing us rush out. His response was "I figured" ... no tears.  Odd ... just like when the kitty went missing and he seemed not to care. Maybe just too intense of feelings? Doesn't know how to show it? #1 stopped by for lunch, and then #2 and I headed out to the doctor. Went to TOSH in Murray. Got an x-ray, and there was a fracture. Of the foot. #2 did have pain in the foot, but we thought it was really all ankle. The ankle is a bad sprain, but not broken. Back in a boot. Probably about 8 weeks. But, he can't drive, as it's his right foot. Can't work, with the active job and constant ladders. He's relieved he's not married yet with monthly bills he would be unable to pay (although seriously, these two are so prepared and have quite a bit saved up, they would be okay). Home again, and I was impressed with how much #4 had gotten done while we were gone. He'd done almost everything. Funny how much he can change in a day (as yesterday he was crashing over such a simple assignment). #2 went to his class in the evening, his fiance drove him. Uncle Kolby flew into town, his wife and daughters will be coming in Sunday. Hubs spent all day over there and then came home to crash in the evening. I hadn't gotten in a nap, yet I still had trouble falling asleep.  

1018 (Friday) Weight 174.8. Steps 17110. Total Burn 2557. Exercise Burn 319/769 (Zumba).  Not a great night. When I did head to bed, Hubs stirred, and I really didn't want to wake him. I think I just lay there and tried to tell if his breathing was "sleeping" breathing. Not sure if I fell asleep before the rain hit. It was coming in such a way, hitting the window, SO noisy. I finally had to put in one of my earbuds, and turn on one of the audiobooks I've already read, to drown out the rain and give me something to do until I could relax and finally fall asleep.  I was still awake early. I had forgotten to make a sandwich for #3. I heard #1 come in, so I got up, chatted with him while I made the sandwich. Did some work on the computer. Hubs headed out to meet family, then head to the mortuary to make arrangements. #5 and #4 got up. I dropped #5 off at school and went to Zumba.  Stats: 5024/5127 steps. 356/281 burn. AvHR114. High148.  I went to Sam'sClub after. Mainly to get the sub rolls that are a staple in the family, at least for #3 and #4 ... and me. Got a few other things too, including a new red blanket for #4 (the blue one doesn't match his room). Picked up Popeyes on the way home. Forgot #2 would be around. Should have ordered fries too. Got outside to rake up some leaves (we have no trees, but still get leaves from neighbors) and mowed the lawn. There were times the sun was out and it was nice, then not so pleasant when clouds covered it up. Huge difference with the sun. The boys were making plans to hit a movie (Zombieland Sequel) but #5 decided he should keep his committment to his basketball practice. I dropped him off there, while all the others went to the movie. I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Shouldn't have picked up more candy, but they had Halloween candy 1/2 off. Picked up more than we will need for trick-or-treaters. Hubs finally got home. #5 ended up having a sleeping over with the team.

1019 (Saturday) Weight 174.6. Steps 7356. Total Burn 2201. Exercise Burn 0/408 (no exercise).  Hubs got up and decided to check into work. He hasn't even peeked at email or anything for the past two days (unheard of for him). He went to the office for a few hours, then stopped at Costco on the way home. I made breakfast for the boys I had home (three of them). Ended up making some for #1 too.  He came over, as his wife was working all day. Brought the doggies, and there were a couple of altercations with Joy, so we had to sequester her. I was glad I'd gotten the yardwork in yesterday, as it was cool and overcast all day.  #1 made chocolate chip cookies, then homemade oreos. Hubs made hamburgers for dinner. 

1020 (Sunday) Weight 177.4. Steps 4580. Total Burn 1902. Exercise Burn 0/113 (no exercise).  I've been having trouble getting to sleep, and then I work up early (around 5:00) and was awake for an hour or so, then fell back to sleep. Hubs said I was OUT in the later morning. Still catching up. Hubs got started on a brisket, putting it on the smoker. I made breakfast. I got #4, and #2, playing "Scramble w/Friends" (now named Boggle w/Friends) again, playing my mom, as she and my MIL had played every day, so she needed new partners. Figured it would be good brain stimulation for #4, and #2 has a bit of extra time now. Uncle Kolby came over after a bit. #4 was happy to get a little football watching in with him. The he had to leave to go pick up his family from the airport, and #1 talked #4 into forgoing football for the new JackBox game pack. #4 wanted to still watch some football while playing, so I tried to pull it up on an Ipad, but had trouble signing in. Had to call Xfinity, but we got our account reset and then it was working. Hubs and the siblings went into the mortuary. There was a complication with the embalming, and there is unnatural swelling. So it might have to be a closed casket. Just a hard afternoon for them all. In the evening we went over to Clay and Courney's house, as it was a birthday party for Will. Some dinner, brownies and ice cream. While we were there, I had #4 do the story with Sam and Amare. Seriously took a couple minutes, but he had fought me again on it at home ... but he did fine when we were there. I'd pulled out some additional options, and it was fun reliving some of the books from when the kids were little.

1021 (Monday) Weight 176.6. Steps 15979. Total Burn 2404. Exercise Burn 514/594 (40min/2.3milesTreadmill, Zumba). Fall break for #5, so I didn't set my alarm. #3 had taken the week off work too ... not sure why, but then he wasn't up early and I didn't need to make him a lunch. #1 didn't even stop over. He and Sol had an appointment regarding her citizenship and apparently it went well and she should get a green card in a few weeks. Hubs went into work, although he said he had trouble concentrating. I got #4 started on school, and I went to Zumba. I was running a little late, but they hadn't started yet. Stats: 4779/4662 steps. 334/278 burn. AvHR108. High131. In Zone 12 of the 58 minutes. After class I stopped at Maceys. I figured I'd stock up on the granola bars while they were still on sale. Grabbed some bananas too. Hubs had texted asking me about some pictures, needing to get one blown up for the viewing and funeral, so I spent some time on the computer doing that. Continued to work on the slideshow too, and finally finished it by evening. #4 was doing pretty good with school. Took his Chemistry test and aced it. English too. Didn't do as much math as he should have to get ahead, as he'll miss Wednesday. We did look for some clothes for him to wear to the funeral. Need to have #5 check his closet too. Hubs ran out to see the family, then stopped and picked up the photos I'd ordered on the way home. He had to make multiple trips as they'd set them in different areas and he didn't realize he was picking up three different orders. The four youngest went out, as they were wanted for a "handprint" craft for the funeral. I think #1 met them there.

1022 (Tuesday) Weight 176.1. Steps 12877. Total Burn 2395. Exercise Burn 455/596 (Zumba).Hubs slept in a little. He headed out to deal with stuff for the day. #4 started on some school stuff, but got a paper cut and it made him nauseated. I've had that happen to me, although usually required more than a paper cut. I didn't get in any early exercise, but had kept my Zumba class (although I'd thought about canceling). Just a couple to start, but then I ended up with a full class for me (seven people). Stats: 6620/6475 steps. 486/424 burn. AvHR122. High144. In zone 47 of the 68 minutes.  Didn't see Hubs much. He stopped back home to change and get the framed photo, then headed to the mortuary. I went a little later with the boys. #3 drove. I could have, but it would have really been pushing it for me with the distance, construction, traffic ... I used to drive much of that route when I was working before baby #1 although I was never quite comfortable with it. They did have the casket open, and while we were told the swelling had gone down some, it really didn't look like Maga. Only #3 even went to look. We didn't press the other boys to look if they didn't want to. Perhaps better to remember her the way she was. As the crowd started gathering, I told the boys they didn't really need to stay, as most of the people were here to see Pam, or the kids (Hubs and siblings). #4 was ready to head, and so we let them go. The line was as long as one for Disneyland ride. Some people ended up needing to sign the book and leave. I'd finished up the slideshow, and had felt it was a little long, 40min ... but there were just so many great photos (and still more out there I couldn't locate, like some Pam had shared on a retirement video) and with the wait, I think it at least gave people something to watch while waiting. Finally wrapped up. Hubs was pretty exhausted emotionally and physically (after standing for those hours). Now to get through tomorrow.

1023 (Wednesday) Weight 175.7. Steps 6069. Total Burn 1997. Exercise Burn 0/207 (no exercise).  Hubs was up and off a little earlier than the rest of us, seeing to things and making sure everything was set up. The boys and I left a little after 9:00. There was the viewing from 10-10:45 and the sisters and kids had a nice set up, with the slideshow playing again, Maga's bike and sewing machine and other memorabilia out. My folks and siblings came to support. #4 was having a hard time, I think as much with the crowd and unfamiliar setting as much as dealing with the death. #3 had to take him and go for a walk around the church to get some fresh air. For the funeral, a neighbor spoke, then Judy. A musical number, then Hubs. His was pretty emotional. Then Kolby spoke, and his had everyone laughing. Then Clay, then surprise, Olivia came up to say a few words. I was afraid she might go on and on (like that night) but she did fine. Then it was the long drive to the cemetery for the grave dedication. It was a little chilly. #3 gave me his jacket. Back to the church for the luncheon. Then divvying up the flowers and plants and such and home. #3, helpful boy that he is, ended up driving up to Hub's work to pick up his computer, which he needed for the derby. Because yes, he had a derby scheduled for the evening. He said maybe it was a good thing. A distraction, something routine that he felt in control of. I know he was tired though. 

1024 (Thursday) Weight 177.9. Steps 17247. Total Burn 2466. Exercise Burn 558/649 (44min/2.54milesTreadmill, Zumba).  The day after. We survived. Hubs went into work. Low-key morning at home, as #5 didn't have school, and #3 didn't have work. #4 DID have school, and I woke him before I headed out to Zumba so that he could get started on that.  I went to class with MZL. Not great stats (4996/4769 steps, 378/280 burn, AvHR111, High138, In zone 12 of the 61 minutes) but good to get out of the house. No store stop, home to prep the house for cleaners. I was glad I'd put the green waste out last night, as they were by uber early. Garbage and recycling came a little later. When the cleaning ladies came, we chatted a bit about Pam (they had cleaned for her first, that's how I got their info). I sent the three boys (#3, 4, 5) out bowling to get them out of the way.  #2 was working out in the gym, just upper body, and he said that even after just one week of staying mostly stationary, it wore him out. I hit the treadmill while he finished up. Worked on school with #4 and he got through almost everything. End of term tomorrow. Hubs was on his computer most of the evening, nursing Frescas. I thought it might be a ND day, but then he got a call from SIL and joined them to dalk for a couple hours. I was feeling off.

