Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #7

I must admit, I broke the cardinal rule of weighing in everyday yesterday. I got discouraged by the small up on the scale. This past week I'd moved into the 150s, and when I saw that dang six as the middle number again, I had a hard time keeping my chin up. Especially considering these next few days are going to be challenging (some family activities which will negatively impact exercise and eating). I just knew I wasn't going to have a loss this week, in fact I was probably going to be up. So disheartening. As I was making the kids lunches, I grabbed a Little Debbie Nutty Bar and snarfed it down. 300 calories right there.

Luckily, I was able to shake it off ... I was pretty good for the rest of the day Thursday. Wednesday had not been a great day for exercise/eating (it was #4's birthday). Even with the bad start, I was determined to make this last day before official weigh-in a good day. Calories ended up in at around 1900. I did oodles of exercise and had a nice, big deficit at the end of the day.

And what do you know ... the scale cooperated.
Down 3.1 pounds from YESTERDAY. 
Down 1.9 from last week's weigh-in. 

My MFP ticker, which has been shifting from 20, to 19, to 21 to 20 over the past week or two jumped to 23 pounds lost.

So ... as mentioned above, these next few days are going to be a challenge. Family activities will take away from my gym time, there are going to be treats galore. I'm not sure I'll be able to hold this loss, but I'm sure going to try. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our "Wonderful" Walk

I thought I'd do a bit of a Throwback Thursday post. Several years ago, I was more of a walker than I am now (even though I'm still uber active, I prefer my elliptical and stationary bike).  Every day (weather permitting), I'd stick the three year old in the double stroller and walk the 1.35 miles to the school to pick up the Kindergartner as he got out of class.  This was not a great walk, it was one I wouldn't even LET my older kids do for safety reasons.  I did a post about our "wonderful" walk on my family blog a few years ago, and I thought I'd "walk" down memory lane today ...

Our "Wonderful" Walk

The canal ... I haven't heard of any kids falling into the canal, but this would be a constant stress for me if my kids were walking every day. It's completely open, easy access. In fact, taking the dirt canal road does nip some distance off the walk. But we take the longer, smoother path on the sidewalk through the neighborhood.

After the canal, you get to pass the horses. In addition to the LOVERLY smell, the fence has been broken down like this for a couple of years ... the inner fence is an electric fence ... I can just imagine the kids daring each other to try touching it ...

Then there is this nice stretch of sidewalk. It bumps us silly .... can you say shaken baby syndrome? But I don't know how they will ever repair it, because if they tore it out to replace it, there would be absolutely NO place for pedestrians during construction. This is right before one of the several streets and driveways we must cross going down 7800... there has never been a crossing guard posted anywhere along the way (probably because so few kids end up walking ... like I said, I don't LET my kids walk).

The recent (and seemingly never ending) construction has pushed traffic RIGHT NEXT to the sidewalk. If I reached my arm out, I would touch the cars and trucks passing by. I don't know which is more terrifying, having the cars rush by coming from behind, or seeing them come head on! We get to experience both, on the way to and then from school. Often traffic is so backed up that the cars are pretty much at a standstill, but at other times, when traffic is flowing, the cars rush by so quickly the wind almost knocks us over. The sidewalk is decent size, but when you come across a group of people, or a lady with a double stroller (that would be me) there just isn't enough sidewalk to share, so you often end up stuck or struggling to pass without stepping out into the street.

Right at the big intersection, we are hit by another scent ... sewer ... (suddenly the horse smell doesn't seem so bad). We always try to get by this grate as quickly as possible, holding our noses and our breath.

And then, there's the overpass. Always good to get a little INCLINE in your walk. Up, up, up, up, watch out for the graffiti, litter, broken glass and pigeon poop ... the wind on the walkway can also almost knock you over as well. Then down, down, down the overpass (hanging on to the stroller so we don't go too fast and can't make the turns) and ... we're at the school. Collect the kindergartner and ... back we go ... I can feel the additional 40+ pounds of an extra child as we go up, up, up the incline ...

Now, just so you don't think I'm an utterly negative person, there are some good points as well. Once you are back in the neighborhood, the walk is very pleasant. I LOVE our winding neighborhood. I DO stop and smell the flowers (literally!). The hanging basket (above) makes me smile every time I walk by it.

