Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stats

Every week I attend five different Zumba classes. Different instructors, songs and steps. I like to recap and "stack" my stats each Saturday. I didn't quite get my blog post done yesterday ... but I DID get in a Saturday Zumba session! I also got in a second session on Thursday, so there are seven stats to look back on this week!
  • Monday Zumba ...  I'm always ready to get back to Zumba after taking the weekend off. Monday's almost always start off the week with a bang! Some of the other classes came close, but this class wasy the high for the week in all the categories. 
  • Tuesday Zumba ...  Good Fitbit numbers, didn't quite get the heart rate up as much. Missing a few of the higher impact songs/steps, ones I like but dread a little too. They do get the heart rate up.
  • Wednesday Zumba ... I actually thought the numbers would be a little higher. I felt like I was working ... I was definitely sweating! But over 400 for calorie burn, and 7000 for steps is goal. Just since getting over 500 recently at Southziders, I've really wanted to do that again! I'll keep working!
  • Thursday  Zumba (Morning Session) ...  My HRM was misbehaving a bit today, I looked at it a couple times and it was reading zero until I adjusted it, so I don't totally trust the numbers today. I really felt like it was a great class. Lots of high energy numbers, the music was back to back, no waiting in-between songs. I was super sweaty ... and yes, I was "so excited, and I just can't hide it" ... I'm not sure if any other instructor besides Claudia Bran Silva could pull that song off! She has SO much crazy personality (and awesome moves too!)
  • Thursday Zumba (Evening Session) ... Second Zumba workout today! Marian now offers a free evening class on Thursdays. Usually my son has a basketball game, but not tonight.  I wondered if I'd still have energy at the end of the day ... and I did. It felt good! I'd cleaned the HRM strap/transmitter after the morning class, and didn't have any problems with it not picking up heart rate tonight.
  • Friday Zumba ... Quite the difference in the two calorie estimates today. I was dragging a bit today, my heart wasn't in it as much even though I was still attempting all the steps. Any break between songs and my heart rate just plummets and is hard to get back up again. It was quite crowded today (both participants and kids) and sometimes a little claustrophobia kicks in when I don't feel like I can move as freely ... although Wednesday/MZL is always crowded (but a bigger space overall). Sometimes I'm not sure what all affects my numbers!
  • Saturday Zumba  ...  Claudia said we could get in free to Gold's Gym this weekend, so I hit her Saturday class. I THOUGHT I knew where it was, but I should have written down the address. I was a few minutes late. My heart rate popped up and stayed there and it hit my goals. I thought the numbers would be a little higher, those missing minutes would have added a bit. I also should have worn different shorts, these ones didn't have a drawstring, and they are a big too big, which was a little distracting. I had to keep pulling them up!

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