Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Spotlight - Christmas Video Edition

Being sick this past week, I got a LOT of reading in. Novels though. I read the third Michael Vey book (my son is reading it in school and I like to be familiar with what they are reading), "Allegiance" (3rd book in the Divergent trilogy), "If I Stay" and "Throne of Glass".  I stuck to  my digital reading (on my phone or ipad mini) as real books/magazines were just too heavy and turning pages was too difficult in my weakened state :)  I also didn't have the energy to sit at the computer to read blogs (I did peruse some on my devices, but it's harder for me to comment or bookmark).

For today's Saturday Spotlight I thought I'd share a few of the favorite videos from this time of year ...

This was a cute version of 12 days of Christmas
Ordinarily NOT one of my favorite songs.

Video Christmas Card - Very Cute

With my basketball boys, I had to include this video

Have you heard of Kid History? They are some family videos, where the kids tell an often repeated story from the family history and the adults reenact it. We were introduced a few years ago, as we were doing our own family nativity and my brother said out of the blue "Dave's always the donkey" ... as there was no "Dave" at our family party, he introduced us to Kid History - The Christmas Episode. Our family was hooked. These are a little longer (about 8-10 minutes) but well worth the watching!

Breath Wars! Big Trak!

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