Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In #275 (169.2)

Pretty happy with the scale this week, it continued to shift, albeit slightly, in the right direction. A little rebound there after the weekend, but it stayed under 170 the whole week. It's a move in the right direction. I'll take it. The week itself was a little off. Starting with a power outage, then sick kids. Ending with my birthday ...

Here are the stats ...
NUMBERS: Official weight was down a smidgen (-.4) with average down just a smidgen more (-.6 to 168.51). I kept intake under 2000 three times. Average intake was 2343. Average burn 2761. There was a deficit for the week (-1087). Two days with burn 3000+ and one 30k day.  Step average was 22959 with 64.02 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 865/872, 922/938/979. And I did WEIGHTS this week! It had been a while, and I was feeling it the next day. 

EXERCISE: I was on the elliptical every day this week, but only achieved my hour five of the seven days. Six days with treadmill time, and I even did double duty three days this week. I skipped Friday Zumba, so only four classes. One weight workout.  OTHER ACTIVITIES: With sick kids staying home from school, my driving was down a bit. It also affected basketball. Normally, if #5 was struck with sickness he'd miss one game, two at most. This week? SIX games! He missed them all. One was a championship game, but his team managed to get the win without him. They also won the semi-finals in the second league, so #5 will still be able to play in one championship game next week. There was a little grocery shopping and a birthday dinner out, but it was a pretty plain week (which is actually okay with me). 

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (1105) Power was out all night. I can't sleep without my fan. At least the temperature was okay (we didn't need heat or A/C) and power came back on at 5:30, so we had electricity for morning prep. I got in my hour of elliptical. Zumba w/Kirsten, helping out doing some numbers. Two treadmill times. #5 had a basketball try-out in the evening. He wasn't feeling well but felt like he had to make an appearance. 29515 steps. 3122 burn. 1800 intake.
  • Tuesday (1106) Ugg ... woke around 4:30 to poor #5 coughing. Croup. No way he was going to school today. An emotional morning with #4 as well, dealing with depression and anxiety issues. No school for him either. I probably wouldn't have gone to Zumba, not in the mood after that morning, but as I'm the teacher on Tuesdays, I didn't really have a choice. I was glad for class though, it helped me feel better. Both boys slept most of the day. I got in one treadmill time, and finished up my hour of elliptical (I'd done some earlier). #5 was supposed to play in the basketball championships in the evening ... but that wasn't happening. So sick Happy to hear that his team got the win without him. 26100 steps. 2926 burn. 1700 intake.
  • Wednesday (1107) Another early morning awakening, grabbing a bucket just in time for #5 to throw up. Choking on congestion, not stomach flu. #4 though, said he threw up three times in the night. So ... no school for the littles again today. I got them settled and sleeping and still hit Zumba w/MZL. Also got in my hour of elliptical and two treadmill times. A little housework, yardwork too. 28770 steps. 2986 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Thursday (1108) I got my hour of elliptical in early ... dang Daylight Savings, I'm waking up an hour early (before 5:00). Checking on the kids, #5 surprised me by saying he felt well enough to try school. #4 however still didn't feel up to it. So I drove #4, but told him I'd be on call if he needed an early pickup during the day. He didn't though. I hit Zumba w/MZL, then some grocery shopping. Cleaners came. I got two treadmill times in, even jogging for a bit. Hubs had a derby which he went straight to after work. 32186 steps. 3176 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Friday (1109) Had my alarm set for 7:30 (late start at the schools) but still waking up early ... which is not to say I actually got up early. I did get in my hour of elliptical before dropping the boys off to school. #4 went today too. No Zumba, I stopped at Smiths for some grocery shopping. One treadmill time. I did WEIGHTS today. First time in a while! #5's team had a couple late games tonight, but we are sitting out this tournament (today and tomorrow) as he's still recovering. Popcorn and Netflix with Hubs in the evening. 20528 steps. 2709 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Saturday (1110) Just 10min elliptical, and then a walk on the treadmill. Instead of #5's game we had a birthday dinner for me at Tepanyaki. Then games (pirate, battling tops) and dessert Skookie at the house after. It was a fun day. 11727 steps. 2175 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Sunday (1111) Two elliptical sessions, half an hour total. Big breakfast. Had my folks over for cake (it had been Mom's birthday last week too) with pizza for dinner. More games... Scattagories, Rummikub and ProgressiveRummy. Hubs was gone all day to a wedding for a work friend. 11888 steps. 2231 burn. 2000 intake.
*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Four movies this week, three from last year (2017), two up for Oscars. For me, Lady Bird was just okay. I guess I like more action than subtle storytelling, especially while exercising. Three Billboards, while again, lacking in a lot of big action, was more interesting.  Had quite the cast of characters, all with plenty of faults, but redeeming qualities as well. Megan Leavey was interesting enough. Destination Wedding ... I found it boring. It was basically two people talking for the entire film, and neither character was particularly likeable.  To fill in after my movies ended and I was still exercising, I've been watching "Reign" which I'm liking. I also caught this week's "Grey's Anatomy". Hubs and I started "House of Cards" together. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 Poor #5, so sick! Kitten is keeping him company. 

 I like Snickers ... but I've been addicted to these minis in the leftover Halloween candy.

More Halloween candy fun ... KitKat Jenga with #2

 Tepanyaki for my b-day dinner. Missing #3 who had to work.

Skookie after dinner ... Skillet/Cookie. Yummy!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Week #274 (169.6)

Only over 170 one day this week. That's progress! Not exactly sure what the difference is (if anything). Still stressed over things. It's been affecting sleep. Maybe affecting appetite a little. I was feeling like I might be coming down with a cold there at the end of the week, but it didn't turn into anything. 

... CraZY counts on floors again. Those did not happen ...
I will take credit for everything else though.
NUMBERS: Official weigh-in was down (-1.6). Average was also down (-1.92 to 169.11). Seeing the slight drop early in the week was motivating. Kept intake under goal three days this week. Average intake was 2114. Average burn was 2755. Two days with 3000+ burn, just one 30k day. Step average was 22043 with 60.2 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 780/791, 845/905/993.

Steps on the different devices were quite close this week. I'll admit I did not wear the HipClip on Sunday, and that would have added 10k to its numbers. But still closer than it has been other weeks.

EXERCISE: I got in my hour of elliptical six days this week. I didn't elliptical at all on Sunday. I did do a treadmill walk on Sunday, and four other days during the week. Four Zumba classes, since I skipped Friday.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Driving and grocery shopping as usual. Two basketball games for #5 (one mid-week, one Saturday). Some school stuff. Still getting some yardwork in before the weather turns too cold.

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (1029) Not a good night for sleep. Got in my hour of elliptical early. Zumba w/Kirsten. I helped and did a few numbers. Store stop afterward. Car wash. One time on the treadmill. Had #4's PCCR meeting with his counselor after school. Took about an hour. Some good info, but I knew most of it. Hope it doesn't overwhelm Mr. Anxiety. #5 had practice in the evening. I was on drop-off duty, about an hour round trip. But glad I didn't have to stay. He was able to catch a ride home. Able to keep calories in check today. 24853 steps. 2944 burn. 1300 intake.
  • Tuesday (10/30) Bad night again. Couldn't get to sleep till late, then awake in the night. Awake early. Got in my hour of elliptical. Zumba over at the church. Attendance has been low. One treadmill time at home. After picking up the kids from school, I ran #5 to a teammate's house to catch a ride to a dodge-ball tournament, then met him at 8:00 for his basketball game. They won. 26518 steps. 2900 burn. 1800 intake.
  • Wednesday (1031) Started the day with my hour of elliptical. Zumba w/MZL. One treadmill time during the day, and I spent some time in the backyard raking leaves. Got everything prepped for garbage day & cleaning tomorrow. Dropped off #5 to go trick-or-treating with friends. Made sugar cookie pumpkins and #1 and wife came over to decorate. Hubs went straight to work to a family wedding. 28315 steps. 3037 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Thursday (1101) I think I finally slept. Dropped the boys off early to school as #4 needed to retake the test he missed last week. Hubs was off to the airport. Weekend trip to Seattle. I still got in my hour of elliptical, then was off to Zumba w/MZL. After class I grabbed groceries.  Did some additional cleaning, laundry and yardwork. One treadmill time. In the evening #1 and wife came over to make a big batch of Ziti. I made one vegetarian for #2, and two gluten-free for Grandpa. They took one home and there were still three left for the freezer. #3 had gone to Utah County to support the high school girls in the state volleyball tournament. He came home with some Krispie Creme donuts. 30006 steps. 3176 burn. 2700 intake.  
  • Friday (1102) Slept in some, as I can do on late-start Fridays. While I can hit a partial Zumba if I drive straight over after dropping the boys off, today I didn't. I needed to pick up some prescriptions, and the pharmacy was on the way home from the school (but not Zumba). Did some grocery shopping as well. Just the hour of elliptical today for exercise. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. #3 brought some friends over for hot tub time.  Steps 17055. Burn 2515. Intake 1800. 
  • Saturday (1103) An hour of elliptical for exercise today. I also mowed the front lawn. #5 had a basketball game, and they got the win, moving on to the championships. Baked some chicken, then #1 and wife came over to turn it into "Tinga" for dinner. I'd invited the grandparents over. It's gluten-free for Grandpa. #1 took the grandparents on a quick field trip to see their apartment (it's close by) then we played games. Skookie for dessert. #2 and his girlfriend had gone to see the Harlem Globetrotters, but got back in time to say hi to the grandparents. #3 too, making it home from work before they left. 16329 steps. 2486 burn. 2500 intake. 
  • Sunday (1104) Daylight savings ... an extra hour. Got up and changed a couple clocks and started on breakfast. Had a big family one with waffles, bacon, hashbrowns and hot chocolate. Sunday games, as has been the tradition for a few weeks now. Caught a nap. One time on the treadmill. Some vacuuming and laundry. Made cookie/brownies for dessert. Hubs got home around 9:00. Everyone was heading to bed around 10:00 when the power went out. While it's not as inconvenient at night, I can NOT sleep without my fan. Long night. 11228 steps. 2227 burn. 2200 intake. 
*** What I Watched While Working Out *** 
Four movies this week ... a drama, a crazy comedy, a light romance and some action. Good variety. All recent movies. I'd heard good things about The Post (2017) and it was interesting. Game Night (2018) was pretty over the top, but I tried not to be too judgemental and just be entertained. Off The Menu (2018) was a straight to streaming I believe. It was cute enough. Beirut (2018) kept my interest, although it wasn't as adrenaline pumping as some action movies. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 I got a cute Kitty phone case ....

