Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014

Time to update for August. It was a pretty good month.  I got a new pink Polar, and did ok with exercise. I did have a bit of a slump this month that was a little hard to break out of. Hopefully the return to routine will get me back on track. In August we had the final weeks of summer, trying to get in all our bouncing and bowling. We also hit the park, splash pad and mini-golf course. There was school registration, and then the start of school. Back on schedules, no more sleeping in. Basketball is starting back up as well. Lots of BB Guns, Badminton and Birthdays in August... three different cake temptations and dinners out as we celebrated.

Numbers ... started the month at 153.7, and ended it at 153.8. The high for the month was 156.5 and the low was 151.6. Not great for weight, but at least maintaining and not really gaining. I've got to control the weekends better!  Here's my day to day doings ...

0801 (Friday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 153.7. Calories in 3000. Fitbit Steps 22488. Total Burn 2811. Exercise burn 1244/1100 (70minElliptical, 45minZumba, 45minTennis). My usual Friday Zumba was a bit earlier, as the instructor had to take off for family duties. It got started a little late, so was only 45 minutes. This Zumba isn't too far from my folks, so I'd planned to head over there afterward. I played some tennis with my dad (no nephew today, so we actually got some games in). Then mom and I went out to lunch. It's hard not to eat too much! Back at home I got in a little more elliptical, but not that much, I am feeling my soccer soreness, although nothing like that first week!

0802 (Saturday) Ok Day. Weight 155.8. Calories in 2100. Fitbit Steps 16284. Total Burn 2511. Exercise burn 700/789 (60minElliptical, Lawn Mow). No Zumba today. Just didn't feel like it, and didn't have a class anyway. Not very motivated. Did get the lawn mowed, and I pulled stuff out of the pantry to put down some contact paper. It does look a lot nicer, but I need more paper to finish up.

0803 (Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 154.4. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 12010. Total Burn 2275. Exercise Burn 300/560 (20minElliptical). Started the day with a quick session on the elliptical, then didn't get back down. Not a planned rest day, but I didn't feel bad about it either. Did walk to/from church as well. My boys were coming back today, so I spent some time prepping. Making sure everything was clean. I made some roll dough and got cinnamon rolls and bread sticks rising. I made chicken soup. They were hungry when they walked in later in the afternoon. Very happy to have them all home. Loads of laundry to do tomorrow (actually, I did get started on some today).

0804 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.5. Calories in 2700. Fitbit Steps 29523. Total Burn 3345. Exercise burn 1500/1635 (100minElliptical, 60minZumba, Jump2000). Back to the routine, the summer routine that is. Hubs and #1 were up and off early, so harder for me to sleep in, which isn't a bad thing. Good to get up and started! Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical before heading out to Zumba. #2 wanted to be dropped at the gym as usual, but the usual gym is undergoing renovation, so I dropped him at a different one (accepting his membership while the other is closed) which further, but still on the way to Zumba. I stopped at Kmart on the way home, spending my FitStudio points for the week and stopped to gas up, as the guys had left me with an empty tank (I'd filled up #1's truck before turning the keys back to him!) The munchkins wanted to go to Jump N Bounce, so we did. It was a little more crowded, there were some other people up in the lounge. I didn't know if my pacing would bug them (or if they would just think I was crazy) so I didn't get many steps in and was happy when the kids were done. Papa Murphy Monday ... #1 picked up pizza on his way home. I had wondered if the family might want some home cooking after being on the road for over a week, but I guess not. They didn't object to some homemade oreos though ...late pickup of #2, who of course was out with friends all afternoon/evening. Some crazy lightening going on as I went to pick him up. I was glad my weather worrier had gone to bed already!