I also ADORE the spring blossoms on this path ... with the pink petals falling, they look so pretty blanketing the ground. A close up of the blossoms below ... I love when the smell just hits you as you walk by ...
And of course, I have the CUTEST kids! They happily talk and point things out as we walk. "There's a bird, that flower is yellow, I saw a bug" ... they love to see NUMBERS and call them out (and as there are addresses on the houses and mailboxes ... this is pretty easy to do). Of course they have to have their "treat" bag filled with goodies to munch on, and a blanket if it gets cold, and sunglasses if the day is too bright. Another funny thing they do is reach out and run their fingers along the fences. I have to keep them just the right distance, so that they can touch, but so I don't end up smashing them!

Home again home again jiggitty jig ... 
Almost three miles. More steps on the pedometer.

... ah, the walk down memory lane. I don't really miss my "wonderful" walk ...

Back to the Present.
Here's that cute kindergartner and munchkin today. 

I actually switched schools ... while the construction is finally complete (so cars are no longer pushed up directly next to the sidewalk) I still would not be comfortable with my kids making this walk alone. I was dropping off and picking up kids anyway, so I decided to drive 1 minute further to a nearby school on a traditional, rather than a year-round schedule (I really disliked how the off-track time would throw off our routine, and the older boys are on traditional). 

My little ones aren't so little anymore. We've passed the stroller on to my sister-in-law and her two little boys. I rarely walk outside anymore either ... I don't care for the extremes in weather, DOGS, or being far from home. With my home gym, I can exercise any time for any amount of time with no excuses... and no traffic or sewer smells! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why You Won't See the "Scale Shot" For My Weigh-ins

If you've been following my blog at all, you know MY traditional weigh-in day is Friday. I'm SO much better with the eating/exercise Mon-Thurs during the established routine. The weekends are tough, so I weigh-in Friday morning BEFORE the craziness kicks in. But, I do like to participate in the Wednesday Weigh-In Link In. 

Another thing you might have noticed if you've seen any previous weigh-in posts from me, as that I usually just show my numbers (from the Fitbit site), not the traditional scale shot. I did go ahead with the traditional scale shot for today, and will explain why this is not something you will see from me.

First and foremost ... I tend to weigh-in in my birthday suit. Can't have any extra ounces from clothing cluttering up the reading, right?  Well, my fancy-smancy Aria scale is shiney and ... reflective. Not that it's easy to really see what it is reflecting, but still, I will err on the side of caution and NOT post pictures.

Also ... as you can see in the picture above, instead of a number, the scale is telling me "off" ... really "step off" but only one word can scroll through at a time. My Aria doesn't give me my weight until I have stepped off the scale.  I have to admit, when I see the scale telling me to "step off" I can't help but recall a certain Seinfeld episode (you can see a clip here, you only have to watch the first 25 seconds to get the "step off" reference).  

But Anyway
that is why ... you see THIS (below) from me ...

I'll post again on Friday ... I'm up a teeny tiny bit from last Friday's weigh-in, although I did drop below it once since then (ok, only by 0.1 ounce, but that actually changed it from 159 to 158 to that's actually HUGE).  Ironically, that low WAS on Monday morning, after the weekend! Go figure. I have actually been being much better over the weekends since I've been tracking calories. 

Another interesting thing about my weigh-in history is it also includes the time the reading was taken.  School has started ... that means I have to get UP earlier. last Thursday was a 1/2 day for the 7th grader (only the "sevies" so they could get used to rotating through classes before the crowds) ... then Monday was the start for everyone. No more sleeping in (and 7:00 or 8:00 weigh-ins).  Body fat is slowing going down too, although I'm not sure how accurate the Aria is on that. 

... so much for my Scale Stories for today ... 
Check out the Weigh-In Wednesday Link Up for more scale stories and share your own!
Do YOU weigh in in the buff?

I'm off to elliptical ...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

100 Days ...

I started at My Fitness Pal in mid-May. Apparently, it was 100 days ago, as I got a notification on my newsfeed *Ü* I haven't missed a day logging my food, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I think I need to make logging a lifelong habit. I'm so glad that MFP at least makes logging easy.

So what have I learned in my last 100 days at MFP? I've learned I can eat a LOT. As I look at my slow but steady weight gain over the past few years, it does actually make sense. I calculated my average daily burn for the past year ... 2812 (from Fitbit). So was I eating MORE than that each day? I wasn't tracking, so who knows how much I was eating for sure... but I must have been. I think I fell into the trap of thinking "I'm so active and exercising enough, I can eat whatever I want ..."  

