Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekly Report #232

Well, the official weight is up, but the average is down ... in general, I'm just a bit stuck here in the upper 160s. The is 10 pounds down from this time last year though, so there's that. Hubs was out of town Mon-Thurs this week. Quite busy with basketball, and an evening out at the theater ...

Here's the stats ...
 Numbers: Official weight up 1.4 pounds. Average down (-1.31 to 168.29). Intake was over this week (565) with average intake 2486. Average burn 2921. Step average was 24,349 with 59 logged miles. This year, I'm changing the way I log my bike miles. In a 30min session, I log 8 miles ... but just over 2000 steps (which equates to about one mile in steps). Because a bike session could drastically change my "logged miles" look, I will just be recording a bike session as "one mile" this year. Biking still impacts my cardio minutes though, as they count as cardio on my ChargeHR (the third #) and I count them on my manual time tracking (the second and fourth #'s).  Cardio minutes came in at 810/810/1003/832 ... 

EXERCISE: I did hit the bike twice this week. Got in my hour of elliptical five of the seven days. Treadmill time four days, and five Zumba classes with a little extra on my own. I hit Southziders for the first time in a while (as MZL had a conflict with the WJ building). No weights again.OTHER ACTIVITIES: Usual driving time with school carpools back on the schedule. Five basketball games this week. One Monday night, and four on Friday. Thankful to the scheduling gods that there were no conflicts. A few trips to the grocery store, and duck time ... I spend some time every morning and evening with the ducks, getting them fed/watered and in/out of the pen, so any logged time is above and beyond that usual activity. Hubs and I also went out to eat at Red Robin, and then saw a show at Hale Theater. 

Here's a day by day ...
  • Monday (0108) 30k day ... got my hour of elliptical in early, then Zumba w/Debbie. Costco and Reams on the way home. One time on the treadmill, one session on the bike, reading while riding. It's been a while. For tracking this year, while a 30min ride clocks eight miles, I'll only be recording it here as ONE mile from now on. I only pick up 2000 or so "steps" ... and those weeks I'd bike it would really throw off my "miles" appearance here. This will keep things more consistent. Hubs left on a work trip to Florida, gone until Thursday. A little over on eating ... had the munchies! 31222 steps. 3145 burn. 2400 intake.
  • Tuesday (0109) A little more "exercise" today than yesterday, but fewer steps. Hour of elliptical first thing, then Zumba w/Marian. She had to leave early so I finished it up. Two treadmill times and one session on the bike. I SHOULD have done weights, but wimped out. And the eating? Uber over, although technically under burn. No huge splurges, just a lot that added up. 30783 steps. 3058 burn. 2950 intake.
  • Wednesday (0110) Didn't hit 30k today, but Fitbit Burn was higher than the last two days when I did. I stayed active, even if I didn't get in quite as much "exercise". Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/SouthZiders, as MZL had a funeral at the WJ building. It was fun to see my SZ friends again.   Also hit the store and did some reorganizing of the pantry. One time on the treadmill. Still not able to keep calories down. 28001 steps. 3238 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Thursday (0111) Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in the morning, and almost forgot about the final 10min until evening. Zumba w/MZL. A stop at Sam'sClub and some more pantry/cupboard reorganizing, plus vacuuming and general cleanup for Hubs coming home today. One treadmill time and it was a basketball practice evening! Many trips running boys around. Dominos dinner ... is IS pizza week. But, did better on calories today, although still not under goal. 31561 steps. 3348 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Friday (0112) I got in my hour of elliptical, although not as early as I usually do. Just one session before school started, the other two were later in the day. Zumba w/MZL and did a little extra on my own at home. Quick shopping stop at Maceys to restock a few things. After school pickups, and basketball practice drop-off. I made homemade Oreos. 27608 steps. 3170 burn.
  • Saturday (0113) Four basketball games with the boys. Four wins. Almost missed the first game though, as I the time wrong. Dinner at Red Robin and "Adia" at Hale Theater. 8679 steps. 2105 burn. 3000 intake (oops!) 
  • Sunday (0114) Hubs cleaned out the garage, and I cleaned out a flower bed. In January! I moved all my birdhouses to the backyard. Made a muvee. 12590 steps. 2384 burn. 1950 intake.
** What I Watched While Working Out **
It was a good movie week ... well, I really liked three of the four. I'd heard of Hugo (2011) and enjoyed it. Arrival had been on my radar since it arrived in theaters (2016) and I really liked it. The Family Stone (2005) was enjoyable. I didn't care for Adaptation (2002) though ...

Five Featured Photos

 Hubs and coworkers on a segway ride in Florida ...
I thought this was a WORK trip! ;)

 Back to the bike ... it's been a bit.
I moved Hub's spin bike into the gym,
My recumbent is now in a corner of the basement family room.

 Big batch of homemade Oreos ... they were gone the next day.

I'll admit ... I don't really make the bed when Hubs is gone.
I just move pillows and blankets and fold them back over.

 Saturday show at the new Hale Theater.
BIG changes from the days I used to perform on their main street stage!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekly Report #231

Well ... Fitbit updated the look of the "weight" section on the website. I'm not a fan of change (didn't like their "improvements" to the sleep section last year) but this is pretty minor. And at least the timing is good. New look for the new year. It's actually more spread out on the website. I did a little cut and paste to clean up the image to post here. I like that it includes the average weight ... that's a good number to track too (which I had been doing on my own). 

Week 1 of 2018. Monday was New Year's Day ... no exercise. Then return to the routine, for the younger boys anyway. The two college kids don't start up again until next Monday. Hubs was feeling off this week (stomach pains, fever/chills) which was a bit worrisome. It was back to basketball with several practices and three Saturday games ... #5 had his best game ever with 31 points! It was also a week with reorganizing as we got a new fridge (should have come last week with the new stove and dishwasher but it got misplaced ... how do you lose a refrigerator?) We moved the old fridge downstairs for more cold storage, and ended up moving the extra freezer from the garage to the food storage room in the basement. So ... lots of moving and rearranging going on this week. 

As for numbers ...
NUMBERS: Official weigh-in was down 3.3 pounds, which sounds great ... but weight has really been jumping around a lot lately. Big increase last week, so this is just getting back to ... not normal, but more in my "stuck" range, where I've been for a bit. The average was up a little (.76 to 169.6).  Average intake was 2350. Average daily burn was 2752. No deficit ... over 851 for the week. Step average was 20,206 with 48 logged miles. Step difference between my One and Charge2 was 21,963. Cardio minutes came in at 610/690/689/629. And for the first time in several weeks, 45 minutes w/weights. One 30k day. Four days with 3000+ burn.  Fitbit stats only show workouts on five days ... I DID get in 30min elliptical on Monday, but I guess breaking it into three 10min workouts made it so it wasn't recognized.

Life ala Life Cycle ... 

EXERCISE: I got my hour of elliptical in three days this week... did a little on three other days to add up to 5+ hours total.  Four days with treadmill time. Three Zumba classes. Still no bike, but as mentioned above, I did do one weight workout.   OTHER ACTIVITIES: Family time on New Year's Day. A stop at the salon for a fill. The usual groceries and driving around. Three basketball games ... and I added in some "duck" time. I spend time on them every day ... food & water in the morning as I let them out of the pen, and again in the evening as I put them to bed. But some days I end up spending quite a bit more time working with them or cleaning out the area, so I thought I'd record when there was a good recognizable chunk of time. 

