Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weighing in on Graphs

I really like graphs. It takes numbers and makes them visual. It's very helpful to me. But even the same numbers can get a different look depending on the graph. Checking in here today for Weigh In Wednesday to take a peek at how different your weight graph can look, even when using the exact same numbers. 

I looked at my weight graph on my Iphone (using my Fitbit app, above). 
It looks pretty bumpy there.
Pretty big ups and downs.

When I look at the Fitbit website instead of the app (below), it looks very different! 

The reference numbers on the axis expand (showing more weight variety and a longer time) and this totally changed the look, makes it look super smooth (and so slllllooooooowwwww). 

The graph above is from the MFP website ... 
Shows some ups and downs, but decent progress overall.

The MFP app squished the numbers together a bit more, 
and the downward trend looks much more impressive,
of course the small ups look bigger too.

I also sync to, which in addition to keeping track of actual weight, also projects your "trend" which really smooths out the bumps! It really is an interesting way to look at the numbers, and having your "actual" weigh-in come in UNDER your trend can be motivating, even when the numbers have gone up a bit. I'm not as down as I was, but I'm still down ...

I DID dip into the 150s once (159.5 on Sunday) ... it's moving SO slowly. My MPF ticker has been fluctuating between 20 pounds lost, and 19 pounds lost. It's bad enough when it stays the same for a week, I really don't like when it goes backwards!

... I know, I get a little obsessive with my numbers and graphs. It's often said how important perspective is ... how you look at things. That CAN even come into play with how you look at the numbers from your scale, you know?  

I thought this post worked with the Weigh-In Wednesday link-up. Post your own scale stories and check out other people's progress as well!


  1. My weigh-in graph would probably look like a roller coaster and give the viewer whiplash, ha ha. I always forget about the reports and other tools on MFP. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Hi Jen! I also look at net loss--and suggest to all of my weight loss group members that it is the ONLY thing that matters. They often get overly exited about up and down bobbles. Downward trends are nice things too. But this is more interesting than I thought--the differences bt the graphs. I hand-graph my weight on graph paper in my purse, immediately after I do weigh-in on Tuesday night to see what it looks like. I also have a graph with my blog ticker. :D

  3. I have always loved to look at graphs of my progress....and even the bumpy graphs are good because it shows how living really looks!!!


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