Saturday, January 24, 2015

WWI #79

Well ... didn't go down this week. Last week's weigh-in was the lowest it went as I look back on this past week. It wasn't a bad week, but it wasn't quite the usual routine.

  • School out: The kids were home Monday (for MLK) and Friday (end of quarter). They boys are really good, so having them around doesn't impact me negatively, but I just don't get up as early and get moving. 
  • Hubs out of town: Hubs left Monday and got back Thursday. He always gets up and off early, so that encourages me to do the same. Without him around (and #2's early morning driver's ed concluded last week) I did sleep in a little this week. Often I do stay up later, and sometimes get more evening stuff in when hubs is gone, but not this week.
  • Anxiety issues: #4 really struggled going back to school on Tuesday after the long weekend. Add to that the incident last Friday (his teacher had a seizure) , and then his teacher was still out ... my poor child had a meltdown. I ended up homeschooling him part days on Tues and Wed. We did do a lot of one-on-one stuff, it was good. I was proud he made it back to school for Thursday (it was a short day).
  • TOM: It's that time of the month. I hate it. 
  • New kitty: We haven't been a pet family, but the kids have wanted a dog or cat for a long time. I finally caved on the kitty front. #1 had been looking for the past several weeks and Monday he took the two little boys and picked up a kitty from the Humane Society. His name is Oreo (that was actually his name at the shelter, but it is a perfect fit for our family). He's four months old and the boys are very happy to have him. While he hasn't really impacted my routine ... I think he makes me a little lazy! I mean HE is always sleeping, and I stop to pet him often when I usually keep moving.
A couple kitty pictures ...
 Hubs can't blame me for this clog!

 Silly Sleeper

I really tried to control calories better, as I know that is the key to getting the scale to move. We went out to dinner Monday night with my folks. I didn't feel I went overboard, but the scale did jump the next morning. I had another bad eating day on Thursday, nothing in particular, just lots of snacking. Cookies! Exercise was pretty much on track. I got in my elliptical and Zumba Mon-Fri. I did some bike and treadmill too, and also did a weight workout. 

NUMBERS: Up .6, but the average went down -.41.  Average intake was 2286. Average burn was 2902 which ended with a deficit for the week, albeit a tiny one. -510.

As usual, there were basketball games and practices. I did spend some time at the computer this week turning the video clips into a highlight reel. You can see the video here. I'll be watching a couple more games on Saturday. That's the life of a basketball mom!

Next week should be pretty normal. Routine and structure. Hopefully I can control my calories and shift the scale to under 150 again ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Still FitBitting

Lights Out :(

Just over a week ago ... Friday, January 9, there was a death in our Fitbit Family. MY Fitbit. My last sync had been at 3:14. I attempted to look at my stats around 4:00 and ... nothing. No lights. I didn't panic immediately. In my four years of having a Fitbit, I think this (or having the numbers showing but frozen) had happened once or twice. Previously, resetting the Fitbit had got it working again.

This time ... the reset did not work. I tried a few times. I pulled out an alternate charger to try the reset. I left it on the charger just in case the battery had somehow gotten that low without me noticing. No luck. My Fitbit wasn't the only thing to die that afternoon. My motivation died as well. As many pedometer people may ask ...

I mean OF COURSE they do. But ... I could have, should have hit the elliptical again, but I didn't. I wanted to get some reading in, and I usually ride (with the Fitbit on my sock to pick up "steps") ... but I just read in bed. No motivation if I wasn't going to get a little spike on my activity graph. 

Now, Fitbit is renowned for their great customer service ... but, I had purchased my Fitbit almost two years ago, so I really didn't think I'd have much luck. Besides, even by chance if they would replace it, that would mean WAITING. I was NOT willing to wait! All my thoughts Friday evening were of going out and getting a new Fitbit. I should have just done it that night.

I am a frugal sort. I did want to get the best deal I could at short notice. Amazon had the best prices, but even with Prime and 2-day shipping, that would require a WAIT. I had built up $35 in credit (thanks to my old Fitbit) at Walgreens, but while they sold Fitbits online, they didn't have them at the store for immediate pickup. Bed,Bath&Beyond did, and I usually have a 20% off coupon around (Fitbit was not listed as one of the many exclusions), but all mine were expired. I finally just gave up and went to Best Buy, where it was $94.99 and we got points for our purchase.

It felt SO GREAT to be back in business!

