Monday, December 8, 2014

What Happened This Weekend?

Monday morning accountability.
I can't say I was really shocked ... it wasn't a great weekend.
Do you ever have those self-destructive days? I thought I had a pretty good week last week. I was determined to reverse the recent upward scale slide. I was uber active all week long, and did pretty good on the eating. But it didn't show up on the scale. I admit, I was disappointed, and had a little bit of the "if being good doesn't work, lets just see what happens when I totally screw up!" attitude. 

  • Friday mornings are a bit crazy. There is early morning basketball practice ...two additional trip for drop-off and pick up, in addition to the three existing trips to school. I didn't start my day with a workout. I made it to Zumba, and got in two 20 min sessions on the elliptical. I pretty much ALWAYS get three. I'm a little OCD about my "hour" elliptical, but it didn't happen on Friday. I went to watch #2 play in his school basketball game. I manned the video camera during his game (highlights below) and then walked during the JV game (#2 dressed and sat the bench but didn't get any playing time). I stopped and grabbed some Dominos Pizza on the way home. We hadn't had it in forever, but they had a 50% off deal on. Not the best dinner, and I'd indulged in salted caramels throughout the day, even after contemplating them as the cause for my Friday failure at weigh-in ...
  • Saturday I was up early, dropping #2 off to practice and taking #5 to his game. I videoed this game too, although I don't get enough highlights from a single game ... I'll wait and make a compilation video at the end of the season. Back at home, the kids asked for French Toast. I made it, I ate it. I only got in two 20min elliptical sessions Saturday too. No Zumba, but quite a few steps from shopping with the kids. #3 had a game in the early evening, and there was no place to walk ... so I manned the video camera again. Hubs picked up some Popeyes ... fried chicken for dinner.
  • Sunday I made our usual Sunday Circles breakfast. I indulged in a Belgian waffle, bacon and hash browns. I got hit with the sleepies after the morning meal and crawled back in bed and figured I'd just take a rest day. I actually feel SO much more tired when I don't exercise though. A little later I was dragging so much I went and did 20 minutes on the elliptical, but that was all the exercise I got in for the day.  In the evening we had the inlaws over and Hubs made his famous BBQ (steak, marinated chicken, mashed taters). I made Brazilian Cheese Rolls, which have been a big hit at our house recently and our guests loved them too. We had Skookie for dessert. WAY over calories for the day!
So ... three days of "eh" exercise and oodles of intake calories, I'm not really surprised at the 152.7 on the scale. I guess there was that small part of me that was hoping that because the scale didn't move as predicted when I was being good, maybe it wouldn't move as predicted when I was being bad. But it did. Now to try and correct it! Linking up with Marvelous in my Monday as I recap the past week and start a week fresh!

Sundays are always slow, with the sitting at church. I did my Sunday Selfie ... which I do sometimes when I'm bored :) My Omron pedometer can be a bit bulky at my waist, especially in a skirt. So today, I clipped it to the top of my boot!

I did walk to/from church, the weather over the weekend was wonderful! It has been all week, and the forecast continues to look really nice. I know some people want snow for Christmas, but I'm loving these 50° days!

In addition to the lack of movement during the basketball games (I need to stand still for the video-taping) I also made some highlight videos. This requires about an hour going through the clips, and then another hour or so making the muvee. But they are a fun way to relive the glory moments. The entire game condensed to just a few minutes. Here's #2 and #3's game from the weekend...

 My #2 is #3 (on his jersey *Ü)

My #3 is #31

I find as I'm sitting at the computer, going through video clips, or writing a blog entry ... I get the munchies. I get the munchies BAD. It's just second nature to grab something and eat it while I work, even if I'm not particularly hungry.

The bad news ... I at a LOT of salted caramels this weekend.
The good news ... the opened packages are now GONE.

The bad news ... I still have two big packages of salted caramels.
The good news ... they aren't open. I SHOULD be able to resist as long as they aren't open.

Well ... enough sitting in front of my computer typing. I've been sipping on a Fresca to keep my mouth busy, not snacking! Still, time to get up and move. Even though the Motivation Monday link-up is no longer active, I always try to motivate myself and start off the week with a bang! I've done pretty good so far today. Thanks for checking in *Ü* How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. um, is there any way you can give away the salted caramels? Haven't you had enough, she said lovingly? ;)


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