Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

So ... as part of my journey, I like to visit weight loss/fitness blogs and see other people's stories and success, and even frustrations and failures. As I was browsing tonight I came upon a blog hop hosted by Heather at PrettyStrongMedicine.

I weigh in every day, and my faithful Fitbit Aria scale automatically sends that weight to my computer to sync with Fitbit, and Trendweight, and MFP ... this does often make my MFP ticker slide around, and unfortunately sometimes go backwards. I'm happy to say that it is showing a 16 pound loss, so that's better than my 15 pound post just a bit ago (much better than the 13 pound it had backtracked to in recent days). 

Now this morning ... hubby was home. Usually he is gone to work hours before I'm up and weighing myself. I locked the bathroom door and stood on my scale and weighed myself, in my birthday suit as I always do.  I heard the door opening ... hubby was coming in! Now, not that he hasn't seen it all before, but I'm not really a parading around naked kind of gal.  Even if/when I get to goal weight, I don't think I'm that comfortable in my own skin ... in ONLY my skin.

The Fitbit Aria Scale is fairly fancy ... all automated as it is, it can keep track of up to eight different people. However, if two people are close in weight, the scale will "ask" you who you are. In my mad dash to grab a towel this morning, I didn't see the scale ask if I was me, or my son. As I didn't correct it, it sent MY weight record to my son's Fitbit account. 

So I had to jump onto the computer to straighten that out, and re-weigh, making sure my measurements went to my account. 164.5 ... my son's last reading was 155. I guess the scale needs more than 10 pounds to verify a difference.

I was a little perturbed by the bodyfat readings though ... as my reading went to my son's account, it came in at 18.5%. When I weighed again and made sure the reading went to my account, my body fat reading was 37% ... Ummmmm, I was the same person both times, the only difference was who the Aria THOUGHT I was. So this experience definitely puts the "bodyfat" reading validity into question ...

Things are looking on track for my official weigh in on Friday.

July is NOT the easiest month for good eating and exercise. Two holidays (July 4th, and July 24 ... that one's just for Utah), the summer schedule (sleeping in). New wave runners, which mean trips to the lake (not much exercise in), kids out of school and fun, distracting activities ... I know some people find the summer easier, I am not one of them. But at least it's moving in the right direction!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Irony of my Omron

When I first started walking, I went through MANY cheap little pedometers. They varied in accuracy and were quite easy to lose.  I looked over all the reviews and upgraded to the Omron Pocket Pedometer and it served me well for a long time now. It is a bit big and bulky ... through the years I've had people ask me what it was, or mistake it for a diabetic pump. Even when I bought my Fitbit ... I just couldn't give up my Omron. I continued to wear it. It was my "watch" and it was a little easier to check my steps on (as I usually had my Fitbit on under my clothes). It also came in handy for those odd times I would forget to put one of them on ... I had the other as a backup.

The other day, the clip broke ... the pedometer itself was fine, but without the clip, I couldn't fasten it to my pocket or waistband.  I wondered if perhaps, it was time to let the ol'Omron go.

I keep all my numbers in an excel file. I have my Omron steps and my Fitbit steps, Fitbit is almost always just a bit higher.  I went ahead and put June's daily step counts into a graph ... you can see that the two pedometers are actually very close. It makes me feel pretty good about the accuracy of both devices *Ü* and as the numbers ARE so similar ... I really should be able to get by with just the Fitbit. Right?

The Omron does have one additional feature that Fitbit does not ... the counting of "aerobic" steps. 10 minutes or more of consecutive steps. I don't know how important that really is to know, but it's an interesting statistic, and between the Omron and Walker Tracker, I've been logging my aerobic steps and aerobic minutes for five years. It's just a little hard to let go of.

So ... the Omron  is called a "pocket" pedometer. The day after the clasp broke, I removed it from the plastic case and slipped it into my pocket and wore it that way. Guess what? I like it SO much better! Without the case, it isn't nearly as bulky. You can't really even see it (although I can easily take it out to check the time or my numbers). I can't believe in all the years of wearing my Omron I didn't ever try taking it out of it's case and putting it in my pocket rather than have it dangling off my pants. Now granted, I don't always have a pocket, and the case is still needed for those times. I did happen to find an extra case laying around (from an older Omron that had died) so I'm still set no matter what I'm wearing. But now ... I'll be taking it out of the case and slipping it into my pocket whenever that is a possibility.

... it only took me six or seven years to figure it out.

Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Happy (FMM)

What makes you happy? This was the topic of today's link-up from AllTheWeigh. For a moment, it was a little hard to come up with a list of 10 things, but then the ideas started flowing. Thinking about what makes me happy, taking the time to write them down and share them ... it was a worthwhile way to spend my Monday morning.  

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. Family: Hubby and my five boys. Sometimes just looking at them makes my heart hurt~ love overflowing. It's so fun to see them happy and interacting, or even just watching them sleep. When I started exercising, I hung up pictures in front of my elliptical and treadmill so I could have visual reminders of all the memories ... it's my happy place.

2. Being Alone: That sounds a little contradictory to the one above ... but as much as I love my family, there are those times when everyone is gone and the house is quiet. Blissful silence. I wouldn't want it all the time, but there are moments when it makes me absolutely giddy.