0805 (Tuesday) Ok Day. Weight 153.3. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 20320. Total Burn 2787. Exercise burn 1056/1078 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). Had my early/close Zumba, so #2 got a ride to the rec center today. It looked like rain (it's been raining a lot lately) but I went ahead and walked. Zumba was good, but I goofed on starting my Fitbit timer. I did press the button, but I had forgotten to "stop" it from sleeping, so when I thought I was turning it on, I just turned my "sleep" off. Luckily I can input things manually on the comptuer at home (can't do that with the HRM, there have been times I've forgotten to start it and I'm just out of luck). I'd gotten one elliptical in before Zumba, then did another 10 and a 20 min, but I was totally dragging today. Just felt like crawling in bed and staying there. The kids didn't ask to go anywhere, so we didn't. #1 stopped off and visited my folks and went out to dinner with them. I did have to pick up #2 in the afternoon, which took 45min with the further location and then dropping off his friend (who had given the ride there). And of course he then HAD to hang out with friends ... but no evening pickup required as they were having a sleep over. He said they played basketball, volleyball, soccer and staying up late, he racked up 35,000 steps, a new high for him. He missed out on the scones, pot roast dinner and lemon jello cake we had at home.

0806 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 152.5. Calories in 2100. Fitbit Steps 30552. Total Burn 3114. Exercise burn 1450/1410 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, Jump7000). Hubs didn't go into work as he was leaving with the Varsity scouts (including #2) for their campout ... not really a campout, but river running. I went to Zumba, then grabbed #2 and brought him home for some breakfast and they were off. I got in a little more elliptical and the kids did request going to Jump .... well, #4 didn't want to go but I don't like leaving him home alone and made him come. He did run around some, but spent some time up with me playing his DS and I let him get a churro treat. The other boys had fun playing ball tag with some other kids that were there. Then a birthday party came and it was overrun with little kids so we left. Benefits of having a pass, otherwise you almost feel obligated to stay and make sure you get your monies worth. I did get 7000 steps while waiting, and I finished my book (which finished the series). Not sure if I'm just emotional or if I was into the story and characters, but I was practically in tears as I turned the last page. Mac & cheese was requested for dinner ... I did have some. I'd never make it for myself, but I do like it.

0807 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 2350. Fitbit Steps 24350. Total Burn 2769. Exercise burn 1050/1064 (60minElliptical, 45minZumba, Jump 8000). Started the day with elliptical, then had to choose between Zumba and soccer. Soccer requires "more" and it had been a while since I'd seen the Thursday instructors, so I chose Zumba. I was a little late, but it hadn't started, in fact, they couldn't get in the church, the key wasn't working. Marian started playing music from her car and we just danced in the parking lot. It was missing a little "oomph" ... If I'd had more energy, I might have bailed at 9:30 and gone to soccer, but as it was, I just didn't care, even when I only got 45 minutes instead of an hour. I hit Kmart after, spending some Fitstudio points. Back at home, #3 had made plans with friends to go to Jump, so we did. He had four friends meet him there. My little guys gave out early, and I actually went ahead and ran them home at one point, then went back to supervise. I was there for almost five hours. I did get in 8000 steps, but still, rather non-productive. But #3 doesn't often initiate like that, so I wanted to support him. 

0808 (Friday) Ok Day. Weight 152.2. Calories in 2200. Fitbit Steps 14364. Total Burn 2488. Exercise burn 650/785 (60minElliptical). I slept in, so much so that I didn't get in my morning elliptical. My usual Friday Zumba wasn't happening, as the instructor was actually up by us, at the soccer fields (big tournament, much car/crowd chaos, yesterday and tomorrow too). I planned to hit MZL ... I SHOULD have double, triple checked Facebook, as I had seen that on Wednesday they had switched buildings. I went and ... empty parking lot. I guess I should have got on my phone and checked, I would have found out they had switched to the Kearns building. If I had left immediately, I probably wouldn't have been too late. But ... I didn't care enough. Just feeling BLAH lately. I'd planned on hitting Macey's for some grocery shopping after Zumba, so I just went and did that. Stocked up on fruit snacks as they are on sale and my last stock up is about gone. The boys wanted to go bowling, so we did.  I was even going to spring for some fries and chicken tenders, but the line at the snack bar was so long that I didn't. I guess that saved me some calories! I did end up getting in my hour of elliptical, but I really had to push myself.

