Thursday, July 31, 2014

Second Time At Soccer

Three weeks ago, I posted about going to SOCCER for the first time in years.  Overcoming my extreme anxiety for trying something new (Sweating Soccer Style). It was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had been looking forward to going again ... and then my munchkin got sick I had to skip it the next week. The week after that was a state holiday so no soccer that day. As I anticipated going back this week ... I can't believe how nervous I was about it! So anxious I considered not going.

I was actually afraid that would happen. I know myself!  Several years ago we did a family 5K. It was my first 5k race. It's been my ONLY 5k race. Seriously, I was on a pretty good high after finishing that first 5k. I came home and looked up others, anxious to try it again. Then I didn't. And I haven't.  And I'm not sure if I'll be able to overcome my anxiety issues enough to try again at this point. 

When my little guy got sick that Thursday morning two weeks ago and I skipped soccer ... I wondered if that would impact me going back. If I'd talk myself out of it. 

One of the things that helped me this morning was that I did NOT have my usual Zumba class to go to instead. My Thursday class took a summer break for July, but had been scheduled to start again today. But then they posted they were postponing the return until next week. So my schedule was absolutely open for soccer. I felt anxious and nervous instead of excited ... but I went.  And it was fun *Ü*  Now I'll have to make some decisions about Zumba/Soccer in the coming weeks, as they do happen at the same time.

My second soccer experience was similar to the first. This is a very casual, easy going, fun game. But it's so interesting to see how quickly my heart rate jumps, and how easily it stays elevated (whereas with all other exercise I really struggle to get my heart rate up and keep it up). I didn't quite get as high a calorie burn as I did the first time (635 vs 783 per my HRM). Although I was still super sweaty today, I didn't feel like I pushed it quite as much. After my first time, I had trouble driving home! My right leg was SO wiped out I actually had to use my hand to help lift my leg from gas to brake. I was SO sore for a couple days afterward. We'll see how I do this time!

I'm going to make it a goal to go to soccer at LEAST once a month. It will be interesting to see if my body acclimates to the sudden sprinting soccer requires. To watch if my heart rate continues to easily elevate, or if it adjusts. I'd like to improve my skills, run a bit more and up my step count and Fitbit calorie estimate. 

Back in the day when I actually played soccer (as a teen, Soccer Past & Present) I was always more comfortable in the defensive positions. I find myself naturally falling back into the defensive positions these times I've played as an adult. The forwards do have tend to run a lot more, and I fear the responsibility of taking a shot. But it would be fun to score ... I'll have to keep working at it.

I'm glad I went again today. Another NSV ... I hope at some point going to soccer will be ordinary and regular, NOT an NSV, but it still is today! *Ü* I wonder if I should just go and play, and not watch my heart rate, but it is so interesting to me to see how the different activities affect my heart rate and calorie burn estimates. I love numbers and the feedback and comparisons workout to workout.  Did you notice anything different about my HRM too?

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  1. I think that is awesome, that you're going to keep going at least once a month! I think I mentioned before that I had a friend who plays at a local soccer center, and she absolutely loves it. What's funny is, she had never really been active before, and now she gets going and she's way more hardcore than she even thinks she is.


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