*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
I must admit, a few of these movies didn't make it into one day ... in fact Forsaken was on I started last week, but only finished up Monday. I liked it. Pretty basic "Old West" show with bad guys trying to take land and a good guy coming and saving the day. As The American ended I just shook my head ... no story really. Absolutely annoyed me. Blood Father had a storyline at least, and a bit of  a reason for the show there at the end. Switched from dark action to comedy-ish with Eulogy. This was an older movie (2004) with a young Zooey Deschanel, with several other recognizable faces. I think I liked it ... Finally, You Can Count On Me which seemed to have pretty high reviews, but, eh ... just didn't really have enough of a story for me. So ... nothing that I'd really recommend this week. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 This pastry wreath is a yummy annual tradition in Hub's family ...

Comcast capped data this past year. I got stressed in November as our family burned through our data. I was happy to see us come in lower last month (I don't want to pay $50 a month MORE ...)

Daddy and a ducky ...

"Good Luck Grandma" brought out the best in this boy!
31 points in his game Saturday night. That's his high! He had everyone amazed!

... and yes, I have video highlights!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 in the Books

2017 is in the books ... #1 finished his Mexico mission and returned home. #2 had his senior season on the basketball team and graduated from high school. #3 got his braces off and got job. The boys had a fun summer vacation in Seattle/Canada and took the waverunners to the lake several times here at home. Hubs continued smoking and developed an ice obsession. Our two kitties are a constant, but we went to the birds this year with two sets of ducks and a couple geese. A family 5k and I Zumba-ed all year long ...

A started tracking with Life Cycle at the beginning of the year. Monitoring my sleep and my activities. 

I'm a total home-body, I know most people would have huge wedges for work and/or school. While my time in the car takes the top spot away from home, I know it's tiny compared to most (I despise driving and have anxiety issues even as a passenger ... I'd love to have it less! But I did start listening to audiobooks often, and that has helped). 

I track my exercise monthly, but it's fun to see how it adds up annually! The boy's basketball sure fills up a chunk of time too ... happily, I really love watching them play. 

 ... and it wouldn't be an annual review without a look at the scale shifts, right? I started the year pretty much at my high (I've been there a few times over the years). I had some small success in the late Spring, but got off schedule in the summer. I re-committed to food/fitness as school started up and saw the scale slide, but then slipped up again a bit with the end of year holidays ...

Here's a little look at some of the stats month to month ...

I know I really should shift up the routine, shake things up to see if I could get some better results. I am a creature of habit. I'm quite comfortable with my "hour of elliptical" in the morning as I get the boys off to school. Then Zumba ... which may be more for my social/emotional health than physical/weight loss. A walk on the treadmill while I watch a movie or series, a session on the bike while I read. I know I need to make weights more of a priority.  But overall ... I do realize it's the eating more than the exercise where I could find success on the scale.

... we'll see what 2018 brings!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December 2017

It's nice when the month ends as the week ends ... and actually as the YEAR ends (but the annual review will be a separate post). Someone (and yes, I mean ME) was naughty this Christmas season, at least according to the scale stats. Oy!

NUMBERS: Started the month at 166.5. Ended at 169.9. Up over three pounds. The end number was also the high for the month. The low was 165.6. Average weight for December was 167.66, which was 2.53 pounds over last month's average. Steps were down ... 20,245 for the average, 627,589 total. 217.66 logged miles. Average intake 2435. Average burn 2673. Overage for the month (6683). Cardio minutes came in at 2875/3063 with a measly 30min w/weights.

 Life ala Life Cycle ...

Exercise was down this month, as I didn't hit my home gym Christmas week. I got in my hour of elliptical in 15 days. Treadmill time 16 days this month. 16 Zumba classes, with a little extra on my own. I did hit the bike once and weights once, but their little 30min sessions weren't enough to make it onto the monthly graph I guess.

Driving time was down with school out at the end of the month. Family time was UP with holiday parties and a birthday party for #5. A little more eating out ... but I did most of my shopping online rather than braving the crowds. Quite a bit of basketball this month.

*** JenB's Journal ***

1201 (Friday) Weight 166.5. Steps 19768. Total Burn 2702. Exercise Burn 780/954 (60minElliptical, Treadmill). Calories in 2900. MZL didn't have Zumba at the WJ location. I didn't feel like I'd get off in time to Debbie's and thought I'd just do an hour on my own. But I didn't. I got in my hour of elliptical, although not as early as Mon-Thurs.  Being the end of the month, I wanted to get my monthly recap up on the blog. Requires some number crunching and I make the monthly photo collage. Also the 1sed video, although that went quickly as I'd already done a portion of it earlier. Once that is done I like to backup all the photos on my phone to the computer, then delete most from my phone. I even got a family blog post up about #4's job shadow day. I also called and chatted with my mom who was having an emotional day, not feeling well physically or mentally. Talked/cried for over an hour. Early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. #5 had practice with both teams today. 4:30-5:30 with Grizzlies and 6:00-8:00 with Wolves. I dropped him at the church for the first practice, then ran to Smith to pickup prescriptions and a few groceries. Didn't have time to return home, but back to the church to grab him and straight to the next practice. Happily he gets a ride home from that, so then I was able to pull back home for the night.

1202 (Saturday) Weight 167.4. Steps 15210. Total Burn 2495. Exercise Burn 320/731 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2700. No sleep in for me or #4, as he had an 8:00 game. We got to the school about 7:45 ... and the doors weren't opened yet. At least it wasn't as bad as the 9:00 came for #5 a while back. Then, the doors had been opened, but we didn't have a site coordinator, scorekeeper/timekeeper and just one ref. Then, we just started with a couple of the dads keeping time/score until the officials showed up ... around half time. Here, we still did get started on time. It was a pretty evenly matched game. Our boys got the win. Fun to see #4 play again, and see him with his great group of friends. It was a few hours until the next game with #5. I got in some kitchen cleanup, laundry and a session on the elliptical. Hubs went to pick up a dog run ... well, duck run. It's for the ducks, as the pen is on its last legs. He and the big boys got it set up and it's great. It will make things so much easier, and the ducks have a bit more room. Hubs also bought lights for the house and was installing them. He also brought home donuts. They weren't quite as good as the donuts last week ... of course that didn't stop me from eating them! #5 and I headed out to his game. Unfortunately, the Grizzlies were outmatched today! Bingham, who is the nemesis for CHHS blew our boys out. It was 29-7 at the half. Ouch. Can't help but wonder if the school puts more effort into their youth program at this age. The youth league hasn't had enough interest, therefore the league hasn't had ANY interest at this age. Our sixth grade team has to have fifth graders to fill it. We don't get practice time, coaching or uniforms. On one hand, I'm okay with it, because it's a lot less expensive than to official Bantam program. But still, it would be nice to have a little support. I think the coaches there now don't plan on being there when these kids are high school age so ... why invest? I was happy that the kids kept it together emotionally (it was a little hard coming off an undefeated season) and battled back better in the second half. Home again, and I was thrilled to see #3 pop in. He had been scheduled 1:00 to close today, having to miss his 5:00 game :(  One of the other kids had an issue, so he ended up going in at 11:00, which would give him an 11 hour day! The boss was there, and let him take a 3-hour lunch from 3:30-6:30, which enabled him to go to his game after all! Yea! And with the four games scheduled today, they were no scheduling conflicts and they were all spaced out perfectly (time for travel and recharging the camera). It was fun to see #3 play again too. Less intense than high school, but still a good game and fun to watch. They won. Just a little down time, then #5 and I were off to his Wolves game. It was across town at Albion Middle School. Past where I used to go to my Friday Zumba. Another loss here, although this game was close. Like the earlier loss, the other team had a really good big guy who was just always in the perfect spot for rebounds and easy baskets, and some great three-point shooting. Our shots weren't really falling, so in a re-match, it would be anyone's game (which I'm not sure could be said about the earlier one ... and there will be a rematch there). Got home around 9:30. I was tired, and Hubs was already asleep.  

