Friday, November 7, 2014

WWI #68

Since I've been blogging about my weight loss for over a year now, I haven't missed an official Friday weigh-in post! Of course I didn't miss the weigh-in, but I didn't get around to blogging! I figured better late than never ... AND I'll backdate this post to Friday too! It's the OCD in me.

My weight was up just a bit. Up .7 from last week's weigh-in. My average was up .41. But you know, it's all good. I'm staying in the 145-150 range, after months of being stuck at 150-155.  Monday morning was the high, as usual after a weekend (the Halloween weekend no less). I was pretty good on Monday, but we did end up with an impromptu dinner, so I didn't get my usual drop Tuesday morning. I kept working all week, and did manage to get a decent official weigh-in for Friday. 

It's actually been a pretty stressful week. Anxiety Child (#4) has really been struggling. You can read more about the day to day stuff in my daily doings.  Despite it all, I still got in my exercise. I think it actually keeps me sane! I just got in one weight workout, but got in my hour of elliptical every day (I got "Nashville" season 1 from the library and am trying to get through all five disks in a week, as they are due back), plus a lot of reading and riding and "hikes" on my treadmill (at an incline). Zumba Mon-Fri, with a double dose on Thursday.

NUMBERS: Even with Halloween and a family trip to Red Robin, I kept calories in check. They averaged out at 1979 per day (under 2000 is my goal). I stayed active, getting in some big step days. My average calorie burn was 3111 (I try for 3000). Crunching the ins and outs, my numbers show a deficit for the week of -7523. My weight doesn't reflect that (that would be almost a two pound loss) but I'm happy to see that number anyway. For months, I seemed to usually end up with a deficit, but it was always rather small. 

I'm completely happy with my week, even though I didn't get a loss. At this point I'd be fine maintaining ... although I'm not moving into maintenance mode (as I managed to barely maintain while actively trying to lose still).  Some challenges this upcoming week ... birthdays! Which means cake and dinner's out.  Check in next week to see how it all goes.

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