As soon as I started tracking, I realized just how quickly the calories add up... especially if they are empty ones. Unfortunately I do really like empty calories, they just taste SO good. Even now, when I AM tracking and am trying to control my eating, I still hit 2000+ so easily. 

I can see, from looking at other people's food diaries (I'm still private myself, but most of my MFP friends have theirs open) how much MORE you can eat when you eat clean, healthy foods. I am still working on improving my eating ... baby steps.

I've seen many impressive before/after photos. I wish I had taken more "before" shots, I don't/won't have many to compare as I reach my "after". I've learned it's important to take measurements ... I have taken some measurements, but not from the beginning of my journey. Other markers like blood pressure and cholesterol can be interesting indicators of change as well (I did get into the doctor not too long after starting MFP, so I will have something to compare to.)

You can see all the encouragement friends can provide. Do I really know any of my MFP "friends" in real life ... only a couple. When I joined MFP, I only had one or two Facebook friends that were on there. I was very proactive in sending friend requests. Back when I started Walker Tracker I was fairly active in the online community, but I had never jumped in on Fitbit or my other calorie counting website. Here, I've actually been pretty active, there are a lot of interesting threads and information. It was the community at MFP that inspired me to get a heart rate monitor and to try 30DS. There is a lot of not so great stuff there on the message boards too, but it's still worth checking out.

21 pounds down in the first 100 days ... what will the next 100 days bring?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Comparison Pictures

Last May (Memorial Day), we went out to breakfast as a family. Hubby snapped a picture ... I was really not happy with how I looked. I had even attempted to look nice. Pictures add five pounds, right? I had actually just started at MFP, and I did track my calories this meal (or attempted to, it's hard going when eating out, isn't it? Especially when it's a local restaurant that doesn't provide nutritional information. )

Today, we went out again... our annual "Back to School Breakfast."  Same table, same kids (#4 isn't visible, we didn't notice that until we had left). #3 is even wearing the same shirt, slightly different goofy expressions. I know I feel better about myself, I think I look better too. Three months later, down 20 pounds. What will the next three months bring?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #6

Down 1.1 pounds this week. I'll take it. It also dropped me into the 150s. Ok, the very tippy top of the 150s, but there is something about seeing a change in the middle digit, right?  I actually first saw the 5 appear several days ago (on Saturday, the day after my last weigh in) but it didn't stick around, just made that peek-a-boo appearance. I was happy to see it again yesterday and today and hope I don't see the 160s again!

Just glancing at my last year ... 
I love that you can SEE exactly where I joined MFP
Mid-May, when that downward trend began.
Before that, I was on a slow uphill climb.

School starts on Monday. That's going to shift the schedules. A return to routine. I do like routine, although I don't necessarily like getting up early. Carpools and homework help take up some time too, and #4's anxiety issues are kicking in, so I think I may be spending some time at the school too ... 

Birthday week coming up ... ummmm (yummm) cake. Not my birthday, but THREE of the boys, plus some extended family as well. I know I'm going to want to indulge, and I probably will. Will my middle 5 (on the scale) survive? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weighing in on Graphs

I really like graphs. It takes numbers and makes them visual. It's very helpful to me. But even the same numbers can get a different look depending on the graph. Checking in here today for Weigh In Wednesday to take a peek at how different your weight graph can look, even when using the exact same numbers. 

I looked at my weight graph on my Iphone (using my Fitbit app, above). 
It looks pretty bumpy there.
Pretty big ups and downs.

When I look at the Fitbit website instead of the app (below), it looks very different! 

The reference numbers on the axis expand (showing more weight variety and a longer time) and this totally changed the look, makes it look super smooth (and so slllllooooooowwwww). 

The graph above is from the MFP website ... 
Shows some ups and downs, but decent progress overall.

The MFP app squished the numbers together a bit more, 
and the downward trend looks much more impressive,
of course the small ups look bigger too.

I also sync to, which in addition to keeping track of actual weight, also projects your "trend" which really smooths out the bumps! It really is an interesting way to look at the numbers, and having your "actual" weigh-in come in UNDER your trend can be motivating, even when the numbers have gone up a bit. I'm not as down as I was, but I'm still down ...

