Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

I know many people dread Mondays and live for the weekends. I am the opposite. I like the routine of Mon-Thurs and the shifting schedule for Sat/Sun can stress me out so much! But this past weekend was good. Not great as far as food and fitness, but for fun with family there will be a lot of good memories.

Eating was NOT good ... after my low Friday morning, I was up a pound for Saturday, up another Sunday morning, and up again this morning. While I did over-indulge, I know I didn't eat 10,500 extra calories. So here's hoping I can get the numbers back down pretty quick.

Unfortunately, this Monday morning isn't starting off stellar. This blog post is late (sorry!) I slept in and didn't get my morning workout. #4 is feeling sick and staying home from school, which keeps me home (no Zumba). I'll get in what I can. Crazy schedule this week with sports and such. But at least with #1's nineteenth birthday yesterday, "birthday week" is behind us, so I shouldn't be tempted by treats at every turn!

Wanna peek at our weekend?

Saturday started with the first soccer game of the season for #5. He does not look happy in this picture does he? They lost, didn't get a goal (although there were several close ones!) After an undefeated season in the Spring, he is used to winning. It's good to have to learn to deal with a loss. He's now the younger of the crowd (3rd/4th grade), it's a bigger field, so a lot more running. I could tell he was tired. He did get about 7000 steps in. Fun to have a Fitbit to track it all.

In the evening, #1 chose The Cheesecake Factory for his birthday dinner. I'm not a big cheesecake fan myself, but the older boys and Hubs really enjoy it. That was a pricey meal!

On of the gifts #1 requested was this 
This is a SHOCKING game ... literally!

When the music stops and the light goes from red to green, hurry and press the button. If you are the last one, you get a shock. Levels from 1-4 in intensity. There was a  LOT of laughter over the past weekend in regards to this game!
Normally we spend Sunday at church, but it was such a nice day, and probably the last chance to take the waverunners out this season (and #1's last chance for a couple years!) to we headed up to the lake. Maga, Aunt Ana and her boys joined us. Other than a bit of wind, it was a beautiful and relaxing day. I'd planned to make #1 a nice birthday dinner but we got home too late. I did make his favorite treat (homemade Oreos) as I hadn't been able to find our usual Oreo Ice Cream cake. 

So I didn't get a lot of steps on Sunday ... didn't hit 10K even, but that was ok, as I'd already completed my Pact for the week. Calories in exceeded calories out Fri/Sat & Sun. That's pretty usual for my weekend. Then I have to try and make up for it Mon-Thursday.  So I'd better wrap up this post and get going!

How was your weekend?
Are you Motivated this Monday morning?

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  1. That is by far the scariest sounding game ever!! Not sure I would even play it!! HA

  2. That is an interesting game :) Homemade Oreos? I would love the recipe!!! I would love to be close to a cheesecake factory, but maybe it is a good thing that I am not :) Ha!!!


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