 Jack-o-lanturn sugar cookies on Halloween.

My munchkin went out with friends ...
He didn't get the "scary mask" theme ;)

 Here with his candy haul.
He's allergic to peanut butter, so I get all his Reeses!


Sunday, November 4, 2018

October 2018

Had a little dip in weight this month. A bit surprising with all the Halloween treats around. Exercise was down a bit too, as I had a week there where I wasn't feeling well. Luckily the eating was down at that time too. As you can see by the featured photos, LOTS of Halloween themed activities going on. From pumpkin pizza to pumpkin shaped cookies, lots of dressing up, and CANDY!

NUMBERS: Weight started at 172.7. Ended at 168.6. which was also the low for the month. High was 173.7. Average weight was 171.48. Intake average was 2245, with burn average at 2681. A monthly deficit (-5433). Kept intake under goal 11 days. Nine 3000+ days and five 30k days. Total steps 666,216 with 21,491 as the step average, and 246.67 logged miles. Cardio minutes were 3436/3603 ... I was wimpy, no weight workouts at all this month.

EXERCISE: Only 16 days with a full hour of elliptical. I still did elliptical 10 additional days for a shorter time. 20 days with treadmill time, just four with double duty. 22 Zumba classes. One time on the bike. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Driving was up a little from last month. A couple more basketball games for #5. The usual grocery shopping, and a little "other" shopping steps. Still mowing the lawn, although it doesn't need it as much. Some additional yardwork prepping the yard for winter. Another dental appointment for #5, some school stuff with #4. Lots of family time, but it only registers here when it's away from home ... we had a birthday/Halloween party at Maga's house.

*** JenB's Journal ***

1001 (Monday) Weight 172.7. Steps 30563. Total Burn 3125. Exercise Burn 1400/1361 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2200. I woke around 5:40 ... to my son's alarm clock. It's very loud, and I could hear it, even with him in the other room a couple doors down. That's an acceptable time though. My alarm was set for 5:50. Usually I'm pulling #3 out of bed. #2 and #4 were up on their own too. I got in my first elliptical session, then made sure #5 was out of bed. Made a fruit smoothie for breakfast for the boys, fed the ducks and collected eggs (four today, although one was tiny/no yolk). Got in my second elliptical and the boys got off to school. Our carpool texted and said this was their last week (they are moving) so come next week, I'll have to work driving the kids to middle school into my morning schedule. I really hadn't even planned on having a carpool at all, so that was just a nice perk for a few weeks there. I'm not sure if me driving will help or hinder #4's anxiety issues (he doesn't like to carpool, prefers me driving him, but he also puts on a braver front for others, whereas he breaks down in front of me). For Zumba, originally I'd planned on hitting Southziders in Draper. It's further, and starts later, so I get home a lot later ... but it's always a good workout and I haven't seen the friends there in a while. But then yesterday, Kirsten texted saying Carma wouldn't be there to help, asking if I would be willing to do a few numbers, just to give her a break from doing the whole class. So I said sure and switched my plans back to the close class ... but then, got a group text in the morning saying she was sick and would have to cancel. So, back to the Southziders plan. With a little extra time, I did a treadmill time instead of my third elliptical session (35min vs 20min). As I drove out, I went down 9800 because I've heard there is a class at a church there ... but I wasn't able to find anything. Zumba with Southziders was great! So fun to see friends again. Stats: 6542 steps. 2.88 miles. 512/415 burn. AvHR124. High150. In Zone 47 of the 65 minutes. On the way home, I stopped at Big5. I'd seen an email this morning showcasing a blanket/throw, regularly $18 for $6. I'd been thinking of grabbing a couple red blankets for #3 and #4's room (both red/black decor) and they had two red ones. I bought them, and both boys seem to like them. I got in my third elliptical session, and did a session on the bike, reading while riding. I picked up the kids after school, then mowed the lawn. It has sprinkled earlier (and smelled SO good!) but there is a big storm in the forecast, so I figured I should get it done today, or I might not be able to for a few days. It is "National Homemade Cookie Day" so of course I had to make cookies. After debating what kind, I made Snickerdoodles. It's always a bigger job than I think it will be. My feet were tired. I packed some up and took them to Coach, as I dropped #5 off to catch a ride to practice. Then kitchen cleanup, blog, computer work ... and to bed. 

1002 (Tuesday) Weight 172.7. Steps 26859. Total Burn 2978. Exercise Burn 1270/1187 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2900. A bit harder to pull out of bed this morning, for me and everyone else! #2 was up, as he has early work. He had to pack too, as his work has a job a Lake Powell that he signed on for. Leaving later today, back in a few days. He and Hubs, ships passing in the night. Hubs will be home later today. #4 was up on his own, but I had to bug #3 and #5 out of bed. I was happy #4 seemed okay this morning. He has a math test today, and that has been a major trigger for his anxiety. He said he slept okay though, and actually seemed in good spirits this morning. Two regular eggs, one tiny one. I got my three elliptical sessions in and got the boys off to school. Then over to the church for Zumba. I hadn't heard from Marian, and wondered if she might show today, but it was just me, which was fine. We had our usuals and one new(old) person. Stats: 6575 steps. 2.87 miles. 492/421 burn. AvHR126. High148. In Zone 52 of the 64 minutes. I didn't get a lot done during the day, but got in one treadmill time and my monthly review blog post. Storms were forecast for later in the day, but hadn't hit when I went to pick up the kids from school (which is good, for them especially, not having to wait out in the rain). #4 had gotten 100% on his math test. Meatball subs for an early dinner. I did some cleanup, vacuuming and such in prep for Hubs coming home today. His flight got in a little before 6:00. I was thinking I'd miss his homecoming, as #4 and I had an appointment at the school at 6:30. But right before we were heading out, Hubs called, although not from his phone. His car, left in the long-term parking, had a dead battery. He'd found someone to jump it, but as the charge took and the electrical clicked on, the doors locked ... with his keys, and phone, inside the car. So he needed someone to drive out with the spare key and the portable charger. Unfortunately #1 and #3 were at work, and #2 was even further, headed to Lake Powell with his work. That left me. And I don't drive to the airport. But I didn't really have a choice, other than getting on FB on seeing if a neighbor could drop everything for an hour to make the trip, and that was awfully uncomfortable too. Family was further and would extend the wait for Hubs. I made it, although I had a hard time locating him in the lot. My "Find my Friends" was directing me differently there at the end. Finally found him and got his car going. I followed him out of the lot, not sure if I'd find my way on my own. It was getting dark, but at least the rain held off (as I already had a ton of stressors, the highway, unfamiliar roads, dark ... I didn't need weather too!). Hubs fell asleep pretty quickly ... and was snoring loudly. I didn't want to wake him (not that that even works) on his first night back in his bed, and there was an empty bed, with #2 gone. I went and slept in his room. The storm hit hard too. Pounding rain and lots of lightening. 
1003 (Wednesday) Weight 172.2. Steps 17560. Total Burn 2509. Exercise Burn 710/718 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Very tired, not a great night for me (slept downstairs in the empty bed to escape snoring, plus stormy weather). Hubs said it wasn't great for him either. He'd awakened around midnight and took an ambien, and then had trouble getting up in the morning. Downstairs ... I sure could hear anyone walking above! #4 was up, but #3 and #5 were hard to get out of bed again. I was dragging and off. Only got in 30min on the elliptical in the morning ... and all day. I never made it back down to the gym. I still went to Zumba though. Stats: 6332 steps. 2.78 miles. 421/372 burn. AvHR122. High136. In Zone 39 of the 60 minutes. Straight home after. I'd put a roast in the crock pot, and was still snacking on snickerdoodles much of the day. #2 usually "helps" eat them more, but he's gone and the other kids haven't been eating them. So tired, I laid down for a bit and did fall asleep for about an hour. Picked up the kids after school. Again, the rain held off for their pickup ... but not for my drive back to the school for PT conferences. The roads were bad, it was hard to see. SO glad it wasn't like that last night. The conferences were OpenHouse style, with all the teachers in the gym. I was there right when it opened, and was able to see all of #4's teachers without having to wait much. Truthfully, I generally don't do PT Conferences. It's generally just "oh they are wonderful kids and everything is great" which of course is wonderful to hear, but makes it feel rather pointless. BUT, with everything #4 has been going through, I did want to check in with all his teachers, especially math, as that seems to be his biggest stressor. They were all really nice and doing everything they can to help with his anxiety issues. I hit a couple of #5's teachers, but by then the lines were getting longer and I didn't feel like standing around waiting. I answered an email about anxiety issues (not doing great myself after yesterday, emotionally on edge, very down), and did a little work in the garden during one of the times the rain stopped. Pulled up some pumpkin vines and put the bins out for garbage day tomorrow. Hubs was home earlier than expected, and I made more meatball subs (#4 and I had had some roast earlier, we are the main ones that like that). Super tired and ready for bed (my bed?) early.