1025 (Friday) Weight 179.3. Steps 15872. Total Burn 2429. Exercise Burn 595/606 (50min/2.9milesTreadmill, Zumba).  Hubs was off to work around 6:30. #1 was back to work, and over for lunch. I went to Zumba. #4 had mentioned getting together with a friend today, so I came home straight after as I wasn't sure if he'd need a ride (the friend ended up coming here). #3 and I went to drop off the Durango for some recall work ... while #2 has a broken foot and can't drive and we have an extra car and while #3 was available to be my uber. Ran into a funeral on the way. Really tied up traffic with the processional leaving the church, as the casket was being carried in a horse drawn carriage. Got the car dropped off and #3 brought me home. Not very motivated. I had gotten in a treadmill workout before Zumba (Stats: 5003/4768 steps, 387/266 burn, AvHr112. High140. In Zone 16 of the 60 minutes.), but didn't make it back down to the gym, nor tracked food. Got the text in the late afternoon that the car was ready, so #3 and I went to pick it up. I'll need to repeat (with a shuttle service though, as #3 will be back working) next week for #2's car's airbag recall. Hubs ended up leaving work and taking the Razor for a ride up the trails nearby. It was filthy. Finally picked up the waverunners too (he'd had them in for winterization and wrapping). #2 and K8 reorganized his room, taking apart half the desk (I want to hang onto it, maybe for my sewing when I get a room back for me) and purging a lot of his clothes and stuff. #5 had practice. I dropped him off, and as he had a ride home, I then showered and got ready for bed. Is 7:00 too soon?

1026 (Saturday) Weight 177.9. Steps 7160. Total Burn 2125. Exercise Burn 0/325 (no exercise).  Slept in.  Jami texted asking me to print out some paperwork, so I did that. Went ahead and got bills paid. Hubs had a nice bonus, so it was good to be in the black. Then we went out to breakfast, the three boys/wives, and discussed some stuff. Then it was TopGolf with the entire crew. The. Entire. Crew. I hadn't been before, but could see that it could be fun. A little overwhelming with all the family and kids there. I only hit three balls on Hub's account. #4 didn't try.  Then home for a bit. Hubs rested his eyes. I ran to the store to restock a few things. Then back to C&C's, Jami had made enchiladas and we brought cheesecake from The CheeseCake Factory. #2 and #4 sat this one out. Aunt Olivia had admired my nails (just press-ons) earlier, so I brought some for her to try, as this was a birthday celebration. Hung out for a while, then back home.

1027 (Sunday) Weight 178.7. Steps 8882. Total Burn 2042. Exercise Burn 200/238 (37min/2.18milesTreadmill).  Hubs went ahead and went into work. I made breakfast. Football was on, and Uncle Kolby and Aunt Jami came over. #4 loves to have UK over to watch football with. #2 and K8 were off to a homecoming (Sam's). I organized some family photos in Google Drive. There was another family gathering in the evening, but Hubs wasn't up for it. He had an emotional evening and was asleep by 7:00. I put on headphones and hit the treadmill downstairs, finally getting in my weekly "Grey's Anatomy" then worked on the computer for a while. I headed to bed a little after 9:00, and Hubs had awakened. A little j/Ambien and he fell back to sleep and slept through the night.

1028 (Monday) Weight 179.0. Steps 22702. Total Burn 2805. Exercise Burn 599/1011 (Zumba, 47min/2.75milesTreadmill, Pickleball).  Still no school for the boys. Teacher work day finishing up term 1, term 2 starts tomorrow ... but the Mountain Heights stuff wasn't updated, for me to outline everything for #4. Hubs was off around 5:30. I stayed in bed for a while, but didn't fall back to sleep. I got up and was doing my morning weigh-in when I heard a strange sound and quacking from out back. I threw on clothes quick and went to check on the ducks. A stray cat was out there, but it's one that's actually out there a lot, so I don't think that would have disturbed the ducks. Everything was okay. Back inside to finish getting ready, then I went down for a treadmill walk to start the day. HMT. Then prep to head out to Zumba. Some group texting going on with the BSibs, as will likely be the case for a while as things get settled. Still doesn't seem real that Pammy is gone.  Zumba stats: 4348/4512 steps. 316/281 burn. AvHR117. High138, In Zone 20 of the 60 minutes.  I'd ordered some pizza from Little Casaers and had #1 pick it up as he headed to the house for his lunch. I didn't even see him though, as after class I stopped at Sam's and Walmart to grab some groceries. I'd been getting a "software update" notice for the Durango, so when I got home, I set it to go, as I didn't need to go anywhere for a while. Got groceries put away. Answered some emails and other computer stuff. Laundry. Dishes. Kitchen Cleanup. I wanted to try the Pickleball stuff. A net that could also work for badminton. Too cold outside, so the two littles and I went to the church. It was pretty easy to set up and I liked it. I really hadn't researched how to play pickleball, so #4 and I just bopped the ball back and forth while #5 shot hoops on the other side. He had a game in the evening. It had been scheduled at Union, which is one of the closer ones ... but apparently there was a fire at the school last week, so it was rescheduled to Albion. That one is WAY out East. I have driven to it before, but seriously, I just didn't feel up to it. I wanted to be home in case Hubs needed me, or if there was going to be estate discussion. So I arranged for #5 to catch a ride with Coach and I dropped him off there.  #2 seems seriously down with his broken foot. He was in bed most of the day. He finally came up for some food and to watch the NBA games in the evening.

1029 (Tuesday) Weight 178.5. Steps 23459. Total Burn 2949. Exercise Burn 1050/1149 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 15minWeights). Back to the routine. I was awake early. Around 4:30. Couldn't get back to sleep. Hubs slept longer than usual, snoozing his alarm several times. I beat him out of bed. I went down to the gym for an elliptical session. #5 was up on his own, and #3 headed out to work. #1 stopped by, his wife dropping him off so she could keep the car and he could borrow #2's for the day. Got in a 10min elliptical session then took #5 to school. SO cold, and so dark! Just three days of early morning darkness, then it's Daylight Savings, Fall Back, so it will be lighter in the mornings again, but dark early ... and I'll likely be ready for bed at 7:00 ;) One more elliptical session in. Got #4 up and started on his school. As of yesterday, the classes and schedule hadn't been online for the new term, but it was updated this morning. Zumba over at the church. Someone had been there since we had, as the doors in the gym were closed again. A couple ladies were walking around too ... they did that last year. My four usuals for class. Sometimes I think I should just give it up. If these gals still wanted a class, there are a couple I could point them to, and go to myself. But then, it's good for me to get a solid review of my songs, and I don't even do all my songs in other classes. This is the only one where I have complete control. I DO need to practice. Had a few brain fart moments of forgetfulness today. Stats: 6556/6196 steps. 473/385 burn. AvHR122. High144. In Zone 37 of the 65 minutes.  #4 was working on school. #2 isn't very motivated, not able to do much with his broken foot ... so he stays in bed a lot. #1 stopped by for lunch. #4 was finishing up for the day early (like 11:30) so I told him we needed to do gym time, and I wanted to do weights. He didn't really even fight me. I think strength training had been some topics in his Fitness class today. We did a "wimpy" weight workout, keeping it pretty easy and quick - about 20 minutes. Mostly introducing him to basic exercises. His knees were sure creaking! I had to watch the time, as I was picking up #5 early from school for an orthodontist appointment. I just grabbed him after his 6th period, told him to meet me at the office, rather than going to his 7th period for five minutes. So pickup was quick and easy. We were actually a little early. I just dropped him off and then quickly ran a couple errands. Picked up some more duckie food. We've talked about getting rid of the duckies, but it's not really a priority now with everything else going on, so ... I figured I'd better restock. Then a quick stop at Maceys, grabbing more of the granola bars before the sale ends. Back to the ortho within 20 minutes or so, and quickly went over some billing and new web portal, and set up new appointments ... and then #5 was done. Perfect timing for it all. Hubs had a derby, and #4 went to help as #1 was busy - had a concert. #3 was busy too, but good for #4 to get out. #5 was available as backup if needed, but it wasn't needed. I little bit of movement on estate decisions, but still not a lot concrete yet. Finally went down for my final 10min elliptical to equal my hour. Then a shower. Feeling a bit dizzy and headache. I'd ordered an "ankle" strap for #4's Fitbit as he's been so bad at keeping it on his wrist. Says it's uncomfortable. He had worn it on his ankle some years ago, so I figured we'd give that a try. He did wear it all day and even wore it to bed to track his sleep!

