Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Zumba in a Santa Hat

One of the Zumba classes I frequent has had a number of "themed" dance days. There was the 80's spotlight, western wear, hula skirts and leis ... it IS fun and can add some extra energy. Today? It was Santa Hats, and even though it was a bit HOT with that fuzzy hat on my head, I participated.

We'd had to move from our regular church building to a smaller/carpeted gym. There were a few unfamiliar songs, and it was harder to see the instructors without a stage. I wasn't expecting great numbers, but the HRM read 421 calories burned at the end of the hour, and the Fitbit said 549 and 8707 steps. Not bad!

There have been some Christmas numbers added to a few of the Zumba classes too. At first I had mixed feelings about them ... why learn something new when you'll only be able to do it a few times? But, the songs are cute, the steps were pretty easy, and I've ended up really enjoying them.

Here's a couple we've done in my Tuesday class.

They have helped me get into the Christmas spirit a bit more.

We did get our tree up and decorated.
We just do the hodgepodge of ornaments. I must admit, my favorites are the one the kids have made in school or church over the years, especially if they have a picture on them. Thank you to all the teachers who helped create them! These really do mean the world to me. I also hosted an "ornament exchange" party for a number of years and have many fun ornaments and memories from that.  

Not too many presents under the tree as of yet. I do have some additional purchases I haven't gotten around to wrapping yet. I'm not feeling super prepared for Christmas this year. I don't have many ideas for #5, which is doubly bad as it's also his birthday on Saturday! I even asked him outright and even HE didn't have many ideas.

The schedule has been a bit crazy and I'm still struggling a bit with the exhaustion ... I haven't been getting in as much activity as usual.  

Glad I still got my Zumba on this morning.
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  1. Hopefully you are feeling more prepared for Christmas by now. :-)

  2. How fun! Such a great way to get into the holiday spirit :) #wowlinkup


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