1004 (Thursday) Weight 172.4. Steps 30144. Total Burn 3077. Exercise Burn 1250/1288 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Better sleep. Awake early. Hubs was off around 5:00 and I didn't get back to sleep. I got my full hour of elliptical in early. Got the boys off to school carpool ... the last one. I'll be driving them from now on. I can still get my hour of elliptical in if I keep to my morning schedule. Having them get picked up gave me a little leeway. I'd prepped the house for the cleaners to come. It's actually pretty "clean" or "straight" anyway ... I really like that push to have everything in place. All the counters empty, sink empty, everything off the floors, no clutter. I was off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6659 steps. 2.91 miles. 473/387 burn. AvHR121/High150. In Zone 41 of the 65 minutes. I stopped at Sam'sClub after class to grab kitty litter, candy corn (must have candy corn this time of year, right?), milk and a few other items. When I got home, I could tell the cleaners had hit the kitchen floor. It was a lot brighter! Felt better on my bare feet too. Right now as they are still catching up on all the "extras" they don't have time to hit everything. I did a little cleanup myself. I'd picked up a Swiffer duster and I hit some of the walls. Had laundry, Hub's clothes from his trip, and then I'm trying to get all the towels down in tandem with the weekly cleaning as well. #4 has been breaking out in a bunch of dots and spots for the past few weeks. Also a bad spot on his scalp. Not sure what they are, if it's just stress? He's had his vaccinations, so it's not chicken pox (it's lasted too long and not THAT many anyway), what do bed bug bites look like? Could it be a reaction to some new soap or something? Related to being in the hot tub? Just to add MORE possible spots, he's on "dog duty" for the family next door, off on vacation. They have a couple coming to stay at the house, but they both work. So #4 is hired to go after school to let the dog(s) out to potty and play. Both littles went over after school and spent a good hour in the backyard. They like the dog ;) #4 does sometimes get some reactions (to our cats at times too). I got in a treadmill walk. Made a muvee. #2 got home from his work trip. He had a couple pieces of mail, one from the driver's license division ... his two tickets recently has pushed him over points so he has to go in for a hearing. yuck! Hubs had a derby, this one in Farmington, so he had taken the trailer to work with him. #1 spent the day with his best man ... this time being the best man.

1005 (Friday) Weight 171.9. Steps 27032. Total Burn 2960. Exercise Burn 1280/1171 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I could have slept in. I mean I normally can on Fridays, but even more so today, as the littles, instead of late start, didn't even have school (because of the PT conferences this week). I did still need to make sure #3 was up and off. I woke a little before 5:00, got up a little after 6:00, when it was obvious I wasn't getting back to sleep. I got in my hour of elliptical. As I'm going to be driving the kids to school from now on (our carpool is moving today) this was my last "free Friday" to hit Zumba. I'll still be able to hit it, but I'll be late with the 9:30 school drop-off. So I was a bit sad when I saw the sign that there was a building conflict and Zumba wasn't going to be held in the regular building today. Usually, the backup buildings are a little too far for me, but as this was the last Friday for full Zumba, I went anyway. There weren't many people there to start, but then we ended up having a good crew. Lots of instructors too. Good class. Stats: 6877 steps. 3.07 miles. 470/412 burn. AvHR122. High159. In Zone 36 of the 65 minutes. I'd hit Sams yesterday, and went to Walmart on the way home today. Didn't need much, quick trip. Worked on a little homework with #4, discussing an essay he needs to write for English. He also has a resume and math homework. I told him at least one of the items needed to be completed today. The boys did the next-door doggy duty. #4 ended up touching base with a buddy (very unlike him to be proactive like that!) and having me drop him off there for a couple hours. I'd ordered a new bed set and put it on today, washing the old sheets, pillowcases and comforter. I'm not sure about the new set... it's always a little hard to make a transition to something different. #3 commented on it, saying he liked it. I'm not sure if Hubs noticed. He didn't say anything. I made some snickerdoodles with the left-over dough, and took some cookies to the family when I went to pick him up. I also had some for our carpool when I dropped #5 off to catch a ride to basketball practice.

1006 (Saturday) Weight 170.8. Steps 8058. Total Burn 2104. Exercise Burn 0/315 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. #5 had two games today, at 11:00 and 7:00. Everyone slept in this morning, and it was gametime before I knew it! #2 surprised me by saying he was going to come along to watch as well ... #5 was a little nervous to have his brother watching, but he had a good game. It was starting late, as they were already behind. I thought it would be a bit of a better match up, but it was a blow-out win by our boys. They were ON today. #5 had 11 points. Back at home, I made brownies, a little more to use up some eggs than anything else ;) The ducks have been laying! I did some digging in the garden. The new girls really like worms too. I ended up pulling up my little garden fencing, as we haven't been keeping them confined to that area of the yard anyway. That way I was able to dig closer to the edge as well. I mowed the front lawn. No one really sees the back, and it's pretty poopy and torn up from the ducks poking their beaks everywhere. IF we keep the ducks over the winter, I will replace the fencing and keep them in the unfinished area to give the back lawn a chance to recover. #5 and I headed out when it was time for the second game. It was against a good team. They had played before us (and won) ... never sure if that wears them out, or warms them up. It can go either way. It was a good, close game. Our coach/parents were getting upset with some of the calls, so there was yelling, and ultimately in the end, the other team came out ahead. I actually recognized one of the refs. 30 years ago, we went to high school together. He was a senior when I was a sophomore. I said hi after the game. He works with my oldest brother, and knew Hubs from school, and work. #5 had been craving an icee all day, so we stopped for one on the way home. Brought one for #4 as well. #2 and his GF were at the house carving/painting pumpkins, and had made peanutbutter kiss cookies. Hubs and I watched the last episode of "Jack Ryan" indulging in popcorn. Yum.

1007 (Sunday) Weight 171.8. Steps 9294. Total Burn 2094. Exercise Burn 320/300 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3500. I was awake early, but fell back to sleep and it was a major sleep in for everyone. Hubs had gotten up early to start the brisket, but also came back to bed. #1 and wife came over for our weekly family breakfast a little after 10:00. He whipped up waffles while I made sausage, bacon and hashbrowns, and Hubs scrambled eggs. I got in a couple sessions on the elliptical. #2 was off with his girlfriend later in the day, and #3 had to work. I felt bad that Hub's wonderful brisket was only for us four. I invited my folks over, very last minute, but they were free and they adore Hub's smoked meats. I made Brazilian cheese rolls, which my dad likes a lot, as they are gluten-free. #1 and wife had been eating at her mom's for dinner, but joined us, and we played games. Pirate, with everyone, even Hubs! He did end up heading to bed early, and we got in a couple rounds of RummiKub.