Sunday (1203) Weight 167.5. Steps 13986. Total Burn 2294. Exercise Burn 600/529 (60minElliptical). Calories in 3250. Hubs was up and off early. No rest for the wicked I guess ... he had a meeting with one of his employees, then tried to work a little at the office, but the sleepies hit him and he came home and went back to bed. Without him around in the early hours, we didn't do our big breakfast. I'd hoped that might help with the calorie count ... but I ate a leftover donut ... or two. And they weren't even that good! Hubs and I hadn't been on a date in a while, so we went out to lunch at Johnny Carinos. At first we weren't even sure it was open (it was around 1:00) but it just wasn't busy. I got chicken alfredo as I always do. They have great mozzarella sticks ... although they are more like logs! I did get in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, evenly spaced at the start, middle and end. Hubs ended up grabbing some Popeyes for dinner, and then he and I watched some "Homeland" and he made popcorn. We've eaten popcorn in bed many a time, but today we both dropped some and there were kernels uncomfortably all over! ♥

Monday (1204) Weight 169.2. Steps 31634. Total Burn 3236. Exercise Burn 1300/1481 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000.  Back to the routine. Weight was up. Not surprising, but still discouraging. Didn't quite get in my hour, 10 minutes shy, which I finally finished up by end of day. There was some flight from my duckies as I let them out of the pen this morning. After getting the kids off, I went to Zumba with Debbie.There was the dreaded "Closed for Cleaning" sign up, but luckily the cleaning crew was willing to work around us, letting us have the gym for our hour while they started on the other areas.  That's only the second time the cleaning crew has been reasonable ... both times at the Daybreak building. Class was cut just a little short though. Stats: 5258 steps. 2.33miles. 314/333burn. AvHR 111. High 113. In zone 2 of the 52 minutes. I did do a little extra Zumba at home too. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. I was able to get some trim for the ducks. Forgot bananas though. Probably should have restocked milk as well. I'd forgotten my list at home, but honestly, I'm not sure I had those items on it anyway. I got started making some chicken soup ... baking chicken, then making the rice, then putting it all together. Chicken and wild rice. I don't eat this one, but the older boys like it. Afternoon pickups as usual for me. #5 had a friend come home with him again.  It was a cold and snowy day. We just had flurries here, but Hubs said they had a few inches up North. Laundry, dishes, got my weekly weigh-in post up as well as a basketball update and finished a muvee. Big new of the day was President Trump's visit. That was discouraging Hubs from picking up additional lights (the store he needed to go to was downtown) but Trump was gone by afternoon, as was any associated traffic. So Hubs did stop and get lights and finished putting them up.

Tuesday (1205) Weight 166.5. Steps 33777. Total Burn 3273. Exercise Burn 1450/1542 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2600. Glad the scale slid back down ... although the trick is getting it DOWN. Got a good start, full hour of elliptical in early. When I let the duckies out, they all four flew! Not over the fence, but I can tell they would be able to. I'd be fine with them flying off if I knew they'd be okay, but it's iffy even in prime weather, and this is anything but! Winter is coming. Wing clip? Zumba w/Marian. Stats: 5963 steps. 2.56 miles. 368/347 burn. AvHR109. High153. In zone 7 of the 60 minutes. I finished up the class as Marian had work. I got two treadmill times in during the school day.  I also did a weight workout, and got in a session on the bike in the evening. After seeing on of the ducks hop into the pool ... and onto the ice as it's frozen over, I felt bad and took out buckets of hot water and then they were able to play. It was mid 30s, but the sun was out. The usual school pickups, loads of laundry and dishes. I'd planned on making taco salad for dinner, but Hubs texted that he was staying late ... so I pushed it until tomorrow. The kids just had leftover soup and such. I made coconut goodies. Didn't do great on calorie intake today. The boys have been watching Psyc. I'd ordered the DVD set, and also had to get a new set up for the DVD player (the TV only has two HDMI ports and they were being used by DirectTV and Roku). I ordered a splitter and a couple smaller cords and that setup works. The DVD player is back in business). Another good thing about that is that DVDs don't use data ... we went over our 1tb cap from Xfinity last month. I ordered "House" and am thinking of getting "Monk" even though our boys haven't ever seen it (me either). I've heard good things about the series and the set is quite inexpensive. Placed a big order on Amazon for the House DVDs and other stuff. I was really tired come evening. Hubs wasn't home until almost 10:00!

Wednesday (1206) Weight 166.5. Steps 32566. Total Burn 3328. Exercise Burn 1390/1566 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 2150. Got in my hour of elliptical early, as I got the boys off to school. Zumba w/MZL. It's been a small showing of late, with both instructors and people attending. With just Emily and Andrea there leading, I did a few more numbers than usual. I brought a Santa hat and put it on (over my cap) for my Christmas number. Stats: 7004 steps. 3.09 miles. 441/424 burn. AvHR 112. High 137. In zone 9 of the 65 minutes. After class I stopped at Maceys. I had wanted to do some baking, and realized I was completely out of margarine! Still had quite a bit of butter, it's that's so much more expensive. So that was at the top of the list, with several other things added as well. Home and unloaded. I emptied out all the old leftovers, and then went ahead and washed several of the shelves while it was somewhat empty. I'd cleaned out the bottom not long ago, but hadn't done the top. Now everything is much better and somewhat organized. Unloaded, then loaded the dishwasher. Actually didn't do any laundry today.  I'd moved the grain out for the ducks to nibble on during the day ... but the other backyard birds were the ones that consumed most of it I think. One of the drakes takes after his daddy and was going after the little birds around. Had a bit of unproductive time where I just needed to lay down for a bit.  #4 texted saying he was going to stay after school for basketball intramurals. So I didn't do the usual middle school pickup, but went about an hour later. We stopped and grabbed a Little Caesar's pizza and crazy bread on the way home. I made mint brownies, and then taco salad for dinner. Hubs made it home tonight. Dragging. #3 had practice at 8:30, but happily he can drive himself! Did a little cleanup ... vacuuming. While baking, I'd refilled the big flour and sugar canisters and some sugar had fallen on the floor. While the vacuum was out, I just did the whole upstairs.

Thursday (1207) Weight 165.6. Steps 33540. Total Burn 3329. Exercise Burn 1380/1597 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min.3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my hour of elliptical. Got the boys off, let the ducks out, put a pot roast in the crock pot, then went to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6975 steps. 3.13 miles. 410/437 burn. AvHR 116. High 142. In zone 15 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. During the school day, I got in my two treadmill times. After school pickups. Made gingersnaps. #5 had practice 6:30-8:00 ... I got him home just in time to take #4 to his 8:30-9:30 practice. #2 was around and was willing to pick up, so I could head to bed. Feeling very tired!

Friday (1208) Weight 165.6. Seps 16312. Total Burn 2369. Exercise Burn 450/629 (30minElliptical, 30min/1.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Feeling very run down this morning. I went down to the elliptical and stopped after five minutes. Just wasn't feeling it, which is quite unusual. Got the boys off and attempted the elliptical again with the same result. Five minues and stop. No Zumba today as the MZL building is apparently being used every Friday this month, and set up is that early. I did eventually take a walk on the treadmill, and then did a 20min and 10min elliptical session. Early out at the elementary and the usual middle school pickup. Hubs was home rather early, he was dragging too. #5 had his double practices. I dropped him off at 4:00, then picked him up just after 5:30, we went straight to our ride to his next practice. The college has been double booking, so this week they were hitting a gym in pleasant grove. My usual ride was willing to take the boys and drop him home afterward. Early to bed, although I couldn't fall asleep until my baby was home (after 9:30).

