Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014

I was working on my current journal entries and it wouldn't save ... and indication that I'm out of space on that particular post. Once I'm positive my Daily Doings have been re-recorded in the monthly update, I'll link to that month and delete the original entry. As I was double checking - it appears I never did a December 2014 post! I created my collage. I'll have to check and see if I have the stats.

Anyway ... here's my JenB's Journal. 
Glad I checked before I deleted my original!

1201 (Monday) Weight 150.5. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 30985. Total Burn 3468. Exercise Burn 1750/1781 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 2milesIncline). Calories in 2000. I was anticipating a bad morning with Anxiety Child after the long weekend but ... it didn't happen! As I dropped him off at school (and he got out of the car without me walking him in) I told him how proud I was. He replied "I even surprised myself!" So ... good morning. I even went home quick and updated some things on the computer before heading out to Zumba (I had prepped to go straight if drop-off was difficult causing me to stay at the school for a while). Zumba was good. I lead a few numbers again (as there weren't a lot of backup instructors again today). I went to stop at Kmart on the way home to grab an online order (ship to store) and use up some points, but their doors were closed! Computers down. Oh well. I stopped at SmithsMarketplace and grabbed a few things (#1 son had made a list). Then home, got some additional exercise and mommy stuff done. Afternoon carpools. #3 had basketball practice in the evening, actually double practice. #2 just stayed after school until his practice from 5-7, then stayed during #3's practice until 9:00, just practicing free throws. I picked them both up at 9:00. Then off to bed!

1202 (Tuesday) Weight 149.7. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 33944. Total Burn 3652. Exercise Burn 1900/1970 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights, 10milesBike, 2milesIncline). Calories in 2300. Hey ... where's my little weight drop after my good Monday? I admit to being a little disappointed stepping on the scale. Another good morning with #4. I don't dare get my hopes up ... A good workout at Zumba. Home by 10:00 to get in more exercise, I did weights, bike and some treadmill. #2 had an away game after school. Hubs went to it and sent me text updates (they won).  I made tacos for dinner, then #5 had his first basketball practice of the season. He was so excited! #3 and #4 came along too, and played some ball at an unoccupied part of the gym. One of the ladies from Thursday Zumba has a boy on the team too. We hadn't really talked before, but we chatted during the practice. I walked a little, getting in around 3000 steps. I'd done pretty good on calories during the day (dang salted caramels keep tempting me though). But then hubs brought home some donuts. Donuts! Dang rainbow sprinkle cake donut. #2 got back around 9:30 (we had to pick him up from the high school). All three teams won!

1203 (Wednesday) Weight 150. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 36337. Total Burn 3716. Exercise Burn 1610/2030 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, BBWalk7500). Calories in 2100. Still no drop on the scale :( This morning ... Anxiety Child struggled. He wasn't too bad, no out and out crying or screaming, but I could tell he was very down. It was a dreary day weather wise too, that doesn't help. I went ahead and walked him in. It was an inside day anyway. Not that cold, but wet. They had the kids go to the auditorium to be supervised as the teachers were still in a meeting. I was able to pull away without much issue. I stopped in the office to correct an attendance issue (#4 had come in late last Tuesday, been marked absent and it hadn't been adjusted even though he had been in school that day). I went straight to Zumba, I was early today. I'd brought some toys as they were asking for donations. Did my dancing, then stopped at Sam'sClub for milk, apples, etc. #1 had the day off, so he was around. He went into work as they had called and said he'd won a prize ... turns out it was a set of Beats wireless headphones. Those go for almost $400! He was pretty pleased! Our garage door spring broke Monday, and the repairmen came out today and fixed it. At least the weather wasn't too bad while I had to stay parked outside. I was trying to figure out the practice schedule after school when I realized #3 had practice YESTERDAY not today. Ooops! It's so hard to keep everything straight. Dang it! He had a game in the evening. I walked while I watched and got almost 8000 steps. Easy win for the boys. I made chicken pillows for dinner (which I don't eat myself, although I had some plain baked chicken) and lemon jello cake for dessert.

1204 (Thursday) Weight 149.8. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 32411. Total Burn 3414. Exercise Burn 1631/1735 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 1mileIncline). Calories in 2100.  Not the best day food-wise, lots of empty calories. Finishing up the Fall candy corn, opening another package of salted caramels for the holiday. Got in my Zumba and other exercise. #3 had a game in the evening. A bit of a drive. Not a lot of space for walking while watching, but I did do some pacing and got some steps. 