3. Books: I've always been an avid reader, but I went for years without really getting much in ... just busy with other things. Last year I discovered e-reading and it has made a HUGE difference. I have oodles of titles available at my fingertips and I can read anywhere/anytime (as I always have my phone with me). GoodReads is a great place to keep track of what you have read, what you want to read, and get recommendations and reviews.  I've started working in reading to my workout routines ... my Kindle fits perfectly on the stationary bike.

4. Sunshine: I love, love, love sunshine. A sunshiny day will lift my spirits, while I tend to struggle a bit when it's gloomy. I have a complete Pinterest board devoted to sunshine (HERE).  If there is no sunshine outside, sometimes I have to pop in there for my fix.

5. Yummy Stuff: What is it about cookies and donuts and chocolate. I actually feel happier when indulging... at least momentarily. I love to bake and share and see others enjoy as well. Food is so integral to so many happy memories.  It's a dangerous road ...

6. Flowers: I do love pretty flowers. Lilacs, roses, daisies, orchids, lilies, little purple pansies. I don't really like gardening, but I have a small flower bed (that's all I can commit to tending to). I spend a few moments every day among the flowers. I love fresh flowers inside to brighten up the house as well.

7. Exercise: Exercise wasn't something I did much of for years and years ... then it kicked in. I actually ENJOY exercise now. It is an escape - sometimes I just zone out, no worries or cares. And I don't know if there really are "exercise endorphins" but I know I always feel better on days I exercise ... and I feel off on days that I don't.

8. Music: Music is so powerful. Our Itunes library is so full of songs for every mood. I have an "up songs" playlist that I can't help but bounce around to.

9. A Clean House: Oh dear, if my husband happens to check out this post he is going to laugh and laugh and laugh! But it's true, I DO love a clean house. Looking at my house you would think I actually hate it. I don't ... I just really don't like cleaning.  Oh those rare occasions when I do accomplish the impossible (and a room is clean and stays that way for a few minutes) I find myself walking past and looking at it over and over with a smile on my face.

10. Accomplishment: This wraps up a LOT of things into one. That feeling you have when you have completed a project and you actually have something to show for it.  It can be as simple as a dinner for the family, a clean house, a scrapbook page ... or something bigger, like achieving a weight loss goal.

Friend Making Monday is a weekly post on the blog AllTheWeigh ... a topic is thrown out (sometimes weight/fitness related, sometimes not) and bloggers answer on their own blogs, then post the link back to the original post (HERE) in the comments section. It's a great way to connect with other bloggers on their own journey, and maybe find some friends and more motivation.  So what makes YOU happy?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #2

So ... If you look back at my Monday post, I knew this week would be a bit of a challenge, and it was. I think I actually did better than I expected.  I note "good, ok, bad" (based on eating/exercise for the day) in my Daily Doings.  I did manage to have two "good" days (big steps, nice deficit), and managed to keep the other days "ok" (at least not going over my total burn for the day). I even got in exercise on Sunday and the holiday! 

The scale ... it is UP from last Friday's weigh-in. That day was my low. Little ups and downs since that low. At least today my MFP ticker IS back to showing the 15 pound loss. I'll take that as a win after this week. And TrendWeight tracks a little differently ... while it does record your ACTUAL weight, it also works an average shifting them into a "trend" ... and while for the first time since I started I had a couple weigh-ins during the week that actually came in above my trend line :( ... I'm still on track.  But I know I can't take it easy. I know I  need to work on improving the eating ... if you are what you eat, I'm still SUPER sweet *Ü*

Just a few more days in July ... I'm still doing the 30 Day Shred. I will finish up Level 2 tomorrow (I did miss it on Wednesday the July 24 holiday) and move to Level 3 which I think I'm happy about. Level 2 is hard. I'm super sad basketball is over (last game was Tuesday). I'll SO miss my 5-mile jogs on Tuesdays/Saturdays ... I know I CAN still do them, but without the basketball push, I don't do it. I think I only got in one bike ride this entire week ... maybe I can get back to the bike (and the book!)

Hubby and #2 (and maybe #3) will be leaving for scout camp this coming week. That MAY give me a little extra exercise time (no running the kid to the gym, no Friday night date with hubby, some later workouts with hubby not home in the evenings, not making big dinners). Hubby has mentioned a family vacation he wants to take coming up in August. I am NOT a vacation girl. I've actually sat out a family vacation before ... is that bad? I did do the Disneyland vacation last November ... and it probably would have been better if I had stayed home. #4 is a homebody also, I'm not sure if he would choose to stay or go. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Tracks

My boys LOVE basketball, and I love watching them play. But I have to admit, when their games are at the rec center with the track above the court I love it even more. It is the ultimate two-fer. I can support and cheer on my sons, AND get a workout in.

I'm not really comfortable running outside. Weather (too hot, too cold, too windy) and dogs tend to dissuade me. I like the treadmill fine, but I do enjoy the freedom a track provides. Changing speed without pressing buttons, being able to just jog without worrying about hitting the sides and taking a tumble ... and it is just easier. I know I wouldn't get in the same workout at home in the basement. As entertaining as my shows are at home (with my TV/DVD sitting there in front of my treadmill) watching the game makes the time fly by ... and I can listen to my music too.

