Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014

Ah September ... it was a pretty good month. I hit a low (in years) on my weight, getting under the 150s (now to stay there!). Average burn and intake are closer to goal (3000/2000) then they have been in a while. There have been some storms and anxiety issues, fun family time, and sports started back up. Soccer for #5 was basically only four weeks, a September sport! I lost ... but found my Fitbit. Good thing, I rely on it's feedback so much!

I hit goal (22,000 steps, total Fitbit burn of 3000, 100 active minutes) every weekday. The one Saturday I was successful, #2 had a basketball game at a gym with a track above the court, so I was able to watch and get in a workout. 

Weight-wise ... I started at 155.9, which as also the high for the month (Monday morning after a birthday weekend). I ended the month at 150.50 and had more lower weigh-ins (under 150)! My low for the month was 147.8.
 As far as eating and exercise ... I've been doing better at staying under 2000, at least during the weekdays. Still generally overeating on weekends, but keeping it better in control. Not sure what has helped with this. Still exercising a lot. An hour of elliptical almost every day. Zumba Mon-Friday. Instead of attempting "jogging" I've switched to upping the incline and doing a little hike many days. I went a week or so without biking, but got back to it here near the end of the month. I did get in weights at least once a week.

Here's a closer look at my day-to-day ...
Jen'sJournal September 2014
  •  0901 (Monday) Good Day. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 25386. Total Burn 3065. Exercise burn 1300/1341 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 10milesBike, Badminton). Weight 155.9 Labor Day. The boys had scout flag duty, but it's the last day, they are stopping the program. That will be a bit of a relief. Hubs and #1 did go into work today. I went to Zumba. Nina was very energetic today which does give me leave to be more bouncy. I hoped it would reflect a little more in the numbers, but still didn't break 400 on the Polar. Stopped at Kmart on the way home, sometimes I'm not really needing anything to get with my credit. Had a little trouble checking out today, but it worked out and I paid less than $2 for $20 or more worth of stuff.  Back at home, the boys seemed bored. I offered to take them to Jump or the park, but they didn't seem interested. They DID want to go to Airborne, which is further and more expensive, I finally said ok, but then #3 only wanted to go if he could take a friend and that wasn't working out so we decided to postpone, which then sent #4 into tears. Ah happy day. I ended up dropping off #2 at a friend's, and getting some badminton in with #4. Daddy finally made it home after a long day and built a fire for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. Grabbed #2 at 9:00 and home and ready for bed! Did keep calories in check today, but it was nothing nutritious. At least the big bag of candy corn is now gone. I really hadn't planned on having the cinna-wheel (part of Papa Murphy Monday), but it's hard to resist.   
  • 0902 (Tuesday) Good Day. Calories in 1650. Fitbit Steps 25665. Total Burn 3051. Exercise burn 1300/1335 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 10milesBike, 40minWeights). Weight 154.5  The new carpool schedule gets me up a little earlier, but allows me to get in a full 40 minutes on the elliptical in the mornings (20 min before the first carpool and another session after, before 2nd carpool). After I drop off the elementary kids, it's a bit of a rush to get to Zumba if I walk, but the weather has been so nice I do like to. I was a tad late today, and the speaker was having problems. On Sunday, the normal speaker system wasn't working and I had wondered then if it would impact Zumba. Umm ... yes. We gave up trying there and moved into the parking lot (as we've done a few times before) and Marian played the music through her car speakers. It was a beautiful, cool morning, and I was glad I had my cap to keep the sun out of my eyes. Walked home and got some stuff done around the house. Did some reading and riding and weights. I almost slipped outside for some sun, but didn't. #1 was home early to head to the dentist for some filling, and I worked on some insurance stuff for his wisdom teeth removal. Then after school carpools. #2 was staying for a weight workout with the basketball team, so I just grabbed #3. I got in a quick 10min session on the elliptical after bringing him home before heading out to grab the little ones. They were both so thirsty! They want to take water bottles tomorrow. The old school had drinking fountains in each room I think. Then it was Airbourne time, happily it was two-for-Tuesday, which saved us $30. The boys played and I sat and read ... just sitting exhausts me! I was so tired when we finally got home. #4 grabbed me for some badminton, but I didn't hit my gym again and was ready for bed by 9:00. #2 still needed to be picked up, but #1 was awake and available for chauffeur duty. I kept calories in check today. I had planned on making some dinner when the boys got back from bouncing but it was so late. We just threw in the extra pizza from yesterday. I don't eat pizza, so I just had some apples and cheese to take the edge off.  
