Tuesday, October 28, 2014

... Another Missed Monday

I didn't actually MISS Monday, I just missed getting a blog post up. I really like doing a  post on Monday. Recapping the weekend. Admitting to a bump up in weight that seems to inevitably happen. Giving a little motivational Monday quip ...

Monday mornings can be a little crazy though, especially since school has started back up. Back to setting the alarm after sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday. Getting the kids off to school, me off to Zumba, with a stop at the store on the way home. It has been hard to squeeze in a blog post in the morning, and before I know it, the day is done!

But I still wanted to recap the weekend. I WAS up in weight yesterday morning, but it was my lowest "Monday" weigh-in in ... I can't remember how long! It bodes well for the week! I'd banked calories on Friday, unsure if the hubs would suggest dinner/movie. I wanted to make sure I still had some wiggle room. We didn't end up going out ... but I didn't indulge. Saturday morning was my lowest weight in years. 

Hubs and I did end up going out to lunch ...
Have you heard of Rodizio Grill?
 It's a Brazilian steakhouse. 
Lots of yummy meat, served up on swords.

Here's the hubs and I waiting to be seated.

Oh, I ate too much! I can't remember the last time I was uncomfortably full, but that was definitely what happened Saturday afternoon. It was really good though.

The previous weekend we had a break in basketball (for Fall Break) ... but game were back on this weekend. Usually I'm video taping the games (Basketball Mom) but the boys haven't been that interested in looking over their clips. This past weekend, I walked during the games instead. Neither of the boy's games were at one of the gyms with a track above the court, but both locations had a small area I could pace around in. I probably look like a stressed out mom ... I'm really not, I just can't stand sitting for very long. I got in 6000+ steps during each of the games.

Sunday was the normal "rest" day ... I still started/ended the day with a 20min session on the elliptical. I walked to/from church as well, but a pretty low step day. Slow Sundays ... I did keep calories in check and was thrilled Monday morning when the weigh-in didn't bump up. I had a very good day for eating and activity, and weigh-in this morning reflected my Motivated Monday *Ü* Hoping to keep it up (down) for official weigh-in this coming Friday ... Halloween!

Late link-up with Marvelous In My Monday ...

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  1. It sounds like it was a good weekend!!!!

    Yay to the weight being the lowest Monday weight! That is a victory!!!!


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