Monday, February 10, 2014

Are You Ready For Valentine's Day?

The topic for this Motivation Monday is Healthy Valentine Dinners. Whenever I think of Valentine Day dinners, I can't help but remember one many years ago (1994 to be exact) when hubby surprised me with the spread pictured above (I used to scrapbook *Ü*). It was a fairly simple dinner of steak, potatoes and green beans. Depending on how you topped your potato ... I think it was a pretty healthy meal, one that we don't save simply for Valentine's Day.

 Here's a more recent re-creation.

We'll be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary this year (in July). Marriage has added FIVE kids and FIFTY pounds (I'm down 30 now, 15 more to go). For the past several years, Valentine's Day has been busy as I volunteer at the elementary running the class party (Valentine Game Ideas). I enjoy it, but it does wear me out (I don't know how teachers do it every day!) I generally haven't been too up for making a romantic or healthy Valentine dinner. Knowing this themed post was coming up, I did bookmark these ideas ...  Lovey Dovey Dinners, Cooking Light Dinners for Two,  ... or if all you are up for making are reservations *Ü*, then check out these Tips1 & Tips2 for staying healthy while eating out. Generally, Valentine's Day itself is so busy, we usually try to celebrate before/after the day itself, when it's a little less stressful. #2 just told me he has a basketball game ... on Valentine's Day? (Part of a President's Day Tournament).

Hubby does usually get me some chocolates ...
 ... this was last year's box. It's empty.
I ate them all (over a few days time).

I thought I'd throw out a couple other Valentine ideas ...
Create a cute card by posing your kid with arm outstretched. After printing, punch two holes and add a sucker for a 3-D effect. My oldest has surprised me by requesting a photo shoot each year!

I call this the "Lazy Mom's Valentine Box" ... it's simply a garbage can (a new, clean one!) ... it can't get any easier than that! Large opening for kids to get the Valentines in and out of as well.

Valentine's Day, like other holidays, can easily derail a diet. 
Keep yourself happy and healthy this year.
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  1. I like Valentine's Day - not for the candy but for the ease of decorating, the lack of presents, and the message!

  2. Hubby's birthday is the day before Valentine's Day, but I'm ready for it. I make Valentine's Day a family event. The kiddos have a day off from school. I'm planning on a fun breakfast for them,

    1. ... I tend to do better breakfasts than dinners (one of the other gals in the blog hop showcased some heart pancakes *Ü*). My kids have school Friday, but are off Monday for President's Day ... but there will be a Valentine Party at the elementary school, so it should still be a fun day for them. Happy birthday to your hubby. My #2 has his next week.

  3. I am planning on a healthy romantic meal at home ...looking for ideas :)

  4. I suggest keep 3 chocolates for yourself, and give away the rest. :) Steak sounds delish!

  5. What fun Valentine's ideas! Kudos to your hubby for making a great dinner!

  6. What fun Valentine's ideas! Kudos to your hubby for making a great dinner!

  7. I haven't planned anything special for Valentine's. Our Valentine's Day has been pretty low key for years. We usually go out for dinner. Congrats on your 22nd wedding anniversary. May God bless you and fill your life with more love and happiness.

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary :)

  9. Love the Valentines idea's, that card is a great idea! Congrats on your awesome weight loss so far!!!

  10. My hubby and I aren't huge on Valentine's Day because his b-day is exactly a wk later but he knew better than to get me the typical flowers and candy this year! We're nerds, so he got me Game of Thrones action figures instead-- that totally won't go on the hips. ;-)


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