  • 0903 (Wednesday) Great Day. Calories in 1950. Fitbit Steps 38145. Total Burn 3640. Exercise burn 1530/1932 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/1.5miles Treadmill Incline, 10milesBike). Weight 153.2  Started early, getting in an elliptical session before the first carpool, and a second before dropping of the little boys. Went to the 9:00 Zumba ... I didn't show until ten minutes after, but still had to wait another ten, like last week. Good workout, although not quite the numbers as last week. I stopped at Sears and Walmart after. I got in my last elliptical, then did some treadmill with incline. Did some cleaning and then it was time for afternoon carpools. I then mowed the lawn and made dinner, then it was time for sports. Dropped #2 at the high school and took #5 to soccer practice. It ended just in time to take #3 to basketball (picking up #2 at the same time). It didn't end until 10:00, and I knew if I stopped or even slowed down I'd fall asleep, so I went down to the gym for some reading and riding. I didn't get badminton in with #4 today (much to his chagrin) but he played with Daddy, then Daddy took the little ones out for ice cream. I kept calories in check, even with the fried chicken and yellow rice. Felt very good today!  
  • 0904 (Thursday) Good Day. Calories in 1250. Fitbit Steps 32321. Total Burn 3434. Exercise Burn 1550/1732 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/1.5miles Treadmill w/Incline, 10milesBike). Weight 152.1  Up in the night for a bit, not sure why. Good thing I had my alarm set, because I was still out cold at 6:30. Couldn't get in a full 20 minutes on the elliptical, I tried for 10minutes but couldn't even get that, as #2 said we needed to leave a little early. Oh well. Dropped the boys off and finished my show ... which wasn't quite 10 minutes. Got the little ones ready and dropped them at school. Went to Zumba, and got better numbers than last week. Fun day, although the a/c just doesn't seem to be doing much in this particular gym. Stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. It was a nice day, so I caught a little sun, which felt really good. Got some reading in, and finally updated my GoodReads for the past few books I've finished. Afternoon carpools, then soccer practice for #5. #4 came again and he and I played some badminton and frisbee. When we got back home #3 announced he had basketball practice (this was news to me) so back out again to drop him off. #2 finished at 9:00, but hung around until #3 was done at 10:00 to save me from needing to make two pickup trips. I went ahead and hit the bike again in the evening, to stay awake while reading until practice was over. Hubs was out cold by the time we got home.  
  • 0905 (Friday) Ok Day. Calories in 3300. Fitbit steps 27493. Total Burn 3123. Exercise Burn 1500/1427 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 35min/2.0milesTreadmill, 38min/10miles Bike). Weight 151.0  Being late start Friday, I slept in a little. Dropped off the high school kids, then elementary. My middle-schooler asked me to make him cocoa and toast, so I did. Normally I don't eat breakfast, but I couldn't resist this, so that started my day a little heavy. Dropped him off and went straight to Zumba. As I got to the church I  could tell something was off. Apparently people were prepping for a funeral. Luckily we had a backup church and went there and got our Zumba on. I could see my heart rate was up today, and it was feeling good. Best numbers of the week. Home again, but early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. Got in some treadmill and bike. French Toast Friday for dinner ... the two toasts and generally snacking pushed me way over calories today, Hubs brought home some yummy cookies, and of course that didn't help either! I think I was feeling a bit week from my uber low day yesterday, maybe making up a bit.  
  • 0906 (Saturday) Bad Day. Calories in 3300. Fitbit Steps 14165. Total Burn 2393. Exercise Burn 650/691 (60minElliptical). Weight 152.0  Saturday sleep in ... the #1 went and got donuts. I can't resist donuts! #5 had his first soccer game. Hubs came too, which was nice as the parking was so crazy, I would have been completely stressed out. These are bigger fields. Last year my munchkin was in 2nd, playing in the 1st/2nd age group. This year it's 3rd/4th, so he's now the younger set. I could tell he was a little winded ... I do know how he feels from my recent soccer experiences. He had four really close goals, but none went in, there team didn't score (the other team had three). Poor munchkin, after his undefeated season in the spring, with goals every game, it was a little hard for him to handle. But losing is a lesson in and of itself. It was #1's birthday tomorrow, so we were planning on hitting The Cheesecake Factory (his choice) and then a local Demolition Derby. Hubs ended up taking a nap, and we didn't get off as early as I would have liked. We had about a 30minute wait when we arrived, and we wandered the mall. The kids love all the gadgets at Brookstone. Then we ate ... it was good, but pricey! We got out too late to hit the derby, which might have been a good thing, as the weather turned. Wind, lightening and rain ... my poor #4 would have had a panic attack! I went ahead and dropped #2 off at friend's, and then went to the store to grab some supplies for a birthday dinner tomorrow. Still no Oreo Ice Cream cake :(  
  • 0907 (Sunday) Bad Day. Calories in 2800. Fitbit Steps 8051. Total Burn 2126. Exercise Burn 250/415 (20minElliptical). Weight 152.6  Happy birthday to my #1 son! I made the usual Sunday Circles for breakfast, and then instead of church, we hit the lake. It was an absolutely lovely day. I haven't gone in the past, but I went today. Waverunning, playing in the sand ... I mostly stayed in the shade and read my book.  Maga, Ana and her boys joined us. We stayed fairly late, too late for me to make the planned chicken pillows. I did quick toasted cheese and then homemade oreos, the birthday boy's favorite. He got a Lightning Reaction game, which shocks as part of the play ... there was a lot of laughter! 
