Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Stats

I had been posting my Zumba Stats to my Facebook album after each workout, but I thought maybe I'd switch things up and post them here weekly. It's fun to see the stats side-by-side and recap the week as a whole. So ... Saturday Stats.

  • Southziders: I'm always ready to get back to Zumba Monday mornings after the weekend break. It was a holiday (Labor Day) and I was so happy that Nina was still holding class, not taking the day off. In fact, Nina was on fire! She had SO much energy and is so fun to watch.
  • Marian's Class: This class is held at my church. On Sunday, there had been an issue with the sound system, and it did cross my mind that it might also impact Zumba. It did. The sound was horrible! We ended up moving outside and playing the music out of Marian's car (as we've done a couple times before). It was a lovely morning, it actually felt great to be outside. I was glad I had my hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. Those driving probably wondered what was going on in the church parking lot!
  • MZL: A bit of a late start again, but always a good class once it gets going. A couple new numbers I liked but wasn't familiar with ... I always improve with familiarity. Usually this one goes overtime a bit, I was a bit disappointed when it stopped at the hour exactly.
  • Claudia&Co: I got my heart rate up much better this week. Peppier numbers perhaps? I also noticed they really had the songs ready, playing them back to back with no waiting in between. I was a couple minutes late (time showing just 59 minutes, but that was on me). 
  • Heather Jones: Friday mornings have a different school schedule (late start) and I head out directly after dropping of my middle-schooler. When I got to the church, there was funeral prep in progress. Luckily we had a backup church to go to. Great workout today! My heart rate was up from the get go. This class IS one of the most energetic ... I also ate breakfast. I usually don't eat before Zumba. Hmmmm... I wonder if that had anything to do with it or not.
That was Zumba this week. It felt great. I had a bit of a dip a few weeks ago, I wondered if I was getting burned out. I just wasn't enjoying it the way I had been. This week, the joy was back. I left every class energized and happy. I'd like to have every class over 400 on the HRM, and 7000 steps. I was really close in several, but only hit those numbers on Friday.

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