1030 (Wednesday) Weight 179.1. Steps 2111. Total Burn 2868. Exercise Burn 786/1040 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill).  Hubs said he was awake early, like 1:30. He finally went ahead and got up and headed to work around 3:30. I fell back to sleep. I'd set my alarm for a little later, 6:30, but woke my usual time, 5:45.  I wonder how our internal clocks will cope as we turn the clocks back on Sunday. I didn't get down to the gym for my first elliptical session, but I did get in 10min before waking #5 off and then getting him off to school. #4 had been up early hitting the video games, then started on school. I did 20min elliptical. Then the wifi went out. It was actually the internet. Always an inconvenience, but with #4 in online school, it was NOT good. I told him to go get a workout in, and I headed to Zumba. Stats: 4980/4783 steps. 323/261 burn. AvHR105. HIgh131. In Zone 3 of the 58 minutes.  Feeling some soreness after the weight workout yesterday ... a little surprising as we really didn't do that much. Hadn't received ads yesterday, so I wasn't sure of the sales ... and we didn't really need anything, so no store stop.  #1 was over, but then needed a ride back to work after his lunch break. I dropped him off, then grabbed some clothes and dropped them off at the drycleaners, dropped of the plastic bags at the recycling, and drove #2's Charger into the dealership to have it's airbags replaced per a recall. I didn't have a ride back, so had to use their shuttle service, a nice older gentleman. Then I helped #4 with a little homework, did the dishes, restocked the house (TP in the bathrooms, etc), vacuumed downstairs. I'd ordered a few things and my box got delivered. I got #2 and #4 to put together the shoe shelving unit for #4's room. It was a bit of work, but it fits perfectly. Hopefully it will help #4 keep his shoes, and his room, picked up. I'd ordered some mealworms for the ducks, along with some mousetraps. The kitties caught one in the house yesterday (so I have humane traps for inside, more to keep the kitties okay than to be humane) and sticky traps for the shed.  Ordered another set of nails ... I've had to replace a few, but still wearing mine after a week. I'd ordered an ankle strap for my Fitbit too, as #4 seems to be liking his. I'm fine wearing mine on my wrist, but I've had a few times where it seems to rub me wrong, so it will be good to have the option anyway. Picked up #5, he'd stayed after for Intramurals. I put some chicken on the grill then turned it into chicken alfredo ... and non-chicken alfredo. It was a big job, made bigger with all the dishes, and the fact that I'd scorched one of the pans, and it was a bear to get cleaned up. Had to do the boil/vinegar/bakingsoda trick, plus a lot of elbow grease (lost three nails while doing that!) #1 and wife went to pick up the Charger for me, which was a huge help! Then they took the two littles to go see a movie. I sent some of the alfredo (both kinds) home with them. Got the program from the funeral uploaded to the files, and uploaded the slideshow to YouTube. Pretty sure I'd get dinged for copyright on the music, but nothing so far. It's been two weeks ... I noticed that while copyright is noted, instead of blacking out the video like in the past (which I never understood, the video is fine, it's just the audio, so just mute the audio!) it just said I couldn't monetize the video, which is never my plan anyway. I hope this is the new normal, it works for me.

1031 (Thursday) Weight 179.8. Steps 16248. Total Burn 2656. Exercise Burn 460/831 (45minElliptical).  My morning motivation is a struggle of late. Didn't get in any exercise before taking #5 to school. Got in one 20min session before ... NOT heading to Zumba. Just not really in the mood today, being Halloween. I would expect costumes and Halloween songs and ... I was just dragging. I had good intentions to walk for a full hour on the treadmill instead. But then that didn't happen. I got in another elliptical session, with just a few final minutes at the end of the day to finish my episode, but not a great workout day. I had some leeway, because the cleaners postponed until tomorrow. If they had come in the morning, I would have gone to Zumba. If it had been a later day, I would have got my walk in. Oh well. I started making roll dough early on, getting breadsticks and cinnamon rolls rising. I made some chicken soup for dinner. For lunch, I made some cheesy bread for #4, or I tried to anyway. I burned the first batch. Forgot about it and set of the fire alarm. So I threw that out and made a second batch ... and burned it too! Third time was the charm, but sheesh! Ran to Sam'sClub as we needed more Parmesan cheese and a couple other things. Had the idea to have #2 do some "work" with videos and photos for pay, as a PT job here at home on his computer. To earn a little money had DO something with his time. I just haven't gotten through the basketball videos, there are photos to edit for our family, from Maga, and Grandma has a project she's been wanting me to work on too.  We'll see how that goes. #2 had school today. I dropped him off. The drive there took 15 minutes. The drive home took 45 minutes. Traffic was horrible! I did finish up my audiobook.  Had a few trick or treaters in the evening. #5 was my helper, answering the door and handing out candy. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

September 2019

In the past, September has been a good month for me. Completely on the school schedule, birthdays behind us... this year, switching to the online school for #4, and figuring that out, some sickness (just a cold that stuck around, really impacted exercise and energy) and stress. Not so good a month. I even gave up tracking intake for a few days there, but it's almost harder for me NOT to track, I'm so used to it (although admittedly I could do better at accuracy, weighing/measuring and timely updates). Some bit rainstorms, and even hail!  Had a scare with our kitty ... lost, then found! So ehhh ... Wake me up, September is over. On to October and my nemesis, candy corn! 

NUMBERS: Starting weight 171.8. Ending weight 174.5 (it was a Monday morning). High 176.5. Low 170.8. Average 174.08.  Because I didn't track some days, I don't have a monthly intake average, or a deficit/overage calculated. Average burn was 2633. Step average 17474, total steps 524,219 with 133 logged miles. Five 3000+ burn days. Just one 30k day. Cardio minutes 2153/2971 with 20 min w/weights.

 EXERCISE: Only thirteen days on the elliptical this month. Achieved my hour nine times, and less than that the remaining four days. Only seven days with treadmill time. Zumba classes 20 times. One little weight workout. Added some tennis and badminton.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Basketball is back, with #5 playing in three leagues, two different teams. Lots of games and practices. #2 is playing in a men's league, but I haven't made it to one of his games yet (as it's a night I'm on driving duty for #5). Family gathering with the some of the Seattle Blackhams in town; hanging out with them at BIL's house, then going to see hot air balloons. A little eating out with that too. Lawn mowing may start to decrease, with the weather cooling. A visit to the doctor with #4. Not tracking the time spent on "school" helping him ... but it's been a LOT. 

*** JenB's Journal ***

0901 (Sunday) Weight 171.8. Steps 8455. Total Burn 2258. Exercise Burn 0/488 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Slept in. Hubs ended up going into work for a bit. Lazy day.. no exercise, didn't even hit 10k. #2 and K8 had been over at the neighbor's late, watching a movie (so the dog could be out) but I went over first thing to let her out. I just wasn't sure how long the boys would be sleeping in, before I could send them over. #4 went over a bit later to play with her more and give her breakfast. I made some french toast for me, #4 and Hubs. Hubs smoked some bacon. The other kids weren't up. I made some crepes for them a bit later. We had a family party at my folks. Hubs elected to stay home and enjoy the quiet house, so I headed out with the three youngest. #2 and K8 met us there later. #1 and wife were downtown for their anniversary. It was quite the crew there ... my mom had invited her siblings, and their kids (my cousins and their kids). I'd brought a cake and jump ropes and games. #4 was struggling a bit with the social side, staying secluded, but a couple of my brothers sought him out to try and chat. Home again ... #3 forgot his water bottle. He's a bit obsessed with his water bottle.

0902 (Monday) Weight 173.2. Steps 18733. Total Burn 2640. Exercise Burn 350/850 (Zumba). Calories in 1600.  #3 headed out early to get his water bottle, then went back to bed. I went over and let Remi out again, played with her for a bit, got her food and water and put her back in her pen. Figured I wouldn't tell #4 I had already been over, so that he'd go over when he got up. Hubs headed out for some Razor riding. I went to Zumba w/Kirsten. Stats: 4866/4840 steps. 375/293 burn. AvHR114. High140. In Zone 23 of the 55 miles.  Straight home after today. Did have the sleepies hit (had been awake in the night, and then Hubs accidentally left his alarm on for 5:00) and rested my eyes for a bit. I noticed I hadn't seen kitten around all morning ... Oreo had been locked out (not sure if it had been all night or if he'd gotten out early with Hubs or #3) but Joy doesn't generally go outside. #3 and #5 and I did a search of the house, sure she'd turn up. But she hasn't :(  I was really worried about how #4 would react ... but he didn't even stop playing his video games to look, didn't seem super concerned. I'm stressed about it. It's so hard no knowing what has happened. The boys and I continued to look all day, but she hasn't shown. I mowed the lawn, and then got #4 to play a little badminton with me. Back to the school routine tomorrow.

0903 (Tuesday) Weight 172.9. Steps 23963. Total Burn 2989. Exercise Burn 1063/1207 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800.  Hubs had gone to bed around 8:30 last night. I wasn't quite ready to turn in. Stuck on the computer for a bit, blog and book reviews, updating exercise stats. It wasn't a good night for either of us. We were both awake in the night for quite a while. I was stressing about kitty. I just keep hoping I'll see her little face at the door, asking to come in. I realize she might be pregnant, having gotten out while in heat. I just hope she's okay, and that she makes it back home :(  I even got up in the night just to check. She wasn't there, but the ducks were out. I went out and opened up the fence so they could get back to the water/food if they wanted. Hope the boys leave HQ alone. I did finally fall asleep for a bit. Hubs was up and off at his usual time. I got in 20min before waking #5 up at 6:30. The big boys had gotten off (#3 said he didn't need me to make him a sandwich) early, going to a job together today. I dropped #5 off, and said I'd be seeing him soon, as he had an appointment at the orthodontist at 10:30. I got a second elliptical session in, made sure #4 was up and started on his school day, then I was off to Zumba. Just three people today. Small. Stats: 6225/6110 steps. 502/392 burn. AvHR120. High 173. In Zone 47 of the 61 minutes.  I went straight from class to the middle school. Got there about 10:15, figuring that should be enough time to check out the kid and get to the appointment. But no ... he was in gym, so they couldn't do a simple call to request him to come down. They sent a runner, who came back empty-handed saying they weren't in the gym. They were outside, so they sent him off again. They I waited and waited, and they finally sent the runner again, to say "NOW" (it was now 10:38 when the class was getting out anyway) and #5 had to change quick. I'd called the ortho office to let them know we were late but coming and I hoped they wouldn't make us reschedule. We were 15min late, and they were nice about it (there was a recent story in the news about a lady who threatened to "shoot up the place" when told she'd have to reschedule after being late to a dental appointment). It was going to be a couple hours, so I left #5 there once they took him back. I went to the emissions place to get the Durango registered. It had expired Saturday at the end of August. It was a bit of a wait, but then quick once it was my turn. I'm glad they didn't need a safety inspection too, as the "airbag maintenance" light was on and I'm not sure if that would have been enough to fail. Anyway, all registered now. They I went to Jordan Landing, where there is an Xfinity store. Who knew?  It was really nice, and they were nice. I picked up the equipment I'd ordered on Saturday, ditching the dish and switching back for cable/sports. Hope #4 can deal with the different Red Zone. But I figure this will actually give us a chance to see. I COULD return the equipment and cancel within 30 days, and can't cancel DTV quite yet. So IF it's important enough to cost the $2000 more a year for DTV then ... I'm thinking it will be okay though, then I'll just have to figure out how to get all the DTV stuff returned. They make the customer do it. Professional installation, DYI to cancel. I was a little worried about the "self-installation" of the Xfinity stuff, but I did it. We are all set up. #4 had finished early and grabbed a little nap, then did a couple live sessions of school. I picked #5 back up, got the bill set and settled (payment plan and down payment). I thought he should go back to school for the last two classes, but he wanted to come home. I made the boys chocolate malt. It will be some eating adjustments for #5. I didn't make it back down to the gym, then the older boys came home, and #3 went down (and #5 with him). Hubs and #4 went to do a derby. They stopped by Chick-fil-a on the way home. #3 and #5 went out and grabbed some Arbys.  I worked a bit on the computer, getting photos from my phone uploaded to Dropbox, weeding out extras, organizing. No sign of Joy ... 

