Monday, September 22, 2014

Movie Motivation

I haven't been into movies much lately. Going to them on the big screen ... it's so expensive. I have a hard time sitting for two hours, and I always over-indulge. I just can't seem to say no to the popcorn and treats. I'm a little more comfortable at home, snuggling with the hubs ... popcorn is still a probable part of a DVD experience.

The majority of my TV/Movie watching is done while I workout. I'm on the elliptical or treadmill, or I even have something on in the background while I work with weights. I tend to favor television series over movies for my workouts, although I have watched many a movie while exercising through the years.

I am a "Pride and Prejudice" fan. I'd read the book "Austenland" and was looking forward to the movie. Not enough to go see it in the theaters ... and hubs wasn't particularly keen to see it either. I was more than happy to wait until it hit DVD. I still wasn't in a rush, I so put it on hold at the local library, even though I had to wait several weeks for a copy to come in. 

My hold was available last Monday. I picked it up and wondered when to watch it. While I don't mind the start/stop as I watch shows (as I'm usually doing 10-20 minute exercise spurts throughout the day) I do like to finish a movie in a day. Last Tuesday was too busy, with double doctor appointments (a check-up for me, and wisdom teeth out for #1 son). I just didn't get around to it Wed or Thurs, and Friday is always a bit crazy. I ended up getting in plenty of exercise on Saturday, so Sunday was my day left to watch it (as it is due back at the library today). 

It was only 90 minutes, and although I have been taking Sunday's as a rest day, I figured I could get that much in. Easy elliptical ... a simple walk on the treadmill. I got in a couple 15min sessions early in the day and then ... I was dragging. I felt like I wanted my rest day.  I listened to my body and decided to take it easy. I took a nice nap. I made dinner for the kids. Chicken soup and breadsticks. I had decided I was fine with just the 30 minutes, but my tummy felt full and I actually wanted/needed to move again. So I went down and did another 30 minutes. 

Not quite enough to finish my show. I didn't quite have the energy to add ANOTHER 30 minutes, so I saved that and finished it up this morning. It was a cute story (as mentioned, I had read the book so I knew how it ended). Just in time to get it back to the library today. I was determined not to return it unwatched! Movie motivation :)

As I was having my Sunday, 
the hubs was in Seattle, at the SeaHawks game ...
I have anxiety issues just looking at the photograph!

I know I've been late with my Motivation Monday posts for the past several weeks. I was really trying to prep the posts the day before, so they were ready to go first thing in the morning... but then I've started focusing so much on my weekend, that often I needed it to be officially "over" before I did my recap. I also felt I needed to see my Monday morning weigh-in to see what the scale shift reflected. Monday mornings are a bit crazy with kids, Zumba and my weekly stop to shop. Then I take a breath and get my post done :)

Happy to say ... this morning, I was still under 150! Just barely ... 149.8.  That's my goal though, to stay under that number. It is a "magic" number for me, mentally, but also physically. For some reason that is the tipping point for my body.

It was a pretty good weekend. Yesterday, my hour of exercise didn't quite combat my calories. My intake was slightly higher than my burn. Saturday turned out to be a 30K day! It was a sports Saturday. #5 had a soccer game ... parking is such a nightmare that we ended up walking quite a ways before/after the game. Then #2 had a couple basketball games ... at the high school with a track above the court. I walked while I watched the games, and jogged the track while we waited the hour between games. Friday, I got in my Zumba and elliptical and banked my calories, as the hubs and I went out to dinner. I managed to keep my intake 500+ below my burn for the day. I call the whole weekend a success.

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