Saturday (1209) Weight 165.7. Steps 11258. Total Burn 2261. Exercise Burn 220/504 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Game day ... four games today. Happily, not uber early like last week. 10:00 with #4, they got the win. #1 had stopped for donuts, and Hubs was getting cars in for some work (auto start on his, tires on #2) so there was a bit of car swapping going on. #1 took the littles in for much needed haircuts. Game with #5 at 1:00. Close, but little Grizz got the win. Then a bit of a break, with the next game not until 6:00. Mount Jordan isn't too far, but the parking lot was completely packed. Other things going on besides basketball. I like the court fine, but there isn't much room, especially when the next teams arrive, and the drinking fountains and rest rooms are on the opposite side, which creates some traffic. No good spot for me to film from. Wolves were facing the Sonics, who are a tough team. Sonics came out hot and I feared it was going to be a beating, but our boys kept it close and played great. It was down to the wire. Wolves coudln't quite get the win, but it was a good game. #5 and I quickly took off to hit #3's 7:00 game. We arrived with just a few minutes left in the half. This game wasn't even close (27-7 when we got there, they stopped taking score). Definite mis-match as can happen in this type of league. Our boys were good friends with some on the other team though. Hopefully the other guys didn't feel too bad. One was the son of #5's teacher, who was there watching. At home, #1 and his girlfriend were attempting to make macaroons. #1 had also bought a bunch of different chocolate milks and we had a big taste test. Darigold won.

Sunday (1210) Weight 166.7. Steps 8487. Total Burn 2106. Exercise Burn 110/346 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Hubs slept in a little, not getting the brisket on the smoker as early as he usually does. But with that there, we couldn't smoke bacon. I fried some up and made pancakes and sausage and Hubs made eggs.  #5 looked through clips and then I made a muvee of his first game from yesterday. I also cleaned out the closet in the hall. I've been trying to hit one spot every day or as often as I can to straighten things up more. Unfortunately #2 and #3 had to work, so they missed the yummy brisket dinner ... happily though, it's almost better left over. It seemed so late early ... like 6:00. Hubs and I were in bed by 8:30.

Monday (1211) Weight 168.2. Steps 28187. Total Burn 2983. Exercise Burn 1267/1242 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5mileTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Unfortunately not a good night. Hubs was out quickly, but while I'd felt exhausted, it took a little while to fall asleep. Little things would wake me up as I started to drift (a text from #2, #3 arriving home from work). I did fall asleep, then was awakened when Hubs, who had awakened and was browsing his ipad accidentally hit a video with sound. I've done that once or twice myself. Totally woke me up though, and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. Hubs too. I was up with my alarm, he slept in just a little then was off to work. I got my three elliptical sessions in and got the boys off to school. It was so cold out, I wanted to keep the ducks in the pen where there is the shelter of the dog house and the light for warmth ... not that they use either. I gave them water but left them in until after Zumba. I spaced out on the way, drove past the intersection I'm supposed to turn at. I was a little late but they hadn't started yet. Quite a crowd today. I did my Christmas number. Stats: 5091 steps. 2.21 miles. 317/293 burn. AvHR106. High 132. In Zone 5 of the 56 minutes. I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and grabbed some eyeliner and lipstick. I usually stop at Smiths, and would have if my prescription had been refilled ... but it hadn't. I called the doctor's office when I got back and explained the situation (I was out but was on the books for an appointment in a couple weeks) so they said they would call it in. The doctor's office likes to hold the prescriptions to force you in for your annual. Heaven knows I'd likely skip otherwise, even though I'm not positive the medication really does much for me. I got in my two treadmill times. #1 was home after work ... finals week. #3 was home early too. I did the usual after school pickups. #5 asked if he could bring friends home. I'm okay with it if they are picked up at a reasonable time ... like 6:30. It wasn't until 7:30 tonight. Lots of comings and goings ... #1 had his girlfriend over, #2 had a few friends and of course #5's friend. Foggy out tonight, and it had been this morning too, although it wasn't when I had been out driving.

Tuesday (1212) Weight 166.8. Steps 30024. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1320/1295 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.56mileTreadmill). Calories in 2600. Still foggy this morning, even a bit later when I was driving #5 to school. I got in my elliptical early, then hit Zumba. Just Marian, me, Cathyleen and Barbara ... and Cathyleen won't be here the next couple weeks, and Marian will be here next week, but then not a couple weeks after that. I told Barbara I was still happy to come dance with just her. Stats today: 5954 steps. 2.6 miles. 365/338 burn. AvHR105. High135. In zone 7 of the 61 minutes. I had a bit of a lazy day. Feeling tired. Did get in my two treadmill times. Watched "Flyboys" which I enjoyed more than anticipated. I had let the ducks out before Zumba, even though it was still so cold. They haven't been going back to the heat lamp anyway, always staying near the front of the pen. This morning they even got in the water. I was surprised it wasn't frozen. Their feathers looked a little worse for the wear from it though, with water frozen on them. I tried to Google frozen duck wings to see if it was an issue and if I should not let them in water when it's this cold ... but "frozen duck wings" didn't come up with answers to that. I moved the light up to the front and moved the bathing water out. I think I'll only give some to them in the afternoons if it's warm enough. #2 went to the podiatrist for his ingrown toenail. He said he watched a little too much and almost passed out.  They did the permanent fix this time. #4 really needs it done too (#1 had it done when he was in high school, as did I). Middle school pickup was normal, but elementary had an activity that took them beyond normal school hours. Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs and Returning the Favor had come to West Jordan to honor a local toy maker and there was a parade and it was being filmed for the show. #5 and those in the 6th grade class that wanted to (and had the necessary paperwork signed) were taken there by bus and brought back to the school at 4:30, so I picked him up then. Placed another Amazon order for gifts, but still don't have much for the kids. Hubs was quite late, almost 8:00, yet I still seemed more tired that he was. He says sometimes when he pushes through the sleepies, then it's a little hard to get them back. #2 and #3 went to the high school basketball game.  More fog.

Wednesday (1213) Weight 166.8. Steps 31327. Total Burn 3205. Exercise Burn 1384/1444 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. This morning #2 and I were switching cars, as we are FINALLY getting his Charger in for repair after it was hit in the school parking lot. As he's too young to legally drive a rental, he gets my car and I get the rental. #2 had an early final, so he was off, and I drove his Charger to drop #5 off to school and then went straight to the body shop, which was right on the way home. Everything went smoothly, and the rental car was there for me. I had come ready for Zumba, and went their straight getting there a bit earlier than I usually do. It's been a small class lately. Carma came, and I'd put one of her numbers on the song request list, so she lead it. Stats: 6622 steps. 2.91 miles. 370/391 burn. AvHR 108. High 128. In Zone 3 of the 61 minutes. Afterward I hit the nail salon for a fill, then Maceys for some groceries. So cold out, I hadn't let the ducks out early, but waited until I returned home ... hoping they might stay by the heat lamp, which they did seem to do. I let them out and then unloaded the groceries. I sure missed my heated seats and steering wheel in this rental car! I got a text from #4 at school saying he had a horrid headache and couldn't make it through the rest of the day, so I went to pick him up. I usually do the after school carpool, but as I had thought he'd be staying after today for Intramural basketball, I'd asked the other mom to do the pickup, so that was covered already at least. Got him some ibuprofen and with some rest he was feeling better by the evening. I only got in one treadmill time during the day, the second quite a bit later in the evening. I pulled out a couple freezer meals for dinner and leftovers and baked up some gingersnaps with the leftover dough. Did a couple loads of laundry, dishes and emptied the garbages and got them out for garbage day tomorrow. Peeking out back, checking on the ducks and ... only three ducks! I was going to the garage to grab the ladder so I could peek over neighbor's fences to see if I could see him (one of the males) and there he was in our front/side yard. I walked him back. Whew! I was really planning on these guys taking after their heavier mom and not being fliers ... but they've been flying. They were angels when I put them in the pen for the night, walked right in. Last night too, but the night before they really fought going in. I don't know what causes the difference in attitude.