I have since heard from Fitbit customer service and go figure, they ARE sending out a replacement one! I suppose I could return my new purchase, but I think I'll just hang onto the extra one so I'll never be in the terrible situation of being without a Fitbit again. I know #4 would like a ONE, rather than his Zip (backlight) ... although he really wants the new Charge!

I've mentioned Fitbit Customer service before. It really is great. Because everyone in our family (immediate and now extended too) has a Fitbit, we have had a few problems here and there. I had recently contacted customer service about some of our silicone cases. I do think the design of the ONE is an improvement over the original Ultra, but the cases are not without their issues. A couple of the little tips had come off of our Ones and Zips. It makes them really had to put on. The metal tip poked through the material of my bra on occasion, and my son, wearing his on his waist had received a good scratch.

I simply sent this photo to Fitbit and asked if replacement cases were a possibility and they immediately sent new ones out. We'd had to do this once before with #1's Flex (when he was wearing the Flex). Hubs is now using the Flex, but he just slips it into his pocket rather than wearing the wristband.

Speaking of the Hubs ... He's TRYING to catch me!

He's in Vegas on a business trip. Lots of walking, and he was still making exercise a priority as he packed. He was pretty proud yesterday, asking me if I'd seen his steps. He was at 25K. Very impressive. I ... hit 31K. What can I say, I had a good day. I'm sure glad my Fitbit was up and running to catch all my steps!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

It's Monday?

It doesn't feel like Monday. The kids aren't in school due to the MLK holiday. There was sleeping in, a late breakfast, and we're going out with family tonight. Not my usual "Motivated Monday"  but I'll still do my best!  It was a great Zumba class this morning and I've done one elliptical session so far. My littlest one had some homework due tomorrow. A worksheet on Martin Luther King Jr. It was fun to help him work through it and learn a little more about the man myself.

As usual for my Monday, I'm linking up with MIMM and recapping the weekend. It was a memorable one. On Friday, #2 was playing in a big basketball game over at the high school. Normally it's just me and #3 coming to watch, sometimes Daddy will try to hit the game. But this week, it was a big fundraiser dinner, so all the brothers, Maga, Aunt Ana and her boys, were there. And what a game it was! This was against our main rival, and it was ending up tied at the end of every quarter ... including the fourth. So into overtime. Just a second left on the clock, it's tied up again and MY SON, from way behind the 3-point line is passed the ball ...

Check out the video below!

It was SO awesome! A link to all the game highlights is here. I spent some of my Saturday and Sunday going through the clips and making the video. I have video from two other basketball games (#3 and #5 played on Saturday, I'll need to get to them at some point too *Ü*  Basketball Mom!)

Also on Saturday, Hubs and I played racquetball again. I'm so glad we've got back to the court! We used to do it all the time. I hope we can keep it up, it's a perfect Saturday activity for me! 

Another Saturday event ...

With five active boys, we've never had a broken window! The weather was quite nice on Saturday, and the boys were playing outside. Makeshift baseball with a piece of pipe and a hard ball. The pipe ended up flying. It was quite the crash for those of us in the house! Broken glass everywhere, inside and out. Right now we have a nice piece of cardboard over the broken pane, I'm not sure when we'll get around to having it replaced.

Even though we just HAD Saturday, it SO feels like a Saturday today! This week will be a little off schedule. Hubs will be out of town for a few days, which can impact my days/nights. The kids are out of school on Friday too (for the end of the quarter).  My son's early morning driver's ed is now done (YEA!) so I don't need to make an additional early morning carpool to the school every day. I SHOULD still continue to get up early and get started on my day, but, we'll see.

How was your weekend?

Friday, January 16, 2015

WWI #78 - Going Down Again

It was a decent week. I'm still really struggling with keeping calories in check. I've just seemed extra hungry lately! And not for anything good. These past few days were busy.  Once again ... I'm getting my Friday blog post up late. 

I've really tried to stay on top of things ... entering my numbers, keeping up with my daily doings journal entries, Daily Mile and Walker Tracker (you can get more details on my daily exercise on either of those sites, or my Day to Day Doings page).  If I  just enter them daily, then I don't have a big catch up waiting for me at the end of the week as I attempt this post. I'm doing better, but I do still have to catch up on a couple of entries ...

I try to use Sunday to get completely caught up and then be able to start the next week fresh and ready. Daily Mile posts to Facebook on Monday morning, so if I haven't updated everything then my stats look pretty miserable! This next week will be a little off schedule. The kids are out Mon (for the MLK holiday) and Fri (end of quarter). 