1205 (Friday) Weight 149.5. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 35314. Total Burn 2783. Exercise Burn 900/1102 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. A bit of an off day. Friday mornings get complicated with multiple morning carpools. I didn't get down to the gym this morning. I hit Zumba after dropping off the middle-schooler to late start. Early out for the elementary ... I just don't seem to have "my day" in between it all. At least the early out allowed me to get to the high school in time to see the start of the sophomore basketball game. #2 did great. I video taped his game, then walked during the JV game. I stopped and grabbed some Dominos pizza on the way home. It had been a long time since we had it, but although we loved the Parmesan bites, the pizza didn't really hit the spot.

1206 (Saturday) Weight 149.4. Decent Day. Fitbit Steps 18050. Total Burn 2549. Exercise Burn 500/868 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2150. No Saturday sleep in as #2 needed to be dropped off at the high school by 8:00 for his practice, and #5 had an 8:00 game. Luckily the two locations were close so I was able to easily combine the two trips. The little one won his game 20-0. Ouch! I really wanted the other team to make at least one basket! I picked up #2 after his practice, then took #3 and #4 out shopping. #3 wanted some jeans, as the cooler weather is coming (apparently none of the ones his brother's wore and handed down work) and #4 wanted some football gloves. Grabbed some jeans at Kmart (with my Fitstudio points), but weren't able to find the gloves. Tried a couple other stores with no luck. #2 was texting that he needed a ride to friend's ... per usual! I stopped home, looked online and made a stop on the way dropping #2 off. Grabbed him some knee pads for basketball (picked up some for #3 as well) and got the gloves for #4. He's actually a bit excited for school now to try them out at recess with his friends. #3 had an afternoon basketball game. No place to walk at all, so I ran the video camera. Hubs had suggested going out to eat and I was willing, but the place was booked, so we ended up staying in. Hubs did hit Sam'sClub to buy BBQ makings for tomorrow and grabbed some Popeyes chicken on the way home.

1207 (Sunday) Weight 149.9. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 10181. Total Burn 2150. Exercise Burn 250/467 (20minElliptical) Calories in 3600. I finally got my sleep in ... although I naturally woke earlier than I would have wanted. I made breakfast for the boys. We were almost out of the regular mix for the waffles. I suppose I could have made some from scratch. I used my more expensive mix (which is the only one I'll eat) and the boys actually prefer the cheap one! I ended up eating way too much at breakfast. I got hit with the sleepies after, and went and lay down. I figured it had been a while since I'd had a "rest day" and didn't really plan on exercising. But ... sometimes I just feel the need to move, and I did end up doing one session. I walked to/from church. The weather has been lovely for "winter" these past couple weeks.  I'll take it! Then we prepped for the BBQ. I had totally spaced off marinating any chicken! I always do it, I'm not sure why I didn't think about it. I hurried and put some tenders in and hubs grabbed some pre-marinated turkey to include with the steaks. We had invited my MIL, SIL and her two little boys over and wanted to make sure we had enough. I also failed on the rolls. I had checked for some frozen ones to put out to rise, but we were out. I considered making some from scratch, but decided to just go with the quick and easy Brazillian cheese rolls that we've been enjoying lately (ever since #3 made them for a Spanish class project). They were actually a huge hit with our guests. Of course the meat and potatoes were wonderful too. Again, I ate too much. And then there was dessert ... Skookie. NOT a good eating day, and not much activity to counteract the calories!

1208 (Monday) Weight 152.7. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 31996. Total Burn 3559. Exercise Burn 1650/1860 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 8milesBike, 2milesIncline). Calories in 1750. Well, my self-destructive Sunday showed up on the scale Monday morning. Not really a big surprise. It did motivate my Monday to be a good one. Got back on the hour/elliptical bandwagon, went to Zumba, and got in some additional exercise. It helped that #4 had gone to school without issue. The afternoon was a bit congested. After carpools, I had to take #3 back to the school for an appointment with the school counselor (just the standard 8th grade "lets plan the next four years" one). Back home for a bit, then back to the school again for basketball practice. Luckily another mom was helping out, or I would have had to make another trip at 8:00. I did go back for pickup at 10:00. #2 had a game in the afternoon, but it was away. It wasn't too far from Hubs work though, so he stopped in. They got beat though, their first loss this season. In addition to the oodles of activity, I kept calories in check too.