  • 0908 (Monday) Good Day. Calories in 1400. Fitbit Steps 28500. Total Burn 3221. Exercise Burn 1500/1506 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill/Incline, 10milesBike). Weight 154.0   #4 has been complaining of a sore throat, and having allergies (runny nose, sneezing). He woke up coughing bad and I figured he was angling to stay home from school. I couldn't quite convince him to tough it out ... I'm never sure when to actually keep them home or not. I did let him stay, even though it meant I didn't get to go to Zumba :(  I could still get in my elliptical, I'd just check with him to see if he needed anything, then go downstairs for 20 minutes. #2 texted needing his basketball shoes for the afterschool clinic, so I had to run those to him. Once school got out and brothers were home to help, I did do an hour of Zumba to my youtube playlist. I made chicken pillows for dinner. #3 had basketball practice at 8:00-10:00. After dropping him off, I stopped at the store for some bread and bananas. I hit the bike to keep myself awake until the 10:00 pickup time. Grabbed #2 too, as he had just never come home from school/basketball, but hung out with friends all evening. Successfully controlled calories today, trying to make up for the wicked weekend. 
  • 0909 (Tuesday) Good Day. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 23806. Total Burn 2985. Exercise Burn 1260/1278 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 10milesBike). Weight 152.9  Wow, rough morning!#4 has been struggling with his weather phobia again, and it was storm. Gray skies, rain and some thunder. Every time it rumbled, he'd burst into tears and say he didn't want to go to school. As I have my own anxieties I know how he feels. I was a mean mommy though, and made him go. We waited until just before school started (usually he likes to go early and play) and I walked in with him. As he got control of himself and went to class, I talked with the ladies in the office, just letting them know what was going on with him. I then talked to the school psychologist as well, and she'll refresh his teacher (I mentioned it at Back to School but there is so much going on, who knows if it would be remembered). So there is a plan in place if he freaks out, but the weather did improve later (then got stormy again in the evening). Emotionally draining! It was early Zumba day too, so I missed half of it (but still went for half as it's super close). In the craziness of the morning, I hadn't pulled my hair back into a pony. Not sure how the Zumba instructors do it with their hair down, it totally bugged me! I did another 30 minutes at home to complete the hour. The morning emotions had affected me so much (another little simple something, which just starts the slide) I had to lay down for a small nap. Afternoon carpools ... I was anxious to pick up elementary to see how he did. Even though it was raining, he seemed fine (I met him up at the doors with an umbrella). I did finish up my elliptical, and got in some reading and riding. Made Macaroni Rosa for dinner, but only hubs and #1 like it. I had made chocolate chip muffins after school, and a lemon jello cake for dessert. #2 was gone all afternoon with friends, I picked him up around 8:30, and was happy to have an early night in. 
  • 0910 (Wednesday) Good Day. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 30122. Total Burn 3219. Exercise Burn 1300/1514 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 50minWeights). Weight 152.7  I've been having a bit of a hard time getting up early enough to get in a full 20 minutes first thing. I've been doing more 10 minute sessions, as that's what is fitting the schedule right now. Got the kids off to school, then hit Zumba. Stopped at Sears on the way home to spend some points. It was a beautiful day ... so I soaked up a little sun. I did my first mile jog in a while (long 12 minutes!) and then did weights. I always dread weights somewhat, but enjoy it once I get started. After carpools, I mowed the lawn (front and back today). Hubs and #2 went to do a derby. I took #5 to soccer practice and got some walking and reading in. As I read in the sun and at soccer, I didn't hit the bike today. #1 picked up pizza for dinner, although we have a lot of leftovers! Another fairly early evening in.  