1008 (Monday) Weight 172.7. Steps 27760. Total Burn 2978. Exercise Burn1245/1180 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Woke before my alarm, and before Hubby. Today was the first day I was driving the boys to school (as our carpool moved) but I still got my two elliptical sessions in (and then one after before heading out to Zumba). There was quite a bit of traffic, and I could see the turn into the school was going to take several minutes, and then the turn out ... that was really backed up. BUT ... if I just drove straight, and dropped the boys by the side of the road next to the cross walk, it wasn't that much further for them, and eliminated almost all of the traffic for me. So, that's what we did. If we leave a little earlier to avoid the backlog I could get them into the lot (I drove to school last year and it wasn't as bad as it was this morning. I think a few minutes can make a world of difference). Got my other elliptical in, and then debated whether to hit Kirsten and Carma, close at 9:00, but fairly low-key, or Southziders, further, starting at 9:30 ... but a higher intensity workout. I decided on SouthZiders. Stats: 6270 steps. 2.77 miles. 466/389 burn. AvHR121. High154. In Zone 36 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. Needed to grab giftcards and some produce. Dropped off drycleaning and ran through the carwash. Got in a treadmill time during the day. Laundry. Dishes. Kitchen cleanup. Hubs was headed over to my folks after work to help them with their garage organization. He wasn't home until fairly late. We started a new Netflix series, Ozark, season 2.

1009 (Tuesday) Weight 173.5. Steps 28515. Total Burn 3062. Exercise Burn 1360/1267 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Beat Hubs out of bed again. He said he had a bad night. Just work stress and stuff. I got in my full hour of elliptical early, although I had to do it in four sessions, two after dropping the littles at school. I hadn't prepped my playlist yesterday, so I did that, and headed over to the church. Just two people today, Brenda and Barbara. Stats: 5989 steps. 2.64 miles. 437/381 burn. AvHR123. High143. In Zone 37 of the 60 minutes. I got some bread dough mixed up and raising. I hit my treadmill time earlier than usual today, as I had to head back to the middle school around 1:00 to pick-up #5 for a dental appointment. We had just enough time to stop home quick and let him eat something, as he refuses to eat afterward, until hours after the numbing wears off. His appointment lasted almost two hours. It overlapped with the time I needed to pickup #4, but I'd anticipated that, and he had arranged to go home with a friend. I noticed we'd been charged for nitrous (laughing gas) when I'd specifically asked them not to use it, and they hadn't. So I called and got that straightened out (about $34 difference). #5 says he can't tell a difference anyway. #3 likes it though. I've only had laughing gas once, and it made me sick. I had to pull the mask off, I thought I was going to throw up. I touched base with #4, saying I could come get him anytime now. The family he was at was heading out in a while and offered to bring him home. I was going to gift them a loaf of homemade bread, but I wasn't quick enough to catch them during the drop-off. #4 mentioned that the essay assignment for English that was due today ... he was the ONLY one who got it turned in. I'd been after him all weekend, and yesterday when he said he could finish it at school the next day, I said he needed to finish it that night. I guess everyone else waited, and then ran out of time. #3 didn't have work today, and disappeared in his room for the entire afternoon, a much needed nap. #4 was down for a while too. I got a second treadmill time in, but still didn't get to 30k. Those two hours of sitting at the dentist's office didn't do me any good (I got a little reading in).
1010 (Wednesday) Weight 172.9. Steps 28847. Total Burn 3127. Exercise Burn 1290/1332 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Slept pretty good I think. Hubs did beat me out of bed today, but not by much. Got in one and a half elliptical sessions before heading to the middle school with the two littles. I'd just turned onto Bangerter when I realized that was a horrible mistake. Something was going on, and it was at a standstill! I just don't even think to check traffic for such a short drive. It was an accident there just under Old Bingham, and what usually takes a couple of minutes was well over a twenty minute wait. I was a little surprised Mr. Anxiety wasn't more upset at the situation. It didn't seem to phase him at all. I offered to write the boys a note, as we were late, but not by much. I ended up letting them to just hurry to class and that I would call, which I did when I got back home. I wasn't sure if that particular traffic jam would have affected others from the school, as coming on permit, we aren't in the usual location. The school did seem aware though, saying traffic (the same accident or other incidents) had caused many students to be late and teachers were instructed to not take attendence until later in the class period. I got another elliptical session in, then headed to Zumba w/MZL. 7150 steps. 3.24 miles. 474/448 Burn. AvHR119. High140. In Zone 27 of the 68 minutes. After class I stopped at Maceys to grab some groceries. We were out of wheat bread ... #3 had not been happy about that this morning, missing out on his usual PBJ. Quick stop at DT too. One treadmill time in, and my final 10min of elliptical for additional exercise. I stayed busy today though, cleaning out a bathroom cupboard, reorganizing some shelves in the food storage room, making cookie press cookies (pumpkins). Garbage day tomorrow, so emptied what was needed and got the bins out to the street. Hubs had cut down the awful elm tree that keeps popping up behind my lilac bush, and I trimmed the branches and fit as much as I could into the green waste. Usually I mow on Wednesdays, but I ran out of time, and it was still soggy. It had rained again last night. The eggs I collected this morning were SO dirty and wet, I went ahead and washed them and refridgerated them (and then gave them to a Zumba friend). Four today, and four yesterday. The new girls all laid together, and Blackfoot is back to the doghouse, which keeps those eggs clean, but much harder for me to get to. Hubs went over to my folks again after work, and wasn't home until 8:30 or so. I'm not sure how it came up, but I was introducing the boys to some old, weird, high school music ... They Might Be Giants. They weren't very impressed. It was fun for me to remember though. Shower and to bed!

1011 (Thursday) Weight 172.9. Steps 32747. Total Burn 3232. Exercise Burn 1432/1444 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Hubs beat out of bed today. My 5:40 waking has been pretty consistent this week. Cleaning day, and I got a bit distracted in the morning getting some things prepped (dishes unloaded, all dirty dishes out of the sink, everything off counters, beds made, etc) and got started a little late on my first session, so I only had time for 10 minutes. Made sure the boys were up and ready and then did 20min. Drove the littles to school (no traffic issues today) and got one more 20min session in before heading to Zumba with MZL. Wore purple, as requested, for the Kava talks, a yearly presentation. Stats: 6587 steps. 2.89 miles. 459/415 burn. AvHR120. High141. In Zone 31 of the 64 minutes. Stopped at Walmart after class. I can't wait for this store remodel to be done. It's so hard to get around portions of the store and stuff moves every time I go in. I'd left a note for the cleaners. Originally I had said they wouldn't need to go into the boy's bedrooms, but since they've cleaned the baseboards and walls/windows in the other rooms, I've noticed the guck in the two upstairs bedrooms (I'm sure the downstairs ones too, but I don't see them all day every day). So I just requested that be put on the list at some point as a one-time thing. They did it today ... and didn't get to the bathrooms. It's only been a week since they'd been cleaned and they weren't bad, but I've been spoiled. So I cleaned them. Just a quick clean, wiping everything obvious down. I also washed the bathroom rugs and towels, and then did a load with all the cleaning cloths. Got the groceries put away. I'd restocked a few things I noticed we were low on when working in the food storage room yesterday. Four eggs from the girls again, although I didn't get Blackfoot's, as I didn't feel like getting on my hand and knees and climbing into the doghouse. I'll wait until there are a few there to make it worth it. Hopefully she won't break them in the meantime. I baked some chicken and then made chicken soup. #5 had been invited to the open gym over at West Jordan High School. We really need this whole boundary thing to be figured out (now they are saying that current permits will NOT be honored, which actually isn't a huge deal, as now I am leaning toward #5 going to our boundary schools). Still anxious to hear about #4's friends (their little neighborhood goes one way in OptionA, the other in OptionB). I follow the boundary saga on FB ... I know there are much bigger issues South of us, where there has been even more explosive growth. Hubs worked late, meeting a client.

1012 (Friday) Weight 171.7. Steps 19058. Total Burn 2650. Exercise Burn 700/858 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. Slept in a little, as we can do with late start. I got a couple elliptical sessions in then dropped off the littles at middle school. Then I went straight to Zumba w/MZL. Got there about 9:45, but still got about 40min in (I always hope they start late on Fridays now *Ü*). I wasn't feeling great though. I was sweating up a storm and felt really lightheaded. My friend said I was super pale. I just did a toned-down workout. Straight home after and rested a bit. Didn't really feel up to additional exercise. I was doing some rearranging in the kitchen pantry, headphones on, listening to my book, when I thought I felt a shadow pass by. I checked, but nothing. Then it happened again, and it was #1 popping in. I usually get a notification (ring or garage door) but I must have missed it. Not sure if he was trying to scare me! We chatted for a while. I did dishes, laundry and some work in the garden. A little extra Zumba practice, so hopefully I hit my hour even though I cut class short today. #5 had practice, my usual ride wasn't going today, but he was able to catch a ride with Coach. I dropped him off. I showered, I like to try and get it in early to give my hair a chance to dry before bed. Hubs was one the computer, and next time I looked he was asleep. Didn't really feel like I saw him today.

