Monday, October 6, 2014

Sleeping In

Ah, the weekend. For me, it means sleeping in!
I grabbed my little "sleep tile" from my Fitbit dashboard. This was yesterday (Sunday). I went to bed at 11:31 and got out of bed at 8:30. I was in bed for 8.59 hours, but only asleep (according to my Fitbit) for 6.20 hours. Sunday sleep-in. It felt so nice. I slept in Saturday too. 

I read an article that said your body is better off if you wake at a consistent time every day, even over the weekends. I don't care ... I'm sleeping in! It's so nice to turn off the alarm clock and just wake when I want. 

It was a really relaxing weekend. I banked calories in case the hubs suggested dinner or a movie on Friday night. We didn't end up going out (which I'm fine with too) and then I didn't eat much more anyway. I had a nice little scale drop for Saturday.

Saturday and Sunday were really slow, relaxing days. Not much on the docket. #5 had his final soccer game (they tied! The first game they didn't lose!) I actually got a little nap both Saturday and Sunday. I got in a bit of exercise (elliptical and bike), and just barely managed to keep calories under by burn. Still under 150 this Monday morning!

Normally I'm not a big fan of weekends. They just throw off the routine too much. I'm usually more than ready to get back to my schedule Monday morning. This weekend ... I really enjoyed, even though we didn't really do much. But ... still looking forward to today and the week ahead. Will this be the week I stay under 150 the entire time? I'm looking forward to Zumba today (and every weekday). I actually feel the urge to lift weights today, I want to feel the strength that comes when I finish. I've been enjoying my "hikes" on the treadmill, and I'm watching "Hostages" which is quite good and keeping my interest. I've also liked getting back to my reading and riding on the stationary bike. I finished up a book over the weekend (Gated) and started a new one (Anna and the French Kiss) which I'm enjoying a lot. I do have a 10:00 pickup tonight, so I'll probably keep exercising through the evening, just an attempt to stay awake. I know I was up until 11:30 over the weekend (the image at top) but that is unusual for me!

I got some blogging done over the weekend. My Saturday Stats and a September Recap. As I was inputting my journal entries, I noticed a statement I made early in September ... "The new carpool schedule gets me up a little earlier, but allows me to get in a full 40 minutes on the elliptical in the mornings (20 min before the first carpool and another session after, before 2nd carpool)." Ha Ha ... that hasn't exactly been happening of late! I've been struggling to get up and get in 10 minutes before first carpool. I usually (but not always) get in a second 10 minutes before elementary carpool, but it doesn't always happen. I really should get back to that motivation I had when school first started.

Why does sleeping in feel so good?

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  1. Nice!!!! Sunday's are my sleep in day, and oh how I cherish them:)
    I loved Anna and the French Kiss, one of my favorites such a cute feel good romance story:) Hope your enjoying it!!!!


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