Thursday (1214) Weight 166.8. Steps 35002. Total Burn 33514. Exercise Burn 1352/1591 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. I'd put the screen over the rental car to keep the frost off. I think it worked pretty well. Before taking #5 to school, I did get my hour of elliptical in. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6434 steps. 2.88miles. 391/379 burn. AvHR 113. High 151. In zone 13 of the 60 minutes. Higgins Body Shop called while I was in class and said the car would be done by 1:00 ... nice, as the original estimate had been Friday. I did a stop at Sam's on the way home. Put the groceries away and let the ducks out. It was warm enough (upper 30°s) in the afternoon that I filled a tub with water for them to bathe.  I got in my two treadmill times, then the usual after school pickups. Still in the rental car, but #5 and I stopped on the way home and returned it, picking up the Charger. Pulled out the wrapping paper. The ping pong table is a good wrapping station. Hubs had ordered a slicer and it arrived today. He sliced up the extra brisket and made french dip. We didn't have rolls though, so I had to run to Smiths. I needed to pick up my prescription anyway. #5's practice got cancelled, but #4 still had his practice. I dropped off and #3 picked up.

Friday (1215) Weight 166.1. Steps 18804. Total Burn 2499. Exercise Burn 785/738 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 3200. Hubs tries to keep Oreo out of the room in the morning when he leaves, as it's hard to sleep with the kitty. Prime example this morning, as he snuck by and proceeded to come sit on my head and knead at me with his claws. I went ahead and got up ... and thus got two 20min sessions in on the elliptical. I don't always on Friday mornings. Today was Hub's work party, which started mid-day at a 12:20 showing of the new Star Wars film. We did go ahead and pull the kids from school. With late start, #4 ended up not even going (as he wouldn't have even been there an hour) but #3 and #5 went for a bit. #2 drove them out because I wasn't going. The drive, the crowd ... and I must admit, I don't really care for Star Wars. Instead, once the boys were off, I packed up some of the leftover brisket and took it out to my folks. Then mom and I went to lunch. We went to Chuck-a-rama. I overate. I did have to drive the Charger as #2 took the Durango, as he was picking up #1 on the way and they needed a little extra room. The boys didn't stay for the dinner after the movie ... #1 had to get back ... to go to Star Wars with his work. I was in on my computer when Hubs got home and I didn't see him, he went straight to bed even though it was early. He'd been fighting some spinny all day. I was tired too, but I ended up staying up. Got some invitations for #5's b-day party designed and ordered. I'll pick them up tomorrow.

Saturday (1216) Weight 167.2. Total Burn 2396. Exercise Burn 321/632  (30minElliptical). Calories in 2300.  ♥ I was able to hit the gym in the morning for one session on the elliptical, then it was time for basketball. #4's game was first, at 10:00. They won pretty easily. He and I did a quick stop off at Walgreens, picking up the party invitations. It was cold and snowy. #5's Grizzly game was at 1:00. It was an easy win for them too. I prefer the aux gym at the high school. Had some time before the next game. I stopped at Smiths, grabbing a few groceries. They had pork loin on for $.99 special, and 1/2 off Christmas (candy and decor) and I grabbed quite a bit. We've done wrapping paper for neighbor gifts previous years, and this was a good price and I wondered if I should grab a bunch, but I was already fairly overloaded. Did a 1/2 session on the elliptical, 30min total today. Hubs was off running a lot of errands today. 6:00 game for #3. He barely got off work and rushed over for pictures. I got there for the game. He had thought this game might be more of a challenge ... it wasn't. Then #5's Wolves game. #2 came along to watch. Previously at Midvale Middle, they only had one court. Today they had two. While I almost always prefer one game going, I actually preferred it this way, as last time kids were running around going crazy in the open area. There wasn't as much seating for spectators this way though. One of the players on the opposing team used to be on our team. He was really good ... we miss him! It was a crazy game with tons of three-point shots. Our boys couldn't quite keep up.  Home again ...

Sunday (1217) Weight 167.3. Total Burn 2092. Exercise Burn  0/338  (no exercise). Calories in 2800.  Hubs was home ... and we had our big breakfast. Waffles, bacon, sausage and eggs.  Hubs had also prepped the pork I picked up yesterday and put that on the smoker after the bacon was done. Really just making leftovers, as we had the Blackham family party in the evening. I did a quick stop at Sam'sClub as I realized I'd forgotten a few things. I made some brownies ... for the party and for #1 to take to a work party tomorrow. I also made my sweet chex mix. We headed out to Maga's house, with the older two boys meeting us there with their girlfriends. The little cousins are crazy! Soups and rolls and a little "Head's Up".  Uncle Clay started it with his, but I had extra decks on mine (Star Wars, Friends, Basketball, Holiday) so we switched to my phone but it soon ran the battery down. Santa and Mrs. Claus came as they do every year.  I was so tired by the end of the night though!

Monday (1218) Weight 169.8. Steps 31942. Total Burn 3251. Exercise Burn 1398/1487 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. I forgot to put my One on last night to track my sleep. I woke just after 5:00 and found it and put it on. Didn't really fall back to sleep. Hubs hit snooze a few times and I beat him out of bed. I'm on a pretty strict schedule for my mornings to get my three 20min elliptical sessions in. If something happens and I don't start "on time" then I have to cut it from 20min to 10min. As I went down for my first ... I could see one of the kitties had thrown up in the hallway. I did stop to clean it up and thought I might have to cut my first workout short, but I went the whole way, which did put me a little late getting the boys up and off, but it was fine. I got in my other two sessions, completing my full hour early. Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 6515 steps. 2.9 miles. 389/382 burn. AvHR 106. High 137. In zone 6 of the 69 minutes. This was Debbie's last class before Christmas. She usually does Fridays, but there is a funeral in the building this Friday.  It's one I would have hit otherwise ... I think. As I'd hit Smiths on Saturday, I figured I wouldn't stop there. We were low on apples though (#2 and #4 eat one or more daily) and I wanted to see if Reams had the kids favorite cookies and cream ice cream cake as #5's birthday is this week. They did! It's been hit and miss for quite a while. Got some apples and other things. Kitchen cleanup ... it was a bit of a mess from yesterday, but I'd been too tired last night to get to it. #1 came home from work and I had him help me rearrange the family room furniture and then bring in the Christmas tree. It's not the best spot, usually we do the front room, but this required the least amount of re-arranging and as #3 said, "Change keeps things interesting". I don't think Hubs likes it, but I tried to get the house clean to make the overall appearance better. It's only ONE week at this point. Who knows if we'll get ornaments on. It's pre-lit, so we have lights, although a few aren't working. The cats immediately climbed and got into the tree. I pulled out a few other Christmas decor items too. The kinetic pyramid ... Maga had one at her house last night and it got me in the mood. I hit the treadmill once while the boys were in school. #3 had to work, so I figured I'd have gym time later. #5 surprised me by spending some time in the gym after school. He's only (almost) 12. He doesn't really need dedicated "working out" time. I did get a second treadmill time in later. Hubs brought home "Logan Lucky" on DVD. He and the boys had seen it months ago in theaters and #4 wanted to see it again. I watched the first bit while I walked, and then tried to avoid the TV so as not to see the parts I haven't seen. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Hubs sliced up some of the meat ... the pork he'd smoked Sunday and a turkey breast I'd bought. We have a fridge full of food ... I won't be making dinner this week. #2 was off for his men's basketball championships. They won their first game but lost in the next round. Nice weather today ... almost "warm" and sunny (43°) so I put some water out for the duckies to splash around in. COLD weather coming later in the week though ...