0809 (Saturday) Ok Day. Weight 153.1. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 13553. Total Burn 2381. Exercise burn 450/673 (30minElliptical, Lawn Mow) There was 7:00 Zumba but I just didn't feel up to it at all, I didn't even try. I think there was 8:30 Zumba too, but I didn't have the energy or desire for it either. I did do my elliptical first thing. I had made cinnamon rolls to rave reviews last weekend and had told the kids I'd make them again, so I did get them going. Mowed the lawn and put more contact paper down in the pantry. Hubs and #2 came home mid-afternoon. #2 of course wanted to go to friend's, so I dropped him off (with a pan of cinnamon rolls) and then hit the grocery store. I had #1 on pickup duty (for #2) as I was super tired and ready for bed early. 

0810 (Sunday)  Ok Day. Weight 153.7. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 16874. Total Burn 2540. Exercise burn 650/829 (60minElliptical, Badminton, Walk to/from Church). Back to making breakfast for the gang, I had a couple weeks off there. Got in some elliptical, then walked to/from church. We played a little badminton and beach volleyball (not played at the beach, but played with a beach ball) and #2 and Daddy joined in while I took a lot of pictures. I made toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner and homemade oreos for dessert.

0811 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.9. Calories in 2400. Fitbit Steps 29163. Total Burn 3236. Exercise burn 1400/1524 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, Jump3000, Badminton). Got in my elliptical, and then Zumba. Felt good to be back at it. #2 had gotten a ride to the rec center, but asked me to pick him (and five buddies up) and transport them to their next basketball location, so I did. The little boys wanted to go to Jump ... actually #4 really did NOT want to go. We didn't end up staying for very long. I got in 3000 steps. I played some badminton with #4.  Papa Murphy Monday, pizza for dinner. #1 had also picked up a cinna-wheel ... I ate too much of that! 9:30 pickup of #2, dropping off some basketball paperwork. It was a productive day for me though, I scheduled my doctor's appointment, a DMV appointment for #2 (learner's permit), make reservations for a show on Saturday (season tickets, we've struggled to get in) and got some school registration stuff done.

0812 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 153.1. Calories in 2150. Fitbit Steps 25987. Total Burn 3019. Exercise burn 1350/1311 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, Jump2000, Badminton). #2 wanted to be dropped off at the gym, so I quickly did that before Zumba. Got back home in time to walk. Good class, over 400 on both HRM and Fitbit, although didn't get to 7000 steps. There was a dog that came charging and barking at me. I have actually approched the family, told them how fearful I am of their dogs and asked them to please control them. One of the kids was out and said sorry, but that doesn't stop the dog! My car had given me a warning yesterday about engine coolant, and I knew it was time for an oil change. Not my favorite thing to do, but I took it in. A mom was there with five little kids! They were actually pretty well behaved, but that did immediately fill up the tiny waiting room.  #3 had arranged for friends to meet him at Jump again today. We went over and YIKES ... it's only been that crowded one other time. A day care was just leaving (about 40 kids) but another one was just checking in. I was ready to call it quits, but couldn't really as the boy's friends were already there. So it wasn't a pleasant day waiting. My little ones gave out, so I brought them home. #3 ended up going home with one of the other boys, which meant I had to go pick him up. A storm was rolling in, blowing dust and back home I quickly put the badminton net away before it broke. #3 had basketball over at the high school. I picked him up at 9:00, grabbing #2 at the same time (I'd told him I wasn't going to make two trips). He had actually gone with us to Jump, calling it quits early at the gym, but he DID call it quits when he saw the crowds and just walked from the Jump place to his friend's house and had spent the day there.  

