Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Steps Was Counted

Yesterday started great, ended ... not so great. I got up and got in my first session on my elliptical. Then I got the kidlets to school (carpool x2, middle school and elementary) and then stopped off at zumba. As I mentioned a few weeks ago (I Hope You Dance) this is a fairly low-key class ... not that I have anything to compare it to, but everyone else seems to get mega calorie burns. But it's close, convenient and free, and I do get in quite a few steps and it's a decent, different workout from my usual elliptical/treadmill/bike. I am actually looking forward to it each week at this point. My HRM and Fitbit were over 100 calories different on their estimations ... you know I'm a bit OCD about my numbers.

For the past three Tuesdays, I've hit 10K by 10 a.m. 

That actually used to be one of my goals. I don't hit it very often anymore, as the mornings are often busy with other things, but on Tuesdays ... with 20 minutes on the elliptical and then an hour of zumba, I do.

I joined Gym Pact (now just Pact) at the start of this year, when they incorporated auto-syncs with Fitbit (10,000 steps count as a workout). I had stayed away from Pact previously, knowing I usually did smaller, 20 minute workouts, and that I'd probably forget to log in and out to register my workouts. But 10,000 steps a day? I can do that no problem! Yesterday, I was happy to see my sync register so quickly. I do have to laugh a little at the grammar, as "Fitbit steps" is substituted for the normal "workout" wording. My steps WAS counted ...

It was a good thing I did get my workout in early (I still did additional elliptical, treadmill and bike later in the day) as the afternoon and evening ... well let's just say they did NOT go according to plan. I've got my baby boy home today with a fever. It kicked in last night. Both hubby and I have had the horrible flu (I think mine was the seasonal, his the H1N1) which laid us low for a solid week. I'm sure hoping baby boy doesn't have either version. That was one thing. There was also an accident involving #3 after school during pickup. He's ok, but really banged up and bruised but we're lucky it wasn't worse. Between the two issues, I really had a hard time focusing last night! Luckily, instead of stress-eating, I lost my appetite completely.

Not sure how today will go ... #5 is home sick. My folks are running out to watch him while I go to the middle school for a college/career class for #2. I'll make a quick run to the store for additional bandages/supplies for #3 while they are around. But this does perhaps open up my evening, which previously had been booked with a basketball game (that #3 is now not up for playing) and a basketball event (Junior Jazz Player Appearance, which #5 is too sick to attend). 

Checking in with Weigh-In Wednesday, weight was actually down this morning (about at last Friday's weigh-in weight, which is nice after the 3.5 gain after Superbowl Sunday's smorgasbord) ... check back in on Friday for a full week recap and my official weekly weigh-in.

How is YOUR week going?


  1. wow looks like you have your hands full this week! Sounds like you have a solid plan in place.

  2. How are you doing since the Superbowl? Down any?

    Hmm... that's interesting about the fitbit and Polar. How does the fitbit measure your heart? I wonder once one is most accurate.

    Looks like you have had some craziness going on lately. I hope you guys are feeling better.

    1. I don't know that I can really blame the Superbowl eating, yes, I was up (and got back down, but no new loss for the week) but I don't know that it was worse than any other weekend. I just have a hard time ANY Fri-Sun ...

      The Fitbit does NOT track heart rate at all. I takes into consideration your stats (height, weight, age, sex) and then your step count ... but not only steps alone. It can determine when steps are quicker (running vs walking) and takes that into consideration as well. I've been pretty impressed with its estimates on most step-related activities. I've had my HRM and Fitbit come in almost identical for some jogs. I DO wish I knew which was more accurate, it's all estimates!


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