0904 (Wednesday) Weight 172.5. Steps 27647. Total Burn 3080. Exercise Burn 1220/1303 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000.  Woke around 3:00, not sure why. Hubs was awake too. He got up and left for work. I hoped I'd fall back to sleep, but I didn't. Got up around 5:00. Hit the treadmill and got two miles in. Helped make lunches for the big boys, and got #5 up and off to school. #4 was up and started on school. I got two elliptical sessions in, then headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6291/6196 steps. 467/381 burn. AvHR117. High139. In Zone 29 of the 65 minutes.  After class I went to Reams to grab a few groceries, then got a car wash. Checked in on #4 and his school stuff. He and I did "gym" and played ping pong for a half hour. Not the most strenuous of physical activity, but fine.  #5 stayed after for Intramurals, so I didn't pick him up until 3:30. I'd made some crack chicken again (Hubs request), then I made chocolate malt for everyone before running #5 to his camp clinic. Picked up Collin and Gage, and took Gage home afterward. Checked on our caterpillar and couldn't find it for a moment. It was near the top of the open jar, and it looked a little injured. Not sure what could have happened. If Joy was around, it is something I might have blamed her for, but she's not. Oreo doesn't jump up on the counter where it was at. I got it on a leaf and back in the jar, and I hope it's okay. Did some research on dog breeds, ones that are good as emotional support animals. We'd talked about it before, but I figured we really couldn't, because of Joy. But without Joy, both to provide comfort to #4, and to antagonize any new animal, a dog is back on my mind. I think watching the neighbor's dog (a Labrador retriever) I don't think I'm up for a BIG dog. That had been my original thought, I could "see" #4 out walking one. But ... little dog maybe. Just how do you choose one, that has the right attributes, will connect with the kid who needs it? Having #4 doing school at home will help with that situation too. When thinking of it before, I had worried that he might not want to go to school if it meant spending so much time away from a dog ... I also worried about how much would fall on me, if I was the only one home. But now, that's also not an issue. Still don't really know how to go about it all ... #1 and wife came over in the evening and we chatted about it a bit. Hubs was home late (around 8:00) and then had to prep brisket for a work/charity thing tomorrow.

0905 (Thursday) Weight 170.8. Steps 24398. Total Burn 2990. Exercise Burn 990/1213 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1600.  Hubs said it was still an awful night for him, but I must have slept, as I wasn't aware he was awake in the night. He was off for work, and then a charity event in the evening. Took the prepared brisket to put on a smoker up there. I got in a couple elliptical sessions as the big boys got off and I got #5 off to school. #4 went down early, so I had to postpone my second session some. I meant for him to do it while I was at Zumba, but I wasn't going to stop him. I was a little surprised when my kitchen light turned off. I figured #4 had done it accidentally (the switches are connected) ... later I found out he did it on purpose to prank me! After I was sure #4 was started on his school stuff, and that the house was prepped for the cleaners. I headed out to Zumba. I was dragging a bit today, not sure why. Stats: 5471/5561 steps. 419/349 burn. AvHR112. High138. In Zone 15 of the 60 minutes.  I went to Sam'sClub after. I wish their app would work. I've struggled with it the last few trips. I mean, the self-checkout isn't much different, but still! I grabbed some Popeyes on the way home. #4 ate some and then helped unload. I was hungry, broke my fast. I haven't been very productive during the day. I did get a couple book reviews done. Made some little smokies for the boys to snack on, and then a "vegetable pie" for my vegetarian for dinner. #3 went for a long run. There was a football game on, that #4 was watching. Then a storm rolled in. Lots of thunder and lightening. #4 was okay ... but he did move downstairs (away from windows). I hoped this wouldn't impact his movie tonight (#1 and wife were taking the two littles to the second "It" which they had been looking forward to a lot!) Sol (also vegetarian) had some of the vegetable pie too as they picked up the boys and were off. I mentioned to Hubs that I was so sad thinking of poor kitty lost out there somewhere in the storm :( A little later, Hubs went out to investigate the ducks, as there was a lot of quacking. He didn't find anything unusual (although Quinny had jumped the fence and was in with the other set, leaving HQ alone ... I ended up opening up the fence to let them out on the wet grass). But as Hubs was coming in, both #3 and I heard it ... a "meow".  We both looked at each other ... "Did you hear that? Is that Joy"  #3 grabbed the flashlight and went to investigate, and it was! He grabbed her and brought her in. She's skinnier, skittish, and hungry! But she looks okay. We do wonder if she met a male cat while out and got knocked up (she is in heat). I guess time will tell. She's her usual ornery self, hissing at us, but also looking for love. Weird dynamic with Oreo ... he hissed at her and she growled back. I'm sure they'll work it out. 

0906 (Friday) Weight 171.7. Steps 18533. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 735/902 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200.  I had my alarm set for 5:30 ... why? I could have slept in! I was a little lazy and didn't get out of bed immediately. Got a 20min session in on the elliptical. Made sure #4 was started on school, then I dropped off #5 and headed to Zumba. Stats: 6267/6186 steps. 470/370 burn. AvHR120. High142. In Zone 34 of the 65 minutes.  After class I went to Smiths to grab groceries and grab some items on their stock-up sale. Fresca, pasta, AuJus and Alfredo sauce.  Got things unloaded and put away. I'd bought the latest NBA2k20 game for #4 for his birthday, and it came out today, so he got that downloading while he finished up his school work for the week (Friday is deadline day).  Picked up #5 after school, and then he had practice, so I dropped him off for that.  Finished up a book and did a book review, and finally got a blog update done (monthly one, still behind on the one for the week).

0907 (Saturday) Weight 172.5. Steps 12420. Total Burn 2429. Exercise Burn 0/671 (just lawn mow). Intake 2800.  Happy b-day to my firstborn. 24 years old. His wife sent me a cute little video of her suprising him in bed with cake. Hubs was off to work. Weekend not withstanding. I put some potatoes in the oven to bake, for future hash browns. #4 commented that it smelled like chocolate chip muffins, which sounded good. So I made chocolate chip muffins. When #1 and wife came over, he asked if there was anything else for breakfast, so I did end up making a full breakfast too. French toast, hashbrowns and bacon. #1 got started making some cheesecake and flan.  I mowed the lawn and trimmed and edged. Hubs had mentioned a family party for tomorrow, so I wanted the yard to look nice ... although Hubs never got around to inviting his mom or siblings out so, I guess there is no get-together after all. Hubs had ordered some new silverwear, so I got them out of the boxes and reorganized the drawer. Ordered a new utencil tray that I hope will help keep things organized better. Mid-afternoon we all packed up and went out to Salt City Burgers for a birthday dinner. I don't eat burgers, but had some fries and a shake. Back athome, I made a lemon jello cake and we did the traditional singing and candle blow. #5 had a scrimmage with his team. It was down in Utah County so I just dropped him off to catch a ride. He wasn't home until late.  The rest of the kids were playing Jack-Box games. #3 ended up having friends over to make ice cream and hang out. Hubs and I were to bed already but they were quiet and cleaned everything up, so I wasn't even sure they had been there!

0908 (Sunday) Weight 174.9. Steps 7213. Total Burn 2222. Exercise Burn 0/433 (no exercise). Calories in 2400.  Weird dreams as of late.  A couple nights ago it was all about the singing group I was in my college years (like a reunion, it was up to date, one of the fellows who passed away recently was something we discussed in the dream). Last night left me unsettled, based somewhat on reality. I have an upcoming doctor appointment, new pediatrician for my son. She's a gal I went to school with. In my dream, she approached me before the visit saying she didn't like to have professional relationships with people she knew. There were also other weird things going on, with the kids, driving the car and such.  Dreams ... Hubs went into work again. There were leftover brownies that #2 and his fiancee had made last night. Breakfast. I was surprised (yet not, because he is that way) to see that #3 had left no sign of his ice cream making with friends last night. The ice cream maker was put up and away, the dishwasher loaded. I got some roll dough going, and some cinnamon rolls rising. Then made some scones for breakfast. Today was the first day with the Xfinity & NFL RedZone ... I was nervous to see how #4 would react. He doesn't like it quite as much, but it does do all the same things. Shows the top plays of all the games. So, as it is acceptable, I'll go ahead an cancel DirectTV and save us $1600+ a year. Rain was off and on a bit today. Right when Hubs came home, it was a complete downpour! He got drenched, just walking from the car to the house. Then he pulled me out with him. #1 and wife came over, and I made macaroni rosa (1/2 batch with Quorn chicken for the vegetarians). Hubs had some steak in the sous vide too. 

