Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day to Day (August2013)

This will be a post in progress ... updated as each day passes 

0801 (Thursday) Good Day.  Weight 164.3. Fitbit Steps 27362. Total Burn 3269. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1491. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 37minBike, 30DS3.4  Got out of bed a little earlier than I have been, as it was garbage day and I hadn't put the cans out.  Dropped #1 to pick up his truck after it's repair. I said he could stop for donuts on the way home. WHY do I allow donuts in the house? I ate donuts today. Decided to take the kids to Jump with some friends, so that was a few hours just sitting supervising. Without hubby home, I did get in a late workout before bed ... it doesn't seem to affect my sleep negatively at all.

0802 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 163.9. Fitbit Steps 26070. Total Burn 3055. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1280. Exercise: 100minElliptical.  Slept in today, so it was a slow start. Had several errands to run which took up much of the morning. Didn't eat breakfast and controlled calories thinking I wouldn't get in much cardio today (taking the day off 30DS and will make up tomorrow).  Mowed the lawn and did some gardening (turning over the soil in the flower bed actually got the heart rate up, I had my HRM just for heart rate reference). A little ping pong with #3. And I did end up getting my full 100min on the elliptical in (with hubby gone there was no Friday night date).

0803 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 163.4. Fitbit Steps 21410. Total Burn 3042. Calories in 2200. Calories out 1275. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS3.5 Woke up around 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. The boys wanted french toast for breakfast. I love french toast. There has also been a long standing request for my cinnamon rolls, so I mixed up some dough and got them raising. Dragging a bit today, really didn't feel into 30DS. Hubby and #2 got back in the early afternoon.  Felt a bit off in the evening, some stress surfacing, PMS perhaps and the lack of sleep last night I'm sure isn't helpful either.

0804 (Sunday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 162.7. Fitbit steps 17656. Total burn 2719. Calories in 2400. Calories out 951. Exercise: 100minElliptical. 10minWiiFit. Made waffles as usual, I only had some bites from the boys, about a 1/2 at most. Church as usual, three hours of sitting. I did not get in my afternoon nap as I sometimes do on Sundays. I made scones (Utah style .. fried bread with butter and sugar). They tasted good ... good for me? No! But that wasn't the end of the bread ... breadsticks for dinner with chicken/veggie soup. And of course, homemade oreos. At least I got in some exercise to combat the caloric intake!

0805 (Monday) PrettyGood Day. Weight 167.6. Fitbit Steps 24105. Total burn 3030. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1260. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30DS3.6, 15minPingPong, 10minHulaHoop Back to the norm (after having hubby gone on a scout camp for a few days). He was up and off early ... 4:30 early and I couldn't really get back to sleep. I probably should just get UP and start being productive, but you always do hope you will fall back asleep. I think I did eventually (or so my Fitbit sleep tracker says, although it didn't feel like it as I dragged myself out of bed).  Got in my first workout, then got three of the kids off to a waterpark with a friend. #2 wanted scones again and I had a little leftover dough, so now it is gone (but not before I added one to my tummy). More workouts (elliptical and 30DS) then I went and got my nails done ... I really should give them up to save time and money. As I got an hour of reading in during that (at least it isn't time JUST sitting) I didn't do the bike today, but did more elliptical. The kids have been clamoring for Papa Murphy's pizza, so I picked some up. The kids downed the cheese pizza, I chicken garlic for hubs ... half with only alfredo sauce and cheese which #4 and I ate ... and it was GOOD. It was thin crust, but I had some breadsticks too. So again, high calories for the day. Bread does that.  **This was one of those rare days where the Omron had more steps than the Fitbit.**

0806 (Tuesday) Ok Day. Weight 162.7. Fitbit steps 21623. Total burn 2729. Calories in 2200. Calories out 960. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30min/1.5mile Treadmill A bit of a slow start today ... got sidetracked blogging. Did get a couple elliptical sessions in. I finished up Downtown Abby. I put on my shoes and HRM and started up 30DS when CRAMP. My shoulder! The pain wasn't SO bad ... but I could not get in a deep breath. I mean I could breathe, but not a deep, satisfying breath. And I felt so lightheaded. I hadn't eaten much (a banana) and I don't know if it was some stress/emotional eating or if I really did need some sugar, but there was a fun size Snickers bar on my desk and I had downed it before I really even knew what I was doing. I continued to be starving, and I ate a little more, took some ibuprofen, applied some heat, tried working out the kinks a bit. It was still taking my breath away. As I still had my shoes and HRM on (and that is SUCH a pain) I thought I'd try to walk on the treadmill. I was able to do it, but it really was a workout just to walk. It did seem to improve a bit during the day. I was able to breathe and move around normally and got a couple more elliptical sessions in, although I could still feel the twinge. I considered trying 30DS again, but there are so many shoulder moves (pushups and planks) I think I'll it off until at least tomorrow. I'm a bit bummed to lose my momentum so close to the end, but I will finish, even if I'm a few days behind. Stroganoff for dinner (I don't eat it) ... but I had some corn on the cob. Does that count as a vegetable?