0813 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 151.8. Calories in 2700. Fitbit Steps 28539. Total Burn 3166. Exercise burn 1310, 1466 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, Park3000). I dropped #2 off at the gym on the way to Zumba, then grabbed him after and we stopped at Kmart and got him some shorts and a belt. A little back-to-school shopping with my Fitstudio points. He picked out a couple cargo shorts ... I haven't seen the kid in anything other than basketball shorts (and church clothes) in forever! He then wanted to go to his friend's house (big surprise), I packed up the other kids and after dropping him off, we checked out a park that opened up this summer. Had a nice big playground, a splash pad, tennis courts and basketball courts. #3 and #4 had an altercation which lead to #3 going off and sulking for the rest of the time. So frustrating! So #4 and #5 (and a friend) got all wet and had fun anyway. #2 had basketball again in the evening. There is a big soccer tournament going on on the fields just outside our neighborhood. I thought the one last week was bad ... this one is even worse! Cars lining the streets, parked illegally. It's imposible to turn left out of the neighborhood, and even turning right is scary with all the traffic and the limited sitelines with the cars lining the sides of the roads. There may be fields enough for games ... but there is NOT parking! A plane crashed onto those fields (as there is the small Airport#2 right there too) on Sunday. Thank goodness it wasn't one of these days where the fields and roads were jam packed! Made spaghetti for dinner, although hubs didn't get home until very late (and I needed to get it in before taking #3 to basketball at 7:00). 9:00 pickups ... better than the 10:00 ones, which will probably start up again in the fall. Food added up quickly, some not good choices (cold cereal for breakfast, some ice cream, some spaghetti and bread) but nothing big and bingy. It just adds up!

0814 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 151.6. Calories in 2800. Fitbit Steps 23691. Total Burn 3061. Exercise burn 1320/1362 (90minElliptical, 55minZumba, 45minweights). #2 was sleeping in ... it was odd just leaving to Zumba without him asking for a ride somewhere. I did choose Zumba over soccer again. #5 had been invited to go to the water park with a friend, and I needed to get back to help get him off. Zumba was just so-so. I love one of the instructors, but am not crazy about a couple of the other ones ... that SHOULD push me to go to soccer. I just need to get up the oomph! I did offer to take the other kids somewhere, bowling or something. We talked about mini-golf but I didn't want the little one to miss out. We ended up not going anywhere. I did take #2 to a friend's around 4:00 (made a bunch of muffins and sent them with him, I feel bad as he's often mooching food off these families other days. I try to send stuff to feed him and friends when I can). Got in some elliptical and actually did weights! I wish I could say it felt wonderful to be back at it ... it wasn't bad or anything, but I still just felt like I was going through the motions. It had been pretty windy and sunny all day, so it wasn't until late evening that I suggested to #4 we try a little badminton. I actually didn't bother putting up the net, we just bounced the birdie back and forth (imaginary net). One half of the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds, the other was dark, and soon lightening was streaking the sky. It was still pretty far away, I could see #4 getting anxious. He's my one with the weather phobia. He really tried, but it was heartbreaking to me to see his little face fill with fear at each flash. I said we could go back inside and he practically dropped the racket and ran. He had me hang the blanket over the window in his room, something we do to block out any light. Hubs and #1 had a work activity at the lake (hubs had taken the wave-runners) and they weren't home until late. I had the 9:00 pickup (#3 from basketball, #2 from friends) ... soccer clearing out at that hour, the 7:00 drop-off at the high school is complete car chaos. I actually have to come home a different way or get stuck in soccer traffic, turning my 10-minute trip into a 45-minute one!

0815 (Friday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 152.8. Calories in 2100. Fitbit Steps 20535. Total Burn 2806. Exercise burn 1100/1100 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). Instead of hitting the gym today, #2 was going golfing with his buddies. I dropped him at a friend's house at 8:00. I thought about hitting double Zumba today, but I didn't quite get back and out the door in time for the 8:30 class. I did a session on the elliptical and then went to my 10:00 class across town. After getting back from Zumba, the kids said they wanted to go mini-golfing. Well, #5 did NOT want to. After being gone all day yesterday, he was wanting to just stay home. It was ok, as #1 was home from work to watch him. I took #3 and #4 and their friend ... it was actually the same course that #2 had gone to earlier in the day (they had both regular and mini available). Warm sunny day, I wore a tank and got a little sun on my shoulders. In the evening, we went to a wedding reception. It was in Lindon, which is a 30-40min drive on the freeway. Even as a passenger, I'm not good on freeways. Makes me anxious. The wedding reception was for people hubs and #1 knew (we brought #1 with us) ... definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone for the evening.