Tuesday (1219) Weight 168.8. Steps 31602. Total Burn 3150. Exercise Burn 1310/1405 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my hour of elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Then Zumba with Marian. 6276 steps. 2.71 miles. 390/372 burn. AvHR108. High129. In Zone 7 of the 65 miles. Marian had trouble with the power cord on her audio box, so we had to switch to an aux cord. It's all good, we just face a different direction (as she needs to be near the output and the other one is on the side of the gym). We had a lady from our neighborhood come for the first time ... usually working, but had taken the day off and saw Marian's post on the neighborhood FB page. Marian left early and had me finish up class. After Zumba I went over to Lowes to grab a tarp and some wood sheets for the duck pen. The current top is more for shade than to keep water out. I want water kept out! I want the boards to create some wind shields if needed, and to board things up to keep it warmer in the pen if possible. I also grabbed a door mat and boot rack thing. I put the tarp on when I got home. I grabbed a HUGE one, so it's doubled over. I just used Hub's parachord to tie it on. I'm sure he'd hate my solution, but he's so busy I didn't think he'd get to it himself before the next snow (forecast for tomorrow). Double carpools after school as usual. #4 was running a little late, it's nice that he has a phone to text me and let me know. We FINALLY put the tree up! I had #1 pull it out of the shed and set it up in the family room. We've never had it there before, but I didn't want to move a chair and everything behind it from the front room. We did have to move the loveseat over, but that wasn't much work. We did a lot of wrapping in the late afternoon to put gifts under the tree. #1 decided to gather all the boxes (we've had SO many deliveries!) and make a fort. They made a wall and threw knives at it. It then turned into "dodge box" until poor #5 took a box hard in the face. Then a little "basket box" and then they barricaded #3 in the gym. Silly boys! Who needs gifts when they have fun with the empty boxes? Hubs wasn't home until late ... although maybe that was a good thing because the box craziness would have driven him crazy! I'd borrowed (stolen) #4's Fitbit Alta ... putting it in a 3rd party clip and wearing it like the One. Because the One has been discontiued! Lots of unhappy customers because of that. So many don't want a wrist pedometer. I felt like the Alta is an acceptable alternative, it's what I'll get when my One eventually dies. I did a blog post on my experiement.

Wednesday (1220) Weight 169.7. Steps 27248. Total Burn 3021. Exercise Burn 1205/1244 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Happy Birthday to my baby boy. 12 years old. Poor kid, a birthday this close to Christmas. I had a couple presents for him, and a box of Airheads to take to school and pass out for his birthday treat. It was quite warm (relatively) in the morning ... 50°! Then the wind started up, blowing in a storm. I didn't quite get in my hour early ... finishing up the final 10min on the elliptical later in the day. Zumba with MZL. They had announced that the Kearns class was cancelled, so I was thinking we'd get quite a crowd as those that usually attended there came to WJ, but it was still pretty small. Maybe a good thing, as the gym was set up for a wedding. Luckily the tables were around the edges leaving the center floor open, so we went ahead and had class. There were lights up decorating the stage ... I plugged them in for us ;)  Stats: 6393 Steps. 2.88 miles. 376/403 burn. AvHR116. High137. In Zone 16 of the 59 minutes. After class I stopped at CalRanch. Bought a heated waterer, to keep the water from freezing on cold nights. So far, having the pail by the light a little has kept it okay, but the forecast shows 0° coming up! We haven't had to deal with that yet. I also bought a nice bucket, to replace the ice cream buckets, and restocked mealworms ... although I had to ask, they weren't easy to find. I then stopped at the Dollar Store and grabbed a few things. At home, I only got in one treadmill time while the kids were in school. I had to run to the high school for an appointment with #3 and his school counsellor. Just a routine check for Juniors to make sure they are on track for graduation.  I did my two pickups after school. #5 passed out all 90 of the Airhead candy bars he took. It was snowing today, although it didn't start until later than predicted. We were trying to hit Tepanyaki for a b-day dinner and wanted to get there early, as last year were had to wait quite a while. Busy, even on weekdays this season. We were able to get right in. Our chef was quite funny, made the boys laugh. Vegetables! Yummy as always. Hubs steaks have made us less appreciative of steak houses (we'll just eat Dad's, they are better!) but Tepanyaki is different enought that we always love it. Over $300 for dinner! Snow was really coming down as we left. I'd put the ducks away before we went to eat, and used all my boards and even pulled the old tattered tarp off the old pen to keep the snow from blowing in the front. It worked ... but I can't see my babies!  I'd picked up a cookies and cream ice cream cake, and we pulled that out after we digested a bit ... although Dad and #1 were already asleep by then. Maga came over with a little cookies and cream cake, it looked like our cake had a baby. Maga also brought balloons with money inside. I hope #5 had a good birthday.

Thursday (1221) Weight 168.9. Steps 32678. Total Burn 3260. Exercise Burn 1400/1485 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.7milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  Got my three 20min sessions on the elliptical in as I got the boys off to school. Early out at the elementary today, so I set a timer so I'd remember. Hit Zumba w/MZL. Wore my elf hat. Stats: 7299 steps. 3.3 miles. 427/390 burn. AvHR 108. High 141. In zone 10 of the 68 miles. They were having a Christmas party after with treats and such, but I snuck off. I usually hit Sam's Club ... but we were okay on milk. I did need some lettuce for the ducks, but I figured I'd pick it up tonight after dropping #5 at practice. So, straight home. Got both my treadmill times in and remembered early pickup. Bad eating today though ... junk food galore. Dropped #5 at his practice and hit Maceys, then waited anxiously for the 8:00 pickup so I could turn in. Not sure why I was dragging so! Hubs was home very late ... I was already in bed and almost asleep. I'd been in bed when he left too. Long day for him! Not just work though, he was putting together gift baskets for his employees.

Friday (1222) Weight 166.7. Steps 10532. Total Burn 2076. Exercise Burn 400/336 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Yea ... I'm really not sure that calorie intake is correct, but I've not been very good at recording food promptly and it's so easy to forget things! The kids were out of school today, so I slept in a bit. No MZL Zumba ... Debbie's church was booked with a funeral. She said she'd do a small class in her home studio, but I have anxiety issues with that, parking in a residential neighborhood, small space ... and I was already in a non-Zumba mood. I hit the elliptical a couple times, but never made it back down to complete my hour. No treadmill time either. Hubs just had a half day at work. I spent most of the day working on the annual family slideshow, but had it pretty much done by the end of the day.

