Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, Monday

My Polar greeted me this morning. Yup. It's my birthday. It was actually 6:30 in the morning when I picked it up ... I never got around to changing its clock during daylight savings last weekend. I'm not sure that I will.

I actually had a pretty good Monday morning weigh-in (147.1). Yes, it's up from Friday's official weekly weigh-in, but not as bad as last Monday. We are going out to a birthday dinner tonight, and then having some cake, so I'm not sure about tomorrow!

It was a pretty good weekend though ...
  • Friday, the elementary kids were out of school. I still hit my Zumba class, but went on a bit of a Halloween candy binge. I didn't get in quite as many steps as usual, as I spent much of the day making a quilt for Hubs (his birthday is coming up quick too). Friday was my mom's birthday. The siblings were getting together, but Hubs and I weren't able to make it.
  • Saturday ... started the day cheering on #3 at his basketball game. Lately, I've been trying to walk around during the games. I usually get in 4000-6000 steps. There wasn't really a good walking spot, but there were bleachers. I had a section to myself (so I wouldn't bug anyone) and I did a little "step up, step down" during the game. I got in 4000+ steps and actually worked up a pretty good sweat!
 Saturday Stepping

Saturday evening, I had made plans to take Mom out to dinner. My sister, my brother and his wife joined us. We went to a nice Chinese restaurant, and then back to the folks house to play games. 

  • Sunday was busy. We had the primary program at our church. #4 was NOT very happy about participating. Hubs mom (Maga) came out to see the boys. Then we had to rush to my brother's church, where they were blessing their baby. We went to their house after to socialize ... and eat too many cookies!
 The little boys and Maga ...

I did get in elliptical each day, and tried to combat the calories. With the candy, dinner out and cookies, I'm pretty happy I am where I am this Monday morning. I SHOULD have eaten better today ... banked some calories for Texas Roadhouse and some cake. Alas ... oh well, it's only my birthday once a year, right?

Linking up with Marvelous in my Monday ... how was your weekend?

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