Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do A Little Good

What if you could give back, just by working out? I mean, I'm going to work out anyway ... if my exertion and sweat can serve more than myself, that would be great!  I've found that there are many different programs that will give back based on your activity. 

You know I'm a Fitbit fan ... one of the things I've really liked about the Fitbit, is that it is has been around long enough and is well-respected enough in the fitness community, that it links/syncs with so many programs. It makes it SO easy to link up with sites that will take my stats and credit different charities for my steps. 

One program I heard about recently is WeightlessProject.Org - I simply linked my Fitbit to it and I've already "earned" almost $45 to feed the hungry. Currently, it looks like this program ONLY links with Fitbit or Jawbone Up at present. But if you have either of those, why not link up and help out a little? 

I already posted about Earndit in my Reaping the Rewards post. I've never found any "rewards" I wanted for myself on this site, but they usually have a few charity options. Again, I just linked my Fitbit with the site and so my points pile up until I remember to go in and redeem them toward my charity of choice.  

If you do not have a Fitbit, 
Earndit does have MANY apps that it will accept information from. 
Check them out.

Everymove is another reward site. I have found a few rewards I've selfishly wanted to earn to keep for me, but they are few and far between. Most of the time, my points are going toward a $5 donation to the "Make a Wish Foundation".  I've earned that eight times so far ... Everymove also links up with MANY different apps. I'm sure you probably use at least one of them!

I know there are other apps out there as well. I have the Charity Miles app, I WISH it linked to Fitbit. It requires me to start/stop my iphone with my workouts ... I never remember to do that, dang it! But giving back a little ... it gives me a little extra reason to workout out. I'll call that an NSV!

Do you participate in any of these programs? 
Any others I don't have listed here?

As I started my post with ... I'm going to link up with Weigh-In Wednesday *Ü* (totally on topic, right?)  Losing weight and having a healthier life is YOUR reward. Think about giving a little back while you work at it!  For MY actual weigh-in, check back on Friday. Right now it's not looking good for a loss this week, but I've been in this position before and still made it, so who knows? The cookies I made on Sunday and have been nibbling on each day are now gone, so that will help me control my calories a bit better today and tomorrow!

*** Out of the U.S. peeps ... I keep forgetting that some of these programs (Everymove for one I believe) are limited to US residents. I believe Earndit is not, and I don't believe I saw any restrictions on  Comment if you have anything to add!


  1. These programs are awesome!! I recently got a FitBit and will definitely be linking up-- why not do something meaningful with the steps I'm already taking? Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is a great idea! I will have to look into these!

  3. That's so awesome! I had no idea any of these programs existed until you posted about them. So cool!

  4. I didn't know there were any programs that donate based on your weightloss. That sounds awesome!

  5. Neat! I didn't know there were so many, but I consistently get the $5 make a wish donation from EveryMove. Thanks so much for linking up and spreading the news!


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