0816 (Saturday) Bad Day. Weight 153.3. Calories in 2750. Fitbit Steps 14503. Total Burn 2386. Exercise burn 400/677 (20minElliptical). I was tentatively planning on hitting Zumba. My motivation for Saturdays hasn't been great, even for the later one (8:30) when I can sleep in a little. I did get up and was pretty much out the door when #4 asked me to play badminton with him. Sometimes you do just need to stop and play badminton. I didn't make it to Zumba. After playing, I went down and hit the elliptical for 20, but that was my only exercise for the day. I did stay busy and active though. Cleaned the kitchen, including vacuuming and mopping. Mowed the lawn, and then played ping pong with #4 (badminton has increased his interest and skill with other racquet sports *Ü*). I also had him do a couple Zumba songs with me. He's been interested in "Just Dance" lately, and is always impressed with  my steps after I return from class. I'd been debating taking him and having him try it, but I could see he was getting easily stressed out about it. I made cookies too; cookie press ones, which are dangerous ... it's easy to eat a lot of them! In the early evening, hubs and I headed out to a local theater for a parody play "Calamity Jane". It's dinner theater, and we ordered some cheesy bread. Yummy, but not low calorie stuff.  #4 got his highest step day to date ... 20K, he beat me!

0817 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 155.5. Calories in 2600. Fitbit Steps 10,448. Total Burn 2207. Exercise burn 350/486 (20minElliptical). Got up and hit the elliptical first thing. We were about out of milk and my car needed gas, so I did take care of that. Made breakfast ... I actually didn't indulge in a full belgian waffle, but I must admit I snuck some cookie press cookies from the freezer. Church, I walked to and from. The youngest and oldest walked with me ... it was warm and just a few feet from the house my oldest said "I've made a huge mistake" ala Arrested Development. It was fun to chat with him on the walk though. I always have good talks with my boys on these, even though they are short. It was the two little ones for the walk home, even though #4 wasn't really working on steps today after his big day yesterday. He told me in the morning "Sunday is a day of rest, I'm taking a rest day" *Ü*  I did challenge him to a little badminton in the evening though, after the sun went down. I made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner, and #1 made gingersnap dough for dessert. He packed up half the dough and headed out to his friend's house for the evening. I turned the rest of the dough into cookies ... and did partake. Mmmmm cookies! The cookie press cookies are gone!

0818 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 156.5. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 26225. Total Burn 3160. Exercise burn 1350/1433 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). Whoa, weight is up. Not really surprising. #2 had asked me last night if I would take his friends to the golf course in the morning ... ok. The plan had been 8:00, but after I'd gone to bed he sent a text saying they were switching it to later, I'd drop them on my way to Zumba (it was out that way, just a slight detour). That was well and good, probably saved me time over a special trip out, but I was a little worried about the boys being late, making me late. I don't like not getting in my full Zumba hour. We did make it off ... squished eight of his friends into our suburban (no, it doesn't hold that many kids!) I dropped them and made it to Zumba (luckily it started late). T was doing a new song from Heather's class and had me come up and help lead it. My heart rate was high during that song. Not sure if it was because it was a nice energetic one, one that I knew ... or nerves! Anyway, good numbers today. Heart rate was up, even though I felt about the same as some of my other classes where I haven't been able to get it up. I figured the kids would want to do something ... bowling, jump or the park, but they seemed content to just hang around the house. I'd ordered "Just Dance 3" for #4 (he'd played it at his friend's house) ... it's his birthday at the end of the month, but I gave it to him early, as he has the extra time now. I actually got in some time on the stationary bike, it's been a while! When I get reading in elsewhere (waiting at Jiffy Lube, or Jump or the Park) I don't get to the bike, and I have seemed to have something almost everyday lately. It was good to get back at it. Papa Murphy Monday. #1 brought home pizza and cheesy bread. Mmmm, cheesy bread. I was a little sad that in making the cookie press cookies on Saturday I had forgotten to use the snowflake shape I'd received for Christmas. I know it isn't really the season, but I thought "snow in summer" would have been fun. As Hubs and the boys seemed sad the cookies were gone already, I made up another batch, all snowflakes this time, which made it go quicker and easier than trying to color the dough and switch out shapes and such. Daddy and the two little boys did some bb gun shooting out back. They ran out of targets (cans of soda). I thought I had cleared out all the old soda last time they had shooting practice, but when I looked again I found some more cases (quite old at this point). A can of V-8 ended up out there two, and when it was shot ... it looked like blood all over! Crime scene! When they were done shooting, it was still barely light enough to get a little badminton in. Then I had to go pick up #2 ... because obviously he had not come home after golf, but stayed out with friends all day. He was just under 30K for the day. I was a close second!