1013 (Saturday) Weight 172.2. Steps 16052. Total Burn 2373, Exercise Burn 200/581 (35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up and off early overseeing some concrete being poured for work. Then he hit the office, and then headed to Mesquite with a work buddy. Gone all day. #4 wanted to go watch a friend's football game, so I dropped him off there. He ended up going home with them after, helping with some yardwork and then playing games. He was gone all day too! I did yardwork here at home. Mowed the lawn, front and back, as well as trimming and edging. I penned the ducks into the back and then sprayed down all the poop on the grass. I figured I'd keep them contained. It's still plenty of room for them, but the poop all over the lawn is out of control, as are all the holes where they dig. The poor lawn is ragged. Plus, they always wait right outside the back door and I feel bad when they are begging for food all day. Wild ducks survive on their own! Mine think they are starving when I only feed them a few times a day! Still not sure what to do about winter. I have made some plans if we keep them. Tarping the tramp, moving some big bags of mulch as wind breaks, I'd like to get some bales of straw. I wouldn't keep them confined to the pen. They never were drawn to the heat lamp anyway it seemed. Pulled out some of the plants ... will have to do more, as there is a freeze in the forecast. Picked a bunch of tomatoes. Our volunteer plants produced a ton. I got one treadmill time in. I had my "Grey's Anatomy" recorded, but PlayOn isn't recording captions off ABC, so I couldn't watch it (treadmill is too noisy). Started "The Haunting of Hill House" which looks promising. #5 had a 6:00 game, supposed to be at Union, but was moved to Dimple Dell last minute. I guess there was a power outage. Our boys got the easy win. The other time gave up. We stopped for an icee on the way home. #4 was still out and planning to stay late. I still wasn't feeling well. Same as yesterday ... just headache (woke with one), feeling lethargic, sweating super easy, lightheaded, tummy troubles. I just wanted to go to sleep. I texted the brothers to see if one of them would be willing and available to do the pickup around 11:00. Didn't hear back from #3 (working KFC) but #2 finally answered (out with girlfriend to a haunted house) and said he could. Hubs could have too I guess, as he didn't return home until 11:00 ... of course then #4 didn't want pickup until midnight. I was asleep by then. I'm such a bad mom to teens. I can't stay awake!

1014 (Sunday) Weight 173.7. Steps 6066. Total Burn 1954. Exercise Burn 0/162 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Slept in, as did everyone except #4 who was up early in the hot tub ... then went back to bed. I made pancakes and hashbrowns. #1 and his wife stopped by for breakfast, and then stayed and played games with the brothers. Hubs and I took a nap. This was very long, I wondered if he'd be able to sleep tonight! There is a freeze forecast for tonight, so I went out back picked all the tomatoes that had any color. I figured I'd attempt to save a few of the plants, covering them with a tarp. If they make if, hopefully the remaining green tomatoes will have a change to ripen. If not, oh well, that's fine too. It was chilly work! Hubs made guacamole. We watched an episode and a half of Ozark, but I was too tired to make it through.

1015 (Monday) Weight 172.3. Steps 27568. Total Burn 2866. Exercise Burn 1275/1078 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Hubs was off around 5:00. I was up around 5:30. Got in my full hour of elliptical, but still not feeling great. Finally got around to watching the Grey's Anatomy from last Thursday. #1 stopped by and borrowed the Durango, leaving his Charger for me. He's off to my folks to work in the garage today. Went to Zumba with Southziders: 5501 steps. 2.37 miles. 427/287 burn. AvHR119. High152. In Zone 29 of the 63 minutes. Not my best effort with feeling off, and I'm not too into the "strong" stuff. Stopped at Reams on the way home, remembered to grab the drycleaning I'd dropped off last week. Hubs had hired someone to come in and tile a backsplash in the kitchen, so I prepped for that, moving everything off the counters. Got one treadmill time, although I had to go rescue a duck before I started. I noticed him in the window well as I went down to the gym. I headed out to pick up the boys from school, giving #4 a quick heads up to look for #1's car instead. He was happy to pound the music, vibrating the car. I've decided I can't handle being in #1's car with the music playing (I just had my audiobook on when I was driving alone, that was fine). The tile guy had come earlier and been working all day. Played some country music earlier in the day, which I was fine with. Later in the day, it moved to more rock type, and I struggle with being unable to escape sound and vibration. Even in my bedroom with the door closed I could hear/feel it. I'd done one treadmill time earlier and felt okay, so I went down for another. Not feeling okay this time. I really had a push to finish. Also felt like I couldn't be in the kitchen at all today, so I hadn't eaten much of anything. Although with my tummy trouble, I guess that didn't impact me as much as it might have on another day. The tile looks good, I like it, but it does make the cupboards and cabinets look a little out of place. Older color and style, and just old. A darker wood would look better, but then you have to replace everything around the island too, plus the kitchen table (it's the golden oak matching the cabinets). Then there is the floor. The thought of having workmen in my house for hours on end is absolutely overwhelming. Plus, the financial cost always worries me. I was glad the tile got done in a day though. Hub will add the windowsill himself. #5 had open gym over at WJHS and then practice at Dimple Dell. I drove him to the school, then he was able to catch a ride to and from practice with a teammate. Thank heavens. I was SO not feeling up to staying up at all. I think I came home and got in jammies immediately even though it was just 7:00 or so.

1016 (Tuesday) Weight 172.3. Steps 16611. Total Burn 2394. Exercise Burn 655/610 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1200. I was able to get a full elliptical in after waking up, then just a half before heading out to drop the boys off to school. Then I needed to prep the playlist. Still feeling off, I did mostly lower impact stuff. I actually thought about cancelling, but figured I'd attempt to push through. Only had Cathyleen and Barbara. Stats: 5717 steps. 2.47 miles. 400/291 burn. AvHR115. High145. In Zone 17 of the 60 minutes. Home after ... and back to bed. Not feeling "sick" per se, but so many little things, and this being the fifth day, it was just exhausting. Headache off and on. Stomach issues. Dizziness. Lethargy in my limbs. Attempting to work on the computer was too much, made things worse. I still hadn't done my weekly blog update or basketball videos. To tired even to read. I ended up just laying in bed, watching Netflix. I never do that alone, only with Hubs. Never felt up to hitting the gym. I did have to rescue a duck. Again. Did a little work in the yard, and some housework and laundry, but having to take breaks to recoup strength. #5 had a game in the evening, which I wasn't really looking forward to. 8:00 start time. Better than 9:00, and at least it was close (West Hills) and at least the road there isn't closing until tomorrow. The boys got an easy win. I have more basketball footage to catch-up on now.

1017 (Wednesday) Weight 171.0. Steps 15383. Total Burn 2249. Exercise Burn 500/473 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1500. I went ahead and set my alarm for a little later (6:30) and I did sleep in until then. I got two 10min sessions in on the elliptical, but it was a push. Dropped the boys off to school and got gas on the way home. Last time Hubs tried to use our fuel rewards it hadn't worked, but it worked fine for me today. Debated Zumba and probably would have stayed home, except that I needed to get to the grocery store. I really try to keep on top of things, but we were out of apples and 2% (which #3 took personally). I should have double checked stock of everything before my shopping stop Monday. Oh well. I took it easy at Zumba, told them just to do my lower key songs, and I just did two. Stats: 5248 steps. 2.26 miles. 345/239 burn. AvHR110. High133. In Zone 3 of the 60 minutes. Went to Maceys afterward. Home, and to bed, again. #1 stopped by, so I got up and chatted with him for a bit, and then attempted to do a few things around the house. Picked up the boys. #3 and a friend came over and were in the gym much of the afternoon. I had hoped to get down for 10 more minutes, but was okay with the excuse not to. #5 had been invited to a friend's for a sleepover, so I dropped him off. Shower, and to bed.
1018 (Thursday) Weight 169.5. Steps 15873. Total Burn 2327. Exercise Burn 420/548, (30minElliptical, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. UEA weekend for the boys, so no school. Hubs and #2 were still up and off to work. I hadn't set my alarm, just figured I'd sleep in. The cleaner had texted yesterday asking if I'd mind it she skipped. As her daughter has been her helper, I had figured the no school might affect them, and I wondered if my boys could stay out of the way. So no cleaners today. Which meant Zumba was more of an option for me. Generally I like to be out of the house. It's always awkward for me with workers over, and I figure it's more awkward for them too. I felt fine when I woke up, but as soon as I walked around a bit I could feel the sweat start, the lethargy build. So, I skipped Zumba today. I tried 10min on the elliptical, and it was hard. #5 texted for me to pick him up. He hadn't been home 30minutes before he got another invite and was gone hanging with another friend to High Jump (that's where #3 was until late last night, it's the older teen hangout after hours). #4 had been up early and in the hot tub, but then went back to bed and I didn't see him for a while. #3 and his friend hit the home gym again. I cleaned the bathrooms ... I'm in a weekly mode now. I walked on the treadmill a little later, slowing it to 3mph and just did 30minutes, but felt okay during it. Hubs was home a little early to rest his eyes before heading out to a derby, #4 as his helper. With the garbage cans emptied, I filled up the green waste again, pulling out the tomatoes in the back side yard. I opened up the gate to let the ducks wander the whole yard and poke around the dirt I was digging up. I didn't even have to coax them back, they went before I even urged them. There had been three eggs this morning. I put one of the little fences around the window well, and hopefully that will help keep them from falling in (as Costello did Monday and Tuesday). I felt pretty good while working out back, so I hit the gym for 10min on the elliptical again, and that felt hard. Came up and finished a basketball video, then figured I'd try the elliptical one more time to get a half hour at least. I'd finished up "The Haunting of Hill House" yesterday, so I started season 8 of "The Walking Dead" ... it's been a while, I'll see if I can get back into it. Hubs brought home Chick-Fil-A after the derby. I'd not eaten much and didn't think I was that hungry, but when he said he was coming with it, suddenly I was starving.

