Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Feedback

Well ... February wasn't FAB as far as the scale goes ... on the first day, I was 149.10. The final day I was 150.3. So no loss this month. Up a bit, but not really enough to call it a gain ... mainly I maintained. I didn't quite hit my goals of 3000 burn, 2000 intake. Gotta keep striving for that.

I hit my goals 15 out of the 28 days ... it's hard to hit goal. 
I can't quite manage it over the weekends. 

I did really well with my main cardio ... I had set a goal to get in 60min Elliptical everyday during February. I succeeded. Generally, getting in 60 minutes (three 20 minute sessions) is easy, but there were a couple days where I really had to push to get in that final session. I was pretty happy with my bike and mile streaks too. I also got in several Zumba sessions.

I met my strength training goals too. I got in my Jillian workout (No More Trouble Zones) twice a week, and my full body workout once a week, for a total of three strength workouts a week. So now I'm going to move on from NMTZ for March, I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to switch to. I was considering trying Ripped again, but then I grabbed a few DVDs from the library that I might try. I guess I better make a decision quick, as Monday is a strength training day!

In addition to my STREAKS calendars, 
I made up this exercise calendar.
All my activity at a glance.

Ah ... the eating. The exercise comes so easy now, but the eating ... I did a little better at keeping calories in check (under 2000). I've really struggled to get my serving of fruit in (don't even ask about veggies!)  I am fairly certain that if I changed up my eating, I could see a shift in the scale. I just have such a limited number of foods I like, it's hard to consider giving anything up. I'm not sure if I'll continue to "streak" my calories or fruit though, it's become a bit of a chore.

How was your February?
Which is harder for you, eating or exercise?

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