Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Tracks

My boys LOVE basketball, and I love watching them play. But I have to admit, when their games are at the rec center with the track above the court I love it even more. It is the ultimate two-fer. I can support and cheer on my sons, AND get a workout in.

I'm not really comfortable running outside. Weather (too hot, too cold, too windy) and dogs tend to dissuade me. I like the treadmill fine, but I do enjoy the freedom a track provides. Changing speed without pressing buttons, being able to just jog without worrying about hitting the sides and taking a tumble ... and it is just easier. I know I wouldn't get in the same workout at home in the basement. As entertaining as my shows are at home (with my TV/DVD sitting there in front of my treadmill) watching the game makes the time fly by ... and I can listen to my music too.

I put both #2 and #3 on the same team to ease up on the schedule this summer. It was a 7th/8th grade league. #2 is in 8th, and #3 is in 6th.  But #3 wasn't the only 6th grader playing up and wasn't the only small one in the league ... although he was definitely the squirt on THIS team.  The games were played at two different gyms ... and BOTH gyms had a track above. Yea for me!

Gym #1, in the main rec center we go to (close to our home). It's a pretty small track, you have to cycle several times (I think 16, but don't quote me) to make a mile. It circled the entire basketball court and gave me a great view of the game, especially if I could stick to the inside edge. I only almost ran into a pole a couple of times. Generally I had the track to myself  as the games were played mid-day on Saturdays - not a prime workout time for others. *Ü*  The boys also practiced at this gym, I and would have worked out then too, but there was a circuit-training class taking place during that time ... and 30 people on that small track? No thanks!

Gym #2 has a slightly larger track. Instead of circling completely around the basketball court, 3/4 of the track circled it and then ...

... there is a wall, and another, smaller court. So unfortunately, while the boys were playing at this gym, there would be a short span of time during each lap where I could not see the game. This actually FORCED me into intervals *Ü*  I would walk/jog around the large court, watching the game, then when I got to the wall I would sprint the remaining 1/4 track until I came back out on the other side of the wall. I would then slow and hope I hadn't missed anything too important. 

 Well ... the season has now come to an end. I will SO miss my basketball workouts! As many of the games were late on Tuesday evenings, I can tell you I certainly would NOT have worked out at home during the same time. At the end of an already active day,  I was tired, and I really didn't feel like jogging. But I really don't like just sitting and watching, not when I have such an attractive alternative. It always felt so good to get in so many steps (usually five miles) and a nice caloric burn. It's hard not to feed off the adrenaline from the game. To see the kids running and jumping and just match their energy. And not that I'm one of those crazy parents who yells from the sidelines, but jogging the track really does give me a place to put any emotional energy I might have.

The boys WILL play basketball again (they play year-round), but it probably won't be at either of these locations. Oh well, it was great while it lasted!

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  1. Those are the best workouts...they kinda just happen with no thought! :-)


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