I put both #2 and #3 on the same team to ease up on the schedule this summer. It was a 7th/8th grade league. #2 is in 8th, and #3 is in 6th.  But #3 wasn't the only 6th grader playing up and wasn't the only small one in the league ... although he was definitely the squirt on THIS team.  The games were played at two different gyms ... and BOTH gyms had a track above. Yea for me!

Gym #1, in the main rec center we go to (close to our home). It's a pretty small track, you have to cycle several times (I think 16, but don't quote me) to make a mile. It circled the entire basketball court and gave me a great view of the game, especially if I could stick to the inside edge. I only almost ran into a pole a couple of times. Generally I had the track to myself  as the games were played mid-day on Saturdays - not a prime workout time for others. *Ü*  The boys also practiced at this gym, I and would have worked out then too, but there was a circuit-training class taking place during that time ... and 30 people on that small track? No thanks!

Gym #2 has a slightly larger track. Instead of circling completely around the basketball court, 3/4 of the track circled it and then ...

... there is a wall, and another, smaller court. So unfortunately, while the boys were playing at this gym, there would be a short span of time during each lap where I could not see the game. This actually FORCED me into intervals *Ü*  I would walk/jog around the large court, watching the game, then when I got to the wall I would sprint the remaining 1/4 track until I came back out on the other side of the wall. I would then slow and hope I hadn't missed anything too important. 

 Well ... the season has now come to an end. I will SO miss my basketball workouts! As many of the games were late on Tuesday evenings, I can tell you I certainly would NOT have worked out at home during the same time. At the end of an already active day,  I was tired, and I really didn't feel like jogging. But I really don't like just sitting and watching, not when I have such an attractive alternative. It always felt so good to get in so many steps (usually five miles) and a nice caloric burn. It's hard not to feed off the adrenaline from the game. To see the kids running and jumping and just match their energy. And not that I'm one of those crazy parents who yells from the sidelines, but jogging the track really does give me a place to put any emotional energy I might have.

The boys WILL play basketball again (they play year-round), but it probably won't be at either of these locations. Oh well, it was great while it lasted!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Let’s Talk About TV (FMM)

Each Monday, as part of a link-up hosted by AllTheWeigh,   a topic is thrown out.  Sometimes weight-loss related, sometimes not. Bloggers answer on their own blogs and include the link back to the original post (here) in the comments section. This is a fun way to connect with others. So I'm a day late and a dollar short, but as TV watching IS a big part of my weight-loss journey, I did want to jump in here on this topic (even if it is a week behind). 

Let’s Talk About TV
1.  Share your current “Must-See” TV shows.  I don't watch a lot of "current" TV ... I  tend to wait until programs hit Netflix or DVD then watch an entire season.  But shows I have gotten attached to and DO want to watch as soon as each episode airs are ...

2.  Do you prefer reality shows or sitcoms?  Sitcoms seem to indicate comedy to me, which is ok, but I tend to favor action/drama. I really like serial shows that carry the story from week to week and keep me wanting to come back.  Other than Survivor, I don't really watch much reality ...
3. Who is your favorite talk show host?  I don't watch talk shows ... just never have.
4. Which network(s) do you turn to for news?  I don't watch the news either ... (I'll try to catch written recaps online). 
5. Do you have Tivo or DVR?  If so, which programs do you have set to record?  I used to have Tivo, but have now turned to other ways of watching (I didn't have the Tivo in my exercise room).
6. Have you ever started watching a show simply because you heard so much about it on social media?  If so, which one did you watch?  I heard a lot of buzz about Downton Abby, so I'm giving that one a try now (it's on Amazon Prime).

7. List any TV series that you own on DVD.  I tend to only want to watch shows once, so DVD collections at our house are more for hubby and the kids. We do own the entire series of Friends, Seinfield, Home Improvement and Full House. 
8.  Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, etc?  If so, what kind of device do you use to stream it?  We have Netflix and Amazon Prime (more for the free 2-day shipping, but I have been watching some of the shows too) and I also use a service called PlayOn which allows me to watch current shows (that are available online, and almost everything IS available online somewhere) on my TV in the gym. Before I got PlayOn I couldn't keep current with any show (as I only watch TV when I'm working out).  I LOVE my Roku! It is the best streaming box out there in my opinion (and I've tried many of the different options). 

9.  If you could star in a TV show that already exists, which one would you choose? I actually used to be an "actor/singer" (school and local theater) but this question is a hard one ... I admit to imagining what it would be like to be a contestant on one of the singing shows.
10.  If you could bring back one TV show that is no longer on the air, which one would you choose? I'll join the original poster in wanting to see more 24 ... that was the first show I watched when I started working out to TV. It was such a great show to keep me completely captivated and wanting to go downstairs for just one more episode (thus one more workout). And it was hard not to feed off the adrenaline as Jack would fight his way through the day. 


What are your TV habits? 
Check out the original post (here) and see what others are watching.

I'm also keeping a list of what I'm watching currently HERE ...