1209 (Tuesday) Weight 149.0. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 27744. Total Burn 2886. Exercise Burn 1130/1208 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. Happy that my hard work yesterday did get reflected on the scale. #4 was still doing fine as far as school, which is especially helpful on a Tuesday. It's the only way I can make it to class on time. I was feeling just a tad off, and my HRM was misbehaving as well. Frustrating! I made a run to Sam'sClub after Zumba to restock on some supplies (milk, eggs, bread, etc). I'm usually really productive on Tuesdays, getting in a weight workout in addition to cardio  ... but today? I was dragging. I took a little rest and ended up not really doing anything for a couple hours. Never did get the weights done. After picking up the kids from school, they begged to go to Airborne (a local trampoline park) and this was one of the only "two for Tuesday" deal days it would work out. So we went. That was another few hours of sitting (the drive to and from, plus a little over two hours there while they bounced). I tried walking around for a bit, but then it got too crowded to do it comfortably. We got back just in time for me to run #5 to his basketball practice. #4 came along too and shot hoops with one of the other brothers. I got quite a few steps in walking up and down the hall. Ok on calories today, but still ate too much junk. I was pretty pooped at the end of the day. Still had to go grab #2 at the high school, returning from another set of away games (they won, a sweep for all three teams). 

1210 (Wednesday) Weight 149.1. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 23717. Total Burn 2976. Exercise Burn 1000/1297 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. #4 was struggling today as there was a substitute at at school. I didn't want to burden a sub, and felt like he probably wouldn't be missing as much, and brought him back home for a home school day. I set him up with plenty of work (he is very self motivated) and I did hit Zumba. I was afraid I'd be late, but they were even later than I was and I still got my full hour. Back at home with the munchkin. He'd done well on his assignments and instead of giving him more self work, I did actually stay in "teacher" mode and we did some writing and vocabulary ... and the child was NOT that cooperative (slouching, being sloppy, complaining) and I told him that was NOT allowed, as I know he'd never act that way for a real teacher. I took him back (as we'd agreed upon) for the afternoon, as they had rotations, which would be the same even with a sub. In the evening, we had a family outing planned to Thanksgiving Point, to see the lights there while in a limo (set up by my MILs realtor as a thank you for her house purchase). Hubs ended up having to work late, which left the evening a bit up in the air. I do NOT drive on freeways, in traffic, at night ... the 19-year old could, but that wouldn't ease my anxiety much. We were going to try and meet my MIL and carpool with her, but had to pick up #3 from practice (#2 wasn't going to come as he still had practice until later). Hubs told us to meet him at the freeway entrance. Needless to say I was stressed and my anxiety was so high I was feeling physically ill. That and all the headlights, brake lights flashing gives me a headache. At least the weather was fine, snow and ice just would have added to the already extreme anxiety. I was sure we were so late that we were going to miss it and it would all be for naught ... but they waited. It was fun, my boys enjoyed being in the limo with all the cousins. We got hot chocolate after and saw a reindeer. We stopped at Popeyes for some dinner. #2 had gotten a ride home (good thing, as we didn't make it back until later).  My anxiety continues to plague me after such an event is over too ... I dwell on it and my shortcomings and sink into a depression. Fun stuff! With the hot chocolate and fried chicken, calories were high too.

1211 (Thursday) Weight 149.3. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 21993. Total Burn 2830. Exercise Burn 1050/1150 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2250. #4 was in decent spirits and ready to go to school when he was hit with extreme stomach pains. I could tell this wasn't just anxiety. I'd ended up at the Instacare a year or so ago with #3, and they were going to rush him to the hospital for an ultrasound he was in so much pain ... when he had some explosive diarrhea (attempting to give a urine sample) and suddenly felt better. I was thinking this was the same thing, although I was looking up the medical information on our new insurance just in case. My oldest was home, so I quickly ran #5 to school. #4 had gone to the bathroom and the pain had seemed to pass. I was fine missing Zumba, but as the 19-year old was there, I told him to keep an eye on his brother and I didn't let myself off the hook. #4 was fine when I got back, and I went ahead and took him to school. With #1 home, I had him pick up the little ones from school while I went to the high school to watch #2 in his basketball game. I video taped it, so no walking, but I was standing most of the time (I prefer it to sitting). Then #3 had his game ... it was across town, really pushing my driving anxieties to the limit. We did make it, but I was quite stressed during the drive. My energy was completely sapped. I video taped some of the game, but could tell it wouldn't be a good one for highlights (they were getting squashed). We took the long way home (on side streets, I just wasn't up to the freeway again) and stopped at Kmart as the kid wanted a sweater to wear tomorrow as the boys dress  up before games. Used my Fitstudio points and got one for him for less than $1 out of pocket.

