Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Keeping Up In The Blogosphere

Social media sure has come a long way! I remember when we had dial-up Internet and our original email address. I was NOT one of the first ones on Facebook. I'm just getting into Instagram now and while I signed up for Twitter, I must admit I have yet to "tweet" anything or even check back in on that account.

I started my family blog a few years ago, and started this fitness blog last year. It wasn't until I was blogging myself, that I actually started to read other blogs. Now I really enjoy all the blogs out there ... but I struggle with keeping up with them. I'm not sure of the best way to follow everyone.

Over in my sidebar, I keep a list of many of the blogs I follow. I have it set up so that those updated most recently are at the top. I do check in regularly and that works pretty well for me, but it is easy to miss posts.

I have signed up to follow several blogs with Bloglovin, and I do like the daily digest sent via email. It makes it easy to check in on these blogs on my iphone ... easy to read the blogs, but not easy to comment. I always have to wait until I'm back on my computer to comment, and although I have good intentions, that doesn't always happen. Bloglovin also makes it difficult to grab the actual URL (if I want to link to a specific post or something).

I've looked into a couple other apps to help me keep up ... the RSS reader is pretty good, but a little hard to set up. I have to input the URLS manually on my iphone. I discovered digg recently, and I quite like it, both the app and web version. It's nice to be able to organize the blogs into categories ... which I then realized I could do on Bloglovin as well.

I set up a "Fitness Facebook" profile, so that I wouldn't overwhelm any family or friends with my fitness posts unless they actually signed up for that. I suppose I should have set up a "page" ... but this works for me I guess. I use this profile to follow all the health/fitness pages on Facebook too. I have an Instagram account and set up my GooglePlus profile ... although I must admit I'm still not sure exactly how that works.  I've tried to make me and my blog easy to follow if one wants ... but I'm still not sure I'm implementing all I could or should. 

So just a question for all of you ... what ways have you found to follow everyone out there?


  1. looking at friends' blogrolls, and trying out blogs I haven't read before. :)

  2. It's getting to be a little harder to keep up! I find that I miss some posts too because I am following so many blogs. I want to comment on them all! I have some set to email--but my inbox gets so full, I end up just deleting them. In my Blogger Profile, it shows blogs I follow--and I usually scroll through that list and read those--on good days I try to hop over to bloglovin and catch any that I missed--but sometimes I'm reminded when someone posts on IG that they blogged--and I'm like, I didn't read that one yet! Just trying not to sink here...;)

  3. Keeping up with all my favourite blogs is difficult too..I keep missing out :(

  4. I just get behind all the time. :(

    It's so hard to keep up and I just do the best I can.

    1. Here I was hoping someone had some magic technique to keep up with all the blogs ... at least I know I'm not alone :)


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