Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mucho Magazines

Back when I first lost the weight (back in 2006) I was really drawn to all the weight loss/fitness magazines out there. They were motivating, they did give me some information I wasn't aware of, there were new workouts, recipes and food plans (with my eating issues, none of the food stuff really worked for me though), inspirational stories of success... The subscriptions really weren't that expensive, and they were one of my rewards to myself. I'd look forward to each new issue as it arrived in my mailbox.

Generally, I'd just read through them once and be done (I'd usually pass them on to a friend who was also into fitness). Occasionally there would be an article or recipe I would want to save for reference. Most often though, if I pulled something from the magazines, it would be a workout. I have a a couple of binders that I store things in, super easy to flip through ...

 ... and I also hang some favorite workout displays on  the 
unfinished walls of my gym

... through the years, I didn't get around to reading my magazines as much.   Life was just super busy, or when I did have those spare moments, I preferred reading a novel. My magazines were on a year subscription, some multiple years, some with auto-renewal. 

... I'm embarrassed to say I'm a BIT behind in my reading ...

As I rededicated myself to fitness and weight loss a few months ago, I decided it was time to get back into my stack of magazines. I have been making a dent in it, and enjoying it as I used to. Not just diet and exercise, but articles about everything health related (skin cancer, headaches, plants to help clean the air in your home). Some beauty and style too (although I'm not terribly stylish myself). 

I do wonder at times ... how much "new" material IS there? Every single month, year after year ... hasn't every topic been covered countless times? Back before my fitness freak, I was a scrapbooker. Back then I subscribed to all the scrapbook magazines. With those too, I wondered how long they could come up with "new" content. There actually aren't many of those magazines left now. Creating Keepsakes (who I worked for in 2003-2004) just announced they are basically shutting down paper subscriptions (still doing some direct sale publications, switching to digital for others) ... but fitness magazines still seem to be going strong!

I've found a couple interesting articles during my reading, I might share a few that impact me here on the blog in the future.

Do you subscribe to any of the magazines?
Do you feel they offer good information and motivation?


  1. I LOVE my Runners World subscription. Always gives me different tips to try for running and training. I had a subscription to Fitness but wasn't impressed because it wasn't anything new!

  2. I used to get a bunch of magazines..but then stopped. Mainly because it seemed so repetitive and I was drowning in back issues that hadn't been read! Like you said, how many things can they say and how many ways can they say it. That said, I still do occasionally pick one up and really do enjoy it on that limited basis!

  3. I used to have a subscription to Runner's World, which I loved. Their website has some great information as well.

    Currently, I get Fitness magazine and am enjoying it when I find a spare minute to read it.

    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  4. *raises hand* I'm a health magazine junkie as well! It all might be the same info rehashed but it is still motivational to me.ha

  5. I don't have, read, or buy any health magazines. I love certain articles here or there that I stumble across through Pinterest or something. I think it would be great motivation to get a new magazine each month, but they would probably end up collecting dust under the coffee table until the kids rip them apart like my Good Housekeeping!

    1. Good Housekeeping just doesn't grab me ... I subscribed to it once but I don't know that I ever got through an issue!

  6. I used to read magazines and had loads of subscriptions too. Now I just read weight loss blogs. I find so much good information from people who are learning new tricks along the way.

    1. Yes, there is a ton of great stuff from bloggers out there! I've really been enjoying blogs as well.


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