1212 (Friday) Weight 149.1. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 10385. Total Burn 2118. Exercise Burn 350/439 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2200.  I really feel like I've been dragging since Tuesday. Well, even back over the weekend. The thought of Zumba today was just too overpowering, especially as it wasn't a close one, but one across town. I debated trying to hit the closer MZL one, even though I'd only get in about 30 minutes with the middle school late start ... but honestly I wasn't sure I had 30 minutes in me. I just went back home and crawled back in bed. Early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. The boys went back to the high school for a varsity game in the evening. Blah... Poor #2 isn't feeling very energetic either, he said it was hard to make it through the game (just watching). Very unlike him.

1213 (Saturday) Weight 149.2. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 10558. Total Burn 2054. Exercise Burn 300/375 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2800. #5 had an 8:00 game, so I didn't really get my sleep in. Hubs and #3 went to the church for a ward social. I asked the little ones if they wanted to hit it after the game but they were not interested. When #3 got back, we worked on his science fair project and got it completed. Hubs went to help his mom (unloading boxes and such) then he came home and took the kids to chick-fil-a, dropping #2 and #3 off at a local high school where they were cheering on the 9th grade team. I picked them up afterward. Hubs had brought me home some chick-fil-a too ... thus the high calories for the day.

1214 (Sunday) Weight 149.5. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 7173. Total Burn 1972. Exercise Burn 150/291 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Ah ... I finally got to sleep in! Hubs had some work to do. I made Sunday Circles for the boys. The past two days, I still needed to hit 10K for my Pact, but not today. Still, I did feel like doing a small, 10 minute session. Went to church, then went out to my folks for dinner. My brother, his wife and two little girls came too. #2 stayed home as he was still feeling sick.

1215 (Monday) Weight 151.1. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 21164. Total Burn 2881. Exercise Burn 800/1198 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. #2 attempted to get up and said he almost passed out in the shower. I did take him to early morning driver's ed, but he texted and had me pick him up before school started. He couldn't make it. He came home and slept all day. #4 struggled a bit this morning. I usually just slip on slippers when I'm dropping kids off and staying in the car, but he wanted me to walk him into class, so I had to go back and put on shoes. He did ok, and I made it to Zumba on time. Good class. I didn't do my usual Kmart stop as I'd placed an online order recently and hadn't replenished my points yet, but I did stop at Smiths. Grabbed some prescriptions and groceries. #3 had basketball practice in the evening (but just one, not the usual two). #1 picked up Papa Murphy's for pizza dinner.

1216 (Tuesday) Weight 149.8. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 22682. Total Burn 2791. Exercise Burn 850/1108 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650. #2 stayed home from school this morning, which meant I got to sleep in a bit (without the usual 6:30 drop-off). #4 had a substitute again today, and again was freaked out about it, so I told him I'd homeschool him for the morning but he had to go in for the regular rotations in the afternoon. I prepped some stuff for him ... he is very self motivated, not needing me to stand over him to make sure he gets things done. I dropped off #5 then hit Zumba. It was a good class, over 400 on both devices. Back home to my two kids home ... had to check on #2 because he still wasn't up. Did some work with #4. I actually enjoy the homeschool somewhat, but it does cut into my day. He now knows the Preamble ... and I can't get the School House Rock song out of MY head! I dropped #4 off around 12:30, then #2 decided to try his final class (to make him eligible to play ball that day) so I dropped him at school too. Grabbed the kids when elementary got out and hurried over to the high school where #2's basketball game had already started. We were behind by 10, but #2 made a great basket just after I got there. The team couldn't ever quite pull ahead though and lost. I went home after the sophomore game (I often stay and watch JV in case #2 gets some playing time).  Baked up some chicken which I'll turn into soup or something ... although the kids like eating it plain right out of the oven. Basketball practice for #5 in the evening. #4 came too, although he was a little bored today as none of the other "brothers" came for him to play with. He'd been doing fine today, but suddenly had a complete melt down while we waited for practice to finish. He was laying on the floor sobbing about school. This is SO hard! We picked up #2 and #3 who had stayed to watch the varsity game (they won) and home. Hubs had a work party, so he hadn't been home until late. I had been invited of course, but I struggle so with social situations where I don't know anyone, plus the long drive at night, plus I had to be around to chauffeur the kidlets! Ate a little too much today, especially without as much activity to combat the calories.