As for this past week:  NUMBERS ... down 1.7 pounds from last week. Average went down 1.3. Good, but only putting my back to where I was a couple of weeks ago, when I'd started, but not finished, my holiday gains. Still eating too much, too many treats. Average intake was 2314. Average burn slipped a little to 2714. I did end up with a deficit for the week, but only -865.

Gotta do better!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Laundry ~ Love and Loathing

Laundry ... it's never ending, right?
And when you are an avid exerciser, it adds up even faster!

The hubs goes through spurts ... being very active and eating healthy to, well, not doing that so much. I remember one of the "on" times a while back, he actually apologized for the extra laundry his workouts were adding. Of course I told him not to worry about it. I was happy he was being healthy. This go round, he's been doing his own laundry. I asked him if this was out of guilt, or just necessity (only having a couple pieces of workout wear, and needing them washed immediately so he could wear them again the next day. He could buy more, but he's hoping to not be this size for very long). It was the latter. #2, my basketball boy is in the same boat. He has a practice jersey that he wears every day, so he generally runs a small load for it as well. 

Our washer stays busy! With these two small loads, in addition to those I do to keep the house running. I pretty much do a load of laundry every single day. I do divide some things into whites and darks. I also have a basket for linens, and wash those together. For the five boys ... they each have their own individual dirty clothes hamper and I just wash all their things together (unless it is something that specifically needs to go in the white/dark loads). This is mainly just to save time when putting things away. It's a little hard to tell which shirts/shorts/socks go to which kid when sorting, so I just keep them all separate. 

So ... if you have loads of laundry each week, would you rather do ONE load of laundry every day or spend ONE day doing it all? I do the former. Here are some random thoughts  I've had about laundry lately ... 
  • Why are there dozens of socks, shorts and shirts, and only two pairs of underwear?
  • I love the smell of bleach. It just smells clean.
  • Well that shirt shrunk! (Luckily with five boys, I can just move it down a closet).
  • I love that my older boys do their own laundry.
  • Now #3's white shirt is pink.
  • Got to lotion up ... folding clothes (especially towels) strips the moisture from my hands!
  • While I don't love doing laundry, NOT BEING ABLE to do laundry (broken washer/dryer) is much, MUCH worse!
  • I like the Pinterest tip on making my own dry laundry soap!
  • When it's cold outside, I really don't mind folding the clothes right out of the dryer.
  • The dryer is done but I'm too busy to fold right now ... I'll just run it again a bit later. Then again. Then again.
  • Turn the buzzer off on the dryer, it's too noisy.
  • What is  that clanging around the dryer? Hope it's not a Fitbit!
  • Oops ... washed and dried a pen. I hope the black marks are baked on the dryer walls and don't come off on other clothes.
  • Why must the boys live out of their laundry basket? Put the clothes away please. And return the laundry basket, I need it.
  • Does this really need to be air dried? The dryer is so much easier! 
  • Whoever designed this dryer and put the lint trap on the top should be shot!
  • Throw the couple "extra/alone" socks in the "solitary sock box" ... I'll go through it at some point and find some matches.
I actually don't mind doing laundry. I prefer it over other cleaning duties (dishes, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, etc). While the older boys generally do their own loads, I usually still fold them. Even though I see them in their clothes, it's always a time for me to really look, and see which ones they are wearing, which are the favorites, remind myself of their sizes. I enjoy the orderly piles, the matched up socks, the folded shirts. When the boys were little, I'd then have to put everything away too, but they are all big enough now. For the upstairs boys (#1, #4 and #5) I lay them out on their beds, so they really have no choice but to put the clean clothes away. The downstairs boys (#3 and #4) I fold upstairs and place them in a laundry basket. These almost never get put away, the boys just pick out of the baskets. It drives me crazy!

I'll leave you with five funnies ...


We don't think about laundry that much, we just do it.
What are some of your random thoughts?
Do any match mine?
Linking up with Thinking Out Loud *Ü*

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's Wednesday ...

I like alliteration. If you look back on my blog posts, watch the wording of my terrific titles, you will probably see that. So many of the link-ups out there also adopt alliteration, Wednesday being one. There is Workout Wednesday, Weigh-In Wednesday, and What I Ate Wednesday, just to name a few. I wasn't sure which one to work on this Wednesday, so I figured I'd hit all three *Ü* Wonderful!

The scale said 154.9 this morning. Not wonderful.