I DID dip into the 150s once (159.5 on Sunday) ... it's moving SO slowly. My MPF ticker has been fluctuating between 20 pounds lost, and 19 pounds lost. It's bad enough when it stays the same for a week, I really don't like when it goes backwards!

... I know, I get a little obsessive with my numbers and graphs. It's often said how important perspective is ... how you look at things. That CAN even come into play with how you look at the numbers from your scale, you know?  

I thought this post worked with the Weigh-In Wednesday link-up. Post your own scale stories and check out other people's progress as well!

Riding and Reading

This is my bike.

A lot of my friends like to ride a bike for exercise. Hubby too. He has both a mountain bike and a road bike and he's put a lot of miles on both. But me ...I've said it before. I'm an indoor exerciser. Especially when it comes to bikes. I don't want to strap on a helmet, watch out for cars or risk getting a flat far from home. It's always a lovely 66° in my basement. I have a fan sitting right next to my bike to blow my sweat away. I do sweat, even though I keep my biking at a pretty leisurely pace (around 16mph). 

The other GREAT thing about my recumbent bike is ... I can read while I ride.

See how perfectly my IpadMini fits right there in front of me?  And unlike a "real" book or magazine, there are no paper pages to turn, just a quite swipe of my finger and on I go.  I love to read. I always have, but through the years I just never seemed to find the time. Or when I had a few free moments, I didn't have a book on hand. Enter digital reading. Between the free offerings, sales and our local library (which allows digital checkouts), I have over 500 books waiting at my fingertips. I've read a lot of books this last year. With my Kindle app on my phone, I'll read wherever I am if I'm stuck waiting. It's easier to read at night, as I don't need a lamp to see the pages. I'd love to read all the time, but I feel guilty just sitting and reading.

I really never cared for the bike much. I just wasn't able to stay on it for more than 10 minutes at a time.  My butt got sore, my legs were jello afterward. Switching out our old stationary bike for a new Nautilus recumbent helped. I like having a little back support. I also put a pillow down on the seat ... you would THINK I would already have enough padding there, but apparently I do not. Then I worked my way up. Now, I put in 10 miles (about 37minutes) without a problem. And I get some reading in without feeling guilty. It IS exercise, but it's more an excuse to get to my book *Ü*  I'm a "fluffy" reader. I like to be entertained. If you want to see what I'm reading (and what I've read) ... my GoodReads profile is here

I don't know that I'll ever ride a bike for exercise outside ...
But I know I'll continue to read and ride!


I had this post in mind for a while, but figured I'd wait and post it for the
Check it out for motivation and other bloggers on this same journey.

Yesterday, I upped my miles to 12, which put me at 45 minutes, that's a nice round number so I might actually switch to that for future rides. I finished my book yesterday ... so I'm starting a new one today! Yea *Ü*

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Going Bananas

As I mentioned in my Eating Issues post a bit ago, I have a hard time getting fruits and vegetables into my food diary. While I don't like many vegetables, I do like several fruits ... sometimes it's just hard to have them on hand. I mean bananas. I'll buy a bunch, then no one eats them and they go brown and mushy. I know, I can freeze them for smoothies (for hubby or the boys, I'm not a smoothie girl) or make banana bread (I do like banana bread and I have a great recipe ... it's not exactly low-calorie though!). I really do try to buy bananas and have them around just in case I or the kids get the urge to eat one. The other week, I did have a banana for breakfast for several days and I did feel good getting it in my food diary. It did seem to fill me up for the morning too.

Anyone have any tips on making bananas last longer?

If you haven't seen this cute clip, it really is worth watching. *Ü*

Monday, August 19, 2013

School Days (FMM)

It's almost time ... school starts next week! My oldest will be a senior in high school. I'll have two in middle school (the first year there for #3) and the two youngest (going into 4th and 2nd grade) will be starting a new school too. Our elementary has always been "year round" and I HATE it! We barely get adjusted to the routine when ... it's off track time for 2-3 weeks. And I'm a SAHM, I don't know how working moms do it! The kids don't get out until JULY, and then (depending on which track) they start back up in July too!. Where is summer? Anyway, after years of enduring it,  I went ahead and put in a permit at a different elementary school, one on a traditional schedule. The kids were approved, so we are making the move. I'm a little nervous. It's going to be hard on #4, he's like his mommy and doesn't deal well with change (but really, almost ALL his friends moved away this past year). I do think it will be better for us all in the long run.