  • 0911 (Thursday) Good Day. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 26557. Total Burn 3115. Exercise Burn 1250/1415 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/1.5miles Treadmill Walk). Weight 151.7 Got the boys off to school and then hit Zumba. It felt really good today, my heart rate was up. My numbers were good but I actually expected them to be slightly higher (Polar, Fitbit 479 and 7289 steps). I was pretty sweaty, enough that I should have been embarrassed to shopping after, but I needed to spend some Fitstudio points and Kmart is just down the road from Zumba. The boys have enough basketball shorts, but they were on clearance so I grabbed some more. Picked up a pair of shoes for #4 as well, as his current ones have been hurting his feet. Grabbed a little sun again today. Did some walking on the treadmill. I'm feeling my weight workout from yesterday (or possibly the jog) ... my calves and quads are really tight. So I just did an easy walk, no incline or speed. After school pickups, then #5 had a soccer game at 5:30. Unfortunately they were unable to score again (4-0) but he handled it better (although he was sad he didn't hear "cheering" for some of his moves ... I'll have to be louder!) #2 had stayed with friends after school, and then had practice from 6:00-8:00. #3 originally had practice scheduled from 8:00-10:00 but it got cancelled ... and I can't say I felt too bad about that. Another early to bed night :) 
  • 0912 (Friday) Good Day. Calories in 2750. Fitbit Steps 31169. Total Burn 3182. Exercise burn 1500/1491 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 43min/2.2 miles Treadmill w/Incline, 10miles Bike).  Weight 150.2   Slept in a bit, as I'm wont to do Friday mornings with late start at the older boy's schools. I'd laid out some frozen croissants last night, and baked them up fresh this morning. We used to love these, but I'd had trouble finding them in past years. I found these at Walmart a week or so ago, they are much bigger, about double in size of the ones we used to get. The boys liked them, and I had one ... but #2 took one bite and then threw his away. Oh well, I probably would have eaten it too if he hadn't already put it in the garbage.  Dropped off the high school boys, then the elementary boys. I quickly ran to Sam'sClub to gas up my car and buy some groceries. #3 helped me unload, and then I dropped him off at middle school. I went straight out to Zumba and it was a good class. Very energetic numbers. A little bit too much time waiting between songs, or I'd get higher numbers. I wore white today, so I didn't have my little black hat to catch my sweat. I missed it. I do have a white hat around somewhere but I couldn't find it this morning. Hubs was home early, as he was prepping for a Fathers/Sons overnighter. I went to grab the elementary boys (early out) and there was some construction preventing me from parking in my usual spot. I had to go into the crowded parking lot. I hope they are done by Monday! #2 got a ride home, and then I picked up #3. We saw #1 coming home as we were ... if I had known, I would have had him grab #3!  There was a bit of a rush with final packing. #1 decided to go too at the last minute. #4, my fellow homebody did not go. So the rest of the day was just him and me. I thought about taking him out to dinner, but I'd already eaten too much. I'd picked up a bag of candy corn at Sam's this morning and I can eat that stuff by the handful! I'd also had me leftover alfredo from last Saturday's "Cheesecake Factory" outing. I mean I had put it in my food diary last week, but I'd forgotten just how high a calorie count it was.  We did get some badminton in. I ended up staying up late, as I often do when the hubs isn't around. I did a late night session on the bike, finishing up a book I'd been reading. 
  • 0913 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Calories in 1750. Fitbit Steps 18656. Total Burn 2642. Exercise Burn 1015/953 (60minElliptical, 40min/2miles Treadmill w/Incline). Weight 149.8  Lazy morning, slept in. Got some stuff done around the house, and the guys got home in the early afternoon. Very sandy! It was everywhere. They all showered, I did laundry and put away the extra food. Hubs took a needed nap. Mr. Social (#2) took off with friends. I was tired by early evening, Hubs and #1 already to bed too, so I sent a text saying it was time (9:30) and surprisingly he agreed. He was tired too!  
  • 0914 (Sunday) Ok Day. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 14217. Total Burn 2443. Exercise burn 650/755 (60minElliptical). Weight 149.6  Sunday Circles ... Belgian waffles are one reason I can't control the calorie count well on Sundays! I dropped #2 off at a different church, a farewell for the brother of one of his buddies. I skipped the first hour of our church so I'd be around to pick him up again. I walked to/from church ... should not have walked home, as we had actually needed to stay at the church for a setting apart. So the two little boys and I hopped in #1's truck to hurry back. Hubs and the boys had a rousing game of Monopoly. #4 wasn't too happy, as he wanted to have Daddy help him with the blow dart gun. He and I got in a little badminton. I made French Dip, with brownies for dessert. We've had family videos on the whole weekend ... fun to see the boys when they were babies! 
  • 09152014 (Monday) Good Day. Calories in 1700. Fitbit Steps 26817. Total Burn 3188. Exercise Burn 1500/1485 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 40min/2miles Treadmill w/Incline, 40minWeights). Weight 153.3  I feel like this was my first "official" back to school Monday. I got the boys off. Dropping of middle school, a boy had crashed on his bike and totally smashed his face. Ouch. The paramedics were there and it backed up traffic, so I took the alternate way home. So glad I have that option. Hit Zumba in Draper, I only missed last week, but it felt like forever since I'd been there. Good class, I could tell my heart rate was up and I got good numbers. I didn't do my usual Kmart stop, as I had just gone last Thursday and hadn't recouped my points yet. I snuck in a little sunshine and some additional workouts. After school pickups ... construction by the elementary still. I went 15 minutes early and still couldn't get a good spot.#2 had never come home from school (Mr. Social), but when I dropped #3 at the high school for basketball practice, I dropped off basketball shoes and some dinner, as #2 had practice from 8:00-10:00.  
