Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sweating Soccer Style

Oh my heavens, I am wiped out! I thought I was somewhat in shape ... with my Zumba, elliptical and other workouts. But a few minutes out there on the soccer field and I knew, this was different! I've played soccer before, when I was a teen, and then again very casually about eight years ago. I also got a little in while coaching the kids (Soccer, Past&Present). A couple weeks ago (Soccer Stuff) I mentioned driving by a building called "Soccer City" on the way to one of my Zumba classes. There were signs out by the road advertising adult leagues, and I was intrigued enough to check them out online. I was pretty sure I wasn't ready to commit to an actual team or league, but when I read about the drop-in open play ... hmmmm.

It almost seemed like fate. My Thursday morning  Zumba class was taking July off. This was offered on Thursday mornings. I continued my Zumba class through June, and the first week of July I went to a different Thursday Zumba (I'd looked around for an alternate class, so I'd at least have that option).

But today ... I tried the soccer.  I am always SO nervous when I try something new like this. I had my heart rate monitor, and I find it funny to watch my heart rate speed up on the WAY to a new exercise option, before any actual exercise even starts! I'm always uber anxious about driving to a new location as well. At least today, I knew exactly where I was going. That was good!

I brought some running shoes (no cleats on the indoor fields) ... I brought soccer socks and shin guards, but didn't end up putting them on (they aren't very comfortable). I wasn't sure if I'd be allowed to wear my HRM (watch on wrist). Even in kids soccer/sports, they usually require all jewelry, watches and other items off just to avoid any possible injury. But no one said anything, so I left it on and was very happy for it's feedback throughout the game. I started my Fitbit timer too ...

Very interesting to compare the stats to my Zumba workouts.   I'd glanced at my Fitbit during the game and wasn't too impressed with my numbers. I did notice my heart rate was UP ... and it stayed up, even when the game slowed (or I just slowed, unable to keep up anymore). Usually my heart rate drops quite quickly if I stop moving. Today, I waited a couple of minutes to take my stats picture (we were chatting a bit) and it was STILL in the 140s when I pressed the button to stop the count.  I took my HRM off when I got in the car, but I probably should have left it on, and watched to see how long it remained elevated (I'll do that next time).  For a moment, I was a bit confused that I was only "in the zone" for 20 minutes ... then I realized that much of my time out of the zone, I was above it! 159 was my average heart rate. Personally I knew I was more sweaty and felt absolutely exhausted and hurting in a few places (not injury hurt, just "you used this muscle" type hurt). Seriously, driving home and having to lift my foot from the gas to the brake was a challenge!

So I'm glad I went, and I plan on going again. It will be interesting to see if I can get these HRM again and if I can improve the Fitbit numbers. Today, I played the entire time (although admittedly, some of the time I was really wimpy and just watching as I tried not to collapse). If more people show, they form three teams and rotate (one or two games on, then a rest). While normally I don't like stopping and just watching ... I probably could have benefited from it today!

Thought I'd share my experience as a definite NSV for me! Just the courage to try something new, adding a new exercise, hitting a new HRM high. I've been thinking about trying this for so long now (several weeks, since I drove by the building). It's great to have put the thought into action. Still, I know I'll be thinking about this, and Thinking Out Loud about soccer today, and I'm sure I'll be posting about it again in the future!


  1. Way to go for trying something new!! I've been wanting to try a barre class but haven't taken the plunge yet. Glad to see you have both a polar and fitbit. I have a polar and have thought about getting a fitbit too. Then I asked myself is that crazy. Well, now that I see someone else has both, heck no it's not

    1. I met a Misty at soccer today! I love my Fitbit. I only wear the HRM during specific exercises. It isn't the most comfortable thing. I do love it's feedback during the workout. The Fitbit ... I just leave it on all day (and night! 24/7) and it give you a look at your entire day. Sometimes the Fitbit estimate is really close to other calculations, other times (like today) it is off. Just a good reminder they are all estimates. But my Fitbit has paid for itself time and time again. I have it hooked up to several reward sites, I've earned $$ (Achievemint/Pact) and credit (Fitstudio/Walgreens). We now have six Fitbits in my immediate family, and many more if you count my parents, brothers and their wives :)

  2. I want to take a fun class! They have them at my gym I just need to get the courage to go! I like that fitbit!
    Come link up with me and share!


  3. Awesome job! Trying something new does take a lot of guts and running around on a soccer field is no easy task! I think it is an amazing NSV for the week!


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