1217 (Wednesday) Weight 151.1. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 23434. Total Burn 2736. Exercise Burn 800/1046 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. I'm just not getting in my morning elliptical, and then not really getting it in during the afternoon either. Both my boys home yesterday did go to school today. Zumba got switched to another church building, much smaller and with carpet. It didn't have the usual crowd though. I wore my santa hat. #3 made gingersnap cookies in the afternoon (after practice before his game) to take to his friend's and teacher's tomorrow. He did have a game at 9:00, but at least it was close this week. I walked in-between the two bleachers and got in 5000+ steps, but I should have videoed this game as the boy did great! He had four or five three pointers and other baskets and assists.

1218 (Thursday)  Weight 151.6  Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 21690. Total Burn 2856. Exercise Burn 850/1163 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. #2 didn't have early morning, so I got a bit of a sleep in. #4 was being a bit hesitant about school and asked me to walk him in. I prepped all my Zumba stuff and still got there early. They are going to change to 9:30 come the new year ... I guess it's fine either way for me. Got in a good workout, then I hit Kmart and Reams (attempting to find the oreo ice cream cake that they no longer seem to carry). Got some presents wrapped and under the tree. Pulled out some t-shirts for the little boys to wear to school tomorrow. #3 had a 6:00 game at Churchill ... I didn't feel up to trying to battle traffic, so he hitched a ride. One of the boys we know better is now on this team, so that helps with carpooling. He had basketball practice scheduled for the evening but it was cancelled, so we actually had a pretty quiet evening at home. I debated hitting Zumba but just didn't have the energy.

1219 (Friday) Weight 151.6. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 14099. Total Burn 2516. Exercise Burn 410/815 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. The usual crazy Friday morning. Sent #5 off with his birthday treat. #4 was insistent I attend his class party, so I guess I don't get to go to Zumba today. Bummer was they really didn't need much parental help at the party ... I slipped out after an hour. I ordered a cake for the birthday boy to pick up tomorrow ... I think we're pretty set. He asked me when I was making cinnamon rolls again, so I whipped up a batch and set them to rising for birthday boy's breakfast! Calories weren't too bad today according to the count ... I'm thinking I probably forgot to log some stuff ...

1220 (Saturday) Weight 153.1. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 11617. Total Burn 2260. Exercise Burn 558. Calories in 2400. No 8:00 in the morning game today, which was nice. Baked the cinnamon rolls up for breakfast, then headed to the game at 10:00. They lost. Back at home, we headed out to bowling, as it was the birthday boy's request. For such last minute lack of planning, we were lucky to get our lanes and have the turnout we did (out entire family, Maga, Aunt Ana and her boys, the boy next door and #2's girlfriend). It was fun. We had pizza (well I didn't have pizza) and then the kids played in the arcade. #3 had a game at 2:00, they lost as well. They only had five players and I could tell poor #3 was just exhausted! He looked like he was about to keel over, but he'd pick it up when it mattered. Our boys almost tied it up there at the end but I was thinking "No, just let it be over! No overtime!" We played games in the afternoon, and then more with Grandma and Grandpa came over for cake and ice cream. Hope the birthday boy had a good day. I didn't get in any "exercise" today.

1221 (Sunday) Weight 152.3. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 4609. Total Burn 1914. Exercise Burn 211. Calories in 2300. I still woke rather early, even though I could have slept in! Made Sunday Circles then off to church. The primary sang in Sacrament Meeting and I played piano for it and for primary. #4 seemed in a jovial mood, although he had a headache toward the end which made him despondent. Gave him some Motrin when we got back home. We then went out to Maga's house for the annual Blackham pre-Christmas party. We had soup and rolls and plenty of dessert (I'd brought brownies, lemon jello cake and cinnamon rolls, and Maga had a pineapple dessert). We played the candy bar game (I won $10, #2 got $20) and Bingo. I like having Maga closer!

