Thursday, July 24, 2014

Number 22

Twenty-Two. What do you think of when you hear that number? 22,000 just happens to be my daily step goal, but this past Tuesday (the 22nd!) it had a different meaning. My 22nd anniversary. I went through some old photos and posted a bunch to a Facebook album (J&G). 

We've had our ups and downs these past 22 years. Life ups and downs, weight ups and downs. Life has been good and I consider myself very lucky!  We had a pretty basic day ... the hubs worked, I hit Zumba, did laundry, kept the kidlets entertained. In the evening we went out to Texas Roadhouse, it's one of our favorite places. I'm a simple steak and potatoes kind of gal. I ate a couple too many rolls but they are so good. We did skip dessert.

I hadn't been sure I'd get to my daily goal of 22,000 steps here on the 22nd of July, my 22nd wedding anniversary. But there at the end of the day I could see I was close, and I did walk around until I had passed that magic number *Ü*  Twenty Two.

As I prepped the photo collage and anniversary album was just interesting to note the prevalence of pictures (and the lack thereof) . There were quite a few photos from the dating years and our early married life. Then they slowed. At least the pictures of ME. For years, I was pretty successful at avoiding the camera. Then came 2006 when I lost the weight. Suddenly, I was in quite a few photos again (hubs and I were also actively "dating" again and taking more pictures, in fact we did a little "photo a day challenge" of us together one month *Ü*) I do still struggle with pictures though! Having lost some of the weight, the chances of looking good in a picture have increased, but I still don't think I'm very photogenic. And if you say "but you look good" ... it's because I only post the decent ones (do you do that?) I have posted about this before (Picture Imperfect). I do try not to hide from the camera so much. 

  Just sharing my thoughts on the number 22 and on appearing in pictures. 
Thinking out Loud this Thursday. 
Shouting out "I Love You" to my man!

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  1. Great post baby! I completely enjoy reading your thoughts on things and stuff.
    22 years. Wowser. So much behind us, so much ahead of us.
    You make going through it all so much more worth it.
    Love you


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