Motivational Monday - Direction

... this coming week will be a bit of a challenge, lots going on, busy busy!. Maybe more maintenance. The scale went up slightly over the weekend. Nothing huge, not really surprising, but up nonetheless. My MFP tracker DOES shift and show the change... no longer showing my 15 pound loss. I hate when it goes backward, but it's a good reminder that it is a constant battle. You can not stop.

Today is my anniversary (which I'm thinking will include going out to dinner), getting together with some friends in from out of town (which will affect exercise/eating) and a holiday (here in Utah anyway), where I'll likely get NO exercise in. It's a bit ironic how good days with family and friends very often mean bad eating/exercise days. But even with all this, I'm not discouraged or down. I feel I have made a change. I've changed direction. Just being aware of what I'm eating. Taking the time to log it. Watching the numbers, even if they aren't exactly where I want them to be. It's slow going, and I'm not going to get to my goal weight quickly, but at least I'm on my way. I really love this quote ... it's my motivation this Monday. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fifteen Pounds

In the world of weight-loss, when someone says "that's really a new low for you" it is actually a positive thing! Thanks for the compliment Fitbit (it's a new badge for my profile there *Ü*) ... and it's the same number my MFP tracker is showing. 15 pounds down. Yea!  Pretty much from the moment I started tracking (and controlling) my incoming calories a couple of months ago, I've had a consistent, by the numbers, loss. I'm so grateful. I know it doesn't always happen. Seeing success gives me the extra motivation to keep it going. I'm really hoping I can get to 150 (which would move me out of the "overweight" category) before I hit any snags or plateaus. 

Here's a quick capture of the last week + ... thanks to my smart scale all my numbers are automatically sent to my computer, to my Fitbit dashboard, and to MFP.  You can see it's pretty slow and steady, with small ups and downs. While I do weigh-in everyday, I have Friday as my "official" weigh-in day and I watch those numbers for week-to-week trends. 

I checked my history ... I'm now back to where I was last year (June2012).
I wish I would have STARTED then ...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dress For Success

I have a confession ... that is what I look like most of time.

I wear my workout clothes (knit shorts and a t-shirt)  pretty much all day long.  They are comfortable, cute and you could say I'm "dressing for success" ... at least as far as exercise goes. It's one of the benefits of being a SAHM, I often do not have places to go and people to see. I'll pop down to my home gym several times a day. After all, I'm still dressed for it, so I might as well get another session in, right? No excuses.

When I DO leave the house ... carpool, grocery shopping, taking a child to an appointment ... well, I've gotten to where I still just stay in my workout wear. I'm a little sweaty and disheveled, but I don't look that bad. I guess in reality it's gotten to the point where even when I would change and dress in "regular" clothes and try to look nice ... it feels like a moot point. I don't look good regardless, so I might as well stay comfy and ready for another workout.

The other day I picked up a couple cute new tops as a reward for my recent weight loss. I was actually wanting to wear them. And now that I've lost the pounds I gained over the winter/spring, at least I can fit into the capris from last summer (which I couldn't do a couple of months ago). I was just running to the grocery store to pick up some milk, but I decided to change my clothes and try to improve my appearance from the usual sweats and t-shirt. It felt good. I'm not saying I looked great, but it was a bit of a boost to at least make an effort. Ok, my hair was still in a ponytail, but I actually put on some earrings and lipstick *Ü*

And what do you know ... I ran into someone I knew while I was out.  It was nice to not be a sweaty mess, to actually feel ok saying hello rather than ducking into another aisle and hoping I hadn't been seen. 

I changed back into my sweats and t-shirt when I got home ... I wanted to get in one more session on the elliptical. While staying dressed in my workout wear really does motivate me to get my exercise in, I think I'm going to make more of an effort to "dress for success" when I leave the house too.  Changing clothes may be part of the change ...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fitbit Fluctuations

I don't deal well with change ... I'd still probably be using shiftF8 for computer functions if technological improvements weren't forced upon me.  I've acclimated to email and even texting, although I remember a time I was sure I didn't need either one. I wasn't thrilled when Facebook switched to the timeline, but I'm used to it now. I resisted digital photography and ereaders ... now I sing their praises.  Anyway, when Fitbit rolled out its new dashboard, I really wasn't interested. 

The old dashboard view is pictured above.
The new dashboard view is pictured below.  

You can see it actually has the same information for the most part (some of the information like food and sleep WAS also shown on the original dashboard, just further down than I grabbed on my screen capture). One of the nice things about this new dashboard is that all these tiles are adjustable. You can move them around to suit you, deleting any you don't want, moving what is important to you front and center. Given the choice, I wasn't going to make the switch, but new users (my son and my dad) were automatically signed up for the new dashboard.  As I'd try to compare my day to theirs (what can I say, we are a competitive family) it was a little hard, with the different visual formats.

So I switched. Being an "old" user, I still have the option to switch back, but I don't know how long that will be the case. I'm adjusting to the new look. While the actual numbers (steps, calories burned, floors climbed) are the same on either dashboard, the daily graph (set to steps or calories burned) does have a different look. The activity spikes while similar, aren't quite the same.  If you go to the (also updated) activity page, I can get a look more similar to the original ...

But it still isn't quite the same.
For some reason, I really miss my spikes being pink!

