Friday, May 9, 2014

WWI #43 & Five Fitness Truths

This is several weeks in a row with these types of numbers ... pretty much where I was at the end of 2013 (not including the drop from my  Flux2 Diet) and up just a bit from a bit of success at the first of the year (I actually had an entire week under 150 at the end of March).  I'm just SO CLOSE yet it feels so far. Frustrating. As I think "this week I'm going to do better with my eating" ... it just doesn't happen. I am recording everything, and trying to control my calories. Because I don't make good food choices, it adds up so quickly.  It's easy to see how I gained weight in the past looking at how high my calorie count can get even when I am tracking and being conscious of calories. I'm actually a bit surprised I topped out where I did (just over 200 I think ... I didn't weigh myself back then).  Linking up late with Weigh-In Wednesday

NUMBERS: Weight is down one ounce from last week's weigh-in, but the average is up .39. Low for the week was 151.3, High was yesterday, at 154.0. I didn't have a deficit this week. Over by 679. Oops. Average intake 2179, Average burn 2789. Movie treat indulgences on Saturday, Slow Sunday and dragging on Wednesday. I missed my mile jog several days this week, and didn't read and ride the past couple days... even though I've been quite into the book I'm reading (GoodReads). I did have a couple 3000 burn days, and a 30K step day yesterday. I think the bump up on the scale Thursday morning got me to kick my butt in gear for that day at least. You can get the details of every day in my Day to Day Doings.

Another "HallWalk" between basketball games.
Got me to 30K for the day.

I really like my Friday Weigh-In and weekly update. It forces me to make sure all my numbers are input and up to date in my excel file (actually, I've switched to a GoogleDrive spreadsheet after a computer glitch), and that my Day to Day Doings are current. I really try to keep up with everything ... inputting my workouts on DailyMile and Walker Tracker (ok, I put the link in there, but don't go check it out because I AM behind there!) and this weekly blog update is a good motivator to make sure I'm keeping things current. That I'm following through, if not on my actual exercise and eating, at least my recording of it all. I'm linking up with Follow Through Friday, Fitness Friday and Fantastic Friday (even though this week wasn't exactly fantastic!) 

And with the weekly weigh-in and recap wrapped up, it's time to move on to the Friday Five! There are several Friday Five Linkups... 
Five on Friday at Hello Happiness, Friday Favorites at Running4Cupcakes, Friday Favorites at Housewife Glamour, High Five Friday at LaurenElizabeth and Five Things Friday at Fitting It All In.

The DC Area Bloggers link up offered up a THEME for this Friday ... Five Fitness Truths. So after a moment of contemplation and checking out what some of the others have offered up, here are mine:

  • You can't out cardio your calories ... believe me, I have put this one to the test and I continually keep pressing the issue. If I workout a lot, can't I just eat whatever I want as long as I keep my total calorie intake under my burn? It really doesn't seem to work. I need to eat better. Bother!
  • Everything is an estimate ... I burned "this" many calories, that bowl of cereal is "this" many calories. No matter how hard you try to be accurate, it's all an estimation. So even when you crunch the numbers and have a weekly deficit of 3500 calories yet no one pound weight loss ... it's just hard to know if how close your estimations are to being correct.
  • It all adds up ... at times I'll get in a solid hour of exercise, but sometimes I don't have a big block of time. I'll do 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Sneak in a walk while I'm waiting (see above). I'll try to park further in the parking lot, take the stairs ... it all adds up. Love my Fitbit for keeping track of it all, and I love it when I hit a 30k day.
  • Just start ... usually getting going is the biggest hurdle. I don't feel like doing weights, so I tell myself I only have to do a short 20 minute workout. I usually end up at the full hour. Just commit to a mile, and maybe once you are going you'll feel like going further.
  • It's not all about the cardio ... I'm a pedometer person, I like getting my "steps" in and cardio does that a lot better than weights, yoga, etc. But ... I do believe in the importance of strength training. I've slacked off a little these past couple weeks, but I always make sure I get in at least one full-body weight workout every week. 

What five fitness facts have you found to be true in your experience?


  1. I'm a new reader and I have the same thinking about getting my "steps" in over doing other workouts. I've been trying lately to add in a little more strength training. It's such a balancing act for me!

  2. Love your Friday fitness truths - thanks for linking up with our theme! I think there was a cut & paste error because your link didn't work on our linkup but I found your post! It said JenB's journey but it was another blog's link - maybe a cut & paste error? I can't find a way to email you but if you visit my Friday Five you'll see if you click on your link! :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know - I went ahead and entered my link again, but I couldn't see how to remove the first erroneous one (if you were able to do that). *Ü*


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