0909 (Monday) Weight 174.9. Steps 27938. Total Burn 3206. Exercise Burn 1180/1427 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Untracked Intake.  Back to the school schedule. I didn't get back to sleep after he left. Got two elliptical sessions in early. Dropped #5 off to school and made sure #4 was started on his day. Zumba w/Kirsten. Stats: 5448/4948 steps. 410/311 burn. AvHR120. High142. In Zone 27 of the 60 minutes.  Went to Macey's afterward to grab some groceries. We were out of bananas. Also a stop at DT. Unloaded and spent some time on the food storage area getting things away and organized. #4 said he was done with all his school assignments early. I'd like him to get ahead, and then take Friday off completely if he was done, but he only wants to do what is absolutely necessary per day. Did some computer work, laundry, kitchen clean-up, duck duty. Mentioned to #4 about the upcoming Dr. appointment at 4:30. I'd waited to tell him, because things like tend to shut him down ... and it did. He retreated to his room, to his bed. I picked up #5, then had to wake #4 to head out. He was not happy. I really liked the office though, and loved seeing Valerie (I went to high school with our new pediatrician!) and thought she was great. #4 was really struggling though. They were going to do a blood draw (check for thyroid issues, etc) and I don't think he was freaking out over the needle, but he just kept saying he wanted to leave, and why were we doing this, and didn't his consent matter ... sigh. Got a new prescription to try, and she really recommends therapy, even suggested one that comes out to the house, rather than making us go to them. Not sure #4 would talk, or listen. We were really only gone an hour. Not the big deal #4 makes it out to be. I made it home in time to run #5 to his practice before his game, but he said he didn't want to tire himself out, and just wanted to hit the game, so we did that. The other team came out strong and got a good lead, but our boys battled back in the second half, got within three right there at the end but couldn't tie it up. #5 seemed to handle it fine. Hubs was just getting home as we pulled up. Good timing, as he was pulling into the main driveway, which would have blocked me from getting in the garage. 

0910 (Tuesday) Weight 173.4. Steps 26658. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 1209/1178 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Untracked Intake.  Hubs fan was "pulsing" this morning ... it's a problem we've been having. It can keep us awake. Hubs had left, but I wasn't able to get back to sleep with the sound. Turned it off and turned my fan on and tried for a little more shut-eye before getting up. I've been doing good at getting in two elliptical sessions most morning. Last year I was getting my full hour in. This year, with middle school drop off earlier, and having to make sure #4 is up and started on school, I guess I'm just not on that same schedule. Zumba over at the church. My regulars. Stats: 6163/5843 steps. 440/380 burn. AvHR118. High143. In Zone 31 of the 65 minutes.  Straight home after, as usual for Tuesdays. Checked in on #4, did some stuff around the house (computer, cleanup, laundry, etc) and hit the treadmill for two miles. It wasn't quite noon, and #4 said he was done with all the school assignments for the day. About the same as yesterday. We got hit with thunderstorms a couple times during the day. Very heavy rain. The ducks got out. They enjoy being on the grass, especially after a rain, but I did have to go out and rescue HQ a couple times, and then just separate them again. #5 stayed after for intramurals, so later pickup. Hubs was home early, and he and #4 did a derby. 

0911 (Wednesday) Weight 176.3. Steps 30042. Total Burn 3292. Exercise Burn 1215/1484 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Untracked intake.  Not a good night. It was stormy, and rain hitting the bedroom window was loud enough to wake me up. Hubs was up and off early. I think I fell back to sleep, was a bit startled by my alarm. Got two and a half elliptical sessions in today. Dropped #5 off to school. I was going to let #4 sleep in a little more, as he's finished up school so early the last couple days, but he was up and at it early as well. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 5838/5917 steps. 432/374 burn. AvHR118. High152. In Zone 32 of the 60 minutes.  It was POURING rain afterward. Carma and I stayed in the safety of the church for a bit, seeing if it would let up. We finally headed out, and it did stop raining shortly after that. I went to Smiths. Picked up the new prescription for #4 and grabbed some groceries. Home to unload and get things put away. I got some chicken going in the crock pot for crack chicken. Cleaned up the kitchen, dishes, also prepped chicken pillows. #4 wasn't feeling great and retreated for a nap. LOTS more rain. I double checked the window wells, and we were okay in the kid's bedrooms but did have some water issues in the gym/furnace room. I went outside to see if I could staunch the flow, positioned some buckets, some towels in the house. Got pretty drenched. The duck pen was fairly flooded too ... good thing they like water! The rain finally stopped, and I think we have some clear and sunny days ahead. It has been nice to have the windows open to get cool, fresh air in the house. I finally got down to the gym for actual exercise, doing two miles on the treadmill. Watched a movie today, "Skyscraper" (or "The Rock does Die Hard") it was entertaining enough for a workout movie. Getting in whatever is on HBO while we have it. We should still have it after we cancel our DirectTV (which I still need to do) as it's actually an AT&T promo, but we'll see. #5 stayed after for intramurals. I made sure the chicken pillows and crack chicken was ready. Hubs was home early, heading out to a derby. #4 was slated to go, but still not feeling great, so #3 filled in. He had just barely gotten home from work. Hubs went ahead and headed out, and #3 met him there after he got something to eat. Then I headed out with #5 for his basketball clinic, picking up G&C on the way. Passed Hub's location, as the church they were at was right by the high school. Hubs said it was an OLD church, which makes things more difficult.  I stopped by Reams quick to grab a few things. Home to chat with #1, who had stopped by for some dinner. He had brought the two dogs and we had a little scare as one of them (Toby) got stuck under the couch. We finally got him free and he was okay. Sent #1 home with some leftovers. I had made half the chicken pillows vegetarian (for #2 and #1's wife). Got everything cleaned up and put away, then back to pick up #5. #2 had gone to a basketball game, playing in a Wednesday night league. I'll have to go watch him one day when I'm not on carpool duty for #5.

0912 (Thursday) Weight 174.6. Steps 18812. Total Burn 2750. Exercise Burn 787/951 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Untracked Intake.  I got two elliptical sessions in and headed to Zumba. #4 was a bit stressed, as school had a bunch of stuff due ... which is WHY I had suggested he work ahead Mon/Tues when he finished the daily work by noon. I'd got him started a bit on some stuff before I headed out and figured he'd have enough to keep him occupied until I got back and could help with English and a History writing assignment, and an art assignment. He texted me during Zumba asking me to come home early as he was stressed about getting everything done. I told him to get his required workout in and that I'd be home in 20min (it was late cleaning day, so I didn't have shopping planned). Zumba Stats: 5688/5408 steps. 415/334 burn. AvHR116. High155. In Zone 19 of the 60 minutes. When I got home, we looked over what needed to be done. Got the writing assignment done and moved onto English, "Actively Learning" Fahrenheit 451, which is basically reading it on screen where the teacher and other students have made notes. NOT how I like to read a book. But this is one that we read last his for his 9th grade Language Arts, so it was okay just to skim (but any future books for this class I'll make sure I get a physical copy to have on hand and read it on my own first). The way it was set up, it was just really hard to know how long it would take (as you couldn't go past a question until you answered it, 10 questions).  I'd researched a lot for the art project too, one or two perspective landscape/house/room. I sketched out #4's room, thinking a personal approach might make it more meaningful. They had to also look at and comment on other students drawings. I checked them out and they weren't nearly as good as the examples offered (which had overwhelmed #4).  So still more to do tomorrow before the Friday deadline, including a 1.5mile run(jog/walk). #5 didn't stay after at Intramurals today, so I picked him up at the regular time. He had a game in the evening at Bennion. The older boys played there a lot when they were younger, but it had been a while since I'd been there. I was a little worried as our team was in the top tier, but this was the first time these kids had played together as a team, and it's a relatively small team. Several of the "point guard" position. #5 has been moved to shooting guard most of the time. The boys got the win though. Parking was a problem because they had soccer going in the nearby fields too. Home and to bed ...

0913 (Friday) Weight 174.3. 12355 steps. Total Burn 2348. Exercise Burn 355/648 (Zumba). Calories in 2200.  I did change my alarm this week, and slept in a little. Got one elliptical session in early and headed to Zumba. I'd tentatively planned on stopping at the store, but figured I needed to get home to help #4. He said he did his 1.5 mile jog. Something I was supposed to supervise to make sure he actually did it, but I figured it would be fine with the Fitbit capturing it. Except that the Fitbit didn't. Because he held onto the handle bars. Grrrrrrr. I could see he had done some. There were 2000 steps and a green spike, but no big heart rate spike, which there really should be. Oh well. Finished up the art, finished up the English. Next week we'll try to do things differently. Aunt Jami and the girls had come into town for a few days and we were having a Blackham gathering in the evening at Uncle Clay's house. #5 had practice, but I had him skip so he could see his cousins, and his team is going to have to play without him tomorrow, as the Wolves and Showtime were scheduled at the exact same time! The scheduling gods were not kind, and they are back to back or at the same time every week. The Wolves were also down a couple other players, so we inquired as to Showtime's status (thinking we'd play with the Wolves after all) but they were missing two too ... so, playing with Showtime. It's the closer location anyway, and #5's actual age group (the other team is a 9th/10th division for my little 8th grader!) The family party was fun. Pammy picked up pizza and Jami brought ice cream sandwich makings. Lots of chatting. The kids played on the tramp and told ghost stories. #4 threw a football and was watching a documentary. Hubs actually gave out before #4, which ... I don't know the last time that happened! A little off going to bed.

0914 (Saturday) Weight 175.8. Steps 13264. Total Burn 2538. Exercise Burn 0/733 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. Hubs went into work and put in a full day. No big breakfast. #4 was off with friends to watch a football game, and I ran #5 over to Aunt Olivia for a haircut. Got the lawn mowed and trimmed. #3 was busy with some Homecoming stuff. He took his date out for the fun part (little car racing) then was back at our house for pictures. #2 and K8 had gone to the Ute game, but were home to help with photos. Then they were off to dinner and the dance. Hubs brought home a monitor, and I got my office table cleared to make room. Leaving my old computer up and running while I start using the new one, switching between as needed. I don't know that I'll drop the old PC completely (unless it dies) but will try to use the laptop for my browsing and work. Ordered a new keyboard/mouse which should arrive tomorrow. #4 has been pining to be able to play Minecraft on a computer, as the different platforms (Xbox, switch, iPad) just aren't the same. Thinking about laptop possibilities. Pulled out some old ones we had around and tried to get them up and running to see if they might work, but it doesn't look like they will.