The other thing I really miss (the old dashboard had it, but the new one does not seem to show this anywhere) is the pie chart of my time ... this was the only chart to incorporate the sedentary time (visually) with the lightly, fairly/moderately and very active times.  

I remember having a couple competitions with Fitbit friends. The challenge was to keep the sedentary to half a pie or less.  The new look shows the info over time ... but there's no pie.

I know I could crunch the numbers and calculate my sedentary time ... but I don't like math, and that would mean MORE sedentary time while I figured it all out. It was much easier for me just to look at my daily pie; it was much easier for me to "see" presented that way.

For now, I guess I have the luxury of switching in-between the old and new.
I can have the new dashboard ... and my pie too!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smart Scale (Fitbit Aria)

Through high school and the first fourteen years of marriage ... I never really stepped on the scale. I just felt that some weight gain through the years (and having five babies) was inevitable. During my pregnancies, I didn't pay much attention to weight gain either ... I really couldn't tell you what I gained or weighed at any point. 

Then ... May 2006. I lost 20 pounds quick and easy and without even trying (yes, there was some stress at that time). But that 20 pound loss ... it changed everything! I felt like losing WAS possible, and I could already see a change at that point. It gave me the motivation to keep going. I lost 30 more pounds over the next couple of months and I reached my goal weight. During THIS time ... I stepped on the scale everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I've stepped on a scale pretty much every day since.

You can see (in the picture above), I had an old analog scale. Through the years, I upgraded to a newer, digital scale. But when Fitbit recently added a scale to their line of products, I felt like I needed to upgrade once again. Like the Fitbit, the Aria connects wirelessly to the Fitbit Dashboard. Now I can't tell you how many times I would step on the scale first thing in the morning, and by the time I dressed and went to my desk to write down the numbers~ they had slipped from my mind. And while I did enter the numbers (that I remembered *Ü*) into my excel spreadsheet with all my stats, I would seldom actually update the Fitbit website with my changing weight. The Aria does it all ... and includes a body fat reading as well as body weight.

Now the Aria IS pricey ... $130.  But, it's been worth it to me. My Fitbit Dashboard is now completely up to date. The weight is updated daily, and this also transfers to MFP, which updates my weight loss there. Since I have been tracking food on MFP, and making sure I'm staying below my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) the scale HAS been moving in the right direction too. I've never tracked my body fat before, and while it's still too high, it too is getting lower. 

I've also connected my Aria to ... so my daily weigh-in is also transferred to that site and the many cool graphs and data it provides.

I didn't discover this website until a few weeks ago, but because of the wireless connection, TrendWeight was able to get ALL the data from the scale, from when I first got it in January. I'm also signed up for a couple rewards sites, and one of those gives points for daily weight and body fat weigh-ins, so the Aria gives me extra points there each day as well. 

I DO still have my old analog scale sitting in the bathroom downstairs ... I hope to be able to recreate the "goal weight" picture at the top of this blog post. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Step History ...

... I've tracked my daily steps for YEARS. I started in 2006, and in December of 2008, I joined a site called Walker Tracker, a social site for tracking steps and connecting with other pedometer people. There are competitions, and that was a big motivation for me then (I've gotten less competitive through the years).  In 2009 and 2010 I'd hit 30K days with regularity. Twice I topped 40K. Walker Tracker has a lot of nice graphs too. The graph above is a pretty good visual representation of my past year. In 2011 and 2012, I had been staying pretty close to my revised goal of 20K a day. I got a little discouraged around Oct/Nov ... my activity went down. My weight went up. It was mid-May when I joined MFP and started tracking food. I also upped my activity again. You can see my June and July jump ... I plan on keeping it up there!

Just a few more numbers from past years ...
2012 average of 16,305
2011 average of 19,902
2010 average of 25,503
2009 average of 25,161 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Motivational Monday - Magic Pill

... I know most people hate Mondays. I am not one of them. I LOVE Mondays. The weekends are my challenge. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are a break from my weekday routine. It's harder to eat good, harder to fit in the exercise.  For the past several years, I've called them "wicked weekends" and I dread stepping on the scale Monday morning. But ... it does provide me with some motivation to get back at it. After a weekend I am actually excited to get back at it! Five days until official "weigh-in" day (on Friday, BEFORE another weekend). 

Since joining MFP and tracking calories, I've had "better" weekends ... but I still slip. Going out to the movies, a dinner date with hubby, or family parties ... it's really hard to keep things in check. I'm SO grateful I've seen success so far. I know how easy it is to lose motivation when you don't see results. But I know I can do this. I did it once before. I know I can do it again. 

I'd only been giving 10% before ... I have been keeping up with the exercise. Trying to "out cardio my calories".  The problem is, if you aren't logging your food, do you really know how many calories you are eating? Believe me, start tracking and you will be so surprised at how quickly they add up.  Admittedly, I'm taking baby steps. Right now, I'm simply counting calories, keeping track ... I have not moved into the "healthy eating" per say (I've got some eating issues that I'll address at some point). Baby steps *Ü*

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tracking Sleep

I pretty much wear my Fitbit 24/7 (I do take it off for showers and use that time to recharge the battery). When it's time for bed, I keep my Fitbit on me.  I sleep with it on, not only to catch any odd steps during the night, but because it has a sleep function as well as a step function. I don't know how accurate it is, but it is interesting. 

