Monday, June 2, 2014

Random Reflections

As a rule, Monday - Thursday are my good days. Those with a set schedule, kids in school. I actually often dread the weekends, as I just can't keep up enough activity to combat an often increased caloric intake. It will be interesting to see how the schedule shifts in the coming months, as the kids finish up school this week. Starting next Monday, I won't have daily carpools, packing lunches, volunteering and homework help... which should free up some time. On the other hand, I tend to sleep in a little more when I don't have to get the kids up and off. There will be some summer activities, running the kids here and there. The boys will  be around all the time. It will be interesting to see how it affects MY exercise, activity and eating.

I actually had a great weekend though! I generally don't get Zumba on Fridays as the couple classes I was aware of run from 9:00-10:00. The middle school's 9:30 late start was right smack in the middle. I'd found a 10:00 session, a bit further away, but I could make it if I went straight after dropping the boys off. I did that these past couple weeks. I actually hit goal these last two Fridays (22,000 steps and a total calorie burn of 3000) ... that rarely happens!

Then I did even BETTER on Saturday! Hubby was off early helping his mom move, so I went to a 7:00 Zumba class I'd found out about on Facebook. Generally I get up and hit the elliptical first thing, but Saturday I went straight to Zumba. I took my usual photos of my Fitbit and HRM for my Zumba Stats, and then took notice of a couple other stats I don't normally register  ...
It was interesting to look at the different "minutes" perspectives of my different devices! The class itself was about 55 minutes long (you can see that reading on both the HRM and Fitbit). Of that almost hour, my Polar said I was "in the zone" for 33 of those minutes. My Fitbit said that 46 of the minutes were "very active" and my Omron pedometer (which I still wear too!) said 52 of those minutes were "aerobic" minutes. The different devices all have their particular calculations, but it was interesting to compare. Normally, my Omron aerobic minutes and Fitbit "VAM" have my morning elliptical and any other exercise, so while it isn't impossible to check these numbers every time, it would require writing things down and doing math ...

One of the other classes I attend announced they were able to secure the church at 10:00 on Saturday ... so I went again! Double Zumba! Back at home, I watched an episode of my current series (meaning I was on the elliptical for 40 minutes) and read (and rode the stationary bike) for 30 minutes ... I hit goal on Saturday too!

No Zumba on Sunday ... 
The LDS church buildings are being used for church meetings.
 I put on my shoes and HRM and hit the treadmill for an hour.
Interesting to compare the stats to an hour of Zumba.
60 minutes, 4.5 miles. Started off with a mile jogging at 5mph, then did some intervals (higher speed with walking breaks) and some incline (up to 10 for 10 minutes).  I disregard the treadmill's calorie estimate. 639 is too high, not sure where those numbers are coming from. The steps (almost 9000) are higher than I've ever gotten in an hour of Zumba, but the Fitbit and HRM calorie counts aren't too far off a good Zumba day. Let me tell you, I'll do an hour of Zumba any day over my treadmill time, even though I had my TV program on to entertain and distract me.  That 206 max heartrate? Not sure where that came from either, sometimes I'm not sure what my HRM is doing some of the time. I'm pretty sure a second after that high registered, I was back at 120 and for the first few minutes it wasn't registering anything. Gadgets! Great if they work, frustrating when they don't.

As the month of May ended, I blogged a bit, recapping the past 30 days (May Days) and pulled my Daily Doings into chronological order with my monthly picture collage (May Day By Day).

As I updated my activity calendar,
I  noticed that MONDAYS are always full.
**Motivation Monday**
I consistently get in four or five different types of activity on Mondays. I think I'm just ready to get back to it all after the weekend ... even after a good weekend (although yesterday wasn't great. It wasn't bad. Not a  rest day, but didn't quite get to goal).

So here's to Monday! 
We've wrapped up May and it's a new month. 
What will you accomplish?
Link Up with Motivation Monday then go get moving!

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  1. Apparently, I need directions on how to post a Awesome job on all the exercises!!! I didn't mean to say the exact same thing on your Sunday post, but I meant it for today. I admire your dedication.


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