Saturday (1223) Weight 167.6. Steps 4486. Total Burn 1842. Exercise Burn 0/90 (no exercise). Calories in ?? 2000. I only recorded 1600 calories but ... I'm sure I ate more. I'm not officially taking a break from tracking, but I'm sure not being very good about it this holiday season. No games today ... no exercise either. Not much activity period! I made chex mix for tomorrow's family party and pre-cooked some chicken that I'll turn into chicken noodle soup tomorrow. Hubs hit some stores for last minute shopping and said he wasn't the only one, it was crazy out there. I never left the house today or yesterday. He and #3 went to Lowes and bought a new fan (#3 had several requests to improve his room ... a new light/fan was needed). Hubs got it installed ... with much swearing! I finished up the slideshow and loaded it to a flashdrive (and youtube and dropbox).

Sunday (1224) Weight 167.6. Steps 8804. Total Burn 2161. Exercise Burn 0/398 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Christmas Eve. I started on the breadstick dough pretty quick upon getting up. Didn't want to be pushing it and not having enough time to rise like on Thanksgiving. I got the dough done and on it's first rise, then I ran to Sam'sClub. Hubs admitted that the fridge wasn't the only new appliance ... that he'd also ordered a new dishwasher and stove, and the range was an "induction" type which only works with speficic (magnetic) cookware. I had tested what we had and almost everything wouldn't work. I'd done some online window shopping and found a set I liked and had it ready for pickup. The store was pretty empty and it was easy-peasy. Grabbed a few other items while I was there. I had packed up all the old cookware to take out to my folks to let my siblings look through at the family party. The breadsticks were rising and I got the soup done (in one of my big stock pots ... then I'd just leave the pot as it wouldn't work for me anymore. I'll have to order a new one of those separately as it wasn't in the set I picked up). Got everything loaded up. We were doing a big group family photo first thing. #2 had to work :( but agreed to come out for the photo at least. We got a cute family (just us) too, then he had to take off. We ate, then watched the slideshow, then played the candybar game. No nativity this year (for shame *Ü*). The party ran from about 3:30-6:30 and while it wasn't that late when we got home, it seemed so late! Hubs and I were wiped out! I know we're supposed to do the whole "santa" thing, but we just went to bed and figured we'd try to beat the kids up. Hubs got up around 3:30 for a potty break and as we were awake, we got up and put the rest of Christmas out. One of the kids had taken all the gifts under the tree and positioned them in the usual family "spots" so we just had to put a few things out and fill stockings.

Monday (1225) Weight 167.7. Steps  6574. Total Burn 2041. Exercise Burn 0/284 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Hubs was asleep again pretty quickly, but I don't think I fell back to sleep after our early morning santa run. With older kids though, no one was up early ... it wasn't until a little after 8:00 that we had our family Christmas. Had to drag #2 out of bed still. I think the boys were pretty happy with everything. They'd been cute getting each other presents, it had been fun to see. We headed over to Uncle Clay's house for famiy breakfast. Maga was out of town but we still wanted to get together. Home again for a nap ... new appliances are coming tomorrow so I had Hubs make popcorn with our Whirly Pop pan, which won't work on the new stove (but we're keeping it and may try out a special diffuser pan to see if that works, or he can pull out his portable gas stove). Christmas 2017 is a wrap.

Tuesday (1226) Weight 169.3. Steps 19632. Total Burn 2651. Exercise Burn 450/876 (Zumba). Calories in 2000. Christmas is over ... but today was a craZy day! Started with Zumba. Marian was gone, so I was leading. Just four of us. Stats: 5997 steps. 2.59 miles. 423/397 burn. AvHR 120. High 154. In Zone 25 of the 61 minutes. Back at home, the installation of appliances should have been taking place, but wasn't. Our fridge was misplaced. They don't know where it is. They did come later for the stove and dishwasher. I ran to Sam's to grab more strawberries for the chocolate fountain at the party later today. But ... not a single strawberry at Sams :(  I had to hit Smiths, and they didn't have much to choose from either, but I did take the three boxes they had. Also picked up a helium tank and orange balloons from the party store. We headed over to the church around 1:00 to start setting up. We had 18 kids total. It was a little crazy. A bit of an age difference as some of the kids on #5's Grizzlies team are younger (5th grade), his 6th grade teammates and friends, then his 7th grade teammates. They played ball, we had pizza, opened presents (mostly ca$h, he got over $100) and then brought out the chocolate fountain. Then more playing until pickup. Two of the boys didn't get picked up and we brought them back to the house. One was just a delay that the grandma had checked if it would be okay (or she would have taken him right as it was ending) and the other ... was the kid who ends up staying for hours and hours and hours ... and he didn't get picked up for hours. Very glad to have the party done! #1 pulled down all the ornaments and put the tree away, putting the family room back together. I put away most of the other Christmas. I was really tired, in bed early and closed my eyes for a bit, but Hubs beat me to sleep ... and has been snoring some of late, which kept me up for a while longer still.

Wednesday (1227) Weight 169.5. Steps 17077. Total Burn 2608. Exercise Burn 500/857 (Zumba, Cleaning). Calories in 2300. Had to set the alarm, as I had an 8:00 appointment at the doctor. Just my routine annual exam. No issues. Just the checkup, prescription refills and blood draw. I had prepped to go straight to Zumba and made it there a little early even. Stats: 6867 steps. 3 miles. 414/456 burn. AvHR 113. High 141. In zone 20 of the 65 minutes. As I'd hit the store yesterday, I didn't stop today. Stayed busy cleaning up the last of Christmas ... mainly breaking down boxes and getting everything in one spot outside. We don't have enough room in the bins, we'll have to piece them in for the next few weeks. Got the house vacuumed, dishes loaded, laundry done. Didn't even try to get down to the gym and was okay with that for this week. Worked on the computer getting bills paid and a blog post up and the remainder of the birthday stuff away (Hubs had some stuff in his car still). Christmas wrap away. Feeling a bit down in the evening. Small things can set me off and drag me down. Four of the boys (all but #2 who was working then visiting his girlfriend who just got wisdom teeth out) went to the mall to spend their Foot Locker giftcards. Even at $150 it wasn't enough for a couple of the shoes the kids wanted, they ended up paying the overage. They also stopped at the Container Store as #3 is working on reorganizing his room.

Thursday (1228) Weight 167.9. Steps 15810. Total Burn 2380. Exercise Burn 500/613 (Zumba. 30minBBwalk). Calories in 2300.  Slept in a little, getting up in time to hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6796 steps. 3.07 miles. 419/435 burn. AvHR114. High 151. In Zone 18 of the 65 minutes. Still no store stop on the way home. I was not feeling 100% today. Really cold. Lay down for a bit. #1 set up the Amazon Echo we got for Christmas. I'm not sure how much I'll use it. #5 had a basketball game at 4:00. Not a great game, we lost ... although #5 got quite a few points. Also had some emotion. If we'd won, we would have played tomorrow at 10:00 ... as we didn't, we played again at 6:00. That actually worked a bit better. Then I could hit Zumba tomorrow and didn't have to face rush-hour traffic driving home. With an hour to kill, I went to Big5, which is next to the rec center in Sandy. Got a couple things with a $10 of $30 coupon. Unfortunately we didn't play any better the second game and got another loss. Tomorrow at 2:00 ... most likely facing the team we played first today. That should be good though. I know we could get the win ... then we'd likely play the second team we played today. Not as sure if we could get the win against them. We'd sure have to play better ... #5 and I stopped at Wendy's on the way home and grabbed a little dinner. The ducks were still out, so I put them to bed. Loaded the dishwasher, finished up a muvee ... and to bed.