0819 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 153.7. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 30138. Total Burn 3178. Exercise burn 1417/1467 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). I usually walk to Tuesday Zumba, but it was raining, and I had to hurry to an appointment right after, so I drove. Felt good, but the heart rate wasn't very up today. Off to the doctor, my annual physical. As my anxiety issues are seeming to get worse with age, my mother had really encouraged me to talk to the doctor about them. So we are going to try a medication to see if it helps. Back at home, we packed up and hit JUMP. We even had #2 with us! I got in 5000 steps while I waited. Our pass goes until the first week of September, I wonder if we'll make it back in. Badminton with #4. Chicken Alfredo for dinner, then dropped #3 off at basketball. Pretty productive day ... I even scrubbed a toilet!

0820 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight  153.7. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 23184. Total Burn 3000. Exercise burn 1150/1289 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, Treadmill Mile). Not a great night. A thunder storm woke my weather worrier around 4:00 in the morning. I was able to comfort him and get him back to sleep, but I couldn't fall back asleep. Lots of storms lately!  Dropped #2 off at the rec center on the way to Zumba. Lots of little kids running around today, I was a little afraid that one of them was going to bump into me (or vice versa) and a little bit later it happened (although not to me, to one of the other ladies). It put a damper on the day a bit. It's hard, I know these free church classes are great for moms with little kids (who can't afford a gym membership) and yet the kids can't just be allowed to run either. Stopped at Kmart on the way home to spend my Fitstudio points. Got some cute camis on clearance. I suppose we should have gotten out to do something fun on these last days of summer, but the kids seemed content at home. I did get some badminton in with #4. Basketball clinic at the high school again. More rain ... Poor #4 was really having a tough time. I had to sequester him downstairs in a room with the window covered, put on a show, give him his video game and noise cancelling headphones. Scary storms! There was a rainbow after though!

0821 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 153.7. Calories in 2250. Fitbit Steps 25009. Total Burn 3185. Exercise burn 1100/1474 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). Busy day today! Dropped #2 off at the rec center then went to Zumba. It was good today ...a couple of the instructors that I have a harder time following weren't there, the instructors that I'm more familiar with were. I asked the kids if they wanted to go bowling, as our free passes end with August. We did and it was fun. I splurged and bought some food too. We stopped at the rec center on the way home to grab #2. Then he and I were off to the DMV to get his learner's permit. He had already taken and passed the test, so it was just filling out the paperwork and paying the fee. I got in some badminton with #4 a couple times during the day, and some ping pong too. In the evening, I took #3 to back to school night. We walked around and found his locker and classes. Then I dropped him at the high school for the last night of the basketball clinic. Tryouts are next week.

0822 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 153.7. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 23487. Total Burn 3026. Exercise burn 1000/1316 (30minElliptical, 60minZumbaX2). Double Zumba today. I dropped #2 and his friend off at the high school for sophomore orientation and then headed to 8:30 Zumba. I won't be able to hit this class again with school starting up. I snuck out a bit early so I could make it to Heather's class across town at 10:00. My heart rate wasn't too impressive at either class.  I stopped at the rec center to sign up the little one for soccer, then grabbed some groceries. I got a text #2 to come pick him up, which I wasn't expecting, he had indicated he was going to hang with friends after school (half day) but I guess that didn't work out, so I went and grabbed him. I started some cinnamon rolls. #2 was out with friends later in the day and was going to spend the night, so I had planned on taking a big pan of fresh rolls to feed his friends. They were at the park, but it started to rain, so they ended up at one of the houses. I dropped the rolls by (much to the chagrin of #1, who doesn't like to share). At least with #2 sleeping over, there was no late night pickup. I was in bed by 9:30.