1019 (Friday) Weight 170.1. Steps 21954. Total Burn 2635. Exercise Burn 830/858 (20minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. Sleep in again. I made the bed before I remembered I usually change the sheets on Friday. Oh well. I'll get it tomorrow. One 10min elliptical session and felt fine I think. Headed out to Zumba w/MZL and felt fine, even leading my high energy numbers. Stats: 6954 steps. 3.07 miles. 492/396 burn. AvHR120. High163. In Zone 25 of the 60 minutes. I stopped at Sam's Club on the way home to grab a few things. #5 was just playing video games all day, and #4 looked totally bored, so I asked them if they wanted to check out the NickelMania that just opened nearby. They said sure, so I went and dropped them off there for a bit. It was a deadzone for their phones though. #4 had a little trouble getting back to me for pickup. Then #5 had been invited to Lagoon with a friend. Kindof pricey, $63! I told him he'd have to pay at least $20 and he said he still wanted to. We got the address, and it was pushing my comfort zone, and yes, I did get lost along the way (and this was during the day) but we made it there. They brought him home afterward, very late. #4 had been invited to hang with a buddy, so I dropped him off around 7:00 and arranged for #2 to do the late pickup. I stopped at Smiths on the way home and grabbed Halloween candy on their 50% off sale. Had to take a detour home, as there was a bad accident there on 40th blocking the street completely. #3 ... had nothing to do. All his friends were out of town for UEA. Usually Friday's are football games, but not this week. Hubs had been offered NBA tickets for tonight, but with the littles (the usual ones to go with him) busy, he'd turned them down. #3 probably would have enjoyed going. It was anticipated to be a loss, our Jazz against the all-star Warriors, but Jazz were leading for much of the game, and the Warriors only won by one with a buzzer beater tipin. I couldn't keep my eyes open (and Hubs was out) but would wake and check my phone to make sure the munchkins made it back.

1020 (Saturday) Weight 169.7. Steps 14741. Total Burn 2300. Exercise Burn 521/536 (30minElliptical, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3200. I thought I'd sleep in more today, as Hubs was sleeping in too, but no, up around 7:00. No basketball games on deck today. No need to mow the lawn, as it hasn't really grown. I borrowed a neighbor's green waste and started pulling out a few more plants. The ducks had gotten out this morning and were on the other side of the yard. I went ahead and switched out all their water, and put the fence back up. Just one egg today and yesterday. Hubs did a little duckie digging later in the day, and some ducky time (just sitting, enjoying the day and the ducks). #3 took the two littles into Aunt Olivia to get their hair cut. I was glad #3 needed a cut too, as that saved me from having to run them in. Hubs picked up the waverunners from where they'd been winterized and wrapped and dropped them off at his mom's house, as she has an extra spot to store them. She had been in New York and Washington for over a week and just got home last night. I got some exercise in. Hubs tightened the bolt on the elliptical, so it's back to running smoothly, which is SO wonderful. A huge difference from the clunk and squeak. Also got a treadmill time in. As this was one Saturday where I was free (usually booked with #5's games) I mentioned to Hubs that maybe we could do something. It's been months since our last "date". We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We didn't call ahead, thinking we'd be okay at 5:00, but it was busy. About 20min wait, but then we got in and got our food. I hadn't totally overeaten in the morning, but still went way over today. My appetite is back. I was hungry! Aunt Olivia had set up the evening for the two littles, and talked #1 and his wife into coming to "Pumpkin Nights" which worked out well, as they picked up our boys. Pretty late though, around 7:30, with tickets for 8:30, and not home until midnight.

1021 (Sunday) Weight 171.1. Steps 6090. Total Burn 2023. Exercise Burn 0/232 (no exercise). Calories in 3200. I didn't sleep great. It had been a lovely day yesterday, hitting 70° ... but that made it warm in the house. Too warm in the bedroom. That was the main reason I couldn't sleep I think. Seemed silly to turn on the AC though. Hubs was snoring a bit. Probably wouldn't have awakened me, but definitely kept me awake. I was also wanting to make sure the littles got home fine. I drifted in and out, and woke around 1:00 seeing a light on. I checked and it was #2 having a bit of tummy troubles. I was awake at 3:30 when #3 texted me asking me to make sure his work clothes were washed in the morning. What was HE doing awake at 3:30? Then weird dreams, and awake early, although not out of bed until 8:00. #2 was up early(ish). He usually is in bed late when he doesn't have to be up. I started making breakfast. Went with french toast today. Bacon and sausage and hashbrowns too. #1 and wife didn't join us until later. I still made them from french toast. I got some chicken marinating for dinner, and some rolls rising. Hubs did his prep work, filet mignon, then peeling potatoes. #4 did his usual RedZone football watching. A lot of talk about the family fantasy basketball too, #4 badgering #1's wife for a trade. NBA in the evening. #3 had to work, and #2 had some homework (and being vegetarian wouldn't be partaking of the steak and chicken anyway). The rolls didn't rise enough, so I made cheddar bay biscuits. It was just Hubs and I and the two littles, then #1 and wife came later for some leftovers (and took some home). Then they made cookies, a recipe my brother had recommended. I worked on a recipe book for the newlyweds to take home too, with all the classic family recipes. The boys played games. Apples to Apples. I love how #1 and wife come and encourage family game play. Hubs was tired and to bed early. I wasn't too far behind. I did turn on the AC tonight before bed.

1022 (Monday) Weight 172.2. Steps 28607. Total Burn 2964. Exercise Burn 1225/1179 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Slept better, but was awake early. Hubs was sleeping in, he said bed felt too good. I was out of bed before him, and he was in there long enough that I was about to check on him to make sure he was okay. #3 and #5 had trouble getting up early after the long weekend too. Spoiled by sleeping in. I was just 10min shy of my elliptical hour, I finished that up a little later in the day. Got the boys to school and took a detour home to hit Dunford and grab some Halloween donuts to take to the SouthZiders Halloween/Anniversary party. They had lights, costumes, and a lot of treats for after. Stats: 5932 steps. 2.57 miles. 455/326 burn. AvHR120. High141. In Zone 33 of the 65 minutes. On the way home I stopped at Smiths to grab a few things (apples, bananas, Quorn "chicken" nuggets on sale). Then I went to CalRanch to restock food and straw. Probably shouldn't if we are just going to rehome the ducks before winter ... but if we don't. I also grabbed some chicken wire and redid the fencing when I got back. It's a workout pulling those big bags of feed and bedding to the backyard shed. Four eggs today though. Blackfoot had still been on the nest in the morning when I went out with breakfast, so I didn't get them until afternoon. Light drizzle, with more rain a little later. I think the grass appreciates it as we haven't been watering. I picked up the littles and stopped at Big Daddy Pizza to give it a try. Their $5 pizza is smaller than Little Caesars, and the boys like LC a lot better. But they did like the cheesy garlic bread. I got in one treadmill time and a little Zumba practice. Dropped #5 off to catch a ride to his practice. Did the kitchen cleanup. Leftovers for dinner. #2 had a game. I wish it was a little closer (it was in Herriman), although it was at the same time I needed to drop off #5 so I couldn't have gone anyway today.

1023 (Tuesday) Weight 171.1. Steps 31557. Total Burn 3223. Exercise Burn 1500/1436 (70minElliptical, Zumba, 65min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Hubs was off early (before 5:00) and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up. Finished my first elliptical before I usually start. Got the boys up and off. Did a treadmill time before hitting Zumba. We had one new person, and Carma came today. Stats: 5935 steps. 2.59 miles. 467/388 burn. AvHR127. High147. In Zone 46 of the 59 minutes. Got some laundry in, finished up the dishes, another treadmill time and elliptical ... I admit I did a little reading. Picked up the boys from school. #3 and his friend were in the gym for much of the afternoon. I was glad I'd already gotten my workouts in. Boy, those boys can stick it up! I worked in the garden pulling out more of the tomato plants, filling up the borrowed green waste container. Still two tomato plants to go, and a few other plant detritus that will have to wait for an empty bin. Nothing really going on tonight, no games, practices, derbies. Hubs hit the hot tub after work. #3 showed up with a couple of girls to help him make the poster to answer his Sadie's date ... Hubs didn't want to come in through the kitchen past them in his swim suit, so he went around the front of the house (hoped nobody out there was watching) and came in through the garage. We were both tired from our early morning. Early to rise ... early to bed.

