Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lacking in Color Confidence

Black is slimming right? That is what we women are told. I'm not sure if that is the reason why my wardrobe has a lot of black ... or if it's just what I am comfortable with.

 I have yet to master the "selfie" ... especially the full body shot!

Ironically ... a couple of my more well know photos (like my main profile picture, the one in red down on the sidebar, or on my Facebook page) is in red. I snapped the picture (above, left) before going to a Cinco de Mayo Zumba day... we were supposed to wear red or green). But the majority of the time, the other photo is a little more standard. Back to Black.

It's a bit of an inside family joke too. My hubby's name is Grayson Blackham. I call him GrayBlack. I tell him I just love him SO much that I have to surround myself in gray and black, even in my clothes. I am probably wearing black 90% of the time. Exercise wear and everyday wear. I'll sometimes branch out to such bright color combinations as white and tan, or khaki, brown and denim. Exciting!

I do own some colorful shirts. Red, yellow, blue, pink ... but I just don't feel that comfortable in them and I wear them very rarely. I'm not sure if I feel they draw the eye, and I prefer to blend into the background ... or if after wearing black for so long, it is just the "comfortable" choice.  And slimming ... don't forget slimming!

I lack color confidence in everything ... not just clothes! When I had my nails done, I'd always just go with the very basic, standard french tip. When I got a pedicure, I'd do the painted french tip there too, or go with a very reserved color ... most recently, I did a glitter gray. Lipstick ... I'll wear a light gloss, but nothing with any real color. I know many shoes are very bright and colorful ... my most recent purchase were a plain black pair. If you've seen me post my PolarFT4 after exercising (ZumbaStats) you'll see I went for the basic gray model, not the cute pink one everyone else is rocking!
I have regretted not getting the pink Polar. Just a splash of femininity. I have noticed a bit of bright pink sneaking in ... not necessarily by choice, but just because that was the color available (in a pair of slippers, new shoes, headphones) I'm not sure I'll ever really be confident in color, but sometimes when I push myself a bit, I feel it's an NSV (and I take a picture I like, which ends up being my profile picture).  I have been thinking quite a bit about my color choices (or lack thereof) ... and I thought I'd Think Out Loud and share my thoughts with you today.


  1. You look so pretty in the red :) I love colors. I know what you mean though about feeling comfortable in certain things. I tend to wear my clothes way too big. I have had several people comment on them. I guess I want to try to hide everything, but by doing that I make myself look a lot bigger. Maybe you can set a goal of wearing something colorful each week :)

  2. You look awesome in red!

    My color choices seem to be black, khaki and denim bottoms. I purchase items out of my comfort zone and rarely wear them. I'm venturing out of my comfort zone this year. I joined some fashion challenges. Yep, there are challenges for getting dressed just there are challenges for getting healthy! LOL

  3. I think it takes some getting used to colors--and just when you do, they go and change the trends and add neon. Just go with it!! You look great!


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