Thursday, June 5, 2014

I've Got A Graduate!

Wow ... how did THAT happen? I have a senior and he's graduating! That's my NSV for today, being mom to this kid. He's such a self-starter, always up early, got a little college credit under his belt already (concurrent enrollment, and hopefully passed the AP tests!) Having a kid in school, you know what is happening day to day. The next few years ... hmmm, it's going to be interesting!

Beyond the whole "this is hard" from a mom stand point, I have some additional issues. The graduation is downtown. I really dislike downtown and I certainly don't drive downtown. I'm not a big fan of ceremony. I didn't even want to go to my own graduation back in the day ... I do go, but I don't remember the actual ceremony at all. I do have a lot of pictures from afterward. I went to a junior college after that, and graduated there. Did the whole cap and gown thing again. When I moved onto the university after, I actually finished up off-schedule and didn't "walk" that final graduation. I was fine with that. Just give me my diploma.

I also dislike sitting. Between the car ride down, the ceremony itself, then dinner after ... there will be a lot of sitting. I'm not really anticipating a good weigh-in tomorrow. At least I'll have gotten in my morning workouts (elliptical and Zumba) before heading out. I'm sure there will be some walking and standing around too. But I must admit, I'll be very relieved when this is all over.

So the high school is pretty much done. #2 has "Lagoon Day" (our local amusement park) today, but his friends couldn't go and so he'd rather take the money I would have sprung for that to go toward a summer pass at the local rec center (where he plans to spend the summer days playing basketball with his buddies). The elementary school has field day today and their final day tomorrow, and both little boys are getting awards. I'll be in attendance at the assembly there that morning (depending on how long it is, I still might be able to hit my Zumba class if I'm willing to go in my workout wear). 

I'm SO happy to have my little ones finishing up school too. Last year, I pulled them from our boundary school, which is on a year-round schedule, to another school which was on a traditional schedule. I've LOVED not having the breaks during the year, and we'll love actually having a summer (the other school doesn't get out until July 3, then starts up again at the end of July). 

I do love my schedules. School does help keep me on a good routine ... but I think I'm ready for a little summer. Just Thinking Out Loud. Does the end of school affect you?

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  1. Not at tallll....except my eldest daughter (who's a teacher) calls and texts me more during the day while I'M working. LOL

    congrats on your graduate!


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