0915 (Sunday) Weight 174.6. Steps 5834. Total Burn 1986. Exercise Burn 0/218 (no exercise). Calories in ... untracked.  Not a good night. I was off. Tummy troubles as well as some emotional upheaval. I'd debated not going to Park City, but went ahead and got up. We went out to Maga's and picked up Maga, Jami and the girls. Olivia wanted to come too, but we didn't have room in the Sequoia, so she drove separately. We were pushing the time, and it was crowded, no parking. Hubs dropped off everyone so they could go wander and see the balloons. I stuck with him in the car. We figured we might just watch it as we drove up and down the road. At one point though, a place that had been barricaded was open. We went in and there were several parking spots right there close. People were also leaving. I guess only a couple of balloons had actually left the ground, and that had been earlier. The other balloons were starting to be deflated and put away. We still were able to grab some quick photos. Then we went out to breakfast at Porupine Grill, where we'd gone with our family after Silver Lake last month. Very full. Hubs took a nap when we got back. I wasn't quite ready to sleep, but went and worked on the computer, finally finished up last week's blog post. Went out to feed the ducks - got an egg today! Didn't do any official dinner. Hubs looked like it was turning in early, almost asleep around 6:30. I asked if he was up for an episode. It's been ages since we watched anything together. I had to hurry and fold laundry, and his eyes kept closing. I didn't think it was going to happen. But he must have got a little second wind, because we did watch an episode of Mad Men (weird one!) and I even got a foot rub.

0916 (Monday) Weight 175.0. Steps 26302. Total Burn 3237. Exercise Burn 970/1439 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900.  Back to the routine. I got two elliptical sessions in early. #4 was working on his school stuff and asked for a little help with English. It's just a bit hard to fit it in during the morning. We did some, and I told him to work on math/spanish and his PE workout (all things I don't help with) and we'd hit more after I got back. I went to Zumba w/Kirsten. Stats: 5091/5131 steps. 372/336 burn. AvHR117. High148. In Zone 23 of the 56 minutes.  After class I stopped at Walmart and Sam'sClub. Home to unload. Made #4 some orange chicken (which he'd requested lately, and I'd just picked up), got some chicken baking and some in the crock pot (crack chicken) and got the rest of the groceries unloaded. Helped #4 with his English. He finished everything on the day "to do" list, but I'd really like him to get ahead. I made it down to the gym for my final 20min session on the elliptical, but didn't make it down for a treadmill time today. Another egg from GG. Intramurals has been moved to Mon-Wed, so #4 stayed after today for that. I'd made some chicken and rice soup, half vegetarian and had that ready for the boys for an early dinner. I still had some dough, which I tried making into breadsticks, but it was past its prime and I ended up throwing them out and making cheddar bay biscuits... ate a few too many of those myself. #1 and wife stopped by, swapping vehicles with #3, as they needed his truck. Moving prep. Drove carpool, picking up G&C (and Mai) to go to the clinic at the high school. The boys had a game tonight too, so they were only staying 30minutes, and it wasn't really worth it for me to head home so I just stayed. It was the first time I'd driven on the new 7800 road just opened up, and it brought us to West Hills from the back. We made good time though. I'd been worried about traffic but it wasn't bad. We only had six, the other team only had five. Our boys started off a little rough, letting the other team get some easy baskets, then our boys made a good run, pulled ahead and stayed there. Home to shower and get the kitchen cleaned up. #2 and #3 went out to play some basketball. I got some ping pong in with #4. Hubs was working late. I got some stuff done on the computer. Found our old registration key for SnagIt and got it installed. It's the older edition, which I actually prefer. Played around with Dropbox and Google Drive. Data entry and a little work on the weekly blog post, but I didn't get it finished up. Prepped the playlist for tomorrow. Time for bed. Hubs was home very late (like 11:00) and then needed to unwind. I ended up staying up late too.

0917 (Tuesday) Weight 176.0. Steps 26198. Total Burn 3092. Exercise Burn 1030/1297 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000.  Still tired this morning! Hit the elliptical first thing and got #5 off to school. Second elliptical session in and ready for Zumba. Had some trouble with the computer in the morning. It had restarted (updates) and was stuck on a screen. Made sure #4 was started on his day. Just the regulars today, but Carma came. Stats: 6200/6266 Steps. 436/410 burn. AvHR117. High147. In Zone 23 of the 65 minutes.  I accidentally left my earbud in the building and had to go back. I've misplaced it a few times but have always managed to locate it so far. I usually don't go to a store on Tuesdays, as I haven't even left the neighborhood for class. But we needed bread. I hadn't checked before shopping yesterday and hadn't replenished. So, off to the store I go. Got #4's prescription refilled too. #4 seemed a little off and overwhelmed. Wants to take breaks during the day (loooong breaks). I told him to do his workout. That's a break from sitting and staring at the screen and reading and listening. He did. Got his school work done. Has a test tomorrow and stressing over some stuff. I got a few book reviews done. I don't like to go too long as it's so easy to forget things. I'm all caught up now.  Gave in and called DirectTV (I'd hoped to use chat) and ... they wouldn't talk to me because it's Hubs on the account. We've dealt with this before. Hubs put me on as an authorized user last year when we were going through Red Zone stuff. He certainly doesn't want to deal with any of it. I do all the bills and paperwork and everything. During the last chat, again, said specifically that I should be able to take any needed action. Grrrrrr. Hubs got home from work early today, grabbed a little nap. He had a derby, and #5 went along to help. I got #3 to look over the Spanish schoolwork with #4, then #4 and I went out and played a little badminton. 

0918 (Wednesday) Weight 170.0. Steps 27528. Total Burn 3091. Exercise Burn (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3200. Hubs was off early this morning. I fell back to sleep but woke up shortly before the alarm on my own. #3 had sent a text requesting a sandwich for his lunch, so I made that, then hit the elliptical. Got #5 up and ready, then did a 10min session before driving him to school. Got a second 20min session in, and #4 was already up and getting started. In fact, he was doing a math test, and was using my computer (the larger screen shows up better, plus we needed to print off a few things). Unfortunately he didn't do as well on the test as he would have liked. #1 and wife stopped by, picking up the truck and trailer as they are moving from their apartment to her mom's while they save for their own house. I hadn't left for Zumba yet when I got a text that class was canceled, as the carpets were being cleaned at the church. I let some of the other gals know, and then just changed my plans to Southziders. It was a little later, so I got in another 10min elliptical. Got my entire hour in early! Went to class and enjoyed it. Stats: 6347 steps/5584. 448/345 burn. AvHR120. High148. In Zone 33 of the 62 minutes.  Checked in with #4, then stopped at DT and Savers. Not that #4 needs anymore clothes at this point, but I can't help it when I see a deal. Got the clothes in the wash and other stuff unloaded. Had to eat a little (I was hungry) and then went over some school stuff with #4. He said he'd done the graphic arts and a little PE. We worked for a while on English then he begged for a break, so I let him go. I hit the treadmill and got two miles in. I even jogged a bit. Picked up #5. Later, after Intramurals. He had to work on some math, he has a test tomorrow. I made chicken alfredo for dinner, although my big boys never showed up. They had gone to help #1 move. Oh well, leftovers are appreciated too. Got the kitchen cleaned up (cleaning day tomorrow) and went out for duck duty. Got an egg. I've still been letting them wander, but the lawn is getting sprayed tomorrow, so I'll have to get them off the grass for that. Dropped #5 off at basketball clinic. I debated hitting a store on the way home, but ended up coming straight home. Empty house. Back to grab him at 7:30. Then a shower. Hubs and #4 had left for a derby early. I thought that might get them home earlier, but it was still the usual time. They got some Chick-fil-a for a late dinner.

0919 (Thursday) Weight 176.3. Steps 22510. Total burn 850/1119 (30minElliptical, Zumba. 30minTennis). Calories in 2900.  Woke up around 4:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. Figured my morning would be a bit off ... prepping for cleaners, getting the garbages out (sometimes I have to wait until morning, until Hubs and the boys leave so I have a spot to put the bins), and Stewarts (lawn care) was coming, so I needed to make sure I did my duck duty early (I have been putting it off until later in the afternoon lately) and get them off the grass and back in the penned in area. I had all that, plus #1 showed up early (5:30 early) and we chatted for a bit. He and his wife are feeling overwhelmed finishing up the move, needing to get the apartment cleaned. They both had work today (although #1 ended up getting it off). #1 jokingly asked if my cleaning ladies could come to his place. I knew they wouldn't have time to add a job to their schedule, especially on such short notice, but ... maybe I could give them away for the day? I wasn't sure if I dared put them on the spot and ask, but I did, and they agreed. So ... I actually didn't have to do my full cleaning prep after all. I was still a bit nervous about it, hoping that they could find the apartment/parking and that #1 would be ready and waiting to let them in. #1 actually stopped here and grabbed #4 to have an extra pair of hands to move some more stuff out. They were busy for about an hour (and 6000 or so steps!) when #1 brought #4 back. I was hoping #1 would then help with Spanish school work, but he was off again. #4 did other school. Math and graphic arts. I had gone to Zumba. My energy was sure off though. Stats: 5125/5386 Steps. 363/310 burn. AvHR116. High140. In Zone 22 of the 59 minutes.  I stopped at Kohls on the way home, as I had a $5 coupon expiring today. It didn't work on my first pick (an Adidas shirt for #4, not that he needs any more shirts), but I grabbed a cute pair of sweat shorts for #5 for a couple bucks. Home again, and time to help #4 with his essay for World Civilizations. I got an email that the book for English, which I'd put on hold, had come it. #4 surprised me by suggesting we go and get it right then. Our last trip to the library, he had come under duress and had been sullen the entire time. He shocked me again, by then suggesting that we try tennis at the park next door to the library. Umm ... okay! Found raquets and a couple balls and we headed out. Played tennis for 20+, and #4 was better than I thought he'd be (we'd only tried it once before, years ago ... and that hadn't gone well).  It was close to pickup time for #5, so we stopped for some donuts at Dunford to kill a few minutes (and add a few hundred calories) and grabbed #5 and headed home. We worked on a little English. I finally got my weekly blog post finished up. #1 came by and worked on Spanish with #4. Warms a mommy heart to see her boys working together like that, helping out. Hubs was taking his cinnamon gum out of it's packaging into a container, to make them easier to grab quick. It sounded like popcorn popping ... which I mentioned, and then I guess that put the idea out there, and Hubs make popcorn. At 10:00 at night! I did partake ...