I will be happy to return to the routine, especially now that it won't be broken (off track) in a couple of months. We've had a good summer, but at this point I do think the boys are bored and are ready to get back to learning and friends. Getting up early. That is going to be a real challenge after sleeping for a couple of months. With the change of schools, my morning routine will be a little more rushed than last year (the new school starts about 30 minutes earlier than the old one). I really like to start my day with a workout first thing, and I'm going to have to get up and at it if I want to get it in before making lunches, prepping kids and carpools.

How does the start of school affect your eating and exercise routine?

The topic of Friend Making Monday this week is "school" ... these questions come from the All The Weigh blog. Go check out others who have answered these same questions, and post the answers on your own blog and link up too!

School Days
1.  What was your favorite subject in school?  English. I loved reading and writing.
2. Did you attend elementary school and high school in the same town? Yes, and I still drive by my old schools from time to time (the boys have had basketball games at my Jr. High and High school. They tore down my elementary school and rebuilt it).
3.  Are you still friends with anyone that you met during school?  We don't get together a lot, but I'm still in communication with several friends (thank you Facebook). Some from college, high school and middle school, but a few I've know since elementary.
4. What activities were you involved in as a student? I was in Madrigals (choir) and drama ... the ol' High School Musical.  Also in a singing group in college.
5. Did you bring your lunch, or did you get it at school? I'm a super picky eater and always have been (see my post here).  I could NEVER take hot lunch. I brought a peanut-butter and honey sandwich every day elementary-Jr. High, then I burned out on them and haven't had one since.  I remember my friends and I would often bring a gallon of milk and cold cereal and eat that.
6. Did you enjoy shopping for clothing and school supplies?  I grew up in a practical family, we didn't get new clothes at the start of the year, we'd get them as needed. Same for supplies. I don't really ever remember "Back to School" shopping. 
7. Name a song or a band that reminds you of high school.  I didn't listen to the radio much ... the 80's songs all bring back the high school feeling for me. 
8. Did you like school?  I loved school and was very serious about getting good grades. It paid off with academic scholarships that paid for all four years of college.
9. How long have you been out of school? About as long as I've been married (I went to one quarter after to finish up) ... so over 20 years!
10.  What did you like most about school?  What did you dislike most about school?  I liked the social aspect, but I really did enjoy learning and the feeling of accomplishment when completing school assignments and getting a good grade.  I'm afraid I fall into the typical stereotype of a girl NOT liking math!


This post was part of the Friend Making Monday Link-Up.
Come join in!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home Alone

A little while ago, I posted about the upcoming family vacation. The image above WAS my response to learning of such plans. I really debated staying or going, and ultimately I decided to stay home.  It wasn't so much that I needed a break and wanted the time to myself. It was the car ride, the eating issues, comforts of home (I'm talking toilets here... and my bed and A/C), and how easily overwhelmed I get out of my usual routine. Hubby was very understanding. A couple of the kids (my mama's boys) were a bit dismayed by my decision, but I figured this would be a good thing for them too. They were off ... and I was home alone.

It was very quiet. I went ahead and cleaned the house and guess what? It STAYED clean! I had oodles of time to exercise, and exercise I did. I had several 30k days. Exercise-wise, I got in a lot more than I usually do with the family around, a TON more than I would have gotten had I gone on the trip (I don't think I would have gotten any in). I did miss my ping pong partners though. Food-wise, the home alone time went both ways. On the one hand, I wasn't constantly being asked/expected to make high calorie items (for example, every Sunday I make Belgian waffles for breakfast and homemade oreos for dessert after dinner).  I wasn't in the kitchen much at all. No Friday night date going out to eat or to the movies, no donuts on Saturday morning. No ordering out for pizza (not that I eat pizza, see my Eating Issues post, but I LOVE cheesy bread). No mac&cheese or peanut butter sandwiches (I'd never make them for me, but I always seem to have just a little nibble as I prep them for the kidlets). I could just eat MY foods and try to make healthy choices. But then ... I was a little lonely, and feeling a bit like a bad mother/wife/sister-in-law/daughter-in-law and emotional eating came into play a bit. Also, I'd never just take a full bag of chips as I caught up on the computer, or eat straight from the ice cream carton ... but with no one around to catch me or judge ... But again, compared to the eating  I WOULD have done on the trip  (snacking in the car, going out to eat) I'm sure I still came in ahead here at home. 