0823 (Saturday) OK Day. Calories in 2050. Fitbit Steps 15357. Total Burn 2461. Exercise burn 400/751 (30minElliptical, Lawn Mow). About 2:00 in the morning, thunder and lightening woke me up. I'm not scared of storms myself, but with #4's worries, I was anxious, wondering if it would wake him up too. I could not get back to sleep. Around 4:00 there was a huge boom and that did wake him. I was able to comfort him and he fell back asleep. Thunder and lightening continued ... long night! I think I finally fell asleep around 5:30 (checking my Fitbit sleep readings). The hubs and I got up and hit SamsClub, as we needed some stuff for a barbeque tomorrow. Did some cleaning, mowed the lawn, played some ping pong with #4. Hubs got the kids weeding out back. Hubs and #4 did some shopping and came home with chick-fil-a. If I don't put it into MFP immediately, it is so easy to forget! #2 went to the Apple Store to get a glass covering off his iphone, and they grabbed some Popeyes on the way home. #2, Mr. Social wanted to go hang out with friends again (even though he had been with them all night and hadn't come home until 1:30 today!) TOM hit this morning.

0824 (Sunday) Bad Day. Calories in 2600. Fitbit Steps 12507. Total Burn 2410. Exercise burn 400/699 (20minElliptical). Up and hit the elliptical, but that was the only "exercise" for the day. Made breakfast. Last week I was pretty good, not eating a whole waffle ... but I ate one today. Walked to/from church, then did some cleaning/vacuuming in prep for the parents coming over. Gray made his delicious bbq and we played games. Grandpa played some of the boys in ping pong, and we got some badminton in. Also Rummikub and Apples to Apples. We sang to Cooper and had the white cake from Sam's Club.

0825 (Monday) Good Day. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 25387. Total Burn 3182. Exercise burn 1100/1461 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). #2 was back to school today, so I actually had to set the alarm and get up early. We left here around 7:00, which is early, we won't do that every day. The younger boys start tomorrow, so they were still home today. I hit my Zumba and then was willing to hit Jump or bowling, but they didn't seem inclined. Just an "at home" day. I picked up #2 after school, but took him back at 6:00 for his basketball clinic. Then it was back to school night for the two little ones. Poor #4 is having extreme anxiety about starting up again. He broke down into tears at the school but managed to pull himself together. I hope once he gets the first day behind him it will get better. At least the storms originally forecast for tomorrow have shifted, so he shouldn't have to battle his weather phobia at the same time. We had Papa Murphy pizza for dinner, with a cinna wheel for dessert. I also made brownies, as I package up the left-overs for the lunch treats.

0826 (Tuesday) Good Day. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 24643. Total Burn 3058. Exercise burn 1200/1339 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). I've really been struggling with sleep lately. Not sure if it's a possible side-effect of the new medication, or just coincidental timing. I'll keep an eye on it. I felt like I was awake for several hours in the night. The boys were up early without much urging. #3 needs to be ready early, as I have to take him at the same time, even though it gets him to school quite early. The high school and middle school are close together, so I just do the drop offs together. We're leaving about 15minutes earlier than last year, as the high school starts sooner. The elementary is starting later, so I have almost a full hour in-between the two car trips. I dropped off the little ones, got back home and grabbed my HRM and shoes and walked to the church for Zumba. Feeling a little burned out, perhaps the lack of sleep? Fitbit numbers were the usual but HRM was a little low (315). I was dragging so much today, that I actually laid down for a nap. Not sure if it helped or not. Just picked up middle school for the first pickup, as #2 was staying after for a weight training clinic. Then off to the elementary for the little ones. Poor #4 looked so sad, already stressing about how hard school is, and worrying about an assignment (optional one) due in April! Not sure what to do about his anxiety. The thunderstorms originally forecast for the morning did end up hitting, but at least I feel like it's better for him to handle them in the safety and comfort of home, rather than school. There was some thunder and lightening than had him shaken.  Hubs was out late with a work dinner ... I went and picked up #2 around 9:00, Mr. Social, enjoying "Taco Tuesday" with his friends.