0920 (Friday) Weight 175.3. Steps 13133. Total Burn 2363. Exercise Burn 363/590 (Zumba). Calories in 2200.  Bad night. I knew it would be going in. I've been feeling a bit under the weather for a couple days now. It seems to be worse at night. The two littles are also a little off. They have sniffles and cough. I have a sore throat and sniffles. Had a hard time getting to sleep, staying asleep. Had to prop up on a pillow and chew gum. Hubs was off early - Moab with the Razor. I warned him he probably didn't want to kiss me (unfortunately). I fell back to sleep (as I can sleep in on Fridays) and my sleep tracking app caught some heavy duty snoring. I'm glad I waited until Hubs was gone at least! So sexy! Slept in some, up in time to get #4 started on the day, #5 to school, and then to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 5945/5850 Steps. 395/331 burn. AvHR113. High138. In Zone 9 of the 64 minutes. I mentioned I was feeling off, and asked if they'd just do my less intense numbers. I wasn't quite up to the high energy ones. Stopped at Maceys afterward. I had a quick strep test done (I don't show many of the classic symptoms, but my throat was all swollen this morning, and in the past that's been a sign) but it was negative. So just a cold? Checked out with a few items. #1 was at the house when I got home. He would always just sneak back to his place for lunch and quick nap mid-day. Now that he doesn't live close enough for that, he said he was going to come here. That's fine. #4 and I did his English assignment, then talked about going to play tennis. He ended up going downstairs, and then ... HUGE hail storm hit. Good thing weren't out at the park in the open! The ducks huddled against the back fence for some protection, but my poor plants! The zucchini and pumpkin leaves just got shredded! No flooding though. I picked up #5 after school. He said he wasn't feeling very well. I asked if he felt up to practice and initially he said yes, but as it got closer to the time, he said he wasn't up for it. I wasn't sure I was even up for dropping him off. I let the coach know, and they ended up canceling practice, I guess we weren't the only ones who weren't going to make it. I went ahead and took a long, hot shower. Hoped that the steam and such would help break up some of the congestion. I had a lazy day, just laying in bed most of the time. I made some banana bread. #4 actually came and asked about tennis later, but I wasn't feeling up to it. Have a feeling it will be a long night.

0921 (Saturday) Weight 174.8. Steps 4900. Total Burn 0/149 (no exercise). Calories in 2400.   It wasn't a great night, but I got a little sleep. Kind of glad Hubs wasn't around, as there was snoring. Still feeling crappy. The two littles seem to be better off though. #4 asked about tennis, and I figured I'd try it for his sake. But then he brought it up to #3 and #5 too, and as we really only have three racquets ... they went and I stayed home, in bed. They ended up going to breakfast before and slurpees afterward. It did seem to wear #4 out, he headed to bed for a nap when they got home. I had a lazy day, not doing much, and resting in-between what little I did get done. #5 was feeling fine however, and that was good, as he had his two games. #3 didn't have anything going on, so he said he'd like to come watch. He ended up driving, which was good, as with my head being so fuzzy, my eyesight has been affected somewhat. We went to play with his Wolves team, at Indian Hills. This school was torn down and rebuilt, so we'd played at the original location before, then at a temporary one while it was being built ... and now it was back. The other team was big, but didn't have a super strong game. It was closer than it should have been, but our boys made 10/10 in free throws at the end (as the other team was fouling to get the ball). We rushed out as soon as it was over to make our way across town to the other game, which had already started. #5 was there for the last few minutes before the half. The game was close the entire time. We were ahead by two there at the end with just a few seconds left, but the other team managed a turnover, then a basket to tie ... then they got the win in OT. Home again ... Hubs had arrived back from his trip while I was gone. He was already in bed asleep. I wound down a little, took medicine, and headed to bed.

0922 (Sunday) Weight 175.9. Steps 9419. Total Burn 2203. Exercise Burn 100/397 (no exercise, lawn mow). Calories in 2700.  Not a great night, but not horrid either. There was some snoring (so says my app ... Hubs didn't mention it, and no nudging). He was up and off in the morning, heading to the office to catch up on a little work before the week starts. I got up and made breakfast. Pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon. Hubs stopped at Sams on the way home and checked if I needed anything. I was glad he asked as we were low on milk and bread. Eggs too ... but I hadn't noticed that to tell him. He prepped some meat and stuck it in the Sous Vide for dinner. I went out to mow the lawn. First time this entire week. With the cooler weather, and watering a bit less, it hasn't grown as much. I nudged the ducks into the back. I haven't seen any abuse of HQ, but her limp seems worse. I pulled out some of the damaged plants and trimmed some sunflowers. Got the lawn mowed and trimmed, and sprayed all the ducky doo doo. Got them fresh water, but I noticed the blue pool drained quickly. It must have a leak. I did some computer work, making a muvee, using the newer program on the new computer. I've got an issue as it saves though, so have an email in to support to see what to do about that. I made a smaller clip with my backup program (also installing it on the new computer) and pulling all the videos from the old computer to the portable hard drive. #4 is feeling sick today too. Lots of sniffles and sneezes for both of us. He watched football all day. Dinner was good, although a little harder to enjoy when eating makes it hard to breathe. 

0923 (Monday) Weight 176.5. Steps 16507. Total Burn 2588. Exercise Burn 1900 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900.  I woke a little around 4:00. Had a cough, and I went ahead and got up so I wouldn't wake Hubs. Took more sniffle medication, checked email, and then went back to bed ... not sure I fell back to sleep. #4 is still feeling yucky, but #5 was fine and went to school as usual. I tried some elliptical in the morning and made it through, but it was tough. Same with Zumba. I went, but it was hard. Stats: 4685/4738 steps. 316/273 burn. AvHR116. High136. In zone 16 of the 50 minutes. I don't think I'm up to teaching an hour on my own tomorrow, so I cancelled my class. I did a quick stop at Maceys on the way home, getting the eggs I hadn't had on the list when Hubs asked if we needed anything. Again though, noticed we needed apples and clementines when I got home. I need to track better. Also didn't have the little flour tortillas, which I was planning on using tomorrow for taco Tuesday (I do have corn ones). Worked on some school with #4, going over Fahrenheit 451. He's really struggling with math and Spanish, the two classes I have no clue about. I don't even have enough of an understanding to know if he's making a bigger deal of it than it is (as I can with other classes). He got enough done that he finished early and took a break. Had a live session for math at 1:00. When I got mail, I saw there was a letter for Sol, so I let #1 know, and they stopped by to get it. They had the two dogs, and ended up leaving them as they took #4 to an impromptu movie. I think it was good for him to get out of the house. It had been a while since his last movie with them. But #5 and I had to leave for his game (he'd bagged going to 30min of the clinic today as he jammed his finger in Intramurals and his hip has been hurting him, wanted to save what he had for the game). When we got to the gym, I remembered how COLD they keep it there! I'm sure if feels good to the boys playing. A couple of the moms were smarter than I, and had blankets or jackets. The game didn't start off great. The other team was big and pretty good (probably all 10th graders). I had my headphones on so I didn't hear what the issue was (probably something with fouls not being called) and our coach got a technical. Halftime score was 12-29. But the boys came back in the second half. They played so hard. I don't know that I've seen them so scrappy. Pulled ahead by one with one minute left. The other team got possession and scored, our boys got the ball back (lost it, and got it back again) and got a shot off, so close! I think it was a two pointer, so it just would have tied the game, and I'm not sure I was really up for overtime anyway. It was a good game. #5 lost his finger splint sometime during the game. Hubs had come home to an empty house, but couldn't enjoy it because of the two dogs in the backyard barking frantically to get in. #1 wasn't too long in getting back. They got some house news, that their home will be done a lot faster than they'd expected. They thought they would have more time to save some money for the down payment.  Hope they can handle all the bills that come with home ownership! Scary and stressful. #2 was off getting engagement pictures taken and #3 was off being social.

0924 (Tuesday) Weight 175.0. Steps 11295. Total Burn 2164. Exercise Burn 200/371 (35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in untracked.  Awake in the night again, this time around midnight. Up for a bit, re-dosing myself with medication and back to bed. My sleep app didn't record any snoring. Hubs was off around his usual time. I'd set my alarm for later, not really planning on early exercise, but I was awake at 5:00 regardless. Took the day off Zumba though, just doing a number here and there during the day. Managed two miles on the treadmill, but it felt hard. #4 is struggling so much with Spanish in school. The middle school class was an easy A, but didn't really prepare him at all, so he doesn't understand the questions, much less the answers. He's only managed the last couple assignments with the help of #1 and wife, and with a test and a "conversation" looming, he had a complete breakdown today. We looked into options, but seems like he has to stick out the quarter at least, then maybe transfer into Spanish 1 (high school level), even without credit (as he did technically already take the class). Spent quite a bit of time on emails and such and still don't know what is possible for sure. Sigh. #5 stayed after for intramurals, but none tomorrow as it's PT conferences. They are off Friday. I made chicken tacos for dinner. Got a text from my mom that she was at the ER with a broken wrist and head contusion. Forwarded the info to the rest of the siblings. Got an email back from the school counselor and spanish teacher that they think they can make the transition to Spanish 1 happen. Whew! Will feel a bit better when his schedule is actually updated, but I feel better and went ahead and told #4, as he was in a bad emotional state and likely wouldn't have slept or been able to concentrate on any other classes. He still had math to do too. #1 called as they were going to a movie and wanted to take #4. I probably shouldn't have let him go, with math undone, but ... it's good for him to get out of the house. He said he'd do the math when he got home ...

