Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Stats

I've been enjoying my Zumba classes. Every weekday. Monday through Friday. It's how I start my mornings. I go to five different locations. Five different classes. Different songs, instructors and styles. I keep track of my numbers with a Heart Rate Monitor  (PolarFT4) and my Fitbit. It's fun for me to stack my stats side by side too see how they compare.

I never got around to posting the stats last Saturday, 
so it's a double dose this week.

  • Monday: I usually hit SouthZiders in Draper, but my son (#4) wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school. Later in the afternoon after his brothers were home, I did sneak down to my home gym and did a Zumba workout to my YouTube playlist.  At home, I am in control of the music, and I try to keep them all very bouncy songs to get a higher burn and more steps. I wish the transition between songs was a little faster. It was a good workout, but not as fun as being in the group atmosphere. 
  • Tuesday: #4 wasn't sick, but he did have a panic attack before school. He has a weather phobia and it was a stormy morning. There were many tears (his, and mine as I went into the school to explain the situation to the office and the school counselor). Tuesday, Zumba starts early, and I barely make it with a normal drop-off. I was 30 minutes late. I did a little YouTube at home after to get to my full hour.
  • Wednesday: As my first two Zumba attempts this week were not normal, I was ready for the class experience. The class is supposed to start at 9:00 ... I show up at 9:10 and still usually end up standing around for another 10 minutes. But it's always good once it gets going.
  • Thursday: Really good class today. I could tell my heart rate was up, and I was super sweaty! Although the calories aren't the highest for the week, my "in zone" time and average heart rate were the highest in this class. An extra few minutes can make a difference in the total calories, and this class did stop at exactly one hour.
  • Friday: I always really enjoy this class. It almost ended shy of an hour, but then there was one more upbeat song for those who wanted to (after the cool down!).

  • Monday: Yea ... back to Southziders! I'd only missed one week, but it felt like forever since I'd been there! Good numbers, it's pretty much always that way in this class. 
  • Tuesday: Nice to get a full class, after only getting half last week. I didn't get in my usual walk to/from, as I came directly from dropping off kidlets, and had to leave for an appointment immediately afterward. The walk was always a nice addition to this Zumba class.
  • Wednesday: It was a themed day ... "Get Nerdy". I had forgotten, but I don't know that I would have (I have tried to for some of the themes in the past). There was some great get-ups though. I was personally having an off morning after not getting much (if any) sleep. While I have friends in the other classes, I don't really know anyone here. Today ... I wanted that anonymity. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to overcome my exhaustion and emotional state, but I did get good numbers.
  • Thursday: Missing Claudia today ... it's nice to have multiple instructors so that when one is gone, the class goes on. It was really high energy today. Lower numbers on the calorie burn/step count because the class was cut a little short (as I think the instructors were heading to another class themselves), but again this class was the high for the average heart rate.
  • Friday: The school schedule shifts on Fridays, with late start at the high school and middle school. I was so happy to find this class, with a 10:00 starting time. We had to change churches again. Very nice to have a backup.  A couple numbers I wasn't as familiar with today, but I'm getting better and picking up new choreography. We did Baliando two different ways :)
So, there are my numbers and recap/reviews of my classes for the past couple weeks. This last week, it seemed almost effortless to get my heart rate up. Some weeks, it just doesn't seem to want to, even when I feel like I'm putting the same amount of effort into it!

I've really enjoyed all my classes. I look forward to them, and I leave feeling like I got a good workout, and instead of being tired, I'm energized for the day! Thanks to all my instructors!

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