0827 (Wednesday) Good Day. Calories in 1700. Fitbit Steps 25369. Total Burn 3185. Exercise Burn 1300/1470 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minTreadmillWalk, 30minWeights). #4 was struggling with school and storms, in tears as I dropped him off. I figured perhaps I should stick close to home. I hit MZL zumba rather than my usual one in Draper. It was a good class though, I enjoyed it. I had a pretty productive day with workouts, and kept calories in check!

0828 (Thursday) OK Day. Calories in 3000. Fitbit Steps 28002. Total Burn 3056. Exercise Burn 1309, 1348 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 38minBike, 20minTreadmillWalk). Birthday for #4. Sent him to school with a treat to give his class. Some presents before and after school. Good day with workouts, but wasn't able to keep the food in check. I did ok for most of the day, but #4 chose Chick-Fil-A for his birthday dinner. I wasn't going to order anything, but hubs got me some nuggets and the birthday boy shared his shake. It adds up quick. I didn't even have the cake I wanted. I tried to pick up our usual oreo ice cream cake earlier but it wasn't in stock at the store. Had to settle for a big "cookie" cake ... which wasn't that great, but I still ate more than I should have. So good day in that I did meet my exercise goals, but bad day in that I consumed as many calories as I burned. #3 had his final "tryouts" for basketball (until 10:00) ... hubs was still awake so did the pick up for me as I did a final late workout.

0829 (Friday) Good Day. Calories in 2050. Fitbit Steps 25184. Total Burn 3098. Exercise Burn 1150, 1386 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). First Friday on the school schedule. High school and middle school have late start, although not the same time, so it takes me two separate trips. Elementary starts at the same time, but has early out. Challenging but doable. Went straight to Zumba after dropping off #3 and it was a good class, I was surprised my HRM weren't a bit higher. Got in some additional elliptical and mowed the front lawn. Played a little badminton with #4 once the sun wasn't in our eyes. I was tired, but he wasn't to keep going until he got a certain number of steps.   #2 actually requested pickup around 7:30 (usually he begs to stay out late) but it was nice to have an evening at home. I actually kept calories in check today.

0830 (Saturday) Bad Day. Calories in 3250. Fitbit Steps 11166. Total Burn 2246. Exercise Burn 603/540 (60minElliptical). Had a family activity today (baptism of my niece), so it was about an hour drive, and hour plus sitting for the service, then visiting at the house after, then home. I hadn't eaten before, so I was hungry. I had a couple slices of meat, grapes and baby carrots and I did snag a few oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I'd made brownies to bring last night.  After the drive home, I was exhausted for some reason. Hubs too. We both got in a nap. It's #3's birthday tomorrow, so we had a family dinner to Texas Roadhouse. It was a bit of a wait, but I introduced #4 to a "Stack the States" app that I'd downloaded when he started to panic about learning them. All the boys were soon into it, and tossing out capital cities and states. It was a really fun night. Ate too much of course. Back at home, I did get in a little more elliptical to make sure I hit my 10K to fulfill my Pact (not sure if I would have otherwise).  Hubs went and got "Divergent" and we watched that (I've read the entire trilogy). I quite liked it. We usually have popcorn when we watch a movie, but we were both too full.  

0831 (Sunday) Bad Day. Calories in 3000. Fitbit Steps 8112. Total Burn 2010. Exercise burn 300/285 (20minElliptical). Birthday for #3 ... whereas #4 had seemed pretty pleased with his presents (and he had told me some stuff he wanted) I gathered #3 wasn't super impressed. Kids are tough to please sometimes. Sunday Circles for breakfast. I walked to/from church. Hubs helped out in #5's class, and got to witness the misbehavior of a couple of kids I'm always telling him about (MY kids are perfect of course!) After church we went out to my BIL's house for a family celebration with Hubs side of the family. Smoked brisket, mashed taters, rolls (which had fallen, I still ate a few) and then chocolate cake for the birthday boys. Not a lot of steps today, #4 managed to beat me (he got 11K).

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