Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Stats

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba, Zumba, Zumba
Five Days ... Five Classes

  • Monday with Southziders ... HRM 473, Fitbit 517 and 7676 steps. "In Zone" for 39 of the 69 minutes. Average heart rate 127. I'd anticipated a hard morning with Anxiety Child ... but it didn't happen! "I even surprised myself" he said as I dropped him off without complaining or tears. Great to hit Zumba to start the week. Good numbers! I helped lead four songs.
  • Tuesday with Marian ... HRM 424, Fitbit 484 and 7275. "In Zone" for 51 of the 61 minutes. Average heart rate 125. Anxiety Child cooperated again today, so I thought I'd make it on time. I was only a minute late, but class had started. Marian introduced some fun Christmas songs!
  • Wednesday with MZL ... HRM 430, Fitbit 537 and 8140 steps. "In Zone" 47 of the 70 minutes. Average heart rate 116. I carried my shoes/hat/HRM in with me, and dropped the watch part of the Polar. Luckily someone found it and brought it in. I couldn't seem to get my heart rate up at the start of class though, not sure why. Some songs I wasn't as familiar with? A little sore from my weights workout yesterday? Not positive the HRM was working 100% either. Still stepped up and got good Fitbit numbers. Had a new Christmas song with this group too. Brought in some toys as they were asking for donations. Not quite as big a crowd today (still more than the other Zumba classes I attend, but not as many people as usual.)
  • Thursday with Claudia&Co ... HRM 389, Fitbit 457 and 7032 steps. "In Zone" 41 of the 63 minutes. Average HR 119. I dropped off the kids at school (Anxiety Child had a good morning) and went straight to Zumba, which gets me there a little early. There is always a little setup (pulling the dividers open/closed). Marian started, and Nina came soon after, but no Claudia today. It is so nice when there are multiple instructors so a class doesn't get cancelled when one person has to skip. Marian did her Christmas numbers, gotta get them in while we can
  • Friday with Heather ... HRM 315, Fitbit 472 and 6673 steps. "In Zone" 32 of the 63 minutes. Average heart rate 114. My Polar was misbehaving, especially at the start. You can see I upped the numbers slightly in the chart above, as I know it missed out on some. Time to wash the strap and hope that fixes the problem. All of the other Zumba classes are held in larger church gyms ... but this one is a small one. It gets a little crowded at times (I'm a bit claustrophobic). One of the things I DO like more about this class is it does NOT start with a prayer like all the others do. Am I a bad person for finding that a positive thing? *Ü*
It was nice to get back to my five different classes for the week ...

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