As the graph indicates, the blue is sleeping (or at least very still and unmoving), and the pink is awake (or restless). An actual spike means I got up and walked for a minute (potty run). Now the BIG pink area around 3:30 in the morning is NOT normal for me! That only happens when stupid teenagers decide to doorbell ditch us. And I got a few steps in as I had to go outside and put out the fire that they started on the front porch (and as it would happen our front door was stuck and so I had to go out the back and walk around the house to do it!) Could not get back to sleep for a while ...

This is a little more "normal" ... hubby is off early, so I usually wake up, but don't quite make it out of bed for a bit. I know, I should just get up and get going on my day!  There are two settings for sleep (normal or sensitive ... try which seems to work best for you). There is a sleeve included to wear your Fitbit on your wrist. I just clip it to my jammie top.  My son sleeps with his clipped to his boxers.

But back to the Fitbit as a sleep tracker. I didn't think I would use this feature, but I've really enjoyed having the feedback. I always thought I went to sleep earlier than I actually do. It's interesting to see the trends (going to bed/getting up) and getting an idea of how much actual sleep time I get. When we splurged on a Fitbit for my 14-year old, I was going to suggest the less expensive Zip. It does not track sleep. The boys had already rushed off to the store and purchased the One before I mentioned the Zip option, but my son has enjoyed the sleep feedback more than I would have thought (and as a parent it's fun for me to point out just how much he is sleeping in this summer!). As my parents bought Fitbits as well, one of the things they were looking forward to MOST from the device was the sleep feedback.

With the new dashboard, there are new, weekly reports of the sleep graph.
They look like this (above).
You still get the look pictured at the top if you go to the Log/Sleep area.

... so if you were considering a Fitbit and wanted an idea of what some of the feedback looked like, there you go. There are a couple other graphs too, showing some of the same info over time (hours asleep over the past 30 days, etc.). My Fitbit is mainly for steps and counting calories burned throughout the day, but I appreciate the night feedback as well!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blister on a Baby Toe

Toes are NOT the most attractive body part, so I apologize in advance for this lovely picture  *Ü* My poor little baby toe ... I don't know if maybe I shift my foot wrong in my shoe or what, but I always seem to rub myself into a blister here. This first appeared June 8, as I jogged the track during #3's basketball game (well, it wasn't the first time, as this is a trouble spot for me, but I hadn't really had a problem in recent months, probably because I hadn't spent a lot of time in shoes ... I wear slippers on my elliptical). The blister fades a bit after my workout, but when I put on my running shoes (and I have a few different pair I try to alternate between in case it is the shoe) for a longer length of time (say an hour) then it reappears ...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day to Day (July2013)

July 1 (Monday) Good day. Weight 169.2. Fitbit steps 30660. Total burn 3431. Calories in 2300. Calories out 1600 Exercise was 90minElliptical, 38minBike, 30DS1.1 and jogged the track during the boy's basketball practice. I forgot my HRM, dang it! About 9000 steps, so a little over 4 miles in the hour. Unfortunately there is a class going on right then, made the track very crowded. If it wasn't 100° outside I would have just jogged the park instead. Eating was a hearty breakfast of French Toast and milk. Quite a few snacks throughout the day. Skipped dinner. 

July 2 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 167.5 Fitbit steps 31912. Total burn 3653. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1850. Exercise consisted of 100minElliptical, 37minBike, 30DS1.2, some ping pong and jogging the track during the boy's basketball game (4 miles, 483 calories, I did remember the HRM today). Eating consisted of cold cereal, fiber one bar, tortilla chips and spaghetti dinner. Some snacks too. 

July 3 (Wednesday) OK day. Weight 166.5. Fitbit steps 24300. Total burn 3237. Calories in 2875. Calories out 1447. Exercise credit from 100minElliptical, 37min/10milesBike, 30DS1.3, and I mowed the lawn. Eating added up with French Toast for breakfast, Fried Chicken and Yellow Rice for dinner ... and lots of snacks. I was HUNGRY today. Maybe feeling a little justified after the past two days. 

July 4 (Thursday) Bad day (eating/exercise wise) Weight 167.8 Fitbit steps 5497 Total burn 2093. Calories in 2600 (and I got sloppy, might have been higher). Calories out ... 300 (no dedicated exercise, this was the Fitbit adjustment on MFP). Up early and off to the lake for wave running.  Stopped at Maga's on the way home. So mostly sitting and snacking all day. Supervising sparklers in the evening. 

July 5 (Friday) OK Day. Weight 168.4  Fitbit steps 18824   Total burn 2856. Calories in 2200. Calorie burn 1050. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS1.4 + 35minPingPong. Eating: Small breakfast, then nothing until over eating at the movies (popcorn/candy) ... did not feel great that evening.

July 6 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 167.9 Fitbit steps 22416. Total burn 2850. Calories in 1800. Calorie burn 1050. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS1.5, 40min/2.5milesTreadmill (10min10%incline, Intervals for the rest). Eating: late/small breakfast, Tepanyaki for dinner. Just a couple snacks.  Hubby took the kids to a movie, I begged off, so as not to eat popcorn/candy again and got in a workout during that time instead. Hubby and I did go out to dinner at Tepanyaki, but I had calories set aside and rice/steak/salmon isn't too bad.