I weigh-in every day, but my official day is Friday. I do usually join the Weigh-In Wednesday link-up late, only linking up on an actual Wednesday if I'm discussing something else weight related. I thought I would share my updated weight graph today. 2014 has come to a close, so I thought it would be good to post it in comparison to my previous years (last year's line is in gray). It was a pretty steady year, right there in my "comfort zone happy place" of 150-155 pounds for most of it. I did have a little dip Octoberish, but the packed on some holiday pounds to end the year. It's always interesting to take a really broad view of my weight, looking at it over years, not just the weekly check in.

 We had pancakes for breakfast ...

It's the eating! I actually enjoy exercise, but I have NOT mastered my eating. Thus the constant struggle. I to track on MFP at least, and try to control my calories. Because I don't have much good or inspirational eating advice, I don't participate in the What I Ate Wednesday link-up very often. But I have really been thinking about what I've been eating lately, as it's been SO hard keeping calories in check. I think one of the reasons is our big breakfasts. Normally, I'm not much of a breakfast gal. Yes, I know ... "most important meal of the day" and all, but I'm usually just not that hungry. If I eat, those are 200-500 calories that I wouldn't have consumed otherwise. Over the holiday break, I made quite a few breakfasts for the boys. Pancakes, waffles, french toast, muffins, cocoa and toast, cinnamon rolls (yes, we like the breads) ... sometimes scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns too. Even with the boys going back to school, they are still expecting me to make them breakfast (go figure!) Before, it seems like they would just grab a banana or some cereal, things I didn't have to take time to make and then be tempted to eat myself. I'd think I'd do better off going back to eating my "breakfast" around noon ... 

Lastly, there is Workout Wednesday ( #wowlinkup)
 I do participate in the Workout Wednesday link up quite often. Working out ... that is something I seem to have endless ideas to talk about, things worth sharing. I like the exercise and activity part of this attempted healthy lifestyle! One of my main workouts is Zumba. I go Mon-Fri, to five different classes. While I love all my instructors, their different styles and steps, I don't know that I could go to the same class everyday without getting a little burned out. So I switch it up! Today, my Wednesday class was having a theme. "Black and White" ... ok, that is pretty much my usual attire (Lacking in Color Confidence).  These theme days can be fun though! It's their Wacky Wednesday ... look, more alliteration!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Recent Reads - Digi Series

When I first discovered digital reading, I was a bit frustrated that e-books were often still as expensive as a physical copy. It just seemed like they SHOULD be less expensive, as they didn't require materials, printing, etc.  I have found that there are many e-books that are offered for free or greatly reduced prices. Today I thought I'd spotlight a couple of my favorite series I read last year.

I started the "Saving Mars" series in January of last year. Book 1 had been offered for free, and then the first three books were offered in a set for $.99. I read all three and really enjoyed them. Books four and five were out, but I knew there was a sixth book set. I postponed finishing reading the series until the final book was out for I could read them back to back... I'll also admit I was watching for any deals on the final three books too (I'm cheap!). I ended up buying the final three (about $4-$5 each, a deal was offered after I'd already purchased mine but I think the prices have gone up again). 

I really like how the covers are so consistent through the series. The individual books have run together a bit in my mind, yet I remember each book having a definite conclusion (no big cliffhangers) while leaving things open for the next book. Sometimes I just have to wonder where these authors come up with all the unique details and world building. This series takes place on a struggling Mars colony, and on Earth ... but there are some interesting changes here (re-bodying!).  Anyway, these books were fun and easy to read, and clean (from a parental perspective). As far as I know, this six series set is only available as a digital download.

Another series I read last year was "The Frost Chronicles" ... a set of five books.  I can't remember where I heard about this one, but as an Amazon Prime member, I get to borrow a book from the Kindle Lending Library once a month. I picked this as one of my selections.

This series introduced us to a small village in a harsh landscape. Out in the woods roam monsters called "Watchers" ... I couldn't help but recall the movie "Watcher in the Woods" from my younger days (I can't remember the actual plot of the movie, just the title). The setting also had some parallels to M.NightShyamalan's "The Village"(I wondered if the twist there might come into play, but it didn't.) At the end of this book, I couldn't help but think of "Stargate" ...

I really liked the book and was anxious to continue on with the series. Not quite anxious enough to spend money to buy the next books ... but I was always waiting for the end of the month to come, for my Kindle borrowing limit to reset, so I could download the next book. I'd finish them in just a few days (even though I had to read them exclusively on my Kindle, which means I couldn't read them on my phone while I was out and about). 