1222 (Monday) Weight 153.3. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 21670. Total Burn 2836. Exercise Burn 940/1133 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. With the kids out of school ... no early morning, no carpools. Hubby was still up and off early though. I went to Zumba and it was great. There was a high school girl's basketball team finishing practice in the gym, and they stayed and joined in. It added some energy, and there was already a decent sized crowd. I did my numbers, as Nina was the only official instructor there. Got great numbers on my devices, over 500 on both. Stopped at Kmart on the way home and grabbed a few additional things using up my Fitstudio points. Also stopped at Big5 and Smiths. #3 wanted a haircut, so I took him and ended up cutting off about six inches of my own! It's been a little unruly and not staying curled. We stopped at the library after and grabbed some DVDS of "Brain Games" which have interested the kids lately. Nice and educational too. #2 ended up going out to see the lights downtown with his girlfriend. Hubs hit the hay early (still adapting to the exercise exhaustion) and pretty much everyone was down by 9:00 (sans #2, who was out until past midnight).

1223 (Tuesday) Weight 152.1. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 19835. Total Burn 2726. Exercise Burn 910/1030 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. I made it to Zumba on time, but sometimes I think it is easier with the school schedule to keep me on track. Another good class, and we had quite a few people. I meant to take in a GC to the teacher but I forgot. I knew I should have prepped it ahead of time! I did prep chicken for soup, and made Chex mix for the party tomorrow. Hmmmm, what else happened? Writing in retrospect and nothing much is standing out! I need to stay more current!

1224 (Wednesday) Weight 152.7. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 15680. Total Burn 2499. Exercise Burn 600/800 (Zumba). Calories in 2600. I had told myself if I could get up and started on my stuff (roll dough, soup, etc.) that I'd hit Zumba. I did get the roll dough done, so I went. It wasn't very crowded, but I was glad I got a workout in. Back home to get the dough into breadsticks, make the soup and create the annual family slideshow. I thought I was doing really well, pretty much perfectly timed to get out the door and to my folks at 5:00 ... except that it started at 4:00. Not sure how I got that wrong! Dang it! They had already started eating, not sure how hungry people were anymore for my soup, breadsticks and brazillian cheese rolls (good for the gluten-free crowd, and everyone seems to like them anyway!)  Played the candy bar game, watched the slideshow, exchanged gifts. #4 gave out first, no surprise. Back home and the kids headed to bed while Hubs and I prepped santa stuff. Good night! Very tired.

1225 (Thursday) Weight 154.6. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 1945. Total Burn 1670. No Exercise. Calories in 2500. The kids didn't wake us up too early. We came out and celebrated our Christmas morning then headed over to Maga's house. There was snow, I'm so glad she lives closer now. #3 was in a bit of a funk over not getting stuff he wanted. I overindulged on some yummy eclairs. My little niece got a new pedometer (Misfit) so she was trying to get steps. We stayed there for a while then headed home. Hubs and I watched a movie. My body isn't used to so little movement and I was a bit stir crazy. I did consider going down to exercise some ... but I didn't.

1226 (Friday) Weight 154.6. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 18679. Total Burn 2486. Exercise Burn 500/776 (40minElliptical, BB5000). Calories in 3000. #3 had been invited to play with the "A" team for a holiday tournament ... rather like #2 sitting the bench for JV. It's cool to be asked but you don't know if you'll really get much (if any) playing time. He had a game at 9:00 (or I would have hit Zumba) at Soccer City. Basketball at Soccer City! That is where I had played my couple pick-up games ... and there were no basketball courts when I was there, so I was curious as to how it would be set up. It was a roll out floor, with portable baskets and netting. Four courts it was hard to tell which whistle went with which game. #3 didn't get much playing time, just a couple minutes. The team won. I did have a little room to walk around and I got 5000 steps, but it was pure concrete. I'd have worn different shoes if I'd known. #3 and I stopped at Kmart on the way home, grabbing some shoe polish (his Sunday shoes are scuffed) and then grabbed some Christmas clearance (candy and cologne). I picked #2 up from playing basketball, then dropped him off at his girlfriend's house a little later. Hubs went out and picked up his brother from the airport, a holiday surprise for their mom. Then we all went out to dinner downtown. It was nice, the family is so funny reminiscing about days past. Such a spendy place though, I have a hard time enjoying expensive stuff! I did manage to overeat on calories by quite a bit of course!