July 7 (Sunday) OK Day. Weight 166.7. Fitbit steps 12826. Total burn 2464. Calories in 2000. Calorie burn 670. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 10minWiiFit, 15minPingPong. Eating: Sunday Circles for breakfast (didn't eat a whole waffle though). Crock pot roast beef. Homemade oreos ... ** Rude awakening at 3:00 with stupid teens doorbell ditching the house. Couldn't get back to sleep.

July 8 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 166.8. Fitbit steps 32086. Total burn 3361. Calories in 2150. Calorie burn 1550. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS1.6, 50min/3.5milesTrack. Decent food day for the morning/afternoon. Overdid it on orange rolls for dinner...but they were yummy!

July 9 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 27641. Total burn 3309. Calories in 2400. Calorie burn 1500. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 38minBike, 30DS1.7, 60min/4miles Track. Jogged during the boy's basketball game. Seemed a bit behind all day, after sleeping in and starting late. Not a great eating day. The orange rolls were still around. The kids wanted toasted cheese (and I had one too), and hubby made his yummy popcorn. But hopefully the activity offset the eating.

July 10 (Wednesday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 25464. Total burn 3113. Calories in 2200. Calorie burn 1300. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30DS1.8 + bowling with the boys. Did good on eating until the evening when I grabbed breads from Little Caesars and made brownies.

July 11 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 22357. Total burn 3029. Calories in 2100. Calorie burn 1200. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS1.9, 38minBike(10miles). Too many calories in the snack section (but I did have to have some of the lemon jello cake I made). **tom

July 12 (Friday) Ok Day. Weight 166.8. Fitbit steps 19547. Total burn 2799. Calories in 2220. Calories burned 1000. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS1.10 Eating: Cold cereal, French Toast for dinner. Quite a few snacks.  **tom

July 13 (Saturday) OK day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 22639. Total burn 2845. Calories in 2800. Calories burned 1050. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 45min/3.5milesTrack ... would have done more but had to come down when #3 took a hard hit during the basketball game. Not a good eating day ... stopped at Dunford for donuts, and went to a movie in the evening.  **tom

July 14 (Sunday) Bad day. Weight 166.8. Fitbit steps 2325. Total burn 1773. Calories in 1800. Calories burned 0. Woke up not feeling well and stayed in bed almost the whole day. Did feel a bit better by evening, enough to partake of hubby's BBQ dinner.

July 15 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 166.9. Fitbit steps 25152. Total burn 3187. Calories in 1700. Calories burned 1400. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 37minBike, 30DS2.1, 15minWiiFit. Change up to Level 2 on 30DS ... whew! This level has some different, awkward moves. Hoped to jog the track today as the boys had basketball practice, but #3 wanted to come home right after. Eating: Made waffles (usually make them on Sunday but hadn't felt up to it yesterday) ... I thought I'd come in high starting with a big breakfast,  but didn't eat too much the rest of the day. It felt good to keep calories lower. Did feel fine today after yesterday's sickness.

July 16 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 165.8. Fitbit steps 28522. Total burn 3297. Calories in 2000. Calories burned 1500. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 30DS2.2, 37minBike, 55min/4milesTrack. Eating: French Toast for dinner ...

July 17 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 165.0. Fitbit steps 27780. Total burn 3410. Calories in 1550. Calories burned 1500. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30DS2.3, 37minBike. Not sure why(how) I kept the eating so low, grazed throughout the day and that seemed to do the trick.

July 18 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 164.5. Fitbit steps 22625. Total burn 3060. Calories consumed 1850. Calorie credit 1200. Exercise: 120minElliptical. Eating: Cold cereal & watermelon for breakfast. Dinner was a bit bigger, leftovers from Sunday's steak. Still too many snacks. Day Notes: It was a disjointed day ... a Dr appointment in the morning (my annual physical, all looks good), chauffeuring kids and we had repairmen around the house much of the day, finishing up the a/c install from a few weeks ago. Didn't get my 30DS in, I'll have to make it up on Saturday to stay on schedule.

July 19 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 164.5. Fitbit steps 24319. Total burn 3057. Calories consumed 2050. Calorie credit 1250. Exercise: 90minElliptical, 30DS2.4, LawnMow (45min, it was HOT and the grass was long, I had to go over much of the yard twice, 258 per HRM, not sure if that is accurate for this activity, just left the Fitbit estimate which was 206). Eating: the boys requested "French Toast Friday" for breakfast, #4 and I had some popcorn chicken and an ice cream cone while shopping. 700CEC. Day Notes: I had been worried about getting my 30DS in, as we had a funeral for a neighbor then waverunning. #4 didn't care to go, so I stayed home with him.

July 20 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 165.4. Fitbit steps 27312. Total burn 3152. Calories consumed 2700. Calorie credit 1350. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS2.5, 75min/5miles Track during the boy's basketball game. Didn't eat much in the morning, then hubby and I went out to Johnny Carinos in the evening. Had a couple mozzarella cheese sticks (logs!) and chicken alfredo (did bring half home).  Hubby had stopped earlier in the day and brought home cheese cake (from The Cheesecake Factory).  I'm not a huge fan and won't eat most flavors, but this was plain ... and good. Dinner and dessert ... high calorie count!