It's interesting to think about how much others impact our exercise and eating. 
Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. 

I got in a little sunshine.
I can't really do that with the boys around.

It was interesting to note how my sleep habits shifted. Normally, Hubby (and therefore me too) is an "early to bed and early to rise" type of person. We are usually in bed by 10:00. He's up uber early ... ok, I'll admit I've been sleeping in this summer, but during the school year I'm always up by 6:00 or 6:30.
With everyone gone, I'd often pull a late workout, then work on the blog or read or something. I stayed up past midnight most nights (which is very unlike me!). And then with no one around ... it was some major sleeping in. I've spend some nights without hubby before (as he'd go on trips for work or scouts), but I'd never been completely alone in the house at night before. 

And here is what I missed ...
 The car ride is literally better without me there.
Then #1 can sit in the front, 
and #3 isn't squished in the back with the little ones.
16+ hours (one way)

The Space Needle with cousins. 

 Orcas Island ... camping and lake fun.

The family is still on the road on the way back, but they will be home today. I plan on having some homemade oreos ready and waiting. I hope they missed me a little bit. I'll be happy to have hubby home. Back to the chaos of being mom to these five great boys. It's the final week of summer. There's back to school night, orthodontist appointments, last minute school shopping (I did some while they were gone) and whatever fun we want to squeeze into these last few days. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eating Issues

I am a picky eater. I have been for as long as I can remember. I think my mom tried ... I do have one recollection of a stand off with her. It was a tuna fish sandwich. I think we sat there for a couple of hours. Then she turned her back and I shoved it down the disposal. Other than that one memory, I don't really recall being forced to eat anything. There was no special treatment though, no meals just for me. I ate or I didn't, it was my choice. There was usually something I could get by on ... if not, I went hungry.  

It is interesting being an adult and looking at my eating issues from a logical perspective. Or rather, the knowledge that it is  not logical. I know that, I can see that. But I can't seem to change it. 

I don't know that there are any hard and fast rules to what I will or won't eat. I just know. It's not even taste (it never gets to that point, I have never tried most foods I "dislike"). It's sight, smell, anticipation of texture ... it's mental, I realize that.  Another childhood memory, when I was a little older ... a meal my mom made which I loved. She told me it was chicken casserole. I especially loved the little brown pieces of chicken. It was actually a tuna casserole, and the little brown pieces were mushrooms! Once I found out what it really was, I could never take another bite, even though I knew I had eaten it and enjoyed it in the past. 

I took cold lunch all though school ... I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich every single day until Jr. High. I burned out on those and have never eaten one since. The dating years were a bit awkward. I dreaded dates that included dinner, although I could usually find ONE thing at most restaurants and appear somewhat normal. My guy friends actually appreciated it at times- they didn't have to choose between soup or salad, they could have both (because I don't like either, so they could have mine). 

My eating issues have pros and cons when it comes to trying to lose weight and eat healthy. On one hand, common diet busters like pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, tacos ... none of that appeals to me (ok I'll just say it, I've NEVER tried any of them). I don't eat high calorie items like sauces, gravy or dressings.  I'm even more picky when it comes to what I drink. I've never had anything alcoholic (so I don't have to worry about the calories or the lack of control that comes with drinking) and I don't really care for soda.

On the negative side, I don't like smoothies, or salads. Vegetables rarely make it into my food diary, there are only a few that I'll even eat (of course the ones I DO like are the starchy ones that don't really even qualify as vegetables). I'm a little better with fruits, but I still only eat about half of what is available (I've never had a peach, or any "berries" or cherries). The fruit I do eat is plain. I won't eat fruit processed or prepared in any way (no apple pie for me). No yogurt. I'll forgo bread before I eat any whole wheat. I'm not vegetarian, I like beef, chicken, turkey and fish but it has to be plain, no sauces or spices. Of course I like unhealthy fried chicken and fried fish, but other than those ... I never eat bread and meat in one bite. No sandwiches. 

While there are plenty of snack foods and desserts I do not like, I still do enjoy plenty of them out there. Quite enough that it makes staying under 2000 calories a day a challenge.  My joke with hubby is that "if you are what you eat, then I am SO sweet" ... and I am! Unless you try to take away my sugar! Then I get ornery. I'm working on it though. Someday, maybe I'll get it under control enough that I can open up my MFP food diary to public. 