0925 (Wednesday) Weight 172.2. Steps 16540. Total Burn 2564. Exercise Burn 425/793 (10minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300.  The night didn't seem too bad. I wasn't awake in the night. Hubs slept in a little, until 6:00. I'm usually up before then, but right now with this cold still hanging on, I've bagged my early morning workouts. Got #5 off to school, and #4 was up. I've decided to let him sleep in, but he was up on his own around 8:00 this morning. He got started on school and I went to Zumba. I told them I was under the weather, and to only do my low-key songs to lead. Made it through class okay. Stats: 5392/4858 steps. 395/254 burn. AvHR119. High142. In Zone 32 of the 58 minutes.  After class I stopped at Walmart. We needed a few things (shaving cream, tennis balls, produce). Quick stop at Sams as well, then Popeyes. Not a great batch of tenders, and their "sale" keeps changing. Was 11 pieces for $10.99, then it dropped to 10, now nine. Still less expensive then the 16 piece at $24. #4 helped me unload. Then we worked on English (works cited) and some stuff for World Civ. He seemed SO stressed over such simple stuff. He had to go take a break and fell asleep. Didn't get to Spanish, Graphic Arts, or Chemistry at all (was done with Fitness stuff, I got the okay from his teacher about not working out being sick). I feel like I spent almost as much time on "school" today as he did. He'd done yesterday's math this morning, so didn't get to today's assignment, so is still a day behind there. I picked up #5 from school and picked up the dry cleaning for #3 (as it closes before he gets home, or so I thought, the posted hours were later than I'd remembered). #4 did go do a derby with dad, as none of the other boys were available to take his place. I made spaghetti for #2 and #3 and dropped #5 off at practice, picking up C&G on the way, and taking G home after. Hubs and #4 stopped for Chick-fil-a, but it was all gone by the time #5 and I got home. I guess that's good ... don't need the temptation. #4 had already turned in for the night, but I took him his medication (for the cold, and daily ones for A&D) before he fell asleep. He missed his dose last night, as he'd gone to the movie and I forgot to lay them out and remind him. 

0926 (Thursday) Weight 172.7. Steps 20843. Total Burn 2750. Exercise Burn 543/968 (Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories Untracked.  Still a little out when Hubs was up and off. No exercise in the morning. Garbages getting picked up, so I emptied a few more and grabbed the empty feed bags from the shed as we had a little room. Cleaners coming too, so prepped for that. Dropped off #5 to school, then I headed to Zumba w/MZL. Still a "take it easy" day. Brought some zuchinni from the garden, and they all got taken. Stats: 5992/5410 steps. 425/300 burn. AvHR113. High154. In Zone 13 of the 65 minutes.  No store stop on the way, with cleaners coming (still had a little prep to do, and want to rest a bit before hitting them gym while they are there). #4 needed some things printed out for his math assignment. #1 stopped by for lunch and a nap, he'd come over early before work too, and will come over after, as he's helping Dad with a derby tonight. #3 ended up needing to run the big speaker out, as it was an outdoor derby and they didn't have a built in sound system.  #4 did his graphic arts assignment in his room while the cleaners were here ... I was surprised just how bad the house had gotten in two weeks. Our toilet was bad! I love the weekly cleaning. I hit the gym, and did two miles on the treadmill and then a small weight workout.  I spent much of the rest of the day on "schoolwork" to make study sheets for #4 to prep for his two tests tomorrow.  Went over them with him, and I can tell he is stressed. He did is Spanish 1 test, and didn't do as well as he'd hoped (considering he technically completed a full course and this was just on the first five weeks here). So glad we were able to get that change worked out, and hope even Spanish 1 isn't too difficult. I must admit it looks so hard to me! A neighbor posted on FB looking for Boxtops. I've been collecting and not sure what to do with them, so tada! #3 finished up all the taco chicken, much to Daddy's chagrin. #4 had taken a nap, then I made him do a video assignment for school, that he'd been putting off. Then it was time for football for him. #5 had a game ... 9:00 start time. That's past my bedtime. #3 wanted to come watch. Super close game, lost by one. 
0927 (Friday) Weight 172.0. Steps 15665. Total Burn 2490. Exercise Burn 450/706 (Zumba). Calories in 2300.  No school for #5, so I pushed my alarm to later. Made #3's sandwhich the night before, as he and #2 still had work. #4 got up early and took both his tests, then did his math assignment. Then he was done for the day, other than submitting his activity log for gym (not a lot of activity this sicky week). I wish he'd focus on next week, when he will be gone, and get ahead. He just really lacks motivation. I went to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 5104/5115 steps. 353/283 burn. AvHR111. High142. In Zone 14 of the 58 minutes.  Straight home after. I was feeling tired. I think I did more "school" then #4 did. I looked up everything due for next week so we know where we are at. One class is easy (World Civ) just a test or project. English though! Tons of stuff! It's going to be really hard to get it all done with the vacation. I'm a little stressed about it. I ended up spending much of the evening working on things to try to speed up the process for #4, make it a little easier for him. I did get out to mow the lawn. Rain in the forecast tomorrow, so I wanted to get it in today. Dropped #5 off for his basketball practice. They were having a "paint night" at the neighbor's, and #2 and his girlfriend went, painted a cactus on tile. It started to sprinkle a bit. Then all the kids went next door, where we are on doggy duty. They spent the evening there playing games and watching a show before putting Remi back in the crate for the night.Then they made a late TacoBell run. 
0928 (Saturday) Weight 173.9. Steps 14227. Total Burn 2395. Exercise Burn 350/608 (45min/2.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2850.  I was up before the kids, so I went out and let Remi into the back yard. Threw the rope with her a while, then left her back there while I went back home. I can peek at her from my window. #4 was up a bit later and went over and played with her some more then put her back in the pen. He wanted to watch a MineCon ... annual Minecraft update thing on YouTube. I told him I wanted him to get to some of the school work today, so what did he do after his show was over? Went and retreated to bed, for several hours. I was at my whit's end. He doesn't want to do school because it's Saturday ... but he's going to have three school days off, so he needs to make up the work sometime. Wouldn't he rather do it early then try to make it up late? Wouldn't he rather put some hours in on a Saturday, then extra hours on Monday and Tuesday, when he's already put in a full day of school? Apparently, the answer is no, he needs his Saturday. I don't know what to do. This online school is still so much more flexible, and I have more idea of what is going on, than traditional school.  Finally, he did a little "gym" ahead (basketball with #2, then some volleyball), and then I had him do the World Civ project, so that's one class we can be done with and not have to worry about. I'd gotten in a treadmill walk earlier in the day ... finally watched my Grey's Anatomy. Instead of my usual recording from PlayOn I had recorded it on the Xfinity DVR and streamed it to the gym on the Xfinity channel. Problem? Commercials! I could fast forward through them, but I didn't know how long they lasted (they are long on Network TV! 3+  minutes). So I really prefer the PlayOn, but then we use data for the recording and the streaming, whereas the Xfinity deal only does data on the streaming. But, got my workout in. That night, while I had TV stuff on my mind, and as DTV bills from the 29th of each month, I put in a call again to double check our disconnection. It took me putting Gray on the phone to verify I was an authorized user (he was out of it, I was glad he could answer the simple questions), then ... it had NOT been disconnected. So NOW we are, supposedly. #5 had his games, back to back at 6:00 and 7:00. #3 didn't have evening plans so he came to watch (and drive) again. The first game was against UBC. A 7th grade team, with Blake and Stockton on it, coached by Blanchard. UBC lead for most of the game, but our boys kept it close and then pulled ahead at the end for the win. We hurried out after to go from Union to Indian Hills, and made it there pretty quick, only missed a bit of the second game. The other team was pretty big, and a bit physical. Their fouls looked more to foul (pushing, grabbing jerseys) than actually trying to get the ball. The other coach got ejected. Wolves got the win.#3 got picked up, sleeping over at Maga's house, and they are leaving for Disneyland in the morning. #4 had gone over next door for doggy duty, but it had been early enoug (7:00ish) that I didn't feel like she should be in for the whole night. No one else was around/available, Hubs was already asleep ... so it was 11:00 and I went over and let Remi out and played with her a bit. Then back home and to bed.

0929 (Sunday) Weight 174.2 steps. Steps 9694. Total Burn 2238. Exercise Burn 0/461 (no exercise). Calories in 2200.  I was awake early. So was Hubs. As I beat the kids out of bed, I headed next door to let Remi out. Played with her a bit, then left her in the backyard while I came back. I can peek out the back window and check on her easily, and them #4 went over when he got up.  I made crepes for breakfast, with sausage for #4 and Hubs. I had been feeling off first thing in the morning when I got up for a potty break. Really dizzy and a little nauseous. Then I felt better, but then it hit again. It went on and off for much of the day. I had to take breaks and lay down. Got in a couple little naps. I'd messed with the TV last night, pulling out the DTV receivers to return them, and accidentally ripped the HDMI cord to the main TV. I switched it to the one on the DVD player, as we don't use that much (although the kids did just watch a DVD yesterday). Had to remember when #4 went to watch his football, he had to access it through the DVD input. I have a new cord ordered that should show tomorrow. Hubs cleaned out his closet, purged a BUNCH of stuff. I set some aside for our boys, and some for my family, and then the rest into a DI pile. I ran to the store, Walmart and Sams, and got gas. Hubs had put some steak in the Sous Vide and I picked up some asparagus that Hubs sauteed up for us. It was very yummy. Checked in with #3 on the road, they are in California.

0930 (Monday) Weight 174.5. Steps 13193. Total Burn 2484. Exercise Burn 315/686 (Zumba). No intake recorded.  I hadn't paid bills yet. I usually do that earlier, before the last day of the month. I got up and started on that first thing. In the red this month. Had to turn the heat on. House was at 64°. I probably could have dealt, but didn't want complaining kids.  Not sure how I was feeling, but figured I'd try Zumba ... then got a text from Kirsten asking me to sub, as she was sick. It went fine. I kept it fairly low-key, and Megan came in at the end to take over too. Stats: 4280/4541 steps. 319/307 burn. AvHR119. Hirh141. In Zone 26 of the 62 minutes.  As I'd grabbed groceries yesterday, I ran different errands today. Took the Amazon returns (some phone cases) to Kohls, as that's how Amazon does returns now. Easy-peesy. Then I dropped the DTV equipment at FedEx for return there. Also easy. Now just to watch and make sure that DTV stops billing us. Home to help #4 with some school stuff. He has to wait on Math and Graphic Design until some live sessions happen (later today and tomorrow), but we got some English done. He'd done Fitness, Spanish and Chemistry himself earlier. Pretty much done with those.

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