  • 09162014 (Tuesday) Good Day.  Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 23710. Total Burn 3026. Exercise 1100/1331 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba).  Weight 150.8  Quite a bit more sitting than usual for me today. Got the kids off, and then I hit Zumba. I went straight to a doctor's appointment, just checking back in, but sitting for about an hour. Home for a bit, then off to the oral surgeon with #1 to get his wisdom teeth out. In at 1:00, out at 3:00 ... the actual surgery was only 30 minutes or so though. He did good, but it was pushing my pickup times. #3 hitched a ride home with a friend and I made it in time to get the elementary school kidlets. I was a little late, but that made the parking lot easier to navigate. There was a break in the pipe, and water was flowing everywhere ... but not to the school apparently. Luckily it was end of day there (and the boys have been taking a bottle of water to drink during the day). I ran to the store to pick up prescriptions. Hubs had a little rest (had an early morning, I didn't sleep well either, so I was dragging a bit) and then was off to a derby, taking the two little ones to help (as the three big ones were all occupied). Got the kitchen cleaned up and even mopped the floor, it needed it badly. I took #3 to basketball practice at 8:00, then came home and helped #4 with homework (I remember how to add fractions, although my way seemed new to him, I guess I don't know how they are teaching it in school). Then time for pickup ... and to bed.  
  • 09172014 (Wednesday) Good Day. Calories in 1500. Fitbit Steps 27552. Total Burn 3114. Exercise Burn 1400/1426 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 25min/1.25 Treadmill w/Incline). Weight 149.6   Another bad night, I don't know if I slept at all. Very off emotionally this morning. I wasn't sure if I had the energy for Zumba, but I went anyway. In all my other classes, I'm more personable with the instructors and other participants. This class, I really don't know anyone. Today ... I wanted that anonymity. I was able to get a good workout in. #1 is recovering nicely, just taking it easy.  He took a long nap (12:00-3:00) ... I checked on him a couple times to make sure he was breathing. As I haven't really slept the last couple nights, I tried to lay down for a little nap myself, but couldn't fall asleep. I mowed the front lawn and got in some workouts. Got some stuff worked out that should help my emotional state. #3 had basketball practice from 8:00-9:30 ... #2 had never come home, hanging out with friends all day. I collected them both ... and to bed! 
  • 09182014 (Thursday) Good Day.  Calories  in 1650. Fitbit Steps 24449. Total Burn 3059. Exercise Burn 1500/1380 (60minElliptical, 53minZumba, 40min/2miles Treadmill w/Incline, 30min Weights). Weight 148.0  Another night of not good sleep! I was really thinking I would sleep good last night! Got the kidlets off to school and went straight to Zumba, stopping to fill up the car with gas on the way. Very slow pump, it took forever! We were missing the main instructor at Zumba class, but there are several that usually teach, so class went on as normal. One of the other ladies was commenting she didn't know many of these numbers, but as the instructors were some from my other classes, I was pretty familiar with all the steps. Got good numbers. I haven't hit Kmart this week, but my points hadn't really added up and I didn't feel up to shopping anyway. Got in some additional exercise and did weights. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went along to help, even though he had basketball practice (he made it there, was just late). #5 had a soccer game at 6:30. Zero-Zero the first half, then the other team made three goals. With under a minute left, my boy scored a goal. He and the team was ecstatic, it was the first, the only, goal of the season. They still lost the game, but even that one goal can lift a little one's spirits! I had changed out of my exercise-wear, and as I was watching the game I felt for my Fitbit ... and it wasn't there. I couldn't believe I had forgotten to switch it as I changed. I'm usually so good at remembering. When we got home I looked around, and no Fitbit to be found. At that point I could distinctly remember I HAD put the Fitbit on. It was LOST! Probably somewhere out there in the soccer fields. I'd downloaded an app a year or so ago that is supposed to help find a lost Fitbit. It can pick up the bluetooth signal they send out. I opened it up, and could "see" Hubs flex (hubs wasn't home, he wasn't wearing it obviously), and three Zips (#1, #4 and #5). I walked around the house and checked the car, but no "One" showed up. It only has about a 15-20 foot range, so you do have to be in the immediate area. I knew it was a huge longshot, but I went back to the soccer fields. At this point, they were empty and it was almost dark. I parked in the same spot and retraced my steps. Through the parking lot, across the fields, where I had sat watching the warmups. I had walked around the entire field before the game ... trying to get steps in, before I realized I didn't have my Fitbit on counting them. Nothing. As I was about to give up, suddenly, "One" appeared in the app! I immediately knew what had happened. During the warm up, my kid had kicked the ball past the goal. It had bounced into the neighboring field, where a game was being played. I had dashed out to recover it before it interfered. That's when my Fitbit must have fallen off. It was still a bit of a needle in a haystack. Long grass ... it was now completely dark. Using my phone as a light (why hadn't I thought to bring an actual flashlight??) I was on my hands and knees feeling through the grass. I found it! I couldn't believe I actually did, but I was so happy to be reunited with it! Happily back home. I still had 10:00 for #2 and #3. Finally the end of a long day.  
