Monday, December 22, 2014

The Weekend and WWI #74

It's that time of year ... to "don our gay apparel". I looked in the Christmas box and found some shirts for myself and the two little ones. They consented to take a picture (ok, actually, they didn't, it was quite the ordeal and #3 taking the pictures didn't help any!).

At this point, I think I'm pretty prepared for Christmas. That's a good thing, as it's just days away. There will be a few last-minute wrappings, as UPS makes deliveries down to the wire. Some food prep ... I'm in charge of bread sticks and chicken noodle soup for our Christmas Eve celebration.

I'm NOT doing so well on the food and fitness front. I DID weigh in last Friday, as I always do, but I never got around to getting my official weekly weigh-in blog post up. Sigh ...

Profound Fact: Did you know, if you cut back on your activity, but still eat your usual amount (and maybe a bit over, and NOT good stuff) that you will gain weight? Go figure! It wasn't a very good week.  I managed to get my Zumba in Mon-Thurs, and I got in SOME elliptical each day, but not my usual hour ANY day last week. No bike, treadmill or weights either. Not great. I mean yes, it's been busy, but I don't know if it's really been worse than usual. It's just my motivation that has been lacking.

In addition to the profound fact mentioned above ... I also have always joked that there is a certain amount of weight out in the universe. When one person loses, another gains. It's equilibrium! *Ü*  Well, the hubs, after getting on the wagon and falling off, and on again and off again ... is ON again. He said it was some of the pictures from our recent Limo/Lights outing that jolted him into doing something. Anyway, apparently I am giving him a gym membership for Christmas! Yes, we have our own personal gym (J&G's) but I've taken over in there. My shoes all all over the place, it's MY show paused on the TV, if we both want to work out, of course I get dibs. Additionally, while our equipment is pretty nice for a home gym, it isn't quite the quality you'll get with commercial machines. Our elliptical and bike definitely need a tune up, as they both squeak annoyingly.

Hubby's sweaty selfie.
So ... hubs has started workout out again, and tracking food on MFP, and he had success this week losing a few pounds. So it's no wonder I gained right?

I'll admit, I am a bit on the "It's the holidays, I'll get back on track January 5th" train of thought. That's when the kids go back to school, the return to the routine. I'm not being HORRIBLE right now, but I'm certainly not where I was when I was losing in September/October (right after the kids went back to school after the summer ... structure is good for me!)

NUMBERS from the week ... average intake was 2450 (ouch), average daily burn was 2487 (ouch), I didn't even manage a deficit, but had an overage of 2250 (ouch). No wonder the scale moved upward (2.5 pounds from last week, ouch). 

So that was my weekly weigh-in ... Now a quick look at the weekend. 
Linking up with MIMM.

 My baby turned NINE years old! Poor kid, with a birthday so close to Christmas it so often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I think we did manage to have some fun this year. They had a Christmas party on Friday at school, and he took in treats to pass out. I ended up missing Zumba and going in to help out with the party in Anxiety Child's class.  On Saturday, the birthday boy had his basketball game (they lost, bummer for the birthday boy!) and then we went bowling! 

It was a rather impromptu party, but we got Maga, Aunt Ana and her boys, all the brothers, the boy next door and even #2's girlfriend to attend. It was pretty fun. There was pizza, and then games in the arcade (which the kids like as much or more than the bowling). In the evening Grandma and Grandpa came out and we had cake and ice cream and played games.

Sunday after church we went out to Maga's for the annual "Sunday before Christmas" Christmas party. We played the "candy bar game" and bingo  and had soup and rolls ...

 and PLENTY of dessert. This is the leftovers ...
I made lemon jello cake, cinnamon rolls and brownies. Maga made a pineapple dessert. The cake didn't even get touched (I'm sure my boys, sans Hubby now being good, will finish it) and birthday boy had requested cinnamon rolls for his birthday breakfast. There is still some birthday cake left too. Ahh the temptations. AND ... I opened one of the packages of salted caramels.

So it was a great weekend with family and fun ... not so good lately on food and fitness. Hubby being good SHOULD help ME refocus, although I might need to get the holidays behind me and get back on a schedule. These next couple weeks with the kids out of school, I can sleep in, and I do plan on indulging in that! Schools and schedules will return, and hopefully I'll be excited to share my weekly weigh-in rather than putting off my Friday post!

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