1024 (Wednesday) Weight 171.4. Steps 31945. Total Burn 3113. Exercise Burn 1360/1323 (70minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Weird dreams. Several different ones. #5 in swimming lessons (it's been ages), stuff with my college friends ... that one isn't as surprising I guess, as one of the LD Singers from my year died a day ago and there has been a lot of talk on Facebook. Hubs was off a little after 5:00. I was awake but didn't get up until 5:40 or so. Got my first elliptical in and woke the boys. Dealt with some kitty barf ... at least it was on the hardwood, not the carpet. Got in two elliptical sessions and a treadmill time in the morning, dropped the boys off and was off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6206 steps. 2.71 miles. 428/363 burn. AvHR123. High147. In Zone 41 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at DT on the way home. Wanted to restock noodles, and get some bungee cords. Found both those things and a few more. At home, #1 stopped by to talk. He's been struggling with anxiety with all the bills and responsibilities of married life, work and school. Chalk up another child who overestimated their ability with schooling (as #3 and #4 did this year). More work in the garden. Put the bins out for garbage day tomorrow. Prepped for cleaners. Finished up a basketball blog post. #5 had open gym in the evening. I picked up a couple of his teammates and did the drop off at 6:30, and one of the other moms did the 8:00 pickup. Hubs and #4 did a derby. Brought home Popeyes ... which I can't help eating even if I'm not that hungry.

1025 (Thursday) Weight 172.0. Steps 28831. Total BUrn 3012. Exercise Burn 1247/1236 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Didn't sleep great last night. Up for a while in the night ... did finish both my books (one on my Kindle app, one on my Kindle, lending library). A little hard to pull out of bed, but I still beat Hubs up. Started with a 20min elliptical, but then just got a 10 before taking the boys to school. Thursdays are always a little tough, as I need to unload the dishwasher in the morning and get the dirty dishes out of the sink. Fed the ducks and gathered the eggs (just two today), then one more 10min elliptical, then off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6689 steps. 2.94 miles. 493/360 burn. AvHR126. High154. In Zone 45 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Lowes to grab a tarp for the duck pen, then Sam'sClub for a few things. While there, I got a text from #4 saying he felt sick and could I come get him. Arrrgg... today after school we have an appointment (rescheduled three times now) for his PCCR. Reschedule again I guess. I went and picked him up and he slept most of the day. One treadmill time. Back to the school to get #5 ... I asked him if he'd be willing to do the derby tonight with Dad. #4 was planning on it but now with feeling sick he was out of commission. #5 wanted to hit open gym again. #3 was in the gym with his friend, lifting. I asked if he worked tonight. He didn't, but had a school dance. That boy likes to dance, no way he'd miss that. I wasn't sure if #2 would be home in time, or willing after a full day of work. I mentioned to Hubs that #1 had the day off, and he did end up going to help. I ended up driving carpool to/from open gym tonight. Might as well take my turn here on these closer and earlier nights when I can, as the other parents help me out so much. Did some reorganizing in the master bath, emptying out a couple drawers, and thus emptying the countertop. Then 20 more minutes on the elliptical, as I needed that to finish up my hour for the day... and to finish my movie.

1026 (Friday) Weight 169.6. Steps 21923. Total Burn 2614. Exercise Burn 870/835 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Had the alarm set for 8:30, but woke around 6:30. Got in a half hour on the elliptical, then headed out to Zumba. #4 was awake, hitting the hot tub. Feeling a bit better. #3 and #5 were still sleeping when I left at 9:00. Stats: 6200 steps. 2.6 miles. 445/297 burn. AvHR121. High145. In Zone 36 of the 62 minutes. I'd planned on stopping at Maceys on the way home to grab some sale items (gallon of ice cream for $3.99) but #4 had plans with his friends at 10:00. I'd told him to have #3 take him if he was awake, and that he could wake him up if he wasn't awake by then ... but waking a brother can be a dangerous thing. #4 opted to wait, even though I told him I likely wouldn't be back until 10:30, which was when I got home coming straight from class. He was waiting and I took him to his friend's house. They had a "Big Brother" game planned, with challenges and such, and it lasted all day. I stopped at Smiths, as it was on the way home and they too had a couple weekend specials going on. Home to unload the few groceries, then one treadmill time. #5 had his usual practice, so I dropped him off at 5:30. I did my Maceys stop then, as it was on the way home. Ran into #1 and his wife in the parking lot, they were out for a run. Pretty quiet evening at home. #2 and his girlfriend were around, and #3 was around too. I guess football season at the school is over. That has occupied him on Friday nights for the past several weeks. I had a coupon for Papa Murphy's pizza, 50% off, so I texted #1 to see if they had eaten, if they would be interested in grabbing pizza and coming over. Hubs likes the chicken garlic, but he's the only one besides #1, so we'd never order it on our own. I placed the order online and had it paid for ... but the store was so disorganized and didn't have it ready for #1 when he stopped by. They made the one wrong (just large, not family sized, thin crust instead of regular) so that was a bit frustrating. Got one of the jack-o-lanturn (pepperoni pizza) too, as well as breadsticks and my simple white sauce pizza. It was GONE. People tease me about it, but then they eat it all! End of the month, so spent some time making sure all the bills are paid. Hubs had a nice bonus, so it all worked out this month ;) New school boundary options were posted ... I'd had such high hopes of things working out for #4 and #5, but this new plan disrupts everything again :(

1027 (Saturday) Weight 170.1. Total Burn 1943. Exercise Burn 0/164 (no exercise). Calories in 2100. Sleep wasn't good. I was awake in the night for hours stressing about the boundary stuff. I fell back asleep in the early hours and then slept in until after 8:00. Nice to have that option anyway. Chatted with Hubs a bit in the morning about plans for the day. We had a family party in the evening (his side) that I was planning on, not realizing he had a work party. I was a bit bummed about that and the lack of communication. The rest of the family was able to make the party, except for #3 who had to work. But before that, #5 had three basketball games. 10:00, 1:00 and 5:00. Whew. The first game was tight the entire time, and our boys lost by one. We had a couple last minute chances but the shots didn't go in. At least #5 handled it all well ... at least until we got out into the car, then he was a little emotional. Tough loss. The other two games were easy wins. Hubs had left for his work shindig. He was very involved in prep, smoking meat and such. While the drive to Maga's house isn't beyond my abilities, it's one I'm not quite comfortable with, especially in the dark. I'd asked #2 if he'd be okay driving the Durango with me and the littles instead of driving separately with his girlfriend. They were okay with that, so that's what we did. #1 and wife beat us there. It was a nacho bar, then birthday cake, celebrating Aunt Olivia. She and I chatted quite a bit at the end about #1's situation (she works at Discover with him and is aware of what's going on) ... much to the chagrin of the boys who were more than ready to head home as we talked and talked. Hubs wasn't home until around midnight. I was actually still awake (very unlike me). This past week Facebook had been buzzing with my college crowd, as one of our LD Singers friends passed away unexpectedly. Undiagnosed lymphoma. He'd gone in thinking it was the flu, and died just a few days later. Lots of reminiscing, although I never know what to say. My sister also knew Shawn. There were a bunch of guys there pre-mission her year, then back post-mission when I was there. My sister came up from St. George for the funeral (mini-reunion too) and offered to give me a ride, but with the basketball games and I just don't deal with funerals well. Unless it's absolutely expected that I go ... I don't go.

