Friday, September 19, 2014

WWI#61 and Friday Five

Hey, hey, hey weekly weigh-in (as well as several during the week) is UNDER 150! Yea! I feel like I've been stuck just a few pounds up for months. I have actually hit this milestone before, in January and in March, but couldn't quite keep it up ... or down in this case (you can see all my weekly weigh-ins here).

I had a good week. Controlling caloric intake, getting in the exercise.  I actually had a good weekend too though. By that, I mean I had a rather blah/boring weekend. For food and fitness, boring and blah is better than birthday cake, eating out, family get-togethers, even though those types of weekends are more fun!

EXERCISE: This past week, I got in my hour of elliptical every day, including Saturday and Sunday. Good Zumba workouts Mon-Fri (I'll post my Zumba numbers and reviews tomorrow). I have not been good at getting in my mile jog, but I have had quite a bit of treadmill time this past week. Instead of going for speed, I've upped the incline. 10 is far as my machine goes. It's a little hike while I watch a show. I got in a bike ride last Friday night, but haven't been back on the bike since. I've meant to, I've wanted to, but I generally leave it until the end of the day, and I've been occupied helping with homework most evenings.

EATING: My intake was high last Friday, but I was able to stay in control Sat/Sun. All my weekdays I was able to easily stay under 2000. Still need to work on quality, instead of just quantity control. This past week, I actually took a bit of scrambled egg! I haven't had that in ...30 years? If you don't know about my Eating Issues, that is a HUGE deal for me. I've been doing a little better getting in some fruits too.

NUMBERS: Today's weight of 147.6 is -2.6 pounds down from last week. Three weeks in a row with a loss, although this is the biggest one! Average weight was also down, -2.37. I was able to keep my average intake under 2000. That is huge for me. That hasn't happened for a while. 1921 was the actual number. Average daily burn was 2951. This gave me a total deficit for the week of -5715.

No big plans for this weekend either ... so maybe I can get an entire week under 150, no bump up. Check back next Friday!

Onto the Friday Five ...

I've enjoyed the return to routine that the school schedules bring. It seems synonymous with success for me. Fridays for me, still have some of the same stuff, but the schedules are skewed. The high school and middle school has late start. The elementary has early out. I tend to sleep in a bit. I have an extra drop-off (normally I can drop off high school and middle school together, but I have to make separate trips on Fridays). After I drop off the elementary boys, I have about one hour before I need to get #3 to middle school. I've been making a quick run to the store during this hour. This morning, there were FIVE items we were almost out of. Here's a peek at today's shopping list and a little about our family food ...

  • Grandma Sycamore White Bread: Yes ... I know I should be getting the whole wheat stuff. #1 (and sometimes the hubs) are the only ones who will eat it though. The rest of the family will only eat the fluffy white stuff. And it can't be a generic brand, it has to be Grandma Sycamore.
  • Apple Slices: During the summer, we went back to regular ol' apples, but school back in session, these pre-sliced, non-browning apples are a lifesaver in lunches.
  • Sliced Turkey: I make a turkey sandwich for three of the kidlets each school day (the other does peanut butter and honey). I'll grab a slice of turkey here and there too, for a quick snack and a punch of protein. 
  • Eggs: The kids have been enjoying scrambled eggs in the morning. As mentioned above, I actually ate a few bites myself. We've been going through a LOT of eggs. I need to keep them on hand for baking too. I did grab some of the Egg Beaters today too.
  • Bacon: Every Sunday we have a big family breakfast. Every Sunday ... there is bacon. It has been so expensive lately! I'd been hoping for a sale or something, but with Sunday almost here, I went ahead and picked some up. My boys love bacon ... who doesn't?
I'll usually end up making a couple trips to the grocery store throughout the week. I do try to shop sales and get the best prices. Today's trip was to Sam'sClub. I usually get milk there too, but it is on sale at Smiths for a slightly better price, and I do like to get the fuel rewards they offer. I'll hit Walmart every once in a while (a lot less, since I've been going to Kmart with my FitStudio points each week).  It's always a challenge trying to keep things on hand, without overbuying, and having them go bad. I quickly packed up #3's lunch after shopping, before dropping him at school ... I hadn't been able to make it earlier, as we were out of bread and apples! I bought four loaves today.I hope that gets us through to next Friday!

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  1. You know I have started getting more creative with the kids lunches and honestly - those apple silces ARE a life saver. I also started making pinshweels for my daughter which she absolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES!! I use a tortilla, chipotle cream cheese, turkey or chicken deli meat, spinach, put it all in the tortilla, roll it up and cut it in cross sections. She came home begging for more literally!

  2. Wow, 50 pounds? Good for you girl!! I love apple slices, bacon, and turkey. Sounds like the perfect breakfast to me! Ha. Happy Weekend!


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