0807 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 163. Fitbit Steps 25468. Total Burn 3129. Calories in 1700. Calories out 1360. Exercise: 120minElliptical. 37minBike, 30DS3.7 Slow start again ... am I going to be able to get up early when school starts back up? My shoulder was feeling better, no problem with 30DS or other cardio today. The usual stuff: dishes, laundry, bills, grocery shopping, dinner.  Really kept calories in check, although "healthy" eating was still not reflected in my food diary. But there was an apple and a banana! Two fruits in one day!

0808 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 162.5. Fitbit Steps 22816. Total Burn 3001. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1234. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS3.8 + 10minHula Didn't sleep well last night, and wasn't able to get back to sleep after hubby left in the morning. Under 5 hours ... not good, I need my beauty sleep. Got in some cardio and then ran to a few stores. Mid-afternoon and evening I felt a little off. Not sure if it is the lack of sleep, something I ate (or didn't eat) or TOM.

0809 (Friday) OK day. Weight 160.9. Fitbit steps 20949. Total burn 3004. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1245.  Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS 3.9. Too many emotions today ... it drags you down (or me down anyway). Dang vacation stress, I'll feel awful no matter what I decide. Still managed to get in my elliptical and 30DS. The day actually started out good with a great weigh in! **Omron was higher than Fitbit today.

0810 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 160.8. Fitbit steps 28009. Total burn 3311. Calories in 1600. Calories out 1556. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS 3.10 and lawn mow.  Decision made, so at least that takes the uncertainty factor out. Busy morning finalizing packing, quite a few trips up and down the stairs and all over the house. And they are off ...  Got in laundry, cleaned the house (and it should actually stay clean!), mowed the lawn. More elliptical and the last day of 30DS! I'm done! In the evening, I sipped on a "Squirt" citrus soda ... that taste doesn't go with cookies or chips, so I didn't snack on anything all evening long. I'll have to try that trick again ...

0811 (Sunday) Good Day. Weight 160.3. Fitbit Steps 23586. Total Burn 3104. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1349. Exercise: 120minElliptical. 37minBike.  It's so quiet ... got in quite a bit of cardio and more cleaning. A little sun too ...

0812 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 160.3. Fitbit steps 22254. Total burn 2964. Calories in 2200. Calories out 1210. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 60minWeights, 20minHula. Slept better last night. Nice quiet day again. Went back to my full body weight workout and it felt good. Did some hula, not sure if that really burns much, doesn't feel like a workout to me.

0813 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 160.0  Fitbit steps 25611. Total burn 3188. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1431. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 37minBike, 20minCardiDVD, 20minHula.  Still sleeping in too much, spending too much time on the computer. Not a lot on the to do list without the family around though. Enjoying the vacation more vicariously than I would be if I were there ...

0814 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 161.0   Fitbit steps 32820. Total burn 3539. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1779. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 60min/3.5miles Treadmill, 37minBike, 60minWeights.  Well, that was quite the workout day ... that is what happens when the kids aren't around and I don't have any "mommy" duties. I did actually get in a trip to the grocery store too.

0815 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 161.1. Fitbit Steps 30244. Total Burn 3313. Calories in 2100. Calories out 1553. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 40min/2miles Treadmill, 37min/10miles Bike, 20minDVD.  Did do a little cleaning, sorting through the closets too. I don't do official "back to school" shopping, just as needed. Watched Disney's "Brave" today while working out. Cute little show. I'm going to be trying various "DVD"s ... this was actually off Itunes and most others I try will be streamed from YouTube.

0816 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 160.1. Fitbit Steps 35232. Total Burn 3409. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1655. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 60min/3.25Treadmill, 38minBike, 10minHula, Lawn Mow.  My "alone" days are coming to an end. Got in some sun, grocery shopping and mowed the front lawn. Picked up a couple DVDs, watched "The Host" while on the elliptical/treadmill today. 

0817 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 159.5. Fitbit Steps 30147. Total Burn 3302. Calories in 2600. Calories out 1548. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 60min/3.5miles Treadmill, 60minWeights.  Watched "Beautiful Creatures" during workouts. Overcast and cloudy, no sun today. Errands - store and library, picked up some cardio DVDs to try. Too many treats today + french toast and a cheesebread. Adds up quick.

0818 (Sunday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 160.2. Fitbit Steps 23746. Total Burn 3142. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1388. Exercise: 100minElliptical. 38minBike.  Last "alone" day ... did some more clean up/laundry. Hubby texted that everyone was hungry, so I had a spaghetti dinner waiting. Lots of unloading. Homemade oreos of course! They enjoyed their vacation, I enjoyed my staycation. It's good to have the family together again.

0819 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 160.7. Fitbit Steps 26786. Total Burn 3385. Calories in 2600. Calories out 1627. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30minHICardio (JB), 60minWeights.  Back to normal, hubby off to work early. Kid chaos all around. Took #2 and #3 to the middle school to find their classes and lockers, got #3 switched to honors math (not sure why he hadn't been put in there in the first place). Family french toast for breakfast, chicken pillows for dinner with Skookie for dessert. Hubby not feeling well, down with a cold.