1028 (Sunday) Weight 170.8. Steps 10980. Total Burn 2331. Exercise Burn 420/546 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Not a good night. Awake uber early and I finally just gave up and got up. Got a few things done on the computer and then Hubs got up. I went back in to get ready for the day (my weigh-in, dressing) then tended to the ducks. Made breakfast. Waffles were requested. I usually pass on making waffles myself, Hubs, #1 or #3 do that duty. But as none of them were around I went ahead and prepped them. Fried some bacon and sausage ... I'd meant to bake some potatoes for hashbrowns but I'd not gotten around to it. #1 and wife were coming from church, and the rest of us had finished up. There was one waffle left, and I made a couple french toast to supplement the waffle and bacon. Those two stayed most of the day, playing games with the boys. I love the Sunday game days! They played a new version of Monopoly, and then Apples to Apples later. I got the kitchen cleaned up. Hubs grabbed a nap, then I did. Woke to #1's dog yipping as our kitty had attacked him. Those two do NOT get along. I'd pulled a lasagna I'd made earlier out for dinner, then ended up making spaghetti too, so vegetarian #2 would have something to eat too (fake beef crumbles). #4 and #5 preferred spaghetti too, but not vegetarian, so I ended up making another batch of regular spaghetti and sauce as well. We'll have some leftovers, but that's a good thing. Hubs spent some time in the back, ducky time. He opened the fence to let them roam the full yard while he sat in his chair outside. It was a lovely day. In the 70°s. #1 made his big chocolate chip cookies again. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher again, but still have a sink full of dishes. I'd washed clothes first thing, but the dryer just doesn't get things done completely without a second run, so #3's pants weren't quite done for work. I had to pull out everything and dry just them to get them done in time. Two elliptical sessions in, one to start the day, one to finish it up. Watched the latest "Grey's Anatomy". #2 and his girl's Halloween costume this year is Matthew and April from Grey's ;)

1029 (Monday) Weight 171.2. Steps 24853. Total Burn 2944. Exercise Burn 1235/1170 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 32min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1300. Not a good night. I was awake much of it. I was able to get my hour of elliptical in early. Zumba w/Kirsten today. Carma couldn't come, so I did some numbers to help out. Stats: 5620 steps. 2.44 miles. 426/362 burn. AvHR 125. High 148. In Zone 42 of the 57 minutes. Stopped at Reams on the way home. Restocked frozen peas for the ducks. Had to spend some time reorganizing the freezer to get everything to fit. One treadmill time. After school, we had the PCCR meeting (finally) with #4's counselor. #5 had to wait through it too, and it took almost an hour. Some good information, although with him being #4, not really anything I didn't know, and I hope nothing that overwhelms Mr. Anxiety. I rested my eyes for about 30 min in the early evening. #5 had practice and I drove the kids out today. It's about an hour round trip. Happily I didn't have to stay, and #5 was able to get a ride home after.

1030 (Tuesday) Weight 169.2. Steps 26518. Total Burn 2900. Exercise Burn 1223/1160 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Bad night. Again. Hubs dropped right off, but I wasn't able to fall asleep until almost midnight. The awake again around three for a couple hours. Fell asleep just in time to have my alarm wake me. Time to face the day. At least the scale was somewhat motivating. Got my hour of elliptical in early. Dropped the boys off to school, then Zumba over at the church. Cathyleen's last day, as she's switching her work to Tuesdays so her Mondays can be free for her missionary's P-day. Bonnie had a dentist appointment. Barbara was there and Mirabel came a little late. Stats: 6161 steps. 2.69 miles. 455/369 burn. AvHR123. High151. In zone 45 of the 62 minutes. Back at home I got in treadmill time, but wasn't feeling particularly motivated. At least I've been keeping calories in check. Picked the kids up after school. Nothing really on deck for the evening.

1031 (Wednesday) Weight 168.6. Steps 28315. Total Burn 1296/1261 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Happy Halloween. None of the school boys wore costumes to class, even though it was allowed (within rules). I got my hour of elliptical in early, and then headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7565 steps. 3.25 miles. 544/444 burn. AvHR122. High155. In Zone 46 of the 72 minutes. It was a larger class, as the other Wednesday one was combined. They figured many moms would be at the schools with young kids. Halloween parades today. Not for me ... no more elementary kids at our house! I came straight home after class today. Wasn't super productive though, a little draggy. Got in one treadmill time, and raked leaves, filling up the green waste. I didn't want to put the bins out, just in case there were troublesome trick-or-treaters. Not really worried about it, just playing it safe. #5 got invited to go trick-or-treating with his friends, so I dropped him off. He had a simple basketball costume, whereas his three friends were super scary. He got a ride home after. #1 had texted requesting sugar cookie pumpkins (a semi-tradition) so I made some in the afternoon. He and his wife came over in the evening to frost and decorate. It was just me and #4 home before they came over, and #4 wasn't really around (hot-tub then in his room, he's continued to be downcast). It was a little lonely. Hubs had gone straight from work to make an appearance at my oldest nephew's wedding. He's a bit out there. There were doing a Victorian theme, he wore a kilt. It was downtown (I don't do downtown). #3 had to work ... he said it didn't feel like Halloween at all.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Week #273 (171.2)

Another weekly weigh-in. Back to my active self this week. It felt good. Steps and active minutes were up. Not sure what was up with my Fitbit "flights" this week! They went cRaZy (as you can see below).  Generally I can get my 10 per day or a few more, for 70-100 for the week.

NUMBERS: Official weight down 1 pound. Average was up a smidgen (.17 to 171.03). Unlike last week, where I kept calories under 2000 several times (goal), it was just once this week. Still had a small deficit (-921) with average intake 2314 and average burn 2743. Three days with 3000+ burn. Two 30k days.  Cardio minutes were 800/884/1007/1208. Step average 22,822 with 61.57 logged miles.
The Versa's steps were a little closer to the One this week, 
with the Zip at the Hip much higher, per usual.

EXERCISE: I achieved my hour of elliptical four days, and got some elliptical in two additional days. Four days with treadmill time, one with double duty. Five Zumba classes. I know, I need to get back to weight workouts! #3 and a friend have been working the weights in the home gym a LOT lately.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving and getting groceries. Quite a bit of time in the yard, pulling out plants. Not sure how many more times I'll mow this year. Three basketball games for #5 ... all on Saturday. Family time at the inlaws, birthday bash for Aunt Olivia.

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (1022) Back to my usual ... got my hour of elliptical, Zumba and one treadmill time. Some shopping steps and extra activity, lugging 50lb bags of grain (duck feed) and bedding bales to the backyard. Rigged a new fence to keep the ducks in one section of the yard (they just poop all over!). #5 had practice in the evening. #2 had a basketball game. 28607 steps. 2964 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Tuesday (1023) 30k day. Got in my hour of elliptical, with 10min extra too. Taught Zumba over at the church. Two treadmill times. More work in the garden, pulling out all the frost-bitten tomato plants. 31557 steps. 3223 burn. 2400 intake. 
  • Wednesday (1024) Again, got 70min elliptical in. Zumba w/MZL, and I did a little extra on my own as well. One treadmill time. More garden work. Bins filled up and out for collection tomorrow. #5 had open gym over at the high school. Hubs and #4 did a derby. 31945 steps. 3113 burn. 2400 intake.
  • Thursday (1025) My mornings on Thursdays are a little off schedule, I only got 40min elliptical in early. Drove the boys to school and then off to Zumba w/MZL. Some grocery shopping steps, then a treadmill time at home. No garden today. Had to check #4 out of school, he was feeling sick. Some cleaning out of cabinets and drawers in the master bathroom. I got in one more elliptical session, finishing up my hour. Hubs and #1 did a derby. 28831 steps. 3012 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Friday (1026) End of quarter, the kids were out of school. So I was able to make Zumba w/MZL. Hurried home to take #4 to hang with friends for the day. Stopped for a few groceries on the way home. Got a half hour of elliptical in, and one treadmill time. #5 had practice in the evening. I dropped him off, then stopped at a different grocery store while I was out (different sales at different stores ... thus the multiple trips). Picked up #4 around 9:30 ... glad he wasn't staying super late like some of the other times.  21923 steps. 2614 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Saturday (1027) No exercise today. #5 had three basketball games, so that kept us pretty busy. Hubs had a work function, the rest of us went to a family party in the evening. Combo Halloween/Bday bash. 5913 steps. 1943 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Sunday (1028) Two 20min sessions on the elliptical, one to start the day, one to end it. Awake early, couldn't sleep. School stress (upcoming boundary changes) and other stuff. Family breakfast of waffles, bacon, sausage, Italian dinner (lasagna and spaghetti). A bunch of malts and shakes for everyone in the afternoon. Game time, Monopoly and Apples to Apples, plus a little spikeball outside. #1 made his big chocolate chip cookies in the evening. With all the eating I was over on intake! 10980 steps. 2331 burn. 2800 intake.
*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
 Making a commitment to spend a little more time in the gym, I figured I'd use some movies as motivation (I start/stop during the day, but like to finish before bed). Four movies this week. Spotlight (2015) was interesting. The Gift (2015) was okay. Hurricane Heist (2018) ... well, that was pretty over the top, but I was okay with it, I allowed myself to be entertained rather than taking it at all seriously. The Duchess (2008) was pretty slow. Just okay.  To fill in any extra workout sessions, I'm back to "The Walking Dead" season 8. Upstairs, watching "Yellowstone" with Hubs. Not too impressed with it, even though it had been highly recommended by a friend.

Five Featured Photos ... (Halloween Theme!)

 #3 and and Star Wars gang. School Halloween dance. 

 Family party ...

Close Ups of a Couple Costumes...
 They are April Kepner and Matthew, from Grey's Anatomy

The newlyweds didn't dress up ... but they dressed up their pets :)

Sunday games again ... Monopoly and Apples to Apples

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