Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Back on 2013

Here's a look back ... not only on 2013, but on several years preceding it. My "weight-loss" journey at a glance. In 2006, I lost the weight. A pretty drastic fall, but I did manage to maintain for a while. A little up in 2007, some fluctuation in both directions in 2008, getting back down at the end of the year, wasn't quite able to hold it in 2009. 2010 was higher than I like, but pretty even. Some ups and downs in 2011 ... then 2012 happened. It got away from me in 2012. There were some stresses at the end of the year (can you believe I actually blame Disneyland a bit for my downfall?). I almost gave up even trying to keep up my activity. I was down and discouraged. 

So that's how 2013 started ... pretty much back where I was before I lost the weight to begin with.  Being the "new year" I did TRY to up my activity again and had a tiny bit of a dip, but by April/May I was seeing big enough numbers that I knew I had to do something more. Activity alone wasn't cutting it. I joined MFP and started to keep a food diary and tried to control the calories coming in.

A closer look at weight during 2013

I saw pretty immediate success (thank heavens). I wanted to get back down to 135. I was about 180 starting, so I divided the 45 pounds to lose into three 15 pound goals. I was able to reach the first 15 pretty quick and easy. The second 15 ... well, that took a while (and while I DID hit 150, I didn't quite end the year there).  Still 15+ to go.

It's been in interesting year. As I started logging my food and adding up calories, it really opened my eyes to just how much I must have been eating. I don't know for sure of course, as I was NOT logging, but now, as I was keeping track and trying to control myself, I'd still easily hit 2000+ calories every day.  I know in my head I was thinking "but I'm quite active, I often burn 3000+ calories a day" ... which, while true on some days, didn't always average out to that, especially as my activity/motivation had dropped in those winter months.
I'm happy to say,
since starting MFP in May,
I haven't missed logging one day!

So I wasn't trying any specific diet or plan, I was just counting calories. Keeping track of what I was eating. Not necessarily even eating better (hanging my head in shame, I'm still a carb/sugar gal) but at least being accountable for recording what I was consuming and trying to keep the calories coming in under what was going out.

As for exercise, I did up my activity level. I know I need to switch things up ... I've been doing my "20minutes elliptical several times a day" for years and I'm sure it's not really challenging my body as much any more. This year I tried adding the stationary bike and some treadmill time (jogging an ENTIRE mile without stopping, also doing intervals).  I've done weights as part of my routine for years now and am keeping that up. I also added in some DVDs (Jillian's 30DS and Ripped in 30 along with others) for both cardio and strength. 

So, reflecting on 2013, and the years before ... where I am right now (the lower 150s) seems to be my "comfortable" weight. It's where I ended up several of those years. I really DO want to drop a few more (I'm still a little too close to "overweight" status, which is just 155 for me). 

I just started dailymile in August2013.
My mile count for 2014 will include the entire year :)

My goals for 2014 ... to achieve 150 and NOT cross above that line again. I'd love to hit 135, but really, I think I'll be fine if I stayed above that but maintained for the year. That being said, I'm NOT moving to maintenance at this point. I am still actively trying to lose a pound or so a week ... that is the continued goal. 

I'm not shaking up my exercise or eating too much ... I hope to get my exercise average back up to 3000+. It does really take quite a bit of activity on my part to do that. I want to keep my calories around 2000 ... I know so many women out there eat less (not sure how people sustain on 1200 though! I know, if it's all healthy food it goes much further) but I do enjoy eating and I figure that is reasonable IF I can keep up the activity level.

I'm excited to start the New Year and see what my graph for 2014 will look like ... *Ü*
How was 2013 for you? Any big changes for 2014?

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