0820 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 160.6   Fitbit Steps 25815.  Total Burn 3263. Calories in 2150. Calories out 1508. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 45minBike, 30minJM S&S, 10minWiiFit.  Still able to get in the exercise with the kids around ... they just keep themselves occupied. Was going to mow, but it turned overcast and started sprinkling. Maybe tomorrow will be a bit better (I want to get sun on my shoulders). Hubby still down, early to bed (around 9:00).

0821 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 160.3. Fitbit Steps 24994. Total Burn 3175. Calories in 1500. Calories out 1420. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30minCardioCircuit, 60minWeights + Lawn Mow.  Nice sunshine, at least in the morning/early afternoon, so I got some sun on my shoulders as I mowed the lawn. Got in several cardio sessions and did weights. #2 had an ortho appointment, got the date for when he gets his braces off, so the countdown has begun. Quick stop at the store. French Dip for dinner. My food diary wasn't bad today, although the "empty calories" section still had too many entries.

0822 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 159.6.  Fitbit Steps 25584. Total Burn 3342. Calories in 1850. Calories out 1591.  Exercise: 100minElliptical, 45minBike, 45minCardio JM S&S, PingPong. Got an early start as I had to drop #3 at school (half day, just for the 7th graders). Back to school night in the evening with #4 and #5.

0823 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 159.0.  Fitbit Steps 31547. Total Burn 3548.  Calories in 2000. Calories out 1799.  Exercise: 120minElliptical, 45minBike, 30minCardioCircuit, 10minHula.  Happy with the middle number change on my weigh in this morning. Got in some grocery shopping today. Hubby was home from work early but then had a family project to consult on and a "mandate" with a buddy ... so I got in more workouts than I usually do on a Friday ..

0824 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 159.2  Fitbit Steps 26220.  Total Burn 3103.  Calories in 1900. Calories out 1354. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 45min/3miles Treadmill, 20minStep.  Started the day going out to Virg's for our "end of summer" breakfast.  Still got in my cardio. Got hit with hail in the afternoon. Tacos for dinner ... I don't eat tacos.

0825 (Sunday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 159.3.  Fitbit Steps 18808. Total Burn 2781. Calories in 1700.  Calories out 1034. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 40min/2.25miles Treadmill, 30min/8milesBike, 10minWiiFit.  Sundays are sometimes my rest day, but we were having a family party later ... with cake, and I wanted to eat some cake. I made breakfast bit didn't eat too much, and actually didn't have much lunch or dinner. Got in some cardio before/after church and then ... I ate cake at the party. And some ice cream. It was fun to get together and see all the cousins play.

0826 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 158.9.  Fitbit Steps 28149. Total Burn 3496. Calories in 3496. Calories out 1900. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 37minBike, 60minWeights + Lawn Mow.  First day of school, managed to get out of bed by 6:00 and get in a workout before getting the kids off to school. Carpools x3. Everyone had a decent day. It's nice to get back into a routine.

0827 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 159.5. Fitbit Steps 30829. Total Burn 3359. Calories in 1950. Calories out 1609.  Exercise: 100minElliptical, 50min/4miles Jog/Walk Soccer Park, 45minBike.  Got the kids off and decided to try running outside. It was ok, my shoes rubbed and my feet hurt. Nice and cool and overcast. Some rain in the afternoon, wind in the evening. But there was a double rainbow.

0828 (Wednesday) Ok Day. Weight 159.4. Fitbit Steps 24670. Total Burn 3146. Calories in 2600. Calories out 1391. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 45minWeights, 10minHula.  #4's birthday today, got him off with treats for school. Also made him some treats for after school ... why are we so treat related as a society? It's just hard not to jump on board the bandwagon. I did still get in cardio and weights. It was the first sunny day in a while, I did spend a little time outside in it. Made #4's favorite dinner and had Oreo ice cream cake after. **Omron was higher than the Fitbit today.

0829 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 160.2. Fitbit Steps 31781. Total Burn 3546. Calories in 1900. Calories out 1791. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30minCardio, 11.45minMile, 45min/12mileBike, 10minHula. The day didn't start great with weight up a bit and me feeling discouraged, but I managed to shake it off and after eating a Nutty Bar for breakfast, I was pretty good the rest of the day. Oodles of exercise.

0830 (Friday) Bad Day. Weight 157.1.  Fitbit Steps 19174. Total Burn 2823. Calories in 2750. Calories out 1080. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 11.27minMile.  Happy with the weight change this morning! But Fridays are a bit crazy, today more so. Late start for the middle school, so a bit of a sleep in. Early out for the elementary. I made brownies and a cake for a family party later in the day. We went to a waterpark for a few hours, then back to my BILs house until late in the evening.

0831 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 158.3   Fitbit Steps 28986.  Total Burn 3330.  Calories in 2700. Calories out 1587. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 45minBike, 1mileTreadmill, Lawn Mow.  Happy birthday to #3. The plan was to go with the family to the lake today, but #5 did NOT want to go. There were many tears, so he and I ended up staying home. I did get in more exercise staying home. Eating still wasn't great ... ate some leftover brownies from last night, and a little ice cream cake in the evening.

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