Friday, November 14, 2014

WWI #69

I wasn't sure how this week would go. It was a birthday week, with ensuing celebrations. We went out to dinner on Saturday for my mom's birthday. Out to dinner again (with cake after) on Monday for my birthday. I was really surprised when I didn't have more of a bump up after all that. My Thursday morning weigh-in was right on track, so I thought I was good. I had a good day on Thursday too, kept calories fairly in check, got in a lot of cardio (two Zumba sessions). I was surprised when weight was up a bit for my official weigh-in. 

NUMBERS: Weight was up 1.1 from last week. My average weight was down (just a tiny bit, -.56 to 146.01). My eating intake was up, 2314. My exercise average was 3056, so still pretty good. It evened out to a deficit for the week of -3199. That didn't show on the scale, but oh well. Another solid week under 150, I count that as a win. I love being in the 140's after SO long stuck in the 150s!

Alas, no Friday Five again this week, but I'll join my weekly check-in link-ups: 
Fitness Friday with Jill and Aubrey and a late Weigh-In Wednesday. 

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