July 21(Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 165.8. Fitbit steps 13858. Total burn 2497. Calories consumed 2300. Calorie credit 710. Exercise: 60minElliptical, Walk to/from church. Eating: Sunday circles for breakfast. Day Notes: Made rice krispie treats for hubby to take as a treat, then they weren't needed and the entire pan was home all day to temp me! Also made homemade oreos in the evening.

July 22 (Monday) Ok Day. Weight 166.2. Fitbit steps 14678. Total burn 2563. Calories consumed 2300. Calorie credit 770. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS 2.6. Eating: Skipped breakfast, snacked on popcorn. Market Street (fish and chips) for dinner. Day Notes: Friends in town, so we met up with them at JumpN Bounce for several hours, then a late dinner out with hubby.

July 23 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 166.6. Fitbit steps 27003. Total burn 3282. Calories consumed 2000. Calorie credit 1500. Exercise: 70minElliptical, 30DS2.7, 75min/5.5miles Track. Eating: Made snickerdoodles, ate snickerdoodles, but didn't eat a whole lot else, no real meals. Day Notes: Had our friends over (thus the making of cookies) to hang out for a few hours, but did get in some workouts and the boys had basketball in the evening. I would NOT have gotten in that much exercise that late without that! It was the final game though, I'll miss the basketball "push" ...

July 24 (Wednesday) Ok Day. Weight 165. Fitbit steps 11800. Total burn 2373. Calories consumed 2200. Calorie credit 580. Exercise: 40minElltiptical and hike up/down the beach. Eating:  Lots of beach treats (chips, tootsie rolls, Snickerdoodles AGAIN!) Day Notes: State holiday, so family fun at the beach. We'd been a little worried about the weather but it turned out so nice. Got in some exercise to start/finish the day. I actually forgot my Fitbit (and Omron broken) so I didn't have it during the trip. #2 had his, so I wore it (as I wasn't really going in the water) and manually added the steps. Wasn't feeling great in the evening ...

July 25 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 166.5. Fitbit steps 23848. Total burn 3144. Calories consumed 1600. Calorie credit 1350. Exercise: 100minElliptical. 37min/10milesBike. 30DS2.8.  Eating: Some snacking early in the day. Chinese for dinner ... how many calories are in the sweet and sour chicken withOUT the sauce?

July 26 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 165.2. Fitbit steps 25060. Total burn 3290. Calories consumed 2200. Calorie credit 1500. Exercise: 120minElliptical. 37/10milesBike, 30DS2.9.  Eating: Mainly snacking/grazing throughout the day. Had some bread from LittleCasears for lunch, leftover roast beef for dinner. DayNotes: Went in for my annual mammogram today, it was quick. Stopped at the store and had some chauffeur duty. Ping pong table came out today but my partner #3 was sick so I didn't get any games in.

July 27 (Saturday) Ok Day. Weight 164.2. Fitbit steps 27350. Total burn 3132. Calories consumed 2700. Calorie credit 1350. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30DS 2.10, Lawn mow and some ping pong.  Eating: Started the day with a Dunford Donut ... or two. That's a ton of calories right there. Hubby suggested a mini dessert date in the evening, but I didn't have any calories to spare! I'm glad I got my one game on Ping Pong in because the boys put the projector screen up again, dang it!

July 28 (Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 164.7. Fitbit steps 19745. Total burn 2792. Calories consumed 2800. Calorie credit 1000. Exercise: 100minElliptical ... the last 20 minutes was done at 10:00 at night after feeling guilty about my day and trying to at least break even. Did walk to church as well (would have walked home, but it was raining). Eating: Belgian waffle breakfast. Some cinnamon rolls for lunch. Made stroganoff, but I just ate plain roast beef. The family expects homemade oreos ...

July 29 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 164.7. Fitbit steps 26116. Total burn 3247. Calories consumed 2050. Calorie credit 1467. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 39minBike, 30DS3.1 Eating: Didn't eat too much during the day. Haystacks for dinner. Lemon Jello Cake for dessert.

July 30 (Tuesday) Ok Day. Weight 164.0. Fitbit steps 17388. Total burn 2712. Calories consumed 2100. Calorie credit 936. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS 3.2. Day Notes: Took the kids to a waterpark, so a lot of sitting during the day ... also some snacking, although I don't think I did too bad. Admittedly I did not actually count how many tootsie rolls or weighed my chips ... made brownies after dinner (Mac&Cheese, high calorie!) but limited myself to just one.

July 31 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 164.4. Fitbit steps 27562. Total burn 3274. Calories consumed 2200. Calorie credit 1495. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30min/2miles Treadmill, 37minBike, 30DS3.3 & 20min Ping Pong. Day Notes: A bit of a chaotic morning, as hubby and #2 got off to scout camp. #3 was going to go too, but had an anxiety attack about it and stayed home. I'd laid out Rhodes cinnamon rolls overnight, I ended up eating three of them throughout the day. The family still says they are not as good as the ones I make, so I will probably end up making some this weekend. Although exercise started slow, I got in quite a bit in the evening.

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