Wednesday, September 4, 2013

... It All Adds Up

After the Labor Day weekend, I was determined to have a good day yesterday (the first day back on the "normal" routine). And I was successful! This was my day...

Got in my first workout (20minutes on the elliptical) then got the kids off to school. I'm on chauffeur duty twice each morning,  middle school at 7:30, elementary at 8:30 ... luckily the high schooler drives himself. After dropping off the little ones I stopped at the store for some grocery shopping.  Then back home I did another session on the elliptical then mowed the lawn (just the front yard today). Elliptical again, then I tried out Jillian Michaels "Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism" workout ~ whew!  After finishing it up, I WAS going to try jogging my mile on the treadmill, but I just wasn't feeling up for it after that, (I did try, but stopped after a few minutes). I did another elliptical session again not too long after ... I can always seem to do the elliptical, it just doesn't require the same oopmph as jogging does. I'm watching the second season of Scandal (as it's now on Netflix) ... it's keeping me interested and wanting to come back and watch more. Then it was chauffeur time again, picking up the kids from school and running #2 to/from basketball practice. Made them some muffins as an after school snack to hold them until dinner, which was chicken cordon bleu and rice. I prepped it and then had time to read for 45 minutes (while riding the stationary bike *Ü*). Then got dinner cooked and served and took #3 to basketball tryouts. I went and got him checked in, went back home for one more quick elliptical session, then back to pick him up.

I was a little surprised when I checked my Fitbit ... I was definitely in the green (green is good, got to goal). I was surprised I was so high. And my Fitbit was actually 2000 steps under my Omron (the Omron is actually higher 95% of the time) ... not sure what was up with that, I think the bike ride is reading different.  I even considered hitting the elliptical one more time before bed, but decided I could go ahead and call it a day.

Now my Top Badge there on Fitbit says 35,000 steps ... the "badge" system is fairly new with Fitbit, so I don't know that it's taking in the complete history (I've had my Fitbit for over three years now).  I know I have topped that. I actually blogged (on my family blog, long before I set up THIS blog) about a personal best back on June 3, 2010. I had copied that post here, but I think I broke that PB just a couple weeks later (June 22, 2010) but didn't bother to post again.  I checked a couple other Fitbit stats out of curiosity ...

... so, not a personal best today, but I was up there. And ironically, I didn't really feel like I was working out all day long or even doing anything out of the ordinary. I still got in all my mom duties too.

It's funny, as I browse other blogs and watch the workouts from some of YOU, I feel totally intimidated! Wow, you ran a mile in nine minutes (or several miles at that pace)??? I'm struggling just to stay running for one. You did Zumba for an hour and got an incredible burn! I gave a half-hearted attempt at a DVD and felt like a complete failure. Riding a bike outside? Up hills? No thank you, I'll stay on my stationary with my book and my fan blowing on me in my cool basement ... no helmet required. I do work weights into my days, but I still struggle with pushups ... you can do how many?  (Check out the Work-Out-Wednesday Link up and my Blog Roll to find some of the amazing ladies out there!)
Even though I can't do everything YOU can do, I can do what I can do, and it all adds up. It works well for me. I know MY workouts don't necessarily work for others ... not everyone has a home gym or such a flexible schedule. We all need to find what works. Big workouts, little workouts, different kinds of workouts ... they all add up. Just do it!

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