Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Spotlight #16 - My Motivators

For today's Saturday Spotlight ... I thought I'd spotlight some of the shows, books and music that has been motivating me lately. I rarely watch tv, unless I'm on the elliptical or treadmill. I read books while riding the stationary bike. Music helps me jog, and is crucial to Zumba. Music is just ... important!

This past Monday morning, I jumped online to record Sunday's episode of "The Good Wife" so I could watch it a little later in the day while I worked out. There hadn't been a new episode. Dang it. I still worked on ... but my Monday was missing a little something. I did go ahead and watch "Game of Thrones" (shhhh, don't tell hubby, that's one we usually watch together. I guess it can be my new "Monday Morning" show now that "The Walking Dead" has ended for the season.) I'm still keeping up with"The Voice" for now. When I don't have a "live" show (that I watch the day after it airs) show to try to keep up on, I just watch a series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I'm watching Royal Pains at the moment. I do keep a list of what I'm watching (for my own reference, but you're welcome to take a peek too).

Friday, I was having trouble getting Grey's Anatomy and Scandal to record. As they weren't ready and waiting ... it actually impacted my workouts just a bit. I didn't feel that PULL down to the gym, anxious to find out what happened on the next episode (well, I was anxious, I just couldn't watch as I wanted). But I got to them today ...

I've watched Grey's Anatomy since the beginning I think. It's a bit of a joke in our house. My hubby's name is Gray (Grayson). So OBVIOUSLY I like Gray's anatomy. Ha ha. The spin off "Private Practice" had several seasons (which I also watched), but it wrapped up. Grey's is still going strong. When I mentioned it a few weeks ago in a Friday Favorites post, I got a comment "Is that show still on?" Yes. Yes it is. Season 10.

There are always things that make me think. I love the relationships. The complexity and morality of the medical decisions and issues. It always makes me grateful for MY health, that I haven't had to deal with things that come across here.  In many of the recent episodes, I've been especially aware of the music. It's been remakes of familiar songs, redone in a very quiet, subdued tone.  Just something that has caught my attention. When they did the MUSICAL episode a few years ago? That version of "Chasing Cars" is still a favorite song of mine. I mean, I've always loved that song, but I LOVE the harmonies and the impact it had seeing it in the show. Have you heard it? It was interesting, I didn't know those actors could sing ...

... a final interesting quote from the most recent episode. In regards to an award that everyone in the hospital was talking about. "She didn't win it. She earned it".

I've been busy reading too! A few weeks ago, I mentioned some books I was looking forward to reading.  I have since read "Cress" ... and I was wrong. It isn't the last book in the series (I thought it was a trilogy, but there is a fourth book coming out next year ... so now I'm waiting again). I just saw that my library has "Ruins" now, so I put it on hold and am anxiously awaiting it coming in. As I've had these books I've been excited about, I've had a few days where I actually hit the bike a second time in a day! Just to get a little more reading in. You can see what else I've read recently on GoodReads.

In Zumba ... last Wednesday, there was a new number. It was to "What Does The Fox Say" ... now I'd heard OF the song (who hasn't?) but I had never actually heard the song. I have now. It was an energetic one and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was a bit of laughter as we danced along. There was another song that I really liked ... enough that I looked it up when I got home. I bought it and added it to my collection. I put it on the ipod and danced around as I cleaned the house today. I thought I'd shine the spotlight on it too.

Any music, books or TV programs been grabbing you?

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