  • 09192014 (Friday) Good Day. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 23672. Total Burn 2958. Exercise Burn 1250/1281 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 20min/1mile Treadmill w/Incline). Weight 147.6.  Unfortunately STILL not a great night for sleep. It started off good, but around 3:00, I was awakened by thunder. I lay there in bed worrying that it would wake #4 ... which it did eventually. I finally got back to bed around 5:00 or so. Groggy morning. Got the high school boys off, then the elementary kids. I stopped at Sam's Club to grab some groceries. Hurriedly put them away, dropped off #3 at middle school and headed to Zumba. We had to switch churches again. Got in a good workout and headed home. Busy morning! Time for early out at the elementary before I knew it. Then middle school pickup. The hubs texted he was heading home early and had I "banked calories" enough to go out to eat or to a movie. We went to Red Robin, a favorite of mine. We did indulge in the mozzarella sticks. I always have the fish and chips, but I only get a half order, which is always enough (although I CAN eat four full pieces).  The hubs was off to meet a friend and I ... was off to bed. Around 9:00, I put #1 in charge of picking up #2 (who of course was out with friends, football game at the high school) and told the little ones to head to bed. I was OUT at 9:15 and finally got a good night's sleep! 
  • 09202014 (Saturday) Good Day. Calories in 1850. Fitbit Steps 32019. Total Burn 3189. Exercise Burn 1850 (1300/1512). Weight 147.7  I'd laid out some croissants to rise last night. We had them for breakfast (I only had a half). Hubs was off to Seattle for a quick "brother's weekend".  #5 had a soccer game. I made sure my Fitbit was firmly attached ... but I forgot to switch my Omron! Heavens. Pedometer problems ... all user error. I guess I normally don't change clothes as much, I just wear my workout wear all the time. I had to park pretty far away, so we did get quite a bit of walking in before and after the game (and #5 got his steps in during the game!) Another scoreless loss though. I had to make another quick store run, and grabbed some Crazy Bread for the kids (yes ... I had a couple pieces too). #2 had been invited to play with the JV team at 5:00 as it was Homecoming and a few of the players were going to the dance. He got a text at 2:45 saying if he could make it to the 3:00 game, they could use him then too. So we rushed out the door. The gym where they were playing is really nice. It was a track above the courts, although unlike the other gyms with tracks above, this one is also the walkway to the seats and such, so it can be very congested. During the 3:00 game, I walked while I watched. In the hour between the games, I put on my shoes and headphones, and attempted to jog to the track. I got in 3.5 miles or so. I went ahead and sat during the 5:00, video taping it. My boy did good, and they had him play the entire game. They were behind by about 10 for most of the game, brought it within three there at the end but weren't quite able to get to win. I grabbed him some Arby's on the way home (nothing for me, I was being a good girl) and then ... big surprise, I dropped him at a friend's house. He was able to get a ride home, so it was another early to bed night for me. 
  • 09212014 (Sunday) Ok Day. Calories in 2600. Fitbit Steps 11786. Total Burn 2301. Exercise Burn 600/623 (60minElliptical). Weight 147.8  I often dread Sundays ... church and I don't really get along. Emotionally, or the sitting for three hours. Today, it was a special meeting. #1 still went, but the rest of us skipped guilt free. A Sunday off felt wonderful. I did make the usual Sunday Circles breakfast, then made roll dough and got breadsticks and cinnamon rolls rising. I got in a little elliptical, but it was basically a rest day. It was also a gloomy, overcast day. Quite a bit of rain at one point, but no lightening or thunder to really spook #4 (tomorrow's forecast has improved too, I'd been keeping my eye on it, knowing that Mondays are hard for him even without weather worries). I made some chicken soup, and the boys gobbled it and the breadsticks up. The cinnamon rolls too. I was in a bit of a munchy mood today, too many calories, not enough cardio. I really thought I might have a good cardio day, but then I felt a little more like taking it easy. I've been so happy to have my weight under 150, I hope it doesn't bump up over tomorrow! Hubs and his brother went to the SeaHawks game, which was an exciting OT win. He comes home tomorrow but will go straight to work. 
