Monday, June 9, 2014

A Fitbit Farewell

I love my Fitbit.  Four years now and still going strong. I like to say we are a Fitbit family, as I've gotten my parents, brothers, their wives on board. It didn't take with hubby, but I had Fitbit's for my two oldest boys too ...

I had noticed #2 hadn't synced in a bit ... he admitted to me he has lost his Fitbit. I'm sad. I'd really enjoyed "seeing" his days, and he was the only family member that could actually give me a run for my money, especially during the summer days when he'd spend the day at the gym with his basketball buddies. I'd hooked him up to some of the reward sites, and he had managed to pull in $50 from Achievemint and some store credit at Kmart and Walgreens.

He had a decent run I guess. He'd kept it for almost a year. Not too bad for a 15 year old boy. I mean, my oldest (the 18-year old) managed to lose his JawboneUp in less than a month. He gave up on his Flex deciding he didn't want something on his wrist, and after adopting Daddy's Fitbit Zip after the hubs wasn't using it ... he lost it. I don't know whether to invest in another for #2 (I think I would just go with the Zip instead of the One this time) or not ...

I took this picture a couple weeks ago ... after a workout, I had changed and was off to the school when I felt my Fitbit slipping from it's protective pouch. While the One is usually quite snug in the silicone case, when it is a little wet with sweat, it IS prone to slipping out. I noticed, and was able to wipe it down and tuck it back in safely. My son was not as in tune ... and his One is gone.

#2 had lost the little tip to his silicone case. As he wears ... well, wore, past tense now :( his on his waist, this did case some poking problems. I wear my One on my bra, so I went ahead and switched cases with him, as it didn't impact me as much. Fitbit has really good customer service and I'm betting they would have happily sent out a new case if I'd asked. I just never got around to it ... and now I guess I don't need to (#2 still has the case, so I suppose I could switch back). I MAY even contact customer service to see if they might do anything about the lost Fitbit ... I'll let you know, I have heard of them replacing them before.

*** ... and an update ~ they ARE sending out a replacement! Seriously, Fitbit customer service is really the best!

As for ME? This past weekend ... I had a 30k day! (Linking up with MIMM). They aren't super uncommon for me, but it had been a bit. This was on a Saturday no less! I love the Fitbit activity graph ... SEEing my activity throughout the day. My two 20 minute sessions on the elliptical (around 8:00 a.m. and 6 pm) and two 10 minute ones (around 10:00 and 2:00). 60minutes of Zumba around noon, and then another class at 7:00 that night.

I still wear my old Omron pedometer, and it's interesting to compare the step count from it to the Fitbit ... they are usually pretty close. I also wear a heart rate monitor for some workouts, and like to check out it's calorie count estimation with my Fitbit feedback. We do have the ol Fitbit Flex around (#2 can't wear a wrist one while playing basketball, his main "step" activity) ... but I might just throw it on myself (three pedometers on my person!) and see how it's numbers line up. I'm a numbers gal ... it motivates me.

What motivates you?  
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  1. I've worried about losing my own fitbit. I started turning it around so that just in case it ever slips it will just be inside my bra.
    I think I heard a few stories too about them replacing them. I guess when they got a bad wrap about the wrist ones causing bad rashes, they have been putting in great customer service. So I say ask them, what can it hurt?

    1. I turn mine around too - even worn on the waist or on a regular bra, it is then pressed against my body and much less likely to fall (and more likely I'll feel it if it does). I think they had great customer service even before the Force fiasco ... I have emailed them, so we'll see what they say.

  2. I've heard similar stories about fitbits! Congrats on 30k weekend!

  3. I'm seriously thinking about getting one myself.

  4. I all call my kids by #' #1 and keeps things simple. HA! you ARE a numbers gal I have a Polar and thought about just wearing it one day to see the calories I don't burn..I'm looking into a Fitbit.


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