Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Brunch

Hubby and I haven't gone out on a nice date for a bit.  As we didn't have duties in church today, he suggested going to Sunday Brunch. This is a very rare treat for us. We had hit the one at Little America a few times, but it was no longer being served. We thought we'd try the one at the Grand America Hotel. Here's a glimpse at the menu (here). 

The ambiance was very nice ... a small trio playing music, cloth napkins and tablecloths, good service. The food was pretty good, I stuck to the breakfast basics (some pancakes, bacon, a croissant). Hubby enjoyed the crepe station and omelet station and tried the prime rib and lamb. Neither of us are big seafood fans (especially cold), so the lobster, crab and shrimp didn't really temp us. Hubby had some cheesecake for dessert, I tried some chocolate cake, but it had a fruit filling (I don't like fruit IN anything). I did indulge in some hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Now ... when paying $45 a person, it is tempting to eat more just to attempt to get your monies worth. Today, I set all thoughts of the cost aside. I was there to enjoy the day with hubby. I didn't worry overly about calories, but I don't think I went overboard (I actually probably eat more at a simple buffet with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls and soft serve ice cream!). Just for fun, hubby checked what my calories for the meal were (937 estimated) ... so 5¢ per calorie! I don't think we'll be back. The brunch at Little America was a better experience (and a tad less expensive)... I'm so sad they shut it down.

Back at home ... the children still expected to be fed (can you believe that? I wasn't hungry anymore).  We actually do a large breakfast/brunch every Sunday. Belgian waffles, bacon, hash browns. I went ahead and made it for the kidlets.  It is one of my challenges every Sunday, because I do like breakfast items!  Yum. Another Sunday tradition is Homemade Oreos (recipe is HERE on my family blog if you want it)... I guess I'll be making them tonight. I probably won't be able to resist eating them.

  • Is there a particular day of the week that is consistently harder for you to keep calories in check?
  • How do you handle eating out at buffets?


  1. Eating at a buffet is something I just completely avoid for now! I know I will either blow it or feel angry at what I want to eat but can't/shouldn't.

    Mondays are my hardest day to keep calories in check, because I don't want the weekend to be over yet and I can tell myself I have all week to make up for whatever I eat on Monday :)

  2. That sounds like a fantastic restaurant experience. I have a "cheat meal" once a week, and I try to make it worthwhile. Your date at the restaurant definitely seems worthwhile!


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