Friday (1229) Weight 168.3. Steps 14615. Total Burn 2400. Exercise Burn 415/625 (Zumba). Calories in 2400.  Hubs slept in this morning. Went into work, but the office closed early in the afternoon. I had been planning on hitting MZL for Zumba as we didn't have the 10:00 game, but then Debbie texted that she was under the weather, asking if Carma and I could sub her class. I knew Carma had been planning on going, so we were on. I quickly put together a playlist, but couldn't find the aux cord. Luckily I had the red/white connector cord Marian had pulled out the last Tuesday she was here when her power cord to her box malfuctioned. It worked. Stats: 6872 steps. 2.98 miles. 395/430 burn. AvHR 110. High 133. In zone 7 of the 65 minutes. After Zumba I stopped at Smiths ... plenty of strawberries today, and cheaper too. Grabbed a few things and headed home to unload. I had let the ducks out earlier. It was a nice day. I ended up putting some water out for them to splash in. #5 had his game at 2:00. It didn't go as hoped ... lost again, perhaps worse than the first time (yesterday). Oh well. So just the one game today. I was okay with that too.

Saturday (1230) Weight 169.3. Steps 10808. Total Burn 2372. Exercise Burn 0/597 (no exercise). Calories in 2400.  I really planned on hitting the treadmill today ... I haven't been in my home gym this whole week! Just off schedule with school out and the holidays. Hubs replaced the TV in the gym with a Roku TV (so also replacing the Roku) and he asked me if the new technology was intimidating me. Now, admittedly, sometimes I do struggle with change, but I think this is one I'll be able to handle. No, not afraid, just lazy this week. The morning turned into a bit of a cleaning frenzy as Hubs was loading up a bunch of stuff to take to the thrift store. Pulling the old TV from the little boy's room, putting the old gaming TV there, as our old bedroom TV is now the gaming TV, as Hubs got a Roku TV for the bedroom. Musical TVs. He says the price on Roku TVs are so good, not much more than a Roku alone, and yet it eliminates the needs for extra wires and an extra remote. All good! So after they pulled the big TV from the little boy's room, we cleaned out behind the dresser and got the new stuff installed. With a Roku, as this one is not a Roku TV. The boy have had the small pool table up since #4's birthday and we moved it into the family room on the ping pong table. Went through some clothes and shoes, changed out hangers. Reorganized and vacuumed. #3 has been rearranging his room and gotten ride of several things, some we incorporated into the little boy's room, others packed away, others given away. #1 bought a new desk (well, we bought him one I guess) so the old desk went to DI and he spent the morning putting together the new one. Hubs and #3 made the run to DI. They wouldn't take the tube TV, so Hubs ended up going to the dump, where they had electronics recycling. We also took all the boxes and such, although our bins are already full again without it all. Nice to have it gone though. The house is getting cleaner or more organized ... almost as though I don't live here ;) Warm enough that I put out water for the ducks, and even opened a window for a bit. Rub smoked ribs for dinner. #3 was working and #2 was off to the Jazz game with friends, so they missed out.

Sunday (1231) 169.9. Steps 13362. Total Burn 2328. Exercise Burn 330/550 (Treadmill). Calories in 2700. BAD night. Oy. I was really tired, and went to bed before Hubs, who was still up prepping brisket and beef jerkey. Woke around 1:00 and he was snoring up a storm. I couldn't get back to sleep. For over two hours. I got some reading in anyway. Not good with New Year's Eve tonight! Maybe I can get a nap during the day? Did a small breakfast of bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. Then I hit the treadmill! Figured I'd finish up my movie I started over a week ago. Unfortunately, Roku/Showtime didn't want to cooperate and restarted several times which was so frustrating. I ended up just pulling out an ipad and watching on that to finish up. I didn't really get a good recording of what the actual stats were. Probably about 45 minutes, 2.5+ miles. Did a little clean and prep for family coming over. We generally host a small grandparents and game night for New Years. This year it was my folks and Hub's mom. #1 and his girlfriend were around. #2 was here for dinner but then left. #3 had work until about 10:30 then joined us for games. We had brisket, taters, corn and brazillian cheese rolls. The littles did their own thing for a bit while us old people played progressive rummy (before #1 left) then the little came in for RummiKub. It was fun, but we're just not up to staying up late. We shut it down a little after 11:00.  Happy New Year!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Weekly Report #230

This was a holiday week ...little or no exercise, little or no calorie tracking. And it showed on the scale. Ooof! With Christmas Day on Monday, kids out of school, me off schedule, well ... I guess I'm not shocked.   I sure hope I can get back into a good routine and work on getting the scale shifting downwards again.

Pretty pitiful numbers this week ...
STATS: Official weight up 2.80 pounds. Ooof. Average weight was up too, but just a smidge (.4 to 168.84). Average intake 2443. Average burn 2450. Unfortunately intake over burn every day, so obviously, an overage for the week (4430). Just 14.05 logged exercise miles. Cardio minutes came in at 285/350/372/301 with no time w/weights.

Life ala Life Cycle ...

Pretty sparse this week! I wonder if my home gym missed me? I really didn't make it down there. No elliptical at all, just one day with treadmill time. I DID still hit my Zumba Tuesday-Friday. Not Monday (on Christmas) of course, although I did do a little bit on my own that evening. With no school, driving was down. #5 had a basketball tournament with three games (and an hour wait in-between, I did get some walking while I waited). I had a doctor visit ... just my annual exam. 

Lots of family time this week (holidays and a birthday party for baby boy).

 Here's the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (1225) No exercise on Christmas Day. Opening presents at home in the morning. Family gathering for brunch. A bit of a nap in the afternoon ... 6574 steps. 2041 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Tuesday (1226) Just Zumba for exercise today. Marian is out of town so I lead class. Still quite a bit of activity prepping for a birthday party for #5 w/20 crazy boys. Just "balling" at the church, with pizza and a chocolate fountain. Whew ... 19632 steps. 2651 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Wednesday (1227) Started the day at the doctor with an 8:00 appointment, just my annual exam. Done in time to hit Zumba w/MZL. That was my only official exercise for the day. Still fairly active putting away the rest of the party, breaking down boxes and attempting to get the house clean. 17077 steps. 2608 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Thursday (1228) Another day with just Zumba for my exercise. The afternoon was spent watching basketball, #5 had two games. I did walk for 30min while waiting between games. 15810 steps. 2380 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Friday (1229) I'd planned on hitting Zumba w/MZL, but got a text in the morning from Debbie asking if I'd sub for her class as she was under the weather. So I did that instead. Then another basketball game with #5. 14615 steps. 2400 intake. 2400 burn.
  • Saturday (1230) No exercise, but we did some crazy cleaning and reorganizing in the house. Huge load of stuff to the thrift store. Hubs smoked ribs for dinner. 10808 steps. 2372 burn. 2400 intake. 
  • Sunday (1231) New Year's Eve. Hubs got a brisket smoking for dinner. We had the folks (mine and his mom) over in the evening. Games after. I did get a little treadmill walk in today. 13362 steps. 2328 burn. 2700 intake.
... with no gym time ... there were no movies watched this week.

Five Featured Photos ...

 Lining up the five boys Christmas morning...

 Family photo Christmas morning ...

 Hubs picked up this earring/necklace set in Mexico ... fits the season

A birthday party for #5 (turned 12) on Tuesday.
Almost 20 kids (that many if you count all of mine, and they were all there)

 What a difference eight years makes!
He has grown ... and not much snow this year.

It was nice to take a holiday, taking it easy for a week ... on exercise anyway. I didn't seem to take it easy on the eating, although I did on the tracking of that intake. Oops! New Year's day today, and back to the routine tomorrow.

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