Thursday, July 3, 2014

Got Gas?

Yea ... down 20! Up again, I can't believe it! Do you ever watch the fluctuations of gas prices and feel some of the same things you do as you watch your weight go up and down on your bathroom scale? I do! Yes, I'm Thinking Out Loud about gas this Thursday (a bit random, but that's what "Thinking Out Loud" is all about!)

In Monday's post, I mentioned some of my anxiety issues, my main one having to do with driving. My grandmother never learned to drive, and my mom is actually worse off than I am (although I think she's ok being a passenger, which still stresses my out completely). I can and do fill up the car with gas, something I don't know if my mother has ever done. It's not that big of a deal, but I'll admit to feeling a little dismay when I see the needle creep toward "empty" ... I don't dread it, but I don't like doing it either. It's an inconvenience, and it takes a toll on my time, and my pocketbook!

Gas is expensive. My burb can hold 27+ gallons, so a fill-up is often over $100. Ouch! I do try to save when and where I can. One thing I do is sign up for the "Fuel Savings" at my local grocery store. That can really add up. Right now, they are offering double points on weekend purchases. I admit, I push my shopping at that store to Fri/Sat to get the double deal.  I'll buy Amazon giftcards from that store (they automatically get 2x the points, and if you watch, 4x is often offered). I know I'm going to use Amazon credit and I can come home and add it to my account immediately. No need to fear I'll forget or lose the giftcard. I'll buy other giftcards if they are ones I know I'll use. I can often earn up to a $1 off a gallon, so that adds up to almost $30 off for a full tank.

When I don't have fuel rewards waiting, I'll try to check prices. It's amazing to me that sometimes stations can vary by 20¢. $5 a fill-up may not seem like a huge amount, but I still like to save where I can. It all adds up (just like those extra calories). 

I have an app on my phone called Gas Buddy. You can input your zip code and get a listing of the local prices. It's just a handy thing to have on hand. I won't really travel to get a cheaper price, but if I see that one station is less than another, and they are both on my way ... I'll hit the one with the lower price.

While I don't drive that much, Hubs and #1 do. They both work fairly far from home. Unfortunately fill-ups appear on the credit card statement a lot. And then there are the wave runners ... Hubs puts the premium in those babies. They are expensive little babies!   And anytime you hit the road for vacation, that sure adds up quick too. I know gas is even more expensive elsewhere!

I mean ... even with my anxiety, I'm glad we have cars to drive. It does making getting around easier. The workout world puts an emphasis on walking or biking when you can, but sometimes you do have to drive.

I'm getting a little low on fuel now ...
...and gas prices just jumped again!
Just in time for the holiday weekend.

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