 ... I remember being a bit disappointed in book 2 (Thorns). Many books suffer as a series continues. It was just a little depressing, not much action. I was happy when  book 3 and the remaining books came back to the level of book 1. There is the stereotypical love triangle here ... no real winner between the boys for me, I'd root for the one that was the most present at the time. These books did tend to just END, leaving me hanging for the next book.

But both this series and the Saving Mars series had long term endings at the final conclusion. Like in Harry Potter, where it then quickly sums up years, giving the reader a glimpse of the future for the characters we've grown to love. That is always a definite ending for a series. The Frost Chronicles actually have a couple novellas ... which I haven't read. Like I said, I'm cheap. I have a hard time paying $2 for those tiny reads.

I do believe the Frost Chronicles are published in print, as well as digital format, but they are less expensive as an e-book. And if you are part of Kindle Unlimited, or Prime, you can read them for free.

Has anyone else enjoyed these series?

Reading is part of my exercise routine. I read while I ride my stationary bike. I prefer the ease of digital reading and am featuring a "Recent Reads" topic the 2nd Tuesday of each month on the blog.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mondays and Marshmallows (Weekend Recap)

We've been having some nice weather (relatively speaking for January!) but today it's dark and dreary  and rainy. It started going downhill over the weekend. I came home from one of my outings to small white things all over the front lawn. I wondered if we'd been hit by a hailstorm. It wasn't hail. It was mini marshmallows. The marshmallows in this last bag I bought were covered by a chalky substance. I guess the boys thought it would be fun to throw them at each other (they left white marks all over as you can see in the picture above). That was just ONE of the goings on this past weekend. Other items were ...

  • Gadget Upgrades: My son upgraded my phone to IOS8 withOUT my permission. I had purposely NOT upgraded as I don't like change and had heard about some bugs. Oh well. I can't tell too much difference yet. I also went out and bought a new Fitbit. My old one died on Friday afternoon. Customer service may replace it, but I couldn't wait, I needed a new one NOW. I also got batteries for my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and installed them (it wasn't nearly as intimidating as I thought it would be) so I really hope it will work better from now on!
  • Return to Racquetball: The Hubs and I used to play racquetball together quite, but it's been years. Hubs felt he was in shape enough to try it (without risking a heart attack) so we went over the weekend and it was so fun! Good burn without even feeling like a workout! I hope we can do it weekly.
  • Broken Nose?: Poor #3 got hit hard in his game on Saturday. His nose was bleeding bad and looked just a little crooked. We wondered if it might be broken. He stayed to support the team but didn't play for the rest of the game (and without him they lost by one). I took him to the Instacare to have it checked out. They didn't rule out a broken nose, but couldn't say if it needed further treatment or just rest and ice. We were told to keep an eye on it and follow up with an ENT if we felt it still looked or felt funny after a few days.
Spending a couple hours at the Instacare wasn't in the plan for the weekend, but I guess it could have been worse. We had a family dinner out at "Italian Village" which is famous for their "pizza benders". I don't do pizza, so I had fettuccine alfredo, which wasn't that great and not worth the calories. Some weekend splurges were Hubs yummy chocolate malt, and my yummy lemon jello cake.

So yes ... weight is up a little after the weekend, as it is wont to do. This coming week is a busy one! I'll be glad to get it over with. A lot going on with the boys basketball. I'm on duty to make lunches for their away game on Tuesday. There is a big dinner on Friday which each player had to sell tickets to, provide two $50 giftbaskets, and then we parents get to work the dinner. I'll be glad when it's over!

 Basketball practices and/or games every night of the week.  My oldest, in prep for his mission, is also going through the temple this week. So that's another thing complicating the week a bit. I hope I can still get in all my exercise and not fall into any emotional/stress eating!

Wish me luck! 
How was your weekend?
Linking up with MIMM.

Friday, January 9, 2015

WWI #77~ Three Pounds Down BUT ...

Last week there was a pretty big bump up in the scale. This week I'm down three pounds, which sounds great, but in the big picture, it's just putting me back in my plateau place where I have been for SO long. It's actually depressing to see the "26 pounds lost" MFP badge in my sidebar, and then catch that same badge on a "link within" previous post thumbnail and see that I was there back for WWI#12 over two years ago. I mean I am close to where I want to be for maintenance, but if I'm going to maintain, I want it to be under 150, I want that MFP badge to show 30pounds (or more) lost.