1227 (Saturday) Weight 154.4. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 10445. Total Burn 2248. Exercise Burn 400/539 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2900. #2 had basketball practice at 8:00. I arranged for #3 to get a ride to his two games today (I didn't want to drive the distance and wait the two hours between games, he didn't even play in the second game at all anyway). I did drop him off for his carpool and went to the high school to grab #2, as his practice was supposed to end at 10:00. I gave up and went home at 10:30 and he called for pickup at 11:30. I ended up taking him out to hang with friends later too. #1 was working, and the hubs spent much of the day with his family/brother. That allowed #2 to have a late night, but I still got to bed early. I don't even remember hubs coming in (usually I'm a really light sleeper). High calories, trying to clear out all the chocolates and goodies before the new year ...

1228 (Sunday) Weight 154.3. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 3252. Total Burn 1829. Exercise Burn 121 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Hubs had suggested we invite the family over for breakfast, which we did. The boys wanted to see Uncle Kolby while he was in town. Hubs made up some waffle mix from scratch, the way his dad used to. It was a fun morning. The family left for a bit, then we all got together again in the evening at Maga's house for brisket and pulled pork. Hubs made his mashed taters, I made Brazillian cheese rolls, and there were yummy regular rolls there too. Fun to be with family. There was snow, and #3 took a hard fall on the way into the house.  Much playing with the Kendama, the latest craze.

1229 (Monday) Weight 153.7. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 22766. Total Burn 2941. Exercise Burn 1120/1236 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650. #2 had 6:00am practice. Hubs was heading into work, so he took him so I got to stay in bed, until 8:00 anyway, when I had to pick up from practice. The roads were bad, but I braved them to hit Zumba in Draper. A little smaller class than usual (weather/holidays) and my HRM was misbehaving. Time to change batteries I think. Stopped at Kmart on the way home and grabbed a neck massager that was marked down to $5 (#4 had wanted one and I had $5 in credit to spend). Back at home I did laundry, paid the remaining bills, caught up on some family blog posts ... and got in an entire hour on the elliptical. It's been a while since I've done that. I did take #2 out to a friend's, but #1 was willing to pick him up in the evening. I didn't want to make that trek out again. Hubs crashed pretty much as soon as he got home (around 7:00). The return to exercise is really taking it out of him! I went to bed around 9:00.

1230 (Tuesday) Weight 152.9. Decent Day. Fitbit Steps 15939. Total Burn 2575. Exercise Burn 800/875 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. #2 had 6:00 in the morning practice again, and I was on duty today. I climbed back in bed when I returned home. My usual Zumba was out of town, so I hit one I'd attended during the summer sometimes. My HRM was really misbehaving, but my Fitbit stats were decent. I did have to go back and grab #2 a little later. Got in a couple elliptical sessions. I made cookie press snowflakes, and then hubs and I went to a family party (his dad's side of the family, who we don't see that often). They had a catered dinner (I didn't like anything, so no extra calories there at least ... although of course I like dessert). We played "Heads Up" and it was pretty loud with laughter. Finished up by showing some photos Hubs had gathered (he's into family history recently).

1231 (Wednesday) Weight 154.4. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 21173. Total Burn 2842. Exercise Burn 1050/1133 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Another early morning practice for #2. #3 went along to watch, as the sophomores were scrimmaging the 9th graders. I picked them up later, then headed to Zumba. Not quite as good of stats as I usually get at MZL. Home again to prep for tonight, not a big party, but we have the grandparents over for games. #1 picked up some pizza's after work (he said Papa Murphy's was crazy busy). I cleaned up the house and did get a couple sessions in on the elliptical. I had 10 minutes left (on my show and my hour) I had forgotten about. I hurried down and did it right before our company came. My folks were watching my brother's boys, so we had two additional kids playing games. We played a LOT of games. Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Rummikub, Progressive Rummy and Heads Up. I had the new "Top That" and Hyper Slide out too. It was a fun evening. I was tired though (after my early morning) and Hubs wasn't feeling well and stayed in the bedroom most of the night.  He was awake when I peeked in for a midnight kiss (trying to grab my 30-day Fitbit graph but I was too late). #2 of course spent the evening with friends.

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