Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scouts, Sickness, Soccer, Sunburn & Steals

It's Thursday. Time for "Thinking Out Loud" ... I have had a lot on my mind of late. I often join this linkup and expound on one particular topic, but today I'll be a little more random (which is more what blog host Amanda at Running With Spoons does each week).  As I like alliteration, this week's Thinking Out Loud is brought to you by the letter "S" ...
  • SCOUTS: The picture is old (2011) ... but that's ok, as it's Throwback Thursday! I have a love/hate relationship with scouts. Ok, I must admit, there is no love. I'm just NOT a scouting mama, which is a shame as I have five boys (Blackham Boy Scouts). The hubs is quite involved though, and perhaps that plays into some of my dislike. He spends so much time and money, I guess I do resent it sometimes. And my boys don't particularly like it. I have a hard time being the "mean mom" and making them go when I have negative feelings toward it myself. This week has been an ordeal! #3 had his week long scout camp, which he did NOT want to go on. The two little ones had their day camp, which they did not want to go on. There have been tears and tantrums and misery. Instead of getting a "mommy break" having my boys gone, I'm super stressed the entire time :(
  • SICKNESS:  Monday morning, #4 was complaining of a tummy ache. He then threw up. He had a couple more violent sessions then made it through most of the day, only to have another attack in the evening. We've had some bad bugs go through the entire family, I had a bad case last December (after a week of the seasonal flu ... Flu x2). I was really hoping that no one else would get it, and thought we were ok after a couple days passed. But last night, #5 barged into the bedroom "I'm going to throw up"  and he did. I had managed to get him out into the hallway, so at least it was hardwood floors, not carpet or bedding (I'd spent much of Monday/Tuesday washing as #4 hadn't had such luck). 
  • SOCCER: So ... no soccer for me today (because of the sick kid). I was SO sore for days after playing last week, but had finally recovered. Just in time to hit the field again. But alas ... and they won't have it next week (July24 is a state holiday here in Utah) and then the week after that Zumba starts up again. Should I stick with soccer (a different workout, a killer workout)? I'd have a hard time missing out on my Zumba class, but they are only offered at the same time! What to do ...
  • SUNBURNED SKIN: Hubs and the kids hit the lake on Saturday. Even with application of sunscreen, most of them got toasted. They are all now peeling and flaking. I feel bad every time I look at them! I need to restock on the sunscreen, and hope they apply better/more often on the upcoming Seattle trip. I snuck in a little sun myself, but I have managed not to get burned in years!
  • STEALS: I know I've mentioned FitStudio several times, but I just keep being amazed at this programs and the deals and steals I get! I went ahead and set up an account for my oldest, now that he is up and running with his Fitbit again (Tracking the Family). He had earned enough points that I picked him up a pair of basketball shorts free and clear. The points paid for it all ($10). With my account, I picked up a couple hula hoops and some summer toys for the boys and paid under $2. I got a 12-pack of paper towels completely free last week!
... although honestly, sometimes trying to save a little here, a little there is a bit pointless, as the hubs isn't on the super saver side *Ü*. He took the scouts scuba diving last night. Went out and bought a brand new waterproof camera to document it (pictures below and you can see a VIDEO too) ... at least #2 said it was really fun.

I must admit, I was thinking about this blog post in the wee hours of the morning. I got back to bed after tending to the little one ... I didn't get back to sleep. I'm dragging today. I hope to get in a few elliptical sessions, maybe a nap. What are you thinking about this Thursday?

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