  • 0922 (Monday) Good Day. Calories in 2250. Fitbit Steps 34254. Total Burn 3426. Exercise Burn 1950/2012 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 53min/2.75 miles Treadmill Incline and easy walk, 37min/10milesBike). Weight 149.8  Ah Mondays, I love returning to the routine but poor #4 struggles so! After settling into the comfort of home over the weekend, he really has a hard time going back to school. There were a lot of tears this morning. Thunderstorms had originally been forecast for the day, but they finished up yesterday, so we didn't have weather to compound the problem (it was problem enough without it!). After I finally got the boys off, I headed out to Zumba. After going to Southziders twice a week for a while, switching back to MZL on Wednesdays makes it feel forever inbetween the Southziders classes. It was a good class as always. I stopped at Kmart on the way home to spend some Fitstudio points. I did some cleaning and mowed the front lawn. Picked up the kids after school. Hubs came home around 6:00 but was so tired he went in and fell asleep. I had prepped cinnamon rolls and breadsticks, leftover dough from yesterday, but he slept through them. #3 had practice from 8:00-10:00. I was very tired too, but had to stay up to pick him up. I did a session on the bike, and the just walked on the treadmill to stay awake. I knew if I stopped and sat the sleepies would hit hard.   
  • 0923 (Tuesday) Good Day. Calories in 2250. Fitbit Steps 24062. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1400/1336 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/1.5miles Treadmill Incline). Weight 150.4  I didn't get my usual drop in weight after a good Monday :(  TOM time and I was dragging. I felt fine for Zumba, but when I got home the sleepies hit so hard I did lay down for a nap. I did get in some additional workouts, but I had to push it. After picking up the kids after school, I took #3 to the high school, as the basketball team was going to a movie together. Back at 6:30 to pick him up again, and then back at 8:30 to pick up uniforms and pick up #2, who was watching a volleyball game. It was nice to have everyone in for a fairly early night though.   
  • 0924 (Wednesday) Good Day. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 28011. Total Burn 3182. Exercise Burn 1492/1492 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill Incline, 45minWeights). Weight 150.0  Well ... I'd wondered when this would happen. I got to my Wednesday Zumba class late as always, and they had already started. I think I just missed the first song and still got in a full hour. I'll have to get back to coming on time if they start on time consistently. Stopped at Maceys for some groceries and a little time at the credit union there at the store. Got in some additional exercise at home, and spent a little time in the sun. Hubs had a derby, #4 went along to help. I took #3 to his basketball game. Got a text from #5, that #1 had left and he was home alone. I got in touch with #1 and had him come back and pick up the little one. I was a bit distracted during that game, but the boys got the win. We stopped and picked up #2 on the way home (he'd had basketball practice).   
  • 0925 (Thursday) Good Day. Calories in 2350. Fitbit Steps 26385. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1400/1343 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 40min/2miles Treadmill Incline). Weight 149.1 The little boys haven't been wanting to go as early to school. I prepped my Zumba stuff and went straight to the church after dropping them off. I was a little early. I dropped off some paperwork at the bank on the way home. Additional exercise and some sun again today. Lots of driving around in the afternoon with after school pickups. #2 actually came home for a while, as he had a game (I dropped him back off at the school at 6:00 and met him at the game at 8:00). Hubs and #3 went to a derby, and then Hubs dropped #3 at his practice. I took #5 to his soccer game ( they lost again), then home, then I rushed to #2's basketball game (easy win for them). Back home, but then I still had to pick up #3 at 10:00. I overate a bit today. #1 picked up pizza, and got some chicken garlic without the toppings (so basically breadsticks for me) and a cinna-wheel.  
  • 0926 (Friday) Good Day. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 27851. Total Burn 3042. Exercise Burn 1300/1350 (60minElliptical, 54minZumba, 30min/1.5 miles Treadmill w/Incline, 36min/10miles bike). Weight 150.4  Crazy Friday morning as usual. The kids requested French Toast. Drop off high school, then elementary, then run to Sam's Club, then unload quick then run to the middle school, then straight to Zumba. Whew. Had a little time at home before early out at the elementary and then middle school pickup. Hubs texted saying he was on his way home. We hit a movie. The little boys had been invited to a birthday party a couple houses over. I was worried about the weather for #4, so I made sure the brothers were aware. As we came out of the movie it was pouring, with thunder and lightening. At home, #4 had come home from the party distressed. At this point the storm passed, and he was ok to go back to the party (it still had an hour or so to go). #2 was at a football game, and they had to evacuate to the gym at one point. With the movies treats, I ate too much, and my tummy wasn't particularly happy with me.   
  • 0927 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Calories in 2200. Fitbit Steps 20917. Total Burn 2776. Exercise burn 1200/1087 (60minElliptical, 35minZumba, 40min/2miles Treadmill Incline). Weight 149.8   There was a neighborhood 5k, a Zombie run ... but seriously, the theme intimidated me, and the weather was bad, a downpour. It had been a CRAZY night with thunder and lightening for about an hour around 4:00 in the morning. I kept waiting for #4 to wake up terrified, but he managed to sleep through it.  So it was Saturday sleep-in for me. #5's soccer game got cancelled due to the rain. It stopped for a bit, but was pouring again when his game would have been taking place. There were still some soccer games going on though. The hubs ended up going to Mesquite with some friends (I was invited, but that's not my scene at all) ... I had a great afternoon, taking a nap. I'd made cinnamon rolls and breadsticks, which the boys love. #2 got dropped off home late. 
