Monday, April 21, 2014

... and Easter Is Over

Hoppy Easter from the Blackham Bunnies
It's Motivation Monday ... I have YET to get motivated after the Marvelous (MIMM) Easter weekend (marvelous in family and fun ... not in eating and exercise!) It's Spring Break for my kidlets. They were out of school Thursday and Friday, and still today. So I slept in this morning. I didn't prep my blog post yesterday. It WAS Easter and we had a lot going on.

We go to Easter celebrations on both sides of the family. We hit my folks on Saturday. Over the years, it's evolved that I am in charge of bringing the eggs. I'm not exactly sure when or why this happened, but I don't mind. I did NOT buy any new eggs this year, these were all ones I'd stored from years past. I was SO grateful to these two kidlets, as they were a huge help in filling the eggs for me. Some with candy, but most with little toys, stickers, balloons, etc. There were still plenty of eats and treats. I did make a lemon jello cake too, and it was devoured. I made another for Sunday's party, and will make another today (I was asked to bring a cake to a funeral open house for a friend's father).

We did try to jump off some of the calories. I didn't jump myself, but I got in a good arm workout! The jumprope was such a hit at the Saturday party, we took it to Sunday's gathering, and they loved it there too!

Saturday evening we were relaxing, waiting for the kids to go to bed so that the Easter Bunny could come. Suddenly, the house rumbled. It wasn't the kids playing basketball in the front room (slamming into the wall), or a hard slam of the front door, although that can shake the house too. We also live close to a small airport and army depo (with blackhawk helicopters making the rounds causing some shaking) ... but this FELT different. It wasn't just the house. It was like the "earth moved under my feet" ... I looked at hubby and asked "was that an earthquake?" The three older boys came in and asked the same question. I quickly checked on #4. He has suffered from a severe weather phobia (terrified of tornadoes, even though we don't get tornadoes ... any wind, thunder, lightening will send him running to his room.) but he was fine, he hadn't even noticed.

It took a little while for the news to verify that it had indeed been an earthquake. 3.2 centered in a city to the West of us. My folks (to the East) hadn't felt a thing. But then again many in our neighborhood (including my two younger boys) missed it too. Very minor. But still, the first time I felt an earthquake!

The Easter Bunny did come ...
I couldn't help but contrast this with last year ... (ALL FIVE boys got hit with a stomach flu and it was SO bad!) This year, some treats, some toys, some clothes, and the DVD "Frozen" ... I hadn't seen it yet, but #2 had specifically requested it! I've finally seen Frozen. Very cute!

I didn't get in ANY exercise on Easter. I took a rest day ... first rest day in, um, I'm not really sure. Just shy of 5000 steps on the Fitbit, just under 2000 calories for the day. Ummmm, that was burn, I was definitely OVER that on intake.  The scale is definitely showing an upward swing after the Easter activities and eating.  Time to get back at it, even with my slow start this Monday morning.

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I'm also linking up with Move It Monday ... even though this last weekend was lacking. My last WEEK was good. You can always see what I'm up to with my Day to Day reports.


  1. You have such a fun family, I love how active you all are! I just realized we live in the same valley, I also live in the SL Valley:) Only half in my household felt it, but I did and crazy as it sounds I thought it was cool because it's the first one I remember feeling since I was a child:)

    1. I thought it was pretty cool and the boys did too ... easier to do that where there was no injury or damage. I thought it would have been pretty ironic if it had happened just a couple days sooner, during the big annual "Great Utah Shakeout" earthquake drill!

  2. I love your family pictures, and looks like you had such a great time :) Glad everybody is well this year!!! The lemon jello cake sounds good. Can I get the recipe? you have me still thinking about getting a fitbit. That may be a gift to myself very soon.

    Leslie (

    1. I did put a little link to the recipe for the lemon jello cake (it's quite basic, just a lemon cake mix, jello/water, oil, eggs) ... pictures on that post too. I do LOVE my Fitbit, and like I said in some previous posts, with all the reward sites it links to it's actually paid for itself! I've got another $13 to spend at Sears/Kmart from my recent activity :)

  3. Hey Jen! I nominated you for a Liebster Award:) See my post here:
    xoxoxo Jasmine


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