For now ... I'm simply trying to control calories. Once I master that, I'll move on to trying to eat healthier foods. Baby steps. I do feel a little limited, even though I know those limitations are of my own making.  As I see others eating and actually ENJOYING healthy options like yogurt, smoothies, salads, quinoa ... none of the recipes or food plans online or in magazines work for me. I've seen threads about this topic on MFP from fellow picky eaters. At times those posting were encouraged to seek professional help. Ironically, I did get my Bachelor's in Psychology.  I just can't even imagine anyone being able  to get me to try, or like, a new food. On one of the message boards there was a link to an article about Selective Eating Disorder. It was interesting to read, and yes, sounds spot on. I've always thought that I was the pickiest person around ... but apparently I'm actually not nearly as bad as some people out there!

My boys are picky, but nothing like me. I am in an awkward parental position ... if I ever say "Just try it, one bite. How do you know you don't like it if you don't taste it?" Everyone will stop and look pointedly at me. It's the height of hypocrisy, I know.  I have absolutely no problem with anyone else eating any of these items. I'll buy it, encourage it, prep it ... I've got a great lasagna recipe. Or so I'm told.  

This blog is about my journey, and my eating issues definitely play a big part. Despite my limitations, I know I can still be successful. I will just have to take a slightly different road.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #5

As I'm going to be weighing-in weekly, I decided keep track there in the title of the post ... this isn't really my 5th weekly weigh-in since I started losing, but it is my fifth official post. My first "weekly weigh-in" post was 15 Pounds, mid-July, about two months after I started MFP. Since then I've posted here each Friday morning and I plan to continue. 

 I was SOOOOOOO hoping for a 1 pound loss this week, because that would move me into the 150s... even if it was just 159.9.  But alas ... not quite. Oh well, it did go down (only .8 but that is down). After my THREE pound loss last week, I guess should just be happy that THAT was not an incorrect reading, that I've stayed there and not had any real increases. I was a bit worried. While a new low is great to see, unless it sticks around I can never quite believe in it.

My MFP ticker is showing 20 pounds. It was 19 last Friday, and dropped to twenty on Sunday. Those little ups Wednesday/yesterday moved it back to 19, so I'm glad to see this again. (My Aria scale syncs wirelessly to my Fitbit account as soon as I step off the scale. My Fitbit account syncs with MFP, so ALL my weight fluctuations are obvious as my ticker and this number is changing day to day.)

This was a NO EXCUSES week. If you look in my Day to Day postings, from August 10-August 15 ... you'll see every single day was a "good" day (which means I hit all my fitness goals and had a nice calorie deficit).  I'll post a little bit more about this unique week on Sunday *Ü*

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Batteries ...

My hubby has a nickname for me ... 
The Energizer Bunny. 
I just keep going and going and going.

It's not always true ... I get worn down, just like everyone else. But I do really LIKE exercise now. I'm not sure if there are "exercise endorphins" that actually make me happy, that ironically give me MORE energy when I workout - or if it's all a placebo effect in my head. I do know, on a day I don't work out, I actually feel more run down than on the days I put in miles on my machines. I rarely take a rest day. It takes a lot for me to stop working (out) ...

Not so with my Omron pedometer ... this morning I went to put it on and saw the little flashing battery light. At least it did happen in the morning. It's so frustrating when it dies mid-day and I lose all my data! It is always a bit of a chore ... 10 minutes or so I hadn't planned on devoting to this task. Finding a small screwdriver (that usually takes at least 5 minutes on its own), finding a replacement battery (luckily I do have several on hand), and then resetting the stats on the device. The good news with THAT at least was I was able to put my weight in 20 pounds lower than it had been set at previously. 

My Fitbit has a rechargeable battery ... I just slip it on the charger while I take a shower. I don't need to do it every night, just every few nights and it stays ready to go. I've never had my Fitbit die on me. The little Fitbit Zip has a replaceable battery like the Omron ... I think I personally prefer the rechargeable one. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could just plug ourselves in for an hour or so and get completely recharged? Or simply replace our battery with a new one when we wore down?  I know many people take a rest day to recharge. Do you?  Personally ... I have a hard time taking a scheduled "rest" day. I always need to do a little something. I'm the Energizer Bunny ... and here I go!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30DayShred ... Did It!

