Thursday, June 26, 2014

Soccer Stuff

A lot of people are talking about and watching soccer right now, as the World Cup takes center stage. I consider myself a soccer lover. I played when I was a teen. I coached my kidlet for a few years. I even joined an adult league for some pick-up games a few years ago (Soccer: Past and Present). I don't really get into watching professional soccer ... I watch on the lower levels though. Rec ball!

All my boys played soccer for a year or so ... then my older boys moved onto basketball. #4 broke his arm during a game and said he would never play soccer again :(   But my baby boy ... he's still kicking the ball around.

He just finished up his Spring season. This past Saturday he came up to me and asked "Mom, what time is my soccer game?" and I had to remind him that the season was over. I went through the video clips and made a highlight video of his soccer season. Between my son and another little boy, our team dominated and had an undefeated season. The coach (my BIL) would "rest" our star players, or separate them (one on defense, one on offense ... that really would make a huge difference when the boys didn't have each other to work with) to try and give the other teams a sporting chance. 
 My kid is #13

While I do love watching, it's a little painful ... especially when the kids are so young. They are getting better at spreading out around the field , passing and playing as a team. This was the first year they played with goalies (and there were some good little goalies out there! Our boys would have made quite a few more goals if their shots hadn't been stopped). As I enjoy playing soccer myself, sometimes I just want to jump out on the field and join in (I NEVER have that feeling with basketball ... that's just a spectator sport for me). 

As I've been driving to a new Zumba these past few weeks ... there is a big building called "Soccer City" along the way. Signs on the road indicated adult leagues, and just out of curiosity,  I looked it up when I got home. I don't know that I could (or would dare) commit to an actual team or league, but there was "open play" offered, and this has intrigued me. 

Hmmmmm ... do I dare? It's indoor. I've never played indoor, but the meet-up group I played with a few years ago did hold one session on some revamped tennis courts. Still outdoors, but similar to indoor play (I imagine). I remember really enjoying it. 

So while the world is watching soccer ... I've been thinking about it on a smaller scale. Thinking out Loud this Thursday (when I'm hitting my Zumba as usual today, but my Thursday group is taking July off. Is this soccer situation meant to be?) Will she? Won't she? I guess you'll have to come back and see ... I've pushed my anxiety issues trying all these new Zumba classes (an NSV for me). Is it time to overcome my anxieties and try something new again?


  1. Hey, if it interests you/excites you...go for it! :)

  2. You know I have to say that reading your posts gets me a lot more excited about exercising :)

  3. Go for it! I know the facility you are talking about, one of my best friends and her husband joined a couples soccer team there a few years back and they loved it. Funny thing is she only enjoyed watching it before, it was her first time playing, her husband was the one who had played it in college.
    I'll look forward to reading what you decide to do on that for July:)

  4. Do it! WTG on working on overcoming your anxiety. I know it's a really hard thing to do.


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