Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Pros of Prepared Products

Sometimes having hubby hit the store is a good thing. He'll pick up something that I wouldn't. He was packing for a scout camp several weeks ago, when he bought the prepared apple slices to take along. There were some left over, and my boys devoured them. I had no idea they would be such a hit. I always have apples available. Does having them prepared and ready make that big of a difference? It is nice being able to send them in the lunch boxes.

There are times when it is worth it to pay a little more for "prepared" foods. In a previous post, I talked about my experience trying to get the seeds out of a pomegranate. That is another one that I think I'm willing to pay a little extra for.  I tried the grapefruit in a cup, but I do prefer those fresh.  Health Magazine did an article on Prepared Foods Worth Paying For, my apples and pomegranates didn't make that list, but they will continue to be on mine.   

I'll prep the apples even more, diving them into single serving portions (you can buy them this way too) to keep in the crisper and grab each morning for lunches. I'll do with with grapes, and even clementines (as the kids often don't get around to peeling them themselves). I've told the munchkins, these aren't just for lunches, that if they want a quick snack at home they can feel free to grab a bag.

During these past few days of sickness, my "streaks" activity calendars have been streakless. The one I have been able to keep getting an X in is my "under 2000" goal. Due to my lack of appetite that has not been a problem  Then there is my "feeling fruity" goal. Getting in at least one piece of fruit a day. I've actually managed to keep that streak going during my sickness as well. The first couple days when my throat was sore, cold applesauce helped soothe it a bit. Then I had some pears I had purchased which were going to go bad (I did lose a couple) so I had one of those. Those apple slices were one of the few items that actually appealed to me somewhat over the weekend (and apparently to others in the family, as we went through the entire package ... I didn't have any left for lunches yesterday. I'm restocked now). 

So anyway, that my Tip and Trick for the week.  Check out the "prepped" options of some foods. If it makes it easier enough that you will eat something healthy you wouldn't otherwise, it might just be worth the investment. 

What prepared foods are you willing to pay a little extra for?

***On the sick front, I was feeling much better yesterday. Still having violent bouts of  coughing here and there but no fever or other big issues. Still not hungry though, although by evening things I had a couple cravings (still didn't get many calories for the day though). I even tried walking on the treadmill for 10 whole minutes.  The night went ok, and I got up this morning thinking I was pretty much over it but have been hit with light-headedness and nausea pretty bad.  I know I haven't been eating enough (thus the light-headed feeling) but feeling like I'm going to throw up isn't a good incentive to eat.  I need to take the kids to school, and I feel less sure of myself today than any of the days last week. 


  1. get some nuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs in you. That should boost your energy and nutritional levels. :) Glad you are starting to recover, though!

    1. (Yesterday) Tuesday ended up being the worst day of sickness so far ... my influenza flu then morphed into the stomach flu and I was throwing up all day. Down TWO more pounds. Hubby got me some ice chips, that's about all I was able to chew on.

      When not sick, I really only like cashews as far as nuts go, I'll eat some cheese here and there, but I've never had (and never will have) a hard boiled egg. I can't even eat a simple scrambled egg!

      I THINK the 24 hour flu bug should be done now, hopefully NOW on the road to recovery.

  2. I like Gwen's choices. Apples, oranges, and/or bananas are with me on every car trip. At home, it's stuff that takes no cooking (fruit, cucumbers, celery, carrots) and little cooking (eggs, soup). All of this stuff is easy!!!! Love not having prep work or cooking torture! :D

  3. I usually will pay for a prepared item only long enough for me to figure out how to manage to do it on on own. :-) But Yeah, if I just have an apple it doesn't get eaten as fast as a prepped on. Grab and go is the key! :-)

    Feel better!!!

  4. Shredded cheese. I hate shredding cheese, and it's hard to clean the shredder.


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