I've never watched "The Biggest Loser" ... but I still knew who Jillian Michaels was. Although when I first saw the term 30DS on the fitness message boards, I was a little confused. (As a mom with young boys, 30DS is very similar to Nintendo's 3DS game system in name, but I was pretty sure people weren't talking about a video game!)  I was actually pretty comfortable with my exercise routine ... my elliptical, the stationary bike,  a little jogging here and there, with a weight workout a couple times a week. But then I got to thinking ... comfortable is probably NOT a good word to describe a great workout. It should push you. It should be a little UNcomfortable.

I'd seen so many rave reviews of 30DS, there was a group on MFP starting it up in just a few days, and it was inexpensive and available for instant download on Amazon ... so I figured I'd give it a try. 

Now the group I was participating in decided that instead of doing the 30 Day Shred in 30 days, the goal would be to do it for five days, then take the weekends off. This worked out well for me. It is nice to have a little flexibility, to be able to miss a workout during the week and have the weekend to make it up (and still stay on schedule). There are several cute calendars out there (our group was using THIS one). It was recommended to take pictures and measurements to compare the before/after results. 

This was where I came to shred ... J&G's Gym (my basement). You don't need a ton of room, which is good as I don't have that much open space here. But it was enough. I liked having the mat. I had three sizes of dumbbells (3, 5, and 8 pound) and my FAN ... believe me, I was SO glad I had that fan!

 Here's a quick "at a glance" summary of what you are in for (click on the picture to enlarge it) or just to keep as reference ... First, a small warm up.  Then three minutes of strength moves. Two minutes of cardio. One minute of abs. Repeat two more times then cool down. The first day on each level is always the hardest, as you get to know the moves. It does get easier as you master them and get a little conditioned. 

So ... MY results. Starting July 1, and finishing August 10. I took pictures before/after ... I'm not posting my pictures here, I'm a little too self-conscious of the shorts/sports bra look on me, and I really could not see enough of a difference to warrant showing them off. I lost 8.9 pounds (from 169.2 to 160.3). I lost an inch or two in my waist (I'm really not good at measuring, I move or breathe differently and it changes an inch right there), and an inch on my hips. I do feel like my arms are stronger and more toned (although I still can't do more then five "real" pushups ... working on that).   I did watch my calories and continued my elliptical workouts during this time, so I can't say 30DS worked wonders, but I would recommend it. It's a good, challenging program.

Generally I like to watch a tv series while I workout (see my What I'm Watching post HERE) ... It's a little more entertaining than watching Jillian or another trainer workout. But this was a good change. Pushing me to try moves I hadn't thought of on my own. My body recognized the change ... my heart rate monitor would bump up higher during these workouts than during my traditional cardio on the elliptical or bike.  I will continue to watch my shows while I workout on my machines, but I will also try to add in some cardio DVDs to challenge me and shake it up a bit. I plan on going back to my weight workouts.  Maybe I'll try something like this again in a couple of months.

I'm not exactly "shredded" ... I still have a way to go. 
But I'm happy to say I started and I FINISHED this program. 
I'm now part of the 30DS


I finished 30DS a few days ago (Saturday was my last day) but I figured I'd post it today, as part of  Workout Wednesday

What's With Wednesday Weigh-In?

I'm getting SO close ... so close to moving from "overweight" to "normal" ...
I want to be normal.

I weigh everyday. Friday's are my "official" weigh-in day though. After I've been good all week. Before the weekend starts. It's hard to eat right and get in the exercise on the weekend.  But one of the link-ups I've participated in is Weigh-In Wednesday (see the linkup HERE).  I like the alliteration, but I do NOT particularly like my Wednesday weigh-ins ... What's UP with Wednesdays?

Now I KNOW, when weighing everyday you can't let little fluctuations bother you. But I have to admit, when I stepped on the scale this morning and I was up an entire pound from yesterday I was frustrated! Ok, so I did eat a bit yesterday (calories in at 2400), but I also did uber exercise. My total burn (from Fitbit) was over 3100. I was under my calorie goal on MFP. Oh well, if you look back, last Wednesday was my highest day of the week too. So here's fingers crossed that Friday's weigh in will be on track ... that would be something in the 150s. Just anything to break into the 150s (even 159.9 and I'd be happy). 

My dang weight tile on Fitbit isn't even in color, because I'm not "in range" ...
I'm gonna be thrilled when I hit 153.3, let me tell you!

More alliteration

... and I'm off to elliptical

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