Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daily Miles

There are SO many different websites, apps, trackers and devices out there to help motivate, organize and keep track all the workouts we do in this quest for fitness and a smaller body.  Many of them do the same, or at least similar things. But I like redundancy, second opinions and different perspectives.  So even though I track all my workouts with my Fitbit (and have my Omron pedometer as backup), and I record my steps daily at Walker Tracker and in a spreadsheet on my computer, as of mid-August ... I've added  Daily Mile to my mix. 

I had heard of daily mile ... just like I've heard of Runkeeper, Map My Ride and Endomondo. I know others love them, but they just didn't seem to be something I needed. Sometimes I think, it's just whichever thing you start using first that you stay with.  

But then I saw a widget in the sidebar of someone's blog (see the image above. It's also in the sidebar of MY blog now too). Well that was cute and something I didn't have.  I liked seeing the most recent workout featured, and the divisions of weekly miles, annual miles and total miles. 

So I signed up.

I do need to input the data manually (I'm a little spoiled with my Fitbit at times, how it automatically links to so many sites) but that is fine. I'll sometimes update as a finish a workout, but more often I'll just enter it at the end of the day.  I generally don't have it post to my Facebook (as I do a LOT of different workouts) but occasionally is there is something that stands out, I will (it's easy to pick and choose what to share and what to just keep on your account).  I have set it to post a weekly Facebook update ...

Anyone else out there tracking using daily mile? I currently only have two friends, I wouldn't mind having a few more to follow (my profile is HERE if anyone wanted to friend me). I know all these apps and websites really motivate me!

Linking up with Skinny Meg's Workout Wednesday today.

Check it out  ... she has a great post today about all the "extras" (clothes, music, helps) to make exercise just a little bit easier, and as always there are tons of links to other blogs and workout recommendations too. Add your own and come link up as well!

Well enough sitting down at my computer ... off to J&G's Gym!


  1. That's pretty cool! I've been using Runkeeper to track my runs, walks and bike rides for about 2 years now.

    1. I THINK I saw a Runkeeper widget on someone's blog ... just a fun little addition to the sidebar. I tried the Runkeeper app once (using my iphone) but didn't want to have to carry it for workouts. So many gadgets and helps out there!

  2. I'm not a phone person at all--but I know people who LOVE THESE!!! They adore them because they are so motivational for them. They have some food tracker apps that have helped a lot of people too. I think a person should use all tools that are helpful to them. :D

    1. I adore my iphone (I put off getting one forever, I just hate the monthly cost) but that doesn't mean I want to have it ON me while working out. I really love my Fitbit, because it's so small, I don't have to turn it on/off for workouts, it syncs wirelessly. And even though I love my phone, if I have the choice, I'm still a computer/keyboard gal, it's just easier! I have all the apps, but I do most of my interaction with these sites from the computer.

  3. Thanks for sharing at the Active Life Link Up! I use the Nike running app and am pretty happy with it, but I agree, I think sometimes you probably just stick to the first one you try (Nike was the first I tried!). Have a fantastic day! x


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