The scale shock last week did motivate me to have a pretty good weekend. I got quite a bit of activity in Friday and Saturday (I did have a rest day on Sunday). I thought I'd be totally ready to restart the week, with the return to the routine after the holidays ... but there was a hitch. I'd done a weight workout on Saturday, my first one in a while and I was SO sore!

My Monday morning Zumba, I wasn't quite my bouncy self, and I didn't have my "Motivated Monday" like I usually do. I was pretty much over it by Wednesday, and did manage to get the scale to move by mid-week.

It's the eating. It's always the eating. Still a stash of leftover Christmas candy calling out and tempting me. The Hubs has recommitted to food/fitness a few weeks ago. He admits how hard it was during the holidays (he maintained) but he's been back at it full force this past week. That SHOULD help me out, but I still snack way too much. 

So ... I am happy the number on the scale went down. I just need to get it down a little bit further (under 150) and then maintain. I really didn't want to see my weekly numbers back here where they are.  Speaking of NUMBERS ... down 3 pounds from last week, but the average actually went up (1.6 to 155.94). Average in was 2400 (too high), and average burn was 2826, which came out to a deficit of just -750. So according to the numbers I didn't earn a three pound loss, but I'm sure I didn't really gain that much before either. That scale is a tricky little bugger!

I saw this article from PopSugar with tips on weight management for the coming year ... it recommends a weekly Friday weigh-in.  I'll continue with my Friday Weigh-In postings, even though there hasn't been much change over the last year or two. I weigh in every day, but use my Friday morning as the "official" weigh in and to watch a weekly trend. I see some people weigh in on Mondays (after the weekend? That's almost always my highest day), or on Wednesday (but that's mid-week, other than the alliteration of "Weigh-in Wednesday" or Weight-Watchers, my OCD can't handle that as an official weigh-in day).

Do you weight everyday, once a week, or less often?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Yearlong Pact

 It was January of last year when I started the PACT program. I posted about it on this blog after I'd used it for a couple of months and redeemed my first "paycheck" (Pact and Paydays). Now that an entire year has passed, I thought I'd give a summary of my year with Pact.

When I first started last year, I committed to six days a week of exercise (10,000 steps via Fitbit, other options are available), and six days of food logging via My Fitness Pal. There were a few days I didn't hit 10k in steps, or forgot to log a meal ... but that's why I didn't commit to seven days a week. That day off gave me a little bit of leeway. If I had missed a day, I was under a little pressure to get in my workout on a Sunday, when I might have taken it easy otherwise.  I was already big fans of Fitbit and MFP and I was achieving my Pact goals already, and everything would sync automatically. In all of 2014, I never had to pay Pact once.

In July there was talk of a Lake Powell trip ... as it would be without wifi, I put my Pact on hold for that week. I had no trouble scheduling my "break" or resuming my routine. I lost a little motivation the last couple months of the year and I dropped my commitment from six days to five, and then to four. With the holidays here, I cut back my food logging a day too, just in case I didn't get around to it with all the busyness. 

After my initial withdrawals of $10 and $21.54 ... I planned and waiting until I hit $50 and then getting "paid". I just never got around to requesting another transfer to my Paypal account. I then decided to wait until the end of the year. $81.84. So that was $113.38 for the year.

I could have earned a bit more if I joined in the "Veggie Pact" option (but then again, I probably would have ended up paying out for that one!). I debated it, but never did join in ... it just seemed to be too much work (taking pictures), not definite (other users have to vote them up or down) and full of too much drama (cheaters). I just stuck with the fitness and food pact ... easy peasy.

My workout would usually sync to Pact very shortly after I hit my 10,000 steps (often in the morning after Zumba, but a couple of times I was getting in a few more steps just to hit that number before heading to bed). Luckily Pact doesn't penalize you for going OVER calories on the food logging ... just as long as the minimum 1,200 calories was logged over three different meals throughout the day.

I never had a problem with not getting credit for something. I never got sick or had unexpected items come up keeping me from completing my Pacts. I never had to contact customer service. I was never erroneously charged. My payout came shortly after it was requested. So all in all, a very positive experience for me.

For many, the motivation comes more from the risk of having to pay out ($5 per missed commitment). I did enjoy watching my money SLOWLY add up through the year ... and now I can buy me something fun!

Back to the routine ... 
I have changed my commitment to five days of food/fitness tracking.
My "earnings" are now back to zero.
Linking up with Workout Wednesday.
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