Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Stats

A bit of a short week with the Thanksgiving Holiday.
I still managed to get in FOUR Zumba classes.
Here's the weekly recap and stat sheet.
  • Monday with Southziders ...  Anxiety Child was having a rough morning, so I was glad when I was able to get him to school and make it to Zumba. Not quite as many people today ... nor instructors! Just Nina and T (who was not able to do much with her knee). I ended up leading a few. Happy to help out, hope those there are ok with little 'ol me! Very happy with my stats today. Maybe being up front helps with additional energy.
  • Tuesday with Marian ... Another rough morning with anxiety child. I told him he could accompany me to Zumba if he would go to school straight after. This is the early class, so he would only miss an hour of school. We were still late, and I was a bit distracted with him there, as he was saying he wasn't feeling well instead of participating. So not the best stats for me today. I did do a little more Zumba on my own at home to make sure I did get a full hour in.
  • Wednesday with MZL ... The kids were out of school, so I didn't have any issues with Anxiety Child this morning, he was perfectly happy at home. I asked him if he wanted to come with me, but he said no. There were several kids there participating though. Got my highest step count for the week here.
  • Friday with MZL ... My car was in the shop and I was sharing with #1 son today. I didn't feel like I could make it across town to my usual Zumba, but with the kids out of school, I could make it to MZL's class on time. They did a slightly different version of Baliando (I already know two different routines in other classes) and my "Shake" song with different choreography, which I'm too stuck on my own ... it made it very hard to follow (but I don't think that was just me).
With Thanksgiving behind us ... it's back to the schedule, return to the routine. I should hit all five of my different classes this upcoming week. Basketball is back in session though, so I'll be going to my boy's games on Thursday nights instead of hitting my extra Zumba class those nights.

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