  • 0928 (Sunday) Bad Day. Calories in 2400. Fitbit Steps 8773. Total Burn 2088. Exercise Burn 400/389 (40minElliptical). Weight 151.5  Sleep in Sunday too. I got up, exercised, and made the usual Sunday circles, although a couple of the boys weren't really hungry, having eaten leftover cinnamon rolls. Hubs had some stuff to catch up on at work (he likes Sundays, as he can actually get stuff done without others around) and I took the kids to church. Had tacos for dinner. Got one more session on the elliptical, but I was taking it easy today. More thunder and lightening in the evening. 
  • 0929 (Monday) Good Day. Calories in 1600. Fitbit Steps 34254. Total Burn 3541. Exercise Burn 1800/1838 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 2milesIncline, 10milesBike, 60minWeights) Weight 152.3  I'd really worried about this Monday morning, but #4 seemed to be ok. There were clouds, but some blue skies too. I got the boys off then went to Zumba. It was a little short with a longer cool-down, so my numbers weren't quite as good as previous weeks. Stopped at Kmart and grabbed some belts for #2 and myself. Yes ... I have actually felt the urge to wear a belt lately! Unheard of! For some reason, I just kept exercising today! Got a lot in, and also mowed the front lawn ... it looked like rain coming again so I wanted to get it done. I was downstairs in the gym when there was a huge boom of thunder, then another. It shook the house. I wasn't surprised when #4 called me in tears. Unfortunately, it was right as I had to leave to pick up #3 ... I didn't want to leave him standing in the pouring rain. I told #4 I'd be there as quick as I could. I grabbed #3 and dropped him home then headed to the elementary. The storm had really slowed, but I figured I'd check in. #4 had gone back to class. They were in the gym playing dodgeball. I peeked in and let him see that I had come, but he as ok. There really wasn't time to go home, as it was close to school letting out anyway, so I just stuck around until the bell. There really wasn't any more thunder or lightening. #1 picked up pizza for dinner. I dropped #3 off at the high school for basketball practice and grabbed #2, who had gone to a friend's after his practice ended. Then ... I just had to stay awake until 10:00 to pick up #3 again. I was really tired and knew if I stopped or even sat down I would be in trouble. I went and did 10miles on the bike, then a little elliptical. Not that I needed more steps or exercise, it was just to stay awake! 
  • 0930 (Tuesday) Good Day. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 32040. Total Burn 3271. Exercise Burn 1600,1578 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 1.5milesIncline, 1.5milesEasyWalk, 10milesBike). Weight 150.5  September ends. #4 was very reticent about going to school today. I could barely get him out of bed and dressed. Unfortunately, I couldn't promise him a nice day, thunderstorms were in the forecast again. I did get him off to school, five minutes early even, so I could make it to Zumba on time (I've been a little late the last few weeks). It was a good class, but small, just five of us. Back at home I perused the library site, as many new books had been added. Got in another elliptical, then hit some housework. It was one of those distracted doings days... clean the kitchen, put away the peanut butter and jam, oh, the jam is gone. Run down to the food storage to grab another. Oh, I haven't put away the last few bags. Stop and sort everything. Much better. Back to the kitchen, put away the towels I folded yesterday. Oh, I'll replace the hanging towels as they missed the wash last time. Put them in the laundry basket and oh, I need to put the darks in the washing machine. Back to the kitchen. Unload, the dishwasher ... I could use some music. I really need to update the playlist on the Ipod. Spend a minute on the computer, while that is syncing, go to the other computer and check Facebook and email and pay a couple bills. The toilets really need cleaning, spray them and let them sit. Back to the kitchen to load the dishwasher. Oh, the washing machine is done, I need to go put the clothes in the dryer. Oops, #2's clothes are still in there from yesterday. Set the dryer to warm them up and go vacuum the kitchen. Oh, that poor plant is wilting, hurry and water all the plants. Back to vacuuming. Ok, that should be long enough in the dryer, pull out those clothes and fold them. Shoot, I forgot about the toilets, quickly clean them ... I really should do the whole bathroom, but I'm actually not finished with the kitchen yet. Oh, the mail has come, so out to grab it. Quickly call Time Magazine and tell them NOT to automatically renew (I like it yes, but the kids are doing a fundraiser at school and will get credit if I subscribe through them) ... and speaking of the kids, it's time to pick them up! I'm off! Tuesday evening we actually didn't have anything going on! No games, practices ... well, Daddy had a derby, and #3 went along to help.


  1. Great job on your weight-loss goals! I think it's incredible, I wish I could say I have hit the 150 mark myself, but in time:)
    Also great job on the fitbit results, I have a new goal to hit 20k daily, but I'm struggling with it. I seem to only hit it a few days a week, but each week is a new week to try again:)

  2. Looks like a great month overall!


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